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Blackmailing Julie

Part 1


Part I

I knocked on the apartment door. There was a slight pause, and then it swung open a few inches. I saw Julie's face, encircled in a blonde bob, appear in the crack; as soon as she recognized me, her expression drooped.

"It's me," I said, in an phony singsong voice, "time for a quickie. I have to be somewhere."

There was a short delay, then the door slowly opened. I stepped inside, pushed the door shut behind me, and immediately began unbuttoning my belt. "Hurry up, bitch, I'm already late. Right here is fine. I don't have time to come in."

Reluctantly, Julie immediately began removing her clothes. First she unzipped her fly and pulled off her jeans. She then removed her shirt, bra, panties and socks, doing her best to appear casual about it. I watched as her petite, slender body appeared, and enjoyed the sight of her small, pointed breasts bouncing slightly as she undressed. The expression on her face was one of pure annoyance. "I have plans, too," she said, "I'm going to--"

"I don't give a shit!" I said loudly. "You know the routine. I decide when, where, how, and why. You suck. Right?"

"Right." she sighed, and then lowered herself to her knees, now completely naked. Remaining fully clothed, I pulled my penis through my lowered fly, put my hands behind my head, and leaned back against the door. In a few moments her warm, wet mouth was wrapped around the head of my cock. The practiced circling of her tongue brought it to life, and soon she was sucking it with smooth, quick thrusts, exactly as I'd taught her. Still, I couldn't resist offering a bit of encouragement: "Hurry the fuck up, cocksucker, I told you I'm busy!"

There was a muffled apology from Julie, her mouth filled with my cock. The sucking continued, and I relaxed, enjoying the sensations. After several minutes I place my hand on the back of her head and pulled her face toward me. She stopped sucking, aware of what was coming, and waited. I grunted loudly and began to cum into her mouth. I thrust my cock in and out of the wet hole a few times, and groaned with pleasure as I filled her mouth with semen. I felt her swallowing, breathing hard through her nose. When I was done, she carefully licked the tip and shaft of my cock clean, as I'd taught her, and then leaned back on her heels. "Open," I commanded, and she obeyed. I quickly inspected her mouth and confirmed it was empty.

I tucked my shrinking cock back into my pants, zipped up my fly and left, allowing the door to click shut behind me as I walked down the hall towards the elevator.

I'd be back again. And again. And she knew it.


It had been just over a year since I dated Julie. The relationship only lasted a few weeks -- she had a nice body, but a boring personality. Then one night, after a few too many drinks, she confessed something to me. I'll admit that the confession shocked me: not only had she murdered someone, but she had done so in a very callous fashion, and for a very pathetic reason. Most importantly of all, she'd gotten away with it. The guilt, however, had been eating her up ever since, and I suppose that's why she confessed to me.

I knew that I had enough specific details about the crime to easily lead to her conviction. A few days after her confession, I carefully typed up a detailed summary of what she'd told me, and handed it to her. As she read it, she began to cry, realizing that even if she denied her story, the details in the paper would be enough prove her guilty.

Just in case she felt like repeating her crime, I immediately informed her that I had stored duplicates of the same document in a safety deposit box at my bank, with instructions in my will to distribute them to various legal authorities upon my death. Essentially, I told her, if anything happened to me, she'd go to jail. Of course she could turn me in for blackmail -- indeed, that's also a crime -- but I pointed out that I'd probably spend a few months in minimum security jail, while she'd likely end up with a death sentence.

I left her to consider her position for a few days before I began to lay out my terms. It was blackmail, in its purest form, and I told her so. We could avoid I entire mess of prison and death sentences -- but, in exchange, she would have to serve me. At any time, any day, she would need to be at my beck and call.

Since we lived in the same apartment building, a routine soon developed: at least once, often twice per day, I would arrive unannounced at her door. Sometimes, if I was out, I would call ahead. Other times I'd stop by early in the morning before work, or stagger home drunk from the bar in the middle of the night and stop by her apartment on the way home for a quick cocksuck before bed. I didn't give a shit if she was sleeping, or sick, or busy -- when I knocked her door, she had best be there, alone, and ready to please me.


I started out with a few simple rules. Since I knew, from our brief dating experience, that she hated giving oral sex, I made that the focus of our visits. From my first blackmail visit forward, he name was no longer Julie: to me, it was "cocksucker". "Hey, cocksucker," I'd call out when I arrived, " do you have anything to drink?" She soon learned what I liked -- whiskey -- and always had a bottle around so she could offer me a drink. My first few visits were spent simply teaching her to suck cock, properly, the way I wanted.

At first, she had a perpetual problem with her teeth -- her mouth was small, and would tire quickly, so after about five minutes of sucking her teeth would begin to drag against my penis. This was unacceptable, of course, so I began bringing along a large ring-gag on my visits. I would begin the session by having her suck me without the gag. Then, at the first contact of teeth to my cock, I would insert the ring gag. At first it was difficult, but she soon learned to accommodate it. At 1.75 inches, the ring was just big enough for me to slide my cock through.

To bring the point of my lesson home, I was none too gentle about taking full advantage of her gaping mouth. I would punish her mercilessly: lay her on her back, straddle her face, and fuck her mouth hard and deep, gripping her hair to hold her face in position. She would gag, choke, even vomit occasionally, but this did not deter me from teaching my simple lesson: learn to suck properly, or have your mouth fucked like a cunt. It took only a handful of lessons before her sucking skills improved dramatically. Still, I always kept the ring gag a close at hand in case it was needed to punish her for another transgression.

Another rule I instigated soon after our meetings began was that of enforced nudity. If it was a surprise visit, she was to strip naked as soon as I entered. If I called ahead, she was to be naked when I arrived. There would be no exceptions, and she would not be permitted to wear clothing in my presence.

Sometimes, of course, I'd have fun with this rule -- in one of my early visits, in January, I arrived wearing a heavy jacket, and immediately walked across her apartment and slid open her balcony door. Cold air poured in, and she shivered in her nakedness. I zipped up my jacket.

"Cold, huh? How about a few jumping jacks to stay warm, cocksucker?"

I sat back on her couch, still in my warm jacket, sipped the whiskey she'd poured for me, and put my feet up on her coffee table. She stood in front of the open door, with frigid air blowing on her back, and began the exercises as I watched. While she jumped up and down, splaying her arms and legs, I commented and taunted her on her form. "Let's see those little bitty tits bounce a bit more," I called out, and she'd comply. "You're getting a bit fat in the thighs there, cocksucker... another 100!"

After a while I ordered her to turn around and face away from me, so I could watch her ass while she exercised. The sheer surge of power made me laugh out loud. "Why don't you beg me for permission to suck my cock while you exercise?" I suggested, and she soon began to comply.

"Please, sir, may I please suck your cock," she began, in a quivering, quiet voice.

"Louder! Like a true cocksucker!"

"Please!" she cried out, slightly louder, "I want to suck your cock!" The pleading continued, as did the exercises. I sipped my drink and let some time pass, slowly.

Finally, when the combination of her naked exercises and pathetic pleading had made my cock hard, I gave in. "All right, cocksucker, you can have your treat," I said, "get over here and do your thing." A few seconds later she was kneeling with her face in my lap. For the next half hour, I casually flipped through the channels on her TV set while she nursed my cock and I stroked her hair.


Once, I dropped by her apartment several times in one weekend to find her gone. Apparently, she'd been "out of town" for a few days, and not only did she fail to ask my permission, but she'd failed to even tell me.

She only made that mistake once. I arrived at her door unannounced late Sunday night, and sure enough, she was finally home. When it became clear that I was angry, the apologies began immediately, even as she was quickly stripping out of her clothing in the doorway. I didn't even let her finish. As she bent forward to pull off her pants, I grabbed her from behind and began shoving her down the hallway towards her bedroom. She stumbled and staggered, pants around her ankles, while I steered her along, one hand holding her wrists together behind her back and the other gripping a fistful of her hair.

Once in the bedroom I shoved her facedown onto the bed, and proceeded you yank off her pants and panties. She had already removed her top and bra in the doorway, so now she lay naked on the bed, whimpering, covering her face with her hands.

I stepped back from my bed and began unbuttoning my belt. It was a thick, black leather belt I'd had for years, but rarely worn. Today, however, if wasn't so much a fashion statement as a useful tool.

"Turn over, bitch." I commanded. When she hesitated I grabbed her by the ankles and twisted, flipping her over onto her back. She cried out, and her legs splayed open as she tried to gain her balance. "See? Like that. Fucking bitch. Now grab your ankles and pull your legs open." I ordered.

After a few moments of confusion she obeyed. I adjusted her position slightly until she was laying on her back on the edge of the bed, with her hands holding her ankles up beside her head. Her pussy and asshole were thrust out in front of me, hanging over the edge of the mattress, ready for my ministrations. The look on Julie's face was one of sheer terror – I'd slapped her around before, and fucked her roughly, but never before had I done anything like this.

"You're going to learn that your life is not your own, cocksucker," I explained calmly, as I slowly wrapped one end of the belt around my palm. "If you want to go away, you beg me for permission. If you want a boyfriend, you beg me for permission. Your first thought, always and forever, must be my wishes. What am I supposed to do if I want a quick cocksuck and you're not around, huh?"

She whimpered.

"Answer my question." I said calmly.

"Uh… I don't—don't," she sputtered, annoyingly avoiding the question.

The end of the belt sailed through the air and impacted loudly against the inside of her left thigh. She cried out in shock, and I'll admit, the noise it made was more impressive than I expected. "I'm going to beat your pussy now, cocksucker, and it's going to help you learn your lesson. Because it has become obvious that when I explain rules to you in simple language, you're still too stupid to understand them. Isn't that right?"

"Y-yes," she whimpered.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now, hold those legs open nice and wide so I can get a good shot at your cunt. And after every hit, cocksucker, I want you to thank me and ask me for another. Do you understand that simple command?"

"Yes, sir."

The belt flew through the air again, and this time I hit her square between the legs, right between the lips of her neatly trimmed pussy. She cried out again, but managed to obey my instructions. "Th-th-thank you, sir, please hit me again…"

I continued beating her with the belt, slowly and rhythmically. I varied the strokes – some I aimed at her inner thighs, some at her flat stomach, but mostly I aimed at her cunt. From her reactions I soon learned what hurt the most, so I focused on those targets. After about ten minutes and a few dozen strokes, the entire area of her genitals and thighs were turning a noticeable red. The belt wasn't really causing damage – I hated the idea of scars or markings on my property – but there was no doubt that the pain was steadily increasing.

Soon, Julie's face was streaked with tears, and her "thank-you" speeches were becoming more unintelligible and were interspersed with begging. "P-p-please stop, oh God, that hurts," she would blubber, and I'd laugh, making sure to hit that exact spot again. Eventually, when she couldn't take it anymore, she let go of her ankles and tried to turn away from me. Big mistake.

I dug into a bag of goodies I'd brought with me, and retrieved a brand new roll of duct tape. With little effort, I soon had her wrists firmly taped to her ankles, and another generous helping of tape covering her mouth. It was a crude gag, to be sure, but it would keep the volume of her cries down to a level that would allow me to still enjoy them, without unnecessarily alarming the neighbours.

Once she was securely fastened back into her exposed position, I took some time to explore her body. She shook and whimpered as I slowly ran my hands over her thighs, up between her legs, and then began fiddling with her pussy. It was a very nice one, with pronounced lips and a medium-sized clit that just poked out from between them. I fingered her clit for a few moments, gently at first, and then more roughly. She shivered and her eyes grew wide, as she realized the complete control I now had over her body.

After a few moments of fingering, I suddenly gripped her clit tightly between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a hard twist. She howled into her tape gag, and I laughed before stepped away from her and heading into the kitchen. I rummaged through her cupboards and drawers until I'd amassed a handful of interesting toys, and return to the bedroom to continue my experiments. Not surprisingly, Julie remained right where I'd left her, and I stood in the doorway and took in the scene for a moment: her naked body on the bed, the blankets in disarray. Gagged mouth and wide, watery eyes following my every step. Splayed thighs. And, best of all, her bare red cunt aimed into the air, patiently awaiting my attention.

I decided I was going to take my sweet time.

I spent the next two hours slowly torturing Julie's pussy and asshole. I retrieved a desk chair from the corner of her room and rolled it over beside the bed, so I could sit comfortably as I worked, leaning forward. On the bed beside her bound thighs, I spread out my toys. All of them were everyday objects I'd found laying about her apartment, in the kitchen, the bathroom, and in her desk. But the way I used them was anything but ordinary.

I started simply – the point of a ballpoint pen inserted into her anus. From her reaction, I gathered that she'd never had anything in there before. I slowly worked the pen in deeper, wiggled it around, jabbed it against the opening. When I was bored of that game, I left the pen protruding from her asshole and moved on to another toy.

Next up was the small bottle of extra hot sauce I'd found in the kitchen. I unscrewed the top, flipped the bottle over, and carefully let a few drops fall directly onto her clit. The response was immediate and extreme – Julie squealed, a long, piercing squeal that was barely concealed by the gag. She began thrashing violently against her tape bonds. I leaned back in my hair, watching and smiling. When the effect began to fade, I gently tapped her clit with the tip of my finger a few times, and this seemed to revive the agony, and she went into another round of squeals and convulsions. I put the hot sauce bottle aside, but I knew I had found another very good instrument of control.

After that, the evening was a blur of experiments. I slowly and repeatedly poked her clit and asshole with toothpicks, until she was screaming out with each jab. I roughly scrubbed her entire pussy and asshole with her own toothbrush, and informed her that it would be going back into the holder after I was done and had best not be replaced until I gave her permission to do so. I tied a piece of dental floss, after many failed attempts, in a small knot around her clit and then pulled and tugged in every possible direction to see which made her squeal the loudest. I clipped rows of small paper clips along her pussy lips, strung them together with dental floss, then yanked them all away in one sharp motion. I fucked her hard with the neck of an empty beer bottle, then slid ice cubes in and out of both holes until there was nothing but water.

On and on it went. Some of the experiments got only a little reaction, while others, such as the hot sauce, were limitlessly entertaining. With every experiment I learned something, and stored away the knowledge for future reference.

The evening ended with me kneeling beside Julie's face on the bed, peeling off her duct tape gag, and informing her that once she made me cum I would untie her and leave. By that time she was too exhausted to resist, so I pulled her head to the side and inserted my cock between her lips. Her feeble attempts at sucking were unsatisfactory, so I ended up simply masturbating against her tongue, stroking the shaft of my cock for a while before eventually jerking off her into her mouth. At my urgings, she swallowed most of my cum; the rest I smeared across her face before using her hair to wipe my cock clean.

I snipped apart the duct tape bounds holding her ankles and wrists, and she rolled on to her side, groaning with relief at being freed from the awkward position. As she turned, I noticed a screwdriver still protruding from her asshole, and I laughed. "I'll be back tomorrow, cocksucker, and let's hope you learned a few things tonight." I swept my hand across the bed and knocked some of the various toys I had laying there onto the floor, where they landed with a clatter. "Oh, and clean this place up. It's a fucking mess."

Review This Story || Author: TaskMaster
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