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Owned Teacher


Owned Teacher
  Lisa woke up around 8:30 to the sound of her teacher whimpering from the floor 
  next to the bed. Getting up and walking around the bed she found Mary sitting 
  against the bed with her knees pulled up and spread wide with her wrists tied 
  to her ankles. Her eyes were red and her face was tear streaked. "What's wrong 
  Mrs. C.?" 
  Mary looked up and saw Lisa's naked body for the first time. She thought she 
  was beautiful. About 5'4"...not much over 100#. Her breasts were about 34b and 
  she had a narrow waist and slim hips. "I can't do this Lisa. It is too much 
  for me to bear. Most everyone will understand why I posed for those pictures." 
  "Well Mrs. C. lets look at these pictures," said Lisa as she moved to the night 
  stand for the Polaroids. " Now I wonder how you will explain this one," said 
  Lisa showing Mary a picture of her spreading the lips of her newly shaven pussy. 
  " And how about this one. I bet you can explain it too," Lisa said showing her 
  the picture of her masturbating with her vibrator. The look on her face proved 
  she was enjoying every bit of it. 
  Mary knew she was lost and broke into wracking sobs. Her breasts heaving as 
  she lost control of herself. 
  "Now Mrs. C. what do you want to do?" 
  "Please Lisa don't show those to anyone. I will do as you ask." 
  "Well first I guess you didn't learn respect yesterday so we will start the 
  day with a reminder." Lisa grabbed the end of the dowel rod and turned the sobbing 
  teacher over onto her knee with her face back in carpet. 
  "Please Ms. Simon. I'm sorry. I'll do better I promise." 
  "I should hope so Mrs. C. but you do deserve to be punished don't you?" 
  Mary didn't know what to say. She wanted to please this demented student but 
  she didn't want to paddled again. 
  "Mrs. C. you do deserve to be punished isn't that correct?" 
  In a soft whimpering voice,"Yes Ms. Simon." 
  "Good. Then beg me to paddle your ass so you can learn to be more respectful." 
  "Please Ms. Simon, paddle my ass," sobbed the defeated teacher. 
  How many swats do you think you deserve Mrs. C.? 
  "Don't make me do this. Just get it over with." 
  "How Many Mrs. C.? 
  "One', said the embarrassed teacher. 
  "I think three is more in order but since you said one we will make it four. 
  Count each one Mrs. C." 
  "One" shouted Mary. 
  "TWO" cried the tied kneeling teacher. There was no escape. 
  "THREE" screamed the sobbing teacher. Her ass was on fire. "Please Ms. Simon 
  no more." 
  "FOUR" wailed Mary as her ass quivered. 
  Lisa again used the dowel rod to turn Mary back over so that she was now sitting 
  painfully on her hot red ass. "What is this Mrs. C.?" asked Lisa as she slide 
  her finger into her teachers very wet slit. "Do you like having your ass paddled?" 
  The humiliated teacher could not reply. 
  Lisa untied Mary's wrists from her ankles and the humiliated teacher straighten 
  her legs and worked out the kinks. 
  "Mrs. C. I want you to fix me some toast for breakfast while I shower. No touching 
  that pussy either. And put your heels back on. Now get moving," ordered Lisa 
  swatting her teacher's red sore ass. 
  "I need to use the bathroom", said Mary. 
  "Go and make my toast. Maybe if you're good I'll let you pee-pee later." 
  Mary moved down to the kitchen and Lisa took a nice leisurely shower and followed 
  later wearing only a towel. When she walked into the kitchen she found Mary 
  sitting gingerly at the table with a cup of coffee. "Who gave you permission 
  to sit? And who gave you permission to have coffee?" 
  Mary jumped up, "I didn't think. I'm sorry Ms. Simon." "Dump that coffee and 
  bend over the table right NOW." 
  Mary moved quickly and dumped the coffee into the sink and returned and bent 
  her body over the table not wanting to anger Lisa anymore. 
  "All the way flat. Smash your breasts on the table." said Lisa pushing on Mary's 
  back. "Spread your legs out to the table legs." 
  Mary did as ordered but this position, with the 5" heels on, put a real strain 
  on her legs. 
  "Now stay there while I eat my breakfast and decide what to do about your repeated 
  forgetfulness. Didn't I tell you would need permission from me for EVERYTHING?" 
  "Yes Ms. Simon. I forgot Ms. Simon." 
  Lisa sat down and ate her toast and drink the coffee her teacher had so graciously 
  made for her. 
  Mary meanwhile was becoming very aware of the pressure this position placed 
  on her full bladder. Her legs began to ache and after a time her thighs began 
  to quiver from the need to relieve herself and the strain. "Ms. Simon, may I 
  please go to the bathroom?" 
  "Be quiet I'm eating my breakfast. Another demonstration of your lack of respect, 
  interrupting my meal with your silly needs." 
  The teacher shut up and concentrated on controlling her need to use the bathroom. 
  She tried very hard not to visualize the position she was in her own kitchen. 
  Lisa finished eating and began walking around the kitchen. FLASH Mary cringed 
  as she imagined what that picture would show. She could hear Lisa opening drawers. 
  SMACK The wooden spoon connected with her upturned ass. Mary jumped and her 
  hands flew back to protect her sore ass. 
  Get your hands out of the way Mrs. C. You must learn to be respectful and obey 
  your instructions. SMACK. 
  Mary cried out, "I'm sorry Ms. Simon." 
  The spanking continued for ten smacks and then Lisa said to the sobbing teacher,"Do 
  you still need to use the bathroom Mrs. C.?" 
  "Yes I do Ms. Simon," answered the red assed teacher. She hoped that was not 
  being disrespectful. 
  Lisa grabs the leash and pulls the teacher to the back door. "Let's go out here 
  so my pet can go potty." 
  Mary couldn't believe she actually expected her to go to the bathroom outside 
  in front of her. 
  Lisa led the stunned teacher to the middle of the yard and said,"If you have 
  to go you better do it here because this is your only chance until we get back 
  from shopping Mrs. C." 
  "Ms. Simon, Please I can't do this," said Mary her bladder growing in distress. 
  "Well then we can wait until tonight when we get home," said Lisa tugging the 
  Mary didn't know what to do. She could hold it until tonight. She needed to 
  use a bathroom but her tormentor wouldn't permit it. She had to go. "Wait." 
  "I'll do it." 
  "Go on. I don't have all day." Lisa was getting chilled wrapped only in a towel 
  but she knew the naked teacher felt the chill even more which stimulated her 
  Mary tried to figure a graceful way to do this humiliating act but soon the 
  need overcame the planning and she simply spread her legs and squatted releasing 
  her full bladder on the the grass in her own back yard under the watchful eye 
  of her mentor. FLASH 
  Having satisfied her need the red faced teacher said ,"I'm finished Ms. Simon." 
  with her eyes lowered. 
  "Let's go get ready. I plan to make good use of your credit cards today Mrs. 
  C. You need some new things to wear since so much of your wardrobe has been 
  packed away." Pulling the leash Lisa lead her teacher back into the house. 
  "Take a shower and meet me in your room," ordered Lisa. "And don't be playing 
  with that dripping pussy." 
  After a quick shower Mary entered her bed room to find Lisa sitting on her bed 
  wearing jeans and a sweat shirt . 
  "Sit her Mrs. C. I'll fix your hair and make-up for you." Lisa styled her hair 
  and made-up her face with much more make-up the she normally wore. Looking in 
  a mirror Mary saw a person she hardly recognized. Let's get you dressed now 
  Mrs. C.. Put these on," said Lisa handing her a black garter belt and smoke 
  colored stockings. 
  "May I sit on the bed Ms. Simon?" asked Mary trying to avoid any further spankings. 
  "Of course Mrs. C." said Lisa as she watched her teacher slide the stocking 
  up her legs. Put your heels back on too Mrs. C. until we can buy you new ones." 
  Mary clipped the stockings to the garter belt and slipped her aching feet into 
  the 5" heels. FLASH Glancing in the mirror Mary could see the garter belt and 
  stocking highlighted her shaved pussy like a picture frame. 
  "Mrs. C. since you haven't had a chance to alter your clothing yet we need to 
  find you something appropriate to wear. Let's go to Amy's room." 
  "Ms. Simon, Amy's clothes will be too small for me." 
  "I know. You wear all your clothes too loose fitting Mrs. C." Lisa lead her 
  teacher into her daughters room and picked out a very tight very very short 
  skirt the barely covered the tops of her stockings and a crop top that hugged 
  her breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible and the bottoms of her breasts 
  were barely covered. FLASH 
  The outfit said slut. Looking in the mirror Mary knew she was going to spend 
  the day tugging the top and skirt down to maintain any dignity at all. She of 
  course was not permitted and panties or bra. Anyone who saw her would not recognize 
  her easily. Lisa handed her sunglasses and now no one would know her for sure. 
  "Put your collar in your purse and let's get moving Mrs. C." 

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