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The Subjection of Mom and Sis

Chapter 3

The Subjection of Mom and Sis Chapter Three

I crotched down next to mom's shuttering, sobbing form. She was on her back with her weight resting on her pinned arms. Her 36” C-cupped breasts were laying flat on her chest quivering like melted jello. Sticking strait out proudly were mom's newly formed minitits and their super thick long purplish-black nipples. Though they were no longer bleeding they were throbbing delightfully.

“Mommy!” I cooed as I smacked the wire clothes hanger hard atop her quivering convulsing stomach.

With panic in her eyes mom turned her face towards me. I could see the terror in her tear streaked, wild eyes. I could tell she wanted to beg me verbally but she didn't dare. So instead she begged with her eyes. They were imploring me not to inflect any more pain upon her already savagely whipped rump and especially her poor agonizingly throbbing deformed nipples.

But her pleading eyes had no effect on my raging libido. I was just having too much fun.

Still swatting her tummy hard I asked, “Mommy that isn't the position we were just taught to be in? Now is it?”


WHAT ! I did not give you permission to talk BITCH !” It tickled me to see mom had overridden her fear of speaking to me. But the mind blowing pain in her nibblits had made her desperate. I was going to make her regret that bit of courage. I pondered for a few moments deciding what punishment was befitting for her speaking.

Mom shuddered to the core as she saw an impish smirk spread cross my face.

“Position mommy!” I cooed.

Mom let out a pain filled pitiful groaned as she implored with her eyes and whimpered, “They…hurt…to…much!.. Please…Roger…don't…make…me…get…on… my…breasts!…Please!!!”

I shifted the hanger from smacking mom's tummy to the bottom portion of her pillowery left breast


“Now mommy or I'll start on them nippers again!”

Mrs. Joan Peterson screamed loudly as the hanger etched is way into her soft mammary gland. As painful as it was it was nowhere as painful as having her nipples savagely beaten again by her sadistic son. As quick as she could Joan rolled off her back. She knelt upon her widely spread knees. Dreading to do so she leaned forward and prepared herself for the pain that she knew was coming. She was intending to ease herself slowly and gently down onto her severely whipped nipples. To acclimate herself to the pain that would be generated as she put more and more pressure on her damaged teats. But that was not to be. No sooner then her swollen nipples made contact with the rug her sadistic son slash her rear end with that dreadful hanger. Joan involuntary lurched forward driving her tender abused nipples hard into the rug. Joan screamed out in pain from both the new welt that was laid on her left ass cheek and her very tender nipples being forced into the rug. She wanted to rise up to stop the mind numbing pain that was exploding in her tortured nipples. But she was too afraid of what her son would do to her. So Joan remained in her servitude position that her son had so quickly taught her to do.

On her widely spread knees. Her cum covered face pushed into the rug. Her well whipped ass sticking up high. Pooching her vagina out obscenely (though her son had not raped her as of yet she know it was coming.) Her hands forced high up her back pinned between her shoulder blades. If she tried to lower them Joan would find herself tightening the two belts around her neck. Thus choking herself into further submission. And the worst of all the mashing of her 36 C-cup breast into the rug. Which resulted in her tortured swollen nipples to be agonizingly shoved into the soft spongy tissue of her mammary glands.

As Mrs. Joan Peterson submissively knelt in the middle of her bedroom she was in the worst pain that she had ever been in the thirty-eight-years of her life. As bad as the agonizing pain she was now suffering Joan was sure that she would be suffering through much more horrible torturous pains inflected upon her by her very own son. She had no doubts about that. The sadistic grin on her son's face made her very, very sure of that.

After Roger made his mother drive her new and improved boobies and newly developed minitits into the floor by a especially hard slash with the hanger across her well whipped welted ass Roger coned the fingers of his left hand the jammed them into his mom's very dry twat. After a painful yelp from mommy as her twat was stretched wide Roger shoved his hand into his mother until the base of his thumb impacted with her pussy. The seventeen year old the cooed, “Mommy we are going to play a little game.” Roger twisted his twat imbedded hand from side to side. “We are going to do some booby drag -racing.” Roger pulled up hard on his mom's twat. “And to make sure that we truly do some booby drag racing this lard ass needs to go higher. Roger pulled up harder on his mom's twat lifting her slightly off her knees. This put most of her weight onto her tortured bloated nipples and minitits. “Now mommy we are going to start the booby drag race.” To help to stabilize his mother Roger shoved his thumb into her shitter. Now Roger could control his mommy's lifted ass like a bowling ball.


Joan lurched forwarded as the hanger etched its way across her welted purple rump. As painful as it was to have four more welt rising slashes across her rump it was nothing compare to the mind numbing pain that roared through her swollen tortured nipples and minitits as she thrust herself forwarded upon them.

The booby drag race was on.

With her knees lifted off the floor Joan had no choice other than to keep her breasts plastered to the floor as her son continued to whip her rear end with the hanger. With a lot of lurching and squirming back and forth Joan not so much drag but propelled herself across her bedroom floor. The soft plush rug that normally felt so good under her feet was anything but. The synthetic fibers were like sandpaper. Abrading her already swollen nipples and minitits.

“Mommy the booby drag race will end when we have our chew toy back where it belongs.”

Joan knew that it was her soiled panties that was the ‘chew toy' her son referring to. She had no idea where they had landed after she jettison them from her mouth during the savage beating of her nipples. Joan cranked her head back and desperately looked around her bedroom for them as she scooted across the floor upon her tortured nipples and minitits. She didn't see them. While her son continued to hold her knees up off the floor by her aching vagina and slashing her rump with the hanger to spur her on Joan change her direction of travel several times. After a good ten minuets of frantic searching the thirty-eight-year-old mother spotted her soggy panties just outside the bedroom in the hallway. Joan made a beeline towards them. Once her mouth was over her panties Joan sucked and nibbled the saliva drenched panties soiled with her bodily waste completely into her mouth. Her son stopped beating her blistering buttocks and lowered her knees to the floor when she was once again chewing on her soiled panties.

“That was a very good first run of the booby drag race mommy.” Roger praised his panty chewing sobbing mother.

Joan groaned in misery as her son jerked his hand around within her vagina. Normally such brutal abuse of her vagina would have been extremely painful. Though it was the mind shattering pain in her severely whipped nipples that were now rubbed raw washed out the pain in her abused vagina. The mind-blowing pain in her severely abused nipples also negated the pain generated by the devirginizing of her rectum by her son's thumb.

Mrs. Joan Peterson thought that she was being turned inside out as her son yanked his hand out of her overstretched vagina and his thumb out of her rectum. She let out a squeal as her son jerked her into a kneeling position by her hair. She cringed in fear as her son cut the air in front of her face with the metal clothes hanger. Fearfully she watched her son stand before her his cock jetting out from dark forest of his groin. It was longer then his father's by at less three inches and thicker. The tip was oozing precum from its slit. Though he hadn't yet Joan knew that her son would soon be raping her.

Roger was suffering from the worst case of blue balls that he had ever suffered in his life as he looked down at his mother's boobs. The rug burned orbs were a mouth watering delight to behold. The track across the rug had caused her brutally whipped nipples and newly formed minitits to swell even more then they had before the booby drag race. The rest of her mammary glands were a bright red from the rug burns they had been subject to. He couldn't resist the urge to squeeze, pinch and tweak the inflamed goodies before him. So he did.

Joan shuttered and squirmed in agonizing pain as her son's powerful hands assaulted her abused breasts flesh. With the palm of both hands her son started slapping her rug burned boobs about. He slapped them from side to side, up and down, on the tops, the bottoms, the out sides and the insides with powerful blows. He titty slapped every square inch of his mother's rug burned boobies. He loved the darker red handprints that were laid on top of her already redden tit flesh. When Roger got tired of slapping his mother's boobies around he wrapped his hands around the bloated ends of her breasts her minitits and squeezed the swollen flesh tightly. He twisted the squished minitits to the left as if he was trying to open a couple of tightly sealed jar tops. Then to the right to reseal them. Then in opposite directions. After releasing the very well twisted minitits he move down to her whipped bloated nipples. He tightly pinched the inflamed, swollen nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Via the trap nippers Roger jerked his mother's abused boobies around her chest.

Throughout the breasts torture Joan screamed in muffled anguish through her soiled panties in her mouth. After a good thirty minutes of torturing her mammary glands her son pulled her chest down towards the floor via her pinched nipples. When he released her teats Joan immediately pressed her abused mammary glands into the rug. And assumed her painfully taught servitude position.

That did it. Roger had to get relief for his blue balls before they exploded. He moved behind his mother and surveyed her up thrusted ass. Licking his lips with fervor enthusiasm the seventeen-year-old came to a decision.


Mrs. Joan Peterson lurched forwarded as the clothes hanger etched its way across her well presented rump. Without her son holding her knees off the floor by her vagina allowed Joan to lift her face and most importantly her tortured mammary glands up off the floor as she lurched forward. She let out a little sigh of relief as her tortured nipples and newly formed minitits clear the floor. But it didn't last long.


aaaaarrrrrggggeeeeaaaaggggeeee !” Mrs. Joan Peterson howled through her soiled panties as her son slammed his shoed foot atop of her bound hands, which drove her abused breasts back into the floor hard.

“Wait up there mommy.” Roger giggled as he lifter his foot and slammed it back down.


“I know that you're raring to burn more titty rubber but we must add some go juice to the old HOOTER-MOBILE.” Snickered Roger as her took his foot off his mother.

Quivering in fear the thirty-eight-year-old mother looked over her shoulder at her son. As much pain as she was in she saw that Roger was in just as much pleasure if not more. She couldn't understand how the offspring of herself and her loving husband could be so monstrous. “Oh god here it comes.” Joan groaned in shame to herself as she watched her son with his ragging hard-on kneel behind her up thrusted rear. “My own son is going to rape me.” Joan winced and sobbed as her son's hands started to knead her blistered buttocks.

Joan had expected her son to rape her with his stiff member in her aching vagina but it didn't happen. What did happen shocked and shamed her even more.

Joan's scream could be heard throughout the house even through her soiled panties in her mouth as Roger plunged his hard cock into her virgin anus. It quickly tore into her. Forcing an agonizing painful wide path deep into her rectum. Joan tried to shimmy forward to dislodge her son's phallus from her rectum, but Roger grabbed her hips and yanked her back onto his very stiff cock, spearing deep into her guts. After belly and ass slapped together Roger pulled his cock out, forcing a new series of screams from his mom as it raced out of her stretched and torn asshole. Joan felt empty for a second, than Roger began a ruthless plunge back into her bowels, the bleeding anal tract providing some lubrication for his cock. Her anal tract ached as it was forced to spread wider than it should have to, tearing as Roger's cock ravaged her. Joan screamed and screamed and screamed. She looked over her shoulder pleadingly at her son. Roger's eyes were gleaming excitedly as he pounded his phallus up her rectal track. She knew that her son would not stop raping her ass until he had satisfied his lust.

Roger grasped his mom's hips, pulling her back onto his throbbing cock, forcing it deeper into her, causing her to whimper in extricating pain as his cock straitened out her colon filling her guts with the worst cramps she ever had in her life. Faster and faster her son raped her rectum, the sounds of his stomach slapping against her ass, his cock tearing deep into her, his balls slapping her pussy.

Please get this over, I cannot stand the pain any longer .” Joan cried to herself as her son's cock tore through her rear opening. Ripping open the delicate lining. Blood from the tears was providing some lubrication which made her son's cock slid in and out a little easer. But did nothing to ease the burning, ripping pain in her rear hole. She was constantly buffeted by her son's hard cock. Not only was Joan suffering horrible pain from her first anal penetration by a cock but her rocking whipped nipples and minitits sent agonizing pain roaring through them. The pounding thrust of her son's cock in her rectum rocked the thirty-eight-year-old back and forth on the rug her breasts were pushed into. The pain was constantly forced muffled screams from her panty stuffed mouth as she was brutally raped in the ass by her own son. She could feel his cock getting bigger in her ass, stretching her more. Soon he she knew he would be ready to cum, shooting his hot sperm deeply into her guts.

“Oh, God, I'm going to cum in your shitter mommy!” his hands forcing her asshole over his cock. He plunged in her faster and harder, tearing her rectal lining more and more. He saw the blood on his cock and it excited him more. He was raping the asshole of his mother and he loved it. His cock tore into her, pushing deep into her rectum and he began to cum.

Joan could feel his cock pulsate as it drove deep into her, feeling like a baseball bat was shoved up her ass. It began to get bigger and she could feel his cum move along his cock, shooting out deep into her, the hot cum shot deep into her colon. Sperm shot out of his cock again, and again, Joan felt his hot seed filling her guts up. His cock plunge in and out of her ass, forcing new screams from her panty stuffed mouth. When he finish dupping his load of sperm Roger pulled his cock from her asshole. Joan's ass farting as it shrank. Spurting little droplets of sperm like some perfume atomizer. Joan's tears of pain and shame soaked the rug under her face, as cum and blood ran from her raped asshole. Runing down the outside of her pussy and drip to the floor below to pool on the rug. Her son still kneeling behind her wiping, his slimy and bloody cock from the rape of her virgin ass on her blistered ass cheeks.

“Wow that was fuck'n fantastic! A whole lot better then wanking.” Roger cooed in delightful bliss.

Roger would have fucked his mother's twat but he wanted his first real fucking to be in a virgin hole. And that leftout her twice baby spewing baby chute. Besides after shoving his hand into her cunt mom was a little lose there right now. However that was not so with his mother's shitter. Other then his thumb it was virgin territory. So Roger lost his virginity by corn holing his mother's virgin shitter. He loved it. He was going to bugger that tight hole again and again. Oh he would get around to fucking her twat later but first he wanted to really ream out his mother's tight back passage.

After standing up Roger looked down at his flaccid cock. It was a mess. It was covered with a sticky, gooey mixture of his jism and his mother's blood and shit. He would have to clean it. But he didn't want to stop playing with his mother in order to go to the bathroom to clean it. As Roger stood there wondering whether or not to head for the bathroom a chicken shit grin spread across his face as he came up with a simple solution to his cock cleaning problem. Moving around from his mother's jism dripping rear to her rug plastered face Roger felt his cock stirring.

Grabbing a handful of his mother's red hair he jerked her from her servitude position to an upright position on her knees. Roger giggled as he watched the chewing motion of his mother's jaw.

“Spit out your chew toy mommy.”

Mrs. Joan Peterson thirty-eight-year-old mother of two knelt in the hall just outside her bedroom. She was in excruciating pain. She had never been in so much pain in her entire life. From the twitching and cramping of her hammer locked arms that were secured behind her back. She longed to straiten them out. But they were restrained in such a way that if she moved her arms she would choke herself. So even though it caused her great agony Joan forced herself to push her hands higher up her back just to ease the choking.

To her blazing heinie. She was sure that her posterior had been stripped raw from the beatings that had been delivered to it by a wire clothes hanger. She had quickly learned that her son loved to beat her with the hanger no mater if she resisted or cooperated with whatever he wanted her to do. Just the uncontrollable twitching of her gluteus maximus caused Joan immense pain.

Her recital track was twitching painfully from the rape. A rape that was done by her very own son. She could feel the large load of sperm that her son has shot deep into her bowels slowly leaking out. It was the first time that anyone had sex with her that way. Not even with her husband. Once a boyfriend in her freshman days at collage had wanted to tried anal sex with her. She was shocked beyond belief with the very notion of such disgusting act that she had halted the idea before it even got started. But now she passively knelt with the result of her first recital intercourse leaking out of her in stretchy, stringy globs to splat down to the carpet just outside of her bedroom.

As bad as all of the other pains were the worse was what her son had did to the nipples and the ends of her 36” C-cup breasts. The once pink flesh was now etched with a myriad of nasty looking welts ranging from bright red to a dark purplish-black. The flesh was swollen five times their normal size. Just the slight movement of air across her battered nipples and the tips of her breasts caused mind blowing pain to explode within the abused flesh.

Now after all of the hellish pain she went through to retrieve her soiled panties that she was now chewing on her evil son now wanted her to spit them out. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair.

Mrs. Joan Peterson groaned in misery as she quickly used her tongue to help her spit her sodden soiled panties out of her mouth as the accursed metal clothes hanger whooshed pass her face.

Roger looked down at his kneeling mother. To him she was a vision of lovlyness. Though he had fantasized many, many times about having sex and doing some of the things from the bondage videos with his mother he never dreamed that he would ever actually ever do it. But here he was with his mother as his very own fucktoy. Kneeling submissively before him in her birthday suit. With his jism dripping from her devirginize shitter. He looked down the stretched slope of his mother's 36” C-cup breasts. To the new minitits that he had created. That were capped of with the new and improved nippers. With each sobbing breath his mother took he loved the way her breasts improvement quivered and shook. He was looking forward to the next thrill pack session with them delightful heaving boobies. But first there was some prick cleaning that mommy had to do.

Roger stepped forward and grabbed his sobbing mother by her ears, “Clean it mommy!” Roger chuckled as he thrust his semi-hard spunk, blood and shit cock at his kneeling mother's tear streaked face.

Mrs. Joan Peterson gagged and choked as her seventeen-year-old son shoved his semi-rigid phallus into her mouth. Though she had preformed fellatio several times. It had only been with her deceased husband. And the few time that she did she had only lick and sucked on her husband's bulbous head. She had even licked the long hard shaft. But now she had her son's entire prick in her mouth. Even in its semi-erect state her son's cock completely filled her mouth, stabbing at the back of her throat causing her to gag. Joan knew that soon her son's cock would be forcing its way down her throat as it grew to full erection. Already she could feel blood rushing into the cock. Making it to become harder and harder and longer and longer.

Joan tried to pull her mouth off her son's hardening cock as it breached the narrow passage of her throat. But the powerful grip her son had on her ears made it impossible. Joan was not only trying to dislodge her son's cock because it was gagging her but she desperately wanted to eject the ever increasing harding phallus because of the fowl taste that accosted her taste buds.

Joan's husband had never ejaculated in her mouth. He had always did it into a Kleenex and discarded it into the trash. Once she got a small sampling of sperm it made her ill. She vomited for an half an hour. Now she had more than just a taste. Her son's entire cock was coated with his sperm. The revolting flavor started her stomach churning. But as bad as her son's sperm tasted it was nowhere near as bad as the raw earthy taste of her own excrement that was also smeared along the entire length of her son's cock. Joan felt her bile rose up from her stomach. It would have sprayed out of her mouth if it weren't for the bulbous head of her son's cock completely plugging her throat. So after splashing against the cock head Joan's bile slid back down her throat to her stomach.

As her son's cock reached its full length and hardness he jerked her head back and forth along his member. With each forwarded jerk on her ears the entire eight inches (three inches longer then her husbands) of her son's thick phallus roared down her tight throat. When he jerked her ears back the thick hard cock slid out of her throat. But not completely. The bulbous head remained wedged tightly in her throat. So every time Joan vomited it had nowhere to go but back to it place of origin. Up and down went Joan's bile as she suffered through her oral rape.

In less then two minutes Joan had another problem. A much larger problem then the horrible taste of sperm and shit or her constant vomiting. It was breathing. With her throat plugged with her son's cock Joan couldn't breathe. She franticly started thrashing like a wild bronco. Trying her best to breathe. But it was to no avail. Like a broncobuster her son road her throat long and hard. Joan felt as if she was about to pass out when suddenly she felt her son's sperm shoot down her throat and into her churning stomach.

Joan gasped heavily as her son withdrew his spent man hood from her throat and mouth. She never knew that plain old air could feel so good as her burning lungs got relief. The renewed ability to breathe quelled her need to vomit. But her stomach still churned and the awful taste of sperm and shit still coated her tongue.

“That was just fuck'n fantastic!” Chirped Roger as he withdrew his spent fuck rod from his mother's mouth. “That's two down one more to go mommy.” Roger stated as he released his iron grip on his mother's ears. Looking down at his spent member Roger notice that although he had just face fucked his mom his cock was still covered with sperm and shit slime. Reaching down Roger clamped down hard on his mother's bloated, whipped nippers enlisting a gurgling howl from her. “Mommy you were suppose to clean my dong. Not mess it up more.” Growled Roger as he twisted his mother's nipples

Mewing and gurgling in agonizing pain Joan lanced out her tongue and begin licking the sperm and shit slime off her son's drooping phallus.

With amusement Roger watched his mom licking his cock clean. It was intense. Every time his mommy's velvety tongue danced across his cock sent an electrical charge of pure delight to tingle through him. His limp cock started to twitched back to life. Especially when her tongue slid across his piss slit. After a good ten minutes his third load of jism exploded out of his fuck rod. This one splattered across his mommy's face. Coating it with a thick layer of gooey slim.

With his prick once again drooping he stood back and looked his mommy over. He was delighted as the results he had created. He bet himself that dear old dad never had this much fun with mommy. Nope dad was the pure vanilla type. Strait missionary intercourse. Nothing fancy. Just strait sex. Poor old dad would never know the pure joy of corn holing, deep throating and a wonderful cock cleaning. Not to mention the excitement of teaching mommy to obey his every command with a single peace of crude equipment. A wire clothes hanger. Yep good old dad just didn't know what good time he had missed being the stuffy old coot that he was. Now that he was dead he would never know. Too bad. His lost was Roger's gain. Roger was going to fuck his mommy every which way and remold her to his liking.

Still looking at his kneeling mother Roger saw that her stomach was convolsating. Swooshing the clothes hanger past his mother's jism dripping face he barked threateningly, “MOMMY if you puke my jism out I stuff this hanger up your poop chute. Then I'll roto-rooter that shitter out till you lick up every speck that you spewed out!” With amusement Roger watched his mommy rapidly swallow hard several times as she fought the urge to vomit.

end of chapter 3

Review This Story || Author: R.B. Thibo
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