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Part 2

                                      KAREN 2

I couldn't make myself go to a sex store to shop because I knew anyone who saw
me there would think I was some kind of slut or pervert rather than the victim I
considered myaelf.

I remembered some spatulas in the kitchen department of Macy's that might be
suitable so I went there. I saw a long teflon spatula used for barbecues and a
paddle to remove pizza. I stood there holding them thinking of the pain they
could cause. I must have had a sick look on my face because a clerk came to me
and asked, ""Are you alright?" Even though she didn't have a clue about what I
was thinking I blushed and said, "I'm okay. These just gave me a flahback to
childhood spankings."

She said,"Oh I know what you mean. My stepdad used to spank me with a wooden
spoon. I can't touch one without remembering."

I had lied. I had never been spanked as a child. She gave me a visual I found
fascinating. I said, "Really? What did you do to get spanked and how did he do

"It didn't take much. You know, talking back, bad report card, messy room. stuff
like that. I am embarrassed to tell you how he did it."

I said," Come on. We both experienced it."

"Well if you tell me how you were spanked I will tell you about mine."

I had to think fast to come up with this lie. " Mom would make me take off my
panties and lift my skirt to lean over a chair where she would sting and redden
my butt." Then I had an inspiration to make it worse, "Actually it was more
embarrassing than painful because if my older brother was home she would let him
watch. I was totally humiliated."

"Oh I know but my stepdad was worse. Sometimes when I came home from school he
would be sitting with his buddies drinking beer. He would ask me what I had done
wrong that day. I would say 'Nothing,' but then he would say,'Okay but If I have
to get up and find something it will be worse for you." I knew he would find
something and would make it worse so I would think about it knowing he had seen
something then remember I had forgotten to make my bed or something. I would
confess and be relieved if that was what he meant because if he was thinking of
something else I would have to try to guess at that. Each thing added ten spats.

"If I was lucky he would say, 'Yes I am glad you were honest about it. You know
what to do."

"I knew alright. I had done it a lot. I would go into the kitchen and get the
wood spoon to hand to him then step back to face them and take off all my
clothes except my shoes and socks. I was super embarrassed because his friends
would stare at me and I knew it would get more embarrasing because I was
fourteen and had boobs. He would have me lean over to hold on to a stair
bannister which made my boobs hang down and then spank me. The pain would make
me dance to make my boobs jump and reveal my crotch but after a few I didn't
care. It hurt too much to worry about the show I was giving them."

I said,"Oh wow. That must have excited them. Didn't they want to touch you."

"I am sure they would have liked to but he sent me to my room right after where
I would rub my butt until the sting went away."

"Did it excite you at all. It wouldn't me at the time but later when I thought
about it I got excited."

"That is the weird thing. He did it until I graduated from high school and could
leave to come here to get this job. All that time I thought it was awful but now
I find myself thinking about it and I do get excited like you."

I grinned and said,"I think I have made a friend."

"Yes. We will have to get together for a drink or something and share
experiences. Here is my card. I am here everyday except Monday and Tuesday."

I thanked her and put the card in my purse even though I never planned to call

I knew that was not enough to satisfy the Doctor so I went to a hardware store.
Stuff I had never thought about before now had sinister connotations. There were
ropes and chains to tie me,wooden dowels that could welt me,all kinds of clamps
that could pinch me, and thousands of pins and nail that could be stuck into me.
I found a thick plastic yard stick I knew would hurt and put it in my cart then
went back to the rope section deciding a rope used for lassoos may satisfy him
as a whip since it was very stiff. I asked the clerk for five feet of it and he
said, "Five feet? Most people get at least twenty. What are you going to do with
five feet of it?"

I thought fast and said, "This is to decorate a flower pot."

I was relieved when he said,"Oh I see."

I went home with my purchases and looked at them for a while then decided I
should see how they felt in case I wanted to eliminate one.

It was really awkward to try to spank my butt and it didn't hurt since I could
only flip my wrist so I used the spatula on the top of my thigh which stung but
not awfully. I decided to hit my tummy with the pizza paddle. That really hurt
and I had not realized how heavy it was, It nearly knocked out my breath. I
dropped it into the wastebasket. Th yard stick was so long I lifted it while
lying down and swung it down to sting my tummy and the whole length of my thigh.
It really stung but not unbearably so I set it next to the spatula.

I picked up the rope and decided I could swing it around my front to spank my
ass. It was awful.It bent to stripe both cheeks and worse I had not noticed the
little fibres that stuck out to scrape the skin. I tossed it away but for some
reason didn't put it in the wastebasket.

I thought about how I would be humiliated by being forced to get nude for these
things to hit me when I suddenly remembered he had said I would be hit on my
breasts and pussy. None of these things could be used there it would be
intolerable. I realized I would have to conquer my embarrassmet and find
something suitable in a sex shop.

After work I put on my biggest sunglasses and a hat to disguise me. I had looked
in the yellow pages and found a shop that said they specialized in Bondage and
S&M. I was too embarrassed to have the taxi drop me off at the store so just
told hin the intersection not realizing that block had nothing but sex shops.

The driver grinned at me and said, "In that prim outfit I would never have
guessed you were into porn."

I knew he meant my business suit and blushed as I lied, "I'm not. There is a
restaurant there."

"Yeah right! A greasy spoon you would not go to in a hundred years."

I didn't want to discuss it and just said still blushing,"Please drive on."

He wouldn't shut up.

He said,"What kind of porn are you into? In that outfit you could be a butch
dike. Looking for lesbian stuff?"

"No. I am not a lesbian. would you please just shut up?"

"Just trying to help. I know all the shops and they specialize. If not lesbian
maybe you are a femdom. Looking foe something to torture some poor guy."

That seemed better than the truth and I said, "Yes. I have a client that looks
like you. I will beat him until he cries for mercy."

That shut him up. He said,"Don't look at me. I am straight but you will want
and I will shut up."

That was the name of the place in the yellow pages. I went in and looked totally
out of place. The few girls in there wore slutty outfits that showed rings in
their belly buttons and tattoos that ended somewhere on their breasts or lower
tummy. You could only see the top part of snakes and rosebranches. They looked
at me curiously which brought another blush but I was determined to stay. I
browsed around and found that I was not the only woman to be tortured, There
were racks of magazines with tortured women on the covers and more racks of
videos with titles like "Tortured Coeds or Whipped Housewife" I went down every
aisle although it took all my will power to stay seeing huge black dildos, all
kinds of vibrators and finally some handcuffs and other bondage stuff but no
whips. I started to leave wondering how many other shops I would have to go to
but on the way out the clerk said, Didn't you find what you wanted?"

I said, "No."

"What are you looking for?"

I said softly,"Whips." hoping he could direct me to another store."

He said loudly, "Whips? We have gobs of whips. Go to that back door. Whip
customers like privacy."

I could have died of embarrasment. The other customers stared at me and the
girls giggled. I rushed to the door just to get out of their sight.

Evidentally it had an electric lock since I heard a click just before pulling
open the door. It was a large room and spooky with fake rock walls and torches
for light like dungeons I had seen while reading about the Spanish Inquizition.
Ther were gobs of whips, canes, and leather paddles but also bondage equipment
including a rack, a pillory, and rpes with cuffs hanging from the ceiling and
chains with cuffs on the wall. It was really frightening and I turned to leave
but there was no knob on the door and when I pushed on it it was locked.

Adoor opened at the back and a man came out wearing just black leather pants and
boots. He had a big hairy chest and a flat muscular stomach. When he got closer
he said, "Don't worry. The door is locked. No-one can come in."

I blushed and said, "I was going to leave."

He said,"You don't want to leave. You are here because you want to be or you
were told to come here to purchase something special. Which is it?"

For once the truth seemed less perverted. "I was told to shop for whips and
things to punish me."

"I see, You have been a bad girl. Haven't you?"

I blushed and said, "No. I am being forced to do this."

"Don't lie. You know no-one can force you. You can leave this town or report
them to the police."

"You don't understand. I would have to leave my job and it would be too
embarrassing to go to the police."

"I understand. From your clothes I can tell you don't have a high paying job so
you could find another and to accept pain rather than embarrassment makes no
sense. Admit being tormented excites you."

His forceful manner overwhelmed me and I admitted, "Yes but it is frightening."

"This place is frightening isn't it?"

"Yes. It is like a torture dungeon."

"But the fear excites you doesn't it?"

Even though I knew my panties were soaked I lied and whimpered,"No."

He said harshly, "Come closer to me."

It seemed I had no choice. I went to him and with no warning he put his hand
between my legs and lifted my skirt to cup my wet pussy in his hand. He rubbed
it a moment and although I thought this was crazy and blushed I didn't try to
move away.

He said, "You lied. You are very wet. Girls that lie should be punished
shouldn't they."

His words were like an electric shock and I stiffened and clamped his hand
between my thighs as I whimpered, "I guess so."

"No. not guess. Say you need to be punished."

Again I thought this was crazy and I should ask him to let me go but my body did
not agre with my mind and I said, "Yes. I need to be punished."

He said, "Good girl."

For some reason that seemed like high praise and I smiled at him and said,"Thank

"Did you come here for whips to punish your back or front?"

I stammered, Ththe front, My breasts, stomach and vagina."

"No say your tits and your cunt."

That seemed so crude but I said, "Punish my tits and cunt."

He said "I have perfect things for that."

He went to the wall and came back with a whip made by braiding six leather
thongs to make a handle, a short whip that looked like it was made from several
leather shoestrings, and a simple strap about two inches wide.

He gave me the little whip and said, "Hold this. Imagine the thongs kissing your
nipples and making an exciting small sting on your breasts."

I felt the strings noting they had been made soft with oil. I sighed and said,
"This shouldn't hurt too bad."

"No that is a reward whip. It will bring you to orgasm."

He took the short whip and gave me the thong whip. Although the thongs were soft 
I knew it would hurt but I closed my eyes and imagined it hitting me. I was
brought back to the scene when his hand went tpo my crotch again. I opened my
eyes to see his smile as he said, "You like that one."

He took it from me and I reluctantly let go to be handed the strap.

As I felt it he said, "This is used two ways. Either by bringing it up from the
floor to go into your crotch or hung upside down and open to feel it from clit
to anus. If you don't know, that is called a groove whipping."

I shuddered and said, "Oh that would be awful."

It depends on the whipper. I find that if I start easy girls will soon beg me to
hit harder."

I said,"That is hard to believe." But it wasn't really. I knew that if I got
really excited I would want more.

He took the strap from me and laid it on a table with the pothers then said,
"Enough talk. Take off your clothes so I can demonstrate these."

I gasped and said, "Oh I don't know." By saying that rather than a flat "No." we
both knew I would do it."

He said, "You know. Take them off so you can feel the kiss of these whips."

I was so ashamed I knew I should insist that he let me go but my evil body was
trembling with desire. I took off my suit coat and laid it by the whips then
hesitantly unbuttoned my blouse and put it with the jacket. I took off the skirt
and blushed as I revealed my first and only thong panties. Since I maintain a
tan with tanning boothes I wasn't wearing stockings. I gulped and whined,"Do I
have to get completely naked?"

"Of couse you do. You want to be naked."

I sighed and took off my bra. In spite of my embarrassment I was proud of my
thirty five D cup boobs with no sag. I smiled when he said, "Lovely breasts.
Stop there and rub your nipples. Imagine the whip kissing them."

I felt them feeling them stiffen and blushed again when he said, "You see how
they stiffen wanting the kiss? Take off the panties."

I sighed and slid them down until they were loose enough to fall and puddle at
my feet. I put my hand over my pussy to hide it but he said,"Yes feel it. Feel
your clit harden as you get closer to kisses."

I blushed and said,"I am hiding it."

"Yes but you are feeling it now aren't you. I moaned since he was right. My
middle finger had slipped into my slit.

He took the hand not on my pussy and led me over to an X shaped frame made of
big timbers. He said, "Since you will experience these on your front this
bondage is appropriate. Back up to it and open your legs. I did and there was a
click as metal manacles snapped around my ankles. Then he lifted one arm and
then the other to snap the wrist into manacles at the top.

I whined,"Oh this is frightening."

"Yes and fright excites you. See?"  At that he slid his hand up my pussy and
showed me his hand glistening in the light from my juices.

He picked up the thong whip with his right hand and rubbed my breasts,my stomach
and my pussy saying,"All this area will become red, stinging, hot and excited. "

I groaned, "All of it? How many lashes must I take?"

"Whatever it takes to eliminate any white places. I will start with your stomach
to give you an idea of what it will feel like when I get to your preasts and
pussy. With your legs open like that a thong will enter the slit but you will
welcome it."

That frightened me I whimpered, "No. That is too much. Please let me go!"

"It is too late now but I don't want you screaming."

He held a rubber ball with strings on it up to my mouth. I shook my head and
said,"No!" but he pressed his thumbs into my cheeks to pinch them against my
teeth. The pain made me open my mouth and the ball alipped in. I found I could
only make noises through my nostrils and now I was really frightened. I was
bound helpless and now silrnt. He could do anything to me.

He began whipping my stomach from just below my boobs to my pubic bone. It stung
and I felt my skin getting hot but it was not unbearable. In fact as the stings
raadiated my fear turned to excitement.

He began whipping my breasts. That stung more especially since a thong always
hit nipples. Even this caused more excitement. I watched my boobs jumping under
the lash as if alive. He was really thorough even lifting them by the nipples to
get under them. Then he hit my pussy.

Pain and thrills went into my womb as a thong stung my clitoris and anus. I
began to writhe  in excitement as my orgasms began.

He switched to the strap and now all lashes were just to my nipples and slit to
drive me crazy. I found myself straining to push my pussy out for him as
stronger orgasms made me squirm and sweat.

He went to the little whip and after the others it just felt pleasant and
wonderful even when he held my slit open to get most of the strings inside.

He stopped and took off my gag. I mumbled "Thank you."

"Thanks for what. Taking out the gag or for the orgasms?"

I moaned, "The orgasms."

He said, "You are such a good girl.You deserve a reward."

He unsnapped and unzipped his pants to let his thick dick flip up to hit his
belly button. He shuffled over to me with his pants around his ankles to force
the head down to enter my pussy then grabbed my butt chereks and drove it in me
all the way. That kept my orgasms going for awhile until he grunted and made a
face then pulled out of me.

He sat down a minute to rest and watch me still writhibg in my bondage then
pulled up his pants and pressed buttons at my wrists and ankles to make the
manacles snap open.

I was so weak I fell into his arms and he kissed me and said I was wonderful. I
kissed him back and said,"You are wonderful too."

He smiled and said, "I am giving you the whips. Come back anytime but I warn you
the next set of whips will be more painful."

"I don't care as long as you fuck me afterwards. I have never had anyone go so
deep before."

"Yhank you but next time you will really earn the fucking. Ask for me I am Sir

He suggested I leave off my bra and panties since they may irritate my sore
skin. I did but he was wrong. My boobs bobbing arouund and rubbing on my blouse
was a lot worse than if they had been contained in a bra.

I could hardly wait to get home to undress and study my still red body in the
mirror. Just feeling my boobs and pussy was exciting enough to let me masturbate
myself to sleep.

The next morning I was a little disappointed to see all the red was gone and
only a few small bruises to remind me of the night before. Then I remembered it
was thursday and the next day I would be seeing the Coctor. I knew he would
bring back the red. But then I remembered that the Doctor was not like Sir
Richard. Sir Richard enjoyed my orgasms but the Doctor just enjoyed hurting and
humiliating me. I was frightened at that thought and wondered if I could get the
nerve to stay home.

end part 2. What do you think should she go back? Allene

Review This Story || Author: Allene Blake
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