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The Next Step

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

(thanks Bob & dianne for their input)

Tanya went bright red at reading these words, she just sat there, the slobish taxi drivers cum drying on her obscenely swollen pussy lips. “There was another message addressed to me”, said Mark, “I'll read it to you..”

“Mark, I have injected the sluts pussy lips with a serum that will make them swollen and painful for about a week, however it will also make them rub on her clit which should keep her fairly aroused throughout that time, unfortunately her pussy will be swollen shut and there will be no hope of relief!

I will send another package later in the week and look forwarding to abusing my slut next Saturday”


Tanya felt so ashamed, thanks to a man she had never seen she was now destined to be abused and used like a piece of meat, and her husband wanted it that way! Strangely, at this thought she could feel herself beginning to get wet, although you couldn't tell externally as her pussy was sealed tight by the swelling down there.

She noticed Mark walk up to her with his generously sized cock out and asked what he thought he was doing. “I want to fuck you!” he said, “you cant she said, you don't have permission to use my mouth and my pussy is so swollen it wont work!” she could not believe she was actually stating the Authors rules to her husband. Mark held out the note to her again, “read the last line”.

“I will allow you to fuck her mouth today, but that is all. And that doesn't mean you get a blow job either, you may FUCK her mouth!”

Tanya didn't understand that, surely they were the same thing, she was soon to find our differently. Mark ordered her to lean back on the chair and then he climbed on, one knee on either arm rest, his cock growing hard, “put you mouth around it and then keep still, I will tell your owner if you move!”. Then he started to fuck her face, his groin slamming into her head and his balls slapping against her chin, she didn't move an inch. He started to get faster and harder and she could feel the head start to push down her throat, further with each stroke until she was choking on the thing. Then he pulled the head back up into her mouth and hot cum erupted into the back of her mouth, she started to choke on the thick liquid and as she gagged salty cum started to stream from her nose and out of the corners of her mouth. Mark pulled out and used her hair to wipe his manhood and then stepped back. “Good girl” he said, then raised his camera and took a couple of shots before going upstairs to sent them to Jo. Tanya just sat there, cum drying on her face.

The next week went quite quickly for Tanya, she went to wok every day wearing clothes that would cover the welts on her body, which were gradually healing, and trying not to move around too much as it made her cunt rub together which was extremely painful and pleasurable at the same time. She was desperate for an orgasm and had tried on several occasions to get a finger inside herself to no avail, her lips were still swollen shut even though it was now Friday and she had expected them to have gone down by now. Every night when she got home Mark made her remove all of her clothes and then fucked her mouth with varying degrees of ferocity, she had learnt quickly how to deepthroat and could now swallow all of his cum without spilling any. He usually pinched her nipples when he came which had left them quite sore all week.

Tanya finished work and drove home as usual, however when she got home her husband was not at the door to great her as he had been every other day that week. Instead, there was a package sat on the table next to the door with Tanya's name on it. Her heart jumped and she got butterflies as soon as she saw it, she knew it contained instruments for her torture. She sat down and opened the box, the first thing she found was a note…

“Slut, I am eager to continue your training and look forward to your overnight stay tonight! I have enclosed a syringe with the anti-serum to relieve your cunt, you can administer it yourself. Your husband was horny so has gone out for the evening to visiting a slut that I used to own, so there's no need to worry about him, he will be there when you return.

I have enclosed some items that I'm sure you'll find a use for, I'll expect you to be creative when finding a use for everything. Get ready in front of a video camera and leave it for Mark to enjoy when he gets home. Once you are ready you can take a bus to my house, I have enclosed another note with the directions. You must sit on the back seat of the bus in the middle with your legs open, I will know if you haven't!

Now, use the items I have provided and then email me photographic proof that you have done so, then go and catch the bus.”

She looked further into the box to find what ‘items' she had been sent, first there was reel of black electricians tape, about half an inch wide. Next she pulled out two safety pins (the kind used for a babies nappy but thinner), two wooden clothes pegs, a small champagne cork with grease around the base, a corset (the kind that doesn't come over the nipples), a pair of stockings (the stick up kind), an extremely short tight black skirt, a dogs collar with a tag saying “SLUT”, a pair of stiletto shoes with a gold chain running between the heals and a syringe full of liquid. At the bottom was a tight black top with a tight neck and long sleeves.

Although Tanya was disturbed by what she found in the box, she could not wait to relieve the feeling between her legs and so quickly set up the video camera and removed her clothes, then sat down on a stool in front of it.

She pressed record on the camera and then picked up the syringe, she had never injected anything before and was very nervous about sticking the thing into her most sensitive area, but she had to have relief, as she pushed the needle into her left lip she felt an intense pain because of how sensitive the swollen lips were, she pushed the plunger half way down releasing the anti-serum which immediately reduced the size of her cunt lip and relieved the pressure she felt down there. Her pleasure was short lived though, she let out a scream as a severe burning sensation rippled though the lip that she had just injected, she thought it had set of fire it was so bad. Once she had recovered from that ordeal she repeated it on the other lip, this was just as bad and the camera captured every grimace of pain in her face. With her pussy back to normal she couldn't help herself as she began to rub her clit, it took about five seconds for her body to erupt into the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Tanya paused the camera and quickly ran to the bathroom to clean her self up. Returning to the stool she started the camera again and then began to take the items from the box, she already had some ideas of what to do from reading her stories. First came the dog collar, she put it round her neck and fastened the buckle, the SLUT tag hanging in front of her, she blushed. Next was the cork, she had seen it was greased up and it was obviously for her ass, she turned round and belt over the stool, ass to the camera, “how humiliating she thought as she could feel her pussy getting hot again, pulling her ass cheeks apart she placed and cork at her asshole and pushed hard, although not a full size champagne cork it was still wider than the plug she had used last week and she struggled to get it in. Once she had the base inside her she sat back on the stool which pushed the item into place and she felt her ring settle with the corks head sticking out.

With that full feeling inside her back passage she pulled out the next items, the clothes pegs, she could only think of one place for the and with a squirm she attached one to each nipple. Next was the electricians tape, the most creative thing she could think of to do with this was to wrap it around her tits, so that's what she did, starting at the base she wrapped it tightly round causing her tits to stand out from her body. As they started to turn red, Tanya could not believe that she was actually doing these things to her own body…..and starting to enjoy it!!

The last item, other then the clothes were the safety pins, Tanya could think where he expected her to put these, she already had the pegs on her nipples! Surely he couldn't expected her to pierce her cunt with these things!?? Finally she decided that wasn't an option, she removed the pegs from her nipples and moved them down to her labia, squeaking as they closed on her tender flesh. Next she took a deep breath and pushed the safety pin through the top of her nipple, she screamed as she did it but continues to force it through her tit flesh and out of the other side, she was almost passing out as she clipped the pin closed. As she felt the other pin slide through her right nipple she could hardly bare the agony, then it was done. There was sweat dripping from her forehead, and to her surprise, something stirring in her cunt. She was shocked to discover that the pain she had jut inflicted on herself had actually got her aroused! “They are right, I'm such a slut”, she thought.

She grabbed the camera and took shots of herself from every angle before sliding on the stockings and skirt, which barely met with the stockings and the fastening the extremely tight corset around herself. She then pulled on the top which pressed on her nipples causing twangs of pain to shoot through her breasts. Her outfit complete she took a few more snaps then turned off the video camera and went upstairs to email the photos to the Author. On the way she took a look at herself, she was disgusted. She looked like a prostitute, and the pins could clearly be seen stuck out the front of her tits, which themselves already stuck out obscenely due to the tape wrapped around them.

Once the email was sent she went to the front door, put her feet into the shoes and stepped out. Almost tripping over she remembered the chain that attached the shoes, she would have to take very small steps on this trip!

Review This Story || Author: Syren
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