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Memories Of Long Tall Mary

Part 73

MEMORIES OF LONG TALL MARY Part 73     by Long Tall Mary

It has been nearly a year since I began serving as Assistant Headmistress for Discipline at the academy. Much has happened during that year; most noticeably the academy no longer exists. A business decision was made that the academy was not turning a profit, and there were concerns amongst the board, of lawsuits arising from the disciplinary program.

I can understand the legal concerns especially since a renegade board member was reportedly conducting her own investigation of alleged abuses there, invariably this would have led to a lawsuit. In recognition of my excellent service during my tenure I received a generous severance payment. Some of the cadets were transferred to the boot camp facility in Massachusetts; others resumed their lives with the likelihood that many would engage in the same nefarious behavior that led to their commitment initially.

My bar in downtown Syracuse continues to prosper but not without impediments. The main impediment is the State Liquor Authority which has pursued several administrative charges against the bar over the years, none successful. Their latest attempt was an allegation that I “permitted sadomasochistic activity to occur upon the premises”. This involved a maledom bringing his female submissive into the bar wearing a collar and led by a leash. They sat at the bar for about half an hour and nothing of a sexual nature occurred.

Somehow the SLA learned about it and I received a violation notice. It was quickly dismissed but not until I was forced to shell out $1500.00 for an attorney As a result, leash led humans are no longer allowed inside the establishment. The state smoking ban has hurt business overall, but the clientele seems to have adapted to it. Smoking is still allowed on the sidewalk outside and as with so many bars in New York, it has become a custom for smokers to gather for outdoor breaks.

My long term psychiatrist, friend and occasional lover, Newhart, retired from the practice of medicine and is sailing the world along with one of his former female students from the local university. This deprived me of an important legal source of the numerous prescription drugs I use. Fortunately he referred me to one of his male colleagues, and it turned out this doctor is a bondage enthusiast on the dominate side.

It hasnt been easy but Ive been able to procure four willing female subs for him and permit him free use of my dungeon. This is in exchange for scripts of course, and Im carried on his books as a patient. Unfortunately his tastes in submissives are very demanding and he hasnt been satisfied with the first four, including Noreen, who despises playing a sub. The future of my relationship with this doctor is in doubt.

Felicia Porter is out of circulation for the foreseeable future. While serving her ninety day term at Jamesville, she was convicted of throwing urine on a corrections officer, and as a result is now doing four years in the State Correctional Facility at Albion. Rumor has it that she has been labeled a snitch by the other inmates and placed in a special protective unit.

Lorraine was forced to resign her nurse position at the psychiatric center after being caught diverting drugs for her own use. She was threatened with criminal charges, but was eligible for a pension and opted to resign and take her pension; in return no charges were filed. We are still on speaking terms but I am weary of her because of her mendacity in the academy affair. Her 24/7 male slave emancipated himself from his arrangement.

On the positive side Noreen has developed into a competent dominatrix, with her practice being limited to males. Initially she planned to build a dungeon on her property in Cortland County, but after realizing the expense and the travel distance for her customers, she reached an agreement to use my home facilities in Camillus.

I receive a set amount per session and agree to furnish security on a part time basis. This was another drawback of the Cortland location, most of the qualified security candidates live in the Syracuse metro area; extra pay would have been required to entice them to travel the longer distance. Master Joe, the leather store owner, has provided the personnel to date.

I do have some qualms about the use of gay security personnel, since the clientele is predominantly male; the temptation for the guards to actively participate in the session always exists. Master Joe assured me he will deal sternly with any such behavior and to date there havent been any problems. About fifty per cent of the time I am present at home for the sessions and that eliminates the need for a security person, resulting in a substantial cost savings.

My own dominatrix session calendar has diminished considerably, usually two or three per month, and all females. Because they are loyal submissive clientele, who have been with me for years, I charge them less than the market rate. In terms of session income, I reap more from Noreens sessions than my own.

Lorraine has abandoned her long standing distaste for female subs and is now attempting to book sessions with them, in addition to male subs. From what Ive heard she hasnt been very successful in attracting subs of either sex. Her slovenly appearance, combined with her tendency to push subs over their limits, is likely the reason for her paucity of business. In no way does she pose any serious competition to Noreens business.

Im always looking for the novel type of dominatrix assignment. Sadly to say Ive received numerous requests from parents to session their children in bondage discipline, most are under 16. I steadfastly refuse to be drawn into this morass of legal jeopardy and wont even go so far as to make a referral to someone whom I know will perform such discipline.

One novel request did come my way and I was unable to resist it. It seems a local family construction business was short nearly $30,000.00. The problem was most of the money was untaxed and kept in an elaborate security vault on company grounds. While I knew better than to ask questions, it was safe to assume that the missing money was from sources other than the construction business.

Suspicion quickly centered on Kathy, the 28 year old bookkeeper and wife of one of five brothers, who along with their father, co-owned the business. Ralph, the patriarch of the family, was extremely upset and was not reluctant to resort to drastic measures to learn the disposition of the missing funds and punish the perpetrator, regardless of whether or not it was his daughter-in-law. Kathys husband and the other four brothers were equally supportive.

Ralphs plan was to have Kathy abducted in the presence of the other family members and then transported to a dungeon for interrogation. He was confident that the presence of the other family members would discourage her from going to the police. None the less, the abductors would be required to be masked and Kathy was not to be aware of the location of her confinement.

To implement the plan Ralph sought out Master Joe, the gay leather goods store owner, who is the most sadistic gay bondage trainer in the region. Because of Kathys known aversion to lesbian sex, Joe felt it appropriate to include a dominatrix on the mission. When he approached me with the idea initially I was skeptical. This was heavy stuff and if it backfired I would find myself in Albion along with Felicia.

After considerable discussion with Joe, I agreed to participate in the scheme. Kathy would be transported by Joe and two of his thugs to my dungeon; I would assist them at the scene of the abduction. My fee would be $1500.00; Joe would receive an undisclosed higher amount. It would be necessary for me to wear a mask most of the time when I was in view of her, suffice to say Im not a fan of wearing masks. Likewise, Joe and his cohorts would be masked.

Had there been no hope of recovering the money, she would simply have been fired. However there were no indications of excessive spending by her, and it was believed she had the stolen money concealed in some type of vault, at an unknown location. She would be tortured until she divulged where, after which she would be released. Thankfully no consideration was given to making her disappear permanently. Im not into snuff, and finding owners for such subs is never easy.

The details of the abduction were formulated. An informal “business meeting” would be held at Kathys home on Saturday afternoon. Present would be her husband, father-in-law Ralph, and two of the brothers without their wives. All had advance knowledge of the abduction. Kathys home was in a rural part of Cicero, and with no other homes in close proximity it made our mission a little easier. At precisely 2:55 a cell phone call would be made to Ralph who would verify that the plan was on schedule. Ralph, in the presence of the others, would inform Kathy of her fate and at precisely 3:00, I, Master Joe and one of his thugs would arrive at the home and the abduction would transpire. It was decided to use only one, instead of two, of his associate thugs.

It was anticipated that Kathy would resist violently, and Joe opted to use chloroform on her, in addition to conventional restraints. Im not a fan of chloroform; the only drug Ive used in the past have been sedatives. My feeling has always been that anesthetic agents are too dangerous but I had no choice but to defer to Joe.

The transport vehicle would be the refrigerated “Happy Ice” truck, which I had seen used in two previous transports. It is owned by Joes brother and is ideal for transporting subs. The refrigerated compressor tends to drown out any sounds the sub might make, and of course it is quite cool. I would be driving my own van with the purpose of serving as a following “blocker” vehicle, should by some chance the police might attempt to stop the ice truck. We reasoned that at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon the presence of an ice truck wouldnt be conspicuous.

The plan proceeded as scheduled. I rendezvoused with Joe and his associate in a business parking lot and the phone call to Ralph was made. Five minutes later, our two vehicles pulled into Kathys driveway and without hesitation we entered through the garage door, where we met by Ralph. The three of us were casually attired in jeans and sweatshirts, and each wore a ski mask. I couldnt help but think that if a sub appeared for a session at my dungeon, as shabbily dressed as I was, she would be severely punished.

As we entered the living room, it was apparent a struggle was taking place. Kathy was being held down on the couch by her husband and one of his brothers, and was yelling “You have no right to do this to me”. It had been agreed that our conversation would be held to a minimum, and Joe would do all the talking. I saw Kathy for the first time; she was a relatively petit short haired brunette, about 55 and 120 pounds, and wearing a short black dress.

Joe immediately proceeded to hold a rag over her mouth and nose; in less than one minute the drug induced a state of semi consciousness and her struggling ceased. Vince, Joes burly associate, wrapped a roll of black duct tape around her ankles and lower legs. He then slung the captive cutie over his shoulder and carried her out to the van. I assisted him inside the van, where she was placed standing upon a metal shipping dolly, attached to the wall with a bungee cord. For a gag she would wear a plastic funnel type; it was unlikely she would physically be able to scream before arriving at my place, but why take any chances. Joe wanted me to place a hood over her head during transport, but I prefer not to blindfold someone who is not fully conscious during this period. He prudently deferred to my judgment.

Two more rolls of duct tape were used. One encircled her waist around the frame of the dolly, another pinned her arms and wrists behind her. Even when fully conscious she would be unable to free herself. The rear door to the ice truck was locked. With Joe driving, along with his associate, the truck pulled out of the driveway, and with me following in my van, the approximate thirty minute drive to Camillus commenced. The abduction had been carried out in less than ten minutes, without a flaw.

After pulling the ice truck into my driveway the rear door was opened; Kathy was conscious now, her body and spirit most assuredly chilled from the refrigerated interior. As she began to protest through her gag, I commanded “hush” before placing a hood over her head to prevent her from getting a look at the outside of my house. Rather than remove the tape inside the truck, the shipping dolly was lowered to the ground and wheeled inside the garage. Fortunately the road view of my driveway is sufficiently restricted for this type of activity.

Inside the garage her tape bindings were quickly cut away. Still hooded and gagged, Joe and his partner guided her down the stairs to the basement dungeon. I had already decided upon her restraint mode and interrogation techniques, and to start leather cuffs were used to secure her wrists, spread-eagled above her head, to a bar dangling from the ceiling, and her leather ankle cuffs were hobbled to a floor bolt to keep her legs spread less than six inches apart.  I then removed her hood and gag, she promptly blurted out the protestation that we had no right to do this to her. My reaction was to twist her left nipple and remind her that any further unsolicited remarks would result in more of the same. Predictably she cried out in pain, but said nothing more.

Our instructions were to first extract from her the location of the stolen money by whatever means necessary, and then provide that information to Ralph immediately. We were permitted to inflict some additional depravities upon her even after her confession, and at the minimum she would be staying overnight. Ralph was quite emphatic that no whip marks or bruises be visible, but he had no objection to me taking some sexual liberties with her. I sensed that Joe was rather disappointed, as he would be unable to use his bull whip upon her. He may be gay, but he has is not averse to torturing a female occasionally.

My hunch was that the use of electric shock therapy would induce her to divulge the desired information promptly.  As I wheeled the cart containing the instrument into place she immediately sensed its purpose, but she obeyed my order not to speak. “We forgot to undress you” I chuckled; my ski mask deprived me of the joy of her seeing the smile on my face. In very short order my heavy duty scissors shredded her expensive black dress, along with every bit of underwear she was wearing. She was allowed to keep her five inch heels on; they added to the discomfort of standing, and the hobbles assured she wouldnt do any kicking.

“We need to prep you for shocking and a shaved pussy is desirable”, I said sternly. At the same time I strapped a ball gag into place; I would have to take it off for the interrogation, but Im just set in my ways that subs have to be gagged at least for a short period. It had been agreed earlier that Vince would perform the shaving. He pulled up a stool in front of her, sat down and began applying lather. “Hold your legs still you fucking cunt” he snarled before beginning the trim with a straight razor. Once again I was deprived of the pleasure of her seeing the smile on my face because of my mask.

With the shaving complete she would be required to stand uncomfortably for a few minutes as we took a break on the other side of the dungeon. To add to her misery I selected some recordings of females screaming during torture, and played them loudly on the CCTV audio system.

Our break last lasted about fifteen minutes, allowing us to remove our masks. Joe expressed satisfaction with the course of events so far. It was agreed that Vince and himself would remain until Kathy confessed, which we realistically expected would be less than an hour; and whatever additional period it took for Ralph to verify that the money had been found. After that I would be alone with Kathy and after inflicting some of my own tortures upon her she would be kept in the holding cell for the night. I would be able to do this unassisted.

Plans were that in the morning Ralph, along with her husband, would arrive at my house, bringing some clothes to replace the ones shredded. After dressing, she would be blindfolded until she was a safe distance away. It was important that she not be able to identify any of her abductors or my house.  The possibility of inadvertently encountering her in the future was not of major concern to me.

Returning to Kathy, the three electrodes were attached with tape, one to each nipple and one to the groin. With her gag still in place I calibrated her pain tolerance by delivering currents of varying intensities, finding her tolerance level was on the high side. My electrical unit has been plagued by defects over the years. When first purchased it had an accompanying CD which issued recorded prompts to the wearer such as “Im a useless slut”. It then automatically sensed the vocal intensity of the response, and automatically delivered a shock if that response was insufficient. This type of enunciation therapy proved to be quite effective.

The auto function was no longer operative and the current level had to be adjusted manually by the operator. Rather than perform enunciation therapy I decided to simply shock her until truthful answers were obtained. This was explained to her and the gag was removed. In addition it was explained that if she were uncooperative, we were fully prepared to have her sold into harem slavery in an unnamed Arabic country. Im quite convincing with this fake line and it has proven effective in the past.

The first few attempts to elicit a confession were met by denial, and the level of the shocks was gradually increased. They were alternated so that one nipple at a time, or varying combinations of nipples and groin were shocked simultaneously.  Within ten minutes the shocks achieved the desired results. After a brief display of bravado, she was unable to withstand their intensity, and proceeded to confess.

Kathy admitted stealing approximately twenty five thousand dollars in cash over a period of time and storing the money in a safe, hidden in the basement of her mothers home. She intended to eventually divorce her husband, and no doubt would have continued her corporate plundering had it not been detected.

Her overall figure, while clearly not the cover girl type, was rather attractive, with a tight ass, flat tummy and modest boobs. To further humiliate her I groped her boobs and hips, followed by a rough finger fucking of her cunt. I have to give the bitch credit for maintaining a façade of equanimity in the wake of all this abuse.

Leaving Kathy attached to the overhead, we went to my downstairs office, and Joe made the call to Ralph informing him of what we had learned. Ralph estimated it would be at least an hour before Kathys claim could be verified and this meant I was stuck with Joe and Vince. It isnt that I dont care for gays, but these two exude a vulgarity in their normal demeanor that most people find offensive. Much to my relief Joe requested a private room so that he could engage in sex with his partner. Vince does not strike me as a submissive gay but Joe is known to demand sex from both his dominate and submissive associates, as a condition of continued employment. So I permitted them to use the guest bedroom, and resisted the temptation to spy upon them using the CCTV.

I reasoned that even bitches such as Kathy deserve some entertainment while they are in “limbo”, which in this case meant dangling from the overhead bar, gagged and with her ankles chained to the floor. You should have seen the look on her face when informed she wasnt about to be allowed greater comfort, until we received verification that the stolen money had been found.

Her entertainment consisted of watching one of my favorite videos, replete with loud audio, on the large screen TV I have installed in the dungeon. The video deals with the abduction of an American beauty by a gang of white slavers, and follows her training, then transport to the harem of some Arab sheik. It is a splendid video, which I bought years ago when a video store was going out of business.  She desperately wanted to tell me that she had told the truth, but the tight fitting ball gag suppressed any intelligible speech.

Within the next hour Joe emerged from the bedroom to announce he had received a call from Ralph, whom had retrieved the stolen money. Kathy would be released the next morning after spending the night in the holding cell. After assuring Joe and Vince that I required no assistance with Kathy, they both departed and would return to be present for her release. Now was my opportunity to take some sexual liberties with Kathy, who was still attached to the overhead. Her ball gag was replaced by a pair of my soiled panties. She briefly balked at opening her mouth, but after I brandished a pair of pliers and placed it over her left nipple the panties were inserted. Still wearing my ski mask, I quipped about my preference that subs get a taste of my scent.

Ten minutes of relentless thrusting into her virgin fuck hole was sufficient for me. It was apparent Kathy detested every second of it, and her erotic moans through her gag added immensely to my delight. If Kathy thought that the strap on anal intrusion was abhorrent, she had another penetration forthcoming; her tongue would be used to pleasure both my cunt and my asshole.

To facilitate this oral sex I removed her wrist cuffs from the overhead bar and cuffed them behind her. With her ankle cuffs still attached to the floor bolts, I made her kneel and generously provided a pillow for her knees. After removing my panties from her mouth, I pulled up a chair and sat directly in front of her and used both hands to position her mouth to my cunt. As is customary for me I informed her that the greater the intensity of her mouth work upon my cunt, the less would be required for the anal portion.

The bitch had learned her lesson about not speaking without permission, and however reluctantly she burrowed her tongue inside my cunt for nearly ten minutes, and required only minor prodding as to intensity. Many females have so served me over the years, and one tends to become desensitized to the eroticism, but Kathy is one of a handful who were abducted and confined involuntarily. The gratification I obtain from such a performance is overwhelming and it is difficult to envision a comparable depravity.

Since her performance on the cunt phase was satisfactory, I cut her some slack on the anal phase. After I assumed a kneeling position on the floor in front of her, she commenced to pleasuring my asshole with her tongue. She was permitted to cease after less than five minutes, and to her immense relief I informed her that no further sexual acts would be required. I most certainly would have enjoyed to have her for slave training for a few days, but in this business you must give the customer what they want; in this the customer being her father-in-law, wanted her released without visible signs of torture within less than twenty four hours.

Her overnight confinement was to be far from comfortable. After padlocking a leather collar around her neck and attaching a six foot heavy chain to a floor bolt, she was locked in the holding cell to be monitored periodically via the CCTV. A floor mattress and blanket were provided for her use. In years past I left the sub nude without any blanket, but turned up the heat to a minimal level. However skyrocketing energy prices have resulted in altering this practice.

Kathy was released the next morning at 9:00. Her husband and father-in-law brought some clothes to replace the ones I had shredded. After dressing she was blindfolded and led out to the waiting limo, the blindfold would be removed a few miles down the road. Joe and Vince were present for the release and it was clear that Ralph, the father-in-law, was one satisfied customer.


Review This Story || Author: Long Tall Mary
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