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Review This Story || Author: John the wimp

Domination of mother and son

Part 1

Throughout our five year marriage I and my wife Melanie had experimented in sub/dom roles. Being poorly endowed, naturally submissive, and only five feet four in height it was I who naturally took the docile role. Melanie who was A tell assertive blonde with a magnificent 38DD bust revelled in her dominant position. The only problem was that over time it became a little boring with just the two of us, that when Melanie hit on the idea of involving someone else in on our little games.

At first Mel’s choice of the person who would join us in our perverted fun filled me with horror, to my alarm Mel had decided that her mother Dorothy would be the one. Like her daughter Dorothy was also a tall assertive woman with if anything an even bigger breasts then Mel. Although I was ashamed to admit the thought of both women humiliating me at their pleasure turned me on like never before.

The plan was simple I was to be dressed in women’s underwear masturbating on our sofa when Dorothy would make one of her daily calls. The humiliation and indignity id suffer being caught in such an act would be out of this world. What would Dorothy say, I couldn’t even begin to imagine. Little did I know at the time that Dorothy was in on our scheme from the start? For some time Mel had been telling her mom all about my perversions and my love of wearing women’s undies, In fact it was Dorothy herself who had come up with the idea of me being caught in such a compromising situation in the first place, and what’s more she just couldn’t wait to see my little cock for herself.

Finally the big day arrived, Mel provided me with a black Bra, Panties and Stockings and Suspender set. “These are my mothers I stole them from her draw, she’ll go ballistic when she sees you in them” laughed Mel. “Oh my God”, was all I could reply, what was I letting myself in for.

For over an hour I sat on the sofa, with my little cock in hand, panties around my ankles. Finally I heard the front door open and sound of women’s voices in the hall. Suddenly the door swung open and there stood Mel and her mother Dorothy by her side, with her mouth wide open aghast at the sight of me attired in her black undies set.

In a flash I became aware that my wife and her mother were not alone, “What the fuck”, I cried as to my amazement Mel’s sister Helena and my own mother Olivia came into view.

“You dirty little pervert your wearing my stockings and suspenders” Dorothy cried as she made her way towards me. In a flash Dorothy sat on the sofa and pilled me over her knee. There I lay across my mother-in-laws lap being soundly spanked as my shocked mother looked on.

“It’s all your fault” bellowed Mel at my still stunned mother. “Give me a hand Helena, get the bitch over my knee as well”, she roared. I could hardly believe my eyes not only were I to be spanked by my mother-in-law, but my poor 47 year old mother was also to be chastised by my 25 year old wife. My mom was easily overpowered by Mel and Helena who quickly had her stripped down to just her bra and panties. With her panties around her knees, she was hauled over my wife’s lap, and spanked in fashion similar to myself.

Little did I know at this time that the punishment that my mom was receiving was the main point of the entire episode. Melanie, her mother and sister had decided that the best way to humiliate me wasn’t to actually inflict any shame on me, but to force me to watch as my own mother was dominated by them all.

Frogmarching my mother upstairs, her bra discarded on the way, Melanie and Helena quickly had her tied to our bed. The look on my poor face was one of pure horror as Melanie attached the biggest strap-on imaginable between her legs. With Dorothy now sat upon my mothers face, my wife slowly began to insert her huge plastic cock into my mother’s hairy twat.

“Please, please, stop them”, cried my mother to me. Surly if my mother had looked at my erect cock she could have seen that I was just as excited as the three women, and wouldn’t have bothered to beg for my help.

Watching that monster enter my mother’s cunt was just about the best thing id ever seen. My mother who was such a prim and proper lady, was squealing pig as my wife began to fuck her. Her cries of “No,.no,.no”, quickly turned into “yes, yes, yes”, as my wife began to fuck her for all she was worth. To my amazement by now my mother was also licking at Dorothy’s cunt like a woman possessed

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that id see my own mother used in this way, as all three women took turns in fucking her cunt and using her mouth for their own pleasure. My 47 year old mother was getting the fucking of a life time, as I looked meekly on.

For over two hours they used her, with me taking pictures all the time. Needless to say the pictures were used to blackmail my mother, and now like me she’s become the submissive slave to all three. Perhaps most humiliatingly of all myself and my mom have even been forced to have sex together, not that my little 4” cock does much for her after she’s got use to that 15” monster.


Review This Story || Author: John the wimp
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