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Traitors! Female Execution in the Reich

Part 6

This story is for Adults Only! If you are under age 18 do not read! Please delete and look elsewhere immediately!

Note from the author: This story is fiction and all names other that known historical figures are fictitious. Any similarity to the name of any real living person is purely coincidence.

Traitors! Female Execution in the Reich

Chapter Six (6) - The Fuehrer's Gift

By Jill Crokett (copyright 2004, Jillian Victoria Crokett)

Stephanie and the colonel shared a table at the back of the ballroom with the fat, balding Prussian General and his sexy young farm-girl-turned-mistress.

As the Nazis and their whores dined on foie gras and tenderloin of venison with wild mushrooms, an armored SS security vehicle made its way through the streets of Berlin toward the delivery entrance of the Lupinskihof Hotel carrying a cargo of four specially selected female prisoners.

The four young females had been hand-selected from a long line-up of dozens and dozens of female prisoners in an abandoned slaughterhouse on the south side of Berlin. Earlier that afternoon over a hundred female prisoners, roughly varying in age from about ten to fifty, had been brought to the warehouse in truckloads.

Upon arrival at the slaughterhouse these 107 girls and women, a mix of Jews, gypsies, and local condemned Germans, were unloaded off the trucks and lined up and ordered to strip completely. After stripping off ever stitch the guards ordered them to place their hands on top of their heads and stand with their feet about a half meter apart.

Several uniformed nurses slowly walked the line, removing from the line-up over twenty females who were on their menstrual periods. The remaining eighty-some girls and women were again lined up shoulder to shoulder for another long inspection. Now the older, haggard looking women were separated out and placed with the menstruating females.

The remaining seventy-six girls and women were escorted under guard, five at a time, to a set of gynecological examination tables were the awaiting white-uniformed nurses examined their vulvas and vaginas for any sign of disease. Three more women were screened out of the line-up.

The remaining 73 females were once again lined up in front of the stirrup-fitted examination tables. Five at a time they again obediently unfolded their femininity as the nurses used scissors to carefully trim their pubic mounds, after which each of the 73 was shaved completely bare.

After being hand washed between their legs the 73 selected girls and women were once again lined up shoulder to shoulder, facing forward. Their long line of glistening vertical pussy slits now stood at attention, stretching from one side of the slaughterhouse to the other.

As they stood, arms at their sides at attention, the SS commander walked the inspection line, carefully eyeing the breasts and the now fully exposed vulvas of his prisoners. As he paced the line he ordered the prisoners to raise their arms over their heads. Once they complied, he then ordered them to turn around and touch their toes while slightly bending their knees.

After eyeing their spread bottoms sufficiently he ordered the lineup to again face forward, this time he instructing any daughters in the lineup to go stand next to their mothers, if in fact their mothers were in the lineup. Upon hearing the order, four naked young girls moved to the side of their mothers just as the officer had commanded.

The SS commander then carefully walked in front each of the four pairs of mothers and daughters, giving them careful visual inspection from head to toe. Stepping back from the line he asked if any of the four adult women might be sisters. Two of the women raised their hands. Each of them had a young blond daughter standing next to her.

The officer smiled. He knew he had found something special for the big brass. "Who knows" he thought, "this discovery just might earn me a promotion to colonel."

He instructed the two sisters to come forward and stand in front of him. The sisters obediently approached him, walking barefoot on the cold meatpacking factory floor, their nipples fully erect in the chill of their nakedness. As they stood he walked around them slowly, carefully moving his gaze up and down the full length of their bodies.

The two attractive, early-thirties sisters each had fair skin, blue eyes, and medium length light brown hair which just touched their shoulders. Both had slight saddlebags on their hips but these blended well with their smooth, prominent, well-rounded bottoms.

The officer stepped back and toggled his eyes back and forth, observantly noting that their shaved slits were both revealed just a hint of a clitoral hood.

He then asked the sisters their age, their daughters age, and if they had any other children. One sister said she was 31-years-old and that her daughter, twelve, and an only child. The other sister said she was 34, and that her daughter was thirteen. She said she had two sons who had been taken from her when she was arrested. Her 13-year-old daughter had been allowed to stay with her.

The older sister was slightly heavier and bustier than her younger sibling, and her body showed some of the signs often associated with multiple childbearing. Her large, full, pendulous breasts hung down, sagging somewhat with the nipples pointing slightly downward. But overall she was quite attractive, with her smooth vulva appearing full and sexy, its labia pouting prominently, not unlike a young girl's.

The somewhat thinner younger sister had small but firm B-cup breasts whose nipples pointed ever-so-slightly upward. Her pink areolas were slightly swollen, giving her pert boobs a youthful appearance. As with her older sister, she had a youthful-looking feminine crack, her clean-shaved labia revealing a fresh, youthful slit between her legs.

Both daughters, though blonder, shorter, and slimmer, presented a youthful reflection of their mothers, each having emerging, conic breasts that would obviously become fuller with further development.

The thirteen-year-old's hips were widening with the onset of puberty, and her rather new, dark patch of pussy hair had been shaved along with the adult women's.

Her twelve-year-old cousin appeared much more girl-like, with the only evidence of sexual development being small budding tit-cones topped with rather swollen areolas. Her pussy had also been shaved by the nurses, but only of its fine fuzz.

The SS officer ordered the four to stand with their feet apart, bend their knees, and then bend over to touch their toes. Then, as the four females spread their asses, the SS officer turned to the nurses and ordered them to give each an enema. "Then scrub them clean from head to toe" he commanded.

When their humiliating prep was complete the four were wrapped in warm blankets and escorted out of the slaughterhouse into a security vehicle which waited to whisk them off to the Hotel Lupinskihof.

As the chosen four were driven away, the over 100 nude females remaining in the warehouse were ordered to place their hands on top of their heads, form a line, and then march to an area at the back of the cavernous building.

As they entered the rear of the building, a line of about twenty piano wire nooses hanging from a long beam came into view. Each noose had an upturned bucket underneath it.

Many in the line-up began to cry upon seeing the massive, crude gallows.

As a number of the young girls and women sobbed, the SS commander yelled "You will go twenty at a time, climb the bucket, and put the noose around your own neck. The rest of you will stand with your hands atop your heads and wait your turn at the noose. Any rebellion or refusal will be met with the whip."

The end of their lives was that simple. They were to be their own executioners.

As the first twenty walked slowly and tearfully toward the gallows, their arms still raised in submission, one woman from the awaiting group stepped toward the commander and demanded to speak with a lawyer.

The woman was a 23-year-old Jewish medical student of somewhat heavy build. She had saddlebag hips, long, naturally curly, black hair, and full, sagging double-D tits with large, erect, dark nipples. Upon uttering her demand she was immediately grabbed by guards and dragged to the front and was turned to face the other women.

"For your insubordination, you will not be given the mercy of a judicial hanging, you elitist Jew bitch" screamed the SS officer in charge. "You other prisoners, watch closely, for you will see an example of what will happen should you refuse the order."

The SS officer then turned to the guards and commanded "Hang her up by her ankles, and whip her to death, however many strokes it takes. I don't want to see one inch of her body unmarked. Oh, and before you begin the whipping, get the acetylene torch and burn her pee-hole and her nipples. Then the other prisoners can decide which they prefer, being hanged, or being burned and whipped to death."

The guards quickly secured ropes around each of the now struggling young medical student's ankles. As the 23-year-old was strung up upside down from an overhead beam in front of the others, her inverted legs spread open, Nazi guards tightly bound her arms "wrist to elbow" behind her back so she could not cover her wide, tender buttocks from the coming bullwhip.

As her arms were being tightly secured, two guards wheeled out acetylene and oxygen tanks on a hand truck and parked it next to the woman as her chest anxiously heaved.

"I'm sorry sir, please, please, I'll go the gallows freely sir" the upside down girl now pleaded. The other 100 condemned women stared at her, many of them now crying aloud.

A guard turned two knobs on the top of the cylinder-shaped tanks, picking up the cutting torch with one hand and then the spark-making flint-stick with another.

With the crisp pop of the igniting blowtorch, the ankle hanging medical student began to cry like a child. "Please, please I'm sorry, sir, I promise I'll do what you say. Please, I'll be a good girl, PLEASE."

It is too late for the condemned young woman. Guards standing behind her brace her legs apart as another guard touches the tip of the blowtorch flame against her spread open pussy. As he does, urine immediately sprays back at him as the guards laugh. With the second touch she jerks violently against the soldiers' firm grip as the torch burns away the meatus of her urethra to the thunder of a deafening scream.

Upon witnessing the student's nightmare, the first twenty females, their arms still submissively atop their heads, quickly approached the makeshift gallows and stepped up on top of the buckets. As they heard the medical student scream as her nipples were burned with the blue flame of the blowtorch, these twenty women and girls obediently placed the wire nooses around their necks and lightly tightened them.

Some crossed themselves and prayed quietly. Others sobbed, their tears dripping down on their heaving breasts. As soon as all twenty naked females had noosed themselves and had obediently placed their arms at their sides as ordered, guards quickly began kicking the buckets out from underneath them. Most of the girls and women kicked their feet and squirted yellow streams of pee from their slits as they struggled. Some hopelessly attempted to reach overhead for the thin noose wire.

As the first twenty to hang dangled in a faint struggle for life, the seven-dozen remaining condemned prisoners wept with resignation at their own coming fate as they listened to the medical student scream in agony as a guard laid the first of countless bullwhip strokes onto her wide, bare butt.

One attractive, dark haired young woman in her late twenties turned to one of the young soldiers and begged "Please, please don't kill us Sir, we can be your slaves, YOUR SLAVES! We will do anything you want, anything! You can whip us, you can fuck our asses! Anything! PLEASE MASTER, I BEG YOU!"

Dropping to her knees, the beautiful young mother continued "Please, please I can suck your cock all day, I can lick your ass so good! Sir, SIR, you can fuck my daughter, you can rape these young girls! PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T WASTE US! I BEG FOR LIFE! Please don't kill my little girl, PLEASE!"

As the attractive condemned female collapsed weeping and naked on the slaughterhouse floor, the commanding officer walked up to her and, gesturing towards her 10-year-old daughter said "Take them both and whip them to death!"

As the limp bodies of the first twenty to hang were lowered down, a guard laid the final whip strokes across the full-D tits and buttocks of the nearly unconscious medical student. Her tits, ass, and pussy were now a contiguous patch of red and purple whip marks.

The officer in charge proclaimed "Enough! To the ovens with the bitch!" Then turning to the other complaining prisoner he ordered "Whip her little girl first, and make mommy watch every stroke."

"NO, NO!" screamed the young woman, still on her knees, as she watched a guard bind her ten-year-old daughter's arms tightly behind her back as two others each bound one of the girl's ankles to a pair of long thin ropes.

As the second set of twenty condemned obediently take their place atop the reset gallows buckets, the now upside-down hanging little girl is whipped mercilessly as her sobbing mother is forced to watch. As the screaming ten-year-old is whipped, guards begin to bind her mother's arms and ankles in preparation for her own tortuous death at the hands of the bullwhip.


As the armored SS security vehicle pulled up to the delivery entrance of the Lupinskihof Hotel carrying its special feminine cargo, execution technicians were busy erecting slaughtering frames behind a elegantly pleated, dark-velvet stage curtain located at one end of the fifth floor ballroom. The four execution frames, which were suspended from the ceiling, were three-sided devices made of strong steel pipe. A four-foot-wide horizontal crossbar had five-foot-long, down-hanging vertical pipe attached at either end of it. It looked something like an inverted football goalpost, or a steel square with the bottom end open. The four corners of each frame accommodated wrist and ankle restraints.

As the four select prisoners were led from the security vehicle still wrapped in blankets, the two young daughters were separated from their sister-mothers.

Continued in Chapter Seven

Review This Story || Author: Jill Crokett
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