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Snuff Bunny

Part 6 Last Gifts

Last Gifts

Trish had a wide, satisfied smile on her face as she walked groggily behind the other two naked women. As always, they pulled her along by her nipples. She didn't care where they were taking her or what they planned to do with her. She just felt grateful to be here with them... to be here for them... to give herself to them like the good little snuff bunny she was.

Ms. Donovan and Rene` giggled to themselves as they pulled the young filthy girl along by her nipples. Trish smiled, happy that her Goddess and Rene` were having a good time with her. She liked the feel of her big, filthy titties as the stretched them out from her chest, shaking them slightly to make them wobble and bounce happily. She considered doing the pony dance as she was led along, just to give these two wonderful women something to enjoy. But, as she was still wearing her pink pumps it would be clumsy and she might fall, delaying their pleasure. Besides, midnight was approaching and the contract had to be fulfilled by then. Still, it felt so comforting to be in the Ms. Donovan's hands and Trish knew those slender, elegant hands would soon do their duty.

The two older women led their pretty blonde snuff bunny behind the main house and onto the red brick patio in the center of the well-manicured yard. The outdoor furniture had been folded up and removed from the patio, though it was still well illuminated by bright outdoor lights mounted on tall antique streetlamp poles. A green garden hose lay coiled up on it with one end running to a sprinkler valve just next to the hedge. Beside the valve stood an orange five-gallon plastic pail with a red handle.

The three stepped up onto a brick walkway that ran from the patio to the sliding glass back door of the house, and further out beyond the patio to a smaller building that appeared to be of frame construction with common white siding. The building had a number of small windows, but only one wide door. Bright lights beamed from inside the building. Around them, Trish could only see the hedges, the well-trimmed grass, and the starlit darkness of the deepening night.

Ms. Donovan and Rene` led the snuff bunny up onto the round patio, and stopped in the center. The blue-eyed Goddess turned to Trish as she and Rene' released the girl's nipples. The big, nasty titties jiggled back into place on the blonde teen's shapely chest. She smiled at the snuff bunny. "Wait here," she commanded, and Trish smiled back, nodding to indicate that she would obey.

While Ms. Donovan uncoiled the loose end of the hose, Rene' went over to the valve and turned the valve. It emitted a loud 'squeak', and a powerful stream of clear water shot from the hose. Trish had just a moment to notice Rene` picking up the pail before Ms. Donovan aimed the hose at her, put her finger over the end to create a narrow spray, and began squirting the snuff bunny's filthy young body.

The water was sharply cold, and Trish gasped as the stream struck her tits and face. The stream moved up and down her body, drenching her from head to and chilling her. She began to shiver, but did not move or try to get out of the way of the water. The powerful stream battered her big titties, tummy, legs, and her face as well, making it even more difficult for the nasty girl to breathe. Goose bumps formed all over her body, and her nipples hardened and shrank. The force of the stream was enough to shoot into the cleft between her legs, stinging her pussy lips. She felt her young pussy tighten in response until it almost ached. The stream also hammered at her erect little love-button so hard it hurt.

"Raise your arms over your head," ordered Ms. Donovan, "and start turning around in place. Don't stop until I tell you to."

Trish heard the words, and immediately obeyed. With her arms held high, her young body was even more exposed to the stream, and turning in place slowly, teetering in her pumps from the force of the stream, made every inch her available for her Goddess to spray. The stream stung her thighs, back, and quivering bottom. Several times, the water forced its way between her round ass cheeks to splatter against her tight butt hole. Several well-aimed squirts hit the hole dead center, and Trish felt the bitter cold water shoot up her ass.

For several minutes she turned, shaking and shivering violently, fighting the urge to run away and seek dry warmth. Ms. Donovan laughed as she sprayed the lovely, big-titted blonde teen. The sweet music of the Goddess' giggles as snickers encouraged Trish. As tormented as the blonde snuff bunny felt as the water sucked the heat from her flesh, she felt more determined than ever to endure it for Ms. Donovan's sake.

As the water continued to drench Trish's trembling, goose-pimply flesh, the filth that covered her began to stream off of her. Her blonde hair hung in tangled dreadlocks around her head, slowly giving up the nasty globs of vomit and garbage that defiled the fine blonde tangles.

Suddenly, Ms. Donovan lowered the hose, and sprayed the patio around Trish's feet, washing away the dirty brown puddle that had formed. Then she took her finger off the nozzle of the hose, letting the water flow freely. "Stop turning," she said to Trish, and the blonde teen girl completed her last twirl to face her Goddess. She expected a command to lower her arms, but it didn't come.

Rene` stepped up to the teen girl and set down the bucket. Looking down, Trish could see that it was filled with sudsy water. The naked redhead reached into the bucket of soapy water, plunged her hand beyond the froth, and lifted out a large sponge laden with the sweet-smelling soap. The girl gasped again as the woman slopped the sponge against her big, jiggling titties. The heavy sponge slopped against the snuff bunny's boobs, splashing cold soap that covered the teens torso. Without a hint of gentleness, the redhead began scrubbing Trish's sore, bruised titties, then her shoulders and her entire chest, scrubbing away the nasty filth that still clung to the young girl's pink skin.

"Keep turning," said the pretty naked redhead as she slopped the soap all over Trish's body, "but slowly so I can wash you good. We have to hurry. Time is getting short."

With her body shivering violently to protest the cold, Trish began to slowly rotate in place again with her hands still held high over her head. She kept her eyes closed to keep the splashing soap from blinding her. As she turned round and round, she felt Rene` slopping the cold water onto her from head to toe. The water was heavy with perfumed soap that smelled of lilacs.

Rene` scrubbed the snuff bunny's entire body; tits, tummy, back, ass, the long sleek legs, and even her face and hair. The sponge felt a bit scratchy to Trish, but it wasn't bad. The young blonde felt grateful to be free of the filth. Several splashes of soapy water shot up her nose, stinging her sinuses and forcing her to gag and blow it back out. She heard Rene` and Ms. Donovan snicker at it, and felt glad they enjoyed this additional tiny withering of her few remaining crumbs of dignity.

"Stop turning," said Rene` after several minutes, "and spread your legs so I can scrub your cunt." Trish complied, and stood slightly squatting with her thighs parted wide to expose her hairless pussy. The redhead dunked the sponge in the bucket again, and slopped a fresh soaking of suds between the teen slut's legs. The force of the splash squeezed a few globs of the bitter cold soapy water up her fuckhole, chilling her further from the inside out. Then Rene` began a brutal scrubbing of the girl's vulva. Shivering as she stood there, Trish felt surprised to feel her cunt responding to the novel stimulation. She panted and felt herself shudder violently, and a powerful cum erupted from her cunt, sending powerful bolts of searing ecstasy surging throughout her young body. "Nnnngggrrrhhhg!" she grunted as her body quaked uncontrollably, and she almost lost her balance and collapsed. But as quickly as it came, the orgasm vanished, and she struggled with all her strength to remain upright. The shaking caused all of her fleshy girl parts to quiver obscenely. The bruised titties wobbled from side to side in a kind of slutty dance it seemed, and her ass jiggled and bounced as she alternately tightened and loosened her butt muscles.

"Ha ha ha!" said Rene`, scrubbing harder at the girl's twat, "Did you see that, Marsha? The little slut came for us! She is a hopelessly nasty piece of pussy, isn't she?"

"Yes, she is," said Trish's Goddess with a wicked giggle, "and she likes to put on a show for us. Isn't that right, snuff bunny?"

Trish opened her eyes and smiled at the angelic woman that abused and degraded her so sweetly. "Y... yes... m... umm... my g... g... Goddess," she stammered, barely able to force the words out past her chattering teeth, "I... I want to p... put on a good sh... sh... show for you so you c... can enjoy your sn... snuff bunny's suffering like you d... deserve."

Both Ms. Donovan and Rene` laughed mockingly at Trish's exhortations, and the blonde girl felt a warm glow spread through her despite the cold that chilled her bones and quivering, jiggling girl flesh. She felt so happy for them, and hoped they would enjoy every remaining moment that remained of the contract. She knew, of course, that they would probably enjoy her for several days yet, though she would not be aware of it. She wished silently that she could see it... to watch them enjoy her final gifts. As it was, she could only imagine it, and felt sad that their amusement with her would eventually end.

"Turn around and bend over," said Rene`, pulling the sponge away from the blonde girl's crotch, "Then turn around, squat slightly like you are doing now, and use your hands to hold your ass cheeks apart."

"Yes, Ma`am," replied the shivering young girl, and she slid her shoes over the bricks, keeping her legs spread as she turned her ass to the redheaded woman. She bent until her soap-covered titties hung almost straight down from her chest, swaying from side to side as the suds dropped in white blobs from them to plop onto the patio bricks. She swung her hands around to her butt, seized her round, meaty ass cheeks, and pulled them apart to expose her tightly puckered asshole. The dark pink rosebud protruded slightly out, pulsing and throbbing visibly.

Trish took another deep breath as she felt the splash of cold soapy water splash on her ass and run down her crack, flowing over her sensitive asshole and further to her cunt, where the suds collected into cold, frothy blobs and dripped from her twat lips. Then the slightly rough, slippery caress of the sponge as Rene` scrubbed up and down the young girl's ass crack. Another surge of pleasure coursed through the blonde snuff bunny's body, like long hot tendrils of delight that sparkled along her nerves, focused on her celebrating asshole. She let her body quiver and shake with the electricity of her orgasm, and could feel her soft, bruised young titties wobble and shake as they joined her asshole and cunt in a degrading festival of quivering, jiggling girl meat. Again, she heard the women laughing at her and making filthy comments about her.

At last, the redhead withdrew the sponge and dropped into the bucket, which she then picked up by the handle and carried it as she stepped back away from the young blonde girl. "Stand up, slut!" commanded Ms. Donovan, and immediately Trish stood up straight and turned to face her Goddess. "Lift you hands up high again," continued the powerful blue-eyed woman, "and turn in place again like before." Trish smiled wide as she raised her arms up and began slowly rotating in place in a kind of clumsy dance. From the corner of her eye, she saw Ms. Donovan cover the flow from the hose again, forcing the water to pressurize and begin shoot out in a narrow spray again.

The naked, shivering snuff bunny gasped as the frigid water struck her body. The spray washed away the suds that still clung to her, rinsing her from the head down. After a minute or two of shivering as she was hosed down with ice-cold water, Trish felt the cruel spray move away from her body, leaving her clean and wet and numb from the chill. "You can let your arms down now and stop turning," said Ms. Donovan as she dropped the still-running hose. The young girl did so, and stood before her, trembling and shivering, covered in goose bumps but without a single trace of the filth that covered her minutes before. Her nipples had hardened into little pink marbles, centered upon shrunken, wrinkled aureoles that crowned the shimmering wet teen titties. The woman turned and nodded to Rene`, who had set the bucket down next to the water valve where it was when they arrived. Rene` turned valve handle, and the hose stopped spewing water. Trish smiled at each of them from behind the dripping tangles of blonde hair that hung in odd angles over her face. She shivered, making her jiggling girl flesh shimmer in the light from the tall posts, and smile sweetly. She felt much better... cleaner... and despite the chill, she sensed a new energy and eagerness to surrender herself to the two women for another round of torture, abuse, and delightful misery for them to enjoy.

The two women approached the trembling wet girl roughly manhandled her around toward the building behind her at the end of the walkway. Stepping in front of her, the again grabbed and pinched her cold, hard nipples. Trish gasped as they twisted the rubbery nubs and laughed at her again, and arched her back to welcome the familiar sparks of torment. "Let's go," said Ms. Donovan, and the two women tugged her nipples, stretching the bruised teen milk-bags again and forcing her to follow. She resisted just slightly to force the tugging fingers to stretch the sensitive tit meat painfully, and hoped that the women enjoyed seeing the tender tit flesh pulled taut. Their smiles and giggles as they glanced at her reassured her that the ruse was working. That made her feel happier, and she let the pain flow through her so that she could feel every twinge and suffer even more deeply for her tormenters.

The young girl trembled and shivered as she was led along the brick path to the building. They stopped only for a moment as Ms. Donovan opened the door. Light flooded through the opening, and they continued inside. Once they were all over the threshold, the blonde Goddess closed the door again with a dull, metallic 'thud.'

The room they were in was wide and square, but had only plain white walls and ceiling, although the pink and white tiled floor shined with an almost mirror-like polished finish. The only items in the room were a tall wooden cabinet with six wide doors, and it was painted a faded yellow. Beside it stood a collection of rakes, hoes, and other garden tools, and also a large electric heater. The room was cool, but not as cold as the air outside, and Trish trembled a little less vigorously.

One small window looked out on the yard outside from the same wall as the entry door, and two more on the side toward the hedge. All three were covered with thin, tattered yellow curtains. The far wall had a arched opening that led to a brightly lit room beyond. Through the opening, Trish could see only a long, pale yellow counter with many doors, a pink granite-patterned Formica top, and a sunken white sink with a tall faucet. She could also see the edge of what looked like a heavy unpolished wood table with blotches of some kind of stain.

The two women positioned the young snuff bunny in the middle of the room, and Ms. Donovan commanded her to remain still. Then she went to the cabinet and opened the doors while Rene` dragged the heater close. The redhead made sure the heater was plugged into the wall beside the cabinet, then turned in on. It immediately glowed red, and Trish could feel her wet, trembling body immediately feel the heat flow over her body. She sighed with pleasure as she soaked up the warmth.

Ms. Donovan closed the door of the cabinet, and returned, shaking out straight two huge, thick, fluffy blue towels. She handed one to Rene`, and the two women began using them to pat Trish's wet skin dry.

Trish surrendered to their attentions, letting them soak up the moisture that covered her skin. As the water vanished from her flesh, she could feel the warmth from the heater pour into her much easier and faster, until she ceased to shiver.

Rene` then toweled the young girls hair vigorously while Ms. Donovan stooped down to dry Trish's hairless pussy mound and the cleft between her ass cheeks. With the snuff bunny now completely dry except for her hair, the blue-eyed Goddess returned to the cabinet, tossed the towel up on top, then opened the door and removed a wooded hair brush, a long extension cord, and a dark blue blow drier. She plugged the cord into the wall, then stretched it out straight until she stood close to Trish again, then she plugged in the drier and turned it on. It made a loud whining noise as it blue a steady stream of hot air, which the naked blonde snuff bunny welcomed as it flowed over her skin, warming her faster. She felt almost comfortable now... and a little sad because she had ceased to suffer as intensely for the two women.

Rene` stopped toweling the girl's damp hair and tossed the second towel aside. Then she took the brush from Ms. Donovan. Together, the two women dried and brushed the young blonde slut's fine hair for long minutes. Trish could feel the brush tugging as it tore through tiny tangles to straight the remaining hair, but that was okay... as long as her Goddess was doing it.

After about ten minutes, Ms. Donovan shut off the drier, and both women stood back. The young girl stood before them clean and semi-groomed now. Even the bruises from her earlier beatings looked less imposing. The young girl flesh glowed pink and the mane of fine blonde hair shined as it neatly framed the snuff bunny's sweet smiling face. The girl's beloved Goddess smiled as she admired the tender teenage body. "Now, isn't that a fine piece of girl meat," she said, more as a rhetorical statement than a question.

"Yes, she is," said Rene` as she gazed at Trish's body, idly stroking her own pale brown tummy and hips, "Mmmmmmmmm... I just love those big, beautiful tits and meaty white thighs."

"What about that ass?" asked Ms. Donovan, gently squeezing her own boobs, "and that pussy looks so yummy!"

Trish smiled and hung her head in humble respect. "I am very happy that my Goddess and Lady Rene` find pleasure in looking at my body," she said, "but it is getting late. Are you not going to fulfill the WPI contract?"

The two women laughed like wicked, cackling witches. "Well of course we are, little snuff bunny," she said, and both women approached, put their hands on Trish's shoulders, and gently turned her toward the arched door, "but you are right. We should hurry." Gently, the pushed her forward, and Trish did not resist as they urged her through the arch into the next room.

Once through the opening, Trish could see that the room resembled a large kitchen, although there was no stove. A rack of wide, empty pans stood against the far wall next to the one small, yellow-curtained window. On the wall she didn't see before stood the two doors of a large walk-in cooler like she had seen in restaurants. Between those doors, hanging from a small nail, there was a large plain black and white kitchen clock with large numbers. Trish read the hands... 11:02 PM.

The heavy wooden table, which looked to be about eight feet long and four feet wide, had a very thick, tightly planked top, and one end stood on thick legs a little longer than those at the other end, giving the table a visible tilt. The brown stains were blotched all together in the middle, with narrow runners that extended to the low end.

The two women stood their snuff bunny beside the table. Ms. Donovan smiled at the young blonde girl and patted the tabletop. "Sit up here, little slut," she said, "and we will prepare you."

"Yes, my Goddess," said Trish with an easy smile, and she turned and hopped up onto the table with a slight jump, which made her firm round boobs bounce merrily. She sat still, holding her back straight and her thighs widely splayed to display her bald twat to their view.

The two women laughed with easy delight at the way the blonde teen's flesh jiggled and quivered for them, continuing the show while they continued to enjoy it. Then Rene` bent and removed the pink pumps from Trish's small, dainty feet and set them on the floor beside the arch entry.

Ms. Donovan went to the counter, pulled open a drawer and lifted out a small black box, then set the box on the counter. Slowly, she opened the box, reached inside, and removed a small hypodermic needle already filled to the halfway mark with a clear, yellow-green fluid. She took the cap of the needle, and carefully held it as she returned to Trish, grinning like a little girl who had just stolen the keys to the candy store. Rene` also returned and stood next to the young blonde girl. She was also smiling.

"Turn around and bend your neck down," Ms. Donovan ordered the young blonde snuff bunny, "I have to inject this into your spine just below your neck."

Trish shuffled around and complied, exposing the gentle curve where her neck met her shoulders. She felt confused, wondering what was going on. "What is it, my Goddess?" she asked.

"It's a pain blocker," said the woman with the fiery blue eyes, and she felt the back of the girl's neck, probing for just the right spot to inject the serum, "We are going to claim your last gifts, and we have to use this to prevent the pain from sending you into shock."

"No pain?" whined the sweet young blonde snuff bunny, "Awwwww, that means I won't get to suffer for you." Her voice sounded genuinely sad and disappointed.

"No," said Rene`, "but it does mean you will be around longer while we butcher and gut you. And you will be able to watch it all."

"And you will still be able to feel it all," added Ms. Donovan, "Your body and brain just won't interpret the sensations as pain, so you won't go into shock." That comforted Trish, and she held still while the blue-eyed Goddess found the exact spot on the back of her neck she was seeking. The young girl felt a tiny pinprick, which made her wince, then soft warmth slowly grew in her body, seeming to pool in her pussy and playfully tickle her asshole. The throbbing bruises in her battered tits ceased to ache, and she moaned as delicate, gentle waves of pleasure flowed into the firm young juggs and spread into the rest of her flesh.

Ms. Donovan pulled the needle out. The syringe was now empty. "Okay!" she said without concealing her eagerness, "Let's get started! Rene`, help turn and lay on the table. Give her the pillow roll to raise he head so she can watch.

"You got it, Marsha," said the redhead almost gleefully, and she moved around to the other side of the table. She put her hands firmly on Trish's smooth shoulders and gently twisted, urging her to turn and lay back with her head at the raised end of the table. After spreading the snuff bunny's long legs to open up her twat and extending her arms out to the side, she reached into a compartment under the table that Trish could not see. From there, the redhead pulled up a small round pillow, lifted the young girl's head, and put it under her neck. Trish could now look over the tops of her massive teen titties and see her entire body spread-eagled on the table. She smile at Rene`, and knew that the apex of her life had finally come. And she was ready.

Ms. Donovan returned holding four long strips of thick, flexible canvas in one hand, and a long, thick, pinkish colored dildo in the other, which she handed to Rene`. "You go to work on her pussy, dear," she said with an easy, friendly authority, "I will tie her off."

Rene` smiled and moved along the table until she stood staring straight down and the young blonde girl's lovely shaved twat. She winked at Trish, breathed deep and gave each of her soft, pale brown boobs a vicious squeeze. Trish winked back, and lifted her hips slightly, offering her exposed cunt to the beautiful redhead.

Rene` wasted no more time. She lowered the dildo between the young girl's meaty thighs, aimed the tip at the glistening pink cunt lips, and gently worked the head of the dildo between them until it rested against the opening of her tight fuckhole. She applied gentle pressure. Trish sighed with pleasure as her pussy hole was gently stretched around the invader, welcoming it as it slid easily into her warm wet depths. The young girl relished the sensation as Rene` began slowly sliding the toy in and out of her steamy pussy. She even started to gently roll and grind her hips in response to the delightful throbbing as Rene` slowly fucked her.

"Try not to move, snuff bunny," ordered Ms. Donovan, "For this next part you have to be very still or the moment could be spoiled for us and for you. But you can cum whenever and as often as you like."

"Yes, my Goddess," said Trish, her voice heavy with pleasure. She held herself still and just let the pumping, pulsing sensation in her cunt build and spread.

Ms. Donovan then lay the strips flat on Trish's belly, took one of the short ones, and wrapped it around the young girl's right arm as close as she could to the shoulder. "Why do you keep calling me that," she asked the beautiful young teen snuff bunny, "I'm not a goddess, and I have been pretty brutal to you all night. One would think you would hate me at this point, and I am truly amazed that Rene` and I don't have to tie you down and listen to you beg for your life."

Still swimming in her warm pool of pleasure, Trish looked up at the woman as Ms. Donovan cinched the strap as tight as it would go, cutting off blood flow to Trish's right arm. "But... I am your snuff bunny," she said, her voice full of respect and humble reassurance, "It's my duty to give myself to you so you can have fun with my body... to obey you totally so you can amuse yourself with my suffering and shame. You are all I have left in the world, and I love you. I knew from the moment I saw you... saw your wonderful blue eyes. I fell in love with those eyes, and have never looked back beyond that moment. You ARE a goddess... you are MY Goddess. You are so beautiful and powerful, and you let nothing stand in the way of your possession of me... of my body... my soul. All that I am now is yours. And this is my dream, my lifelong ambition and dearest wish... to be your snuff bunny. It's all I ever wanted... to be the best snuff bunny ever, and I feel so lucky that you chose me... so blessed to be allowed to surrender to you, serve you, entertain and delight you... and give my body and soul to you... you... my Goddess."

Ms. Donovan smiled kindly down at the girl. Trish smiled back, a tear of joy sparkling as it formed in the corner of her eye and ran slowly down her face. "Little one," she said softly, her voice choked with emotion, "you make me want to keep you... to tear up the contract. I feel like it is me who...."

"No!" exclaimed Trish loudly, then quickly contained herself again, "No, my Goddess. That would be wrong. It is the reason I am here. It's why I am your snuff bunny. So, please, respect the contract, and do what it requires, please? Take my final gifts and enjoy them, please... and let me be the lucky one... and remain your snuff bunny."

Ms. Donovan smiled down at Trish. "You're right... my little snuff bunny," she said softly, almost lovingly, then she bent down, and she and the young blonde girl shared a soft, gently kiss for several seconds. Then she rose slightly, caressed the girl's neck gently, and they looked at each other lovingly. Trish gazed deeply into the woman's blue eyes, and felt her love for her Goddess deepen with each passing moment. "I command you now, little snuff bunny," said Ms. Donovan, her eyes blazing with authority, and Trish prepared to immediately obey, "Cum! Cum as hard and as hot as you can for me! Cum for me! NOW!"

The words shot like arrows into the young blonde girl's heart, igniting the gathering heat in her steamy hot cunt. Almost instantly, the most brutally intense orgasm she had ever know, many times what she had ever imagined, exploded with a blinding flash into every corner of her body. She arched her back, and writhed wildly as her cunt slammed shut around the dildo as Rene` shoved it in so deep it hammered at her cervix. "Unnnnnnggggghfuck!" she shrieked as volcanic ecstasy flooded her in wave after searing wave. It was so massive and intense she nearly passed out... seeing stars and shapeless flashes of light as he body sank into a molten caldera of pleasure. Cunt honey spewed out of her fuckhole, shooting out with such force that it soared in a wet, steaming arch to splash onto the tile floor.

Rene` and Ms. Donovan gasped at the sight, then clapped their hands together in applause. "Bravo, little snuff bunny," said the girl's Goddess, who then bent and kissed the panting girl on the lips again, "That was exciting! I wish I could squirt that far!"

Trish heard the woman's praises as the powerful waves of orgasm faded, and she wept as she smiled up at Ms. Donovan, "Oh, thank you," she said, "It is yours, my Goddess... your cum... your orgasm... because you commanded it of me! Thank you, thank you!"

"I know, my nasty little snuff bunny," said the woman, and all three laughed as Rene` continued to pump the dildo in and out of the blonde teen's hot, slippery cunt. "But, we need to get moving," Ms. Donovan continued, "Time's a wastin'."

"Yes, my Goddess," Trish agreed, and relaxed again, focused on enjoying the celebration going on in her steaming hot pussy. The sweet aroma of cunt honey filled the air, and all three of them breathed deeply of it.

Ms. Donovan moved around to Trish's left, and used another short canvas strip to tie off the left arm, cinching it down as tightly as the first. Moving quickly, she then moved down to the girl's hips, and Trish slightly lifted her left leg to make her Goddess' task easier. The woman slipped one of the longer strips around the top of the snuff bunny's thigh, as near the hip joint as possible, and tied it as tightly as she could. Then she moved around to the girl's right side and tied off her right leg just below the hip joint.

Ms. Donovan moved quickly now, and rushed to the outside end of the counter, just out of Trish's view. Still semi-high from the warm pool of delight building again in her constantly dildo-fucked cunt, she looked again at the clock. Now it read eleven twenty. The time was quickly passing.

Ms. Donovan appeared again, standing above Trish's head and smiling, evil excitement in her eyes, and the young girl could see the woman's massive white-skinned titties heave and fall with each gusty breath. "This is it!" said the woman, and she held up a huge circular saw, like a builder's wood saw, except the tiny teeth of the blade had been filed to razor-sharp points that gleamed in the light.

Trish saw the saw, and her eyes widened with excitement. The moment of truth was at last upon her, and she welcomed it eagerly... almost greedily. "Yes, my Goddess," she said, trembling with anticipation, "Your snuff bunny is ready!"

Even Rene` looked up from her relentless pounding of the young blonde's cunt, and laughed. "Go for it, Marsha!" she encouraged.

Ms. Donovan needed no more prodding. She pulled the trigger, and the saw whined to life. The deadly saw blade spun with blinding speed, and Trish could feel the breeze it generated on her face. She held out her arm straight and flat on the table to give her Goddess a solid, still target.

Her blue eyes ablaze with wicked delight, Ms. Donovan pulled back the safety guard from the spinning blade, and lowered it to Trish's left arm about an inch below the tie off strap. The spinning steel blade touched the delicate skin the girl's arm. Instantly a red groove formed, stream of crimson blood shot from soft girl flesh in a fine, misty spray. As expected, Trish could feel the pressure of the saw blade, the bite of the teeth, and the cool touch of the metal, but no pain whatsoever.

The lovely young snuff bunny continued to smile as she watched Ms. Donovan press the blade down further. The whine of the motor changed as the blade cut into the soft, helpless flesh. Blood flowed out quicker and quicker, and the crimson spray thickened. Suddenly the cut began spewing thick globs of gore, pouring out of the wound as Ms. Donovan pressed further into the soft flesh. Blood poured out of the wound, but not as heavily as it would have if the limb had not been tied off near the shoulder.

Trish felt a vibrating... like a grinding of stones... and knew the blade had sunk in deep, and was now sawing into the bone of her upper arm. The vibrations flashed through her, and again her pussy contracted. She struggled to keep her eyes open so she cold watch her arm getting sawed off, but the orgasm overtook her and again she was tossed about in a storm of delight that burned in her pussy and asshole. Though she uttered not a sound, her titties jiggled and wobbled from side to side in unison with the throbbing waves of pleasure.

The spinning, bloodstained blade bit further, and Trish heard, and felt, and sickening crunch. Then the whine of the saw picked up again, and the blade sank quickly down, slicing through the remaining muscles and skin. Suddenly, Trish's arm felt a great deal lighter, and Ms. Donovan lifted the saw, taking her finger off the trigger. The whine of the blade slowly wound down. The woman then held the saw in her right hand, and grabbed the severed arm with her right. Trish smiled and gasped as the blood-splattered limb was lifted up and away from her body.

"That's one," said Ms. Donovan with an evil grin, and both she and Trish laughed with satisfaction, then the woman asked Rene` to bring the rack of trays over. Leaving the dildo buried in the snuff bunny's hot, throbbing twat, she moved to the rack and rolled it around to the blue-eyed blonde woman with the saw. As Trish watched her Goddess place the limp, bloody limb in the top tray, she noticed that blood had splattered all over her the woman's tits and tummy. Rene`, too, had a fine coating of crimson on her tits and a few tiny splatters on her face. She looked down at where her arm used to be, and saw only a tightly bound bloody stump that leaked a slow, steady stream of blood onto the table. She also saw a streaky crimson pattern of blood spray on her own tits and chest. She licked her lips, and tasted the thick salty gore. It was on her face as well.

"Now the other one," said Ms. Donovan as Rene` resumed the task of battering the young snuff bunny's pussy with the dildo. Trish sighed, and let the pleasure begin to build again in her pussy as Ms. Donovan went back to work.

The saw screamed to life again, and Trish held her right arm straight for the woman. Again, the spinning blade bit into the defenseless and tender girl meat of Trish's arm. Blood spewed thicker and faster this time. The snuff bunny watched as the deadly, whirling blade spray-painted her tits a bright, rosy red. The thickening coating of blood glistened in the light, and began to collect into a tiny puddle between the blonde's massive, jiggling titties. The saw cut easily through the arm muscles, and ground into the hard bone. Like before, the sensation sparked another fiery orgasm that blazed and burned in her boiling pussy for several seconds before slowly fading. Panting from the strain of cum after brutal cum, Trish watched as her right arm, splattered and dripping with thick gobs of gore, was taken to the rack and set in the second tray, leaving only another bloody stump. Trish considered that. Whatever happened now, she could forget about ever masturbating again. But that was okay. Rene` was still there, pumping the dildo with a steady rhythm into her steamy hairless pussy.

"I need your help now, Rene`," said Ms. Donovan. Trish moaned with playful disappointment as the blood-sprayed redhead, bits of gore in her hair, left the thick dildo buried in the hairless twat, and lifted the snuff bunny's right leg, holding it slightly raised and straight, angled out away from Trish's stuffed pussy.

Ms. Donovan disappeared for a moment, then re-appeared with another, bigger saw. This one had a blade at least eighteen inches across, and no safety guard. Trish recognized it as a brick saw, but the blade was shining metal with much larger sharp teeth.

Ms. Donovan held the blade above the young armless girls upheld thigh, and pulled the trigger. The loud screech of the motor buffeted Trish's ears, but she could not bring herself to look away as her Goddess slowly, carefully lowered the spinning blade to her thigh a few inches below the tie off.

Blood and bits of tissue sprayed in all directions as the saw bit into the helpless girl meat. Within a few seconds, both Ms. Donovan and Rene` were drenched in blood. As the saw cut further and further, the woman was forced to move the blade back and forth in and arching motion to keep the cut straight and smooth. Blood gushed from the gaping wound as the saw every bit of delicate flesh that it touched. The walls an ceiling became streaked and splotched with thick clots of blood and little lumps of tissue. Ms. Donovan remained focused on her work, ripping into the soft meat of the snuff bunny's sleek thigh.

Trish felt the now familiar vibrations of the saw biting into solid bone. Once again, the sensations sparkled in her blood-covered cunt, and the steamy hole tightened so hard it spat out the massive dildo. It felt to the floor with a dull 'plup' sound, followed by a thick eruption of pale, steamy girl cum that shot for several feet from the spasming fuck-slit.

As the waves of orgasm slowly faded, Trish smiled with satisfaction and focused again on what was happening to her. The screaming blade of the saw continued to cut further down into her flesh. Now past the thigh bone, the blade was now slicing easily through the remaining meat of Trish's soft thigh. Rene` was pulling slightly, causing the blood-oozing wound to gape wide, allowing the saw blade even easier access. A few moments later, the last strip of skin and muscle fell victim to the saw, and Trish watched as the blood-drenched redhead lifted the entire leg up and away as Ms. Donovan moved the saw away, fingers off the trigger. The sound of the blade slowly dying though it still spun with deadly speed. Rene` heaved the heavy limb over her shoulder, pulled a tray out of the rack and set on the floor several feet away. It hit the hard floor with a dull, resinous 'clang.' A moment later, the redhead twisted and let Trish's severed leg fall into the tray with a wet 'plop.'

Ms. Donovan held the saw ready as Rene lifted the snuff bunny's sole remaining limb and held it out straight. She looked at the armless... and soon to be limb-less girl on the table, and winked. "Last one!" she said playfully, and Trish smiled as she watched her blue-eyed Goddess go back to work. Her only emotion was delight at seeing how Ms. Donovan, and Rene` as well, were enjoying hacking up her young, tender body with such uncompromisingly savage tools.

Ms. Donovan pulled the trigger on the saw, screeched to life again. Faster this time, standing in a more accessible position close to Trish's cunt, she lowered the spinning blade and hacked into the tender flesh. The saw slung blood and bits of tissue in all directions, painting the two women with a new layer of crimson. Before she reached the bone, however, Ms. Donovan stopped and lifted the saw.

"What's wrong, my Goddess?" Trish asked, concerned.

"Nothing, little snuff bunny," said the naked, blood drenched woman. Holding the saw out carefully with her right hand, she raised her left hand to her face and wiped. "Rene`, will you please get me a towel so I can wipe my eyes."

"Of course, Marsh," said the bloody naked redhead. Rene` dropped Trish's leg like a dead weight, and rushed through the arch headed toward the cabinet in the other room. She returned a few second later unfolding another fluffy blue towel, and put it in Ms. Donovan's hand. It became stained with splotches of blood as the woman wiped her face, revealing the skin under the coating of blood and shredded tissue bits. She blinked her eyes, smiled at Rene', and handed the towel back to her. "Thank you," she continued.

Rene` wiped her own face, then tossed the towel over onto the counter and picked up Trish's partly severed leg again. The girl sighed with relief that it wasn't anything serious and continued watching as the two women went back to work.

The whirred to life again, and Ms. Donovan maneuvered it back into the wound. Again, blood and gore flew as the blade tore through the young girl's flesh. Once again, a searing orgasm burst through Trish as the saw ground into the bone, lasting for several waves of rapturous ecstasy before fading. As soon as the saw cut through the hard thighbone, it ripped easily through the remaining strip of tissue. After a few seconds, the leg was completely severed, and Rene` carried it over and dropped it in the tray with the other as Ms. Donovan unplugged the saw and returned it to it's place behind Trish.

The snuff bunny looked at her body. She was drenched in gore... her own gore... and blood... and now without limbs she was utterly dependant on her Goddess and Lady Rene` for anything. She looked up at the blood-splattered clock between the walk-in doors. Eleven thirty exactly.

Ms. Donovan approached again carrying a heavy mallet and a round, tubular that looked like a metal dildo, except that it had no head. She also had a spray can with a label that Trish didn't recognize. She set the tools on the table next to the limb-less young girl, took the cap off the can, and aimed the spray at the bloody stump that was once her left arm. The girl felt a cool sensation on the stump that quickly faded as the woman stopped spraying. "What's that?" asked Trish, "I'm not questioning. I'm just curious."

"Surgical sealant," said Ms. Donovan with a smile, "It will keep you from bleeding to death too soon. Now we can do this." She used her free hand to take the loose end of the cinch in the canvas strap around the girl's arm stump, and tugged. The blood-soaked strap came loose, and the woman tossed it aside. Indeed, no further blood oozed from the stump, and despite her missing limb, without the strap Trish felt that her arm seemed a little more comfortable. "Hey!" she said with a delighted smile, "That's pretty neat."

"I thought you'd like it," said Ms. Donovan with a chuckle, "Let's get the others." She made quick work with the spray on the snuff bunny's remaining limb stumps, and removed the ties. Without the straps, Trish felt much more comfortable.

Rene` moved around to Trish's right while Ms. Donovan replaced the cap on the can, set in on the counter, then stood on the limb-less girl's left. "Let's flip her over now," she said to the redhead whose bare, quivering tits still dripped blood, "Roll her toward me."

Trish felt them slide their hands under her torso, then lift and roll her over like a lump of bread dough. She lay face down with her nose in the pillow for a moment, the turned her head to the side to breath. Her blood-splattered titties were smashed by her weight into the wood of the table, which was now slippery with quickly coagulating blood. She saw her Goddess pick up the mallet and strange tool again, and move down to her bare, blood-smeared ass, which was utterly helpless of course, now that she had no arms or legs.

"Spread them apart," Ms. Donovan told Rene`, and Trish felt hands on her ass, pulling the cheeks wide to expose the pucker of her asshole. A moment later, she felt a cool touch of metal encircle her rosebud. She strained her neck to see, but could only see Ms. Donovan's blood-streaked back and bottom.

A dull knocking sound, and Trish felt the metal ring cut into the skin around her asshole. Three more knocks, and she knew Ms. Donovan was pounding the strange tool into her flesh, centered over her tight rosebud. Although there was no pain, it was a strange sensation. A few seconds later the was a clicking noise, and she felt something being cut. Then Rene` let go of her ass cheeks, and Ms. Donovan moved back around into view. "What was that all about?" the young girl asked.

"This? " queried Ms. Donovan with a smile, and Trish nodded, "Oh, this as a rectal core tool. I just cut out your asshole! See?" She held the tool close to the girl's face, moved a small lever on the side of the tool, and a small circle of bloody flesh fell out the end.

Trish gazed in wide-eyed amazement at the two-inch wide circle of her flesh. It was indeed an asshole, and she knew it was HER rosebud pucker. It was a novel sensation to be looking at it directly, much less so close to her face. "Wow," she exclaimed, "what are you going to do with it?"

"Oh, just throw it away," said the woman, "It's useless. I might toss it in the garden." She reached for it.

"Oh, please, my Goddess," Trish begged suddenly, "May I have it? I don't know why, but it looks yummy!"

Ms. Donovan laughed, and picked the small circle of Trish's flesh up in her fingers. "Of course you can have it," she said in a playful tone, "Open up!"

Trish opened her mouth and extended her tongue. Ms. Donovan placed the Trish's severed asshole directly on the girl's tongue, and Trish sucked it into her mouth. At first it was covered in blood, but she quickly swallowed and that taste vanished. Now it was just a tough, spongy, rubbery disk of raw flesh. She smiled up at her Goddess, and began chewing. The look in Ms. Donovan's face said she was enjoying watching the snuff bunny munch her own asshole. "Did you have fun cutting it out, my Goddess?" she said, her voice muffled slightly as if she were chew a too large wad of bubble gum.

"You bet, snuff bunny!" the woman said, grinning with pleasure, "You're turning out to be a lot of fun to cut up!"

"She's bleeding!" called Rene`, and Ms. Donovan scampered to the counter again, dropped the corer and mallet on the surface and picked up the spray can. A few moments later, Trish felt the cool spray in the open wound where her asshole used to be. She just smiled, and kept chewing.

"Let's get her turned back over again," said Ms. Donovan as she set the can on the table next to the partially butchered snuff bunny, leaving the cap off. A moment later, Trish felt their hands slide under her again. "Toward you, Rene`." The girl felt herself hoist slightly, then turned over and plopped back down onto the hard, blood-wet surface. She was face up again, continuing to chew her own asshole like candy.

"Wash her up," ordered Ms. Donovan, "then set up an organ tray. I'll get the knives."

While the two women busied themselves just out of her sight, Trish lay still on the table, chewing her asshole and contemplating the way her body looked without limbs. She glanced up at the clock again. Eleven thirty-five.

The blonde snuff bunny heard a sound of running water at the sink as a vessel was being filled. Then it stopped, and Rene appeared holding a translucent gallon jug of water. She poured the water over Trish's body, rinsing away the collected blood and gore. This was much warmer than the bath she's had outside less than an hour ago, and she relished the feel.

Rene` vanished again for a few seconds, and returned with the blood-splotched towel that they had used to wipe their face a few minutes ago. She patted Trish's body dry with it, leaving her largely dry and her skin and tits only faintly streaked with crimson. "Do I get the toy back in my cunt?" she asked.

"No, sorry," said Rene, using the towel to wipe drying gore from her own wobbling titties. "This next part has to be without anything in your cunt, but I can rub your clit for you while Marsha works."

Trish smiled, and swallowed the rubbery morsel in her mouth. "That would be great!" she said, grinning, "Will you pinch and twist it real hard? I want it to be as intense as possible."

"I sure will," said Rene` with a friendly grin, "but don't ask me to pull it off. Marsha likes an intact cunt." Trish smiled and nodded her approval.

Rene` pulled the rack closer to the table now, and pulled out a deep pan on runners, then another, shallower pan above that. A moment later, Ms. Donovan appeared on Trish's right, and lay three long knives on the table. The edges of the silvery blades gleamed and sparkled, indicating they were razor sharp. Rene` stood on the other side of the table, next to the rack which was now pushed up against the table.

The two women looked at each other and giggled like little girls. Then Ms. Donovan looked at Trish's face and chuckled, which made her blood-smeared titties jiggle sweetly. "Now comes the best part!" she said.

"Alright!" said Trish excitedly, "I hope you enjoy it, my Goddess! I think I might enjoy this as well!" She then turned her attention to her own torso to watch the fun as Rene` moved a hand down to the snuff bunny's defenseless cunt and began pinching and pulling the hard, stiff little clit, sending electric thrills sparkling through the young girl's sensitive twat. Already, Trish could feel another powerful cum beginning to warm her throbbing pussy, and she felt her fuckhole gape wide, begging to be invaded by something... anything... but it remained empty and frustrated.

Ms. Donovan picked up a fairly short knife and showed it to her snuff bunny. The girl shuddered in anticipation at the shiny blade, and smiled wide, giggling slightly. Then the woman went to work. She held the blade like a skilled surgeon, and set the edge against Trish's torso at the edge of her rib cage just below the left tit. Rene` picked up the spray can of sealant, and held it ready. Then the blue-eye blonde woman opened her mouth, pressed the edge against the young blonde slut's delicate skin, and drew it across in a straight line from left to right. The hyper-sharp blade easily carved into the skin leaving behind a red line that oozed blood. Rene` quickly sprayed the line, and the bleeding stopped. Ms. Donovan then did it again, along the same line, pressing harder so the blade sliced deep into the skin, penetrating the thin layer of fat. The skin parted slightly, revealing the white fat the quickly became obscured with blood, which was just as quickly stopped when Rene` sprayed it. After another pass, Trish heard a slight squishing noise, and the skin parted a little wider as the knife sheared through the muscle almost into the organs underneath. Blood poured out of the long cut, and was quickly stopped by the spray.

Ms. Donovan then moved down to the area just above the snuff bunny's cunt area, and drew a line from almost the left hipbone to the right. Three quick passes with the sharp knife, and three sprays, and Trish knew that the lower tummy had been cut through as well.

Now, Ms. Donovan moved the knife back up to Trish's breastbone. "Relax, as much as you can, snuff bunny," she commanded.

"Yes, Ma'am," Trish said and nodded, "I'll keep loose." She sighed, and looked at the knife. She still felt immensely excited though, and wished she had something up her cunt. She had to content herself with Rene` vigorous pinching of her clit, but that was good enough for the moment.

Eleven thirty-eight.

Ms. Donovan cut a clean path from the first cut down the snuff bunny's torso, avoiding the belly button, but completing a cut from the upper cross cut to the lower. Rene` sprayed, stopping the blood. Another pass, and another spray, and Trish could tell that a bit of pressure was being released, forcing the second vertical cut to gape wide. "Now we have to be careful," said Ms. Donovan, and she slowly began the final vertical pass. As the knife cut through the last layers of tummy tissue, bluish-pink bulges could be seen pushing up into the open. She sliced quickly down, followed by the spraying can.

The layers of tissue opened wide, and Trish gasped as her internal organs came into view. She trembled with excitement, and wanted to cum, more so because Rene` was pinching her clit with her sharp fingernails. She fought it, though. It was still too soon, and she didn't want to miss a thing!

Ms. Donovan lifted up a flap of the left side of the 'I' cut, and used the knife on the fibrous tendrils connected to Trish's belly button. In a moment, that was completely severed. Ms. Donovan set the knife down, then carefully lifted the edges of both flaps of skin and muscle, and opened Trish's abdomen like a book.

All three of them, Trish especially gasped as the girl's full collection of internal organs came into view. They saw the tangle of her intestines, the bulging stomach, and all three portions of her colon. The organs glimmered and shined in the light. Trish licked her lips. She had never dreamed she would ever look at her own insides with her belly laid open so neatly and quickly, and without pain. It was a beautiful sight... her most intimate and vulnerable parts of her body, exposed and helpless for anyone to enjoy. She shook with a hot, electric need that burned in her pussy. The other two women gazed at the wonderful sight of Trish's naked guts. Rene` began pulling at her own tits while twisting Trish's throbbing clit. Ms. Donovan drooled, her eyes wide as drank in the beauty of the sight, and she panted and shivered.

Trish was most helpless at the heavenly wonders laid open before her eyes. Her pussy screamed for attention, and she shook with burning excitement, making her big teen titties jiggle and wobble merrily and the puddle of guts in her open tummy surge and quiver and almost sparkle. It was too much! Her need scorched her boiling hot pussy, and girl cum leaked in a river from her gaping hole. "Oh, please, Lady Rene`" she begged, "Please pinch my clit and finger my hole, please? I need to cum! It's so beautiful... so wonderful it hurts to see without cumming! Please make me cum! Please? Oh, gawd, I need to cum!"

"Me too!" exclaimed Ms. Donovan, and her hand immediately shot to her pussy and titties, and she began furiously masturbating as she gazed in wonder at the beauty of Trish's exposed, intact guts.

Trish felt Rene` pulled hard on her vibrating clit, digging into it with her fingernails. The redhead used her other hand to slap her own boobs several times back and forth, then slid it down to her twat and began finger-fucking herself as she gazed into the snuff bunny's pool of guts.

Within seconds, all three women came, their bodies convulsing and quaking as they moaned loudly. In unison, their orgasms arrived, and they came all at once, exactly together. They moaned and screamed and gurgled loudly together, their voices combining into a kind of orgy of sweet female voices in the throes of blazing ecstasy. Trish felt her cunt contract, and again the celebrating fuckhole squirted out a thick stream of steamy pale girl juice. Hands squeezed bouncing, shaking tits, rubbed quivering clits, and dived into hot, girl-cum-spewing pussies! They all shared an intense moment of sheer, volcanic pleasure, riding wave after powerful wave of orgasm, an overpowering avalanche of hard, blazing cum after cum and cum.

After a minute or two, the burning waves passed, and all three panted and sobbed with joy. Both Ms. Donovan and Rene` looked shaky and weak, but were clearly high with the afterglow of their common orgasm. All three wept, and smiled, giggled as the last thrills faded and they caught their breath.

"Mmmm... that was incredible!" said Ms. Donovan, breathing hard. Her eyes looked like they were peering into a thick fog.

"Sure was," said Rene` still rubbing her tits and twisting the snuff bunny's clit gently, "I've never experienced anything like it, and we've gutted lots of snuff bunnies."

"Thank you, my Goddess... Lady Rene`," panted Trish grinning widely, "It was wonderful sharing that with you. But look at the time."

They all glanced at the clock.

Eleven forty-five.

"Oh, shit!" said Ms. Donovan, straightening up quickly, "we better get moving!" She motioned for Rene` to bring the deep pan closer, and the redhead pulled it up nearer Trish's open belly. With a moment's hesitation, the snuff bunny's Goddess plunged her bare hands into the blonde teen's gleaming tangle of wet guts. A moment later, she lifted out a huge knot of glistening small intestines, and giggled at Trish playfully. "Look, snuff bunny," she said like a kid at show-and-tell in first grade, "These are YOUR insides... YOUR GUTS!" They all three laughed with playful pleasure as she handed the knot of gleaming bluish-pink tubes to Rene`. The redheaded woman grinned and accepted it. Several of the tubes stretched out straight as she dropped the scoop of girl guts into the tray. Trish smiled, enjoying watching the delight of the two women as they scooped out her insides. They were plainly having great fun gutting their snuff bunny, and the young blonde slut they were gutting glowed with pride to be the source of their playfulness and delight.

As soon as the entire tangle of small intestines lay in the deep pan, Ms. Donovan picked up the knife and severed their connection to Trish's stomach and colon. Trish looked into her open tummy. She already looked considerably more empty.

Ms. Donovan worked quicker now, and lifted out the slug-like tube that was the snuff bunny's colon. It looked dark in a few places, and a bit lumpy. "Are those solid-looking clots inside my colon bits of shit?" she asked.

"Only near the end, near where your asshole was," said the grinning blue-eyed woman. With a couple of quick movements, she severed the colon free from Trish's body. She handed it to Rene' who dropped it thoughtlessly into the deep pan.

Ms. Donovan then lifted up a bulbous sack just under Trish's chest. The snuff bunny felt a tug in the inside of her throat. The sensation vanished as soon as Ms. Donovan used a fresh knife to cut it loose. "That's your stomach, snuff bunny," she said with an evil smile, "No more eating for you."

"I swallowed my asshole," said Trish with a teasing grin, "so it's now in my stomach! How weird! I can see it outlined in the sack."

Ms. Donovan felt the solid knot in the otherwise empty sack. "Yup!" she said, grinning, "That's your asshole, alright!" They all three laughed together as Rene` took the organ and dumped it into the tray.

"We're getting close... only twelve minutes left. We're going to have to double-up," Ms. Donovan told Rene`, and handed the redhead a fresh sharp knife, "you take care of the snuff bunny up top while I carve out these smaller organs. I'll need this..." she reached over Trish's open belly and took the can of spray sealant, "and just leave them inside for a bit until you are finished, okay?"

"Whatever you say, Marsha," said Rene, still smiling as she held the knife. Then she took her finger off Trish's excited clit and smiled at the girl. "Sorry I can't do anything for your cunt for the moment," she apologized as she stepped up behind Trish's head, and hovered over her, "It takes two hands to do this, and I can't barrow yours."

The redhead giggled, and the blonde snuff bunny giggled with her. "That's okay," she said sweetly, "I know what you are going to do. But, in this position, your tits are hanging right in my face!"

Rene` deliberately lowered her chest for a moment and swung her pendulous boob from side to side, slapping the little blonde slut's face with warm titflesh. Trish laughed, enjoying the feel of beautiful big boobies bouncing off her cheeks, and the redhead giggled as well.

"Get to work," said Ms. Donovan firmly but not harshly, "We're running out of time." She took a knife, and began working in the quickly emptying crater of the cute blonde snuff bunny's open abdomen.

"She's right, snuff bunny," said Rene` and lifted her tits a few inches from the girl's face. She held the knife in her right hand, and cupped Trish's left tit with her left hand, pulling it up to the little blonde slut's face. "Say goodbye to it, snuff bunny," she ordered.

Trish smiled, and gently kissed the tender, warm titmeat. "Goodbye, sweet booby," she said, her voice sounding light and playful, "You be good for my Goddess now, like you always have been for me." She looked up at Rene`, and the two exchanged grins.

Rene` then grabbed the girl's tender nipple, and pulled up hard, stretching the sensitive titmeat harshly. Trish watched as the redhead lowered the knife to the underside of the tit, placing it against the base. With a slight sawing motion, Rene` began slicing into the delicate titflesh, carving from side to side. She worked quickly, and the soft, delicate flesh easily gave way to the sharp weapon. The redhead pulled hard on the nipple, and the snuff bunny watched as blood began pouring out of the deepening cut, her eyes wide with excited fascination as she watched Rene` skillfully slash through the soft flesh, half cutting and half tearing the massive mound away from her chest. In a moment, it was done, and Rene' lifted the slashed tit up and away from the snuff bunny's once lovely chest, leaving a gaping, bleeding wound that exposed the bones of her ribs.

Rene` set the knife down, picked up the spray can, and sprayed the wide bleeding wound. The bleeding ceased immediately. Then she took the sliced-off tit to the rack, pulled out a fresh tray, and laid the succulent mound of girl meat lovingly on the tray, nipple up. Trish smiled because it still quivered and jiggled as if it still wanted to entertain and delight someone.

Ms. Donovan picked up the aerosol can and spray into Trish's abdomen. The girl felt a quick flash of coolness in her middle that quickly faded as her Goddess set the can back on the table and continued working, her smile hinting of the fun she was having.

Rene` returned to her place and picked up the knife again. Rene` pulled the young girl's right tit up and said, "Now, this one."

Trish kissed the warm, wobbly mound like a sweet lover. "Goodbye, little titty," she said, "I've always liked the way you bounced so happily for everyone. I hope our Goddess does good things with you." Then she smiled at Rene`.

The redhead, like before, pulled and stretched the warm, fleshy tit by the nipple. Then she put the knife at the base, and began cutting back and forth, slicing it off of the cute teen snuff bunny's body. Seconds later, the last sliver of tender skin gave way, and Trish was completely without tits. A quick spray of sealant, and Rene` set the severed titty on the tray next to its sister, then she gently slid the tray back into the rack, and returned Trish's left side to continue helping the girl's beautiful, blue-eyed, big-titted Goddess. "What are you going to do with my tits?" asked the snuff bunny.

"Oh, they well make great broilers for a cookout," said Ms. Donovan, smiling, but without taking her attention off of her work.

"Mmmm," said Trish, and she licked her lips, "How delicious! I've always liked the way they tasted myself!" Her easy joke made both of the other women laugh, adding to the joy of the moment. The girl then looked at the clock. "Oh, no!" she exclaimed, "There's only six minutes left. Will you make it?"

"Almost there, snuff bunny," said Ms. Donovan, smiling with delight, then she lifted out an organ that looked like a bloody slug. "Your spleen," she said, and Trish smiled her acknowledgement as the woman tossed the organ into deep tray.

"Are you going to make pate` from my liver," asked Trish, looking at the women over the exposed ribs where her tits used to be.

"Oh, yes!" said Rene', "Girl liver makes great pate`. I have a very good recipe! Your liver will be the last organ we cut out because of the many blood vessels that go to it. You can finish by bleeding out from there."

"I wish I could taste it," whined the snuff bunny.

"Can't have everything," Ms. Donovan said brightly, then lifted out a red, bean-shaped lump, "Your left kidney," she said, and tossed the wobbly organ into the deep tray, which was becoming heavy with the young girl's glistening guts. The woman then took out the next one. "And your right kidney." Smiling, she tossed it into the tray, and in landed in the mound of small intestines with a muddy-sounding 'splat.'

Trish watched, immensely fascinated as her Goddess removed more organs. First came her bladder, then her uterus with the vagina, the snuff bunny's inner pussy, still attached, and then finally the small lumpy ovaries, still connected by the fallopian tubes.

"Okay, we're down to your liver, little snuff bunny," said Ms. Donovan, "Are you ready?"

"Take it!" said Trish with a loving smile on her face, "It's yours. I just hope it makes delicious pate` for you."

Ms. Donovan smiled, and reached into the cavity again. Rene` put her hands in to help her. Trish could feel something large being lifted, then she felt and heard a number of snips. After a few moments, the redhead lifted out the large, smooth reddish-black liver from inside the snuff bunny's body, pulled out a clean tray from the rack, and laid it in.

"That's it, snuff bunny," said Ms. Donovan, setting down the knives and smiling at the girl, "We still have two minutes left, about enough time for you to bleed out and leave us. Would you like to see yourself? Now's the time!" Trish nodded eagerly, and the blue-eyed blonde woman reached under the table to take out a long wall mirror that had been protected from blood splatter in its sliding compartment. She and Rene` held it above Trish with their gore-dripping hands.

The snuff bunny looked up into the mirror, and gasped when she saw herself. "Wow!" she said, here eyes wide with amazement, "I look so different. No tits... no arms or legs... belly open like a newspaper and all my guts scooped out, including my cunt! I can see my blood pooling in the bottom of my belly pit around the bones of my spine! It's rather amazing and... well, I think I look quite beautiful! Can I still cum? I have a minute left, it looks like."

Ms. Donovan smiled and lowered the mirror, setting it aside against the wall. "We can try, snuff bunny!" she said.

"I'll work her clit and pussy lips," said Rene` and she scampered around to the young, eviscerated girl's twat, lowered her face to the sweet tender lips, and sucked the clit into her mouth.

"Oh!" piped Trish at the sudden renewed sizzling in her pussy, and she began panting letting the sensations wash over her. "Oh, yes! Yes! Suck my clit, please! Harder! Oh, please chew it! Chew it hard! Make me cum! Oh please, please make me cum!" More fiery needles of pleasure darted through the butchered young girl's remaining body as the redhead began using her teeth, biting and chewing the tiny, stiff nub without mercy. Trish smiled, feeling the pleasure build. She had to hurry, though. Time was quickly running out. It was now less than a minute to midnight.

Ms. Donovan moved up and cradled the pretty teen snuff bunny's head against her warm chest, and lifted her right nipple and placed it in the girl's drooling mouth. Trish sucked it eagerly, desperately, as she struggled to reach a peak.

"Little snuff bunny," said Ms. Donovan, stroking the girl's blood splattered hair as she suckled, "Cum now for me! I command you to cum! Cum now! Cum hard!"

It was enough. Trish heard the clock begin to chime the hour as the white-hot orgasm flared and blazed in her small, butchered body. Gone were all memories of having tits, or arms and legs, or internal organs, or anything before this moment. Her world shrank to the blazing hot cum that made her remaining muscles spasm and jerk. As the clock chimed, the orgasm burned hotter, brighter, scorching her soul with mind-numbing intensity that continued to grow with each passing moment.

Ms. Donovan listened to the chiming of the clock and the slurping as Rene` ravished the young butchered girl's clit with merciless brutality. She stroked the girl's hair, bent and kissed her forehead. "You were... you ARE... the best snuff bunny ever, little one... the best ever."

Trish heard the words, and tears formed in her eyes. It was true. She had done it. She was the best snuff bunny ever. She continued to cum hard as the world began to fade for her. This was how it should be... her body completely butchered and gutted for the Goddess' pleasure, her cunt being chewed, suckling at her Goddess' sweet titties, and her soul ablaze with the most powerful, full, deep, and perfect cum of her life.

And this cum would last forever... forever... she knew with perfect faith... because her beloved Goddess had given it to her.

Darkness... then nothing.

The snuff bunny fell limp and loose in Ms. Donovan's loving arms as the last chime of the clock rang out and slowly faded.

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