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Chapter 5 Raped

Chapter 5 – Raped

“Get up bitch” he muttered and pulling hard on my hair, he jerked me unsteadily to my still tied stiletto heels. He caught me by surprise and grabbing my arm bent me over the huge make-up table before I knew what happened. I gasped for air as my stomach was pressed into the table. Taking advantage of my open mouth he again forced the oversized penis gag in it.

Next to me, my expensive designer dresses were folded neatly over the back of a chair. My rich bitch diamond jewellery rested nearby, gleaming and twinkling in the bright lights. They were from my former life. I could feel the hot tears streaming down my face, shaking my head. I wished this man hadn't taken away the use of my mouth at this point. The huge plastic dildo invading my mouth made any intelligible sound impossible, but I kept trying to convince him to stop. I couldn't believe he was about to rape me.

“I love introducing a soft pampered white rich bitch to hard brutal realities. From snotty hottie to screaming rapemeat is a sharp plunge down a very slippery slope…” He yanked me by the hair, pulling me backwards. “Come here,” he ordered me, grabbing my hair like it was horse's reins. I screamed as my scalp ached. “Now for the real fun to begin! Ready for a good fucking?”

He reached down and held his cock in his hand; he shifted his body to position himself so his cock was touching my pussy. My body tensed under him as I felt the weight of him moving against me, his cock pressing into my most intimate place. He was fisting his cock and placing it against my naked ass.

I could feel the big mushroom head pushing between my bound legs, cold and slippery. Hands gripped me about the waist, pulling me back towards the menacing weapon threatening to rape me. I struggled madly in my tight bonds and cried out. He pulled me close to him, his cock slowly starting to painfully enter between my legs, the bulbous head stretching my tiny dry pussy: while I wasn't a virgin, I wasn't used to such a large cock. His other hand encircled my breast, squeezing it tightly. I tightened my ass cheeks, trying to prevent the forcible entry between my legs, but the slippery cock was stronger. “Ohh yeah! Tighten that ass! Fight it, cunt! Make me force it in!!!”

“That's right, slut, struggle,” he said as he shoved a hand down between my creamy breasts. I continued to scream while he was picturing me surrounded by other white rich women like me, all dressed in ball gowns and cocktail dresses at high society parties. All of us untouched, even if we had been fucked. All of us still pure to someone like him with our teasing short skirts and sheer stockings. No one could dare to touch someone like us as he was touching me now, none of us could truly say to have been fucked until he unleashed one of his animalistic rapes on us.

He drove forward and entered me. I moaned in panic as his glistening buttocks tensed and his muscled hips pushed forward driving the fat end of his dick against the tight opening of my pussy. Pushing through the hairy lips he thrust the large span deep into my hot tunnel. The discomfort caused by the massive erection made me feel like I was being split in two as the terrible pressure caused by his intrusion increased, driving me mad with the pain. I began to find it difficult to even breathe as his huge cock forced my bound legs further apart. The head of the gigantic dick felt like it was being pushed up to the opening of my womb as the solid weight of his balls tickled the area between my thighs.

With a hard thrust he forced his cock into my tight pussy hole, made even tighter by my legs painfully bound together at the ankles. I cried out as my pussy spread more then I had ever felt, and after a real hard thrust he had it about half way in me. He then pulled back and pushed in slowly a few times, before pulling almost all the way out and then as before he thrust forward really hard and forced his entire huge cock up inside me. A harsh gasp, then a sharp scream escaped me. I could hear him moan faintly. His arms were under me, hands gripping my breast tightly, his breath hot against my neck. I felt his hands around my waist again as he pulled me back hard onto his cock.

A gut retching scream tore from my lips as my dry pussy was subject to the inhuman tearing of the massive cock forcing its way inside. I did not think my body could expand that big and that quickly as the huge bulbous head pushed my pussy lips apart and forced its way into my tight pussy, my body clamping onto it, trying to force it back out. I felt every inch of him slowly entering my tight pussy, stealing my precious prize. I could feel him stretching me apart, going deeper and deeper inside me… how big was this guy?

I wasn't really crying out of pain or even fear this time. I think my tears were of heartbreak. I remember feeling more defeated when he entered me this way than anything that had happened so far. The face-fucking nightmares and the forced blow-jobs were no more intimate than any violent attack, and they were bad enough, but now this beast had invaded my very womanhood. Even if he stopped right now, it was too late. He'd stolen something from me that could never be returned. I desperately tried to block out thoughts of my poor husband while this animal began thrusting and churning inside me. How was I going to tell my husband? What was I going to tell him? No other man had ever touched me since before we got married. My husband could have no idea what deviltry I was being submitted by this masked intruder so far, and never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined what was happening to his lovely wife right now. He was probably sleeping or watching TV in another continent, enjoying his time alone and waiting for coming back home to his sexy wife. I could never ever tell him about this night. I prayed he would never find out. It would break his heart. I swore silently that I would take the events of this night to my grave.

Finally I felt him resting against my ass, he had fully impaled me now and I felt like I was going to explode. He stayed that way a few moments, deep inside me but not moving, as if he were savouring the feeling... or regaining control. My pussy might have been dry, but its warmth sure felt good for him.

As he started to rape me he thought back at how he imagined all this would have been, keeping a gun to my head as he yanked off my clothes, how the tears would stream down my face as he shoved a hand over my mouth and cut the frustratingly small thong string that I wore to tease the men who could never have me. How a forced fuck with an over-ambitious whore would be good because I would have the outlook to dress naughtily beneath my skirt with garter belt and stockings, always ready to fuck someone for my benefit. How he could slowly pull the rich bitch jewellery off my neck and fingers as he held a knife to my throat and raped me on the hard floor, no satin sheets for a cock-teasing slut.

He pictured me in my office as he forced my gagged, tear-covered face down in the hard wood of the table. I had to be a real bitch in the office, he was sure of that. The kind of bitch who would boss everyone and wore short skirts and high, thin heels every day just to tease, the kind of slut who would wear silk stockings and garter belt each day underneath her designer suit to be always ready to fuck the president and get a promotion. The kind of cock-teaser who liked to let men know they would love to have her but they would really never have a chance, unless they had power and an unlimited bank account of course.

Then he began to move, slowly at first. He would pull out nearly all the way then force himself back into the depths of my body with a sharp thrust, forcing a cry or a moan from me each time while slamming my hips into the hard table, crushing my sore tits against the wooden surface. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. In a last, desperate attempt to relieve the pain I even tried to open further my legs to accommodate it better, but the plastic tie binding my delicate ankles tightly together would not allow me to do so.

“My god your pussy is tight!” he exclaimed as he began to move in and out of me. “I'm gonna have fun stretching you.” My dry pussy was being jammed with hard cock, stretching the tender walls to allow the raping member inside. I could feel every bump and ridge on his cock as he slid it into my pussy, the walls clamping on the raping cock, trying to force it from my body, pleasuring him more instead. Tears flowed down my face while my stomach cramped each time his cock rubbed my bowels through my pussy.

I was whining, devastated, my body shaken by his eager plunging into my pussy. Wracked by sobs, I went limp, endured the awful thrusting, the slobbering kisses on my back, the sound of slapping flesh and my moans of pain rang out in the room. “It will be over soon” I was telling myself “Over soon.”

He looked down and saw the head of his cock disappear inside me; he stopped to take some more pictures while moaning as a feeling of pleasure swept through him. This wave of pleasure was made up of the physical, the feel of his cock nestling inside me and the sense of power he had over me. Then, with a growl, he put all his weight behind it and thrust his cock deep into me again.

I put all the shame I felt, the pain I was in, the humiliation of my situation into a plaintive wail. He watched my body arch and contort under him as his cock drove deep into me. The man had no thoughts, no compassion, for me. All he wanted was to leave his cum deep inside me, to make me remember him. He drove his cock in harder and harder; the table was shaking with the ferocity of the assault. For that was what this was, an assault on me… though this was ‘sex' there was no element of love here, just his evil, bitter and twisted desire.

Sweat streaked his face and torso as he watched the huge length of his penis saw in and out of the wiry blond patch of my pussy. The lips of my vagina made a tight ring about the wide circumference of his cock as he moved his massive tool within me. He revelled in my warm moist walls that enclosed his sensitive length as I felt the wide head push deep into my tunnel. Pulling back he let the head move to the outside lips of my pussy pausing there just long enough for me to gaze back at him in alarm. Over the madly length of the penis gag in my mouth I could only mumble some half distinct sound that might have been a plea for him to stop before he rammed the full length of his dick back deep into the tight sheath of my passage. My head pitched back as a deep groan issued from my throat quickly becoming a choked gag because of the fake cock buried deeply into the wet recesses of my mouth.

He kept jerking me back onto his cock, holding my hips tightly, forcing me to fuck back onto the punishing cock tearing my pussy. Nothing that big had ever been in there and his cock tore its way back and forth. His fingers were digging cruelly into my sweetly curved hips, yanking me back again and again as I sobbed, his callous hands viciously touching and slapping my whipped ass. I continuously screamed. I had never been subject to such brutal actions in all my life. My body could not fathom the depths of the pain he was inflicting on me. He seemed to enjoy pushing his cock in at different angles, jamming the mushroom head into the sides of my pussy, banging into them painfully.

He was grunting as he fucked me, almost as much work for him, my tight pussy fighting his raping cock each time. He punched my insides with his cock, bruising my cervix as he fucked in harder each time, his fingers grabbing one of my nipples and twisting and tearing at it, wanting to make me scream, my pussy gripping his cock in response to the pain. He gripped both of my breasts in his big callous hands and pulled me back onto his hard cock, feeling like he was trying to make it come out my mouth.

His hands grabbed my hips, pulling my ass up into the air higher, arched up in submission while he enjoyed slapping it. His cock pulled out until only the head was grabbed, ten inches of rock hard cock poised to rape my pussy. I felt him pull me in, raising my ass up as he did, wanting his cock to tear into a new part of my pussy. My head rose up and I screamed, I almost passed out from the pain, my body a mass of pain from the brutal rape as the huge weapon tore into my pussy in one brutal fuck.

I grunted in pain with my pussy and mouth filled to the straining point by my rapist's dick and the fake one. My twat felt like it was being torn apart as the massive black man rammed his member into me, making me feel like I was being impaled on the head of some enormous pole as the vile thing was shoved to the edge of my womb. 

After a while of this, during which the tingles were spreading throughout my entire body, causing me to writhe under him as much as my bondage would allow, my moans began changing in tone from frightened and pained to animalistic and urgent. He rose up some, one hand squeezing my left breast, then began pumping into me with an urgency of his own, each forward thrust hard as a blow. “You like this bitch, don't you?” he rasped as he fucked into me harder, violating me roughly.

My outcries that no gag could completely silence were my only replies. My body was thrashing under the assault, wrists and ankles hurting terribly from the combination of my writhing and the hard pounding which drove my body violently into the limits of the plastic ties. My head was thrashing too, side to side as if in protest, my cries getting louder...

His hands bruised my flesh as he gripped me, forcing my body to bend and submit to the painful rape. It felt like he was pushing through my womb, my pussy wrapped tightly around the massive weapon. I don't think I could stand it any longer, the brutal tearing and raping of my tender flesh. He screamed out, burying his cock even deeper inside me. My insides felt bruised and torn. He was grunting and groaning as he raped me, sweat running down his face behind the mask. The noise of his body slamming into mine, the wet, squishy sound of his cock thrusting into me and the noise of me moaning and crying was loud in the bedroom. I was sobbing and crying, tears running down my face. I moaned in pain, his cock swelling to bigger proportions, knowing that he was getting ready to cum.

I knew he couldn't last much longer, I could feel his cock throb with imminent release, his balls tightening with anticipation. His cock swelled, began jerking inside me as my struggles renewed. “I'm going to fill you up, bitch” his voice was low, strained “I'm going to cum inside your snooty cunt.” He laughed at my desperate thrashing, my shrill, muffled squeals. Shouting, he rammed in hard, grinded his hips from side to side as his cock exploded, a rush of thick, hot spunk filling me with the unmistakable sticky wetness of sperm . My body was arched up backwards onto his chest, one of his huge hands around my breasts, gripping them painfully, the other grabbing my stomach and trying to drive his cock even farther inside me as I felt him unload his hot cum deep inside me, forcing me to accept his filthy sperm in my body.

I screamed, I hadn't been on the pill since my husband had left, I was horrified by the possibility of pregnancy , my insides feeling his cock hosing down my beaten pussy with massive amounts of hot cum bathing the battered walls.

His cum was dripping down the insides of my thighs to puddle at the floor beneath me. God, he must have dumped a gallon of cum inside me, my insides burning in pain. I did not think I would be able to walk again, my crotch a mass of pain. He slapped my ass hard, the snap ringing out in the room. Gripping my hair in both fists he put his lips close to my ear while he continued to piston inside me, his words, panted in my ear gleefully, filled me with horror. “Your pussy's nice bitch... but this is only the warm-up. I can't wait to get in that tight sweet ass of yours... mmm... I'm gonna fuck your ass so hard you won't sit down for a week!”

I tried to beg him through the gag, I wouldn't be able to take that big cock up my tiny asshole. He had already torn my pussy, I could only imagine what he would do to my ass. I had heard of sodomizing, but had never even considered it. I did not even like anyone touching my asshole. To imagine a hard cock, his huge black cock shoved deep inside my bowels made my heart stop. I did not know what I would do if he tried it. Could I stop him?


Review This Story || Author: Barbara
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