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Captured White Slaves

Chapter 2

   Ashley woke up and immediately became panicked as she looked around the dark room and felt something on her wrists. She realized that she wasnt dreaming and remembered what had happened to her and Tyler.

   Ashley tried to move her hands but the shackles kept them spaced about a foot with a metal bar. She was laying in a bed naked and could barely see in the dark room, a small light was shining through the crack in the door which allowed her to look around the room.        

   Whatever it was that they had injected in her arm caused her to fall asleep almost instantly when they brought her here. She wondered and worried about Tyler and remembered what they had said to her when they arrived.

   Ashley was thinking about what the woman called slave Gabrielle had told her about becoming the wife of the master and began to cry. She could still see her husband being carried away from her and wonder where he was and if he were safe.

    Ashley tried to move her legs and found that they too were shackled and chained to the end of the bed. She didnt have to stay this way much longer because two black men entered the room and unlocked the shackles on her feet and pulled her onto her feet leaving the shackles attached to her hands.

   A blonde woman dress in a black thong and a matching black bra with black heels met them in the hallway and attached a chain to the shackles and took her to another room where she was allowed to use the toilet and they feed her.

  The woman didnt speak although Ashley tried asking her questions. She finished eating the cereal that was given to her to eat.  She was very hungry from not eating all that time.

  The two black men walked Ashley to what resembled a doctors examining table with stirrups for a womans feet to set in. They picked her up and placed her on the table and shackled each foot in the cup until her legs were spread as far as it would go and unlocked the shackles attached to her wrists and attached her hands to handcuffs on each side of the table.

  The blonde woman shaved her pussy until it was completely bald and when she was finished,

Another black man entered the room carrying a black case.

  Ashley was beginning to get scared as the man opened the case and started to place instruments on a small table next to the bed. The woman who had shaven her pussy put a mask over Ashleys face and within a couple minutes she was out from the gas they were giving her.

  Ashley woke up a little while later feeling a burning sensation on her breasts. She looked down at her tits and saw that they had pierced them with one inch silver round loops. Her tongue felt sore as well and her mouth felt dry and tasted rather strange.

   When she moved her tongue, she realized that they had pierced it as well. The next thing she realized was that her arms were loose and lifted them enough to see that they had removed the shackles.

   Ashley was just about ready to touch her pierced nipple when a voice hollered out behind her, “Dont touch your tits, they have to heel and we dont want them to get infected.”

  She turned her head and saw the woman who shaved her pussy standing behind her and sat up on the table and also saw that the shackles on her ankles had been removed.

  The woman walked around to the end of the table and finally introduced herself, “Im slave Brenda and Im going to be taking you to your new home. I want to warn you now that if you dont cooperate and do as youre told, they will punish Tyler for your disobedience.”        

  “Where is my husband, I want to see Tyler right now and I want to see that he is all right? Please let me see him. Please?”

   Slave Brenda motioned for Ashley to follow her out the door and they walked down a long hallway and turned a corner where there was a huge steel door. Salve Brenda opened the door and when they walked in the room, Ashley screamed out in horror when she saw her husband shackled to the wall.

   She immediately ran to him and hugged his waist, his arms were pulled above his head where his hands were shackled to the wall so he couldnt respond to her touch.

   His head had been shaven and he appeared to have been drugged because he hardly responded to her as she continued to hug him. He was completely naked and when Ashley looked down toward his legs she saw his penis had been pierced with several straight lines of silver studs along its length.

   Ashley began to cry when she saw the silver studs on his penis and screamed when she noticed her wedding rings pierced through his penis head. It appeared as if they had soldered them through the head near the tip and beefed up the gold to make it more sturdy.

   Ashley was kissing Tylers chest and crying, “My poor baby . . . Im so sorry darling . . . Well get out of here as soon as we can . . . Ill take to someone . . . I love you so much . . . ”

  Ashley looked further down to Tylers legs and saw something else on his right thigh. She stepped back far enough to see what it was on his thigh and cried again when she saw they had tattooed a picture of a huge black man standing with his arms crossed and looking very intimidating.

   Sitting at the black mans legs was a picture of a blonde woman with her arm wrapped around the huge black thigh of the black man as she starred forward. Ashley looked closer and realized it was a very good likeness of herself that had been tattooed on Tylers leg.

    Two black men walked into the room and unlocked Tylers shackles allowing him freedom to move but could hardly stand on his feet. Ashley tried to hold him against the wall so he wouldnt fall to the floor.

   Ashley was kissing his face and whispering into his ear, “Baby, I love you so much . . . Well get out of here . . . Dont worry about anything . . . Well talk to someone and make them release us . . . ”

   One of the black men picked Tyler up and carried him out of the room as the other black man held Ashley from trying to stop him. She was hollering, “Where are you taking my husband . . . Please . . .  Stop . . . Dont hurt him . . . Tyler . . . I love you . . . ”

   They waited a few minutes before the man released Ashley and slave Brenda motioned for her to follow her. She was taken outside and she followed the woman down a long dirt path through the jungle.

  They walked for twenty minutes until they came to a clearing and a large building. Ashley was escorted into the building and to the second floor. They entered a small room which resembled a studio apartment.

  There were two king size beds along a wall and a seating area with a sofa and chairs. There was a bathroom. Ashley was even more surprised to see that this room had a large window where the sun was shining.

  Ashley walked around the room than asked, “Why are there two king size beds in here? Will somebody be sharing this room with me?”

  Slave Brenda sat on the edge of the bed as she responded, “Tyler will be sharing this room with you in the future but he must first finish his training to become a good servant for our master.”

   “Why cant Tyler stay here with me right now? I want my husband here with me, dont you understand. Why cant we just leave, we didnt do anything wrong?”

   “Tylers good health will depend on how well you cooperate with them. As long as you follow their rules and you successfully finish your training and you have decided to accept  your fate than Tyler will be allowed to stay here with you.”

    Slave Brenda stood than continued, “If you fight them or dont accept what is best for you and Tyler than he will be punished severely. They may have you watch as they administer his punishment for your misbehavior.”

    Slave Brenda warned her about trying to escape, “Dont ever try and escape them, you will be severely punished and Tyler will suffer even harsher punishment than you could ever imagine.”

    Ashley listened very carefully to Brenda with fear in her eyes and decided that she would at least cooperate and do what they asked of her so Tyler wouldnt be harmed.

   Brenda was also blonde and about the same size as Ashley and very close to her age. Brenda reached out and took Ashleys hands and held them tight saying, “Dont be afraid of me or anyone else here, as long as you obey all of their rules and complete your training, youll find life here very enjoyable.”

    “How long have you been here and are you married?” Ashley at least felt comfortable enough to ask Brenda those questions.

    “Ive been here for over a year and I was married when we were brought here, just like you and Tyler. He is my roommate now and he serves our master as his servant.”

   Ashley was confused as she replied, “Isnt he still married to you? Why do you call him your roommate and not your husband?”

   Brenda quickly changed the subject as she walked to a closet saying, “Youll find everything you need in here to wear, they dont want you to dress in anything but what they provide you here and always wear high heels once you pick out something each day.”

  Ashley looked around inside the large closet and only saw intimate items like teddys and bras and thongs and a whole line of high heels on the floor.

   “They matched your size with the clothing you were wearing when they brought you here. I would suggest wearing a teddy when you join us for dinner this afternoon.”

   Ashley learned that afternoon that there were more than forty women in her dormitory but there could have been more.  When Ashley first entered the large dinning room, she first saw men walking around with the women.

  They were all white men and had their heads like they did to Tyler and they all wore large tattoos similar to Tylers and seemed to be portraits of the blonde women they had accompanied.

  The men were all wearing satin shorts so she couldnt see if they had been pierced like they did to Tyler but assumed that they had. Ashley was told that the men ate in a different dinning room next to their room. 

   The women were very friendly to Ashley and treated her with kindness. It didnt seem as if there were any competition to who was the prettiest or anything like that. The women acted like sisters, like a big happy family.

It was very strange.  None of the women seemed the least bit concerned that their husbands were now slaves to their master. Everyone was allowed to walk outdoors Why didnt anyone try to escape?

   Ashley kept watching the women gathering in the dinning room and looking at the men who must have been their husbands bringing in the food on large platters.  A few of the women smiled at the men and thanked them as they brought items into the dinning room.

  Ashley sat next to Brenda as one of the men poured her a glass of wine and smiled at her. Ashley turned to Brenda saying, “Which of these men is your husband?”

  A few of the other women heard Ashleys question and appeared to be uncomfortable as Brenda tried to avoid answering.

   “OK. Which one of these guys is your roommate? How is that? Can you tell me who he is now?”

   Brenda turned slowly toward Ashley and pointed at the man who had just poured her wine and turned back to talk to another woman.

  Ashley was hungry and after everything was passed to her, she started to eat even with the butterflies in her stomach. After seeing the men walking around the dinning room appearing unharmed, she felt more relaxed about Tyler.

  At least she knew they wouldnt torture him as long as she at least pretended to cooperate with them. She would have to find a way to escape this place, whatever its purpose.

  Ashley sat eating her food keeping an eye on the other women. Many of them had introduced themselves to her that afternoon. She was thinking to herself how these women reminded her of a bunch of robots or something.

  After dinner, Ashley was roaming around the complex looking out the windows and seeing the jungle. She only guessed that she was in Jamaica because of the two black men that brought them here in the truck.

  None of the other men talked with any sort of accent but American. They could be in Cuba or South America for all she knew. If she were to escape with Tyler, how would she know where to go? How far into this jungle were they? Maybe they were on an Island?

   Ashley figured that she could learn by asking questions from a different women and maybe find someone that was thinking the way she was thinking. Maybe someone was waiting for the right opportunity to escape just like she was thinking.

  As they sat gathered in a large room that night as two black men walked into the room and began looking around at the women. They walked around until one of the men pointed at a petite blonde sitting in a corner with several other women.

  Ashley watched as the little woman followed the two black men out of the room. Ashley turned toward the woman next to her saying, “Where are they taking her?”

    The woman whose name was Tammy replied, “She was selected to serve our master, sometimes they select two women or three women at once but he apparently only wanted one of us tonight.”

   “What do they have to do? Is she going to be all right?”

   Tammy replied, “Oh. Shell be just fine. Actually its an honor to be selected to serve our master. Youll find out all about it once you begin your training tomorrow.”

  Ashley just starred at Tammy watching her smiling as if something wonderful was taking place with that woman they selected.

  Nobody wanted to talk about the honor of being selected and ignored her questions about the woman so she sat starring at the window thinking about Tyler and wondered what they meant when they said she would start her training in the morning.



Review This Story || Author: Karen Kay
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