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Lisa's Punishement Enema Training

Chapter 1 The Capture

The Capture.... Chapter One.

I was going 70 in the high-speed lane and she still
speeded up to me, coming within an inch or two of the
bumper on my car. It was late; I was dead tired and
was trying to get home in one piece. I detest drivers
that tailgate either me or anyone else on the road. It
is unsafe, irresponsible, and self-centered on the
driver's part. I could see from my rear view mirror it
was a women driving. The BMW quickly moved around me
and caused me to almost go off the road as she sped
away. Shaking, I managed to regain control of my car
and headed toward my destination. 
As I approached my exit I saw a car with its emergency
lights on and a figure standing by the side of the
car. I pulled over and as I was getting out of the car
I realized the women standing there was the same women
that almost ran me off the road. Steam was coming from
the engine and as I approached her I wondered if she
remembered what she did to me. I volunteered to look
under her hood, explaining that I know a bit about
autos and maybe I could help. Turns out she blew a
hose and until it was replaced, the car was not going
anywhere. I offered her a ride to my place and she
accepted, as it was 3:30 in the morning. 
I went into action and offered her some coffee from my
"emergency" thermos. It was cold outside and she
thanked me, still not knowing whom she was dealing
with. I was telling her we could call AAA once we got
settled and she was thanked me. Her voice got weak and
she asked if it was OK if she closed her eyes for a
few minutes.
I live on 20-acre estate miles outside of the nearest
town. The gates opened for me as I pulled up and I
drove to my garage. Princess was asleep but I decided
not to chance it. Before I got out I handcuffed her
and gagged her also. After opening the door I pulled
and tugged until I got her onto a dolly with wheels.
Did I mention my attached garage has direct access to
a special room of mine? I wheeled princess to my
special room and than realized my catch. I looked her
over and could not believe how beautiful she was. I
guessed she was about 29 or 30. Her driver's license
later confirmed I was close, she was 31. She had long
dark hair, deep dark eyes, dark skin, the most
beautiful eyebrows I have ever seen. I guessed she was
about 5 feet 9, maybe even 5 10, and around 130
pounds. I could not wait to see her naked. I thought
about that and decided not to wait. I pulled off her
clothes and moved her to my rack. I secured each arm
and leg at the corners of the rack and waited for her
to wake up. 
I went and had a glass of wine and thought about the
events that led up to my capture. I checked her purse
first and saw that her name was Lisa and confirmed her
height, weight, and age. I thought back. When Lisa
passed me there were no other cars around. I went onto
the shoulder more because she started me than anything
else, I was sure of that. No cars approached or passed
either of us at any point. When I stopped to "help"
her I thought to myself about how quiet it was. No
other human saw the two of us together at any one
time. From the point she got in my car to the time I
pulled onto the estate I encountered no other cars.
The way I figured it, Lisa was mine. 
When I came back to see how Lisa was doing. I secured
Lisa's head so she could only look forward. I did this
by putting a nice heavy punishment helmet on her. Yes
those are so handy, eyehooks on the side so I could
fasten it to my rack. This way I could stand behind
her or even to her side and she could not see me. As I
mentioned Lisa was spread out like a butterfly. She
did look nice on my rack.   Lisa was on her stomach,
her ass was perfect. She had nice long legs, and
beautiful feet with well manicured nails. Her hands
looked soft, long fingers, with long and very well
manicured nails. Her breasts were nice, but since she
was on her stomach, I had not gotten a good look at
them yet, nor did I get much of a look at her pussy. I
was saving all that for later. 
I thought I kind of owed her a bit of a scare, so I
decided to wake her up my way. Her gag was in force,
not that I was afraid of anybody hearing us. I just
did not feel up to listening to her threats. I filled
one of my 4-quart enema bags with very hot, very soapy
water. I hung it right in front of her face. For
effect, I hung two more bags next to the full one.
Each of these bags had long mean looking enema nozzles
attached to them. The two other bags were connected to
each other, each of them were 4-quart bags also. I
figured I would not show her my 6-quart bag. Did not
want to unduly alarm poor little Lisa, now do I? 
 I pulled a nice wooden paddle off the wall. I had
been saving this one for a while. The first whack was
very hard, right on her butt. She was really
disorientated. Shaking her head, mumbling through her
gag. Breathing heavy. The next whack was even harder,
her breathing was erratic and she screamed through her
gag. Every time she tried to open her eyes I whacked
her again. Finally after 5 very hard whacks I waited
long enough for her to open her eyes and focus on the
punishment that awaited her. I whacked her 10 more
times over the course of the next couple of minutes.
Than I stopped. Lisa was frantic, she squirmed, she
bucked, her breathing was hard, she was sweating a
great deal, and she urinated on my rack. 
The wine was nice. I had taken the bottle with me and
poured myself another glass. I took my time sipping it
and stuck my finger in it and than rubbed my pussy
with it. I was so hot I would have cum but held off. I
than put my finger in front of her and pinched her
nose shut with it. "Open your eyes, look at your
future. You will be trained to be the perfect enema
sex slut. Your first punishment/humiliation enema will
is waiting for you".

Review This Story || Author: Robert 39746
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