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Review This Story || Author: Tomatin


Part 1


A story by Tomatin

My name is Gina. I'm 26 years old now. They say it helps to tell your story. They say it's necessary to clear out your mind. Well, I definitively need to put my life back together. So here's my story…

Not more then five years ago, life looked wonderful. I studied sociology at the university. For the first time our country had a democratic elected government that tried to make things better for everybody. My friends and I believed in this government. We went to political meetings, discussed the future and drank wine till dawn in the downtown bars. We were convinced to be on the path to a better future.

One morning, tanks ripped our world apart. The army killed our president, banned the government and installed a junta. The first days after the fall of democracy several people were arrested. Fellow students who were active in the former presidents party or the union vanished one by one. Were they arrested, did they join the guerrilla or escaped abroad, we didn't know. We were scared but seemed to be left alone.

Until one morning. Soldiers blocked the whole university campus. They stormed into our classes and ordered everybody out. Teachers, students, even the janitors had to climb into the waiting army trucks. They brought us to the football stadium just outside town. The playfield was already packed with people as we arrived. Some of them had spend the night in the stadium. Without any food or drink. Soldiers systematically took one of us to the basement of the stadium. It was already night when it was my turn.

'You. Come' was the short message as two soldiers took me by the arms and led me from the field to the inside of the stadium.

A few friends shouted 'bye Gina' and 'see you later in the bar'. One wished me luck.

The soldiers took me down some stairs and trough long corridors. One the way we passed several other soldiers leading people to similar rooms. I understood that every 'prisoner' was to be questioned. I was brought to a small room. An officer sat behind a desk writing something down. The soldiers pushed me into the chair in front of the desk and installed themselves by the door. The officer did not even look up as he asked my name and address. He kept on writing as he asked my age and profession. He asked some more general questions before he looked up. He stared at me with cold eyes. A subtle smile appeared on his face. 'Gate 6' he said to the soldiers.

They took me by the arms and led me back into the corridors. First I was relieved. I was sure that they were leading me out to let me go. For a moment I was quiet exited about sharing my experience with my friends. But instead of setting me free, they brought me to the parking lot behind the stadium and told me to get into a van. I began to realise that something went wrong. I hesitated to get in and asked the soldiers where we were going. The only answer I received was 'shut up' as they pushed me roughly in the back of the van.

Four other girls were already sitting on the benches. I sat down in one of both empty places. Armed soldiers guarded the van. In fact, the whole parking lot was packed with vans, trucks and soldiers. The whole sphere was threatening. There was no way I could escape. Soldiers went off and on bringing people to the vans. Inside ours, nobody said a word. I tried to start a conversation but a soldier brutally told me to keep my mouth shut.

Minutes later another girl was pushed into the van and the doors were closed and locked behind her, leaving us in total darkness. As we drove off, I asked if anybody knew where we were going. Although I whispered, the soldiers in the front of the van must have heard something. A small window between the front and our compartment was shoved open and a loud voice barked 'SHUT THE FUCK UP'. We all did as ordered and waited our faith with growing fear.

We drove for more than an hour. Then the van finally stopped. I hoped to see where we were as we stepped out of the van but it was parked in a way that we only could see the entrance of a building as the rear doors opened. The six of us were pulled out of the van and pushed into a large room. Once inside, the soldiers closed the door behind us and left. The room looked like a class room but then without the usual furniture. The windows were painted white so we couldn't see through them. Opposite to the door in which we came in was a similar door. There were already several people sitting on their knees, hands on their head and facing the soldiers in front of us. For a moment we stood still not knowing what to do. Then one of the soldiers yelled to us to kneel down in the same position as the others. Down on my knees it suddenly struck me that the only men in the room were the three soldiers. They were obviously commenting us. The women were all young and rather good looking. It was obvious that every girl in here was scared. So was I.

It was by that time hours ago since we were arrested and although I did not eat or drink since, I felt a sudden urge to pee. As if I was back at school, I raised my hand and asked humbly to use the toilet. At first the soldiers did not react although they must have noticed my demand. As I repeated my question a bit louder, one of the soldiers looked down at me and nodded me to come. Obviously annoyed, he took my arm and led me out. Besides a corridor with several doors on each side there was nothing particular to see on our way to the bathroom. Once inside, he pointed to a toilet and grinned. To my confusion there was no door to the toilet. Did I really had to pull down my pants and pee while he watched me? I hesitated but he commanded me to hurry up. I had no choice so I pulled my pants down with one hand and used the other to hide my private parts. After I was finished, he took me back to the room. Back on my knees, the soldier told something to his friends who turned their eyes on me and grinned. I blushed and bowed my head.

A few minutes later, two other soldiers entered the room. Without saying a word, they took a girl by the arms and left again. About every quarter of an hour, the same scenario repeated itself. None of the girls came back. As I was sitting in the last of four rows, I counted that it would be my turn in about three hours. But it did not take so long before they pulled me up by the arms and took me to a smaller room further in the building. A middle-aged man invited me to sit down. With a friendly smile on his face he started to question me about my family and friends. He even offered me a cup of coffee. Then the conversation turned to politics. I answered very cautiously to his questions, trying not to reveal to much about my opinion. I still hoped to be out here soon. Suddenly the tone of his voice changed. He sounded almost disappointed as he said that I was not telling the truth. He told me he had solid information that my friends and I were involved in left wing groups. He proposed me to tell him everything about this movement and his members. After that, I could go home. I told him for truth that he got the wrong information. I really did not know anything about a political movement against the military. He sighed and nodded to the guards. They pulled me up again, forced my arms behind my back and cuffed them before they pushed me out of the room.

They took me downstairs to what seemed to be the basement of the building. A mean looking man waited me up in a sort of entrance hall at the bottom of the stairs. The cuffs were removed. He ordered me to undress. The order came as a blow in the stomach. Because I didn't react immediately to his order, he repeated that I had to take my clothes off. All of them, he specified. In a haze, I slowly started to remove my shoes. Apparently I acted to slow. He nodded to the guards who brutally removed my shirt and pulled my jeans down. Automatically I held one arm before my breast trying to hide my crotch with the other hand. Needless to say that this position did not hold them back to remove my bra and cuff my hands again behind my back. As they held me by the arms, I stood there wearing nothing but my panties.

"Don't be shy", the man in charge said. "We've seen enough pussy in here". He kneeled down and slowly pulled my panties down leaving me totally naked. I never felt so ashamed and vulnerable in my whole life. After he had a good look at my body, he stood up again and ordered the guards to take me to 'the waiting room'.

First I got blindfolded. As we passed the only door from the entrance hall, It felt as if we entered a different world. I could almost taste the chill atmosphere in here what made me shiver. I thought to hear muffled cries what increased my feeling of panic. One of the guards placed his hand on my bottom as we stepped through the corridors. They both held my arms in a firm grip so I could not escape his touch. Suddenly we stopped and I heard a door opening.

"Here's another one, chief" said one of the guards.

"Well, well, well what a fine piece you brought me this time" a new voice said.

We stepped into what felt like a rather large room with a cold, probably a tiled floor. I sensed the presence of other people in here although nobody spoke or even moved. They pushed me further down the room until my head touched a chain or something dangling from the ceiling. The metal collar at the end of the chain was fastened around my neck. With a firm slab at my butt, the guards went away. I carefully moved my head and feet. But the chain was too short to leave me much movement.

"Open your mouth" said the new voice apparently very close to me.

Frightened by the voice I did as told. A ball was pushed in my mouth and tied behind my head. I felt a hand touching my breast and tried to jump backwards but the chain kept me on the same spot.

"Shhht baby. Relax" said the voice. "Try to sleep. You'll need all your strength tomorrow".

He moved away from me and I heard him touch other bodies, followed by muffled sounds. I understood that the other prisoners in the room were gagged as well. That explained the unnatural silence.

"Sleep well, my beauties" the voice said.

Seconds later I heard a door open and close again. Although I was really tired, there was no way anyone could sleep in this position. Beside the collar that cut my throat as I dropped my head, It freaked me out that anyone could come in and do whatever they wanted with me. I suddenly felt more desperate then I was already and started to cry.

Hours later the sound of somebody entering the room woke me up from a blurry mood.

"Good morning ladies!" yelled the voice I recognized from the day before.

"Today is gonna be a special day for you ladies. Let's be sure you're at your best, shall we" he laughed.

I heard him pick up some kind of tool. Then I recognized the sound of a strong shower followed by muffled cries. I immediately realised what was going on as the spurt of icecold water hit me in the stomach. The man laughed out as he squirted the water onto our bodies. The coldness of the water and the power of the firehose, or whatever tool he used, really hurted. Especially as he aimed particulary at my breasts and crotch. After long minutes the water was turned of and the man left us 'to dry' as he said.

More then half an hour later, different men came in. I could tell they were men by the heavy steps of boots. They took one or two of the girls and left again. Within minutes, they came back to take another girl. It did not take long before they came for me. One of them held my arms as the other untied the collar. They did not say a word as they took me outside by the arms. I was very alert to pick up the cries I thought to hear when I first entered this area but I could only hear men talking in a normal voice. No crying, no shouting whatsoever. It calmed me down a bit. But still I was very afraid of what was about to come.

Suddenly we stopped and one of my guards knocked on a door and opened it. The screams of a woman in pain hit me in the face. As the screams faded away, the woman kept sobbing 'no more, please no more, …'.

One of my guards said: 'Here's number 9, sir'.

A harsh voice answered 'Can't you see I'm busy here. Let Fatman warm her up'. In panic, I began to struggle in a desperate attempt to escape this hell. Off course the guards had no problem to drag me outside to a nearby room.

A conversation between two men stopped as we entered the room.

'Hey Fatman, the doctor wants you to warm this one up' said one of my guards.

'Damn, can I never enjoy my meal in this place…hang her over there' answered a new voice.

They uncuffed my wrists and immediately tied them back together in front of me. The cuffs were attached to a rope or chain and pulled up, forcing my arms over my head. I heard the guards leaving and stood there shivering in fear for what was about to come.

Minutes passed. I heard Fatman and the other eating their meals. Meanwhile the two men discussed their favourite food as if I wasn't there. I began to hope that they would forget me but then one of them stood up. Without warning, he punched me hard in the stomach. I gasped for breath. The pain was terrible. But ever so shocking was the fact that they kept on talking smoothly as if I wasn't there. A next blow hit me in the kidneys. Then another one in the stomach which made me vomit. By the fifth blow, I hung limply in the chains. No questions were asked. I could not answer them anyway as I was still gagged. Nobody even spoke to me. I was not more then an object they could kick around. My head was pulled up by the hair followed by a vicious slap in the face. I could only cry and hope that this would be over soon.

I must have fainted. Suddenly I recognized the voice of one of the guards again although I did not hear them come in.

"Damn, Fatman, can't you ever keep it neat? Clean her up, will you. The doc wants her now'.

'Do it yourself' answered Fatman.

Somebody roughly wiped the vomit of my chest with a rag and released me from the chain. With my hands still tied in front of me, they took me back down the corridor to another room. It was a painful walk after the beating I received.

Once inside the other room, I could smell a vague mixture of blood, urine, ammonia and sweat.

'Here's number 9, sir'.

'Tie her up over there' said the harsh voice I recognized from earlier today.

Instinctively I began to struggle but they simply pushed me onto what seemed to be a metal table. Quickly my hands were untied and fastened to rubber cuffs over my head. My legs were spread open and tied as well.

Somebody gently stroke my hair.

'I'm sorry I've kept you waiting. But I'm sure Fatman welcomed you properly' said the doctor in a sarcastic tone.

'Lift your head so I can remove your blindfold'.

I did as ordered but could not open my eyes immediately because my eyes weren't used to the light anymore. As I opened my eyes seconds later, I looked straight in the face of a man in his fourties wearing a white lab coat. He smiled at me but his eyes were stone cold. I would never forget these eyes again.

I looked around the windowless room. The table on which I was lying stood in the centre of the room. I recognized a generator with control panel and different tubes, clips and other equipment. I immediately realised the purpose of this material and started to cry.

'Now, now girl. Don't be childish. I did not even start yet' said the doctor.

His hand moved slowly from my face to my chest. He took some time playing with my breasts. Ashamed, I looked away.

'Quiet sensitive, aren't they' he smiled as he squeezed my nipples between his fingers.

Then his hands moved down my belly to my cunt.

I shook my head and tried to close my legs but the ties kept them wide. I could not scream neither while the gag still filled my mouth.

His fingers first squeezed my cuntlips. Then he gently moved a finger between them. Words can not tell how humiliated I felt.

He withdraw his fingers suddenly and turned away from me. He took two sponges out of a bucket of water and clamped them around both my ankles using copper shackles. A thick wire from each shackle went to the electroshock machine. I stared at him with wide open eyes. I simply could not believe what was happening to me.

The humming sound of the generator brought me back to reality. A knob was switched. My body arched upwards, shaking hard as my muscles spasmed.

After long seconds the doctor suddenly cut the power. With a loud bang, my bare bum slapped down hard on the table as my taut, straining muscles suddenly slackened. He gave me no time to recover. The voltage was raised and the power switched on again. The noise was deafening. The shock machine emitted an evil high voltage hum. The metal table rattled like thunder as my body strained against the straps, shaking uncontrollably. I shrieked insanely, the spittle flying from my lips. As he turned of the power again, I glistened with sweat but felt cold like hell. Again the voltage was raised and the jolts hit my body. My bare, sweating torso arched upwards again only to fall down again as the knob was switched again. Panting hard, I stared wide-eyed at the doctor, unable to speak through my gag. He only smiled at me as he turned up the voltage a bit. I don't know how long the torture went on. I can only remember waking up in a dark and tiny cell.

I was still stark naked but no longer cuffed, blindfolded or gagged. It took some time before the pain left my body. Far worse than the pain was my mental condition. The fear of more pain kept me in a permanent state of shock. I would have done anything to avoid a new torture session. The guards knew this and did not hesitate to take advantage of this situation.

After a few days they let me take a shower and brought me to a room where a bed was the only furniture. In this 'fun-room' they made it clear that I would be send directly to the doctor as I refused to cooperate. I nodded, laid my hands on my head and spread my legs as ordered. Tears ran down my face as they commented 'the hot new bitch' while squeezing my tits and groping my private parts. I almost vomited as I was forced to swallow their cum after I had to suck both their dicks. After this degrading session, I was brought back to my cell again where they assured me that they would be back soon for more fun.

It must have been one day later as they came back for me. I almost hoped that they were taking me back to the 'fun-room'. I began to panic as we clearly marched further. As always when outside the cell I was cuffed and blindfolded so I was not sure where we went. It was useless to resist them anyway. As we entered a room and the door closed after us, I almost fainted as I recognized the voice of the doctor.

'Lay her down over their'.

I struggled and begged to let me go but they simply tied me unto the metal table in the same position as a few days ago. The blindfold was removed and I immediately recognized the horrible torture room. This time I wasn't gagged so I pleaded on and on that I would do anything he wanted. The doctor only smiled at me as he prepared his material. I cried as he connected the alligator clips to my nipples. The awful humming sound of the generator almost made me faint.

'Let's warm you up a bit' the doctor said as he threw the switch.

The shock machine droned its evil, crackling tune. I screamed and my bare, sweating torso arched upwards as the first jolts hit my body.

My bulging breasts burned bright red. It felt like my tits were being cooked from the inside. They shook wildly as jolt after jolt was send to them.

My body collapsed to the table as the switch was turned again. Seconds later my body lifted from the table again as even more current passed through my nipples. My voice rose an octave as I screamed even higher than before. Thoughtfully, the doctor turned up the voltage a bit. My bare body bucked even more furiously as I screamed out impossibly high notes of raw pain.

After an indecently long interval of hysterical shrieking, the doctor cut the power. I collapsed like a marionette whose strings had been cut. Again, my sweating body slapped down hard on the table. I was desperate, my heaving torso slick with sweat, my voice hoarse.

I tried to control my respiration to tell him whatever he wanted but he ignored me completely. I saw him pick up a speculum. Spreading my cunt wide, I gasped as he delved deep with long nosed

pliers and snapped an alligator clip onto my cervix. I was near hysterical as he withdrew the long nose pliers and removed the speculum. Meanwhile I managed to control my breath enough to speak:

'Please! Please! Please! Speak to me! I'll do anything! I'll say anything! Tell me what you want!'

Oblivious to my pleas, he continued to work between my legs. I squealed like a boiled pig as his strong fingers peeled back the flesh, exposing the most sensitive nubbin of flesh on my body and pinned an electrode to my clit. He screwed a small corkscrew electrode up my pisshole and a larger one up my rectum. He wired it all up and threw the switches. The electroshock machine

hummed wickedly, harsh and cruel.

My sweat-slick nude form arched up and vibrated in unbelievable agony. My whole naked body, jerking and heaving furiously, flushed a deep, deep red. My hips humped like a jackhammer. Underneath myself , the metal table shook savagely. I screamed until the snot ran. My blood pressure skyrocketed. Mixing with the snot, my blood ran in twin rivulets, like two thick red worms, from my flared nostrils. My tits shook. My buttocks dimpled as my buns clenched to incredible tightness around the anal electrode.

I was not longer conscious as the doctor finally cut the power. I woke up in my cell in utter agony.

It took days before I recovered a bit from this session. The guards left me alone for quiet a while. When they assumed I recuperated enough, the trips to the fun-room started again.

It became clear that most of the guards took advantage of the prisoners. As a new one, I was often 'chosen'. Most of the guards only fucked me or forced me to suck them. Others were more perverse. The Fatman liked to fuck me in the ass what really hurted. The Nose (he did not steal his name) liked to spank our bottoms. Sometimes the guards organised 'orgies' with two or more prisoners. At these 'parties' I saw some of my colleague-students. Jutta, the Swedish exchange-student who was arrested the same day as I, was a very regular visitor of the fun-room. She was not only a very beautiful girl. Her blond hair was rather rare in our region.

It was Jutta who was once severely punished for refusing to eat another girls pussy. The guards installed 'the throne' in the center of the fun-room. 'The throne' was not more than a heavy wooden barstool with a large dildo placed on it. After lubricating the dildo generously, three guards forced Jutta upon it and tied her hands strappado-like behind her back. Then her ankles were lifted and tied to rings attached to the bottom of the seat so she could not use them to push herself up. Gravity did the rest. Jutta was left for hours on the throne, crying and sobbing as a child. She was merely able to walk as she was lifted off the throne and taken back to her cell.

Days, maybe weeks after the second torture session, I was brought back to the torture room. As soon as I realised where they took me, I shouted to let me go and began to struggle. The only result was a painful blow in the kidneys which made me gasp and keep my mouth. Once inside the room (I recognized the smell), I was pushed into a chair. Instead of the doctors harsh voice I expected, a rather friendly voice asked how I felt. It was the man who interrogated me the first day. I felt relieved. I thought for a moment they found out they were wrong about me and I was about to be free again.

He asked me if I had anything to say. I rattled that I had nothing to do with politics, that I must have been mixed up with another girl, that I would say nothing about what happened to me here if they let me go…

The officer only sighed and left the room.

As they removed my blindfold, I saw the doctor smiling at me. He nodded at the two soldiers who made me sit with my knees pulled up to my chest. My wrists were tied together in front of my knees with a leather thong. A metal bar was passed under my knees and over my arms. The soldiers grabbed the ends of the bar and hoisted me into the air. The ends of the bar were slipped into deep slots atop two thick poles set in the concrete floor. I dangled by my knees from the bar, upside down, stark naked and totally helpless. I know now that this position is called 'the parrot's perch' and that it's quiet popular in torture rooms around the world.

The doctor groped and fondled me intimately. I repeated again and again that I knew nothing but he ignored me totally. He twisted and pinched each of my nipples until they were bruised and swollen. Then he picked up two heavy duty alligator-clip electrodes and clamped them to them, squeezing hard to make sure that the tiny teeth bit in deep. Then he pulled a thick stainless steel rod out of a bucket of ice water and attached a wire from the electroshock apparatus to one end. Then he used one hand to open my cuntlips and slowly, painfully, inch-by-inch began insinuating the rod into my cunt. I shrieked and begged as he worked it in, brutally twisting and turning the ice-cold rod. When it had been inserted as far as possible, he pulled it out and pumped it in again 'to give me that well-reamed out feeling' he laughed. The doctor adjusted the dials of his generator to set the voltage, duration and wave pattern of the shocks. My body was already glistening with sweat as the first shocks hit my body. The doctor grinned and gave me a series of short, sharp excruciating jolts, ripping scream after scream from my bucking body.

As I was about to faint, he cut of the power leaving me dangling on the bar. Only to switch on the power again minutes later. In my opinion the treatment went on for hours. In fact, I do not know how long I was tortured.

Finally the officer came back asking me about friends, political activities and so on. I gave them as much names as they wanted even though it meant that innocent people were going to receive the same treatment as I had. At that moment, I just did not care. Now, it drives me crazy.

I spend more than three months in that awful place. I forgot how many times I was raped. My cunt still hurts from my turn on 'the throne'. Why they made me take a ride on that awful chair, I don't recall. Perhaps they just liked to hurt and humiliate women. After a while they lost interest in me. I assume because 'fresh meat' was available. And the rapes and tortures made me too weak to 'enjoy' their games.

Totally unexpected they released me. Without saying a word I was pulled out of my cell and pushed into the back of a car. As the car stopped after a long drive, someone hissed 'you're finished, bitch' as he pushed me out. They dragged me into a forest and ordered me to kneel down. They uncuffed me but ordered me not to touch the blindfold. At that point I was certain that they were going to shoot me. I cried and begged as a child to leave me alive. It took minutes before I realised that they were gone.

I was lucky to be picked up by friendly people who gave me food and clothes and brought me back to my family. Not much longer, I left the country. Now, I try to rebuild a new life here.

Off course I shall never forget what happened to me in my country. Neither will I forget the face of the doctor and his sarcastic motto he whispered in my ear the last time I saw him:

"The precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect"

Review This Story || Author: Tomatin
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