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Group XS

Chapter 16

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy which contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape, non-consensual imprisonment, scatology and torture. It is definitely NOT for anyone under 21 or anyone who is offended by such material. This story is fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The story is long and I will happily add further chapters if people let me know they are interested in more - I welcome comments and suggestions from readers but all flames will be ignored.

Group XS

By "Dr Saavik"

Chapter 16

Date Saturday 23rd October 11.32

Catherine stood in pain and abject misery. She had no way to set herself free and her body was burning as the toxic poison from the needles peppering her breasts and pussy seeped into her system.

She could feel the white heat of the pain in all parts of her body, she could feel her wrists slowly being drawn tighter as she sank lower on the melting ice, and she could feel the unbearable pressure on her most sensitive tissues.

She had tears streaming down her face soaking mixing with the foul dampness which enveloped her face. She could feel the steady drip of her own salty urine as it was fed back inside her body. Catherine knew pain, she knew humiliation and she knew despair as she stood in her solitary apartment.

Just as she thought she could stand no more pain, the boxes attached to either her panties or her bra would send their shockwaves coursing through either her tits, her cunt, her ass or her cervix. At times they would conspire to send the shocks through several parts of her body at once. At times the shock lasted for an instant; at others a full gut-wrenching and knee trembling minute.

She had been standing there for some time, she had no way of measuring the time from where she stood, but guessed it was a hour or so when the screen came back to life. Mistress XS stood in the foreground of a new room. Another stark room with no natural light and brick walls.

“I imagine you are getting a bit uncomfortable now Catherine!” She said. “But I have a game for you to play while you stand there… it's a guessing game of sorts. I'm going to introduce you to four of our guests, there should be a clue in that number somewhere, and I want you to try and guess who they are! That sounds fun doesn't it? After I introduce you to each one I intend to give you a chance to study her for a bit before I show you the next, and so on. While you are studying them, I'd like you to spend a little time wondering what it is like for them and to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You should know by now that I can always make things worse!”

Mistress XS moved toward the back wall of the room she was in and Catherine could see there was a line of doors set into the wall, each measuring about 3ft high by 2ft wide. “These are some of the cells the girls get to stay in.” Mistress XS explained “I think I said they weren't as comfortable as the ones we had before… well these aren't too bad compared to some others you'll se later, but I guess they are a little small. But then, you see, our philosophy when we built this new place was that it didn't really matter how little space our guests had; what really mattered was that we had as much space as possible in which to play with them!”

She undid a heavy bolt and swung the first wooden door open. At first it was difficult to see inside, but as the door swung open a light built into the top of the tiny cell flickered to life to reveal its occupant.

Catherine had no clue as to the girl's identity. The girl was sitting upright, although her head was bent forward between her knees because the roof of the cell was so low. There was still a barred door separating the girl from the dungeon and her cramped conditions, and Catherine could see that her knees were pressed hard against this and that her shoulders were virtually touching the walls on either side.

Mistress XS undid a padlock and swung the cage-like door open. The relief for the girl was obvious as the tension in her knees and legs subsided.

As Mistress XS undid a chain around her neck which had been connected to the roof of the cell, and began to coax her out, Catherine was able to see more of her. There was, truth be known, little to help identify this victim of the vile Group.

She wore a leather discipline hood which, predictably, was all-embracing and had neither openings for eyes or mouth. Her head was simply a ball of shining black leather.

Her upper torso was contained in a leather straight-jacket, also of black leather, which came down to her waist where three straps held it firmly in place. Each strap, of course, dived between her legs to fasten at the back; one to each side of her pussy and the third ran straight over it.

Aside from the straps, the girl's ass was naked; the only other clothing she wore was a pair of hold-up stockings and a collar around her neck with a label hanging off it.

Once the girl was fully out of the cell, Mistress XS dragged her unceremoniously to her feet by the length of chain which remained around her neck and pulled her across the room. As she did so Catherine was able to see some of the macabre implements in the room, there was a small cage sitting empty, a whipping horse with a stained leather top, in the background Catherine could see what looked like a large wheel but Catherine knew was a treadmill; there was even a leather body bag suspended upside down from the ceiling. Catherine recognised these things from her previous encounter with Group XS and shuddered as she though of their purpose.

Mistress XS and the girl stopped when they came to the centre of the room. Here a simple piece of wood mounted on four sturdy legs came into view… the infamous wooden pony!

Catherine knew immediately what it was and what it was for; she had seen something similar first-hand when they had raided Group XS' former torture chambers and she had heard harrowing tales from the girls they had rescued as to its use.

The girls had each talked about the wooden pony as one of Mistress XS' favourite torture and had told graphic tales, not only of the pain it induced, but also the extraordinary length of time they would sometimes spend on it.

Catherine remembered one girl - she thought it was Beth Saunders, a 15 year old homeless girl the Group had captured – telling of how Mistress XS had left her on the pony for 48 hours as a punishment! Beth had never really recovered from that ordeal, either physically or mentally. When the case had come to court she had still been experiencing uncomfortable pain in her groin and medical evidence suggested she might never get full feeling back into her clitoris. The mental effects had been brought home when Beth had seen the horse standing in Court and broken down hysterically.

Now Catherine found herself watching another of Group XS' victims about to be introduced to the same torture.

“You remember how we used to make girls ‘ride the pony' no doubt.” Mistress XS said, “But I'd like you to take note of a couple of little additions to this particular pony. You see along the top of it here?” She said indicating the narrow ridge upon which the ‘rider's' weight was carried. “If you look carefully you'll see it's covered with the tips of hundreds of strategically placed needles! And here there are a couple of sockets?” She pointed to the centre of the bar where two ¼” holes were located close together. “Those are for some nice attachments the pony has…” She picked a metal case up from the floor underneath the pony and proudly displayed the contents. Inside there were a dozen different sized and shaped dildos, some like huge phalluses, others weird shapes sprouting knobs and spikes, each nestling in foam rubber cut to its shape, and each mounted on a metal post which looked perfect for fitting the socket!

Mistress XS looked at the contents like she were a child choosing a sweet. Her right index finger pointing at her mouth she made a show of choosing just the right two and came away with two balls on long shafts. The camera focused briefly on them and Catherine could see that one was about the size of a table-tennis ball, the other a tennis ball. Each appeared to have been lovingly fashioned from metal and ground in such a way that its surface was a mass of devilish bumps and ridges – making it resemble a spherical rasp!

“Just perfect I think!” Mistress XS purred as she fitted these to the corresponding sockets so that each rested a few inches clear of the needle studded ridge of the devious pony.

Fitting the girl to the pony was a relatively quick and simple procedure. Mistress XS removed the centre strap of her straightjacket and pulled it, together with the dildos attached to it, clean away to reveal a pink hairless cunt, as she put it “Just like a ripe bud ready for torture!”

Mistress XS lubricated each of the dildo devices with her devilish chilli oil and stationed the girl over the balls. At first Catherine assumed the pony was too low, each ball was barely touching her cunt and ass, and by standing on tiptoe the girl was able to just stay clear of them.

Her respite didn't last long, however, even if her straining legs could have supported her indefinitely, as Mistress XS and an unseen helper each attached cuffs to her ankles and began slowly, teasingly, to draw her legs apart.

Her legs were being drawn apart by ropes which wound round ratchet winches which ominously went ‘Click!' each time the rope was shortened. Millimetre by millimetre the girl's legs were drawn apart and she began to impale herself on the metal balls. Either because of the chilli oil or the girl realising what was happening, she became incredibly animated as the balls entered her cunt and ass and could be heard wailing and pleading beneath the unforgiving confines of her hood.

Her pleas were like music to her torturer's ears and Mistress XS continued her task with a look of absolute glee etched across her face. By the time the last ‘Click!' had been heard the girl had her ankles drawn nearly 4ft apart and her weight rested square on the top of the ridge of the pony.

“There's a saying ‘Give a person enough rope and they'll hang themselves' or something like that,” Mistress XS said conversationally, “well, that's what we are going to do! Watch carefully…”

Mistress XS released a zipper which ran across the girl's straightjacket and carefully teased her breasts through the opening. The girl, meantime, was wailing, pleading and desperately scrabbling with her toes in a vain effort to move off the needles.

Unabashed, Mistress XS drew fish hooks up through the base of each of the girls nipples until the top of the hook pointed downwards and the point was curved over the nipple. She then too a length of fine chain and clipped one end to the loop on each hook and let the length of chain trail down to the floor. At the floor end of each chain she attached a weight, a solid metal block weighing perhaps 1kg, and took great care to adjust each so that the block just rested on the ground, albeit the chain was still taut. The poor girl tried to bend forward to relieve the pressure, but her efforts were thwarted when Mistress XS attached a chain from the ceiling to the top of her discipline helmet preventing her from slouching far enough to take the pressure of her nipples.

“Now we let her hang herself!” Mistress XS said with relish, allowing 5” or 6” of slack on each leg.

At first Catherine could not fathom what Mistress XS meant by this remark. That is, she could not until the girl took advantage of the slack to relieve some of the pain caused by the needle-topped ridge. The girl rose tremulously on her wide spread legs and lifted herself an inch or so free of the surface. As she did so the shafts of the intruding balls showed a little and, presumably, she ground some of her sensitive flesh over the rasp-like heads which were buried deep inside her! At the same time her nipples bore the full brunt of the weights which dangled precariously clear of the floor!

“Watch carefully Catherine! We'll leave the camera on her for a while so you can enjoy her predicament while you suffer yours and you try to work out who she is! Do just think about it as she rises and falls. It's like she's slowly, ever so slowly, fucking her ass and her cunt on those balls and at the same time torturing her tits and straining her legs. As you watch she'll be able to hold the position for a little bit less time and gradually spend more and more of her time resting her full weight on that nasty ridge!”

Mistress XS turned from watching the girl and smiled at the camera. “You'll be able to imagine yourself riding the pony! Who knows, when it's your turn I may give you a chance to choose which attachment you fancy having fitted? You may even turn into one girl I had, who seemed to actually enjoy it! Can you believe that? It was one of the prisoners back in Russia who came to a party my friend was having, I think you know him, Dr Saavik? And she turned out to be a true masochist and got off fucking herself on the pony!!! We let her play for a while then had to take her off because she was having too much fun. We then used her for perfecting torture techniques… she was a wonderful subject because we knew we had got a technique right when she stopped creaming her cunt with the pain and began to scream blue murder! She did a lot of screaming by the end that girl…”

Mistress XS broke out of her reverie and said “I have to get on! There are so many nasty things to do to the guests here I must keep busy. For now I'll leave you watching your new friend here – you just be sure to let me know if she starts to enjoy it!”

With that the camera was adjusted so Catherine had a full-frontal view of the girl, her legs straining, her shoulders shaking with wracked sobbing rising slowly, taking the weight off her cunt and onto her nipples, and falling back down in anguished defeat. Mistress XS would have found the scene perfectly engaging. Through her own agony Catherine could do nothing but close her eyes to prevent the image of torture from invading her own torture.

Catherine might have known that Mistress XS did not administer light torture, but she was not prepared for the length of time she was faced with the solitary image of the girl on the pony. She must have spent 5 hours watching the girl's efforts to rise off the pony trail down to nothing more than feeble and fleeting attempts. Her moans and sobs, at first loud and heart-wrenching, had now subsided to a low agonised moan which sometimes matched the noise Catherine herself was making!

Catherine's pain had not diminished, if anything it had increased to new heights. Her wrists were now fully stretched, the ice long melted, and her feet were scrabbling for contact with the spikes under them. Like the girl on the pony she enjoyed brief moments of respite when she could bring herself to lift her weight on her toes, only to sink back into worse agony when the pain in her toes became too great.

The needles stuck in her tits and cunt were still gently administering their poison, and Catherine remained in agony and alert – just as Mistress XS had promised, the concoction preventing her escaping into tortured sleep!

The shocks still came to her most sensitive parts. They came at random times for different durations – at no time could she settle into her pain without the threat of the gut-wrenching pain from the electricity.

At one point the girl on the pony let out an agonised cry and Catherine watched a stream of urine cascade over the top of the pony and form a puddle on the floor between her legs. The girl seemed inconsolable after this, a fresh round of sobs and wails emanating from beneath her discipline helmet before eventually subsiding back into the now familiar low moans.

Date Saturday 23rd October 17.20

Mistress XS had spent the afternoon playing with some of the girls and talking with Saavik, Zorhof and some of the other senior Group members about their plans for Catherine.

She was now sitting on a sofa in the drawing room of the main house beside Lisa Shaw, the lawyer who had brought Kelly Brown to the Group earlier in the week, staring at the video images of Catherine.

“Doesn't she look so wonderfully uncomfortable?” She said to Lisa.

“I know!” Lisa said. “It gave me such a wonderful rush sitting in court with her and knowing what was going to happen – I just wish she were here now so we could properly ‘entertain' her.”

“I know. But it's all in a good cause; just think how much fun it will be having her here and knowing what she's been through to get here!” Mistress XS replied. “In the meantime, you and Ilsa will just have to make do with the girls you've got now and plotting some horrible ordeals for Catherine.” She paused before continuing. “Talking of horrible ordeals, what have you been up to with the girl you picked up the other day, what was her name, Kelly something?”

“Yes; Kelly Brown.”

“That's the one! I haven't had a chance to look in on her – how is she coming along?” She asked.

Lisa stretched on the sofa, her eyes still glued to Catherine on the screen, and allowed her hands to caress her breasts. She was no longer the smartly dressed lawyer – she was wearing her beloved rubber from head to toe, her black catsuit hugging her fine figure.

“It was a bit strange at first.” Lisa said as her hands squeaked gently on the rubber stretched taut over her breasts. “She actually seemed to be enjoying some of the rubber – you remember, she was the whore who got spanked in rubber?”

“But then as Dr Saavik, Ilsa and I began to play with her more seriously she began to get frightened. That was when the fun really started! Rest assured she's spent the last few days bound in rubber, beaten in rubber and raped in rubber. When I left her, Ilsa was just lacing her into a rubber punishment suit so she could get some rest before our next session.”

Mistress XS looked at her watch.

“Maybe we should go and see her so I can get to know her; I'm sure she'd love to meet me…” She said.

Lisa smiled, feeling a slight shiver of fear run through her on Kelly's behalf; no slave loved to meet Mistress XS. “That sounds like a nice idea. What do you have in mind?”

Mistress XS gave an enigmatic smile. “I only have a couple of hours before my next session with dear Catherine, but that should give us enough time to introduce her to the pleasures of some serious torture. She's well stacked isn't she?”

Lisa stopped stroking her own breasts as she replied; the spectre of Mistress XS applying serious breast torture had made her own breasts suddenly less erogenous! “Sure she is. She's got to be at least a double D.”

With that Mistress XS stood up from the sofa and began to make her way out of the room with Lisa trailing behind her. Mistress XS glanced over her shoulder and looked past Lisa to Catherine's image on the screen. “Perhaps we'll stop by Dr Zorhof's room and pick up some ‘medicine' for Kelly. I'm sure the poor girl's are a little tender; if they're not now they will be once she's been pumped full of that stuff!”

Date Saturday 23rd October 17.40

Catherine was wholly unaware that Mistress XS and Lisa had been enjoying staring at her plight; she was only aware of her pain and the girl she was staring at on the screen.

Each in her own private hell. Each sobbing inside her pain-wracked bondage. Each being toyed with by Mistress XS.

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