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Everybody Love's Raymond's Wife

Chapter 1

Everybody Love's Raymond's Wife

(Chapter's 1-5)


This story is fiction, and should be treated as such. The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, DO NOT read any further. If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT read it.

This is a copyrighted work. Copyright by Not My Story. Reposting or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the express, written permission of the author, except that it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access, noncommercial archive sites.

Disclaimer: All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone, either alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

'Everybody Loves Raymond' is syndicated and © to King World Studios West Inc. Usage of the characters here is in no way reflective of the real show or the actors in it, and in now way intended to undermine their values.

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(Note to readers after doing some research on-line I have narrowed down that in the Second season the Debra character is supposed to be somewhere between 33-35 years of age so I am basing this story in that time frame FYI.)

Debra Barone drove her car into the uncertain fate that awaited her. Her ordeal had all began some three months ago. First she found the photos in a large blue envelope left in the car seat while she was dropping the twins off at school. She had immediately recognized the photos. She had allowed her old boyfriend Nick to take them of her back before she had met Ray. At the time she had convinced herself it was art but now looking back in retrospect it was nothing more than smutty porn. She couldn't believe she had ever allowed him to take the photos like this of in the first place. But in her defense she had been young and stupid. She was an adventurous college student at the time experimenting with her own sexuality. When they finally broke up he swore he had given her all the prints and negatives. She took them, and convinced she had them all she burnt them and put it behind her. She met Ray several months later and never looked back. She had attended Nick's funeral just over a year ago. His carefree life had been the cause for his early demise, and as Debra looked back at the life she had before Ray and her life now she knew she had made the right choice. She had a loving husband and 3 wonderful children. Sure Ray was an idiot sometimes but he was her idiot and she loved him.

The first note had warned her not to tell anyone or else. It threatened everyone starting with her Mother-in-law Marie would see the photo's of her if she didn't do exactly as she was instructed. The note instructed her to go to a local motel after dropping her kids off at school. She was told to put on the included blindfold and knock on the door of room 315. With the warning of what would happen if she refused she knew she had no choice but to obey.

Debra knew there was no way she could ever let Marie see the photos of her. The women already hated her or so it felt. Deep down she thought Marie actually loved and accepted her as her daughter-in-law, but the photos would change that and ruin her life. No way would the saint Marie ever accept the fact that her little angel Ray had married a tramp who would have had photos like that taken of her. She would never let Debra live it down. That would be bad enough if they only saw them a few times a year that she would have to suffer through, but to live next door to Marie and have to face her day after day, no way could she live with that. There was no way she could allow that to happen. She decided to do as the note instructed to keep those photos from her family. She feared what might happen but believed she could handle it. She wouldn't do anything else to jeopardize her marriage, but she had to get those photos back without anyone else seeing them.

She arrived at the motel that day and followed the instructions on the note to the letter. Standing in front of the door she placed the blindfold over her eyes and timidly knocked on the door and waited. After what seemed like an eternity standing at the door blindfolded she heard it open. She flinched as a gentle hand took hold of her arm and led her into the room. Debra Barone's heart stopped as a quiet voice told her to have a seat, her purse was taken from her hand as she was guided into the chair. She had worn one of Ray's sweatshirts and sweatpants under the thick winter coat she wore. She had tried to ugly herself up the best she could. She wore no make-up and leaving her hair a mess from restless nights sleep. The triple layer of clothes she wore made it impossible to see her figure. Debra had stopped by the bank and an ATM taking out a cash advance on a credit card gathering all the cash she could, she only hoped it would be enough. She had no idea how much money it would take to buy back the photos but she knew she had to get them. She waited in silence listening to the motion around her. She thought there must be two or more people in the room from the sounds she heard.

Deciding five minutes of silence must have passed Debra finally spoke up. "Hello?" she said the fear echoing in her voice.

"Yes Mrs. Barone what can I do for you?" the soft voice responded to her.

"I... I don't. well I just wondered what was happening?" she said

"What do you think is happening?" the voice asked

"Um well I don't know." She paused "I guess I just don't understand why I'm here." She asked sounding confused and worried

"Well you drove yourself here Mrs. Barone I would hope you know why you're here." The voice said smugly. "So why don't you tell me why you're here?"

"Aaugh well I guess... no I mean I came her to get the pictures. I uh don't really have a lot of money but I brought what I could so... well I mean what do you want for the pictures?" Debra asked more concerned than she let on.

"I would like to know what it is you think I want for those pictures Mrs. Barone?" the voice asked again.

"I thought you would want money. I mean my husband he's a writer for Newsday and so I thought you know that you thought we had money and you could blackmail me for some quick cash." She said skeptically

"No you didn't Mrs. Barone. We both know what you thought we would want from you." The voice said menacingly "but for now I just want to ask some questions Mrs. Barone."

And so it began.

For three hours Debra was interrogated by the voice. She was never touched and no one made a move on her as she sat terrified of what was to come. The hours passed and by the end he had begun to ask her more and more personal questions. Questions about her sex life with Ray and her sex life before she had met him. She was asked about the photo's and when they were taken. She was forced to tell every detail of her life most importantly of her sex life. She was forced to say how many partners she had been with every detail about them. She got more concerned as the questioning continued it seemed as if he already knew the answers to many of the questions. The fact is every time she would try to lie to the voice he called her on it telling her he knew she had lied and demanded she tell him truth. It had been a grueling three hours when the voice told her she would be free to go she just had to wait two minutes before she could remove the blindfold and leave.

It had been bad but the worst part was she had never had a chance to talk about getting the photo's back. She went for another four weeks before hearing from her blackmailer again. She then received another envelope containing even more photo's of her. This envelope included several shots she couldn't remember Nick having taken of her. The photos showed her with men other than Nick. She was shocked and infuriated as she put what had happened together in her mind. Nick had a thing for blindfolds himself he used to love to tie her to the bed then blindfold her before making love to her. Only now did she know it hadn't been Nick but his friends who would have there way with her as she lay helplessly on the bed.

Again the envelope had contained a note and another blindfold. She was instructed to do the same as she had the first time. She was at least relieved by the timing of these demands. Ray and his parents where picking up the kids from school that day and taking them camping for the weekend. She had already planned on driving to see her mother after dropping the kids off that morning. Now she would just have to leave from the motel. At least she would have a few days away from Ray and the kids to deal with what ever was to come.

Again she had been led into the room and sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. The first thing the voice had said to her was

"Open your mouth."

Reluctantly she did as she was instructed. As soon as she did a small rubber ball was forced inside her mouth spreading her jaw apart painfully. Within a second another set of hands had grabbed her arms. Almost instantly the ball gag had been latched in place behind the back of her head. The sleeve of her coat and sweatshirt where pulled up her arm. A cold cotton swab was rubbed on her forearm before the needle pushed effortlessly thru her skin. That was the last thing she remembered before waking up Sunday afternoon in her own bed at home.

Debra Barone awoke both tired and sore, a painful ache in her crotch, ass, breast and mouth. In truth every inch of her body ached from her ordeal. She knew she had sex, lots of sex. In fact she had more sex than she could hope to count from the time she arrived at that hotel room. Her memory of the events that weekend was foggy almost dream like. Her memory started back in the hotel room. There had been at least half a dozen men in the room that morning. She remembered the blindfold being taken off her, allowing her to see the room full of men. She didn't think she had recognized any of them but the memories were so foggy she couldn't be sure.

The men had taunted her for several minutes after the blindfold had been removed, giving the drug time to work. Then they released her arms and removed the gag. They allowed her to rest in the chair for only minutes before her nightmare began. Then she remembered being asked to strip. Oh god the cameras, she had stripped for the group of men in front of at least two cameras. As she lay there recalling the events of that weekend she found herself unable to believe what had happened. She had begun to dance and even flirt with the men as they helped her remove the many layers of clothes she wore.

Oh God no she screamed to herself she had been filmed having sex with multiple men and not just having sex. She had enjoyed it. She had done it willingly she had...

She cried herself into the shower as she tried to wash away the memory of what had happened and what she had done. The fact was that other than having had her already neatly trimmed bush now shaved clean she could find now other signs of her infidelity on her body. Debra stayed in the shower for over and hour and a half, crying at the painful memories from that weekend. At least Frank installing that new water heater had paid off she had thought. Then wondering what sick things the crude old man would say if he knew how she had spent her weekend.

She remembered leaving the hotel room after satisfying all the men there. Before they left she had been helped to shower and cleaned by several eager fellows. Her short red dress Ray's favorite in fact had been handed to her to put on. She was given her makeup bag and instructed to doll herself up nice. She left the hotel looking like a million bucks despite just being used like a cheap slut by a group of strange men. Three of the men took her to a fine restaurant downtown. After the group had finished dinner Debra was taken to the dance floor where she was swapped from one partner to another as the men she came with returned to their table and began speaking to different men who would join them at the table. Debra danced for over half an hour while her blackmailers talked at the table. Finally one of them approached her. He instructed her to accompany Mr. Smith for the time being.

Mr. Smith if that was his name was at least sixty years old and obviously lonely. She accompanied him to a hotel next door to the restaurant. In retrospect she couldn't understand why she had done it but she had. When they entered the room the old fellow had gotten all over her. She remembered being there and succumbing to his aggressive sexual advances but she still couldn't figure out why she allowed it to happen. In less than an hour he had finished with her and kissing her on her head he dressed and placing several bill's on the dresser he left.

Debra lay on the bed looking up as her older lover went to leave. When he opened the door he was greeted by two of Debra's blackmailers. She remembered seeing the money from Mr. Smith sitting on the dresser picked up by one of the two men. As he left they entered they were quick to help her get cleaned up and retouch her make-up before they took her down to the hotels bar. No sooner had they arrived than Debra was given a tall fruity drink and introduced to a Mr. Jones. She was hurried to finish the drink before she was told to show Mr. Jones some local entertainment. As soon as she sat her finished drink down on the bar Mr. Jones escorted her back to the same hotel room. She noted the bed had been remade and a bottle of champagne had been opened and left on ice.

If Mr. Smith had been Sixty Mr. Jones was his older brother. He poured them each a glass of champagne and sat and watched as she sipped hers while sitting on the edge of the bed. When she had finished he began to instruct her on what he wanted her to do. Again she had obeyed his every wish standing and slowly dropping her dress to the floor. She climbed on the bed as he asked and began to tease her nipples as he directed, then rubbing ice from the champagne across her breast and then her crotch. Soon she was diving her fingers erotically into her now well used cunt. She couldn't remember when he joined her only that he had. He had used her as so many others that day.

Again as he left, her blackmailers returned, took the money he left and helped her clean up and then returned her to the bar. No sooner would she get there than she would be sent back to the room with someone else. By eleven at night this had been repeated over and over again she was unsure how many times.

Saturday had been a day of the same she had awoken to a shot in the arm and dick in the ass. After the three men in the room had used her she was given the morning after pill and some breakfast. The group stayed in the hotel room till some time after lunch. Debra had been well cleaned in every way possible to start her second day on the job nice and clean.

They took the young mother to a local shop where they bought her a dress that barely covered her thirty something body. After having her eat a light dinner and several mixed drinks Debra was taken back to the hotel room. At the direction of her blackmailers she put on her new black dress and plenty of make-up. She had been given a pair of six inch heels to wear but after falling down twice before getting out of the room they let her wear a four inch pair out of necessity.

The men took her to an exclusive nightclub were they danced and had her flirt for several hours. By 9 p.m. the club had opened its exclusive Vip area. Unlike some clubs that had only a small room the VIP room here was a club of its own. As Debra was escorted back to the room by some type of security person she saw one of her blackmailers taking a large wad of cash from some sort of club management. As she watched this one of the other blackmailers whispered in her ear.

"Just do everything you're told Mrs. Barone. You do anything anyone wants like a good girl you understand me?"

She remembered shaking her head in acceptance of his orders as the two separated and she was lead into the posh exclusive VIP room.

Inside the room a group of the cities young elite indulged in all their carnal desires. Drugs like Ecstasy where everywhere throughout the room and it took only seconds before she was ushered onto the dance floor. The Music was load and thumping she had never heard anything like it before. The dancing was also foreign to her as her partner on the dance floor ground his body into hers in a most elicit display.

She was eventually pulled from the dance floor where she was given a drink she wasn't sure what it was a screwdriver she thought. As she sipped on her drink one of her former dance partners brought a pill to her lips and slipping it in her mouth he brought her glass back to her lips for her to wash it down. Once she finished her drink he took her back onto the floor. This time the grinding really started to effect her as her arousal grew the longer the dance went on.

Unsure when or how she remembered being laid on one of the large couches lined up around the walls of the room. Her dress was bunched up at her waist as her dance partner began sucking heavily on her breast, his fingers exploring her cunt. Her eyes explored the room and she noted she must be one of the older women in the room, perhaps the oldest. As time past her former dance partner had ravished her and left her lying there for the next lucky fellow. It took no time at all before he was replaced by a tall strapping black man. She remembered looking down at her crotch as the dark shaft was pumped inside her body over and over again, disappearing deep inside her. She remembered his gushing climax as he sprayed his seed across her face jabbing his spewing cock at her mouth.

He was quickly replaced by another then another. She found herself sandwiched between two men one thrusting his rigid cock into her tightly clenched ass from below while another rammed her cunt from the top. As she screamed in discomfort someone else shoved a cock into her open mouth. She remembered looking around the room at the time and seeing other women in similar situations lying on couches around the room. The VIP had become an all out orgy with more people entering all the time. Her memory of the rest of the evening faded into the orgy she found herself apart of.

By the time Ray and the kids had made it home she had stopped her crying but only because she didn't think she was physically capable of shedding even one more tear. She tried to act normally as she greeted her husband and the children, and of course it wasn't an hour before Ray's parents and his brother had come over.

She suffered thru the evening and the next several days. She had been able to put Ray off for several days but eventually she agreed to his request for sex. She had shaved herself clean before so Ray only mentioned it in passing. He told her it was some how better than he remembered. This frightened her did he know? No of course he didn't she wasn't on ESPN he had to be clueless she reassured herself as she rolled over to fall asleep.

Review This Story || Author: Not My Story
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