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Prisoner Inerrogation

Part 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

As 140 volts of pure unabridged electrical current surges through Tiffany's  hellishly tormented body, she stiffens and twists, a bloodcurdling scream  flung from her wide stretched mouth  resounds from the cold white tiles of the torture chamber.  It exceeds anything previously torn from her as her body shakes and vibrates in uncontrollable convulsions, her muscles contracting, spasming in answer to the insidious current tearing her helpless body. 

Si Lun keeps her writhing in unspeakable agony for nearly two minutes before switching the hellish machine off.

Tiffany continues to twitch and shake, her muscles involuntarily contracting.

Tiffany wails in agony, shaking like a dogs toy being worried by it's owner.  Her screams and howls go on and on.  She  tries to plead for mercy, but all her gagged mouth will allow is blubbering and sputtering screams, the spittle drooling from her open mouth.  She attempts to shake her head but the nose hook effectively immobilizes it.  Her eyes rollup into her head as the horror goes on abated.

Si Lun turns the dial indicator to 180 volts.  She looks to Jemma and Lori Beth,,, "This will be the first time I have ever used this much power.   I do hope your friend doesn't expire and put a damper on our fun"

"IN GOD's name have mercy on her!  She knows nothing, you said you knew that.  Why continue to torture her?"

"Because you have to watch. Knowing, that only YOU can stop her torment. Talk and we will cease "playing with her."

Tiffany continues to wail and sob, her body trembling and twitching.

"You unholy bitch!  STOP!"

Si Lun smirks and reaches out her hand.  The finger flips the switch!!!!

Tiffany  strains against the cruel straps, thrashing and vibrating as 180 volts of electricity courses thru her breasts and sex.
A scream of towering proportions fills the chamber, it makes the skin crawl to hear such howls of torture.  Little flashes of jagged blue light skitter across her flesh.   She is slowly being electrocuted by this  demon from hell.  Tiffany is sweating  so heavily there is a puddle beneath her where it dribbles.  She hangs on the diabolical apparatus, whimpering.  Sobbing, and shaking in unfathomable  agony, a steady wail of pain flows from her gagged mouth.

Si Lun switches off the flow of current, but Tiffany continues trembling and shaking, her muscles uncontrollable.  Si Lun has been torturing Tiffany with electricity for over two hours.

Si Lun turns away from the hideous torture of Tiffany and walks to Jemma.  "Do you REALLY think you can outlast me?  Look at her!  She would murder her own mother to stop the torment.   And YOU have the power to stop it.   I can keep this up all day if need be"

"How can you call yourself a human being?  It is beyond the realm of imagination that one person could do what  you are doing to this poor helpless girl."

"I am considered an artiste in the application of severe methods in   extracting information.  I  enjoy it very much!  And I WILL get what I seek!"

"You PIG! I spit on you.... Mercy!"

"My, my.
  Hanging by your tits all this time and still obstinate!   Well we shall see,,we shall see."

Si Lun walks to her table and picks up the bamboo cane.  She returns to her place in front of Jemma and Lori Beth.  She taps it in the palm of her hand and looking from one to the other muses, "Let me see... which one."

"The mouthy one" says the Colonel!

"You witch from hell.   Try your worst!"

'Not my worst troublemaker...My BEST!"

Taking  a stance to one side of Jamma, Si Lun draws back her arm and delivers a savage blow with the cane to the underside of Jemma's, nearly black, bound breasts.






Si Lun scourges Jemma's  horribly tormented globes.  She adjusts her aim with each stroke.  Covering the entire surface of Jemma's enormous breasts, the nipples, the upper surfaces, undersides.  No part is left unbeaten.

Jemma is bellowing screams to the overhead.  Her head thrashes from side to side her hair flying.

Si Lun works her way down Jemma's torso ravaging the tender flesh.  She flails the insides of her thighs, moving from crotch to knee and back again over and over, the whippy bamboo sinking into the tender sensitive flesh.  Suddenly Si Lin reverts  to Jemma's horribly distended, swollen breasts.

Jemma howls in agony as her mammary flesh is repeatedly  lashed and pummeled.

Si Lun continues flogging Jemma a full half hour.  Jemma is now the one sobbing and  whimpering in agony. She is sure her breasts are separating from her body, they are screaming in agony as Si Lun continues flogging them..

Still Jemma refuses to surrender.

Si Lun lays the bamboo aside and picks up the strap again. Standing in front of Jemma she lands a fierce upward crack to her wide spread labia.  

Jemma's eyes rollup in  her head  as she throws it back and bellows at the  top of her lungs.  Her arms, strapped behind her flap in helplessness as she thrashes on the tether holding her breasts.  Her legs,  stretched and spread horizontally  convulse and strain, the tendons standing out in sharp relief.   Jemma screams and struggles, wailing in agony as the scourging goes on.  Si Lun's eyes are gleaming as she flogs Jemma. She  experiences intense sexual gratification as she tortures the defenseless Jemma.

Jemma loses control of her bladder and a stream of yellow urine squirts from between her burning thighs.  The torture sweat runs from her body. 

"Had enough Si Lun asks?"

Jemma feebly raises her head, "Go to hell bitch!"

"My God haven't you done enough says Lori Beth?  She will never tell you!"

"Perhaps we might have better luck with you then, hmmmm?"

"You're not going to get what you want from either of us.  Can't you get that into your warped mind?  You're wasting your time."

"I don't think so.  Everyone breaks sooner or later, EVERYONE!."

Jemma weakly tilts her head up and says, "NEVER!"

"Let us be on our way then."

With a sham look of concern at Jemma, Si Lun says "I think maybe she has hung on those magnificent globes long enough."

She turns the crank and the bar under Jemma's arms rises taking the weight of her body off her savagely tormented breasts.

Jemma gives a whimpering sigh of relief as the inhuman, tearing strain on her breasts abates and she once again hangs from her arms.

Si Lun loosens the knots and unwinds the hellish ropes from Jemma's purple, distended tits. 

Jemma's relief is  short lived however.  Fresh blood and circulation has been shut off for a considerable time.  As the ropes are taken away fresh blood and feeling rushes back into the huge,sumptuos globes. As it does the ensuing pain is like nothing she has ever experienced in her life. 

Jemma stiffens and the muscles and tendons stand out in sharp definition, she strains and pulls at the straps constraining her,  raising her face to the ceiling a scream of horrendous agony, bursts from her wide stretched mouth.  The piercing scream of one being torn limb from limb it raises goose flesh on those watching.  Her body twists and shakes as the nerve-tearing agony goes on and on.  She convulses and trembles, shaking her head from side to side.

Si Lun and the others stare in morbid fascination and delight as Jemma's body is wracked with the agonizing bolts of piercing, searing pain enveloping her.

Finally the agony subsides and Jemma hangs, limp in the straps.
Si Lun picks through the toys on her table and finally says, "ah here they are."
She holds up a pair of wicked looking nipple clamps.  They have double rows of nasty, sharp teeth on them.  She cups one of Jemma's huge breasts in her palm and slips the wicked jaws over the nipple.  Turning the thumbwheel she twists until it bites into the thumb sized nub and then tightens it till the tender peak is flattened.  Taking the second one she repeats the same procedure with Jemma's other nipple.  Even after the pain of the cane, and the unbinding of her breasts, she winces and squeals.

"Calm down my sweet.  I'm just beginning."

Si Lun retrieves the shiny metal probe she used earlier.  Applying a bit of gel to it she separates Jemma's labia, and probing about finds what she is looking for, the opening to Jemma's urethra.   Inserting the probe into the opening Si Lun twists and slides the evil device up, up, further and further into Jemma's tube.   Finally a trickle of yellow fluid lets her know she has reached Jemma's bladder.  Next she picks up a gleaming polished steel tube.   12 inches long with a slight curve to it, two inches around.   One end is rounded, like the head of a penis.  From the other end dangle two wires.  She smears some gel on the head  and again parting Jemma's labia , slides it into her vagina.  She presses it in until the head slips into her cervix.

Now the Sergeant trundles over  the cart with the infernal black box.

Jemma's eyes widen and she gasps.   Oh my lord NOOOO!  she can't be going  to use that unspeakable machine on me.   Oh God Please NOOOO!

Seeing Jemmas look of terror, Si Lun smiles.   Ahh!  Something that DOES strike fear into the bitches spirit. Let us see how much of the electricity SHE can take.

"Don't you dare hook that damnable creation to me you disciple of hell"

"Ahhh!  At last something elicits a reaction from our fearless leader!"

"I've seen what you did to poor, innocent, Tiffany with it.  Well do your worst you ersatz imitation of a human! You'll get nothing from me!"

"We shall see about that my misguided troublemaker!  We shall see"

Si Lun picks up  new set of wires and plugs them into the control box.  Untangling them she attaches them one by one, using  alligator clips on the ends of the wires, to the vile clamps on Jemma's nipples.  Another set goes to the probe in her urethra.  And lastly one to the shiny probe buried in her center of Jemma's womanhood..

"Now I see no need to fool about with the inconsequential tickling I used on your friend over there.", says Si Lun, pointing  to Tiffany who was still trembling and quivering from the fiendish punishment of just a short time ago.  Tiffany still sobbed and whimpered as she shook  her head back and forth,  babbling incoherently.

Reaching to the dial Si Lun sets it at 100 Volts. 

"That should do for a start! Ready sweetheart?"

You vile whore! Do what you will!"

With a knowing smirk Si Lun thumbs the switch.

A low hummm, and then 100 Volts of searing raw electrical power surges through the small innocuous red and black wires connecting Jemma to a phantasm of pain so terrible as to defy imagination.

Jemma's body jolts and stiffens, her limbs convulsing in involuntary spasms as she shakes and trembles, her eyes rolling back in her head as she thrashes her head from side to side. A scream that makes the skin crawl bursts from her mouth, lips drawn back from her teeth. 

Jemma screams and screams, thrashing and wailing in abject agony, her huge breasts leaping and jumping as the current tears through them.

She thrashes and strains at the straps binding her so cruelly.  Her screaming bouncing from the tiled walls.

Si Lun stops the flow of electricity.  Jemma sags in the straps, gasping for breath as her tortured breasts heave up and down.

"Not a bad start, but I think we can do better."

Jemma stares in disbelief as Si Lun ups the dial to 140 Volts.  She shakes her head, her eyes darting to and fro as Si Lun reaches to the switch again.

To Be Continued........

Review This Story || Author: Von Schmiser
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