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Family In Bondage

Part 1

Family in Bondage I

Myra had married Gary totally for his money.  She had been his mistress for 3
months dominating the wimp.  Finally he cracked and asked her to marry him and
dominate him forever.  He had one daughter and a son.  The daughter Jenny was
getting ready for college and the son Mike was in high school.  Myra had a
daughter of her own whom she was training one day to be a mistress like her. 
She wanted to own all Gary wealth and his family as her own personal sex slaves. 
She and her daughter Linda would live happily ever afterwards.

She had arranged for the girls to sleep together so together so Linda could work
on Jenny while she sat the stage for Gary domination each night.  Linda was
working her in with magazines and videos while each night she left the door
cracked so the Linda could show Jenny her domination of her father.  She showed
her the joy of masturbation and light spanking.  Soon it was inevitable that
Jenny was as submissive as her father licking Linda cunt after viewing their
night shows in their parents' room.  Linda made sure to break her in slowly
dominating her more and more each night mostly with little resistance.

That day the mother and daughter got together and planned the family weekend. 
They both knew Mike would be no problem since the kid was totally perverted
already.  Gary mother however would be a big problem.  She was rich and a bitch
of her own.  Mike was out with friends that night when Gary arrived home form
picking Jenny up at school.  Both Myra and Linda was waiting dressed in their
favorite black leather outfits that exposed their tits, cunt, and ass for easy

Gary and Jenny walked in totally surprise at the ladies appearance.  Neither
spoke as Myra got up and walked over to Gary and grabbed his nuts in her hand
squeezing them tight.

Drop the pants wimp.  Time for all the girls to see what a wimp you are.

Myra, the girls. ........

Myra slapped Gray hard on the face.  Drop them I said, she yelled.

Gary slowly lowered his slacks and at Myra insistence his panties exposing his
cock sticking straight out to his daughter at his side.  Myra grabbed his cock
in her hand.

Come wimp.  Time for your spanking.  Be sure to count or you'll know better next

She led him over to the table and pushed him over the edge of it.  She started
paddling his ass with her bare hand as Gary started counting the swats like a
child.  She was swatting harder tonight than normal and soon he was breaking
down early begging after the first twenty.  Myra; however, was going to put on a
special show for his daughter who was standing there frozen at the doorway
staring.  He was crying like a baby by fifty and promising to do anything she

Tell your daughter what your tongue is for wimp, Myra yelled at him.

For licking my mistress ass.  Please let me lick your ass mistress.

Myra turned around facing Jenny at the doorway with a smile across her face. 
Get on your knees wimp and put that face of yours where it belongs wimp.

Gary immediately dropped down behind her pushing his face between her round
cheeks seeking her brownie hole and licking it.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

Family in Bondage II

Linda, your slut is just standing fully clothed in the doorway like she a statue
or something.  Is that the way you taught her how to behave?

Linda got up totally absorbed by her mother domination of Gary and walked over
to Jenny still standing eyes frozen at what she had witness.  Jenny didn't move
as she approached and slapped her hard on the face.

Strip bitch.   I want mother to see what a slut you are.

Please Linda not like this.  Dad is here and your mother.....

Linda slapped her face again.  I don't care who sees you slut.  You belong to me
so strip now.  From now on mother is going to beat your ass too.

Moms please tell her to quit.

You heard her slut.  Yes I know what a bitch you are when you were supposed to
be sleeping and from now on you are going to act like one.  Strip or I come over
myself and slap your pretty little face.

Jenny slowly removed her clothing.  Linda slapped her ass several times
demanding she hurry up enjoying the moment of truth.  Finally, she stood totally
naked in front of Linda and her mother who was enjoying the tonguing in her
rear.  Linda grabbed her pussy hairs and pulled down sharply as Jenny clenched
in pain.

Get on your knees and lick my cunt slut.  Show mother what a slut you are.

Jenny slowly lowered herself down to the carpet on her knees in front of Linda.

Kiss is first slut and then lick it like the dog you are or I beat your ass raw.

Jenny leaned forth putting her face in Linda cunt kissing her cunt lips.  Linda
grabbed her hair placing the kisses where she wanted first and then pushing her
face firmly in her snatch commanding she lick her to an orgasm.  As she started
tonguing her clit, Jenny reached down between her own thighs trying to rub her
cunt which had been totally excited from the action earlier.

Looks like the slut needs to be taught a lesson not to play with her dirty cunt
without permission.  Wimp get my paddle from the bedroom.

Gary crawled out from behind Myra towards the bedroom and returned on all fours
with the paddle in his mouth.

Wimp I going to spank this fat ass daughter of yours and you're going to tell me
to do it again.  Do you understand?

Yes mistress.  Spank the bitch fat ass.

Jenny was trying to protest with her mouth still planted in Linda cunt when the
first swat came on her right cheek.  She yelled out in agony.

Spank her fat ass again mistress, Gary yelled.

Myra began laying the paddle again and again across Jenny's butt as she squirmed
around underneath Linda trying to avoid the swats swinging her hands wildly. 
Linda had a firm grip on her hair keeping it in place as she was pleading with
Myra for mercy.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

Family in Bondage III

Get on your back bitch.  Mother got something nice for you tonight.  It's time
you learn to service your mother for a change.

She waited till Jenny lay down on the floor still crying from her redden ass. 
Turning around she lowered herself so that her ass was right over her face and
then squatted down on it.

You know how to lick it Myra said from above.  You've watched your father doing
it plenty of times.  I suggest you do a better job on it than you did on Linda
pussy or you'll feel this paddle on those things you call tits.

Jenny started licking Myra big ass working her tongue inside the already wet
brown hole as Linda got up and sat astride Gary back. 

Gettiup horsy, she yelled swatting his ass with her hand.  Move your big butt.

Make him crawl to the bedroom dear and shove my small whip up his big ass.  That
always gets him crawling faster.  I can see his little pecker already getting
excited at the thought.  She lowered her ass down farther on Jenny face as the
girl moaned from the weight of her ass.  Just for the fun of it, she swatted her
tit with the paddle as she yelled from out from below her ass.

You can do better than that bitch.  Now get that tongue deeper in my butt.

Jenny had little choice as the weight of Myra ass was practically suffocating
her underneath.  She worked it as far as she could up her butt hole wiggling it
inside to try to please her.

I always knew you were a brown noser like your dad, Myna teased her.  I'm going
to enjoy sitting on your face on a regular basis.  Oh, Linda.  Much better dear. 
See how fast he crawls now.

Linda had returned with Gary crawling as fast as he could beneath.  She had her
hand on the end of the whip handle thrusting it in and out his asshole while he
whined with each thrust.

Reamed his ass good honey.  Show the wimp whose boss.

Myra rose up from Jenny face as her tongue popped out of her asshole.

Get on all fours bitch.  Crawl like the dog bitch you are.  Wiggle that ass of
yours dear.

Jenny got up on her hands and knees and started crawling like her dad.  Myra
followed behind putting her toe in her ass as she crawled.

Bark bitch.  I said bark or my toe will be so deep in your ass you won't ever
get it out.

Both father and daughter crawled around the room with the mistress tormenting
their rears as they struggled around.

Myra suggested they rest for a while while their slaves tongue their feet after
the hard work they did.  Sitting on the couch, they made each crawl over and
tongue bath their feet.  She teased Jenny making her try to get her whole foot
in her mouth while putting the other in her cunt working her up in excitement. 
Linda just sat back watching Gary lapping her toes like a pet dog in excitement.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

Family in Bondage IV

Myra knew Jenny was closed to cumming and wasn't going to let that happen.  She
pushed her head to the floor demanding she not move a muscle till she returned.

When she returned, she had a butt plug in her hand.

Mother has a special present she for her bitch daughter tonight, she said
getting to her knees behind her.  Spreading her ass cheeks while Jenny moaned
awaiting the surprise, she licked the plug several times and then took careful
aim at her asshole before forcing it.

Jenny was in shock and surprise trying to scoot forward from the pain in her
asshole but Myra kept the pressure up till her head hit the couch and so
couldn't go no farther.  She reached back pleading with her to remove it as she
swatted her hands behind trying to reach it with little success.  Myra had it
all the way end as she lay panting for air below.

Get use to it dear.  In this house from now on when you come home your butt will
be plugged unless Linda or me gives you permission to remove it.  She swatted
Gary on his ass.  Yours too, wimp.

Linda laughed at Gary red face and grabbed his hair pulling his face to her
cunt.  Lap it dog, she demanded.  Maybe I'll let you fuck my bitch some day. 
Then again, maybe I'll let her fuck you.

Gary cock was leaking in excitement as he started tonguing Linda cunt in

Myra watched in excitement and then slapped Jenny ass several times.

Mother has to pee. You know what I make your father do first don't you bitch.

Yes mam, Jenny shirked down below, he has to tongue your john first.  Please
don't make me do that. 

Nonsense bitch, in this house you are nothing but a worthless worm like your
dad.  She swatted her ass several more times.  Get your butt moving bitch and
hurry up unless you want me to pee in your mouth.

Jenny started crawling towards the bathroom crying while Linda laughed at the
pitiful sight passing by.

I think you should pee in her mouth mom.  It's not much good for anything else.

Maybe some day dear.  I don't want to make her a toilet mouth yet.  Hurry up
slut unless you want to clean in the bowl too.

Myra gave her a few minutes and then went in.  Jenny was lapping the toilet sear
as she entered.

Is it clean yet slut or do I have to spank your ass again.

Yes mistress, Jenny replied moving aside the toilet as Myra sat down.  She heard
her pissing and knew what the next command would be.

Clean my cunt slut.  Hurry up.

Jenny crawled forth and started lapping her piss soaked cunt till Myra was
satisfied.  She lapped even after it was clean before Myra let her stop.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

Family in Bondage V

From now on dear, when you hear Linda or me say we have to pee, you better scoot
your butt in here real fast and clean our toilet lid or we'll make you clean it
afterwards and you don't want to do that do you?

NO Mam, Jenny replied quickly.

Also when you are home you are to be naked at all times for our pleasure and
that nasty asshole of yours is going to be plugged.  Is that understood?

Yes mistress, Jenny replied weakly.  But what about if Mike is home.

Don't worry about him dear.  He will be joining you in your training. 

Myra got up and turned around.  Now kiss your mother butt for letting you clean
her toilet.

Jenny crawled forward kissing on Myra ass while she enjoyed her domination of
the young girl.  Much too easy, she thought.  This was going to be so much fun.

Put your nose in my ass and keep it there slut while we go see how Linda is
doing.  I'll walk slow so you enjoy the smell of my butt.

Jenny crawled hastily after Myra with her big ass slapping her nose buried in
her butt.

In the living room, Linda was still having fun with Gary.  She had a grip on his
cock lifting it up and slapping his balls with her hand.  With each slap, Gary
would say Gary wants another please.  Myra was excited by her daughter's
imagination.  Just as she was about to say something, the door opened and mike
walked in.  He was halfway in the living room before he froze looking at the
sight of his family.

Holy cow, he said astonished.

Myra seized the moment noticing the lust in his eyes.

Get out of those clothes now young man, she said with a stern voice.  Your late
as usual and from now on you are going to be punished like the rest of the
family.  Strip.

Mike needed no encouragement as his cock was already sticking out in front of
his pants looking at his mother and sisters new bodies.  He had always fantasied
about the girls.  But now this was real.  He quickly removed his clothes
standing proudly in front of them.

Linda, go wipe that smile off your brother face.  The little turd thinks that
thing between his legs is good for something.  Show him what's it for.

Linda immediately got up eagerly walking towards Mike who was offering no
resistance.  She reached down and grabbed his cock stroking it for a moment as
he moaned in excitement.  Then she reached below grabbing his nuts in her hand
and squeezed hard.

OHHHHHhhhh, Mike yelled.  Gosh that hurts.  Not so hard.

On your knees boy, Linda said, slapping his face.  You wimp.

She tugged his cock till Mike got down on his knees before her.  She grabbed his
hair standing there will her cunt only inches from his face as he stared at it
in anticipation.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?
Family in Bondage VI

From now on you are nothing but a worthless worm like your dad for us to use. 
You will always be on your knees in front of us and will address us as mistress. 
Understand worm?

Yes mistress, Mike replied dying to push his face in her beautiful bush.

Put your head to the floor worm and push that fat ass of yours up.  I'm going to
spank it like you desire.

Mike eagerly laid his head to the floor and lifted his ass up.  Myra decided to
watch the fun and demanded Gary laid of the floor on his back underneath her
feet.  She made Jenny squat over his face and while she toyed with his cock with
her foot, he was commanded to push Jenny's butt plug with his hand in and out
her asshole.

Mike was no longer eager as before as Linda was pounding brutally on his ass
with her palms.  He was now begging and pleading to do what she wanted and be
her sex toy as his father and sister.  She paddled some more and then spread his
ass wide telling him how fun it was going to be to plug that big hole of his
pushing her fingers in and out as he moaned underneath.

Linda, why don't you take Junior to your bedroom and dress him in Jenny's
nightgown.  She won't need them anymore.  There's an extra plug for his nasty
butt hole in my room too.  Just well get him used to it now.

Linda pointed to the bedroom and kicked Mike ass.  Crawl turd and wiggle that
hindy of yours.  Once I get you dressed up maybe I'll let you tongue my sweet
ass for a while.

She followed Mike crawling hurriedly to the room.  Myra had Gary cock sticking
straight up from her foot toying and Jenny was squirming by her side in ecstasy
as the plug was doing a job in her ass.  She made Jenny get up and then down on
her knees as she told Gary to stand in front of her.  Taking his cock she told
Jenny to open her mouth.

No need to ruin the carpet tonight she smiled at Jenny when I got a cum dump
like you to dump it in.  Stroking Gary cock faster he quickly came shooting his
load in Jenny mouth as she swallowed as fast as she could.

That was very good slut and as a reward I'm going to let you fuck his big ass
tonight.  Get on the floor wimp. 

Myra got up and went to the next room returning with a strap on which she
attached around Jenny waist. She positioned him behind Gary and spread his ass
so she could position the dildo properly and then demanded she ream his ass good
for cumming.  She slapped Jenny plug in back edging her own as Gary whined down
below as it kept pumping in and out his ass.  Nothing like a good family fucking
to keep everyone in their proper place, she teased tweaking Jenny nipple as she
pumped faster.  Leaving the couple in place, she walked in the bedroom to see
how Linda and Mike were proceeding.  Tomorrow she would call Gary mom to set the
last course in action.

In the bedroom, Linda had Mike on her knees like a baby feeding him her tit as
he sucked on each.  He was dressed in Jenny see through nightee and lace panties
with his plug poking out underneath.  Her hand was toying with the plug as he
was sucking and moaning at the same time.

Glad to see we have a new baby in the house, Myra said smiling at the sight on
the edge of the bed.  No trouble I see.  I'll get a bottle for your little rump.

Family in Bondage VII

Myra went to the kitchen and prepared a baby bottle for Mike filled with several
laxative and milk and returned.  Linda had him over her lap spanking his rear
when she entered the room.  He was crying in her lap.

I got just what the baby wants; Myra laughed handing Linda the bottle.  You have
to learn to feed them. 

She went in front of Mike and squatted down so he had an eyeful of her hairy

Open up baby.  You can admire my cunt while you suck on this.

Mike opened his mouth and started sucking on the bottle as Myra rubbed her cunt
with one hand and feed him with the other.  His eyes were budging out watching
her playing wishing he could shove his face in her hairy snatch.

See honey.  You just have to feed the brat to keep them happy.  That's it baby
suck your bottle.

Linda was laughing at the sight knowing her mother must have put something in
it.  She pinched his ass cheeks as he sucked and rubbed his butt as she felt his
hard-on between her legs.  Soon the bottle was empty as Myra took it away and
stood up.

I need to go to the bathroom mommy, Mike pleaded.

Naughty boy, Myra laughed.  You should have thought about that before you drink
all that milk.  I bet if you please Linda ass enough she may let you.

Sure, said Linda laughing.  Pushing him off her lap she laid back on the bed on
her stomach.

Come here and lick my asshole and I may let you go to the bathroom, she teased. 
Otherwise, that plug in your butt will just have to hold it.

Myra smiled at the sight of Mike crawling to the foot of the bed in haste
putting his face in Linda ass.  She could hear his slurping sounds and decided
to go back and check on the others.  He wouldn't be any trouble at all.  She
heard Linda fart on his face and smiled as she exited the room.

Honey, I'll send the wimp to bed with you tonight.  I'll think I will enjoy the
slut puppy tonight, she said.

In the living room Gary had collapsed on the floor with Jenny spawned on his
back with the strap-on cock still deep in his ass.  Both were out like a log as
she entered and kicked Jenny in the ass.

Did I tell you to quit?  She demanded.

No mistress, Jenny awoke with a start trying to start fucking Gary asshole
again.  Gary screamed as she plowed in again.

That's enough slut.  Remove the strap-on and come to my room now.  As for you
wimp.  Get your butt in the shower and take a bath and afterwards report to
Linda for the bedding tonight.

Jenny quickly removed the strap and crawled towards Myra bedroom as Gary whined
and crawled out to the bathroom.  Myra smiled as they crawled by like little
puppies expecting a reward of some kind.  She was wet at the thought of getting
Gary mother Kate in this position and followed after Jenny.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

Family in Bondage VIII

Myra entered the bedroom to find Jenny on her knees awaiting her next command.

Stand up slut.  You know how your wimp dad pleases me at night.  She opened the
drawer and removed a double strap-on and walked towards Jenny.  Inserting the
smaller dildo in her mouth, she tied the strap around the back of her head tight
and then got under the covers in her bed.

Crawl under the covers down their slut and please me.  If you lucky, I may fall
asleep early.  If not, your face is going to be working overtime tonight.  Boy,
I'm tired.

Jenny went to the end of the bed as she had seen her dad do several times and
crawled up under the covers between Myra legs finding her cunt ass wet in
excitement.  She eased the dildo into her opening with little problem and then
started slowly face fucking her cunt.  She knew she would have to continue till
she fell asleep and then she could rest but keep the cock in place all night in
case she wanted more.  It wasn't long between Myra came twice and drifted off. 
She heard plenty of sounds from the bathroom and knew the boys must really be
getting it tonight as she drifted to sleep herself.

She was awakening early the next morning by Myra gripping her hair and shoving
her dildo mouth in and out her cunt till she came.

Remove your face plug, Myra demanded.  I have to go to the bathroom.

Jenny crawled out exhausted already from last night and removed the strap around
her head and crawled to the bathroom to prepare the toilet for her mistress who
entered only moments afterwards.  She kneeled to her side as she finished her
business and made her wipe her ass afterwards as she fought the urge to run in
panic.  She did it however, totally disgusted at what she had become.  To make
matters worst, Myra made her lick it afterwards to ensure it was clean to her

They entered the kitchen to find Linda already seated at the table with a small
whip in her hand.  Both men had nothing on except lacy panties and butt plugs
and were preparing the breakfast for the day.

How did you sleep last night, Myra asked her smiling at the stripes across Mike
and Gary asses.

Great said Linda.  There's nothing like the feeling of a tongue in your ass and
pussy at the same time as you fall asleep.  When will Kate be arriving this

I suspect around 9, Myra replied, watching the reactions of the family members
squirming.  Yes wimp your mother will be joining you as our slave.  It will be
so much fun breaking the news to her.  Do any of you wont to complain?

Nobody said anything as Linda and her laughed at their pitiful sights.  Jenny
had to crawl under the table lapping their cunts while the men feed them their
breakfast.  They finished the meal and toyed with the men for a while before
Myra said it was time for Kate and Linda needed to take the slaves in the
bedroom and prepare them for her introduction.  They had planned it very nicely
for today.  Kate would not be as easy as those three.

Myra put on a slip on dress as the doorbell rang and went to answer it after
knocking twice on Linda door.  Kate was standing there as usual as it opened
with her proud and stuck up nose at her.

Come in said Myra and have a seat.  The family is busy but I'm sure they will be
available shortly.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

Family in Bondage IX

I don't have time for small chat, Kate said taking a seat on the chair.  I just
came by to see what Gary called me for and then I have to go shopping.  I have a
bridge club meeting tonight.  Will you please go tell him I'm here?

You're such a pain in the ass Kate.  Just like your son.  I bet you play with
your pussy at night just thinking about ways to screw your employees in that
company of yours.

So what sugar.  If you were rich like me you could too.  Instead your nothing
but a tramp and whore Gary married and I'm going to watch when he kicks your
butt out of the family.  If you don't mind darling, can you get your sweet tail
up and tell him I'm here.

Go tell them yourself.  He's in the bedroom with the kids but I wouldn't brother
them without looking in first to see if they're busy.

Fine, said Kate getting up and walking towards the bedroom.

Myra watched her large ass sway as she strode out mad.  Her pussy just tingled
at the thought of slapping her huge mounds.  She waited for at least 15 minutes
before Kate returned to the living room face flushed and just sat down in her
chair stunned.

You look flushed Kate.  Oh, I forgot to tell you the kids and Gary are Linda and
my personal slaves.  We use them for our pleasure as I'm sure you must have saw
Linda enjoying the toys.  I'm thinking about making several movies and even
renting them out to pimps in the neighborhood.  Maybe I'll advertise that you
are their mother and grandmother so people can come and ask you for a tryout.

Kate looked up surprised.  Myra you can't do that.  My life and the family will
be ruined.  How much do you want?  I'll pay it.

I think I would enjoy you as my personal slave Kate.  Maybe I can teach you some
manners.  Maybe if you agree to be our slave on the weekends, I'll let you live
your normal life during the week and keep it a secret between us.  I knew from
the day we met that I just had to have you.

Myra, you can't be serious.  You are you bitch.

Of course I can.  It will destroy your business.  So I suggest you agree to my
terms if you want any of your life from now on.  I'm sure I can always make it
known no matter where you move or try to hide. I can even take it out on Gary
and the kids for your failure.  So what will it be bitch, Myra smiled at her.

Kate life was destroyed and she knew it.  I agree she whispered.

Louder slut.  Tell mistress you are a worthless slut whore.

I'm a worthless slut whore, Kate replied louder with a horst voice.

Whose slut?

I'm Myra personal worthless slut, Kate repeated shaking.

Good get your ass over here now and turn around so I can inspect you that big
butt of yours.

Kate slowly got up and walked over to the grinning Myra.  Turning around, she
stayed still as Myra rubbed her hands across her broad ass in back.

Lift the dress to your waist slut and hold it there.

Kate raised her dress as she felt Myra slowly lowered her panties below the
globes of her butt.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

Family in Bondage X

Myra goosed and tugged on Kate large ass while she remained in position.

Oh Kate, Myra said.  You sure have a big nasty ass back here but it's still much
prettier than you face.  Let me see here.  Oh yes.  Your asshole looks just like
the hole you have on your face and it stinks just as much I see.

Myra continued to tweak and spread her butt while she demanded she remove her
dress and bra.  When she had them off, she made her bend over and remove her
panties, giving her the perfect opportunity to jab a finger deep in her asshole
making her yell out from the onslaught.

Don't worry honey, I have one bigger for you big butt hole later, Myra teased,
jabbing the finger in and out her asshole as she struggled to get the panties
off her feet.  Myra pussy was soaking wet as she enjoyed the torment of the
woman.  She noticed that even Kate pussy was getting wet despite her trying not
to.  She reached between her legs and rubbed her cunt making her moaned in
pleasure.  She wasn't going to let her have the chance to concentrate on
anything else but what was happening to her.  Soon between the ass probing and
cunt rubbing, Kate was wiggling wildly in pleasure.  She pulled her finger out
of her butt and slapped her ass hard.

Get on all fours bitch, she demanded.

Kate dropped down on her hands and knees as Myra got up from the couch. 
Remember how you were going to watch your son kick my butt out of the house. 
Well guess what?  You are going to crawl around the room while I kick yours.

She kicked Kate ass hard with her foot.  Move bitch.

Kate started crawling as Myra followed behind kicking her butt as it wiggled in
front of her.  She was enjoying it totally as Kate started pleading with her
that it was hurting.  She gave her one final kick between her legs right up her
pussy as Kate screamed in pain and grabbed her cunt with her hands.  Myra
removed her dress admiring the sight before her.

Get your face over here bitch and lick my cunt, she said, stroking her cunt in
anticipation.  She knew it was dripping in excitement.  She watched Kate still
holding her cunt in one hand crawl over in agony on her knees and placed her
face in her crotch.  Myra grabbed her hair and pushed her face hard in her
crotch.  She wanted to make it as difficult as possible.  She felt her nose and
tongue pressed hard on her clit as Kate started working her tongue up and down
on it.  She had told Linda she wanted an hour with her before she could come out
with the rest of the slaves and she wanted ever minute of it.  She came on her
face hard.  Pushing her head back slightly, Myra reached down and tweaked her
large nipples between her finger and thumb.

Guess what you are going to lick this slut, she smiled.  Beg.

Please mistress, Kate shirked in between her nipple pinches.  Let me lick your

Okay, Myra smiled and turned around.  She wiggled her ass at Kate several times
and then pushed it back till Kate face was planted in her crack.  Lick it slowly
first, she said, then get that wagging tongue of yours deep inside.

She felt Kate tongue running up and down her asshole and then slowly working its
way inside.  She was going to enjoy every moment of this as she started rotating
her ass on her face while her tongue was still in.  Get a good taste of my butt
slut she thought, your face is going to be in it a lot.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

Family in Bondage XI

Myra was totally the worship of her asshole when Linda walked in with Gary and
the kids crawling behind.

Look who came for dinner, Myra said, grinding her ass more on Kate face.  Gary
gasped at the sight of his mother on her knees tonguing Myra ass and Mike gasped
in excitement.

Kate realized that the family was there and panic.  She immediately crawled
behind the chair trying to cover her large rear with her hand but couldn't
completely get behind it.  She was crying in shame.

Linda, I guess we have another large baby in the house.  Would you do the honor
of demonstrating to our new bitch what happens to crying babies.

I would love to, Linda replied walking around the chair as Kate tried
desperately to cover her tits.  She grabbed Kate by the ear as she screamed from
the pain and stood her up so everyone could see her large sagging tits and hairy
pussy.  Kate begged her to let her go but Linda lead her to the center of the
room and turned her around so everyone had a close up view of her large butt. 
Pushing her head down by tugging her ear low, she started swatting her ass with
her hand as Kate yelled out in pain.  Linda told the others that since she had a
larger ass she needed harder spanks to feel it.  Soon Kate ass was wiggling
wildly trying to avoid the next slap as Myra made Jenny crawl between her legs
and lick her pussy watching the action.  Kate ass was jumping up and down no
longer caring who saw it and begging Linda to stop.  Myra suggested Mike go get
one of the butt plugs she had left in the drawer.  The biggest one, she told

By the time Linda had quit spanking Kate ass, she was fully in tears and crying. 
Mike handed her the plug as she told him to spread her ass wide.

Nooooo.  Please, Kate begged as she felt the dong at her ass hole entrance.

Linda didn't hesitate.  She started working it slowly in as Kate started yelling
it was too large and please remove it.  Finally it was fully inserted as Kate
was wailing from the pain.

Don't be such a baby, Linda said.  Everyone has a plug and you don't hear them
complaining.  Can't have you going to the bathroom without permission you know.

Gripping her ear lobe harder, she made her stand up tear faced and started
walking her around the room wagging her fanny erratically as she strolled.

Myra was laughing and telling her that she had finally learned how to walk
properly.  Even Mike and Jenny had to laugh at the pitiful sight struggling to
walk straight.  Linda made Gary come over and turn around showing his butt plug
and then told him to bend over.  Pushing Kate on her knees in front of his ass,
she demanded she lick his balls in back so she could get a good view of his
plug.  Mike was called over to lick her Linda cunt while she constantly demanded
Kate lick faster on his balls.  Soon Gary cock was sticking straight out and
dripping all over the floor.

Gary turn around and jack off on your mother face, Myra yelled from the chair. 
Be sure to open up Kate or you'll have to lick the floor clean afterwards.

Gary was too horny to hesitate as he immediately turned around pulling on his
cock as Kate opened her mouth and shot a load inside it and down her chin as she
tried to swallow it.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?
Family in Bondage XII

Oh wasn't that lovely, Myra said.  She didn't even drop any on the floor.  I
think we should let the kids have some fun now.  Gary, Kate get on all fours
now.  Jenny go get on Gary back and Mike get on Kate.  That's right, she said,
as the kids were positioned.  Now we are going to play pony.  Gary, you and Kate
are going to raise your butts up so you are on your hands and feet only and the
kids are going to ride you two.  Jenny, you and Mike be sure to spank those big
asses good.  I want to see them bucking.

The kids were all excited from watching the action earlier and needed no
incentive.  Both were slapping the ass behind them while Kate and Gary butts
were moving rapidly with the blows.  Linda and Myra sat back and enjoyed the
scene laughing as Kate was begging Mike not to hit so hard.  Gary joined her
later as his butt started getting redder and redder.  Soon the kids could barely
stay on top.

That's enough, said Myra.  We don't want to wear the older sluts out too fast. 
Linda, I'm going to take Kate to the bathroom for some fun.   I'm sure you can
think up something for the rest to do.  Crawl bitch, Myra yelled at Kate.

Kate exhausted from the whipping Mike had giving her was relieved to be away
from the kid for a while as she hurried to get out of the room.  She feared what
was coming next but knew she couldn't take any more spankings for the moment. 
Myra joined her after she arrived with a double dildo in her hand.  She made her
stand up and stuck the short end in her mouth like she did Jenny the night
before.  Strapping it around her head tight.

Get in the tub and lay on your back, she commanded.

Kate immediately got in the laid back on the cold tile.  It felt so cold without
water in it as goose bumps appeared from the bare exposure.

You always wanted to fuck me and now you're chance, Myra said smiling down at
her.  She stepped on each side of Kate head and wiggling her fanny at the older
woman below started lowering her pussy down on the dildo.  She had to reach down
to help guide it in her cunt.  She slowly lowered herself completely on the fake
cock till she felt Kate nose buried in her asshole and remained still for a
while enjoying it's presence.

Oh, your cock feels so good Kate.  Fuck me bitch.  Fuck your mistress.

She started rocking on the cock as Kate tried desperately to keep it in her
cunt.  Every so often she would come down completely so she smothered Kate nose
in her ass and then start again.  She could hear Kate having a hard time
breathing down below and enjoyed every moment of it.  Finally she came squirming
on the cock and her face.

Oh, that was so good, she said.  Kate you're a natural born fucker.  I didn't
know your mouth was good for anything.  I got something special for you. 
Sitting back fully on the cock so her nose was deeply embedded she let out a
fart and laugh as Kate body shock down below.

That felt so good, she said.  I always wanted to do that to your face.  She
slowly got off the cock and out of the tub admiring Kate pitiful face down

Stand up dear so I can remove you cock till next time.

She unhooked the strap and held the long end she had just fucked to Kate face.

Open up bitch and clean my cock. 

Kate opened her mouth as Myra jammed it in and started fucking her mouth with
it.  That's it bitch.  Show me that fucking mouth of yours.  That's it.

Just a fantasy, how was yours?

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