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Dirty Little Sister

Part 2

We heard the front door opening at about six in the morning.  Silently, Char turned to me and kissed my lips, then whispered, "Go to your room."  I slipped out of her bed, longing to enjoy her again, and padded off to my own bed. 

As I slept, my dreams were filled with images of what we had done.  I was partly revolted and shocked, yet the initial remorse I felt at the loss of our innocent brother-sister relationship was nothing in comparison to the extreme lust I felt for her as a sexual partner.

Our parents slept late:  they must have partied hard.  When the door to my room opened slowly I was already mostly awake too excited to sleep.  I had been lying there stroking my cock, thinking about Char's ass pressed against my mouth and the sweet sherry dribbling out of it.  She came around the door and quietly closed it behind her.  She was wearing a pale blue cotton nightie that she certainly had not been wearing most of the rest of the night.  She put her finger to her lips, indicating that I should remain quiet and she knelt down beside me. 

Her rounded features made you think that she was a little on the chubby side, but really her girlish body was not fat she just lacked the curves that would have accentuated other parts of her figure.  She smiled a mischievous grin and slid her hand into the covers of my bed.  I stroked her back as she found my cock and began to play with it.

She moved up closer to my face and whispered into my ear.

"I want to suck you off.  Can I get up on you like we were last night, only, eat my pussy please?"  She was trembling nervousness or excitement, I didn't know.  I felt about the same.  I couldn't really answer without revealing my nervousness so I just nodded and grinned at her.  She climbed as stealthily as she could on top of me and slipped under the covers.

I could smell the scent of her.  It was amazing!  She was just dripping wet and red hot at the same time.  I licked her soft pale skin and could feel her tremble as I did so.  My tongue slid between the folds of her labia and immediately glided over the firm lump of her already-excited clitoris.  She must have been fingering herself as I had been, only she had acted out her desires first.  The taste of her pussy was sweet but also musky.  There as a little saltiness there, too. 

I felt her enfold my purple cock-tip in her wet lips and she proceeded to move up and down my shaft letting her drool run down my cock.  Her lips popped onto and off of my bell-end, really magnifying the sensation her actions produced.  She flicked my glans with her tongue and almost made me pump cum into her right then.  She was doing much better than she had last night.

As I licked her, I grasped her ass and spread her cheeks apart.  I felt her crush her pussy into my face in feral lust and I responded by using my teeth as well as my tongue on her cunt.  She slid a hand down, as if to start masturbating, but stopped at her abdomen and started to push on her tummy.  I wondered what she was doing, but by the time it occurred to me it was too late.

A warm, salty, bitter trickle of piss came dribbling out of her.  I was stunned!  What the hell was she doing?  Just because

The wonderful wet, dirty feeling and the gorgeous things she was doing to my prick, not to mention that this hot little slut was my baby sister, all contributed to a reversal of opinion on my part.  So what?  So she's pissing in my face and expecting me to drink it up?  It feels good, and she's just evening up the score.  I already dumped a load down her throat, so why not just take it.  After all, if she can do it, I can, too.  What am I a pussy?

I sucked on her lips and dug my tongue into her vagina.  She stopped the piss, but then resumed with some effort.  She squeezed out a few more drops and then it came in earnest.  I almost choked and gagged.  She filled up my mouth so quickly, that I could barely start swallowing fast enough.  I gulped at the acrid liquid, so warm and pungent.  It was like hot seawater.  Well, we lived by the coast, so we'd both had our share of stomach-fulls of that brine.  I swallowed hard as she sucked me.  The sheer depravity of it came to me in a flash and I just couldn't hold it any longer.

I thrust my cock deep into the little girl's mouth as I shot spurt after spurt of jism into her face.  She took it as well as I was, sucking down her piss.  We both finished our fluid exchange at about the same time.  I licked her lips clean and continued to eat her clit as she licked the rest of the cum off my cock and stroked my balls.  It tickled so much that I almost burst out laughing, but she came quickly herself so my mouth had to remain locked onto her cunt as she convulsed with a powerful orgasm.

We silently slid apart and she maneuvered her way round to face me.  I stared into her eyes, suddenly appreciating how much I really loved my little sister right then.  She crushed her spunk-filled mouth onto my piss-soaked lips and we kissed deeply for several minutes, both swallowing whatever liquids we could still exchange.

When we broke, she whispered, "Let's get ready.  Mom and Dad are still asleep.  We need to take the dogs for a walk."  The way she said 'take the dogs for a walk' suggested that walking was just about the last thing she had in mind.

About fifteen minutes, when we left the house, I had a hard-on again.  She was wearing a slutty plaid miniskirt, her leather biker-jacket and calf-high doctor Marten's boots:  a very model of eighties punk-chick-chic.  I always thought she looked like a slut-in-training when she wore that kind of crap, but it was never my problem (or to my benefit) before.  Knowing the taste of her ass and her piss, I happily strolled alongside her in her ludicrous getup.  No matter what, she was my little slut now.

We followed a standard dog-walking route, mostly through back lanes and along quiet pedestrian streets.  On more than a couple of occasions, I put my arm around her and let my hand slip down to grope her ass.  I slipped it under her skirt at one point, sliding my fingers over her naked buttock and gasping at the sudden discovery of flesh.  She pulled me aside when I did it, and sandwiched herself between me and a brick wall, planting her lips on mine and slipping her hand inside my jeans to grasp my own ass in return.  I know she felt my cock hard against her groin, because she smiled so lasciviously when we parted from our impromptu embrace.

Finally, we reached a place where the road crosses a disused railway track.  There was an easy place to climb a wall, although Charlotte's skirt was hardly practical climbing gear.  I made sure to stick close behind her and when she flashed her hot little asshole, I grasped her ass cheeks and laid a wet kiss on it.  She giggled as she hissed at me for my boldness in public not that anyone was watching:  well, maybe an elderly lady from a nearby lace-curtained window, who'd be so lucky as to see us pre-fornicating for her titillation.

After helping the dopey dogs over the wall, we descended into the abandoned railway cutting.  There was an old bridge.  Char took the dogs' leashes and hung them on an old, rusted hook she evidently knew well.  Then she crossed over to me. 

"Mmmm," she began.  "You are such a sick shit!  I love you.  I want your cock in every hole I have and I want you to join me in my favorite pastimes, too.  Deal?"

"Fuck, yeah!"  I answered honestly, although I wondered exactly what all her favorite pastimes were, knowing already of her love for animals and our mutual exchange of urine.

She kissed me and groped my dick.  I grasped at her ass, but she started to slide her mouth down my body so I lost contact as she reached my groin.  My pants dropped pretty quickly and Char stood up, stroking my inflating cock against her bald pussy.

"You want to fuck me?"  She teased.  I nodded, lost for words.  Here was a young man's dream coming true with none other than his little girl sister.  Who wouldn't be speechless?  "Well, not today asshole.  Today, you got something else to fuck.  Y'up for it?"

Before I even answered, she had her mouth on my cock.  I imagine that my answer wasn't entirely dispassionate.  "Fuck, yes, bitch!"  I told her in an appreciative whisper.

She disengaged her mouth and licked my tip a few times.  "Good," she said and pulled me over to the dogs by my dick.  "You have a date with Shelly!"

Then it hit me.  "Shelly's spayed, isn't she?"  The dog - bitch, whatever had no uterus, and she was never going to be in heat.  Dogs aren't like people, they have teeth and 'no' means 'NO' when you have sharp teeth! 

Char looked at me and giggled.  "Very good!  You know your dog-neutering terminology.  Yeah, She's spayed, but her ass still works.  You'll have to lubricate her first, though or she'll nip you!"  She must have seen my surprise.  She laughed.  "Oh, don't be a pussy!  I've done everything I'm going to tell you to do.  Just relax and have fun!  Besides, you might get a good show."

We reached the dogs.  She unhooked nervous little Shelly from her leash and unfastened her collar.  "She likes the collar off dunno why, I guess it just makes her feel better."  Char pushed the dog over onto its back.  Its tail curled up between its outsplayed legs.  "Yeah, that's normal," she pointed out.  Then she did the single sickest thing I've ever seen, and still think about to this day. 

Charlotte started licking the dog's pussy.

Now, for those of you who haven't fondled or licked a dog's cunt before, let me tell you we're not talking about your mama's pussy, here!  The anatomy is just different.  The dog's labia are much tighter than a girl's, and they come to a kind of spur that's probably useful for directing the urine stream for marking territory.  Well, Charlotte started by licking the spur and within about a minute had her tongue nuzzled well in between the dog's labia.  She was licking back and forth, stopping frequently to drizzle spit onto the animal's dry cunt.

When she had the dog in a restful state, she looked up and grinned her perverted-yet-angelic smile at me.  "Lick her ass," she whispered, like she was asking me to service her own hole.

So entranced I was at her whore-angel look that, eyes fixed on my incestuous, bestial little sister, I indeed did just what she told me and dropped my face down to lick wetly on the anus of the dog on the ground before me.  We locked eyes as I licked its asshole and she its pussy.  Gradually, I felt the animal's ring loosen up and soften.  I poured more saliva onto it and raised myself up, bringing my cockhard meat to bear on its unsuspecting asshole.  Char whined in sexual appreciation and licked furiously at the dog's cunt as I slowly guided my stiff member toward its ass.  She grabbed its muscular haunches and pulled apart its ass as far as she could as my prick penetrated the willing beast.  I was surprised at how quiescent the dog was.  Char quickly resumed pleasuring it orally as I began to thrust slowly into the dog. 

Moments later, she stopped and slowly got up.  "Keep fucking her," she urged.  She walked over to Kip and unhooked him.  She brought the other dog over to Shelly.  He scented her eagerly.  "He doesn't get this kind of a show much," Char told me.

Nor did I.  The dog, rapt in attention to the bitch, his sister, was getting a massive erection.  As I ass-fucked the dog's sister I also watched while he stumbled up and started licking at the groin of his litter-mate.  Unbelievably, my sister started working her way under the dog and engulfing his now fully-protruding cock in her mouth.  I was wide-eyed in amazement when I saw her take his red, veined animal penis into her mouth and slide her innocent little girl lips back and forth along the excited dog's cock.

I watched her in astonishment, never even caring that my own dick was several inches deep into the ass of another nonhuman creature.  I merely stroked and felt the warmth, imagining what my whore sister was experiencing.  She was sliding the dog's rigid cock into and out of her wet, hot mouth.  All the while, pretending to be for her pet the dogcunt he most wholly craved.  He started thrusting, finally confirming for Charlotte that he fell for the ruse.  I saw her smile, barely keeping her mouth on the red shaft as Kip now savagely fucked her face like it was his own bitch sister, whose ass I now violated.

We continued in this state for several minutes.  I, rapt in astonishment as my little sister's depravity and her, enraptured at the animal penis filling her virgin mouth. 

Then, suddenly, she gagged.  A huge gush of white, gooey liquid oozed out from her lips as she fought to swallow what she was being filled with.  I saw her look up at me, almost begging for help, so I did what any loving brother would do I brought my mouth down to hers.  I licked at the white fluids.  They were bitter and salty, and far stickier than human cum this was dog cum!  Char stuffed Kip's cock into my mouth as I kissed her, squirting a cheekful of the thick liquid into my mouthful with it.  The dog kept thrusting and squirting in an unstoppable stream.  My mouth filled.  My vision filled also Char opened her lips and showed me the mass of canine ejaculate she had already taken into her mouth and then she proceeded most visibly to swallow it all with a look on her face that was half Barbie-doll and half demonic-sex-offender.

I swallowed too, in absolute awe of this pre-pubescent slut whore who was my adoring sister.  That was probably the moment when I first understood what love is.

I'm sure I didn't pump as much cum into Shelly's ass as Kip did into my mouth, but I think I gave a fairly good showing for the human side.  My dirty little sister looked on all the while and just masturbated and laughed.

Review This Story || Author: enematic
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