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Assault on Nikki

Part 2

Chapter 4.

Jim rammed the wrench up into her asshole a bit deeper. "Roll onto your knees
girl!" He commanded and Nikki obeyed. Jim wiped some of the sharp metal bits off
of her back, not for her comfort but because it spoiled the view for him. He
pushed her face down onto the top of the bench reaching beneath her to tweak her

Dave was back behind her again and he gave the wrench another vicious shove so
that the wrench was 9" deep into her ass hole.  Nikki started sobbing again. And
Dave spoke up. "She's crying cause there's nothing in her pussy."  He opened a
bottle of coke and shook it up covering the top with his thumb.  "This'll clean
the sperm out of her." Then he jammed the bottle into her pussy. 

Nikki shuddered as the cold syrupy fluid loaded up her gut.  Dave kept forcing
the bottle deeper cruelly stretching her pussy.  Then he released and the coke
squirted out of her.  "Hahhahahha. Old Faithful."  He grabbed one of the cleaner
shop towels and dried off her pussy. 

Jim was back around the front. "She likes her nipples pinched. She does she
does." He joked, then he pulled her head up to show her a rusty pair of pliers.
"I think I'll pinch them with these."  Suddenly Dave jerked the wrench out of
her unready ass.

"EEEEEEEEE!  Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhmmmmmmmmm..."

Jim pushed her all the way up so she was kneeling on the counter.  Then he
grabbed her left tit and lodged the pliers into the soft skin around her nipple.
"Maybe I'll pull this sucker off."  The the pliers bit down into her flesh. 
Then Jim pulled and twisted her nipple. It was like fire and ice, twisting and

And just when it couldn't get any worse Dave started working over her right
breast. It was many minutes before they had enough of that, and then it was time
to fuck her again.

Chapter 5.

Nikki couldn't think about anything but her tits. They were raw and sore from
the twisting pinching and pulling the two men had done. Her young breasts bore
the marks of pliers, the skin was mauled especially around her nipples and there
were bruises rising in at least half a dozen places.

Jim used a knife to slice the cord around her wrists and her arms fell numbly to
her sides. Then a shove from behind sent her into Daves arms and he carried her
to the back of the garage where there was a crude shower.  He stood her up in
the shower and then grabbed another hank of rope, he secured her hands together
in front of her body and tossed the end over a rafter, then he pulled until she
was about a half a foot off the floor of the shower stall.

Nikki was still thinking about her tits and how wonderful they felt all bruised
and aching. She barely noticed that Dave and Jim were stripping there clothes
off as she stared off into space.  Daves rough hands on her tits squeezing them
and then tugging on the whole breast brought her back around.

"Oh, please, they are so sore.  Let them go please."  But she truly hoped he
would keep man-handling them. Her clit poked out obscenely.  Jim noticed it and
chuckled he moved around behind her, reaching between her slick thighs he
tweaked her clitty and she squirmed like a snake.  "Oooooohhhh, please ... Fuck
me please.  Please fuck me, I'll be a good girl if you just fuck me!"

Both Dave and Jim laughed and Jim slid his big dick back and forth between her
ass cheeks.  Nikki jerked around on her ropes trying to twist around and get
that big meaty member into her cunt.  Dave reached over and turned on the water
steamy at hot, then he twisted the girl around so that the hot water hit her
right on her abused and sore tits.  She gasped then gasped again as Dave began
scrubbing her body with the harsh shop soap.  Of course he focused on her tits
and cunny.  Jim asked for the bar and lathered up her ass, then he lifted her
body a bit and slid her down ass first onto his thick prick.

Nikki groaned and tossed her head side to side. His cock was only 5 inches deep
but it felt like heaven after that gnarly wrench head.  Suddenly Dave was
banging the head of his dick against her soapy cunt.  Nikki spasmed and wrapped
her legs around Daves body drawing him in tight against her horny little frame. 
Dave bent his knees and drove back into her cunt.  She opened her mouth in a
perfect O as waves of orgasms began wracking her body. 

Dave grinned and tried to pump into her pussy while Jim was pulling out. "We can
pump her for a while, that first cum is always too fast."  Jim agreed and
continued plowing her virgin ass hole.  The argued for a bit about which side
was tighter and eventually decided to switch.  They both agreed it was her ass
that was a bit tighter.

Finally Dave spewed his load up her ass.  Then stepped back into the spray of
the shower to wash himself off. Jim finished up a few minutes later, dousing her
innards with another load of cum.

Dave cut her down and then sliced the ropes off her wrists.  He let her lie
there a couple of minutes, then shut off the water.  Jim was already dried off
and putting on his jeans.

Dave dried himself off, listening to Nikki's occasional sobs and the drip of the
faucett.  He watched as Jim tossed a handful of clean rags onto Nikki. "Dry off
ya little cunt."  Then he used his bare foot to kick her in the hip, not too
hard, just a nudge to get her moving. 

Nikki laid still another second, she was pretty sure she wouldn't cum again. She
got onto her knees and rubbed her wrists, then grabbed some rags and carefully
dried off her titties and sore pussy and ass. Then the rest of her body.  She
made sure to hold all of the cum she could inside of her though, she wanted that
trophy.  When she was dry she saw Dave and Jim smoking and leering at her.

She came on her hands and knees over to them.  And kissed each of them on their
jeans just above the cuffs.

"You like getting hurt, don't you little pussy?" asked Jim.

"Yes." she said, looking down at the ground. 

"Turn around." He said. "Stay on your knees and keep them together, put your
face down on the floor."  She did as instructed spreading her ass lewdly in
front of her two rapists.  Grinning Jim stubbed out his cigaret on her anus. 
Nikki jerked but held her position, then Dave stubbed his smoke out just below
her anus. "Now get up and go back into the shop, get your clothes then come back
here and put them on where we can see you.

Nikki hurried to obey the man, and in a few minutes was dressed in the same
clothes she had come in.  Tube top, tight cut-off jeans, and sandles.  They had
not let her keep her panties though.

"Okay you little slut." Said Dave, "Get the fuck out of here. If we see you
again in your little slut attire at our garage we are going to rape you again,
and we will really be rough. Do you understand?"  She nodded her head.

Then they let her out the front door, it was late afternoon, and the road was
still deserted. She started walking home, grunting and twinging every step, her
tits were raw, and her ass was burned, and her pussy was still throbbing.  Cum
seeped out of her ass, and her cunt, and trickled down the inside of her left
thigh.  She thought, 'Totally Awesome!  I suppose it will take me about a week
to heal. Then I will come back for another serious fucking!!!"

She smiled and limped down the lonely country road.

Review This Story || Author: Kanashin
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