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Review This Story || Author: Joe1

Life of the Party

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – The Escape

Chapter 15 – The Escape


I’m running as fast as I can with the leg irons on my ankles. I’m aware that me dick is slapping up and down with each stride I take which is causing renewed excitement from the crowd of women swarming all around me.


Then without warning, the chain between my legs jerks to a stop and I again fall face first to the ground with my dick hitting first and taking the full impact of the fall. As I roll over, I once again see the giggling twins right on top of me.


They seem very excited and I hear one of them say, “We have one more thing to try before we let him escape for the hunt. We have been thinking hard about what it would take to completely break Jack of all resistance, and I think my sister has the answer.”


As they each bring forward large clamp style paperclips a least an inch long, the other one says, “We wanted to try it out first before the big grand finale.”


They each clip their vicious clamps on my scrotum, one is as far back underneath my balls as it will go, and the other is clamping a large fold of skin right on front of my balls.


“OOOOPPPHHH!!!” These things are really strong and tight. The twins each have cords attached to their clamps, which they tie off on trees on either side of me.


As I scamper to my feet, one says, “OK Jack, you’re free to go now!” and they both laugh, as does the large crowd gathering around. I see TMO with her hand down her pants again and know that’s not a good sign for me. Every time I see her masturbate, I know that I am in for some extreme pain and humiliation.


As I back away from the crowd and trees that are anchoring the clamps, Nancy says, “You better get going Jack, time is running out!!”


I know from experience over the last 24 hours that the pain of clothespins being ripped off of my balls is 100 times more extreme than having them clipped on, on these clamps are 10 times tighter than clothespins.


The situation is overwhelming as I try to think of a way out and figure out what to do. There are complete strangers now whipping at my cock and balls with sticks and lashes and when somebody hits one of the clips, it causes me to jump with pain. It’s hard to think with all of the cheering and laughter from the women. I actually hear some of them betting each other on whether I’ll just stay there, or rip my own ball sack by pulling off the clips.


If I stay, I will lose my only change to escape, so I know that I have no choice but to inflict incredible pain to myself.


I grit my teeth and brace for the worst, and back up until both clips are pulled tight by the cords and then I take a deep breath and jerk back with all my force.


Every thing is in slow motion now. I see my balls being pulled grotesquely away from my body and I’m already screaming bloody murder when they both finally rip off of my balls and I see white.




There is no possible way to describe the pain. I am on the ground convulsing. “UUULLLGGGGHH!!!”, UUUULLLLLGGGGHHH!!!”, “UUUULLLLGGGHHH!!!”, “NNNOOO!!”, NNNNOOOO!!!”, NNNNOOOO!!!!”


I’m just sobbing out loud from the pain and realize that these sick women are actually giving me a standing ovation. The twins are laughing so hard that they are crying.


Nancy says, “You two are the best, and YES you definitely figured out how to break poor Jack completely.”


TMO has just finished her umpteenth orgasm today and comes forward to say, “Let me be the one that tells him his fate.”


“You go girl”


TMO, “Now Jack, that was most enjoyable for all of us and it is obvious that you didn’t enjoy it half as much as we did. I want you to remember clearly how that felt, because when we catch you, and we will catch you, we are going to drag you back to camp by your dick, and after the twins have their fun with a camp fire between your stretched out legs, with you being forced to watch your own balls cook as they fling hot coals up on your cock, then we are going to tie you in a spread out kneeling position and attach 10 of these clamps all over your cock and balls, tie them off on one cord, and then give you your choice that we have all been looking forward to.”


Nancy says, “This anticipation is even getting me wet, thinking about Jacks future predicament and choices.”


TMO continues, “Jack, the choice that we will give you, is for you to ask us to rip all 10 clips off of your pathetic little dick and balls with on jerk, which will be at least 10 times more painful that what you just experienced. Or, to avoid the pain, you can beg us for your ultimate public humiliation which is for you to lick the balls of anther man, and suck his cock until he shoots his cum down your throat and all over your face while we all watch from close range cheering and laughing at your humiliation.”


“Just the thought of watching Jack agonize over his impossible choice is enough to make me wet.”


“Yea, and watching his hesitation as a man’s dick touches his lips for the first time or his dick head slapping his nose and cheek.”


One of the twins, of course adds, “Even better, when we have his face under the man’s crotch and we watch as he agrees to flick his tongue all around the area between the man’s balls and ass as we laugh.”


For the first time, doubt is creeping into my mind. Until now, I was 100% sure in my own mind that I would endure any pain before I would submit to the humiliation of what the girls are suggesting. The mere thought of licking another man’s balls makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine anything worse, especially right in front of all these totally clothed women who are laughing at my predicament. But now, I’m not sure I can take the pain of having 10 clamps from hell ripped off of my cock and balls all at the same time.


I’m sure the twins along with all of the others would really enjoy looking in my eyes as I beg for another man to cum in my mouth. The whole idea of this impossible choice is completely overwhelming.


As I finally struggle to my feet, I hear Nancy say “Just 4 minutes left!!!”


I know now that my only chance is to escape right now with this opportunity and I’m off again with my dick bouncing up and down and women all around be erupting in laughter.


“You better run fast, Jack, because we’ll be right behind you with our pellet guns!”


“I’m bringing your barbed disk leash so that we can drag you by your tiny dick back for your big moment!!”


“This is going to be some night. I can’t wait to see the look in Jack’s eyes as he actually begs us to let another man ram his dick down his throat. It would be one thing to tie him down and force his mouth open with some kind of jaw spreader and have his mouth raped by a guy’s dick, but to actually beg for it and then willingly start licking a man’s ass hole, all over the bottom of his balls and shaft is going to be the greatest humiliation ever.”


“I think the best parts will be seeing Jack’s eyes at the moment when a dick is a an inch in front of his lips as he naturally hesitates before opening his mouth and sucking the dick down his throat, and then when he chokes on the cum.”


“Maybe we’ll need to find a couple more guys that can just cum on his face and into his wide open mouth so that we can just leave him tied on his knees with cum completely drenching his face and dripping off his nose and chin and running out of the corners of his mouth.”


TMO says, “WOW, you guys have great imaginations and are getting me SOOO HOT!!! Don’t forget to have all of the cameras ready, remember we’re going to make a lot of money off of Jack’s movies. I have a friend who told me that most of the internet sites for femdom, male humiliation, and clothed females naked men sites are faked with actors. He said that if I could produce real, not faked, movies, we could get top dollar. I’m pretty sure that Jack would agree that his movies are not faked!!!!”


Laughter all around as I am now almost out of sight and looking for any avenue of escape.


I just keep running as fast as the leg irons will allow and don’t slow down until I’m over a small incline and I’m completely out of site of the evil women. I stop to assess my situation. I am actually able to move on my own without someone inflicting pain to my genitals with every step. I know the girls will be in hot pursuit in less than 4 minutes, so I need to act fast. I see that the leggings are secured to my ankles with a clasp at the front, so with my hands tied behind my back, I am unable to release them. I quickly realize that my only chance is to get my hands free.


I look around for anything sharp enough to cut the ropes around my wrists. It takes about a minute to find a sharp rock protruding up from the ground. I fall to the ground with my ass backup up to the rock and start using it like a knife on the ropes behind me.


The rock is not as sharp as I would like, but I am determined to succeed. I can hear the rope beginning to cut, but I’m also ripping large gashes in my hands and arms. The pain is there, but insufficient to what those bitches have inflicted over the past 24 hours on my dick and balls.


I laugh out loud as I feel the last of the strands break free. I rub my sore bloody hands and then immediately unbuckle the clasps on the leggings.


I’m up immediately and start thinking that this might actually work. Those bitches underestimated old Jack. They’ll be expecting me to still be hobbles and easy to track down, and I’ll be in the next county.


I’m running now at full speed, planning my next moves. If I find a road or a house, it will still be a problem getting help in that I’m still completely naked. If I could just find something to cover myself with and then get a ride to town, I’ll pack my apartment and leave this place forever. It’s not like I could stay anyway, with every third woman I see on the street laughing when she passes because she’s seen me humiliated and naked and she most likely has tortured my privates in some way. That knowledge that so many women in this town have is just too much to bear, not to mention the movies and photos that will be all over the net.


I’m a little lost in my thoughts when I clear another hill and stop cold. There is a house on a old back road. I crouch down behind some bushes to survey the situation. I don’t see anybody around, but see that there are clothes hanging on a line in the back yard. Finally, my luck is changing. I creep up closer, keeping out of site as much as I can.


As I move into the back yard, I can’t believe my good fortune. Some of the clothes are men’s and there are no cars around, so it’s likely that the man of the house is not home.


Still not seeing anybody, I move to the clothesline and review the choices. I am really in luck, there are actually underwear, jeans, and shirts all hanging on the line. I quickly pull on a slightly damp pair of shorts followed by a pair of jeans that are a couple sizes too large, and finally a tee-shirt.


I just stand there for a moment when I realize that this is the first time I have had clothes on in over 24 hours. If feels really good.


I’m sure that the girls are now hunting for me, so I take off toward the road, feeling really dignified now that I’m fully clothed.


As I clear the side of the house, I hear a clicking sound followed by “Stop where you are thief!”


I turn to see a woman on the front porch with a double barreled shotgun trained right on me.


“You make one move and I’ll turn you into hamburger.”


“Please you have to help…”


“Shut the fuck up or I’ll blow you away!”


“Now, what am I going to do with a scumbag that is low enough to steal clothes from my clothesline?”


“Please, I can Explain every…”


“I said shut the fuck up” as she raises the gun upward and fires one of the barrels.


“Hey sis, come out here, we have a clothes thief to deal with.”


Another woman comes out on the porch and looks me up and down. She is a beautiful blond wearing jean overalls with nothing underneath.


“You aren’t from around here are you?” she says.


“No, I from the …”


“I said shut the fuck up. It was a rhetorical question.”


“All you need to know is that the punishment for stealing up here in the mountains is castration!”


I’m in a daze again, knowing that I was minutes from freedom and now these country bitches were talking castration.


“Call the other girls over for the ‘trial by fire’ and I’ll start getting him prepared.


The blond goes back inside and the shotgun Annie motions me towards the back of the house. I see an old swing set that has no swings anymore but does have a rope with wrist cuffs swinging from the top bar.


She pushes the barrel into the small of my back until I’m directly under the shackles. The back door swings open and the blond appears with a smirk on her face. “I talked to the cousins and they are going to all call their friends, there should be about 20 for the trial.”


“This is going t be fun fuckhead!”


“Secure on of those cuffs to your right wrist.”


With a shotgun trained on me, I don’t have much choice, so I do what I’m told. I have a really bad sinking feel about how this is going.


The blond pleads with her sister “Can I rip his pants off now?”


“NO, you have to wait for the others. When the time comes, You’ll have the honors.”


I’m definitely not liking how this is turning out.


With that, she approaches and says “With your right hand secure, you can’t get away and you can’t subdue me, so if you resist in any way, I will make your punishment 100 times more painful.”


My mind is just swimming, a couple of minutes ago I was nearly free from my hell and now I’m just as bad off with these girls sounding like they intend to burn my balls off.


I don’t resist and the blond has my other wrist in the cuff and now is pulling out the slack so that I’m raised to my tiptoes. She ties me off like that and says “He’s all set, now we have to weight for the other girls before we start the proceedings.


It’s not long before I hear cars approaching from behind me and car doors slamming.


“Wow, this is great, we haven’t had a victim .. I mean defendant in a long time.”


“I can’t wait to see him stretched out naked in front of all of us. I love looking in a naked man’s eyes as he is humiliated by fully clothed women looking his helpless body up and down.”


Shotgun lady says “OK ladies, let’s get this show on the road. Kathy, you have the honors.”


The blond comes up to me and reaches down and grabs my crotch and looks me right in my eyes from 6 inches away, “This is going to be some fun, you are going to wish you were never born.”


The blond, Kathy, leans over and unbuttons the jeans and lowers the zipper and separates them a little. Then she leans lower and grabs the base of the legs on each side. She backs up slowly pulling my legs with her until she is about10 feet back and my legs are stretched forward and above the ground about 5 feet.


As the blond says “OK now we’re getting somewhere.” I feel the jeans slipping over my butt and down my legs like they are coming off by themselves.


As they clear my ankles, I hear laughing and cheering as I swing back and forth in front of my new tormentors. I swing several times and my wrists are burning from the pressure before I come to a stop again on my tiptoes.


I’m feeling a new set of fully clothed girl’s eyes on me and for some stupid reason, I’m thankful that I also found underwear on the line so that my privates are still covered. In reality, I know that they will soon be removed and my degrading humiliation will start all over. This might even be worse. As I think about the last day and a half, I’ve been naked, tortured, and humiliated, but the worst part for me was that initial moment when I raised my last hand covering my dick and balls in Nancy’s place and having all of those clothed women see my anguish and laughing at my predicament. Now, I’m strung out in front of a new bunch of strangers that know, that I know, I will soon be naked and helpless in front of them for their pleasure.


Kathy comes right up to me and savagely tears the tee-shirt from my body with one swipe.


“Secure his legs!’


Two new women come forward and each secure a cuff to my ankles and pull the attached cords out to the braces of the swing set and tie them off.


The pain is incredible and I am now suspended completely in air with my hands overhead and my legs spread wide with the feet being tied off to the sides about a foot off of the ground.


The blond proudly announces as she cuts the elastic waist band on the underwear, “Now for the moment we have all been waiting for!!!”


She grabs a bunch of material in front and I hear the garment rip away


To be Continued ….

Review This Story || Author: Joe1
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