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Cyndi's Audition

Part 1

Cyndi screamed uncontrollably as the dildo/torture device activated inside her. The machine in her cunt was a bright green phallus composed mostly of silicone, about two and a half inches in diameter. It was perfectly straight but covered in bumps and ridges of uneven height. At its base was a motor that caused it to spin rapidly, churning away inside her pussy. This wasn't what was making her scream.

A thin silver rod of metal was pumping in and out of her unlubricated backside. The force with which the machine raped her caused her hips to buck and sway in time with the motion, which was a little bit left-right and up-down in addition to the basic in-out. The rod extended from a device behind her, a miniature rape machine called a colt with which she'd soon become intimately familiar. It consisted of a small, rounded metal base with wheels beneath it, about three feet high and three feet in diameter. On one side of it was a small display screen and control panel, plus a number of jacks for input/output. From the other side protruded a number of fixtures for probes, which could be replaced or interchanged at any time. The base contained the pumps that would drive these probes into and out of their victims, the process controlled by a computer that provided algorithms for movement, intensity, feedback, lubrication and a number of other variables. The machine could reliably violate six orifices at once, and with the right adaptors virtually anything could be attached for use as a probe.

Cyndi was a seventeen-year-old cheerleader and model student at Alexander High. No one would've pegged her as a cheerleader three weeks ago, yet she wore the uniform quite well as she took it up the ass from a machine in front of the school principal and company. The fact that her blouse had been ripped open at the cleavage was an aesthetically pleasing touch. A tall, elegant dark-haired woman in glasses and business attire stood in front of her, arms crossed with a leather cat o'nine tails in hand. She hadn't even begun to use it yet, but the way she eyed Cyndi's bare breasts made the poor cheerleader very nervous. The dark-haired woman was pretty, but in a much more modest and subdued sort of way than cyndi. Her hair was drawn back and tied into a bun, and her formal attire accentuated her striking curves perfectly.

Cyndi's arms were cuffed behind her back, with a chain leading to the ceiling several feet in front of her stretched taut and attached to the cuffs. Her legs were spread apart, shackled to the floor by the ankles. This awkward position forced her to stoop heavily forward, and if not for the chains holding her in place she'd have easily lost balance. Her skirt was hiked up, rendering her ass and hips plainly visible as she unwillingly bucked with the machine, fucking it as she instinctively tried to fight it. The phallus was heated and burned unbearably inside her sphincter, and the tip slowly emitted a powerful gel-like irritant inside her. Eventually the fucking would spread this gel evenly enough for it to act as a lubricant, but by that point she'd probably feel as if she was better off without it.

After a moment she began the routine. She hadn't shown up to many cheer practices, and most of her activity at practice had little to do with cheering, but she had done her best to memorize as much as she could. She screamed out the cheers she knew as well as she could while the machine fucked her and the five faculty members present stared intently. The woman with the whip uncrossed her arm and reached over to Cyndi, tracing her finger across the young girl's breast. She nodded approvingly as the cheerleader half-shouted and half-sobbed her rhymes for the sadistic pleasure of her tormentors.

Withdrawing her hand, the woman in glasses started to stroke her own leg and slowly work her way up her skirt. Much to the fascination of the male observers, the woman was clearly about to begin masturbating.

Cyndi had been something of a tomboy and a drifter. Her grades were atrocious, she only showed up for part of the day's classes and her respect for the administration was lacking at best. She hadn't dropped out, she showed up in uniform and she flirted with the teachers, so she was tolerated or at least not much of a target for attention. She was 5' 8" with short, blonde hair with a carpet to match the drapes, toned legs and absolutely breathtaking tits. She wasn't a slut, though rumor made her out to be one. She'd just been out of sorts for the past year after a nasty breakup and a lot of conflict in the family. She drank and smoked heavily, which only caused problems for her when she tried to balance the three activities simultaneously. DUI was what nailed her, and the cops were suddenly finding with a drastic expansion of power and the loss of accountability that cute young girls deserved an extra-special brand of justice.

What happened to her under those bright lights at the police station was something that had become almost routine, but something that no girl believed could ever happen to her. The cops never got tired of the shock, the indignation, the profound epiphany that each girl experienced upon being told that the law applied even to her. Needless to say, Cyndi went in with four sexual experiences under her belt and came out significantly more experienced.

Over the course of two days she was raped fifteen times in the pussy and nineteen times in the ass. She experienced firsthand the joys of the motivator, the electric dildo/taser that made law enforcement in the modern era so much fun. She learned some interesting new bondage positions, and she even took a couple of floggings by whip on top of the lighter strap and nightstick beatings. Most importantly, she learned the wonders of an experience that was rapidly becoming all too common for the attractive females of her generation: she would find herself begging the cops to let her suck cock for them, only to be denied and forced to eat some other hapless female prisoner's cunt instead. And for this, she would thank them and beg for more.

She didn't take much time or effort to break. Weak-willed, unmotivated bitches usually didn't. If she had known better, she would have felt lucky that they had at least charged her with something. A lot of girls came through here without ever committing a real crime.

The cops quickly grew tired of her and had plenty of new girls to torture, and seventeen was a little old for their tastes anyway. They offered her a choice between being sent to an internment camp or going back to school and performing community service. Naturally she chose the latter, having no idea how little difference it would make in the long run.

Such a quick reform and renewed interest in academia seemed like a miracle to Cyndi's classmates. The faculty, on the other hand, were fairly aware of what was going on behind the scenes. The principal and three assistant principals would be directly in charge of Cyndi's "community service".

Cyndi's tits were suddenly on fire. Without realizing it, she had stumbled on a cheer and the woman in charge of the whip would prove to be unforgiving. Six of the nine leather straps cut their way across her breasts, one directly crossing an erect nipple. A number of bright red stripes became immediately visibe on her milky-white tits. Cyndi attempted to shrink back from the assault, prompting the dildo in her ass to fuck her harder. The device was feedback-sensitive and programmed to continually outdo the poor bitch riding it. Now her abused tits were bouncing heavily as the machine pumped her harder than any man could. She lost herself in agony and self-pity for a moment.

Another lash fell on her breasts. Now she was openly sobbing, tears running down her cheek and falling onto the welts on her tits. As the salt from her tears caused her wounds to burn even more intensely, she realized that even her body was against her. As the woman raised the lash for another blow, Cyndi quickly took hold of herself and began to cheer once more. This seemed to placate the dominatrix for the time being.

The name of the dominatrix was Danielle Baker. She was a talent scout and producer for Reform, a corporation under contract from the feds to assist in the campaign to enslave women. Reform owned prisons and camps, schools and porn studios, research labs and torture chambers (most of these establishments now being interchangeable) and acted as pimp, warden, owner, disciplinarian and master to thousands of beautiful young girls.

Danielle was auditioning the school for participation in the program. Cyndi was the new star pupil, her role being to set the example and represent the entire female student body in their prospective new role as slaves and prostitutes. The plan was insidiously simple: plant a few fully-fledged slave/whores like Cyndi in the student body, allow them to seduce, intimidate and corrupt the more attractive girls, and gradually weed out the overweight and unattractive girls by transferring them to new districts. Meanwhile, the teachers and faculty would slowly be dismissed and replaced with attractive, domineering women. The principal and his three flunkies would be the only ones still around by the end of next year.

Danielle was twenty-eight and a product of the system herself. Though she had power over other women and spent her days ordering them around, torturing them, fondling them and raping them, she was still a slave available to any man who wanted to take her.

Cyndi continued to chant. "It's hot, it's hot, it's hot in here! There must be some TIGERS in the atmosphere!!" She shrieked the name of the team as the lash fell across her tits once more, but she didn't stop or even hesitate. Danielle had only flogged her because it made her horny to hear her voice squeak out under crack of the whip. She was now masturbating shamelessly, her skirt ruffled up around her hips and her ass and crotch in full view.

As Cyndi stared straight ahead moaning and crying out her cheer, she seemed oblivious to the actions of her mistress. Danielle had moved in closer, reaching between Cyndi's thighs and gently stroking the hair on her crotch. Her finger crept in deeper, uncovering and tickling the teenage girl's clit.

"Shut up." Danielle commanded as she lunged toward Cyndi. Cyndi's inexorable voice was muffled as Danielle leaned in for a kiss, slipping her tongue into the younger girl's mouth. Cyndi, having little time to react, continued shouting her muffled and unintelligible rhymes for a couple of seconds before realizing what was happening. Realizing that pleasuring this woman might distract her masters from torturing her and lead to some temporary reprieve, she quickly focused all of her attention on her new makeout partner. They pressed into each other, Danielle fondling the torture victim's breasts with one hand and flicking her clit with the other as their tongues darted and twisted, brushing and sliding against each other.

The men watching simply stared gaping at the scene. Their lives at school had heretofore been relatively mundane. They were not ready for this.

The girls moaned into each other as Danielle slowly, indetectibly drew the whip back for another strike. Cyndi screamed and whimpered into her partner's mouth as Danielle lashed the back of her thighs. Danielle pulled her head back, stared into her lover's eyes and whispered softly. What she said remains between her and Cyndi, but the way she grabbed the unwilling cheerleader's ass and dug her nails into the soft, pale skin would seem to indicate that it mattered not what was said so much as how she said it. Cyndi's tear-filled eyes turned to the ground as she replied.

"Yes, mistress... Th-this slave understands."

Cyndi had never orally pleasured a willing female before. She tried not to remember her previous experiences with cunnilingus, but just thinking about the act caused her memory to flash back. She remembered the screaming thirteen and fourteen year old girls the cops brought into the station, how they used their motivators to prod Cyndi into the room when she hesitated. The girls were strapped down, legs secured far apart in stirrups, their clothes usually still hanging on in tatters. The cops grabbed Cyndi by the hair and forced her face down into the young, virgin, adolescent cunts, jamming a motivator into her pussy or ass and ramming their cock into whichever orifice remained unoccupied. The younger girls were always wet, having been injected with hormones and stimulants that rendered them excited and physically willing to fuck even if they weren't quite up to it psychologically. Smothered by pussy, Cyndi would lick, suck and lap at the vulva until her jaw and tongue ached and her mouth was dry. The girls were so wound up that she could usually make them come a couple of times before the police got tired of the spectacle. The girls would naturally be expected to return the favor to Cyndi after a short while. Cyndi had deflowered seven girls in this manner, and she herself had been eaten out by a buxom twenty-one-year-old prisoner an hour after her own arrest. This was the cycle at every precinct in her rapidly-developing little town.

Danielle deactivated and removed the large dildo in Cyndi's cunt. As she started to kiss the young girl again, she felt her way into her strained and aching pussy. She fucked it gently with her long, slender fingers, testing the strength and consistency of the inside after the intense fucking the spinning, ribbed dildo had delivered. The colt was still pumping away at the poor girl's rear. Sighing at the touch of Cyndi's warm but clearly abused flesh, she stepped back. Glaring between Cyndi's spread legs, she wound up for another lash as Cyndi's jaw dropped and let forth a blood-curdling screech of horror.

The sting was worse than anything she could have imagined. Even a taser to the pussy didn't hurt the way the whip did as the straps flitted across her clit, cut her inner and outer labia and grazed the rim of her vagina. She writhed and twisted so hard the principal was afraid the chains would break. Suddenly the shock and suspense of the moment was again broken by the strangely organic high pitched whistle of the whip.

The straps hit her again, leaving a few clear bruises and welts on her inner thighs and labia. Cyndi did not stop screaming even after the lash struck.

Before the audience knew it, the lash had hit a third time. Cyndi continued to writhe and sob as the machine still pounded away at her ass.

Danielle seemed to be contemplating another lash, but apparently she realized that Cyndi's lower regions were completely saturated with agony at this point. Any more pain would do no good unless she waited awhile. She sighed once more, walked over to the colt and deactivated it with a simple keypad press. The machine was withdrawing from the victim's anus and about to plunge back in when it fell silent, the tip still imbedded in her ass.

"Keep fucking." the dominatrix commanded as her sweating, nubile slave collapsed in relief. Taking a moment to react, Cyndi suddenly yelped as if she had been whipped once more. Apparently even the thought was enough to make her jump at this point. She dutifully started to gyrate her hips once more, fucking the stationary dildo with her ass. Danielle walked back across to face the teenager.

"Lean back." she commanded as she reached up to unshackle the girl's wrists. Cyndi whimpered something that sounded like a "Yes, mistress."

Suddenly Cyndi's arms were free and they immediately fell from her back to her sides. She reflexively started to rub her numb and chafing wrists which had been relying on to balance. No longer able to maintain balance in this ridiculous position, leaning forward with her ass poking out behind her, she leaned back as commanded and slid down the rod prodding her ass. Now her exhausted body hung limp, anally impaled by a phallus. Her legs were still chained to the ground and spread apart, and as she leaned back her bruised and swollen pussy gaped in full view.

"Masturbate." Danielle commanded. Cyndi listlessly and awkwardly obeyed, lacking the necessary coordination and dexterity in her numb hands. She began to paw and stroke at her crotch awkwardly as her fingers burned from the sensation of blood rushing back into them. Her pussy hurt unbearably at the slightest touch. She was still crying, sniffing and whimpering occasionally. Danielle walked back to the colt, kneeled down next to it and pressed another key on the control panel. The phallus shot out of Cyndi's ass, quickly retracting back into the base of the machine. Cyndi was thrown completely off balance and fell to the ground on her back, nearly spraining her ankles in their shackles.

Danielle stepped over, straddled Cyndi's shoulders, lifted up her skirt and thrust her perfectly-shaved crotch down onto Cyndi's face. Without question, Cyndi immediately started licking and moaning Danielle's pretty, well-groomed cunt. As Danielle rocked her hips and ground her pelvis into Cyndi's mouth, the teenager knew exactly what to do. She even moaned and hummed into Danielle's flesh and used her teeth and tongue to toy artfully with the piercings in her labia and clit. Danielle came within ten minutes, then again ten minutes later. After the second she turned around, bent over and returned the favor to Cyndi. The men present watched the lesbian 69 fuckshow in silent wonder, fireworks going off in their minds at the realization that soon their entire school would be like this, hundreds of teenage girls at their disposal to recreate this display or any other they so pleased.

Danielle screamed in orgasm into Cyndi's blonde muff as Cyndi, through all the agony, humiliation and helplessness came simultaneously. Danielle knew that this school was ready. Cyndi would have it easy for another year and a half, being the school's first fucktoy. She'd be the teacher, the matron, the first one to make bitches out of her classmates and all of the fresh young underclass girls. Then when she graduated, she would belong to Danielle because Danielle wanted her. She would subject her little slave to torture that would make her experiences here and at the police station look like a cotillion.

Review This Story || Author: Jerk
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