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Catherine\'s Punishment

Part 14

                     Catherines Punishment:

                                        By Johhnyboy

                                          Part 14….

The continuation; with many apologies for keeping those interested readers among you having to wait so long for this part of the story to be posted



Sat in the huge leather swivel chair behind Tonys huge inlaid desk on Tuesday afternoon Sean Brady was still coming to terms with the surprise news that he was now in almost complete control of Tonys bookshop enterprise, a unexpected turn of events brought about by the news that Tony was to spend the next two years in the far east setting up a new film venture over there with a long time friend of his.

So Seans promotion had been agreed earlier that day when during a meeting between Sean, Tony and Joan, it was agreed that whilst Tony would continue to take an interest in the business and Joan would have the title of Manager with responsibility for all matters of office administration and book keeping it would be Sean Brady, albeit under the guidance of Joan, who would assume  control, not only of the Bookshop but also of the Slaves and Models, including the newest Slaves, Catherine Dixon and Victoria Preston, also Tony had stated that whilst he was absent Sean would also look after Joan herself, as her surrogate Master.

This agreement had brought more than a hint of a smile to the mousy womans face who assumed she would now have the best of both worlds, with a lot more attention from Seans wonderful cock plus of course plenty of contact with Tony as she kept him well informed of Seans activities via the daily internet contact they had already agreed upon together with a few secret trips to the far east for more intimate discussions. 


Later that afternoon, Sean smiled expansively across the desk into the eyes of Joan who now sat opposite him in preparation for what Sean had told her would be an initial discussion regarding their mutual responsibilities in the office

But in fact Sean had already decided that just as soon as he was out of the country he would be taking Tonys long time employee into the playroom,  in there, with Joans nipples tightly clamped and huge buzzing dildos in both her cunt and anus, he would string the naked woman upside down from her widely spread ankles and then leave her that way for a whole day.

With the ability to keep an eye on Joans suspended body via the camera link to his new office Sean would now and again go back in to the dungeon and check on her before giving Joan  a series of very severe beatings in what he knew would  be a  convincing and cruel demonstration of just which one of them was now in charge, that any information Joan was planning to pass on to Tony about Seans activities would be vetted by Sean himself. In short Sean was planning to dominate Joan every bit as much as he dominated both Catherine and her sister Victoria, then, after having fucked her senseless before spraying his piss into her mouth and over her body, he would then allow Kevin Smith to spend a little time with Joan, subjecting her to Kevins own ideas of punishment as a final brutal finale to Seans demonstration to Joan of her new status in life and of his power over her.

In fact Sean saw no reason why both Catherine an her sister Vicky and others should not be summoned to the bookshop and be taken into the dungeon so they could view for themselves not only the new status of a woman they had come to fear but also the brutal consequences they themselves would suffer should they even have the slightest thoughts of rebellion toward him.

But for now though Sean thought again of Tonys final disclosure before leaving the office

Im not sure you are fully aware of this, but whilst you were busy with Vicky Preston you will recall I allowed a few of my wealthier clients access to Catherine on a couple of occasions to act in a hostess capacity for them, well, she made quite an impression on them Sean, so much so that one of them asked me to provide her services on a couple more occasions.  No doubt you noted the extra amount in your regular envelope Sean, that very nice bonus was due entirely to the pleasure my client derived from the body of our Mrs. Dixon

Tonys disclosure certainly had surprised Sean, for although having spent most of his time recently working upon the subjugation of Vicky Preston, Sean still

Regarded Catherine to be his own property and he had always assumed Tony would  have, at least as a token gesture,  asked him if he could use Catherine again and so was a little taken aback at Tonys revelation

But Sean also understood that even now Tony was still the real boss and that without his patronage never in million years would he have been in the incredible situation he now found himself, what Tony decided was what happened, besides thanks to Tony, Catherine Dixon was now more than just a middle class mother and housewife Sean had the good fortune to beat and fuck now and again,  the fact is Catherine was now a well trained BDSM whore who along with a few others was making plenty of money for all of them.

And to Sean that was all that really mattered and for as long as she continued making him money then the subject of Catherines ownership, whether she belonged to himself or Tonys was of secondary importance, but none of this meant Sean was going back on his decision to eventually take Tonys business away from him and after Tony had departed for the far east Sean fully intended to begin that long process and he would make a start by taking Joan away from Tony and having her as his own.

Tony had gone on to tell Sean that he should be aware his client, Peter Harris, was in Tonys words, sometimes possessive of the Slaves I have provided for him. That in having a dubious film company amongst his business portfolio he was not beyond attempting to cut a Slave adrift from Tony and securing her for himself by showering her with money and gifts before becoming bored with her and passing her on to other less than savoury characters in the porn industry. 

Sean should be aware of this, Tony had said and that whilst Peter Harris provided them with good revenue from Slaves such as Catherine Dixon, Sean should keep a good eye upon him, perhaps he could use Kevin, already due to visit her sister Victoria, as a minder when a Slave of his visited Peter Harris

Sean decided he would soon pay a visit to Peters house but before then  Victoria Preston required her final preparations before her visit to the five star hotel to  meet her  first outside Client, a very wealthy City trader whose penchant for inflicting brutal sex upon mature women had some time ago come to Joans attention.

Now that the bookshop had at least two such models in the form Vicky Preston and Catherine Dixon Joan had contacted the client who, after viewing photos of both woman sent to him by email,  had chosen the slightly older looking raven haired Vicky and then quickly agreed upon the very steep fee Joan had discussed with both Sean and Tony for the services of a mature Slave, who, only recently trained, now required a client such as himself to, in Joans words, further her education.

Eager to pursue this rare opportunity Joan was offering him the client then reserved a suite in a five star hotel for the following Friday afternoon. Vicky was to arrive at 5pm sharp and book in under the name of Veales an anagram of Slave. She would then bathe and, following the instructions left in a suitcase in the suite, dress in the clothing inside the case before going down for dinner at 7pm sharp, there to be met at the Bar by her client.

Sean had taken all this in with some trepidation. The fee they were charging for Vickys services was enormous but was she ready for such a high roller? Eventually Sean decided that even after Kevin had put the fear of god into her he would just have to spend all day Friday with Vicky, then he could both deliver her to the Hotel himself and collect her the following morning. To Sean this was all very risky, but boy, all very exciting as well………………………………………………………………….

If Victoria Preston was unaware of the horrors awaiting her after the meeting in the bookshop, that was far from the case with her sister Catherine Dixon,  throughout the weekend she had been anxiously counting down the days before her return to the Grand house where, after being subjected to every conceivable kind of sexual debauchery the previous week by his two sons, she was at Peters insistence, no, at his command, due to attend the large birthday party he was throwing for his boys the very same boys who had so recently used and abused her.

At least with James being home for a whole weekend and beyond things had for once been more akin to normal in the Dixon household, for after rushing straight up to her room after being dropped off by Peter, and with James arriving home on Saturday morning Catherine had so far managed to avoid any questioning from Dan who himself now attended a college  some miles away, not getting home until after 5pm. Unbelievably James, as Peter had insisted, had even agreed to attend Peters Party on the following Friday. A party that Catherine, knowing James never spoke with her sister, had described to James as a large birthday party being held for the sons of a wealthy friend of Vicky, who being unable to attend herself, had begged Catherine to go in her place so as not to upset a wealthy friend.                 

But always nagging the back of Catherines mind was that tiny Red dress and its accompanying lingerie, shoes and leather collar Peter expected, no demanded she wear for the evening.

But then disaster had struck when On Tuesday afternoon  James was yet again  called upon by his company to tackle some damm problem, abroad this time, and with Peters parting words that she without fail bring a male guest on Friday or face the consequences, Catherine was frantic and after James had departed with a cursory kiss Her first course of action was to think of ringing Master Sean until hastily and belatedly recalling Peter telling her not to inform Tony or any of his staff of her presence at the party, so without any other option Catherine had no option but to call Peter on the number he had given her.

Thats a great shame; I was so looking forward to meeting the man lucky enough to possess you. But you have a teenage son...Daniel I believe Catherine?

Replied Peter after listening to Catherines tale of woe.

Please Peter, considering the clothes you expect me to wear I really dont think its a good idea to bring my own son with me

Well I do think its a good idea and so you will do just that Catherine, if I am unable to meet your husband then your son will be the perfect replacement, now then, you may tell him you are both invited as a thank you for…Giving my boys…private tuition…after all I seem to recall you were a teacher at one time Catherine 

Had Peter already worked it out? It made sense of sorts, but that dress? Those heels! not to mention the leather collar. But again, sensing Catherines dilemma, Peter had gone on to tell her.

You will bring the leather collar with you in your purse Catherine, the rest you will have to explain away, but it is a party dress for a party Catherine, even if a little on the short side, the lingerie hardly matters of course after all your son is hardly likely to see that is he my dear?, … .Did you really believe I would embarrass you before a member of your family Catherine?, now, I will hear no more about it!

Little do you know thought Catherine, but realising there could be no further argument with Peter she then acquiesced to his demands.

Although a little worried after Peter had repeated his insistence that Tony was not to be informed of her attendance at the party Catherine took a little comfort in that at least Dan would be there to escort her. But should she inform Sean? Catherine decided not, after all she would not have done so had James had escorted her, besides, as much as she felt she should inform Sean and Tony, Catherine, now more than a little fearful of Peter, decided there was no point in offending him over what was simply a matter of  herself and Dan attending a birthday party.

So  now Catherine unexpectedly had the whole of Wednesday to herself and looking at her watch to see it was 11 am, she made her way upstairs to her bedroom where she

took two of her secret boxes from behind her dressing table. Opening the larger box Catherine looked first at the Red Dress, assorted lingerie and shoes she was expected to wear for Peters party, the dress that Dan would now see her wearing, not to mention the racy lingerie underneath.

But Peters words had reassured Catherine somewhat, for even Peter would surely baulk at the thought allowing her to be used and abused before her own son, so in fact having Dan alongside her could even work in her favour…so long as Dan himself understood and accepted the party was nothing more that a social event they were attending as Mother and son.

With this thought in mind Catherine decided she would speak with Dan later on during dinner and go on to explain to him there would be lots of boys and girls his own age there for him to talk and dance with.

  For a long moment Catherine then toyed with the tiny pink satin thong sat in the box alongside the Red dress, its material and design very similar to that which Sean had removed from her soaking crotch, the one she had so desperately searched Dans room for before she had suffered the humiliation of being forced to   dress herself in the tiny garment before Dans hungry eyes.

With the key she kept hidden beneath her dressing table Catherine then opened a much smaller box and with a beaming smile eyed its contents before withdrawing from it large bundle of cash, counting out £2000 and  then replacing the remaining much larger bundle of cash back inside the box. Time to treat myself I think, maybe when I give Vicky a call, I could offer to take her out for lunch and even treat her to a new outfit Decided Catherine, picking up her cell phone.

But unusually for a Wednesday morning there was no reply from her sisters cell phone nor from the house phone that went on to answer mode when Catherine tried that. 

Assuming Vicky was out Catherine decided she would perhaps call round later, blithely unaware her tearful sister Victoria at that very moment listening   to the ring tones of her cell phone whilst Catherines nemesis nonchalantly and unhurriedly wandered around her bedroom, opening and exploring her every drawer, inspecting every single   personal item and intimate garment Vicky possessed as she herself lay naked upon her large bed, sobbing in pain………..

But Her Wednesday morning had begun like many another.

With the absence of a man about the house and never having been an early riser Victoria Preston had tended to treat her mornings as an exercise in leisure, reading the morning paper with toast and coffee in bed before rising around ten to take a leisurely bath then afterward going down to attend to any mundane chores that could not wait for her cleaners visits.

But since her run in with Sean Brady, Victorias routine now began with a couple of cigarettes and a large Vodka before she even ventured downstairs, making  it even later before she ventured downstairs and so Pre armed with this knowledge  after watching the large detached house for a couple of weeks and finding Vickys bedroom curtains were never drawn back before 10 at the earliest, it was with practised ease that at 5am Kevin Smith made his way into the large house by easily forcing the utility room window before removing his shoes.

Throwing a length of rope over his shoulder Kevin then made his way upstairs toward the sounds of quiet snoring coming through an open bedroom door and without a sound upon the luxurious thickness of the bedroom carpet made his way over to the huge double bed upon which slept Victoria Preston, her bedcovers thrown back to reveal the large Breasts and nipples under her black satin nightdress that were clearly visible to Kevins lustful eyes.

Kevin wasnt at all concerned if the Preston bitch as he thought of her, woke up to find him in her room at 5 in the morning, he would simply tie her up and leave her for later for as she was that little bit older he would rather she go through her usual routine and wake up properly before he took her, for wide awake and fresh the Preston Bitch would be far more appealing to him. So Kevin quietly left Vickys bedroom to explore the rest of her house, leaving her blissfully unaware of the appalling indignities he had been told to subject her to.

Wandering around the expensively furnished house Kevins customary resentment of those whose lifestyle was better than his own quickly surfaced, but as his fingers fondled the expensive object de art so carefully collected by Victoria over the years Kevins smile returned, thinking that at least another one had had her comeuppance, that Tony, with the help of Sean had trapped another posh bitch into whoring for them and unbelievably this one was actually the sister of Catherine Dixon!

This was the very same bitch whom he had spotted going into the Bookshop a couple of weeks ago thinking she were an ordinary customer before Joan had shut up shop for the afternoon, no doubt to put the bitch through her paces as usual.

Kevin guessed the only reason he himself had not been asked to take part in her training was because Tony already had a client lined up for her, probably the guy who liked to wear the full face mask and leather gear.

If that had been the case then the Preston Bitch upstairs really would have suffered, she would have been terrified enough to wet herself, But whatever, Tony had been confident enough that she was now broken to order him to perform his usual just as he had done with Mrs. La De Da Dixon and many others in preparation for their introduction to the really big money punters Tony seemed able to supply at will, This one a real high roller by all accounts and although Sean was said to sure the Preston bitch was ready for him Tony had decided to send Kevin along, just to remind her of who she now belonged to

Thinking about Sean brought Kevins mind back to the woman still soundly sleeping in her bedroom and  making his way back upstairs after raiding the fridge for orange juice Kevin then settled down to wait in the bedroom next to hers. Kevin and Sean barely acknowledged each other but even with Tony taking a back seat for a while Kevin knew he would be okay, that he was as much a part of the business as Sean, even if the cocky young sod had produced both the mature sisters for Tony, Kevin knew far too much about the true nature of Tonys business interests for him services to be dispensed with.

But Kevin was certain Sean wanted the entire business all for himself and  Kevin certainly didnt trust him, but he was well aware Sean didnt like or trust him either. Well, Sean would just have to put up with him for Tony had made it quite clear to

Sean that Kevin was going nowhere, a fact confirmed when a subdued Sean had told Kevin he was to visit Victoria Preston and in his own manner ensure she was well prepared and totally on message when meeting her first real client as a Bondage Slave/Hooker, just as her sister Catherine had with those rich guys Tony had found for her.

Lying back on the large bed Kevins cock began stirring into life as his thoughts returned to Catherine Dixon. Jeez had that bitch ever been a good fuck!, What a body for a bint of her age, and what about that fantastic strip tease she  had performed for him as he lay naked on her bed, sure she was crying at the time but that only made it better still. And what about the way he had tricked her, telling the bitch she only had to give him another great blow job after the strip dance. Kevin recalled how

The bitch had fallen for that one, that how, after allowing Catherine to suck him off for a good ten minutes he told her he wanted to taste his cock juices in her mouth, that by closing his legs she had no option but to place her own either side of his after he had then grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth onto his. With his cock growing ever harder Kevin remembered pushing his tongue deep inside Catherines mouth and that   she had been too far to occupied with her growing revulsion, especially with Kevins foul tasting tongue and bad breath to realise what he was doing with the lower half of his body.

Jeez, that gasp of surprise from her after I had slipped my dick inside her cunt, recalled Kevin, remembering how she then tried to pull herself away from both his cock and his mouth, but of how he had so easily prevented her from doing so. Controlling Catherine with one hand clamped across her back whilst the fingers of his other hands were clamped into her hair, forcing her mouth upon his own  Kevins  big cock had slipped easily inside her, she had been as wet as a sponge, Kevin recalled, his cock now hard and throbbing inside his Jeans. 

Even if she belonged Sean, Tony or the good lord Harry the Dixon bitch was always going to get a real good fucking from good old Kevin he smiled, thinking it about time he paid her another visit and give her another one of his special beatings.

Maybe shes been missing having my cock stuck right up her cunt…hey, maybe its time she had some of it up her arse hole then she can  lick it clean afterward!........................

. Thinking again about the woman sleeping next door Kevins lustful mind thought for a moment about trapping and taking the two sisters together. What a great trick that would be to pull off, he had to give Sean credit for one thing for as far as he knew these sisters were  unaware that  Sean Brady had ensnared each of them into his web of depravity and was planning to pimp them  both as high class bondage hookers!................................................................................................................................................

After her bath Catherine then dressed in her customary fashion before leaving for her shopping expedition, today wearing a light pink lingerie set of bra, tiny thong, tan seamed stockings and garter belt below an above the knee white skirt combined with a red almost sheer blouse.

A pair of tan 4 inch heels and gold necklace completed Catherines outfit and looking into the full length mirror after brushing her now curly hair and applying makeup including the mandatory scarlet lipstick, Catherine marvelled once again out just how desirable she looked these days but even though her new appearance was a total transformation of her old self Catherine never fully realised just how many people had always viewed her as being sex on legs, 

Once outside her Bedroom Catherine walked along the landing before stopping outside of Dans room, for a moment or two Catherine hesitated, the shopping expedition awaited but then again she had the whole day to herself, then, trembling inwardly Catherine produced a key from her purse. As always these days Dans bedroom door had been locked from the outside, but, having had all the house locks changed after buying the property, the key Catherine had taken from her purse was one of the two Master keys to all door locks in the house James had insisted upon  being made for securities sake due to his constant business trips,  Master keys that  Catherine thought only herself and James knew existed and one of which was now opening the door of Dans bedroom for the first since the previous Friday.

Catherine hadnt so far asked Dan why he now kept his bedroom door locked, fearing his answer would be that it was to prevent her from fucking her sons friends in his own bedroom; she had let the matter rest there, leaving his fresh sheets and laundry outside on the landing.

But just now and then, like today Catherine did things differently and

Once through the doorway, having grown accustomed to seeing naked photos of herself in her sons bedroom Catherines eyes were drawn toward Dans bedside table where once again, as he did every few days Dan had changed the photograph inside the large A4 frame.

Much To her discomfort this new photo, a still taken from a DVD recording was a clear image of Catherine, handcuffed and kneeling upon Dans bed, her face buried in a pillow as Dan leant over her all but naked body, his fingers, buried to the knuckle, were clearly penetrating his Mothers pussy whilst his free hand masturbated his long hard penis.

This was so very, very wrong but yet again Catherine was both disturbed but also inexplicably thrilled to view her naked body under the complete control of the son she loved so very much. So much so that those all to familiar stirrings were quickly  surfacing once again and very soon the throbbing deep down inside her pussy was causing Catherine to run her hands under her skirt until her small fingers were delving inside of her tiny thong.

Since her training in Tonys dungeon and the fitting of her nipple ring Catherine found herself in this almost continuous state of sexual arousal and as she sat back upon Dans bed Catherine guiltily recalled how even that young rapist thug Kevin had so humiliatingly brought her to orgasm almost as soon as she realised he was slipping his evil cock inside her, recalling how the force of his strong hands had pulled her mouth onto his own before, as his arms encircled her in an embrace of terror, Kevin had arched his groin upward forcing himself deep inside her and of how, unable to escape from his vice like grip she had oh so guiltily  succumbed to the inevitable and wave after wave of orgasms swept through her even as she had felt his hot sperm spurting deep into her womb.

Now cursing James for his lack of libido and for being away yet again and cursing Sean also for not being there when she badly needed his strong reassuring Masterly presence   Catherine switched on Dans large screen TV.

These illicit sessions had become like a drug to her and not realising she had fallen into the trap Dan had set for her Catherine truly believed  Dan now locked his bedroom door purely as a means of preventing his Mother from discovering the secrets held within his room. As the screen flickered to life, Catherine pressed the play button on its built in DVD player and there once again, as she slumped onto her back upon her sons bed, the recording Dan had made that day in this very room, a recording of himself punishing and sexually toying with his own Mother once again came to life, this time for some reason at the section where Dan was kissing, licking and sucking upon his mothers hot and sopping wet fanny.

Oh my God whispered Catherine Pulling her short skirt up over her stomach and After pulling  aside her tiny thong Catherines fingers then slipped between her slippery cunt lips and began massaging her clitoris whilst the fingers of her other hand unbuttoned her  Red blouse.

Pushing aside the hastily opened garment Catherines hand pulled her left breast from within the confines of her pink bra and with her other hand still massaging her clitoris she toyed with her nipple ring, tugging gently and pulling the lovely gold jewellery round and round her nipple whilst on the TV screen Catherine watched intently as Dan masturbated himself while she herself was clearly pushing her dripping wet cunt back onto Dans mouth.

Image after image came before Catherines eyes, Sean, Dan, Tony, Peter, his sons Mark and David, all of them using and abusing her. Long gone now was the staid but bored middle class suburban housewife, all of those people had seen to that and at that moment All that mattered to Catherine was her uncontrolled electrifying pleasure and uncaring of the spectacle she was so obviously making she moaned,  groaned and writhed in sheer wanton lust upon her own sons bed.

Oh my god, oh my god Repeated Catherine over and again, her senses magnified by  her fingers probing the inside her hot throbbing cunt whilst her thumb continued to massage her clitty and a few minutes later Catherines lower body reared up from her sons bed.

Ohhhhhhhhhh    Catherine cried out again and again until all to soon yet another Dan induced euphoric orgasm overtook her shaking body…….. 


Fully aware that should he ever discover just what she had been doing in his bedroom his control then Dans over her would become absolute and non negotiable, Catherine  guiltily tidied herself and, as she had many times since using the Master key before leaving his room, ensured Dans bedroom was left exactly as it was when she had first entered the room, all the time though  unaware of the tiny Spy cam  switching itself on every time the  bedroom door opened, just as it had done on the other occasions  Catherine surreptitiously  entered Dans bedroom, blithely ignorant of that fact her Husband had also told Dan of the Master Keys both  he and Catherine possessed.

As always when leaving her sons bedroom Catherines emotions were mixed for both guilt and feelings of extreme illicit pleasure fought for supremacy but it was pleasure that won the day as a smiling Catherine took her Car keys for the drive into town, perhaps it was a good day to buy some REALLY racy lingerie…………………………………………………………………

Oh my god, who the hell are you?,  Cried the stunned Victoria  Preston at the smiling figure of Kevin Smith after emerging from her Bathroom drying her naked body with a fluffy towel.

Its About time you got up you lazy bitch, now, I aint got all day so get those fucking great tits good and dry for me, I got a message for you about Friday, replied the sneering Kevin from where he now stood by her dressing table.

Staring in astonishment at the intruder, the stunned mature beauty quickly covered her naked breasts and crotch with her towel, suddenly she thought of Sean Brady, of his last intrusion into her home, of how he had terrified her as never before when thinking he would surely drown her before later forcing her to keep his semen in her mouth for a full ten minutes before spitting the disgusting liquid into a small jar he demanded she now keep by her bed.

Having told her not to change the door locks or even think of locking her bedroom door Vicky was by now far too terrified of the young brute to even consider the idea of disobeying him, not to mention making a complaint about him for he not only frightened the life out of her, but also had the power to post all those disgusting images and films of her on the internet any time he chose to.

Since that last intrusion, when Sean had shocked her to the core by telling Vicky she would soon be servicing another client Vicky had not only started smoking again but had also been drinking more and more.  Nervous and fearful since that awful day the photos came through the post box, Victoria Prestons life had fallen to bits.

The very nature of Sean Bradys blackmail and sexually orientated violence toward her had left Vicky with no where to go, no one to turn to and a husband working abroad who would surely divorce her and leave her penniless if such seedy images were ever revealed, especially when watching a DVD of her seemingly loving every moment of that terrible afternoon in that bookshop when she had been so brutally used by that evil masked man whilst Sean Brady and that terrible woman Joan looked on approvingly.

So in many respects the sight of Kevin Smith standing there in her bedroom leering at her almost naked body didnt come as a total surprise to Vicky, but the combined suffering of a slight hangover and the aching for her first cigarette of the day was enough to send Vicky into a sudden apoplectic rage. 

How dare these brutal thugs simply walk into my home this way, it was already horrific enough that they were selling her body, forcing her into perverted and disgusting sexual liaisons with complete strangers but now it seemed they though anyone could simply walk in here and call her a lazy bitch as if they simply owned the place!

Shaking with rage Vicky pulled the towel closer then picked up and lit a cigarette before shouting at Kevin.

Get out! Get out of my house this minute you young thug, get out and tell Sean he can go to hell, he can do whatever he wants to but Im not putting up with this degrading treatment for another minute. Now get out of my house horrible young brute or Ill call the Police this minute, if Sean wants to speak with me he can use the telephone!

Maybe Vicky really thought her rage would panic Kevin into fleeing her home but of course she had neither met him before or been told of the young thugs nonchalant attitude.

Young men born on the wrong side and into a violent family invariably led

A life of streetwise crime and to this rule Kevin was no exception, his only slice of real luck being his original and painful run in with Tony that  led to Tony seeing in the spotty young thug he had just beaten up, something he could use to his own advantage,

So Kevin simply smiled at Vickys angry diatribe, and to her dismay, just as he had done with Vickys sister Catherine, began  unbuckling and removing his wide leather belt while telling her.

Sure, Sean can go to hell for all I care too, but thats as far as it goes Vicky cause it aint the kind of message you can get across on the phone so you just got to wait and tell him yourself, right now though you are gonna pay for calling me all those names as well!

Kevin was by now slapping the leather belt across his palm and Vicky suddenly realised she had made a big mistake in thinking the spotty youth was simply some sort of messenger for Sean. Instinctively she turned to flee her bedroom but was no match for the speed of fit young agile Kevin who, grabbing a fistful of luxurious raven hair hauled the screaming mature beauty backward until Vicky stumbled and fell on to the thick carpet on her backside and Kevin, now looming over her, ripped away the bath sheet to leave Vickys body exposed and naked.

Suddenly and cruelly Kevin pulled back Vicks head back and brought the leather belt crashing down upon her naked and exposed Breasts and nipples, leaving Vicky screaming in indescribable agony.

Thats just a taster you bitch snarled Kevin, pulling the screaming and sobbing  Victoria Preston backward upon her backside by her long hair along the thick carpet toward her bed before this time, striking her upper thighs just below her pubic mound causing Vicky to scream ever louder before pleading for mercy.

No more, oh God no more, Im sorry, please. Please no more screamed Vicky, her thighs on fire with a pain never before experienced. 

As much as he admired Tony, Kevin wasnt really into the BDSM side of things that made Tony so much money. 

Kevin was quite simply a woman hater, he could leave the cuffs, gags and cute whips, he thought were really just silly toys, all he needed to subjugate these women was his leather belt and an attitude that left them in no doubt as to who called the shots, he didnt need to gag anyone for his violence alone was always enough to shut them up, that had always worked a treat with the young whores Kevin usually kept in line for Tony  but his problem today was Seans insistence that because she had a big money client waiting this one wasnt marked too badly, sure she would have to sport a few bruises but Kevin would have to prove to him he could just as easily rely the fear factor with Victoria Preston.

So Kevin new he had a point to prove if he wanted Sean to use him again and

A big red weal was now already clearly visible across Vickys large breasts, so

After hauling the petrified and pained Vicky up on her bed by her hair and forcing her to lay flat on her stomach, knowing this area would heal the fastest Kevin administered six cruel slashes of his leather belt upon Vickys wriggling unprotected buttocks, leaving her both screaming in agony and begging for mercy as

  Kevin once again hauled her up by the hair until Vickys back  rested against the puffed up pillows of her bed as her hands immediately went to cover both her large breasts and pubic mound.

Put your hands by your sides bitch ordered Kevin, threateningly raising the belt over her defenceless body and  Immediately obeying him the sobbing and terrified Vicky did just that.

Now get those legs nicely spread so I can see those cunt lips said Kevin, still menacingly flexing his leather belt.

Although horrified by his words Vicky once again quickly complied with Kevins instruction and soon lay with her legs spread and her back resting against the pillows with her arms either side of her body.  Such was her fear Vicky was determined to say or nothing which could further antagonise this monster, even glancing down her body to see that her cunt lips were indeed on display to him. 

Scream or make one movement, just one little movement, and we start all over again, you got that?

Sobbing uncontrollably Vicky nodded, she understood all right, he could do whatever he wanted with her just as long as was spared another blow from that awful belt, after all this bully was just another in what seemed to be long line of thugs intent upon dragging her down to a level below that of even these monsters, but, to her surprise, instead of stripping off as she had expected Kevin then made his way across  to the array of drawer units, wardrobes and dressing table that made up the far side of Vickys bedroom, where  he began an unhurried inspection of just about all Vickys clothing and lingerie before, as the confused and frightened beauty lay in silence  on her bed. Kevin finally turned back toward her, in his hand a set of Vickys finest most expensive lingerie, a black satin set of half cup bra, a tiny thong with matching garter belt and black seamed nylon stockings. Then for the first time in five minutes Kevin spoke again to the trembling Vicky. 

Okay Vicky, heres the deal, first up you come over and paint that face with all your man killer makeup, next you put these on, only you do it in font of me and you do it like you are dressing for me, like you want me to see you as sex on legs, you got that Vicky?

The fact he was now calling her Vicky left her in no doubt as to who was responsible for the violation of her home by this monster. Only a short while ago Sean had done the very same…and it had ended by her begging for him to fuck her!

Oh the degradation of it all!

But Without in fact realising it Vicky was now far too obedient to do anything other than to nod her head passively and only when Kevin ordered her to did she rise naked from her bed to make her way over to her dressing table where, despite her shaking hands five minutes later Vickys trembling voice whispered she was now ready.

Kevin, himself, now lay propped up on the pillows of Vickys bed, made a gesture for Vicky to very slowly walk with hands on hips across to where her racy lingerie lay beside him on the edge of her bed and to then dress very slowly, beginning with her stockings, then garter belt, then her thong and finally the putting on the black satin half cup Bra.

Studying her intently Kevin decided that even for her age Victoria Preston looked great, first her big tits had swayed beautifully as she walked toward him, then, as her trembling hands slowly drew on her stockings the flashes of cunt lips she was giving gave Kevin an immediate hard on that only grew in intensity as she clipped those nylons to her garter belt before stepping into the tiny thong whilst all the while her big melon tits swayed gloriously until she finally imprisoned them in the confines of her satin bra. Vicky Preston was, decided the young Kevin, in her own way every bit as desirable as her sister Catherine, and soon he would even get to decide which of them not only gave the best head but also which cunt had been the slipperiest as he  entered her, all in all not a bad life, thought Kevin, how many guys of his age got to fuck bitches like these!

Hey, not bad Said Kevin when the now lingerie clad figure of Victoria Preston finally stood nervously beside her own bed awaiting Kevins next instruction.

You look good to me Vicky; now put your hands together on top of your head, spread you legs good and wide and push those big tits out toward me, make it look as though you cant wait to fuck me.

Once Again, part through fear and part through a strange sense of pride Vicky, even though to her horror Kevin was now stripping away his own jeans tee shirt and boxers, complied with his demands, placing her hands upon her head, just as she had already been taught to so by Sean and Joan before parting her legs and pushing out her large breasts.

Unable or even unwilling to take her eyes from Kevins now naked body and the hard throbbing cock he was now stroking, Vicky knew she was now  giving Kevin a good view of both her large nipples atop the half cup bra and the tiny triangle of black satin  forming her little thong,

Now tell me you want it, call me sir and tell me you want to suck my cock said Kevin, pulling at the leather belt now curled around his fist.

Looking in despair at both Kevins throbbing cock and menacing leather belt and knowing there was no escape for her Vickys heart banged wildly against the walls of her chest, but what did it matter now, against her will she had already been beaten and 

fucked by two strangers, and oh god, one of them had even paid big money for the opportunity to be her first fee paying client and very soon she was to be sold to another monster. Even while dressing for this young thug Vicky knew it would in the end come to this, knowing that should she refuse to do so her only reward for such a futile gesture of defiance would be another horrific beating, a beating this monster was perhaps just waiting to enjoyably administer before taking her forcefully anyway.

Finally in a strangled voice Vicky managed to whisper.

Please…Sir, I…….I…want it……..I want to, to suck you  

Good girl, but first you can lose the bra Vicky


If this latest demand wasnt bad enough,  after Vicky had complied by exposing to Kevin her large firm breasts when removing the black satin bra, after following his order that she lean over him until her breasts were in his hands, the shock of seeing the clover nipple clamps in Kevins hands almost drove Vicky over the edge into rebellion, almost but not quite, for almost before realising what had just happened  both of Vickys nipples had been imprisoned inside the clover clamps, painfully squeezing and squashing  her large nipples  until flat, causing Vicky to cry out in pain and anguish even though, for the sake of limiting the damage to her nipples Sean had adjusted the clamps before giving them to Kevin.

Even so the pain in her nipples was appalling and Vicky appealed to Kevin to remove them, to show her mercy, but Kevin merely laughed, telling Vicky that if she tried to remove them herself he would give her the beating of a lifetime before handcuffing her, then the clamps would stay on her nipples all day!, she would just have get used to them and in the meantime give him the best blow job ever for only after she had done so would he remove the clamps from her nipples.

Kevin allowed Vicky to work upon his rampant cock with her mouth for a good twenty minutes, in the process more than once having to keep himself from Cumming before deciding it was time by pulling Vickys by the hair and as he had done with her sister Catherine, guiding her reluctant lips against his own before forcing his tongue into her mouth, in the process causing Vickys clamped nipples to crush against  his chest, reminding her of the agonies she felt earlier, before the blood had drained from them as her nipples adjusted to the searing pain of the clover clamps.

As with her sister before her Vicky had been repulsed by  the sour taste and odour permeating from Kevins unwashed cock, almost retching several times she had

Tried her best to block out both the taste and smell whilst bobbing her head upon and down upon him, but even now with her mouth glued to his Vicky found no respite, this time from Kevins bad breath.  Just as her sister before her had tried in her mind to  find another far nicer place so did her sister Vicky, but she too  was far too late in realising Kevins fingers had pulled aside the thin elastic of her thong and seconds later she was gasping in surprise to the throbbing of Kevins cock buried deep inside her.

Oh god ……..please no, not that, not there cried Vicky making a futile attempt to dislodge herself from Kevins monster.

But Kevins answer was as cruel as it was successful when, letting go Vickys head, his fingers took and harshly pulled upon Vickys Nipple clamps, making her scream out in agony even as Kevin told her.

Sit up and fuck me Vicky, fuck me like you mean it or I pull these even harder! and To demonstrate what he meant Kevin did just that, Vickys screams could surely be heard miles away but Kevin cared not one bit as he pulled ever tighter, closing the cruel clamps tighter and tighter over Vickys nipples until she was pleading with him, telling him she would do anything, anything he wanted of her if only he would please, please put an end to her agony.

Sitting bolt upright on his cock Vicky had little choice but to obey Kevins next demand that she place her hands upon her head whilst lowering herself up and down upon him, adding that she was to squeeze his cock with her cunt muscles, all of which left Vicky not only in despaired anguish but also, to her horror, as her cunt muscles worked on his cock,  with a  steadily Increasing sexual responses each time Kevins throbbing cock filled her to the brim and pushed against her cervix, causing her breathing to grow louder and her eyes to close against  the unwanted pleasure steadily overtaking her senses.

Aware of her glazed eyes and heavy breathing Kevin lay back and enjoyed the complete fucking Vicky was now giving him, knowing the bitch was really getting off on this he allowed his fingers to gradually ease the pressure of her nipple clamps, an action that caused Vicky to increase the pressure of her cunt muscles upon him and for her breathing to grow heavier and heavier.

The bitch is Cumming! realised  Kevin and remembering  what Tony had once told him he removed the clamps completely, leaving both Vickys squashed nipples a terrible black and blue colour.

Then Kevin was softly soothing her  tender nipples causing her to cry out again, but this time, as the blood began to flow back into her nipples and Kevins cock

Began spurting jets of his sperm deep inside her cunt Vickies cries were now those

of ecstatic pleasure as the blood  now once again  cursing through her throbbing nipples caused her body to achieve the most  spectacular orgasm she had ever known and as Kevins cock pumped furiously inside her for Vicky to cry out/

Oh God, thats so good, dont stop doing that………fuck me…oh god fuck me you bastard!   ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Out shopping and using her mobile phone Catherine had tried on another three occasions to get hold of her sister Victoria but all her calls were to no avail and with her expensive shopping centre boutique purchases safely stowed in her car Catherine had finally decided against calling round to see her sister in favour of returning home to again try on her purchases before Dan returned home from college and now, after spending an hour parading herself before her bedroom mirror dressed in her new dresses and lingerie Catherine was facing from Dan across the dinner table with, As always the case these days, an almost electric atmosphere between them, leaving Catherine to feel as if neither Mother or son were truly comfortable in each others company.

But in reality this was only true in the case of Catherine for Dans long periods of silence were actually designed by the now surprisingly mature mind of her son to unsettle his mother.

Smiling inwardly and fully aware his Mother had been in his room again and played the DVD recoding whilst toying with her cunt and nipples, Dan knew hat tonight his tactic had worked to perfection, later he would take a leisurely look at her playing with herself while he played with his cock.

Of course Certain things were catch 22 for Dan, among then the certainty that should he reveal his full knowledge of his Mothers bedroom activities it would end there and then, no way was she ever going to submit to Dan having 24/7 access to any and all of her actions so he had to content himself with questioning her, but that in itself gave the young man a huge sense of control, more so with the threat of son punishing Mother always hanging in the air between them, but for now Dan was content to allow his mother to apprehensively broach the subject of Fridays visit to Peters party.


     I, err,  well, you didnt know Dan but Ive been earning a little extra cash by providing extra tuition for a family I happen to know and as an extra thank you we are

invited to a family birthday party for the two boys, your father was going to take me Dan but as you know he had to go abroad again, anyway Peter, the boys father then suggested you may wish to go with me………….please say you will go Dan, I know you get to meet some lovely people, you will get to meet plenty of girls and

guys of your own age there

For a while Dan had wondered if this was an attempt by his Mother to try and distance herself from him by getting him to make new friends, but suddenly all that changed and he thought his mother she must sooner or later realise she had just made  a terrible mistake after she had then added.

Itll be so much fun Dan. We can both dress in party clothes and I know you

will just love my dress…..not only that but we are to be taken there in a chauffer driven car Dan;

Perhaps warming to her task Catherine then made the fatal mistake of adding.

Its a lovely car Dan, a huge Limo, Ive been in it before, it even has its own cocktail cabinet 

Even though finding t difficult to contain himself Dan at least managed to nod in approval, and reply

Sounds very nice Mother whilst all the time his mind worked overtime, wondering just why his Mother wanted him to go to a party thrown by the boss of the chauffer whom Dan had watched helping his half dressed mother from the huge car whilst so casually fondling her breasts, more than that was the fact that on the third occasion he

Had seen the car last Friday it had been quite obvious to him that his mother was on her knees between the drivers legs and the only reason she could be doing that would have been to suck the drivers cock and  Given that the driver was not the chauffer who had first collected his Mother he must then have been this guy Peter.

So all that money he had seen had not been given to his Mother by Tony!. No It had to be from this guy Peter,  but just what had his Mother been doing for him to earn that sort of cash, certainly not teaching his sons………..or had she?.

Well Dan asked Catherine of her son. Will you take your Mother to the party?

Of course I shall mother…..but only if you go and put on the dress you will be wearing so I can give my approval…………………


Not everything in life had always gone well for Kevin Smith, in fact most of his days were spent in an intimidating atmosphere of bleak impoverishment but, wearing only his boxer shorts whilst his body was draped across the large leather sofa in the sumptuous lounge of Victoria Prestons large house at around the same time Catherine was asking her son to escort her to Peters party,  Kevin decided today a been a huge improvement upon his usual daily routine of hanging around the seedy area in which Tonys bookshop was located waiting for the odd opportunity to be of use Tony, whether it be using him own unique was of ensuring the compliance of  his various Slaves or just helping out in Tonys dungeon.

Sure, today had started well enough but after using his usual methods to ensure Victoria Prestons compliance and thinking he would, as usual, leave the house straight after he had fucked her, Kevin had been more than a little surprised by Vickys sudden surge of passion whilst he fucked her, jeez this bitch really does get of on the pain game, that was the real thing decided Kevin after he had lifted the spent and exhausted Vicky from his cock and onto the bed beside him as she whispered.

Please…I need a cigarette…and a drink

It then occurred to Kevin that unlike her sister Catherine before her, so desperate to get away from him after he had fucked her and hiding her guilty, tearful face, Vicky was making no attempt to flee from him and seemingly uncaring of her nudity was in her exhaustion simply lying upon her bed and although making no eye contact with him Kevin realised there had been something in her voice, something in the way she had asked him for a smoke and drink.

Sure the fear was there, as it always was with his conquests, but there was something else there that had given Kevin the germ of an idea, that perhaps this Preston bitch could actually prove to be a winner for him, respect would have been the wrong word, no. it was something else…. awe!, that was it, the bitch was in awe of him decided Kevin, she was both frightened of his violence and in awe of his sexual power over her.

Well, lets see how this posh bitch reacts to a couple more of Kevins surprises  

In fact Kevin was spot on for beside him the naked mature beauty  had slowly come down from the high of the most stunning and glorious orgasm she had ever achieved, one moment all she could think of was the pain, the terrible, terrible pain in her nipples, then suddenly, with the boys fingers soothing her nipples that pain metamorphosed into the most awesome pleasure imaginable as that indescribable ecstatic sexual pleasure swept from her nipples, through her breasts and on down and into her cunt filled to the brim with the boys huge cock to give her orgasm after orgasm as her cunt was being filled with his hot juices.

Turning her head sideways Vicky looked across here bed as, with his taught ass muscles in full to her Kevin leant over the edge of the bed and bent down to take a tobacco tin from the pocket of his Jeans before slumping back upon the bed beside Vicky.

From the tin Kevin took both a lighter and a long rolled up spliff, made from his best stash of Moroccan grass and this he lit, drawing a  deeply on the spliff before laying his head back upon the pillows.

Although never having indulged in drugs other than tobacco and alcohol, Vicky was non the less fully aware he was smoking what must have been cannabis and although when after taking a second toke Kevin then passed the lit spliff across to her, Vickys initial reaction was to shake her head, preferring her own cigarettes but Kevins stern insistence she take a toke soon caused her to accept the spliff and placing it between her lips take her first ever toke of hash.

Take another toke and take in deeper this time Kevin told her, watching Vicky closely to ensure she complied with his demand.

Minutes later a  relaxed and far less fearful Vicky was seeing Kevin, still lying beside her, in a slightly different light, gone for the moment was the brutal young thug who had hurt her so badly, replaced for a while by the young guy who had given her an orgasm to die for before making her so relaxed and peaceful when giving her a first ever taste of that wonderful spliff, so how could she deny him when Kevin told her to remove her thong and then spread her legs so he could watch his sperm seeping out of her cunt lips, Vicky was even giggling at the thought of this whilst lazily removing her tiny thong before laying back again and parting her legs.

Oh Dear, you can see it all coming out  giggled Vicky craning her head forward to watch what she would earlier have dismissed at a revolting and disgusting mess seeping from her cunt lips.

Maybe I should put some more in there replied Kevin, his cock growing hard once again.

Only if its as good as the last time giggled Vicky.

Ignoring Vickys drug induced giggles of semi protest that he really should not be doing this to her Kevin had gone on to fuck her on another three occasions during the course of the day, on the last occasion making the giggling woman crawl naked around her house, showing him every room and in each of those rooms kneeling with hands upon her head whilst she sucked and caressed Kevins rampant cock with

mouth, lips and tongue before eventually she had kept an entire mouthful of his hot sperm in her mouth whilst crawling back upstairs beside Kevin and then depositing the contents of her mouth into the jar sat upon her bedside table, there to join that of Seans already in the Jar, before, as her reward, being allowed another few tokes of a spliff.

Late in the afternoon, Vicky, now allowed the luxury of wearing a red chiffon baby doll nightdress selected by Kevin, knelt on the floor beside him whilst Kevin toyed with her breasts and sore nipples thinking about how today he had overstepped the mark by a long long way, but Kevin, having both seen and tasted the expensive lifestyle of Victoria Preston was by now determined to have a very large piece of Vicky for himself, she would be his key to some really big money, whether it be her own or money she could earn for him on her back.

Tony taking a back seat in his operations would be a big help to him,  Kevin knew drugs were a complete no go area with Tony and he certainly knew nothing about Kevins sideline of a little drug dealing, Kevin knew that had  Tony  been aware of this then he would be dead meat,  but now things certainly looked different.

To Kevin, Sean was basically a thug like himself, interested only in the money he was getting and if Kevin played it right he thought he could have the best of both worlds by stealing Victoria Preston from under the nose of Sean.

He would then make sure Vicky still did her thing when Sean called upon her but he would be unaware his prized fucktoy was in fact now dependant upon Kevin for her regular fix and of course making lots more money for Kevin by spending a lot of her time on her back with the clients Kevin would provide for her….Perfect!

Kevin took His tobacco tin from the carpet beside the kneeling form of Victoria Preston  and smiled down at her expectant face, yes at long last things were looking up for him for without realising it, by smoking the spiffs  Kevin had laced with small amounts of crystal  Victoria Preston had already begun her gradual decent into a sordid world of  Drug dependency, it may take a little while but with Sean having Vicky on her back  Kevin knew that with a regular visit from him Vicky would soon come to depend upon those visits for a fix that would for a while at least, spare her from having to live over and over again  every moment of the violations Sean planned for her.

Already Kevin had pumped his mobile number into Vickys own phone

Call me anytime you need to Vicky, anytime, day or night Sean will be visiting you very soon and you may need a little pick me up

Kevin told the confused but strangely grateful mature beauty.

                                              End of Part 14


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