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The King's Tempory Slave

Chapter 7 Whipped

Chapter 7. Whipped

Shortie picked a vicious looking cat-o-nine-tails and Soushi a shorter single tail whip. They swished and cracked them harmlessly in the air while Makuto removed Jim's gag. "We like hear you scream," he grinned. Swinging the cat in a wide arc, Shortie brought the thongs down hard across his victim's back. Jim groaned loudly from the pain. I wished I could have done something to stop it but I was immobile. We'd been told the Japs were not allowed to draw blood but I wondered how closely they would keep to that promise. I couldn't see Jim's back but could well imagine it oozing blood. Fortunately my imagination was wrong. The welts were deep and fiery but the skin was not broken. Soushi let forth with her whip high across Jim's chest. He yelled at the top of his voice. I could hardly see for crying. The others were crying too. Again the cat lashed Jim's back followed by Soushi's whip catching his nipples. Jim was screaming himself hoarse now and the whips fell with perhaps ten seconds between the strokes. Finally Shortie put the cat down, unzipped his trousers and pulled out a rather small prick. Without any lubrication, he forced it in Jim's backside and started fucking hard and torturing his arse still further. Soushi now aimed her whip at his prick. "Maybe if it swells big, I let you fuck big tits later," she told him, "I whip you till man come in your hole." When I saw Jim slump I tried to yell at them but of course it was impossible. Shortie finished his fuck soon after and Soushi put down her whip and replaced the gag. Clapping her hands and dancing with glee she spoke animatedly to the others in her own language. There was no doubt she was delighted in her performance.

Paulette was Lanky's prize. He chose a thin cane and started at the back of her thighs. This time I could see the marks as well as hear her screams and pathetic pleas in French. She only took eight before she passed out but Lanky didn't stop, not even while Shortie held a capsule under her nose to revive her. Twice more she passed out before Lanky's cane reached her shoulders. I couldn't see that part of her but in the shower much later in the day, I saw the lines were just as evenly spaced and raised, as was her arse. Lanky too had a small prick but he thrust it forcefully in the exposed vagina. By this time Paulette was barely registering anything.

While we waited for Makuto to choose his instrument of torture I wondered just how bad my punishment would be. Unlike the others, mine was a comparatively small area to whip and from what I had seen Soushi would wish to hurt them as much as possible. Makuto chose a multi-stranded whip with thongs a little over a foot long. We knew Ettie was in for a cunt whipping but I was surprised that he started so far from his target. Shortie and Lanky held her legs wide apart and Makuto brought the whip down on an inner thigh close to her knee. I could see it left a broad band of fine raw lines. Makuto worked from one thigh to the other each time the band of lashes overlapped the previous one and each brought him near to her tender shaven cunt. Ettie's cries were awesome but she did not pass out. I heard afterwards it was probably due to her being head down so more blood flowed to the brain. Her screams and pleas intensified as the whip first hit the labial lips and finally crashed several times in succession right on her slit.

I wondered how Makuto would fuck her in that position but what he did was even more disgusting. Out came a prick of similar size to the others and he aimed it at Ettie's mouth. Almost automatically she took it in. We'd all done that many times now and when Makuto took hold of her ears we expected he would fuck her head on his prick. Instead he held her in position and pissed directly in her mouth. Some dribbled out, more ran out of her nose but much of it she had to swallow even with her head down.

As you can well imagine I was in a state of dread when Soushi came to me with what looked like a polished and tapered steel rod about half the thickness of a pencil at it thickest end. She bent it in nearly a full circle and allowed it to fly back with a twang to prove how springy the steel was. She was laughing at my horror struck face as she brought her arm back and swept the rod in an upward arc to catch the underside of my tits very close to the rope binding. The pain was horrendous and brought forth screams louder than I had ever thought myself capable of. She then carried on hitting the tops, sides and in the cleavage until I mercifully passed out for the second time and it took a long while to revive me.

When I finally came to, I was gagged again but my feet were released. Makuto and Soushi led me crying and sobbing, over to Jim. Lanky and Shorty now had him sitting on his welted arse and had somehow managed to get his cock semi-erect. "You now have nice fuck with big prick," Soushi said as they placed me above Jim's swollen and rib welted prick. I hardly knew what they were doing because of the pain in my chest but I felt hands opening my slit until the prick entered and then I was thrust down on it. Soushi used my already tormented tits as handles to bounce me on it. Soon though she handed that task to Shortie and Lankie who held me by my arms to do the bouncing. Soushi picked up her rod again and brought it down hard across the top of my tits. There was no place on them that wasn't already badly welted and her rod caught me as I was lifted increasing the severity of the blow. I saw blood and passed out. Willy and a group of eunuchs entered and stopped the Japanese from hurting us further.

The next thing I remember was being carried out and then later, lying on a bed in the clinic. My hands and legs were free but my breasts were still bound. A nurse at the bedside was preparing a syringe, "I'm giving you a pain killing injection to your breasts before I remove their binding," she said, "It may help ease the pain when the blood flows back in but I'm afraid I cannot take it all away. The king has to authorise that." She was right about the pain! Even though she was gentle, the rope was now almost embedded in my breasts and the pain surge as blood returned to my mammaries was pretty awful. I know I screamed out but I was only vaguely aware others were crying out too. Gradually the pain subsided a little and I could look around.

Jim lay in the next bed more or less on his left side and facing me. Sophia gently sprayed a foam cream to his welts. He was far worse off than I was. His punishment was on both sides of his body as well as his prick and there seemed no way he could lie without putting pressure on some tortured part of his body. Even propped up on an elbow caused him great pain. He caught my eye just as Sophia finished spraying his prick with the foam. "Not the usual cream I have on my prick," he commented, trying to smile but on a face wracked with pain it came out as a grimace. I tried to smile too but with tears running down my cheeks, I'm sure it didn't come out that way. An hour later a group of worker slaves brought in a waterbed commandeered from a guestroom at the king's orders. It would help ease his problem slightly.

Ettie was sobbing in the bed the other side of mine. Fatima, an Indian girl harem slave was applying foam cream to her thighs and cunt and Paulette, lying face down, continued to cry out in her native tongue while Robert, one of the males slaves applied cold compresses to her back before spraying her with cream too.

I wondered why no one was attending to me. The nurse had cleaned the blood away as soon as I arrived and fortunately the wound was not much more than an abrasion. There would be no scar. Shortly Sapphire breezed in, "Sorry for the delay in getting to you," she apologised, "I needed to get the king's approval for moving the waterbed. He's formally reprimanded the Japs but I don't think they were overly worried they'd had their sadistic fun. Now let's see what nurse suggests we do with your tits." Minutes later my tits looked like snow covered peaks when Sapphire had sprayed them with the foam. I felt some relief immediately but the pain was still very intense. At least I could lie on my back. The foam quickly dried to a transparent antiseptic, analgesic film. Once more I could see the dreadful red welts that ran in all directions across my once beautiful breasts. I wondered if they would ever return to their former state.

A worker slave pushed a trolley loaded with cartons of fruit juice into the clinic. Poor girl stopped in mid stride and stood with her mouth open when she saw our beaten bodies. "I used to envy you harem slaves," she said, "Now I'm glad I'm only a lowly worker. It's bad enough when we get the strap for some misdemeanour but…" She stopped, unable to find the words to express herself. Oddly, despite the pain, the journalist part of me came to the fore and I made a mental note to try and learn more of the world of worker slaves.

Only a little later King Joshua himself came in and actually apologised for the extent of our beatings and promised this was the last year it would happen. "You are pleasure slaves" he said, "A little pain can give pleasure but this went far beyond that and there was not really any sexual context to the beatings. You are exempt from normal duties until such time the nurse believes you can take them on again, and even then you can refuse to service anyone who you think will take advantage of your sore bodies." He came and spoke to us individually afterwards and seemed genuinely concerned about our health. I pleaded to be allowed home early but he refused saying I would be looked after better in this clinic that at home on the NHS. He was probably right but I just wanted to ensure I didn't have another thrashing like that before I left.

Us girls were confined to the clinic for two days and even after that none of us dared cover our injured parts even though it scared and horrified the others to see them, especially the work slaves we came into contact with. Jim stayed in the clinic a further two days and returned there at night to sleep on the waterbed for a week. I visited him once with the other two girls when the nurse wished to check on us, and once on my own. I think the nurse suspects there is the start of a relationship between us as she gave me the cream to apply to him and casually remarked, "Take your time and be gentle. He can use the same stuff on your tits." We got to talk quietly and I examined his prick carefully. It started to harden and Jim had to ask me to leave it alone.

Nurse countermanded this. "That cream is supposed to help keep the skin supple so that it will expand again. Rub plenty of it into the shaft Carol but, of course, don't get carried away and cause an emission."

I saw a lot of Jim during the next week, mainly because the four of us visited the clinic together and hung out in and around the pool. The water seemed to help restore out muscles to working order.

Coach kept us at it though. He made us do all the exercises he thought us capable of even though it hurt like hell to do them. He firmly believed that he was helping us but neither the others nor I were convinced.

Review This Story || Author: obohobo
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