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The Adventures of Dr. Katrina Duras - Episode I: Spring Break

Chapter 5 The View From the Closet

Chapter 5 - The View From the Closet

The last night of my visit I run up and hide in my parent's closet after kissing them goodnight. I have heard noises upstairs every night and I just have to know. I should be able to see everything through the louvered doors.

Their session starts with dad roughly stripping mom, leaving only her stockings and heels. He loosely ties her to a chair, fiddling with her tits, straddles the chair and says simply "you know the drill." She's not even resisting. With hands bound behind her she takes his semi-erect cock into her mouth, kisses, sucks and loves that beautiful cock. Mom's so good at this cock sucking. She could give lessons. God look at it get big and hard. That looks so good. I would love to have something like that in my mouth … hmmm, it's only a few feet away.

He begins questioning her. "Why did you let all those men at the party look at your tits again?"

"You already know the answer dear … because I like to, it makes me feel beautiful and desirable." Dad takes the crop in his hand and gives her tits a good whacking. Mom jerks violently, then recovers and is serene and even seems to be smiling ever so slightly. Then she has to thank him each time for the punishment!?!

Mom looks so damned hot, stripped like a fucking bitch, hands and feet bound to the chair, legs spread, tits tied at their base making them stick out and turn an obscene color, nipple rings chained together. And then to get her tits whipped like that! Oh my god! I think I'm going to have a melt down. After awhile her big tits are streaked with red, and those already gorgeous nipples are so long and hard, it makes me want to shout! I bite my lip instead.

If only I could have something like that in my mouth. I would suck those big hot … jeez, what am I saying? I'm looking at my mom's big tits and saying this? She really is enjoying this tit whipping though. I think I would too! … to have my tits tied so tight like that, and then get all that attention. Boy, would that make me feel special. And those long, hard, pierced nipples … they look incredible with those big holes in them and nipple rings in place. Ohhhh I want my big nipples pierced too! I wanna be just like my hot mom.

I wonder if Jane would like my tits with big gold nipple rings hanging off them. I bet she would. I'd wear a chain for her too, and maybe even heavy weights if she wanted to hurt my tits like that. Oh, I'd be soooo bad. I would be such a slut if she let me … her hot little cunt. One of these days maybe. Hearing mom moan and thinking about Jane is making me so wet, hiding in the closet, with my skirt up, panties down, and my fingers already deep in my juicy pussy.

"How could you let that professor, and one of your daughter's professors at that, get his fingers in your wet cunt?" dad demanded.

As she looks up with those pure innocent eyes, "because it feels so good sweetheart. You know how I like men putting their fingers in my holes. Do you think that makes me a slut dear?"

Dad evidently decides to answer with his whip, as he rears way back and strikes her exposed defenseless cunt. Mom screams and lurches forward. She looks like she has passed out. After a moment Dad tilts her head up by placing the whip handle under her chin.

He inquires one more time about her being a slut and starts another stroke when I fall out of closet yelling "STOP!" to protect mom's totally vulnerable pussy. I trip, crashing into the room, my panties wrapped around my angles … it's soooo obvious where my wet fingers have been. And they are like totally nonchalant about it.

Dad says "Hi sweetheart , were you enjoying yourself in there? Would you like to stay and watch?"

What the …? Is this just a game to them!?! Did they know the whole time? Mom, looking at my fingers says "It's OK if you play with your pussy dear. I do that all the time."

This freaks me out – totally, but my mission is to protect mom from another cruel hit. I scramble over on my knees, using my hands to cover her cunt. My fingers start slipping and I realize she's wet from this treatment. While I'm begging dad to stop whipping her, I find my fingers have slipped inside her. I apologize profusely to mom, but get mesmerized and can't seem to stop. My eyes glaze over. I tell mom her pussy is really beautiful and smooth and feels really good on my fingers.

She thanks me. "Go ahead and play dear."

"Oh thank you mom," I gush.

She says she doesn't get too many women playing with her pussy, they're usually too angry that their men are getting some.

"What? … their men are getting what!?!" The image I've always had of my parents' traditional and conservative home life has been crumbling all week. With this latest shock it explodes. Where was I when all this was happening?

Dad says "Tell her dammit … the whole story!"

She starts enumerating all the times she let other men and schoolboys cum in her pussy and explains that's why punishment is often necessary.

"God mom! … you let them cum in your pussy?" I feel weak.

"Well yes dear, or wherever they want."

Dad's doing a slow burn. "Tell her everything dammit!"

Right then and there, with my fingers in her cunt, she says she's been doing this for years, since she was a young wife on campus and dad worked so much. She tells me she lets men use her any way they like, that she gets fucked by lots of different men, has taken it up the ass over and over, and with an extra dose of enthusiasm, she tells me she loves swallowing other men's hot creamy cum.

This is going to kill me. I know it will. I just know it.

"But don't worry dear, while you were living at home, I never allowed them to post photos of my face on the Internet." She says this in the most innocent way imaginable.

This is yet another shot to my heart. "Oh great mom, I guess that makes it O.K. then, huh?"

She also says she likes to suck a lot of cocks but as much as she likes cum, she only swallows for very special boys, because that can get out of hand very easily.

"Oh really?" I respond caustically.

"Oh yes dear, because when you swallow, men think they own you, then they're wanting it in parking lots, allies, in the car … just about everywhere. Didn't you know that dear?"

"Uh, no mom. I've never had that situation come up before," with as much sarcasm as I could muster in my weakened condition.

"Mom, how could you?" sounding as exasperated as humanly possible.

"Well dear, some of these college boys are so very far from home, and these professors … well, they tell me their wives won't put out, and they plead so. How can I refuse them?"

"Jesus Mom!!! Please tell me you don't actually believe what men say to you when they want pussy!!!"

She looks at me with such childlike innocence, "Well yes dear, why not? They seem so sincere."

Damn, what can I say to that? I quickly decide that there is no way I can possibly educate her about men, not in the next few minutes anyway. She is so trusting … such a child. It becomes so clear to me that I inherited dad's brains and mom's tits, otherwise there would have been no medical school for dear little Katrina.

She says all this talk and my fingers are making her hot, she begs me to help her cum, looking up at dad with pleading eyes.

"Aren't you allowed too?" feeling my irritation rising again.

"Of course I am dear, with permission," she says with increasing urgency.

"Daaad, let her cum!!!" He hesitates too damned long. "Screw you I'm going to get her off," as I work that wet pussy with my fingers. Finally I can't help it and tell her these stories are making me crazy too, and I confess that I have been staring at her hot smooth pussy for days and that I have to taste that gorgeous pussy of hers, right here, right now!

"Please mom, can I pleeeeze, can I please have some of that nice wet pussy of yours?" wanting her so bad, I clearly am begging for it.

"Of course dear, help yourself. You can have as much pussy as you want, anytime dear."

"Oh god." As I swoon into my mom's sweet pussy, I sink three fingers deep into mine.

Mom and I have our fun, then I have to answer for it. Dad pulls me down over his knees and starts my punishment for breaking his rules. My rudeness does not go overlooked either. He pins me easily, with his left forearm simultaneously pressing against my lower back, while keeping both my hands from guarding my ass. I feel his full strength as he wails away at my exposed defenseless bottom. I go through all the various stages of shock, resistance, anger, cursing, kicking, flailing, babbling incoherently, crying uncontrollably, begging forgiveness, and finally, much to my total dismay, I hear gratitude coming out of my mouth for the corrective lesson. God, am I going to turn out to be a totally submissive slut like mom?

As painful as that was, my entire lower half, is suffused with a warm glow. I have to wonder what dad was feeling also, with his all-grownup daughter wiggling around on his lap, ass up, pussy freshly shaven, hot and wet. Well actually, I do know one thing without a doubt - that was his big hard cock I felt pressing into my side. I don't have to wonder about the rest for long, because as I slowly shuffle out to the door, rubbing my burning ass, I hear mewing and gurgling coming from my mom. As I turn, I see my dad's cock spasm repeatedly, buried deep in mom's throat, her head held steady by his big hands. All I can think is 'wow, that looks amazing … bet mom's going to have a full tummy.'

Review This Story || Author: subterfuge
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