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Sub Diary

Part 6

After what seems an eternity Master returns to the room. The open fire crackles in the background and Master places his favorite music cd into the player.

I am kneeling as instructed at his chair, the clit chain in my mouth, hands behind my back, legs spread.

He fetches himself a drink and sits in his chair without a word.

My body has recovered from the torture of today. It seems that the more torture I am given, the more I can withstand and my body returns to normal very quickly. I know this pleases Master as he can continue to train me as he wishes knowing that my recovery is swift.

‘Sub. Finger yourself but do not cum, when I feel you are stimulated, I will instruct you to place your fingers in your mouth.'

I obey, reaching down between my legs I feel my moist pussy welcome my fingers inside. I insert two fingers, pushing them lightly in and out, rubbing against my clit while the moisture builds up. Adding a third finger, I use my index finger from my other hand to press on my clit, rubbing it in a circular motion, while plunging the fingers deep inside me.

I begin to curl them up, reaching for my G Spot, groaning loudly with the chain dangling form my mouth.

My eyes are closed tight, I imagine that this is Master and the tension builds even more. I am rubbing hard, my clit is swelling and the sensations are building as I pump my fingers inside me.


I remove my hands, bring them straight to my mouth and put my fingers inside.

Master reaches down and feels between my legs. I jump as he presses my swollen clit and plunges his fingers deep inside me.

He removes the chain from my mouth as he speaks.

‘Lie on your back, legs up and apart.'

I obey. Laying down in front of him, legs upwards and wide apart.

Master reaches down, rubbing my clit again as the orgasm builds, quickly applying the chain to my swollen sex.

I groan loudly and squirm a little.

‘Still Sub or be punished.'

I am panting, lying there trying to be still, with my legs pointing to the roof, open wide and my clitoris clamped tightly, wanting to explode into orgasm.

Master sits back in his chair and sips his drink as I lay there as still as I can.

My legs begin to rock as they tire under the strain. They have been straight upwards for many minutes, my clit is now swollen and sore under the clamp, and my arms are gripping my hips trying to give relief to the weight that they are holding.

Master has the chain in his hand. He tugs it lightly and I gasp the air in.

‘Bend your knees, keep legs apart and masturbate again. Stop when I tell you.'

I again obey him, bending my knees so that my feet are touching my thighs, I reach around and insert two fingers into my pussy. I am trying hard not to bump the clit clamp, but as I push my fingers in and out he tugs the chain again and my hips buck with it.

My pussy is wet, fingers sloshing in and out as Master tugs the chain time after time while my fingers explore. I am breathing quickly, the orgasm is building, trapped behind the clamp, sending my mind wild with overload.


I stop fingering, panting at his feet while he leans forward and unclips the clamp.

‘Cum now.. You have ten seconds.'

My fingers dive inside me. One hand rubs my clit up high as the other fingers inside my pussy hard, the orgasm gushes through me and I writhe on the floor as the juices seep onto the rug. My legs cramp and pull back before dropping to the floor with a thud. I try to catch me breath as I lay there.


I struggle to my feet, standing in front of him, panting as if I had just been jogging.

He reaches up and squeezes my breasts. They are tender and feel firm under his touch. He pinches each nipple, pulling and squeezing it hard then rubbing it back into its normal size.

‘We will retire to the bedroom.'

‘Yes Master.'

I follow him up the stairs and to bed. He restrains, and gags me, complete with the night breast harness, tightly binding my breasts up high on my chest and banding my nipples tightly. Lastly he blindfolds me and takes his place in the bed beside me.

He rolls over and cups my breasts, squeezing both of them hard as I lay tightly restrained on my side. His hand moves to my back and arse, pushing me further towards the edge of the bed, his hand presses hard into my arse crack.

I am lying almost on my stomach, twisted from the waist down as Master pushes me over and parts my cheeks.

His fingers feel my pussy and moisten my hole; he positions himself beside me and his cock at my arse entrance. His whole body is lying hard against mine as he grabs my hips and pulls me onto him.

His cock pushes inside me as he pulls my body on top of him, my arms and legs tied tightly, my back arched over him as he plunges his stiff cock deep into my bowels.

His hands reach for my breasts. He grabs them and uses them to lever himself against me, pumping my arse hard as I bite down into the gag in my mouth. Pulling and pinching my tits he pumps me, I am bouncing up and down on his stomach and hips, rams and legs pulling tightly against the cuffs and chains.

He arches his back hard and I feel him explode inside me. My breasts are agonizing as he roughly handles them, rolling me off him and kneeling beside me.

‘Good Sub. You serve me well.'

He moves to my head, removes the gag and pushes his cock into my mouth.

‘Open and Clean'

He lays beside me and sleeps. I struggle in my bounds to get comfortable, My legs are sticky and my arse hurts again but eventually I doze off.

Master stirs. I wake and wait for him to release me.

He releases me and we shower. I again suck him in the shower while he fondles my breasts and nipples under the water. I open my mouth. I can smell my arse smells on him but have no choice but to suck and clean his cock. I lick it from top to bottom, swirling my tongue around the shaft and tip as he moved it in and out. He begins to grunt hard, pushing my head onto his hardness before he comes deep down my throat.

After we have showered, he dresses and we make our way down for breakfast.

Master insisted that I only drank water and warm milk this morning, before attaching me to the milking pump for ten minutes. The milk volume is building slowly. The fluid now resembles actual milk and this is pleasing to Master.

I am naked as usual, Master orders to the dungeon once I have finished breakfast.

He requires me to have the cuffs on my wrists and ankles and to be gagged.

I enter the room apply the equipment as ordered and kneel on the mat waiting for him.

He enters the room and orders me onto the massage bed, on my stomach.

I obey.

He takes my arms and pulls me forward until my breasts hang freely over the front of the bed. He clips my wrists together behind my back, pushing my breasts outwards. He then attaches the milking machine to me, the suction pulling my nipples hard while Master moves behind me and attaches my ankles together also. He then hogties me on the bed, attaching the center rope through the pulley above the bed, pulling it tight so that I am barely making contact with the bed at all.

Master leaves the room for a brief time and returns. He has some items in his hands that I cannot see properly.

He moves behind me, pushing my legs apart and parting my pussy lips. He begins to lick my pussy lips, holding me by the thighs as I squirm under his touch. I can feel something cold drizzling onto my arse and down my crack. His tongue pushes deeper inside me, flicking and licking the walls and warm folds of my pussy. His finger presses my arse and pops inside to the first knuckle. I groan loudly as his face presses harder inside me.

He pulls away.

‘Be quiet Sub. Make a sound and you will be punished.'

I nod, gritting my teeth as he returns to his feast. Pressing hard he slurps and licks before drizzling some more cold liquid onto my arse and licking at it. His tongue finds my arse hole and presses against it. I hold my breath as he licks and searches inside my bowel with his tongue, his fingers pressing inside me, curling up to my g spot and holding there while he explores me.

I try to stay silent, dribbling into the gag I moan quietly as he continues to eat me. His face is hard against my pussy, his teeth nibbling at my clit, fingers now inside my arse, fucking me while he licks my swollen clit and pussy. The orgasm is almost here, I bite hard into the gag, stiffening my legs to signal to him but he continues.

Finally I scream out…

‘Ohhhhh…' I moan loudly into the gag.

He pulls away roughly.

The orgasm hits me and I rock within my restraints.

Master is furious with me. He pulls back and grabs the whip, unleashing on my arse and pussy while I was settling from the orgasm.

The cracks took me by complete surprise as they hit my exposed pussy lips.

I screamed for mercy as he whips me again and again. He continues to mark my arse cheeks, again and again whipping them hard as I rock back and forth, hogtied and unable to escape.

He moves in front of me and disconnects the machine.

He cracks both breasts hard.

I scream loudly and begin to sob. The pain is excruciating.

‘Pleeassse…' I sob at him. My head hangs down, arms and legs pulled tight behind me and my swollen breasts exposed to him.

‘Look at me Sub.'

I strain my head upwards to look at him. I can barely see through my tears.

‘You are weak. You now have two alternatives. Understand.'

I nod.

‘Your first is to allow me to use your pussy without orgasm, and I will release you.'

‘Your second is that should you orgasm, your nipples and clit will be clamped, your holes filled and you will be restrained for the rest of the day.'

I look at him forlornly and Nod.

‘Good..Shall we continue then.'

He moves behind me once again. I am tense now as he moves his head between my legs.

He strokes my arse lightly, gently kneading my cheeks as I relax and the tension eases. His fingers again find my pussy. It is moist and welcoming.

I feel the liquid drizzle again, it lands on my arse hole and slips down to my pussy lips where it drips into my hole. Masters fingers move around, they are gently sliding in and out of me, he kisses my thighs and pussy lips before licking at them again. There are fingers inside my arse, pushing hard as he bites my lips and the walls of my pussy. He licks and slurps me, pushing his tongue deep inside my pussy as I focus on my breathing. More liquid drizzles onto me and his face moves up to my arse. His tongue is firmly pressing and enters my bowel, swirling around while his fingers push hard into my pussy. Again they curl upwards, pressing my G Spot and circling my clit as he fucks me with his tongue. I am rocking with his rhythm as more fingers enter me and pump hard. He is making it hard for me to hang on, I grit my teeth and breath slowly as the tension builds inside me. His face moves away as his fist enters my pussy, pumping hard inside me as I grunt quietly. His other hand has my clit, pinching and rubbing it, forcing me to orgasm as he pumps harder and harder.

Finally I crumble under his touch. I scream out in pain as the orgasm hits me and Master buries his face into my pussy yet again. I can hear his slurps as I hump his face and release my juices onto him.

I am spent. Hanging like a limp rag as Master moves away from me and unties the rope from the pulley above.

He is panting, he lowers me onto the table where I lie motionless. Exhausted and euphoric I lay on the bed as he unclips the cuffs from each other and lays my arms and legs out flat.

‘Rest up Sub. I will be back to punish you shortly.'

He returned with the clamps.

‘Sit up.'

I was reluctant, but obeyed him as always.

He collared me tightly.

He placed one clamp on each nipple, they pinched tightly, causing me to wince and groan. He then ordered me to open my legs wide while he clamped my clit. This too was painful and I squirmed and moaned with the pain.

He then ordered me to stand and bend over while he filled me with dildos in each hole. The chain from my clit was then pulled through between my legs, guided over both dildos and clipped onto the collar. It was tight as I stood up and pulled on my clit when I walked. He then took the chains from each nipple and pulling them upwards he attached it to the collar also. I was in a lot of pain, my arse and pussy were sore from his licking and fingering earlier, and my nipples tender from the milking machine.

He sat me on the floor against the wall. My arms were cuffed to rings on the wall out wide. My legs were spread out and attached to the same rings by ropes. They were then pulled tightly so that I rested on my arse cheeks and nothing else. The chains were tightly pulling on my nipples and clit.

Master bent down in front of me.

‘I am going shopping now. I will purchase clothes for you as you have disappointed me today.

Your second effort was better, but it should have been that way from the start. Think about this while I am gone.'

I nodded as a tear dripped from my eye.

He left the room and went shopping while I waited for his return.

Restrained, clamped and plugged.

I must improve for him. He is my Master.

Review This Story || Author: chooky104
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