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A slavegirl\'s pain

Part 2

A slavegirl's pain pt 2

Nervously Rachel glanced around. She gasped in horror and shuddered. She had entered a dungeon, the walls were of heavy stone, they dripped with slime, there were no windows, no natural light atall. The dungeon was entirely lit by flickering torches, which made her smooth young nude flesh shine. She gasped again as she saw evil heavy chains hanging from the stone walls, there was a long wooden table in the centre of the dungeon and a large leather easy chair next to it. Rachels heart thumped as she heard the massive door slam behind her. She remained still and submissive, almost naked, head bowed her bra strap was still hanging from her nude shoulder. She looked very lovely and utterly vulnerable. Dont turn round slut Margos voice was cold imperious. Rachel remained where she was, her head hung lower. Take off your bra snapped her Mistress. Rachels breath came faster, with trembling fingers she slowly reached behind her, found the bra fastener and obediently unclipped it. The bra fell loose, she felt the reassuring pressure on her breasts go. Slowly Rachel pushed the straps of her bra from her completely nude shoulders, with a helpless sob she dropped it onto the damp , cold stone floor. The delicate flimsy garment looked strangely out of pl ace on the harsh floor. The stone floor felt cold on the Slavegirls feet, only protected from the icy feel by her black

fishnet stockings. Dressed now only in a garter belt, fishnet stockings, tiny black panties and a mini half slip Rachel looked and felt like a slut. She moaned softly as the cool damp air caressed her naked exposed breasts and in spite of of her abject fear, or because of it, she felt her nipples stiffen and grow hard. She longed to touch them, but dare not. She remained submissive, head bowed, hands by her side. Her skin shone and reflected the flaming, flickering torch light. It was a very erotic sight.

Now Slave walk towards the chains on the wall said Margo. With fear in her heart and trembling with cold, terror and anticipation Rachel slowly approached the wall. It was cold and slimy, dirty water ran down it. The half nude girl shuddered with revulsion as she thought that soon that slime and dirt would crush her tender nude breasts, she looked in horror at the chains, strong, heavy vile chains that would very soon enslave her slim wrists. She waited, Margo was behind her, she could feel her hot breath on her nude back. Raise your arms Margo s voice was now husky and trembling with lust. Obediently Rachel slowly raised her arms. She gasped in sudden fear as she felt the cold chains encircle her wrists and snap shut. She was now helpless and almost completely nude. Margo breathed a sigh of relief, her Slavegirl was now defenseless For so long she had longer for this moment. She looked at the helpless girls body., and felt a surge of complete power. Rachel hung there, arms extended high above her head, her lovely blonde hair hanging loose down her unprotected nude back.. Margo ran her fingers down the girls back, Rachel moaned and writhed in sexual pleasure as the cool fingers caressed and explored her exposed flesh.

Suddenly Margo slammed both her hands hard into the Slavegirls back, Rachel screamed in agony as her tender full breasts were crushed hard into the slimy rough wall Again and again Margo scraped the young proud breasts against the wall. Rachel had never known such agony. Her world exploded in pain. She screamed again, her arms threshed wildly at the chains holding her in cruel bondage, her legs clad only in fishnets stamped on the cold floor. Please, please no Dear Mistress, please stop please pleaded the Slavegirl Oh mercy AHHHHH she babbled. Tears ran down her face, blood ran from her ravished breasts. dripping onto her smooth flesh. Still the rubbing continued. Rachels screams were now never ending and of pure agony. This is to teach you to obey my commands hissed Margo in Rachels ear. Any orders to strip will be obeyed immediately in future, do you understand Slave? Yes, yes yes screamed Rachel. Tell me properly slut Margo started to rotate her slaves breasts further into the wall. The chains holding the young Slavegirl twisted and threshed with her body. I will always strip immediately in future sobbed Rachel No matter where I am or who is watching me Please, please stop Mistress I beg you Breathing heavily Margo stood back and looked at her Slavegirl. Rachel hung in her chains, sobbing and submissive. She was broken. Margo knew Rachel was hers She approached her new Slavegirls sobbing body, she had by no means finished with her yet, she must ensure Rachel would strip utterly nude when ordered to without question. Rachel hung limp and submissive in her chains, her lovely blonde hair was damp now and caressed her nude smooth back, which shone with perspiration in the flickering torch light. Margo smiled with sadistic pleasure and ran her hands up the girls nude back and onto her slender nude arms. Rachel moaned and shuddered with a mixture of sexual pleasure and fear. Margo unchained her slaves arms. Rachel gasped in relief, but her relief was very short lived as her cruel Mistress roughly turned her around, slammed her into the rough wall,

yanked up her arms and rechained them. The Slavegirls eyes opened wide with terror as Margo looked directly into her eyes. Margos hand strayed to her slaves neck and then slipped down to her ravished breasts Rachel moaned. then shrieked as her sadistic Mistress suddenly and violently twisted her nipples When I say strip what do you do slave? I strip., I strip Mistress please stop sobbed the Slavegirl. What if we are not alone? The cruel fingers twisted again. Ill strip, Ill strip Oh please, please Ill strip completely nude babbled Rachel Good purred Margo This is just to make sure you remember She moved away, Rachels eyes followed her in horror. The Slavegirl screamed in terror as Margo picked up a heavy evil looking whip Oh no no please no please dont whip my breasts please, please dont Mistress pleaded Rachel.. The Slavegirl threshed helplessly against her chains. It was useless. The crack of the leather whip on nude female flesh was very loud, but nothing to the scream of pure agony as the whip cut into the girls exposed breasts. Rachels body was like a thing demented. The screamed and screamed, her nude body twisted , turned and jerked against her chains., her feet stamped in panic on the cold floor of the dungeon, her slender arms pulled in vain against chains.aaarrrgghh, aaarrrgghhh she screamed. the screams were pitiful, they seemed to
start deep inside her, her lungs were bursting with the constant screaming. At last Rachel gave up, she could only moan as the whip crashed mercilessly again and again into her nude and violated breasts, she hung limp in her chains and submitted to the whip.. Finally Margo threw down the whip. She was breathing heavily. She approached her Slavegirl Kiss me she hissed. Rachel submissive, beaten broken and almost nude leaned forward and softly kissed her Mistress on her lips.

Margos hands slid down the smooth, nude and ravished flesh of her slave, they reached the waist band of her tiny panties, Rachel sighed in pleasure as the fingers explored and caressed the smooth sensitive skin, then slipped inside the panties. Open your legs wide now! ordered Margo. Rachel did not want the whip again she could not bear that.. The almost nude, chained girl obediently spread her beautiful smooth legs wide. She screamed as Margos demanding hand found her pussy and plunged in hard Again and again the hand penetrated her cunt, thrusting deep inside her body, trying almost to split her in two .Rachel jerked and rotated her violated body, she also gasped as Margo found her clit, and through the pain and humiliation

she felt her love juices start to flow. Rachel threw back her head as the fingers continued to violate and excite her, Aaaaarrrhhhhh, aaarrrhh she screamed now thrusting her chained body towards Margos violating hand. The Slavegirl exploded in a shuddering climax, she drooped in her chains, but still the fingers continued their work, thrusting even deeper inside her. No ,no no noooo please stop now, please begged Rachel. The violation of her cunt continued. Even this act of love was really violence, pain and humiliation. Rachel knew her life as Margos Slavegirl was to be one of horror, constant pain and subjugation. She now had no hope. She moaned softly as Margo continued to abuse her poor pussy. She hung there compliant in her chains The abuse of her pussy continued No Mistress please no, please stop I cant bear it, I cant give anymore whispered. Rachel weakly. Cum again slut bitch I want you to cum again or Ill whip your nipples right off your fucking breasts hissed Margo her hand deep inside her slave. Weakly Rachel started to respond yet again she felt her love juices obey, finally she reached her climax one giving her no pleasure this time. Margo withdrew her hand and thrust it into her Slavegirls obedient mouth. Not a word was said Rachel licked and sucked her love juices from her Mistresss hand. When it was clean Margo withdrew her hand. Rachel looked at her with dull defeated eyes, then obediently and submissively dropped her head and waited in terror for her next humiliation.

Rachel did not move as Margo approached her again. She hung submissive and silent in her bondage chains. After the screams of agony, after the sobs of humiliation, after the whimpers of defeat, the silence was heavy and very erotic. Even Margo was quite as she picked up a pair of scissors from the table and cut through the waist band of the half slip that clung to the Slavegirl, as the thin material parted, Margo ripped it slowly and deliberately from her slave. With a ripping sound more of Rachels smooth thighs were revealed. The half slip stopped tearing as it reached the lace, Margo ripped again and at last it was in two, Margo dropped the half slip on the cold floor and looked at her helpless compliant captive, a pair of tiny black lace panties were now all that protected the girl from her Mistresss lust. Margo pulled the panties away from Rachels slim waist and simply cut the tiny garment down the side, the cut was repeated down the other side and the panties fluttered to the floor to join the half slip in a discarded pool of silk. Rachel whimpered in fear and humiliation.

Stay where you are dont move a muscle snapped Margo, her voice was as harsh and cold as a whiplash. She unchained the Slavegirls arms., terrified Rachel remained arms outstretched, her eyes wide with terror she pressed her nude back against the slimy wall.. Margo sat in the chair. Spread-eagle your self get those fucking legs wide open she ordered. In abject terror Rachel pressed even further into the wall, she opened her arms and legs wide to her Mistress. Margo looked at her Slavegirl with open lust and cruelty, her eyes glinted with sexual pleasure, Rachel looked so lovely, so vulnerable, so helpless and so available. Remove your stockings and garter belt I want you completely and utterly nude Slowly Rachel lowered her arms and removed her stockings and lay them neatly on the floor, she reached behind her back and unclipped her final piece of clothing. She placed the garter belt on the floor with her discarded and ripped lingerie. It was done she was completely nude and helpless before her Mistress.

Come here the command was icy cold full of sexual power. Head bowed, nude and submissive Rachel approached her Mistress. Kneel slut Rachel fell to her knees and looked at Margo with fear.Spread your legs wide Hopelessly Rachel obeyed. She screamed as the whip in Margos hand cut into her smooth nude golden thigh. Wider that that slut With a helpless sob Rachel thrust her legs obscenely open. Now play with yourself I want to see and hear you cum. Do it now Please Mistress I cant cum again my pussy is so sore please Mistress no I beg you sobbed Rachel. Margo went wild, she leapt to her feet Bitch if I want you to cum you will fucking cum she yelled. Rachels world exploded in pain as the whip crashed into her nude body again and again. AAARRGGGHH AAARRRGGHH AAARRRGGHH she screamed, Please please stop I want to masturbate for you , please stop Ill do it, please let me show you how deep I can penetrate Oh please Mistress stop the pain Margo ignored her, the whipping continued.. Rachel lay in a whimpering heap on the cold stone floor as Margo eventually threw down the whip and fell into the chair. She was breathing heavily. Cum slut was all she said.. Sobbing hysterically Rachel scrambled to her knees, yanked her legs wide apart, her hands went to her abused pussy, she thrust them deep inside Faster, faster , harder deeper, ordered Margo, lashing at her slaves nude battered breasts. Rachels hands were a blur as she obeyed, she felt her climax coming, her breath came quicker and quicker then with a scream she came to a heaving shuddering climax. She remained at Margo s feet, legs still submissively open Thankyou Mistress she whispered. She leaned forward and kissed her Mistresss feet. Do it again slave I want to see it again snarled Margo. Rachel looked up in horror. She sighed , got up to her knees, her lovely eyes filled with tears as she

submissively sought out and found her aching pussy. She knew now beyond any doubt she was this cruel , demanding womans complete sex slave. She had no hope.

to be continued

Review This Story || Author: Rowena
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