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Chapter 4

                            CHAPTER 4

    She held out her hands while I tied the rope to her cuffs.
Then I threw the rope over the beam and pulled her arms up above
her head. I then put on the ball-gag and stepped back. It
occurred to me that there was no reason to waste the ankle cuffs
so I put ropes on them and pulled her legs apart. This created a
beautiful effect as spreading her legs made her body drop so all
her weight was being held up by her wrist-cuffs. Her stomach went
concave and her breasts lifted to make her body absolutely
beautiful. I admired her for a minute then went to my array of
    I started with the leather paddle. The first one to her ass
made a very satisfying " Smack " I then went to her front and hit
the inside of her left thigh. I could tell this really hurt as
she sucked air into her lungs and held it. The last was across
the bottom of her stomach just above the crack of her pussy. Her
stomach was convulsing so I let her settle down for a minute.   
When she had calmed I picked up the smaller willow switch and
brought it to her ass, her front at the junction of her thighs to
her hips and across both breasts. The switch left light red welts
on her body which did not seem alarming and she seemed to take
them pretty well.   
    I then went to the rubber paddle which seemed quite heavy and
applied it to her ass, the inside of her right thigh and across
her belly-button. She seemed quite agitated by this, so again I
let her calm herself before picking up the quirt.
    The quirt left dark red welts which started raising right
away so I limited its use to her butt and the back and front of
her thighs.        I switched to the light cane thinking I would
give her a break. I switched her rapidly on the butt, to the top
of her cunt, and across her breasts. To my chagrin the welts that
appeared were very red and obviously very painful as she fought
her ropes with tears streaming out of her eyes.
    When she had calmed I used the rubber hose. The welt it left 
did not seem too bad so when I moved to the front I brought it
across her nipples then an underhand blow to her pussy. The hose
actually disappeared in the crack of her pussy so I immediately
checked her reaction. Rather than fighting the ropes she was
pumping back and forth in a fucking motion.
    The larger willow switch left another angry welt on her ass
so when I moved to the front I held back on the strength of the
blows to leave dark-pink stripes across her breasts and crotch
which she had pushed out toward me.
    The thin leather whip seemed ideal for the front so I used it
to hit the top of her breasts, across the nipples and then the
underside which made her breasts bounce around provocatively.
    The thonged whip I used To hit each breast separately
followed by an undercut to her pussy.
    As a finale I used her home-made whip. It seemed soft so I
used it to hit across both breasts. The thongs separated to turn
them red on and around the nipples then I brought it underhanded
to drag through her pussy. It was a perfect fit. The outer thongs
hit both lips while the center actually sunk in her slit. She
gasped and pushed out her pussy so I gave her another in the same
    I took off the gag and asked her if she was alright but all
she could do was pant and moan.
    By the time I had released her leg cuffs she had recovered
enough to wrap her legs around my ass and pull me to her. I just
unzipped my pants and stuck my dick in her for the wild ride. She
did most of the work as she pulled me to her and relaxed her grip
with her legs but when I came it was such a full body orgasm I
slipped to the floor when she let me. It took a minute for me to
recover. When I did I could see she was still in orgasm so I went
to my knees to tongue her pussy until she finally pleaded, " No
more. Please no more. I can't stand it."
    I watched her as her trembling body began to relax then
removed her wrist-cuffs and carried her over to the couch where I
placed her on her side so I could gently apply soothing ointment
to her now alarmingly welted body. Even though I had created the
carnage I felt I was soothing a child that had been hurt from
some outside source. I had never felt so much in love with her
and would have done anything to make her happy.

Review This Story || Author: Allene Blake
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