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Missy’s Misfortune

Part 7

Missy’s Misfortune pt 7

                         Missy’s Misfortune pt 7



It was dark and Missy’s head kept bumping against the tyre jack whenever the car went over a bump and her breasts were rubbing against the spare tyre. She’d never been particularly claustrophobic but this experience was making her that way, she tried to remain calm and take deep breaths but the duct tape over her mouth meant all her breathing had to be done through her nose. Almost literally rubbing salt into her wounds the rough carpet in the car trunk was itching her naked body something chronic.


Since Joan had worked out her fantasy of raping a school-girl on poor Missy, and also let slip to Jenny that it was she who was the reason Missy’s best friend, Jessica, had run-away from home, Missy had felt as if mind was collapsing. That her Father had just been charged with her murder and had been badly beaten in prison had further reduced her to a state of extreme depression.


Fortunately for her fragile mental state she was left relatively alone over the next few days. Apart from Mel or Jenny coming to feed and water her as if she was some sort of exotic pet, she was not molested or prostituted out. But this afternoon she sensed something change. Mel and Jenny seemed very tense about something; this made Missy feel very apprehensive; such mood changes usually involved pain and humiliation for her.


Her fears only increased later; she was taken to bathe and on her return to her prison Jenny, already clearly aroused by something, covered her mouth with duct tape while Mel used the same stuff to bind her wrists. She was then frog-marched, naked, down the stairs and into the garage where a car was standing with it’s trunk open. Missy was blindfolded and her ankles were bound together, as were her thighs. She didn’t know who wrapped the tape around her legs but she did know they deliberately brushed their fingers over her pussy.


She started to scream from behind her gag as she felt herself being picked up by the two women who had been conspicuously silent all the while, and placed in the trunk of the car.


In the dark of her blindfolded world she felt the car moving, bumping along the roads, turning, slowing down, speeding up; all the things that normally happen on a car journey seemed amplified in the darkness.

Missy tried to shift her position to avoid the tyre jack bumping her head but bashed her knee against something solid so resignedly she decided to stay put, after all the journey couldn’t go on for ever, could it?


But what would happen when it ended? She couldn’t believe the women were going to release her; she knew too much, as they say. Was she going to be killed? Although this idea terrified her, and brought tears of self-pity to her eyes she was still clear headed enough to discount it. Sadly she knew that to these women she was worth more alive than dead. With dread she remembered how Mel had told Jenny that slaves were routinely sold on to new owners, was that where that where she was headed, a new auction?


Suddenly a noise shattered her thoughts and set her heart pounding: it was a Police siren. Missy felt the car slow to a halt and heard a door open and slam shut, and then she heard a female voice oddly distorted by the metal of the trunk.


“Do you know why I stopped you, Ma’am?”


“No officer, what’s the problem” Missy recognised Mel’s voice. This was her chance, Missy realised, make enough noise by kicking the inside of the car and she’d be free.


“You have a defective tail light, Ma’am, may I see your licence and insurance papers please.”


Errr, yeah, sure, one second.” The schoolgirl heard the car door open again as Mel rummaged in the glove box for her documents.


Missy shifted herself around in the trunk as best she could so she could kick against the side of the car, then a cold fear gripped her. These sick bitches had tricked her before with a cop, making her think she was being rescued. What if this was another set up? Imagine the delight of her captors if she cried out for help only to find herself being raped by her would be rescuer? She kept deathly still; she wasn’t going to play their games.


The other car door opened and Missy heard Jenny’s voice.


“Hey, hiya, Roberta, how’s things?”


“Hey, Jenny” Missy now knew she was right to keep quiet; clearly Jenny and the Cop knew each other. “Yea, things are good, you?”

“Oh, pretty good, Roberta. You’re not going to give my friend a ticket are you?”


“Well, I was going to, but seeing as it’s you, I’ll let it go. But you’ll get the light fixed first thing in the morning, won’t you Ma’am?”


“Sure thing, officer.” The relief in Mel’s voice was tangible.


Missy felt a weight pressing down on the trunk, her whole body was frozen with fear as the women chatted idly for a few minutes.


“Of course, I should check the trunk.” The officer said and Missy’s stomach knotted in fear and dread of the anticipated rape. “But, hell, I’m off shift in half an hour, it’s been a real shit night so I’ll let it go.”


“Thanks, honey, you have a good night now.” Jenny’s voice was pure charm; if she was showing any disappointment at Missy’s refusal to play her game she was hiding it well.


“You too, Jen.”


“Oh, I will.”


Missy heard a car, presumably the Police car, move off tooting its horn as it went before she felt Mel’s car pull away a few minutes later. For the first time since her abduction Missy smiled inwardly; she’d won a small victory over her captors.



The journey seemed smoother now, as if the roads were better quality, she could also hear a lot more traffic around her. Then she felt the car slow and head down a steep slope and stop. Doors slammed and the trunk opened, hands roughly pulled her out and stood her up. A knife slipped between her legs and sliced through the tape binding her thighs and ankles, and then her wrists were similarly freed.


Missy rubbed her wrists to ease the pain the tape had caused. She immediately sensed a different atmosphere between Jenny and Mel; they looked positively scared and were talking animatedly to each other. Clearly something very bad had happened.


“But that was your job to check it, Mel. Christ, she’ll kill us when she finds out.” Jenny snapped at the Doctor who glared back at her.


Missy stood there trying to look as unobtrusive as any naked school-girl can, as if finally noticing her Jenny suddenly turned on her.


“And if you think you’re going to get some sort of reward for keeping quiet when we got stopped, you’re fucking mistaken slut.” Jenny screamed at her, almost just to relieve the tension inside her.


A tiny seed of doubt inside Missy suddenly blossomed into life; she felt light-headed as the realisation hit her: the being stopped by the Cop wasn’t a set up; it had been the real thing. She could have been free, but had unwittingly kept herself a prisoner.


Noticing the look on Missy’s face Jenny gave a short, mirthless laugh as she guessed the reason for the school-girl’s shock.


“Way to go, slut, you just missed the only opportunity to go free.”


Mel was still agitated and ignored Missy completely, talking in a worried tone to Jenny.


“Suppose we simply don’t tell her; I mean apart from us 3 who knows? And the slut’s not going to get a chance to tell her.”


Jenny weighed up the option for a minute before dismissing it.


“No. No good, Roberta’s a friend of Stephanie’s if Elizabeth got to hear of us being stopped from anyone else then I think she really would kill us. No, we’ve got to tell her. Christ knows how she’ll take it. It’s not often I’m actually afraid but right now I’m terrified.”


“Me too.” Mel muttered gloomily before grabbing Missy and pushing her forward through a doorway. “Come on, slut. At least we’ve got the consolation that if we’re in trouble what’s going to happen to you will be worse.”


With Jenny leading the way and Mel following behind Missy was propelled along corridors and up stairways. The mood between Mel and Jenny was still tense and for once they didn’t even make any lewd comments about Missy. The only time either spoke was a wistful remark from Jenny.


“I guess we’ll miss tonight’s show now, shame really, it was such a fantastic idea’s of Elizabeth’s.”


Missy’s stomach gave a sharp jab of fear; anything involving Elizabeth was usually extremely depraved and painful for the girl involved. Finally she was led through one last door and was halted.


She could hear various women’s voices, and with a sickening feeling she knew she’d arrived like a lamb to the slaughter. She felt Jenny’s hands fiddling with the blindfold at the back of her head and then it was removed.


At first the dazzling lights blinded her as her eyes struggled to adjust to the swift change, then she saw where she was.


She was in a night-club of some sort, not a very large one though. A brightly lit bar ran down one side of the room, glistening with glass and chrome, most of the tables were against the other wall set back in little alcoves, chairs on the smoked glass table tops showing the club probably wasn’t open. At the other end of the room was a raised stage below a lighting rig and in front of the stage were a group of tables which were clearly in use as the chairs were grouped next to them all facing the stage.


At the end of the bar nearest the stage was a group of about 10 women who turned as one as Mel and Jenny brought Missy towards them.


With a sickening feeling Missy realised that while she knew some of the women, some were strangers who might wish to do God knows what depraved perversions to her.


As the 2 women pushed a reluctant Missy towards the group various comments were directed at them.


“Glad you could make it, Mel and Jen. Mmmmm, I see your slut’s still looking as hot as ever.”


“Can’t wait to feel her tongue again.”


“Wow, her breasts are bigger than I imagined, how do they taste, anyone?”


“They’re as gorgeous as they look.”


Missy blushed furiously as the women carried on making comments about her as if she was unable to answer herself. She looked up in sullen anger, her eyes roving over the group; Mel had been right, they were all here: Miss. Bailey, the bitch who’d orchestrated her abduction and had framed her beloved father, Officer Hayes, who’d played the sickest trick on Missy by pretending to be her rescuer before cruelly raping her, behind the bar was Elizabeth, the oldest and most twisted of the women, Joan, the museum molester who’d not only raped Missy the previous week but was indirectly responsible for making her best friend Jessica run away from home.


The rest were women she didn’t recognise, all were in their late 30’s to 40’s, some slim, some not so slim, and for the first time since her enslavement Missy saw a Black woman amongst them. Missy shivered involuntarily – any Black person, male or female, bothered her. All the women were taking a great interest in the naked school-girl in front of them.


“Are the Canuck’s here yet?” Jenny asked Elizabeth as she ordered drinks for her and Mel. “Better give me a water for slut here, too. She’ll get pretty thirsty later.”


“They’re out back.” Elizabeth replied, not looking up as she poured the drinks. “Just sorting out a few things. Right,” she carried on, setting the drinks on the counter, “If everyone’s got their drinks let’s get the show started.”


Missy stared wistfully at the glass of ice cold water sitting teasingly on the glass counter of the bar, waiting for Mel or Jenny to remove the tape from her mouth to allow her to drink it.


But they did no such thing, seeing the expression in Missy’s eyes Jenny smiled. “Wait a few minutes, slut.” As she picked up the glass and motioned for Mel to move Missy on.


As the women took their seats facing the stage Mel directed Missy onto the stage and stood her facing her audience before returning to one end of the bar where Jenny had taken Elizabeth to one side.


Missy shuffled uneasily from one foot to the other, well aware that the women were drinking in her nakedness, their eyes flicking from her large, olive tanned breasts to her firm, smooth thighs and onto her pussy. Their hands idly stroking their pussies.


She waited for some sort of instruction but none was forthcoming which only increased her apprehension.


The silence was abruptly shattered by a loud yell from Elizabeth which made everyone look round worriedly.


“You didn’t do the check? How many times have I told you about that?” She was shouting at Mel and Jenny who were standing sheepishly in front of her. “Get into my office now.” She stormed off behind the bar, the other two women following nervously behind.


An eerie silence descended on the room as everyone listened in an embarrassed fashion to the sound of Elizabeth giving Mel and Jenny an almighty dressing down. The exact nature of their misdemeanour was not known, but every one of the women knew that something major had happened. Even though the office door was shut her words were still crystal clear.


“You fucking idiots. How many times have I told you about transporting the sluts? You always check everything on your vehicle. Mel, frankly I’m amazed at you of all people.”


The sound of a mumbled explanation from one of the women was interrupted by Elizabeth in full flow.


“Do you know how close you came to getting the whole Society arrested? That slut knows enough to put you, me and everyone in the place behind bars for life, and I have no intention of going to jail because the two of you are too fucking careless to follow basic rules, no, actually follow basic common sense.”


Elizabeth’s voice now dropped like a hurricane finally blowing itself out, and only the sound of talking could be heard.


Finally, a glaring Elizabeth came out of the office leaving Mel and Jenny still in it; she took the stage and stood behind Missy, her hands groping for the girl’s breasts, her head just over Missy’s right shoulder. Still red faced and breathing heavily she spoke to the assembled audience.


“Well, ladies. I’m sorry for my little outburst just then. I hope it didn’t alarm anyone. Before we get to the main attraction tonight I’d just like to explain what’s happened. Mel and Jenny were responsible for transporting this slut here tonight. Now, as you all know, the Society has very strict rules about transporting sluts and one of them is to check all lights on your vehicle before driving. Mel and Jenny didn’t do this, and got pulled over by a traffic cop for a faulty tail light.”


There were gasps from the audience and quite a few of the women paled visibly, Elizabeth held one hand up for silence, before replacing it on Missy’s breast, she took each nipple between the finger and thumb of each hand and pinched them viciously making Missy howl with pain into her gag.


“By a million to one shot the Cop is a neighbour of Jenny’s and she let them go without discovering the slut in the trunk. Quite why the stupid bitch kept quiet I don’t know, but luckily for everyone she did.”


Missy’s eyes filled with tears of self-pity as well of pain as Elizabeth reminded her of how she’d spurned the chance of freedom.


“About the only thing Mel and Jenny did right was owning up to it straight away; if I’d have found out any other way the consequences for them would have been very serious. As it is I’ve explained their punishment to them. Firstly, they’re banned from the fun tonight, and one future party, and secondly I’ve confiscated Jenny’s slut here for a week. Now, normally as you know to rent someone’s slave is usually around $1000 or so a day, Jenny and Mel will receive no money for this. That’s an end to the matter; both Mel and Jenny are very, very sorry for their mistake and have asked me to beg your forgiveness. The slut behind me will be very, very sorry too when I’ve finished with her.” This brought a ripple of relieved laughter from the audience; Elizabeth’s cruelty and depravity was a byword.


Missy swayed as if she was going to faint; she had a deep fear of Elizabeth anyway and now she was going to be her property for a week.


One of the women, one Missy had never seen before, spoke.


“Is she still available to rent this week, though?”


“Sure is hon.” Elizabeth smiled. “I want her for myself until Monday but anytime after that just give me a call. You’ve got my cell-phone number, yes?”


The woman nodded, smiling wickedly. “Expect my call one minute after midnight Monday morning.”, which made everyone laugh; except Missy, of course.


“So the matters dealt with and now we can get on with our entertainment.” Elizabeth breezily continued before letting go of Missy’s breasts and stepping in front of her, talking as she did.


“Ok, you worthless whore. Welcome to my club, shut tonight for a private party. Tonight you’re part of the main event, you will do whatever we tell you to. We’re not so dumb as to think you actually enjoying being our toy and we realise you may not like to do some of the things we have planned for you tonight, but luckily Officer Hayes, whom I believe you’ve met, has very generously supplied her Tazer as a form of encouragement. Isn’t that right, Steffi?”


“Got it right here, Elizabeth.” Stephanie waved her regulation issue Tazer to show Missy this was no idle threat.


Missy shivered, she’d seen enough of America’s Most Wanted shows to know what an awesome weapon a Tazer was.


Elizabeth went on. “Should either you, or the other sluts here tonight, fail to obey a single order, or show any sort of disrespect, you will both get a blast from Steffi’s toy. Have I made myself clear?”


The double significance of Elizabeth’s words hit home as Missy nodded rapidly. There were other girls here, other unfortunates who’d been taken to be used by this group of perverts.


As she thought about this she was aware of Elizabeth peeling the tape from her mouth and offering her the glass of water.


“Drink this all slut, you’ll need it.” She half laughed as she said it.


Gratefully, but still aware of her approaching trauma, Missy gulped as much of the ice cool liquid down as she could before the glass was taken from her and her wrists were tightly bound behind her back.


Elizabeth stared intently at Missy’s breasts for a moment before fishing around in the glass and retrieving an ice cube.


“Mmmm,” she muttered, “Guess these could do with perking up a bit.”


With that she pressed the cube against one of Missy’s dark nipples. Missy winced and attempted to shrink back away from the burning impact of the ice only for Elizabeth to grab her hair to hold her steady. Silently, Elizabeth slowly and deliberately rubbed the cube over Missy’s nipples; pressing the buds back into the flesh until the cold seared the young girl’s abused flesh, then moving the ice to the other breast.


To Missy’s shame her nipples were beginning to stand proud now from the effect of the ice cold water which was trickling down from her breasts, over her flat stomach towards her pussy.


With the cube now down to only a sliver, Elizabeth pressed it hard against Missy’s pussy making the girl cry out one more futile time before it finally vanished.


Elizabeth admired her handiwork with a smile; Missy’s nipples now stood erect and glistening. She was ready to perform.


From behind her she heard a door open and bare feet coming across the stage towards her. Missy heard the audience whoop with delight at what had appeared.


Elizabeth gripped Missy by the shoulders and turned her around and she gave an audible gasp at what she saw.


On either side of a well-dressed 50 something woman were two red-haired girls; it took Missy just a few seconds to recognise them as the twins she’d been forced to watch being raped on video. She glanced at their eyes but got no response at all; their eyes were dull and lifeless.


On the video she’d seen of the twin’s abuse they’d been fresh faced but now their appearance was of girls who’d been ground down by the life they’d had to endure. Missy noticed the girl’s nipples were pierced with numerous rings and their breasts bore the vivid weals of many savage beatings. They both had piercings in their pussies too.


Elizabeth let Missy look in silence for a few seconds before resuming her role as a perverted ring-mistress at a circus.


“Ok everyone I’d like to introduce my friend from Vancouver, Hilary, and two of the sluts she and her little circle up there have in their stable. Tonight’s performance is a little thing Hilary and I thought up a while ago. Instead of one of us raping slut here,” she gestured towards Missy at this point, “we thought it would be more interesting if another slave-slut raped her instead. Then Hilary mentioned they had a set of twins and so we finally fixed this up.”


Turning to Missy, Elizabeth carried on. “In case you were wondering how we can persuade our Canadian sluts to rape you I ask you study the state of their little titties and pussies: piercings and whip marks. Well, simply, every time one of the stupid sluts disobeyed an order, or was disrespectful, or didn’t satisfy one of her clients she was forced to watch her sister receive a new piercing or suffer some extreme torture. They were slow learners apparently, but now they understand the consequences of displeasing anyone. So given a choice between raping a girl they’ve never seen before or watching their beloved sister get tortured, which do you think they’ll choose?”


Before Missy could reply to this rhetorical question Elizabeth deftly slipped a hood over Missy’s head, buckling it tightly at the back of her head. For a second or two Missy panicked as she felt her air-supply cut off until Elizabeth unzipped the mouth of the mask.


“Would someone like to help Hilary prepare her two sluts?” Missy heard Elizabeth say amidst various other voices, the muffling effect of the leather hood distorting the sounds in her ears.


“How’d you get them down here, Hilary.” She recognised Miss Bailey’s voice though.


“I’ve got a specially adapted land cruiser with two hidden, sound proofed boxes. They’re incredibly cramped so the little sluts could only travel in them for about 7 hours, so the trip took about 8 days.”


All the while Hilary and Chrissy were having this conversation they were fixing a strap-on onto each girl, who were standing patiently showing no sign of emotion at the scene around them. Hilary and Chrissy continued their talking as casually as if they were drinking coffee over the kitchen table instead of preparing to force 2 teenage girls rape a 3rd.


“Did you sleep in the cruiser?”


“No, I’ve got enough friends all over the place who were more than happy to put us up for the night in return for the chance to spank, fuck and lick 2 nubile little teens like these.” With that she pulled the clasp tight and gave the teenager a playful smack on the ass. “So little Keri here and Teri have had an eight day fuck-fest tour of the USA.”


A silence descended over the audience as they settled down to watch the show; on stage the two red-heads with their synthetic dicks attached were standing just to the left of a hooded, cuffed and naked Missy. If the twins had any sympathy for Missy they didn’t show it; in truth the traumatic suffering they’d endured since their abduction had driven all pity from them – the only people they cared about were each other.


Missy was breathing quickly now, the blindness caused by her hood increased her apprehension in the silence in the room. Suddenly she heard Hilary’s Canadian accented voice.


“Right, let’s begin. Keri stand behind the slut, Teri stand in front of her. Remember, only talk to her if I tell you.”


Missy heard the girls walking towards her and take up the positions; she shivered as she felt Keri press gently against her from behind.


“Teri start to kiss the slut’s tits, Keri push her legs apart and place your strap-on between them, press it against her pussy and tell the worthless whore to close her legs to keep it there.”


Although there was no need for Keri to relay the instructions the young Canadian was so subjugated that she immediately rattled the words out.


“Shut your legs on my strap-on, whore.” It was a voice devoid of emotion or pity and it chilled Missy to the bone as she pressed her legs together trapping Keri’s plastic cock hard against her pussy lips.


At the same time she felt Teri’s lips kissing her breasts, showering each one with little kisses, the girl’s hot breath playing over Missy’s olive skin.


Without saying a word Hilary started to mime and mouth her instructions to the twins so Missy would have no warning about what was to happen. She let out a short gasp as Teri ran her tongue in a long line over Missy’s breast and onto her nipple, simultaneously she felt Keri grip her hips with her hands and slowly start to move her strap-on in and out between Missy’s legs.


Missy whimpered in despair as she felt not only her nipple stiffening under Teri’s tongue but also her pussy lips becoming slightly moist as Keri’s synthetic shaft rubbed against it.


In response to Hilary’s silent urgings Keri started to thrust faster and faster and increased her grip on Missy’s hips, holding the hooded school-girl as still as possible while her twin continued to tease the olive skinned young girl’s breasts.


Without any warning Teri suddenly bit hard on Missy’s right breast, Missy’s head jerked back and let out a high pitched scream of agony, now the surprise was gone Hilary went back to speaking her instructions.


“Teri, chew those gorgeous titties, Keri hold the slut for your sister. Teri, use your nails on the tit you’re not biting.”


Missy tried as best she could to break free of Keri’s grip to escape the absolute agony Teri was inflicting on her breasts. Sharp, needle like pains were shooting through her firm flesh as the Canadian girl dug her nails into Missy’s left breast before squeezing and twisting as hard as she could on the girl’s dark brown nipple.


Missy staggered sideways taking Keri with her as Teri’s teeth dug into the tender flesh of Missy’s breast before suddenly moving to her nipple and clamping down on it, shaking and twisting it.


With an animal shriek of pain Missy jerked herself free of Keri’s grip and tried to push Teri away.


“Grab her arms Keri; pull her down to the floor.” Hilary calmly reacted to Missy’s bid for freedom.


As Missy stared blindly about her she felt her arms pinned to her side despite her struggles, she felt Keri’s smallish breasts pressing into her back as the Canadian grimly tried to hold her still for her sister.


“Teri, I didn’t tell you to stop.” Hilary’s icy tone reminded the young girl of the consequences of disobedience and she stepped forward to continue her abuse of Missy’s breasts.


“Please, no, please no, oh God, please, owwwww” Missy sobbed through the unzipped mouth of her leather hood as she tried to struggle free again as Teri’s teeth and fingers again started to torture the girl’s large, full breasts.


“Get her down on her back.”


Missy felt Keri pulling her backwards as Teri grabbed her round the knees to lift her off her feet. In her blind world this was totally disorientating for Missy and she yelped in fear as she felt herself being lifted then laid on the wooden floor of the stage.


“Keri, pin her shoulders. Teri, spread her legs.”


Missy felt Keri’s knees press down onto her shoulders, pushing them against the cold wood as she felt Teri’s small hands grip her thighs just above the knee’s and push them roughly apart. Even through her mask she could sense Keri’s legs close to her face.


“Please stop, please let me go.” Missy babbled, her voice sounding strangely disembodied in her ears because of the mask. But her desperate please fell on stony ears; the twins could only see each other and they knew how much the other would suffer if one disobeyed.


“Teri, lick her pussy.”


“Nooooooo.” Missy howled and tried in vain to thrash her legs free of Teri’s grip.


For a split second Missy was aware of just hot breath on her pussy before Teri’s tongue started probing her lips, still embarrassingly wet from the rubbing of Keri’s strap-on.


Keri increased the pressure on Missy’s shoulders to hold her as still as possible for her sister to orally rape her.


“Make the slut come, Teri, remember what you’ve been taught. You have 90 seconds to make the slut come or Keri will have a new ring, understand?”


Teri’s tongues slid along Missy’s slit from bottom to top,  at first not penetrating it, just licking the school-girl’s outer lips; it had taken quite a few months of intensive training and punishments for her to learn the desired technique, but as Hilary’s threat to her sister sank in she knew she had to move faster.


Using her fingers Keri spread Missy’s lips and darted her tongue straight onto Missy’s clit, making the masked school-girl jerk her hips instinctively as soon as she felt Keri’s tongue make contact on her now sensitive clit.


As Keri’s tongue began to lick and curl around Missy’s clit Teri leant forward and began to very gently, almost sensuously, with Missy’s breasts and nipples.


Missy began to squirm as best she could under Teri’s weight and Keri’s tongue and lips, but she knew her body was starting to respond to the erotic assault of the twins.


“No, no, nooooooooo.” Missy screamed as Keri’s tongue worked it’s harshly taught wonders on her clit. She tried to thrash herself away but Teri simply leant harder on her shoulders while her twin gripped the inside of the school-girl’s thighs to keep them reasonably still as she started to stab at Missy’s clit.


Teri’s tongue muscle was starting to ache now as a slight feeling of desperation began to creep in to her mission; she had to save her sister from another torture session at all costs so she re-doubled her efforts on Missy’s pussy. Surely, she thought, the Texan slave couldn’t resist mush longer. In her mind was only one name: Keri. She had seen her sister suffer enough; she had to make this bitch come.


Missy’s hips were writhing like a dancer’s now; mainly to avoid the torment of Teri’s tongue but also because that tongue was getting her closer and closer to an orgasm she didn’t want. She didn’t care if one of these slaves would get punished for her failure to come or not; the biggest thought in her mind was not to give the bitches in the audience the satisfaction of doing what they wanted.


But still, Keri’s tongue kept flicking on her clit, her lips hard on her pussy lips, and Teri’s slim fingers were playing so delightfully with her nipples that she was being overwhelmed.


“30 seconds” Hilary drawled, pretending disinterest although like all the women she was enthralled by the site of the two red-headed twins bringing the olive skinned school-girl to an orgasm.


Teri  was stroking Missy’s nipples gently between her fingers now, her calm, smooth actions totally hiding the knot of fear in her stomach; she knew Hilary’s threat was no bluff, she had to help her sister make this girl come.


“20 seconds”


For a brief second Missy thought she could do it; for one brief moment of hope she flooded her minds with inconsequential thoughts hoping to block out the sexual stimulation the twins were inflicting on her.


“15 seconds”


Then she lost. Keri’s tongue flickered around and over her clit, then slowly rubbed itself along it. Missy’s hips bucked and her shoulders heaved against Teri’s weight as she felt her nipples being caressed in an almost loving fashion.


“Noooo, aaaahhhhhh, mmffffffffffff” was all she could gasp as Keri took her to a shattering orgasm, arching her back as best she could under the twins restraining presence.


Spontaneously a burst of applause spread from the audience; it was slightly delayed as most of the women had to retrieve their hands from inside their panties, but it was genuinely appreciative of the show the sluts had put on.


“Well done, sluts.” Hilary beamed, “You saved your sister some pain there, Keri.”


The twins smiled at each other over the now sobbing Missy; their bond was still as strong as ever.


“Right get the slut on her feet.” Hilary barked and the two sisters hurried to obey, pulling and pushing Missy to her trembling feet.


Missy now felt as humiliated and as broken as she ever had; in front of an audience of sick perverts she had been brought to orgasm by a pair of sisters enslaved like her. As Keri moved around behind her to pin her by her arms she simply babbled through the mouth-hole of her leather mask.


Meanwhile Teri was taken to one side by Hilary who started to rub some lubrication on her strap-on while whispering some instructions to her. Once Hilary had finished she gave the red-head a sharp slap on her ass and sent her back towards Missy and her sister.


“Right,” Hilary continued, “Keri lie on your back with your legs apart, good. Now Teri push the slut down onto Keri’s strap on in a squatting position.”


Missy felt movement around her and cried out with fear as she felt herself being forced downwards by Teri’s hands on her shoulders. She screamed loudly as she felt the tip of Keri’s strap-on push between her pussy lips but was now so low down she couldn’t shift clear as she was pushed all the way onto it.


A low murmur of satisfaction spread round the room from the audience as Missy was forced onto the red-head’s plastic dick.


“Very good, sluts. Now Keri grab the slut around her waist and pull her towards you.”


Missy felt 2 thin arms slip around her and pull her abruptly forward, she was dimly aware of the sensation of her breasts pressing against Keri’s then she was held totally still.


“Please, please let me go.” She whispered tearfully in her blindness but got no response save for the Canadian girl’s short breaths.


“Move your strap-on inside her, Keri” Hilary ordered briskly and the girl swiftly obeyed, swivelling her hips to move the thick shaft inside her captive. Missy gave a low, garbled moan as she felt herself being fucked by another woman’s slave.


Silently Hilary was now motioning Teri forward to take position behind Missy’s exposed ass hole.


“Hold her tight, Keri.” Hilary urged before making a gesture to Teri.


Missy felt Keri’s arms tighten around her, crushing her onto the girl underneath. Then she felt the tip of a strap-on against her ass-hole.

Desperately she tried to struggle free, giving a loud scream of fear, shock and terror as she felt the plastic tip pressing against her ring.


Teri gripped Missy’s hips and started to push her shaft into Missy’s tight hole; she felt no hatred for the Texan girl, just a desire to protect her sister. So she pressed her greased strap-on against Missy’s exposed hole ignoring the school-girl’s screams.


The audience was very aroused now, they’d expected a good performance but no-one had expected to see Missy get fucked in two holes at the same time. More than one of the women had already brought herself to orgasm at the sight.


Tears were running down Missy’s face inside her mask as the second strap-on slowly began to force her ass open, she moaned as she attempted feebly to escape Keri’s tight grip. Inch by inch Teri forced her shaft deeper and deeper into Missy’s ass, the tightness of the girl’s hole squeezing the lubrication back down the plastic dick.


“Keep fucking her, Keri.” Hilary panted, like everyone else she was enthralled with the sight of Missy taking both synthetic dicks; it was better than she and Elizabeth had dared to hope.


Missy was now screaming constantly as Keri began to hump her hips up and down, feeling her own dick buffeting against her sisters through the thin separation  inside Missy’s pussy.


A searing pain shot through Missy as Teri pushed herself completely inside her, for a second or two both girls stopped, leaving Missy impaled between them like a rag doll.


“Fuck the bitch hard.” Hilary hissed.

The twins thrust themselves in and out of Missy rapidly, jerking the girl about between them, ignoring her screams for mercy until they tailed off into a series of grunts forced from her helpless body by the twins assault.


An almost collective orgasmic sigh came from the audience as the scene unfolded; 3 teenage girls linked in one fuck, the meat in the sandwich now almost lifeless between her red-headed attackers.


Visibly tiring now the twin’s thrusts were getting slower and slower, and Missy’s moans had become feebler and feebler; all 3 girls were near exhaustion.


“Ok slut’s, that’s enough.”


Obediently the twins stopped their fucking of Missy; Teri eased herself out of her ass and Keri released her grip on Missy’s body, letting the girl’s sweat covered torso slide off her.


“Ok, you two stand over there.” The voice of the Canadian woman ordered the twins and immediately Missy felt their hands lift from her body and she sensed, more than heard them, move away from her.


She rolled onto her side in a curled up position, coughing and spluttering inside her mask, the heat inside her hood was stifling now, and the enforced darkness seemed to magnify the traumatic humiliation of having just been raped by a set of twins who were sex-slaves like her. The pain in her ass-hole was so searing she thought she must be pouring blood from there.


“Right, slut, on your feet.”  Elizabeth’s voice, cold and unemotional, cut through Missy’s self-pity and the school-girl found herself pulled unceremoniously to her feet she jumped slightly as she felt fingers unbuckling the hood behind her head, then it was jerked clear of her face.


Missy felt a cool rush of air on her face as her eyes, still stinging from her tears caused by the pain of being speared by the strap-ons of the Canadian twins, adjusted to the bright lights of the club.


Once adjusted she glanced around the semi-circle seated in front of the stage; the women stared back at her with a mixture of lust and satisfaction in their eyes, most had their skirts and dresses rucked up around their waists and they had clearly been masturbating at the show Missy and the twins had put on.


Missy felt slightly disorientated by the fact that where Mel and Jenny should have been sitting were now just two empty chairs. Over her shoulder Missy heard the sound of a slap as the Twins were hurried off-stage by the Canadian woman who was about to rape the unfortunate red-headed girls in one of the back rooms.


Missy shivered as the women continued to stare at her; she shifted uneasily as they lustfully took in her abused body. The Black woman in particular seemed to be taking a particular interest in her and this made her even more uneasy; she had a deep fear of Blacks.


What had happened was an unfortunate combination of a casually racist family upbringing and an unfortunate experience on a bus when she was 10 years old. It wasn’t that her family were overt, cross burning members of the Klan; rather they lived in an all white neighbourhood and just radiated the casual inherited racism that can sometimes bring. So Missy was already conditioned into that sort of thinking when the bus incident happened.


She was on a bus on her own going across town, the bus was nearly full and Missy was the only person occupying a double seat on her own.  She was aware of how full the bus was and how lucky she was to be sitting on her own when she noticed with horror that another passenger had just paid his fare and was heading down the bus towards her.


When you’re 10 everyone looks big, but this man was enormous, and he was Black. If Missy had had a great interest in football she’d have thought he was some sort of defensive lineman, as it was she just thought he was a giant and she was terrified of him.


She was too petrified to even speak when he politely asked if the seat was free and could only shake her head dumbly as he sat down next to her. She pressed herself against the side of the bus as he sort of expanded into the space next to her, but even with her slight frame squeezed into as small a shape as she could his body was still pressing against her. And he’d draped his coat over both his and Miss’s legs.


Under the coat his leg was pressing against hers, and where her skirt ended above her knee he seemed to be rubbing his leg against hers. Whether this was her imagination or not didn’t really matter; in her mind it was real and her fear was rapidly changing into full blown terror.


For 2 agonising stops the man next to her was pressed against her, each shifting of her position rubbed her bare leg against his trousers. Almost in shock she stared fixedly out of the window, only once daring to turn to look at him. As she did so, he turned his head towards her and smiled a broad, white smile, but this did nothing to re-assure the young girl.


Now she felt fingers on her leg; she tried to squirm away from his touch, but where could she go? Frozen with terror she sat like a rabbit petrified by a Cobra as his fingers slipped up her leg and rested on the hem of her panties.


One finger tip slipped under the thin cotton material and pressed onto the join of her leg and hip. Missy’s eyes watered as she turned to look at the man, he grinned again, but his finger stayed where it was.


But it didn’t move away either for about 10 minutes until, as the bus started to slow down the man suddenly drew his hand back, picked his coat back up, and left the seat to get off the bus.


When he finally left the bus Missy was almost rigid with fear, she knew nothing had happened that she could tell anyone about but at the same time she knew she couldn’t say that nothing had happened.


Now, back at the club, all this came back to her as she and the Black woman locked eyes.  For a moment Missy was all alone on the stage as Elizabeth retrieved something from behind the bar, and for this moment the only person the school-girl could concentrate on was the Black woman. She looked as if she was in her 40’s, her skirt was pulled up around her waist and Missy could see from her firm, solid thighs that she kept herself in pretty good shape for her age, her face could have been called pretty if it was smiling, but, and Missy knew this was a bad sign, it looked stony and impassive.


Missy jumped with alarm as she felt Elizabeth’s hand on her shoulder, and to the schoolgirl’s mounting dread beckoned the Black woman onto the stage.


In her hand doing the beckoning was a newspaper and again Missy knew this was a bad sign.


“OK, ladies, for the second part of our show I’d like to introduce you all to Naomi. Now, I know you all know her of course, but I’m not sure you all know what she does. Would you like to explain to everyone what you do for a living, please Naomi?”

The Black woman smiled as she turned to the audience as if a contestant on a TV game show. “Sure thing, Elizabeth. As you all know, I’m Naomi Castle and I’m the State’s Chief Prosecutor.”


Almost as part of a double act Elizabeth fed her with lines.


“And what case are you currently working on?”


“At the moment I’m prosecuting some sicko called Sonny Milano for the brutal murder of his sweet innocent daughter.”


This caused a wave of laughter around the room which doubled as a shocked Missy shouted that Naomi was a liar.


Smiling indulgently, Elizabeth held up the front page of the paper she was carrying. Under the headline “State charges Milano with 1st degree” was a picture of Naomi talking into an array of microphones with the caption: “Chief prosecutor Naomi Castle speaking outside the courtroom after the indictment of Mr. Milano on a charge of 1st degree murder.”


Missy’s jaw literally dropped at the same time as head swam light-headedly; this was almost too obscene even for this group of perverts. Until now she’d assumed that the authorities were simply being hoodwinked, now, in front of her, was living proof that the State knew her Father was innocent.


With her eyes clouding over with tears Missy shook her head and stared morosely at the floor as Elizabeth spoke as if nothing unusual had happened.


“I understand, Naomi, that one of the reason’s you’re here today is to give slut here a sort of plea-bargain.”


“Right, Elizabeth. Look at me slut.” Naomi’s voice suddenly became harsh forcing Missy to look up instinctively. “Well, slut, my offer is this. You let me do exactly what I want to you without objecting, you do exactly what I tell you to, as soon as I tell you to, no matter what. And when I get back to my office I’ll review the evidence against your Father and maybe realise we should drop all the charges. How does that sound?”


Missy started to tremble now, she was about to be sexually abused by a Black woman, and for the life of her Father she’d just have to endure it, desperately she tried to argue her way out of it.


Shaking her head again, Missy tried to be defiant. “Screw you, bitch. Your promises mean nothing.”


A stunned hush fell on the audience at Missy’s outburst. Normally there would only be one consequence for such disrespect and Officer Hayes stood up, looking at Elizabeth for permission to use her Tazer.


Scowling, Elizabeth held up her hand to say no before grabbing Missy’s hair making her squeal.


“Listen, bitch, what you seem to forget is that you have a sister who we have our eyes on, and not only us. One of the Canadian women saw the video of her and has already offered quite a lot of cash for her. So you better reconsider Naomi’s offer or your little slut of a sister will be heading north within the week.”


Missy’s eyes filled with tears, and not only from the sharp grip Elizabeth had on her hair, she knew she was beaten. She’s seen the way the Canadian women treated their slave-girls, how they’d brutalised the Twins into submission, and she had no doubt they’d do the same to her sister.


From the audience she heard Miss Bailey’s voice. “Tell her to go to hell, Missy; I want to get your sister’s tongue on my pussy.”


Even Elizabeth laughed at this before shaking Missy’s head again. “Well?”


Hating herself as she said it, Missy miserably muttered her agreement.


Elizabeth let go of her hair with a final scowl, spitting out the words “Fucking slut” as she left the stage.


A grim faced Naomi now approached the trembling Missy.


“Right slut, let’s see if we can get your darling Poppa out of jail. Now, from now on you are to call me Ma’am, and everything you ask me must be said loud enough for the audience to hear. Understand?”


“Ye, ye, yes” Missy stammered with fear. Without warning she felt a sharp blow across her face as Naomi slapped her.


“Yes, what?” She hissed


“Yes ma’am.” Missy replied to Naomi’s satisfaction.


“Now slut, before I prepare myself, I want you to ask me for permission to masturbate for my friends.”


For a split second Missy was too stunned to respond, but a quick raising of Naomi’s eyebrows reminded her of what was required, and in as calm and clear voice as she could muster found herself saying. “Please ma’am; may I masturbate myself for your friends?”


“You may slut, but also ask permission to play with your titties too.”


With a reddening face Missy tried again. “Please ma’am, may I play with my titties too?”


Naomi nodded as she started to undress completely, watching as the olive skinned school-girl turned to face the audience cupping one breast with her left hand while slipping her right between her legs.


The women made various lewd and obscene comments as Missy, eyes shut in embarrassment, played with her pussy and breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples in the way she knew these women liked, gradually Missy became aware that the comments from the women were stopping and being replaced with low murmurs of approval. Baffled she opened her eyes and realised that most of the women were no longer looking at her but at something behind her.


As her hands slowed their movements she felt Naomi pull her wrists behind her and hold them together as she felt the now familiar cold kiss of steel and it’s accompanying click as a pair of handcuffs bound them together.


“Turn around, slut.” Naomi’s voice ordered from behind her and instinctively Missy obeyed.


Missy was in no way sexually attracted to women, which made her situation even worse of course, but even she had to admit to being impressed by the sight facing her: Naomi was now totally naked apart from her high-heeled shoes, it was obvious that she worked out a lot and took a lot of care of body, there wasn’t an ounce of excess fat on her body, her dark brown legs were firm and muscular, her stomach flat and toned and her breasts had no droop at all in them -  their large, very dark nipples already showing her excitement. The inches of her heels pushed her height to 6’ and she towered over Missy like a bird of prey.


Naomi beckoned the trembling school-girl towards her and mechanically Missy obeyed. When she got right up to Naomi the Black woman leant forward and whispered in her ear.


“I love to abuse pieces of White trash like you, who’s the slave now? OK, beg to kiss my titties.”


In a loud, fearful voice Missy did as she was told.


“Please ma’am. May I kiss your titties?”


“My beautiful, black titties?”


“Yes, ma’am, may I kiss your beautiful, black titties?”


“You may, slut.” With this Naomi gripped Missy’s hair and pulled the girl’s head towards her breasts.


Missy felt her face pressed against the dark brown skin of Naomi’s full breasts, she opened her mouth almost as a reflex and Naomi manoeuvred her nipple into Missy’s mouth.


Naomi gasped with pleasure and leant her head back as Missy’s lips closed on her nipple. To Missy’s disgust the woman’s nipple grew even larger in her mouth as it pressed against her tongue, almost in shock Missy opened her eyes but all she could see was the dark skin of Naomi’s breast.


Instinctively she let out a startled yelp despite having her mouth pressed onto the woman’s breast, she struggled in Naomi’s tight grip as the Black woman moved her face from one breast to the other.


“Tell everyone how much you love to kiss my black titties, slave.”


Missy knew this was her only chance, slender though it was, to save her sister and her father from this group, her face contorted from the pain caused by the iron grip on her hair and with her lips wet from their forced kissing of Naomi’s breasts she did as she was told.


“I love to kiss your black titties, ma’am.”


“Beg me to let you lick my pussy.”


“Please may I lick your pussy, ma’am.”


“Beg harder, slave, and louder.”


“Please ma’am, may I lick you pussy.” Missy’s voice went up  as ordered.


“You may, slave. But first continue worshipping my breasts.”


For the next few minutes Naomi moved Missy’s mouth from one breast to the other, until her dark brown skin glistened with the young girl’s saliva. Small grunting and squealing noises came from Missy each time the older woman’s large nipples were forced into her mouth and her tongue began to ache from having to continually lick Naomi’s large, firm breasts.


“Very good, slave, now you’ve got me nice and wet, I want you to kneel in front of me.” With this Naomi guided Missy downwards with her hand still in her hair until the school-girl was kneeling in front of her spread legs.


“Beg to lick my pussy, slave.” Naomi drawled in a seductive tone, her hand holding Missy’s face inches away from her shaven pussy, the pink contrasting with the dark fold of her lips. The scent of the woman’s arousal filled Missy’s nostrils and she was aware of Naomi’s firm, muscular, dark thighs either side of her head.


Missy was already hating herself even more for doing as Naomi was telling her but if there was just one chance in a million that these women might not take her sister or have her father executed then she had to take that chance.


“Please Ma’am, may I lick your pussy?”


“Is it a beautiful pussy, slave?”


Silence, then.


“Yes Ma’am, it’s a beautiful pussy.”


“Good slave, you may lick it now.”


This granting of permission by Naomi was unnecessary as Missy had no choice in the matter as the Black woman pulled her face slowly and deliberately towards her crotch.


Yet Missy fought back as hard as she could, there were certain bounds she wouldn’t cross and this was one. The audience could see Missy’s neck muscles straining as she fought against Naomi’s hand and Elizabeth’s lips pursed in annoyance at the sight, she motioned Stephanie to the stage with her Tazer, only adding the proviso.


“Lowest setting, hon.”


Officer Hayes crept up the steps onto the stage, she made eye contact with Naomi who grinned back and eased her grip on Missy’s hair slightly, allowing the young girl to believe she might be winning in her attempt to keep her dignity.


Stephanie winked at Naomi as she set the Tazer to it’s lowest setting and jabbed it smartly onto Missy’s right breast.


Missy howled with shock and pain as the electrical charge shot into her breast; she jerked upwards and her for a split second or two she couldn’t breathe in or out, she had no time to look round to see where the pain had come from as Naomi slammed her face forward into her crotch.


Missy, still trying to scream, screwed her eyes shut as her nose and lips were pressed into Naomi’s pussy made even wetter by Missy’s breath as she had obeyed her instructions.


“Push your tongue in slave.” Naomi cooed, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she felt the young girl’s lips make contact with her pussy. She gasped in short breaths as the girl’s tongue slid easily between her lips, lifting Missy’s head brought her tongue onto the lawyer’s clit and she trembled as she felt Missy’s tongue probe and lick at it.


For the women in the audience the show was fantastically erotic; the sight of the young school-girl, hands restrained behind her back, kneeling between the legs of the older woman, her head being moved up and down by the tight grip the woman had on her hair was one thing, but the contrast between the olive skin of the slave and the dark brown flesh of her mistress merely served to almost double the pleasure.


A breathless hush descended on the group watching the performance broken only by the rustle of clothes as another woman slipped her blouse open to caress her own breast. Naomi’s head was right back, eyes shut, as her legs started to quiver.


Missy was alternating between licking Naomi’s clit one second and then pulling her head back despite the woman’s tight grip simply so she could grab some air. She felt the lawyer’s pussy getting wetter and wetter and out of the corner of her eyes she could see her strong, dark thighs quivering. She knew the older woman was about to come and prepared herself for being forced to swallow her juices.


Naomi’s fingers twisted in Missy’s hair as she let out a series of strained gasps, her juices smearing over Missy’s lips and face, the effect of the girl’s tongue on her clit powering her orgasm.


Missy started to lick faster at Naomi’s pussy; her eyes clenched tightly shut due to the combination of the pain from the Black woman’s grip on her hair and the dreadful situation she was in.


Of course the more Missy licked, the faster her tongue lapped at Naomi’s juices and flicked over her clit the more prolonged the woman’s orgasm became making Missy’s tongue work even harder and faster which only made the lawyer come all the more.


Naomi rubbed Missy’s face into her pussy until her orgasm was done before easing the girl’s head slowly backwards so that a glistening string was still linking her pussy and the girl’s lips; she held Missy’s face immobile at that point.


“Look up at me, slave”


Obediently Missy ran her eyes swiftly up, over Naomi’s dark brown, over her breasts, still coated in Missy’s own saliva, until her eyes made contact with her tormentors.


They locked stares; one triumphant and lustful, the other subdued and fearful.


“Tell us all how much you enjoyed my pussy, slave.”


Knowing what was at stake Missy opened her mouth to comply; as she did so the glistening string between her lips and Naomi’s pussy broke and swung down onto her chin. Missy saw a satisfied smirk break over Naomi’s face, but she still remembered her lines.


“I loved licking your pussy, ma’am.”


How much lower could she go, Missy worried in her despair.


The Black woman let go of Missy’s hair which at least gave the girl a chance to rest on her legs.


She heard rather than saw Naomi walk away from her and the clack of her heels as she stepped off the stage. Missy heard the approving comments from the audience of perverts.


“Wow, Naomi, that was something else.”


“God, you looked like you enjoyed the slut.”


“Hurt that fucking bitch”


Ominously for Missy she heard Naomi’s reply.


“You ain’t seen nothing yet, ladies.”


Missy, still with head bowed and her back to the audience heard Naomi’s heels on the stage steps as the Black woman returned, she also heard the sound of something being placed on the stage.


Suddenly she was jerked to her feet by the lawyer’s hand in her hair; her eyes screwed shut in pain Missy yelped as she was dragged upwards and turned around.


“Open your eyes, slave”


Despite the fearsome grip on her hair Missy opened her eyes slightly, to her disgust she now saw just how the audience had been taking her show: all the women had their skirts up or their jeans down, all had their fingers inside their pussies; at least one couple had their fingers in each others pussies, some were stroking their breasts.


A wave of something near to nausea swept over Missy at the realisation that she was just an exhibit to these women; her lower lip trembled and she was about to burst into tears when Naomi pulled her hair downwards.


Naomi was sitting on a chair as she dragged Missy over her crossed legs, concentrating the school girl’s mind wonderfully; her head was pushed towards the floor and despite the turmoil of her feelings she noticed how the black leather of Naomi’s shoes contrasted with the dark brown of her skin. Apprehensively she tensed her ass cheeks for the spanking that was bound to follow.


For a few seconds Naomi did nothing except lightly rest her fingers on Missy’s cheeks, knowing that each second she delayed merely made the dread worse for the poor girl. Then she started to squeeze and rub the girl’s ass cheeks, spreading them wide then pushing them together.


“Look at the audience, slave, tell them how much you love me to play with your ass.” Naomi’s voice reminded Missy of her position.


With her face burning with shame and embarrassment Missy turned to face the audience.


“I love it when my mistress plays with my ass.” She stopped abruptly as she felt Naomi’s fingers running along the lips of her abused and hurting pussy.


“Do you love this?”


“I love it when she plays with my pussy.”


“Beg me to spank your white ass, slave.”


Her face reddening even more, Missy mumbled the words.


“Please Ma’am, spank my white ass.”


“Louder slave, I don’t think the audience heard you.”


Now in a clear voice, Missy repeated the cruel request.


“Please Ma’am, spank my white ass.”


“Spoken like a real slave.”


With one hand gripping Missy’s bound wrists, lifting them up so her head was forced further downwards, Naomi took her hand from between Missy’s legs, smiling slightly at the girl’s juices glistening on her fingers. She raised her hand and brought it down sharply on the teenager’s ass.


Missy bucked and writhed over the Black woman’s lap as the lawyer repeatedly slapped her ass; the extreme angle her head was forced down at meant, that as she moved she felt herself slapped in the face momentarily by her own breasts.


Naomi looked down, very pleased with her handiwork; she loved to smack the asses of these white sluts, loved to see their pale skin redden with her hand prints, love to squeeze the nates of the little tarts between slaps and squeeze them as if she kneading dough. Because Missy’s skin was naturally olive tanned the reddening of her skin wasn’t as pronounced as when she spanked a whiter skinned girl but the effect was no less erotic; Missy’s cheeks were glowing and as she shifted her hips to try and avoid the raining blows Naomi was given a ringside seat view of the school-girl’s pussy lips moving and sliding, fleshy pink and glistening. Naomi’s own pussy throbbed at the sight. To make the girl wriggle more Naomi aimed a few sadistic swipes at the back of Missy’s thighs; then as her legs parted slightly, landing a few on the school-girl’s sensitive inner thighs. All of which, of course, made the captive teenager scream and sob louder to everyone’s great delight.


Imperceptibly, as far as Missy was concerned, Naomi’s slaps became slightly slower, her fondling of the girl’s ass and thighs gradually increasing in duration and severity. Like a bird of prey circling over it’s victim Naomi’s right hand slid all over Missy’s ass cheeks and thighs, pressing between them, brushing lightly, but deliberately against her pussy lips before moving off to maul and spread her ass cheeks, then moving back down her legs and raking her nails up the school-girl’s inner legs, forcing her olive toned thighs apart until finally Naomi’s fingers pressed against Missy’s pussy lips and slipped delicately in-between them.


For a few seconds Naomi contented herself with gently moving two finger tips along the slit of Missy’s pussy, then she extended her thumb and pushed it between the girl’s ass-cheeks.


“Now beg me, slave. Beg me to stick my thumb in your ass, tell us how much you  love it.”


Her stomach almost turning at the thought of what she was about to have to do for her sister and father she  mumbled the words.


“Please stick your thumb in my ass, ma’am.”


Naomi brought her hand down sharply one last time on Missy’s ass cheeks.


“Let everyone hear how much you want it slave.” She ordered harshly “Beg me to stick my black thumb in your white ass.”


Knowing she had no choice Missy shut her eyes as she repeated the words.


“Please stick your black thumb in my white ass, ma’am.”


Naomi looked down at the slim frame of the school-girl over her lap, she’d already had one mind blowing orgasm from her and was determined to get more. Slowly she sucked on her thumb to moisten it. She spread Missy’s ass cheeks with her left hand and re-placed her right hand between the girl’s thighs, pressing her finger tips between Missy’s abused pussy lips she rested her thumb against her ass-hole, still slightly dilated from being sodomised by Teri.


Missy gave a low moan as she felt the tip of Naomi’s thumb pressing against her anus, for a split second she thought of rearing up, telling all the women to go to hell, that she wouldn’t put up with this violation any more. But she knew they had all the power over her; and not just over her but over her family too.


She felt Naomi increase the pressure on her hole and she whimpered with the renewed pain; she tried to spread her legs a bit wider as if this could alleviate the agony she was feeling.


Naomi started to move her fingers gently inside Missy’s pussy, feeling their way gently towards her clit. At the same time she continued to press her thumb remorselessly against her ass-hole, easing the digit in.


Missy gasped with shock as she felt Naomi’s thumb slip into her ass, unwittingly she started to slowly gyrate her ass around Naomi’s thumb which also meant that the Black woman’s fingers were rubbing harder against her, now sensitive, clit. Missy’s gasp turned into a low moan as she felt her pussy becoming wet under Naomi’s fingers.


Naomi could feel the affect her hand was having on the girl and a broad smirk crossed her face.


“Tell the audience how much you love my thumb in your ass, slave.” She urged.


In short gasps Missy managed to blurt out. “I love your thumb in my ass, ma’am.”


Naomi’s fingers inside Missy’s pussy were now playing with her clit, with a sudden shock Missy realised that, for the first time since her ordeal began, she was actually enjoying what one of the women was doing to her. The thumb in her ass wasn’t as big as the strap-ons she was usually fucked with and it was moving in a more rhythmic  manner, Missy’s whole body was now moving back and forwards with the movements of Naomi’s thumb. Because of Naomi’s crossed legs Missy’s head was further down than it would have been from simply being over the Lawyer’s lap and as a result with the more extreme pushes of Naomi’s thumb her breasts were swung very near her face. Briefly again Missy had the odd sensation of being slapped in the face by her own breasts, her sore nipples rubbing her chin.


Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, Missy thought, she was going to come.


Naomi grinned at the audience as she felt Missy’s juices start to ooze onto her fingers, the women gave a collective groan of pleasure as they heard Missy’s short, breathless gasps; they knew what had happened and a few gave a spontaneous burst of applause.


Missy, still orgasming, heard the applause and blushed even more. The humiliation of being reminded that she was only performing for these perverts was too much to bear.


Yet still she shuddered through her orgasm, her mewls and gasps drawing amused laughs from the women in the audience who could tell when a slave really enjoyed an orgasm.


Naomi, still smiling serenely to herself, let Missy’s climax play itself out, teasing it as far as she could as Missy clenched her thighs around her hand, and her rectum closing on the Black woman’s thumb.


When Missy finally came down and slowly unclenched her thighs Naomi slid her hand from inside Missy and brought her fingers to her mouth.


“Hmmm, I love the taste of slave pussy.” She drawled in her best Deep South voice as she licked the school-girl’s juices from her fingers for the audience to savour.


Missy was still on a post-orgasmic high and cooed gently as she felt Naomi lift her unsteadily to her feet; she barely noticed the stickiness on the Black woman’s fingers on her skin.


She smiled, guilelessly at her molester, temporarily forgetting her surroundings. Naomi smiled back at her, warmly, as she led her towards the back of the stage.


“Very good slave, you are doing wonderfully.” She whispered in Missy’s ear “One more little act for these perverts and we’re through. And on Monday I promise I’ll get the judge to dismiss all charges against your father, and I’ll have a word with Elizabeth about not taking your sister.”


Missy’s head swam, perhaps Naomi wasn’t as bad as the others, her heart jumped, her father would soon be free, and her sister would be safe.


“There’s just a couple more things you have to do, will you do them?”


Eagerly Missy nodded, she was getting attached to Naomi and wanted to show her appreciation. The Black woman leant forward and whispered the final instructions to the young girl.


With her mind reeling with 1000 different thoughts Missy made her way to the front of the stage as Naomi prepared herself for the last act.


Missy stopped at the edge, feeling the gaze of the perverted women upon her. Her face glowed red with the shame of what she was about to say, but if it saved her family then it would be worth it. She took a deep breath.


“I’m a worthless lesbian slut, my only purpose in life is to be used by my mistresses until they are satisfied. I am to be hurt, spanked, abused and fucked in my pussy and my ass until my mistress  and her friends are finished with me.”


A loud cheer broke out from the women at this; seeing a young girl debase herself in front of them was just another sexual thrill to them. Missy hung her head in shame until Naomi called to her.


“Come here slave.”


Missy turned to face Naomi. The Black woman was sitting on the chair beckoning to the school-girl. Missy’s eyes were transfixed on Naomi’s right leg; around her thigh was a strap, and on top of the strap was a large, black, plastic dildo.


Missy’s jaw dropped with disbelief, the dildo looked very large as it glistened under the stage lights. As if in a trance she felt herself walking towards Naomi who was grinning maliciously at her.


As Missy drew close to her Naomi lightly gripped her hips and manoeuvred her between her spread legs, her hands holding her gently, but firmly in place.


“Beg me to suck your titties slave.” Naomi’s voice was harsh now, allowing Missy no chance to refuse.


“Please Ma’am, suck my titties.”


“Suck your what titties, slave?”


For a brief second Missy looked confused, then as she looked down, and out of the corner of her eye she couldn’t help but notice the menacing looking phallus strapped around Naomi’s leg, she saw how large her breasts were. Drawing a deep breath, guessing this was what Naomi wanted she spoke again.


“Please Ma’am, suck my large titties.”


Naomi snaked an arm around Missy’s waist, pulling the girl towards her like a spider devouring it’s prey. Instinctively Missy’s upper body swung backwards to keep her balance but the older Black woman pulled the girl effortlessly to her mouth.


Naomi’s lips closed around Missy’s flesh, drawing the girl’s dark brown nipples into her mouth, sucking, nibbling, licking the hard, bullet like nipples, her saliva spreading over Missy’s olive tanned mounds as she swapped from one breast to the other.


Yet again, to her horror and shame Missy felt her nipples growing hard with the effect of Naomi’s tongue and lips, simultaneously she felt the lawyers hand on her waist slip down onto her sore ass and start to caress and fondle her cheeks, then starting to slap them, mauling and squeezing her battered flesh between blows.


Each slap on her ass forced Missy forward momentarily against Naomi’s devouring mouth and as the speed and intensity of the smacks increased the lawyer gripped the school-girl with her legs as she started to use her teeth on the girl’s breasts.


Missy squealed in agony and tried to back away from the Black woman’s mouth but found herself trapped between her firm, muscular thighs.


The audience could see Naomi’s hand spanking and mauling Missy’s ass relentlessly; they couldn’t see exactly what Naomi’s mouth was doing to the young girl’s breasts but it was clearly painful, which merely added to their arousal.


Naomi’s teeth gripped on one of Missy’s nipples and twisted on it making the girl scream louder and twist against the lawyer’s thighs. Naomi, keeping the tight grip on the teenager’s nipple raised her eyes upwards to see Missy’s reaction.


The school-girl’s face was twisted in pain and tears were starting to run down her cheeks. Naomi’s pussy tightened at the sight and she shook Missy’s nipple like a terrier shaking a rat until the girl gave an ear-splitting shriek and arched her head back.


Abruptly Naomi released her grip on Missy’s abused breast and loosened the grip her legs had on the girl’s body. She pushed the sobbing youngster from between her legs and rapidly positioned her either side of her right leg; directly above the dildo strapped to her upper thigh.


Missy’s only reaction at this point was to wail like a child until Naomi spoke.


“Beg to fuck my dick, slave.”


Inwardly Missy cringed, but still she knew she had no choice; after all Naomi had promised her Father would go free for this.


“Please Ma’am, may I fuck your dick.”


“Louder slave.”


“Please Ma’am, may I fuck your black dick.” She sobbed, the words almost garbled as they came out.


“Yes slave.”


With that Naomi slowly, yet firmly, guided Missy’s hips downwards onto her phallus; Missy gave a low moan of dismay and pain as the greased tip pressed briefly against her abused pussy lips before sliding between them.


“Move up and down slave.” Naomi cooed in her soft drawl.


Missy began to lift herself up and down on the lawyers dildo, the Black woman’s hands lifting and lowering her hips at first until she got her own momentum. The thick, black shaft, sliding in and out of her pussy, spreading her lips wide with each penetration.


Missy groaned, not with pleasure but with pain as she continued to slide up and down on the synthetic dick, she was unaware at first of Naomi’s hands leaving her hips and sliding up over her firm, olive toned stomach onto her breasts, first just stroking then pinching and squeezing her young, firm mounds.


Missy’s face contorted in agony as her body seemed to be assaulted by pain all over but she still kept moving; she still thought of her sister and father.


“Beg me to play with your titties, slave.” Naomi ordered, her voice made strange by the effect of Missy’s slim body’s rhythmic movement on her leg.


“Please. Play. With. My. Titties. Ma’am.”  Missy’s words came out in short bursts as she continued to impale herself on Naomi’s cock.


Naomi now began to squeeze Missy’s sore nipples and dig her nails into the girl’s olive flesh making Missy squeal and squirm, but didn’t interrupt her up and down movement. Then she began to lift her leg up and down in time with Missy’s movements, jerking the girl’s slim body around like a rag-doll.


In a panting voice, knowing Missy’s eyes would be screwed shut, Naomi gasped new instructions.


“Open your eyes, slave, tell the women what a lesbian slut you are, how you love it when I hurt your titties while I fuck you.”


Missy’s head cleared; one last time, she thought, for her family. She opened her eyes and her mouth but at first the words failed her. The women were all nearly undressed, the two who had been masturbating each other were now kissing deeply, others had their fingers very deep in their pussies now, blouses open, shirts off, breasts freed from bras and being stroked. Hilary had re-appeared with one of the red-heads and was standing behind her masturbating her with one hand while stroking her breasts with the other and whispering into her ear.


To the audience it looked like a mother bouncing her child on her knee; only in the most erotically depraved manner possible.


“Say it slave.” Naomi grunted, her own arousal very clear.


From somewhere Missy found the will to talk.


“I’m a lesbian slut; I love it when my mistress hurts my titties when she fucks me. Owwwwwww”


At the word ‘me’ Naomi gave a vicious, sadistic twist on Missy’s nipples making her scream, then she hugged the young girl to her, pressing her lips onto Missy’s sweat sheened back as she came, her teeth pressing softly onto her shoulder.


Knowing it was over, Missy slowed her movements to a halt, her pussy was painfully sore, as were her breasts. Tears were flowing down her cheeks and she was sobbing now; partly through the humiliation of being a part of a sordid sexual performance for these perverts, even Naomi had called them that, but also of relief because now her family would be safe.


Naomi  very slowly lifted the weeping girl from her dildo and eased her down onto the floor, standing up and stepping over her towards the front of the stage.


The women, themselves slowly coming down, applauded, haphazardly at first as they pulled themselves together, then more generally in recognition of Naomi’s wonder show.


Smoothing down her skirt Elizabeth, a bit breathless, stepped onto the stage, turned to the audience as she took Naomi’s hand.


“Wow, Naomi, that was spectacular. Ladies, let’s show our appreciation.”


Naomi grinned modestly as the women clapped, whooped and cheered her performance.


Missy lay on the floor, almost grinning to herself too, she had won, she knew that.


As the applause faded Elizabeth spoke.


“So Naomi, any thoughts on the Milano case?”


“Sure, we’re going to go for a trial date on Monday.”


The audience laughed at this, Missy’s eyes shot open.


Elizabeth spoke again.


“Hilary? Come see me later this weekend, we’ll sort out the details of getting this slut’s sister to your friend.”


Missy began to scream and scream, thrashing around on the floor. She’d been lied to again, they were still going to destroy her family, she didn’t care what they did now.


She screamed and kicked her legs for ages until Elizabeth nodded to Steffi who stepped up with her Tazer, the power wasn’t set to lowest now and Missy jerked in a different way as the electric charge shot through her, leaving her temporarily stunned and breathless on the floor.


As she lay on the floor, her eyes shut in agony and black despair Missy was dimly aware of instructions being whispered hoarsely between the women, followed by the sound of furniture scraping on the stage floor.


Before she had a chance to open her eyes to see what was happening she was pulled roughly to her feet by at least two pairs of hands, possibly three but the speed it all happened at prevented her counting too well.


Despite her screams of fear and protest she found herself  hauled onto her feet, her wrists unbound, and then she was bent double over some sort of padded beam; without giving her time to react or struggle she felt hands grasp her wrists and ankles and secure them to the beam’s supports.


Looking around through her chestnut hair which had fallen briefly over her eyes Missy realised that she was draped over a trestle, she lifted her wrists and ankles in a futile bid to see of they could break free but found they were tightly bound to their respective corners of the trestle. Her legs were spread wide and she knew her pussy and ass-hole were on display. She shivered as she sobbed, she knew her ordeal wasn’t over.


Across from her, forming an informal triangle were two other trestles both with restraints attached to their legs. Even as she focused on the people behind them she knew who their occupants would be.


The group of people Missy was now looking at were the  Canadian twins, Elizabeth and Hilary, otherwise the stage was empty. The older women were whispering instructions into the twin’s ears, smiling and nodding as they did. The looks on the twin’s faces never changed despite the apparent good humour of the two women; they looked deadly serious as they listened to the whispered orders.


Together the Canadian red head’s were lead to their trestles by Hilary and Elizabeth, bent over and attached to the restraints. Neither made any attempt to resist or struggle, or even look up to catch Missy’s eyes; if they were even aware of the Texan girl’s existence they didn’t show it.


The women stood up and Elizabeth stepped towards Missy as Hilary, standing between her twin slaves gently stroked their red hair.


Missy’s eyes flickered rapidly from the twins, who seemed oblivious to their predicament and stared only at the ground, to the two sadistic women clearly orchestrating the whole thing.  Hilary saw Missy’s eyes darting around and waited until the teenager’s made contact with hers, and then jerked her head sideways towards the audience.


Missy’s jaw literally dropped open with shock; all the women were standing next to the stage, all naked and all wearing strap-on’s around their waists. The school-girl was about to scream a terrified protest until she felt Elizabeth’s hand clamp over her mouth.


The silence was filled by Hilary’s Canadian accent.


“Now for the finale, ladies. Here are our 3 sluts, all laid out for your delight. As a matter of courtesy, seeing as they’re the whores they are, I want each one to ask to be fucked. Keri?”


With absolutely no hesitation the first red head replied.


“Please, Mistress Hilary, let these women fuck my pussy.”


“Very good, little one.” Hilary purred, her voice soft and sensual. “Teri?”


As if repeating something learnt in the classroom the other twin uttered the same words.


“Please Mistress Hilary, let these women fuck my pussy.”



“Over to your worthless tramp, Elizabeth.”


“Thanks Hilary, what wonderfully obedient slaves you have there. Now, slut,” Elizabeth pulled Missy’s head up by her hair. “Ask nicely to have your pussy fucked. For your family’s sake.” This last phrase was delivered in a taunting, sarcastic manner.


Like a fish rising to the bait, Missy swallowed it hook line and sinker. There was no way she was going to play their game any more.


“Fuck you, bitch” Missy snarled, her strict Christian upbringing forgotten now; well, she thought, what could happen? She could hardly be sent to Hell for cursing: she was already there.


“As you wish, slut.” Elizabeth replied, still gripping Missy’s hair. “But I guess I should warn you that you’ll regret those badly chosen words over the next week.”


She let the young girl’s hair drop and stepped towards the stage front.


“Ok ladies, you all heard our Texan slut let us all down in front of our guests from the north, so the drill will be this. Each of you will fuck the Canadian girl’s pussies in turn, then our Texan slut will suck your strap-on’s clean before you fuck her ass. Ready ladies? Ok, let’s go.”


Missy reacted violently as the impact of Elizabeth’s words sank in; she strained against the restraints on her wrists and ankles in a desperate fear of what was about to happen. She felt  one of Elizabeth’s hands grip her hair as the other covered her mouth.  In a cold sweat of fear she watched as Hilary  poured some lubricant on one hand and slip it behind the first of the tied twins; only the forward movement of the young red head’s body and a slight look of discomfort on her face showed that Hilary’s fingers were spreading the thick, cold gel around her pussy lips.


Out of the corner of her eyes Missy could see the women waiting in line to mount the steps to the stage then, as Hilary removed her hand and went to repeat the lubrication process on the other twin, the first woman - one Missy had never seen before- stepped behind the prepared red headed teen.


Now crying tears of frustration behind Elizabeth’s hand gag Missy watched as the 40 something woman placed her hands on the girl’s hips and started to push herself in and out of her. The tied Canadian gave a pained look as the woman started to knead her hips as she thrust violently in and out, but didn’t cry out.


Elizabeth  knelt down, so her head was next to Missy’s as the woman continued to fuck the young girl bent over the trestle.


“Mmmmmm, doesn’t it look horny, little slut, but don’t get jealous, it’ll be your turn soon.”


As Missy watched with mounting dread the first woman closed her eyes in sexual bliss and stopped thrusting in and out of the first red head; slowly she pulled herself out of the captive adolescent and moved to behind her sister. In a sort of grim parody of a production line the next woman, Missy’s stomach heaved as she recognised Joan, her rapist of a few days previously, stepped into position behind the first twin and started to fuck her just as the other woman started to penetrate the second twin.


Missy glanced sideways down the line of women waiting to have their turn at the tied girls; they were all here: Black Naomi, who blew a kiss at Missy as their eyes met, Miss Bailey, who had slipped her arms around Naomi’s chest and was gently stroking her nipples. Further down the line, past a couple of women Missy didn’t recognise stood Officer Hayes, her eyes fixed on the ongoing fucking  of the Canadian twins.


Glancing back towards the Canadian twins she was met with the full sight of two mature women behind the slim, teenage twins; their full bodies slamming again and again into the girl’s bodies, jerking their small frames hard against the padded boards of the trestles.


Missy’s moment had arrived; the first of the abusers had finished fucking the second Canadian and was walking towards her on slightly shaky legs, her eyes glowing with perverted lust.


Missy clamped her mouth shut behind Elizabeth’s steel grip; she wasn’t going to make it easy for these sick bitches. As if she could read the girl’s mind Elizabeth moved her fingers onto Missy’s nose and clamped her nostrils shut. Missy’s eyes shot open in shock at this and her pupils bulged as she saw the stranger’s strap-on inches from her mouth.


Instinctively as she felt her air supply cut off she opened her mouth and at that instant Elizabeth removed her hand from her mouth and the woman pushed her synthetic cock deep into Missy’s mouth.


Missy gagged as the tip of the shaft hit the roof and back of her mouth; her head jerked back as far as it could until the woman gripped her hair to hold her still, then she spoke.


“Just suck on it, child.” It was a soft, Southern purr. “Wow, I’ve seen you at Church so many times, always wanted to fuck your hot little body since the first time I saw you, suck it good, little child, oh my, oh God.”


Missy struggled pointlessly against her restraints as the woman cooed her abusive words all the while jerking her strap-on in and out of Missy’s mouth. Then Missy felt sticky fingers pushing between her legs, spreading her ass cheeks wide as Elizabeth eased a lubed finger into her already abused hole.


Vaguely, through her half shut eyes, Missy was aware of another body next to the first woman, she felt the shaft raping her mouth pull out before another one slipped in as another hand grabbed her hair and started to pull her mouth up and down the shaft, forcing her to taste the juices of the Canadian slaves.


Then it happened: she felt her ass cheeks being spread by someone’ hand and the tip of a strap-on pressed against her ass-hole. Desperately she tried to wriggle free as if such a thing was possible seeing as she was tied by all four limbs and her head was held tightly by the woman whose strap-on she was currently sucking unwillingly.


Tears of pain, frustration, humiliation and sheer helplessness welled in her eyes as she felt the strap-on slipping easily into her well lubed and dilated ass-hole; she attempted to scream as she felt the woman’s false dick sliding in and out of her hole. Missy’s legs jiggled, her feet rose up on their toes, her hands clenched into fists and then unclenched but the pain in her mouth as Joan raped her mouth, and the pain in her ass as the unknown woman pushed herself fully inside her; her hands gripping and squeezing Missy’s hips as she did so, never eased.


So it went on; one after another the women forced her lick their ‘dicks’ clean before raping her school-girl ass-hole, which burned as if on fire all the way through.


Missy still recognised some voices; Naomi leant over, when fully inside her, to assure her that her father was as good as fried, Miss Bailey kept telling her, as she sucked on her strap-on, that she hoped her sister was half as good, and Officer Hayes, while giving Missy the roughest ass-fucking of the night, grunted that she was looking forward to fucking her Mom.


Finally the last two women were Hilary and Elizabeth; the Canadian was deep in Missy’s ass as Elizabeth dragged the girl’s mouth up and down her shaft. Elizabeth twisted the girl’s head to one side and smiled down at her.


“What a gorgeous slut you are; wish I’d bought you, but no matter, you’re mine for the week.”


With that she pulled out of Missy’s mouth and moved round to bugger the school-girl


Now her mouth was free Missy could scream all she liked, and she did as Elizabeth forced her strap-on inside her, twisting the girl’s hips and ramming her own against the girl’s olive tanned ass.


Missy’s screams died quickly; Elizabeth was the last of the women to abuse her ass-hole and her ring had felt like it had been on fire for an hour. She was certain she had been split by the women and now she just moaned softly and miserably as the pain levelled out.


Elizabeth thrust herself in and out of Missy’s ass for a few more times but even she knew the girl was ‘raped out’. Slowly and reluctantly she drew out.


Looking round at the exultant women she took a deep breath; the evening’s performance had been superb even by the Society’s standards and she knew she had Missy at her mercy for the week.


“Wow, well, ladies, I think we can all say that was something else,” her voice was panting as she said this, her face flushed and her black bob hair cut smeared with sweat.


General murmurs of approval and sighs of sexual ecstasy met this announcement.


“Hilary, thank you so much for bringing your sluts down here.”


“No problem, Elizabeth, we’ve had the best time ever.” As she said this she gestured at the tied twins as if they had a voice in the claim.


Draped over her trestle, the tears from her eyes mixing with the snot coming out of her nose as she cried, Missy tried to ignore the  burning pain in her ass-hole.


As if from her deepest nightmares she heard Elizabeth’s voice again.


“Get the slut ready to travel.”


















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