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Amber In A Box

Part 3 The Show

"Amber In A Box" Part 3: The Show

The guests had pulled up about 25 fold-out leather director's chairs  and they 
circled the young Amber as she hung from the ceiling.  The slave's  wrists had 
been cuffed and connected to the chainlink, and most of her body's  weight was 
supported by her dainty wrists.  The only other support came from the  leather 
restraints around her ankles.  Each ankle was pulled wide apart in  opposite 
directions, exposing her sex for everyone to see.  The monstrous  buttplug 
remained in her sore asshole, pumped even larger so that it would not  slip 
even the slightest inch with her legs spread to far apart. 

Below Amber, not a two feet away from edge of her toes, lie the two  disobedient
slaves, Tai and Kai.  Master Charles had each girl wrapped  up in  strict
Shibari style rope bondage.  Flat on their back, their wrists  were  stretched
down to their knees, and their ankles had been drawn back  painfully  to the
level of their elbows. They were lying with one ear touching,  their  legs
running in opposing directions, so that Tai's right cheek touched  Kai's  right
cheek.  The breasts had been roped off and squeezed fiercely by  the 
constrictive ropes.  Tai and Kai could just roll down their eyes to see  that 
their little breasts were already turning a shade of light purple.  The 
individual necks were chained down to the floor. Charles had returned  their 
collars and padlocked the D-rings to eyebolts that ran everywhere along  the 
floor of this playroom. 

Directly above their faces, Amber's plugged ass squirmed and shook.   The 
pressure in her bowels was growing worse with every second.  For some 2  hours,
Charles let the crowd take this scene in.  To make things a  little  more
interesting, Charles told his friends to piss on the Asian twins  whenever they
walked by to freshen their drinks or pick up more finger  food.   The older men
with older bladders made much use of Tai and Kai.  Aiming  piss  right into
their dark brown eyes, or shooting their voluminous piss  directly  into one of
the girl's mouths.  Tai knew that she had better try to  give the  appearance
that she liked this behavior; she knew from past experience  that  the Master
would then "go easy on them".  Tai and Kai could just turn  their  faces toward
one another, so Tai would try to engage her sister with  piss-shared kisses, but
poor Kai could not disguise her disgust for the  piss,  and she feared what she
knew was ultimately coming next.  Tai in the  meantime, would lick on the
yellowed checks of her sister, and try to  slurp  up any piss that flowed freely
down Kai's cheekbone.

Charles handed his fiancee, the lovely Leonia, a small black box with a  dial 
on the face of it.  Charles was preparing the thin electrical cords  which 
sprung from the box.  He spliced the free ends and then approached his  borrowed
slave.  After wiping sweat from her nipples and breasts,  Charles  took the
copper ends of one wire and wrapped them tightly around her  left  nipple.  He
repeated this wrapping with her right nipple.  Checking for  a  loose wire, he
tugged hard on the thin wires, prompting loud moans and  numerous pleas from the
hanging Amber.  Her fingers had gone numb some  time  ago, and she was losing
the feeling in her arms next.  Everyone in the  room  could hear the rumbling in
her ass. 

Charles had his party come to attention again.  He explained a little  bit of 
the boring science behind what his wife was holding, but once the  demonstration
commenced, no one had a difficult time figuring out that  Amber's tits were
being shocked by Charles beautiful fiancee.  When the  electrical juice first
hit Amber, her body appeared to jump to  attention.   The setting was on Low,
but the effect was still evident.  All of her  tight  stomach muscles contracted
showing off her tremendous abdomenal tone.   The  long lean muscles in her legs
were revealed and the veins in her neck  popped  up alertly. 

Noting the jarring of her teeth, Charles waved for Leonia to rest the  box for 
a moment.  A few seconds later, Charles was back with a thick rubber  ring gag 
for the slave's mouth.  He had to step up on a chair to reach Amber's  face.  
Her head was tilted and looked almost lifeless.  The jaws of her mouth  opened 
just enough to slide the ring gag inside.  Charles wrapped the leather  around 
to the back of her head and looped the gag on tightly.

Leonia returned to her role as torturer.  She rolled the dial to the  setting 
which said Medium.  Amber's bladder instantly gave way, sending a wild 
rollicking stream of piss down to the Asian faces below.  Amber bucked  in her 
bonds, her toes curled and her fingers were stretched out until they  appeared 
to want free of her hand. 

Everyone watching knew they were witnessing something unique.  Finally,  Leonia
twisted the setting to the last reading, High.  Within seconds,  Amber's wrists
and ankles were scraping fiercely against their  restraints.  Amber's tongue was
was doing somersaults in the circle of her ring gag.   Copious drool was running
like a stream down her gag, over her chin,  and  falling to her chest.  One of
the copper wires broke free from its  shaky  hold, but Amber's body continued to

And then everyone heard a loud pop, much like a cork freeing itself of  a 
champagne bottle.  Amber's buttplug exploded from her body and shot  straight 
to the hardwood floor, just missing Tai's helpless body.  With the  explosion 
came the release of everything the plug had previously, and for more  than 48 
hours, held at bay.  Shit direct from the slave's electrified asshole  fell to 
the faces of the horrified Tai and Kai.  It only took seconds for Tai  and Kai 
to have theri faces, necks, and breasts covered in Amber's slimy shit.   No  one
seated could even make out the tears each sister was shedding out  of 
humiliation and disgust.

Finally, the second set of wires dislodged from Amber's nipples.  The 
sweat-soaked slave stopped moving immediately, her head falling foward  to  rest
closer to her chest.  She hung there limp, while Tai and Kai spit  out  what
they could of the shit that had found its way into their  respective  mouths. 
Even as Amber passed out from exhaustion, shit continued to  involuntarily slide
down to greet Kai. 

Charles noticed this inequality.  He bent down and ordered Tai to lean  in and 
start munching on some of the shit covering her twin's face.  He may  have  been
cruel, but at least in this exercise of his control, he wanted to  be  cruel and
fair.  Tai hestitated, but not after Charles threatened her  with a  similar
shock treatment.  Tai closed her eyes and turned her tongue  toward  Kai. 
Sheepishly she extended her tongue and picked at the shit.  With  more 
motivation provided by her nearby master, Tai eventually injested the  excessive
smelly shit, clearly swallowing it down for everyone to see. 

And to clear away their pretty features, the partygoers wiped much of  the  shit
away by pissing on girls' bodies for the rest of the night.  

* * * * *end of Part 3* * * * *

Review This Story || Author: MrBondskin
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