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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Part 27 Let the Lessons Begin

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Karen and Michelle's Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 27

By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 27, Let the Lessons Begin

Krystal looked around the room and sighed in blissful satisfaction at the sated looks on her friends faces.  It was obvious that everyone but eenie and meenie were having a great time.  She felt like she had died and gone to heaven.  She was really getting off on making eenie and meenie debase them selves.  She got a big grin on her face as she thought of all of the fun that she and her friends were going to have with them as well as the new classmates that they intended to make into their slaves.  She quickly refocused on the here and now and ordered sternly.  “Eenie and meenie, get your ass moving and get down in the basement now.  Just follow doggyslut and she will show you the way.  Your night has just begun.  Darrell and Marta, I would like to talk to you for a minute before we go down if you don’t mind.”

Everyone headed toward the dungeon with the exception of Darrell and Marta.  Doggyslut led the way down and took eenie and meenie to the center of the room and made them kneel down facing each other.  She made them lean up against each other and told them to kiss each other until the rest of the masters and mistresses came down.  Eenie and meenie had both looked around when they came down the stairs.  What they saw scared the hell out of them and they had begun sobbing and crying again but they did as doggyslut ordered because they knew that they really had no other choice.  Doggyslut went over to the bottom of the stairs and took up the kneeling position that indicated she wanted to say something and waited.  All of the other girls and guests were looking around the room and trying to decide what they could use on the slaves.

After about ten minutes, Darrell and Krystal came down the stairs.  Darrell immediately saw the twins kissing each other as if their lives depended on it.  He then saw doggyslut at the bottom of the stairs waiting for them and he immediately recognized that she wanted to say something.  When they got down to the bottom of the stairs he motioned for Krystal to wait and turned to doggyslut and asked, “What is it slut?  It better be good or you will get extra punishment.”

Doggyslut just smiled and whispered loud enough for Master Darrell and Mistress Krystal to hear, “Master may give this slut extra punishment even if he likes what doggyslut has to say.  Doggyslut would like to let Mistress Krystal know that one of the hardest things for this slut when she was being trained was to punish another slave.  The anguish that this caused this slut was much worse than any other punishment inflicted on this worthless whore.  If my anguish was so bad for hurting someone this slut didn’t know, how much worse might it be on eenie and meenie who have the close bond that only a twin can have?  Why not have them punish each other?”

Krystal thought about it for a minute and said, “That sounds intriguing.  I’ll keep it in mind.  Now let’s get started.”  She and Darrell started walking to the twins and called everyone together in the center of the room.

Darrell spoke up once everyone was standing with them in the center of the room.  He said, “Krystal has asked that each of our new mistresses receive instruction on torturing without permanently hurting their slaves.  I’m going to divide the dungeon into four main areas.  The first area just in front of the stairs will be for insertions.  It has a stock that will lock the slave in place by their hands and head and leave all of its holes available for play.  There is a wide array of dildo’s and other items in the cabinet in the corner that can be used for insertions.  Pam, you and Rob will start there with eenie.  The next section in the far right corner has an area for hanging the slave from shackles.  You will see that there is a wide array of whips, canes and paddles for punishing your slave.  Tanya, you and Sonny will start in that section with doggyslut.  The next section just to the right of that as you can see is designed for water sports and enema play.  Kim, you and Matt will start in that area with meenie.  And finally we have the punishment cross just to the left of the stairs.  As you can see, it is already occupied by Marta’s male pet sissy.  I will start here with Krystal.  We will have thirty minutes at each station.  Take five to decide what to do, and then the rest to have a little fun with your slave.  When the time is up, just leave your slave as she is when time is called to switch.  The next team can decide to continue with what was being done, change it or add to it.  The slaves will not move when time is called.  For those of you who are wondering where Mistress Marta went, she is running a little errand to fulfill a request made by Mistress Krystal.  She will be joining us later.  I expect that she will make it back about the time we are finishing the last rotation.  We will then have a little ceremony for our new acquisitions.  Go ahead and take your places at your stations.” 

Everyone went to their stations and when they were ready Darrell said, “I set the dual timer for five minutes and thirty minutes.  Use the five minutes to figure out what you want to do and when the first buzzer goes off, begin.  The second buzzer will indicate the end of the 30 minutes and you will go to the next station immediately.  Begin.”

Pam and Rob took eenie over to the stocks and made her bend over and place her head in the large groove and her wrists in the small grooves and then put the top down and locked it into position.  Her head, ass and cunt were now at the perfect height for fucking now.  Pam went over to the wall of dildos and looked at the selection.  Rob explained them all to her.  There were two that caught Pam’s fancy and she picked them up.  One was about eight inches long and ranged from about two inches wide to one inch.  Each end alternated from one inch at the tip and quickly increased to two inches in the first inch of the dildo then back down to one inch in the next inch and back up to two inches in the next and so forth for the entire length of the dildo.  In addition, there was an additional feature that really made the dildo look even stranger.  It had a grove that started at the base and spiraled around the entire dildo from about a quarter of an inch from the base to a quarter of an inch from the tip.  There was a little ball at the base of the groove.  Pam noticed an on/off switch at the base and a little knob for turning the speed up or down.  Pam giggled and held it up to Rob who got a big smile on his face and nodded in agreement.  She then picked up the second dildo which was only about six inches in length and one and a half in diameter.  This was no ordinary dildo however.  It had a normal looking head, but the shaft was covered with a fine but stiff hair like substance.  It felt like silk when she rubbed her hand down its length.  When she reversed direction to run it back up the length of the shaft, the hairs pricked her hand and she said “OUCH!!!” and shook her hand from the pain. She got an evil grin on her face and showed it to Rob who was already laughing at her antics. He grabbed the dildo harness and took the dildo from Pam and attached it to the harness.  He helped Pam put the dildo on and strapped it on her.  He then looked at her and asked, “Which one are you going to put in her ass?”

Pam thought about it and decided that it would be more fun to cram the bigger one up eenie’s ass and fuck her cunt with the hairy dildo.  It would be fun to see how the myriad of sensations would cause eenie to react.  She took the lumpy looking dildo and but batteries in and flipped the switch.  The little ball started moving up the length of the dildo.  She turned the speed knob to 10 and the ball moved quickly up the spiral and when it reached the top, began its descent back down to the base.  She giggled at the thought of the sensations it would cause in her ass.  She turned it off again and took the dildo over to eenie and after spitting on her ass for a little lubrication, jammed the dildo into her.  The five minute buzzer went off just after she pushed the dildo in.

Eenie screamed in pain at the sudden intrusion of the monster dildo.  She had never had anything this big in her ass before.  The dildo had only gone in past the first bump in the dildo.  There were three more to force in and Pam was determined to get the whole thing up her ass.  She pushed in again with a hard and steady pressure.  She was able to get the dildo in over the third bump but couldn’t get it over the fourth and last one.  She asked Rob for help and he came over and put his palm on the base and pushed hard.  It slid the rest of the way in but it caused a great deal of pain and eenie groaned from the pain and cried for them to stop.  She was begging over and over while Pam flipped the switch on the base of the dildo on.  When the ball started moving up the spiral groove, eenie squeaked in surprise at the sudden sensation.  Pam put the speed setting just past the half way point and then watched for a minute.  Eenie’s ass was wiggling back and forth as she tried to dislodge the massive dildo.  But try as she might, she couldn’t force it out.  As she felt the stimulation of the little ball circling up and down the spiral groove of the dildo, she felt moments of increasing pain as it stretched her colon at the peak of each two inch bump and intense pleasure the rest of the time.  She felt as if her ass was being massaged from within with an occasional pinch thrown in.  After a couple of minutes, her groans became groans of pleasure with intermittent yelps of pain. 

Rob told Pam it was time to get started with the other dildo.  Pam had an evil looking grin on her face as she lined up the head of the dildo with eenie’s cunt.  As she began to slowly push the dildo in, eenie couldn’t believe the wonderful velvety sensation that the dildo caused as it massaged her cunt walls.  When she had the dildo fully inserted into her cunt, Pam quickly reversed and started pulling out.  When the dildo reversed, the stiff hairs pricked the delicate lining of eenie’s cunt before they lay back down and gave her that soft velvety feeling again.  Eenie let out a yip of pain as the hairs pricked the lining of her cunt and then moaned at the pleasure it gave from the silky feel.  When Pam almost had the dildo all of the way out, she reversed direction again, and pushed it in faster than before.  Eenie’s yelp from the pain caused by the prickly hairs was a little louder this time.  Pam started fucking in and out of eenie’s cunt as quick as possible.  Eenie was going mad from the combined sensations of pain and pleasure that the two dildos were causing her.  The constant pricking of her cunt walls by the stiff hairs when Pam switched directions gradually inflamed eenie’s cunt walls.  Her groans of pleasure became groans of pain.  The insidious part of it all was that she was still building toward an orgasm from the mix of pain and pleasure.  She soon was screaming out in an orgasm that caused her body to go completely stiff. 

It was about half way through the thirty minutes that everything stopped because of an ear piercing scream.  Everyone looked over at doggyslut, who was hanging by her wrists.  Tanya was standing there with a bullwhip in her hands and Pam noticed as doggyslut swung back and forth twisting side to side that there was a stream of blood flowing down from between doggyslut’s shoulder blades.  Pam did not stop however.  She pulled back far enough that she could turn up the dildo in eenie’s ass to the maximum setting and then began to pump in and out of her cunt with the other dildo with abandon.  Rob took his now rampant cock and pulled up hard on eenie’s hair.  When her mouth opened to scream in pain, he forced his cock in to the hilt and held it there.  He could feel eenie’s throat massaging his cock as she gagged on the turgid shaft.  He held her like that until she started struggling for air.  All the while, Pam continued to punish her cunt and ass.  Rob pulled out and eenie gasped for breath. He then plunged back in and held it there.  Spit was dribbling out of eenie’s mouth from around the base of Rob’s prick.  Eenie had tears flowing from her eyes and was silently sobbing uncontrollably around Rob’s cock.  He was thoroughly enjoying the added stimulation. 

Eenie’s cunt was now raw and on fire from the torture caused by the stiff hairs.  She felt almost no pleasure in her cunt, but the stimulation in her ass continued to push her toward an even more powerful orgasm than before.  The stimulation on Pam’s clit from the dildo harness was quickly pushing her towards an orgasm as well.  She started pumping faster and faster as she got closer.  Rob was also getting close to cumming from the vibrations of the screams caused by Pam’s incessant pumping of eenie’s raw cunt.  All too soon she heard the second buzzer going off and with a couple of extra thrusts, began cumming.  Rob also began cumming a few seconds later and dumped a load straight down eenie’s throat.  Eenie had been struggling for air when Rob started cumming so after a couple of spurts he pulled out and came all over her face. 

Both Pam and Rob quickly recovered and pulled out of eenie just as she was about to pass out.  Rob helped Pam out of her dildo harness and they just lay it on top of eenie’s ass.  When they looked up they saw Darrell and Krystal coming toward them so they turned and quickly made their way to doggyslut who was hanging from the ceiling from a large hook in a support beam.  Her body was covered with all sorts of red welts on her front and back with the majority being on her ass, tits and pussy.  Rob said to Pam, “It looks as if they tried each of the whipping and spanking implements.  That’s probably the best thing to do at this point.  It will give you an idea of how each implement feels to use and you will get an idea of the amount of pain and injury it will cause.  If you are agreeable, that is the way we will do it.”  Pam quickly agreed and said, “Let’s get started……”

When Pam and Rob left to go and fuck eenie’s three holes at the insertion area of the room, Tanya and Sonny had gone over to the whipping corner.  Sonny went over to the wall and untied a rope from the wall that fed up the wall to a pulley at the ceiling.  The rope threaded through that pulley to another, more heavily constructed pulley anchored in a thick support crossbeam.  At the end of the rope were two fur lined leather shackles that he lowered down to Tanya.  Tanya ordered, “Doggyslut, stand here in front of me and extend your arms out in front of you.”  Doggyslut quickly said, “Yes mistress” as she moved to the exact spot that Tanya had indicated and stuck her arms out.  Tanya quickly attached the shackles around her wrists and told Sonny to pull her up.  Sonny began pulling the rope up until doggyslut was about six inches off of the ground. 

Once doggyslut was hanging from the shackles, they went over to the wall where the whips and paddles were.  Tanya noticed that there was a three foot metal bar with lined shackles at each end.  She picked it up and asked while examining it, “What is this thing Sonny?”  Sonny looked over and answered, “It’s a spreader bar.  Give it here and I will put it on her so you can see how it works.  If you look at the middle of it, you will see that it can be adjusted from two feet to about five feet.  I think that for tonight we should set it for three feet.”

He took the spreader bar over to doggyslut and connected the shackles to her ankles.  He pushed the release at the center and spread the bar until it was three feet long and then locked it in place.  Sonny loos and paddles and then putting them back in place.  He thought about how lucky he was to find such a lovely creature that looked to be as perverted as he was and had a crush on him to boot.  He got up and stepped up behind Tanya and pressed his body up against hers as he reached around and grabbed her tits.  He leaned down and whispered, “Instead of trying to pick one to start with, why don’t we let you use each one of them starting with the top left and just go down the line so that you can see exactly how they feel in your hand and see what kind of damage they can do.  You could hit her once on the back and once on the front to get a good feel of its weight and motion and then you could choose to hit her, say five times, on the ass, tits or cunt.  How does that sound my darling?”

Tanya turned in his grasp and reached up and put her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a very steamy French kiss.  It was only when the buzzer went off, indicating that the initial five minutes were up, that they finally broke the kiss and Tanya answered, “I like your suggestion.  Let’s just start there and work our way down. 

Sonny finally let go of Tanya and reached up and took down the riding crop.  He handed it to Tanya and said, “Start with this riding crop.  It is a traditional equestrian tool used by jockeys.  This one is modified with a wider striking surface so that it is better for human use.  It is a great tool for controlled and precise strikes.  Strike her once on the back and once on her stomach to get the feel of it.  Then hit her five times on the ass, tit or stomach.”  He turned and went to doggyslut and said, “Doggyslut, I want you to ask Mistress Tanya to use the crop.  Say, ‘Mistress Tanya, please try the riding crop on my back so that you may learn to use it properly.’  When she is done striking you, thank her and ask her in the same manner to try the crop on your stomach.  Once she has done that, you will thank her and then ask for five swats with the crop on your ass, tits, cunt or clit.  I don’t care which one as long as all of them are well tanned by the end of the thirty minutes.  You will repeat this for every implement that we use on you.  Do you understand slut?”

Doggyslut answered, “Yes Master.”  She turned to Tanya and asked, “Mistress Tanya, Please try the riding crop out on my back so that you may learn to use it properly.”

Tanya moved into position and swung the crop in the air a couple of times.  When she felt she was ready, she stepped forward and hit doggyslut hard with the crop.  Doggyslut cringed from the pain and said, “Thank you mistress, this slut asks that you now try the crop out on my stomach so that you may further learn its proper use on a worthless slave.”

Tanya moved up and was a little confused and asked Sonny, “Which is the better way to strike.  Should I move so that I can swing it fore handed or back handed?”  Sonny answered, “It really doesn’t matter. Just do it the way that is most comfortable for you.  Keep in mind that you are using a fore hand strike on her back and using a back hand strike next will be quicker.  Use your imagination.”

Tanya swung the crop a couple of times using a back handed motion.  She repeated it again with a fore hand and then a back hand in rapid succession. She made her decision and stepped up and swung the crop with a back hand and hit doggyslut’s stomach.  Doggyslut groaned and said, “Thank you mistress for using this slut for your whip training.  Please feel free to use the crop on my ass.”  Tanya stepped back into position and swung as hard as she could.  The first strike was on her left ass cheek and left a red mark.  Doggyslut yelped in pain and said, “One, thank you mistress, please may I have another?”  Tanya hit her again and doggyslut thanked her and asked for another until Tanya had hit her five times.  Doggyslut had tears forming in her eyes from the pain of the strikes.  But she also felt a fire beginning in her loins from the whipping.  She was using her skill at focusing on the pleasure and minimizing the pain to help her withstand the whipping.

Sonny had already taken down a two strap Scottish taws.  He handed it to Tanya and took the riding crop away and wiped it down before hanging it back up as he had been taught.  Tanya took a look at the twenty two inch long and two inch wide leather strap that had a handle that was cut out and sewn into about a third of one end and then from just past the half way point the strap was cut down the middle all of the way to the other end. Sonny explained, “This is a tawes.  The term "tawes" (or taws) is most likely taken from the old Scots dialect word for "two." It was a punishment strap used to strike the hands of school children, usually made of any convenient scrap of strap leather and often toasted over a fire to make it more "wood-like.  This modern version is intended more for striking the ass but can be used on other body parts.  This is crafted to be a bit more flexible than the originals.” 

When doggyslut heard Sonny finish his explanation, she asked, “Mistress Tanya, Please try the Scottish Taws on my back so that you may learn to use it properly.”  Tanya stepped up and swung the strap and hit doggyslut just below the strike with a crop.  Doggyslut screamed in pain and before she could thank her, Tanya swung back with her backhand and hit her on her upper stomach just below her tits.  Doggyslut’s scream broke momentarily as she inhaled at the new strike on her stomach and screamed again.  She quickly got control of herself and said, “Thank you mistress for trying the taws on my back and stomach.  Please feel free to use the taws on my tits so that you may perfect your technique.”

Tanya stepped in front of doggyslut and studied her for a minute and then decided that she would stand in directly in front of her and swing the taws so that she hit each tit in succession with a blow from the right and then a back hand from the left.  For the fifth and final blow with the taws, she lined up so that she could get a good fore hand strike and aimed it so that the taws landed across the nipples of both tits.  Tanya delivered the blows in quick succession, not allowing doggyslut any time to recover and thank her.  Each strike caused a more intense scream from doggyslut and also sent a surge of pleasure to her cunt as well.  When she recovered from the final hit, doggyslut said, “Thank you mistress for learning how to give this worthless slut the pain that she deserves.  I am ready for you to try the flogger that Master Sonny has ready for you.  Please use my back and front as you see fit to learn its proper heft and feel so that you may use it on this worthless whore’s cunt.”

Tanya took the dildo flogger from Sonny’s hand.  Sonny said, “A flogger gets most of its effect from the final few inches of the tress, which are the flowing bundle of strips at the business end.  Everything else in the design exists to deliver those tress tips to their target accurately and at the desired force and speed.  This flogger has a six inch dildo handle that can be used to stimulate the slave in between strikes or to sink into one of the slave’s holes while you go do something else.  The flogger is not as punishing as the other whips.  It covers more area, but doesn’t hurt the skin as much as a cat or bull whip.  This flogger is soft so my guess is that it is made of deer hide.  Give it a try.”

Tanya had been swinging the flogger as Sonny explained everything to her.  When he was done she stepped up and swung down hard across doggyslut’s back covering most of the surface area.  She didn’t scream this time, but groaned in pain from the strike.  She thanked her mistress and asked her for her to try it on her stomach.  This time Tanya stepped to her side so she could get a forehand strike in.  She got a full swing in and the tresses spread out and struck her from her pubic area to her upper abdomen.  Again doggyslut groaned but didn’t scream from the pain/pleasure.  She thanked her and then asked her to punish her pussy.  Tanya stepped in front of her and took a couple of practice underhanded swings and then with a full wind up, brought the flogger up into her cunt.  She had it placed exactly right for the very tips of the flogger to hit her cunt lips, clit and about six inches of inner thigh from a single stroke. 

Doggyslut let out a blood curdling scream from the intense pain.  She then thanked her mistress and asked for each of the five strikes in succession.  It was on the fifth strike that the mix of pain and pleasure pushed her over into an intense orgasm.  She actually passed out from the intensity of the combination.  Sonny quickly picked up and ammonia capsule and broke it under doggyslut’s nose.  She woke up and groaned in agony.  Finally she said, “Five, thank you mistress for punishing this worthless whore.”

Sonny had picked up the cat-o-nine tails next and handed it to Tanya.  He said, “This is a modern version of the British Navy Cat and is a savage instrument. It stresses the nerves and makes deep bruises, but laid on with a will it will knock the breath from the body of the recipient!  This one is, however, considerably less abrasive than the original and if used with moderation and restraint it won’t break her skin and will only leave bruising.  But if used with full strength, it can cause considerable damage and some bleeding.  There are versions that have knots at the end of each tress and others that may have barbs weaved in.  Those versions are used to punish and torture the recipient.  This one feels as if it is made of cowhide.  It will leave bruising and maybe a spot or two where it draws blood.  Give it a try.”

Tanya took the cat and started swinging it to get a feel for its weight.  Doggyslut cringed with a bit of fear at the pain she knew was coming.  Of all of the whips she had experienced, she hated the cat more than any of them, including the bull whip.  She said, “Mistress Tanya, this worthless slut humbly begs you t…t…to t…t…try the cat on my back and front.  Please be merciful.”

Tanya was surprised at the passionate plea from doggyslut.  She guessed correctly that doggyslut was afraid of the cat and the damage it could do.  She decided that she would wait and see what damage it did before she held back.  She wanted to learn its full effect.  She took a back swing and then brought it forward with full force on doggyslut’s back.  Doggyslut screamed in agony at the pain over her entire back.  Tanya watched the new stripes on doggyslut’s back turn from white, to pink and then deep red.  There were a couple of spots where blood dripped down from a raising red welt.  Doggyslut finally got control and said, “sob…sob………T…t…thank you mistress. sob…sob…sob… P…p…please t…t…try t…t…the cat o…out on my b…b…back so that you may l…l…learn to use it p…p…properly.”  Try as she might, doggyslut couldn’t get any pleasure out of the cat.  It just hurt too much.  All she could do was gut it out and bear it like a good slave for her mistress. 

Tanya saw the drastic change in the way doggyslut responded and decided that she wouldn’t use full force again now that she knew what would happen with it.  She got in position and swung about half as hard this time and struck doggyslut on the upper stomach and on her tits. Doggyslut screamed in pain from the strike, but it wasn’t as punishing of a pain as the last one and she could get some pleasure out of it. She responded quicker this time and said, “Thank you mistress for being merciful to this undeserving slut.  Please feel free to apply the cat to any part of this worthless slut’s body.

Tanya decided that she would spread the cat over doggyslut’s entire body.  She swung with a half swing again and hit across doggyslut’s upper thighs.  After doggyslut’s ensuing scream and count, she swung the next strike across the back of her thighs.  Doggyslut screamed and counted each strike.  She hit the third one across her upper back.  The fourth one went straight across her tits and the final one she swung up and centered it on her cunt. Doggyslut screamed and passed out from the pain of the cunt strike.  The worst of the pain was caused by a single strand that hit her square on top of her clit. 

Sonny broke another ammonia capsule under her nose and then got the bull whip.  It was six feet long with a twelve inch wood core braided leather handle.  He said, “The single strand bull whip is the most dangerous of the whips.  It can be used to psychologically torture your target by cracking it near a part of their body.  If it is used to strike the slave, the power of the strike will not only cut the skin and muscle underneath, it can at times break bone.  It is usually reserved for punishing very bad slaves.  It usually takes a lot of practice to be able to use one well.  This being your first time, I would not recommend using this one on doggyslut.  I’ll leave the decision to you.”

Tanya took a minute to think about it while she tried cracking the whip against the wall.  She thought she had it figured out and stepped over to try it on doggyslut.  She decided that whatever the outcome, she would only use it once on her.  She wound up and then swung the whip toward doggyslut.  The fear was evident in doggyslut’s eyes as she watched Tanya’s backswing.  She had seen the bits of plaster that the whip knocked off of the dungeon wall.  When Tanya swung her arm forward doggyslut arched her body away from the direction the whip was coming from.  She heard the crack of the whip and felt an instantaneous fire in between her shoulder blades followed by in intense searing pain.  She broke out in a blood curdling scream that made everyone look her way.  She began crying uncontrollably like she had when Darrell had first started abusing her.  There was no pleasure in this.  She hoped she would never be subjected to the bullwhip again.  She would sure do her best to make sure her master never had a reason to use it on her.  She reflected on recent events with dipshit and realized just how much pain she must have been in before her little torture party began.  She remembered that there were two people hitting her front and back with bull whips.  She finally remembered her place and asked Mistress Tanya to try again on her stomach, but Tanya had decided that she didn’t want to maim doggyslut.  She liked punishing the slaves but she didn’t want to permanently scar them or cause them serious injury.  That was just something she wasn’t ready to do yet.

Tanya handed the whip to Sonny and asked to start with the paddles and straps at the bottom and then back to the canes and switches in the middle.  Tanya took the ping pong paddle and said to doggyslut, “Being that I had mercy on you with the bull whip, I think that I will entertain your ass and tits with the paddles and straps by giving each cheek of your ass and each tit three strikes with each one.  That’s a fair trade isn’t it doggyslut?”

Doggyslut thought that it was indeed a fair trade and answered, “Thank you Mistress Tanya.  This worthless whore is at your disposal to use how ever you see fit.  Please strike each of my ass cheeks and tits as often as you like.”

Tanya stepped directly behind doggyslut and before paddling said, “Don’t worry about asking for any more swats.  That is just taking too much time.  From now on just thank me after I have used the paddle, strap or cane on you.”

Doggyslut just barely got out “Yes Mistress” before she felt the hard slap of the paddle.  Tanya did as promised and hit her three times on each ass cheek and on each tit with the ping pong paddle, a large two and a half foot long paddle made of a one inch by six inch plank of oak.  It had a nice handle at one end and holes drilled through the main body of the paddle.  It looked like your typical fraternity hazing paddle.  There was also a long wooden yard stick, a one and a half foot leather paddle and a two foot antique leather razor strap.  Doggyslut thanked Tanya after she had used each item on her.  By the time Tanya had finished with the paddles and straps, doggyslut’s ass and tits were a nice shade of crimson.  She had tears streaming down her cheeks and was sobbing from the ache coming from all over her body.  She began to wonder how she would be able to stand having to go through this three more times.  She knew she would endure it, for no other reason than she had no other choice in the matter. 

After she had used the razor strap, Tanya took a quarter inch diameter bamboo cane from Sonny.  She told doggyslut, “We have four more items to try before the time is up.  You will receive five strokes with each.  There is no need to thank me until after I am done with the fourth and final one.  Each cane will be used on a different part starting with your left tit with the bamboo cane, your right tit with the rattan cane, your ass with a rattan carpet beater and finally a birch switch on your cunt and clit.”  She stepped to doggyslut’s left and got into the best position to hit her tit with the cane.  She then took a couple of practice swings in the air to get a feel for the cane and then hit doggyslut five times in quick succession on her left tit.  Doggyslut was screaming and crying at the punishment her tit and nipple were taking.  Tanya gave up the bamboo cane to Sonny and took the Rattan cane from him and took up position on doggyslut’s right.  She again took the practice swings before she hit doggyslut’s right tit five times in succession.  Doggyslut’s screams were getting louder with each strike.  Tanya switched out the rattan cane for the rattan carpet beater and took up position behind doggyslut.  The business end of the carpet beater was big enough that it would cover its victim’s entire backside.  She took a few swings trying to get the feel for the heavy implement.  Finally she was ready and gave doggyslut five of her hardest swings on her ass.  Doggyslut was screaming and begging for mercy from the pain caused by each strike on her ass.  Finally Tanya took the birch switch.  She stood in front of doggyslut and got the best position for an upswing into her cunt.  She then switched doggyslut’s cunt with two hard hits on each side of her cunt lips in quick succession.  Doggyslut was screaming hysterically now and was babbling incoherently through the pain for mercy. The buzzer sounded just as Tanya took one last swing with the birch switch as hard as she could directly on doggyslut’s clit.  Her scream went up a couple of decibels and was quickly cut short when she passed out.  Tanya went to the wall and hung the birch switch up and turned and gave a big hug and kiss to Sonny, thanking him for being so helpful.

They moved over to the area for water sports and looked at meenie shackled to the table. Tanya let out a giggle at how ridiculous meenie looked with a dildo gag in her mouth, a dildo plug in her ass, a gaping hole for a cunt and a stomach that made her look as if she were about five months pregnant from the enema.  It was also obvious that she was extremely uncomfortable.  Meenie’s entire body was flushed red and sweat was dripping down her face and Tanya could tell by looking at her face that she was in pain.

While eenie and doggyslut were beginning their first round of punishment, Kim and Matt took meenie over to the enema preparation table.  They quickly shackled her on her hands and knees on the table and started looking at all of the options.  She picked the largest dildo enema plug she could find and coated it with the atomic balm analgesic cream.  She quickly forced the eight inch by two inch dildo into meenie’s asshole.  It took a few hard pushes before she had it anchored in her ass.  It didn’t take long for the intense burning heat of the atomic balm to cause meenie to cry and beg for them to take it out.  She was wagging her ass back and forth in an attempt to remove it but it was in too tightly.  Matt told Kim to fill the gallon enema bag and wait for him to return.  He turned and half walked, half ran up the stairs.  Kim almost broke out laughing at the sight of the balding, over weight old man as his fat stomach bounced up and down as he moved up the stairs.  She stifled her giggles however and went about filling the enema bag wondering what he was going for.  She didn’t have long to wait as he came down with a jar of ground up Red Savina Habanero chili peppers, the hottest peppers in the world.  He came up to Kim and said, “This is a little habanero relish that I gave Darrell a few weeks ago.  He loves his food as hot and spicy as he can get.  This stuff makes you feel like its going to burn right through you.  Dump about half of this jar in the enema bag.  This ought to get her squirming good.  If she thought the atomic balm is hot, wait until she feels the effect of this stuff on her insides. 

Kim did as he suggested and dumped over half of the almost full quart sized jar of ground up habaneros.  She closed the top of the enema bag and shook it up to mix the hot pepper sauce thoroughly through out the warm water.  She then hung it up and inserted the hose into the opening in the center of the dildo in her ass.  When she turned the valve open so the enema could flood into meenie’s intestines, it wasn’t long until she was screaming and begging for them to take it out because of the incessant burning.  To her it felt as if her entire insides were on fire and her stomach started cramping up well before even a quarter of the enema had been administered.  Unfortunately for meenie though, she couldn’t move away, all she could do was move her ass around a bit to try and dislodge the cock holding the enema tube in her ass.

Kim and Matt discussed what other options that they had for playing with meenie and decided that after the enema was fully administered, Kim would introduce her to fisting and Matt would fuck her throat.  Anything after that would be gravy.  Kim was anxious to really see how far she could get her own hand up meenie’s small formerly virgin cunt.  After about ten minutes the enema bag was only about half empty.  Matt stepped up and began squeezing the bag down toward the drain tube.  This forced more and more of the hot pepper mixture further and further into her intestines.  This increased the number and severity of the cramps meenie was experiencing.  Kim stepped back and watched as Matt kept forcing the last quart of pepper water in.  She noticed that meenie’s lower abdomen was beginning to expand.  She commented, “It looks like she is about five months pregnant and continuing to grow.  That is so cool.”  She went over and started vigorously massaging her stomach. 

The added stimulation from Kim and the increasing volume of pepper water kept increasing the frequency and severity of her stomach cramps.  She was screaming hysterically now, begging for them to stop and let her go.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks and dripping steadily onto the table she was shackled to.

Finally, the rest of the enema had been administered and Matt removed the hose and twisted a plug into the hole in the dildo so meenie couldn’t force any of the enema out.  Matt took out a long clear plastic arm glove like those a vet would use when examining the insides of a large horse.  It was designed for a full grown adult so on Kim, it went almost all of the way up to her right shoulder.  She put a regular glove on her left hand and she held it out to Matt.  Matt took the jar of remaining ground up habanero and dumped a hand full into the palm of Kim’s gloved left hand.  She began spreading the pepper over her gloved forearm.  When she was done she held out her right hand and Matt dumped another handful of the pepper into her hand.  Kim made sure that there was ground pepper over the back of her hand and then with a small amount still remaining in her hand she stepped up to meenie and began finger fucking her with two fingers.

Meenie was going mad from the heat and the pain she was experiencing.  She had no idea how bad it was really going to be.  She shrieked a little when she felt Kim begin to finger fuck her.  About ten seconds after she felt the fingers being stuck in her cunt, she felt the most god awful fire between her legs.  She could have sworn that they had but a blow torch to her pussy lips, it hurt so bad.  As much as she was feeling the pain in her stomach, it didn’t come close to the fire burning her most sensitive area.  Her screaming and begging became more urgent, but as before it fell on deaf ears.  No one in that room was paying any attention to her. 

It was about this time that Kim and Matt heard a scream like none they had ever heard.  They all looked over in the direction the sound came from and they saw Tanya standing there with a bullwhip in her hand with a look of amazement on her face.  Doggyslut was hanging from her wrists from the ceiling and her torso was squirming back and forth as if she were trying to get away from a swarm of bees.  Then Kim saw the cut between doggyslut’s shoulder blades and saw the blood streaming down her back.  She was startled back to the present by meenie moving her ass around so much that the three fingers she had in her at that point were pulled out. 

This ticked Kim off a bit and she folded her thumb under her hand and with all of her strength, she force her pepper covered hand into her cunt.  Her hand stopped about half way between the second and third knuckles but that didn’t stop her.  She started pulling back slightly and pushing in as hard as she could.  After about a half dozen times, her hand finally slipped into meenie’s cunt.  Of course there were a couple of small tears in the skin at the entrance of her cunt.

Meenie’s pain increased exponentially when the small tears occurred and the ground pepper got into the tears.  The pepper also covered her still raw and unhealed, newly ruptured hymen. Meenie’s begging grew even more intense and her screams of pain were more mournful. 

Once Kim had her whole hand inside meenie’s cunt, she folded her hand into a fist and started pulling out almost all of the way and then forcing it back in as hard as she could.  Of course, with the pepper being smeared over the arm gloves entire surface, it just added insult to injury.  Soon Kim was hitting her fist against meenie’s cervix.  Kim had about half of her forearm in at that point.  She wanted to get more in and asked Matt if he could make suggestions.  Matt smiled and said, “Take your fore finger and find the little indentation at the end of her cunt.  That is her cervix.  If you try hard enough, you should be able to get a finger or two through that and then it’s just a matter of working the rest of your hand in gradually.  It will cause her a lot of pain, but it will most likely cause her to have one of the most intense orgasms of her life.  Give it a try.”

Kim did as he instructed and began feeling for the little indentation of the cervix at the end of meenie’s cunt.  When she finally thought she had it, she began pushing her finger hard against the spot without taking her finger away.  She pushed harder and harder until finally her finger popped through.  It felt as if her finger was going to be yanked off because her cervix clamped down so tightly when she withdrew her finger a little.  She began to fuck her cervix repeatedly with the finger and then added a second finger.  After a couple of minutes with the second finger she added another, then another until she had tucked her thumb under her hand and was forcing her entire hand through meenie’s cervix.  She let loose the last little lump of pepper powder in her hand and rubbed it around the walls of meenie’s womb.  Finally she balled her hand into a fist.  She pulled out until meenie’s cervix expanded and popped off of her fist and when she had her fist almost all of the way out of her cunt, she drove it back in as hard as she could.  Her fist hit meenie’s cervix and hesitated briefly before finally popping through.  Her momentum took her in almost to her elbow before she bottomed out at the top of her womb.  Kim opened her hand and started expanding her fingers as much as she could.  She giggled as she saw the outlines of her fingers pressing out on the surface of meenie’s distended stomach. 

Meenie continued to scream from the stomach cramps and Kim could feel it each time when meenie’s cunt and cervix would clamp down on her hand and arm.  Kim looked at Matt and said, “I’m getting tired of hearing her screaming, could you stick that beautiful cock of yours down her throat so I don’t have to listen to her. 

Matt did as she suggested and stuck his cock down her throat.  He forced it in to the hilt and just held it there until meenie began to struggle for air.  Kim was beginning to really get into the fist fuck and began slamming her fist into meenie as hard as she could.  The combined pain from the habanero fist fucking in and out of her cunt and womb, the habanero enema and the cramping it was causing kept meenie screaming through the whole ordeal.  It was taking Matt closer and closer to releasing his load from the vibrations her screaming  caused.  Soon she started struggling for breath and she started jerking around trying to escape the cock plugging her throat.  When her face started turning blue and it was obvious she would pass out, Matt pulled out and let her get a good breath.  As soon as she caught her breath, Matt slammed his cock all the way down her throat again.  She gagged and wretched but didn’t throw up and he held it in again until she started struggling for air.

Kim continued to fist fuck her and patted her swollen and cramping belly hard.  She then reached into the open jar of habanero relish with her free hand and got some on her gloved left hand and then transferred it to meenie’s clit.  Meenie’s clit felt like it was on fire after a couple of minutes, but the additional stimulation did something else that meenie couldn’t believe.  She started building towards an orgasm from all of the painful stimulation.  As she began struggling for air the second time, Matt reached under her and pinched her nipples as hard as he could with his fingernails.  At the same time, he withdrew his cock and meenie gasped in a quick breath and then started screaming in intense pain which switched to a long and animal like “Noooooooooooooooo…………” as she launched into a massive orgasm.  Her wailing was cut short as Matt stuck his cock back in again.  He had been close when he pulled out before and in less than a minute after sticking his cock into her throat again, he began cumming.  Meenie had no other choice than to take his cum down her throat and into her stomach.

Tears flowed down her cheeks.  She couldn’t believe that she had just cum from being tortured to the brink of insanity.  All she ever wanted was to be a normal girl with a normal family.  Just when she and her sister thought that they would be freed from there desperate home situation, they land themselves into an even worse situation.  And there was absolutely no way out for them.

Kim and Matt quickly discussed what to do next.  They decided that a habanero coated dildo gag would be a great way to end the session.  Kim went over to the dildo cabinet and got the four inch dildo gag, coated it with habanero relish and forced it in her mouth and strapped it on. 

The buzzer rang as she put the dildo in meenie’s mouth.  Kim finished strapping the harness on and then she and Matt went over to the cross with the male slave.  They saw that Darrell and Krystal had been busy.  The male slave had a huge dildo in his ass, weights hung down from a small chain attached to his tongue piercing, his balls were being pulled down by weights on a thin cable around each of his balls and a cable was looped around the head of his dick and being pulled down with heavy weights.  Kim could tell he was in severe pain from the grimace on his face and tears that trickled down his cheeks.  But he took his punishment and didn’t moan or cry.

During the first session while all of the others were having their fun with the girl slaves, Krystal was with Darrell learning the pleasure of torturing a male slave.  They briefly watched as the others got started.  Darrell complimented, “Krystal, I must say that you and your friends have far exceeded anything that we were looking for.  I want you to know that we will help you in anyway possible as you begin your little journey.  But let’s make sure that we don’t get to greedy with everything.  I think when school starts it would be best to only go after one target every month or two.  That will give you enough time to ensure that the new girl is well trained before you get another.  That will also give you guys time to identify and research your next target.  You have to make sure you know everything you can about them before you start or it could get you in big trouble.  You know we will help you entrap them as we did with eenie and meenie. I also give you free run of this place to use for any meetings, training sessions or anything else you want.  You don’t have to ask for permission, just show up whenever you want.  Doggyslut is also at your disposal as well.  I will leave instructions with her that she is to do what ever you say unless I have her doing something else.  Always tell me if she refuses to do something for you.  If it isn’t because of a task I have given her, then she will be punished.  Now why don’t we get busy and let you learn your way around the male body with our little toy here.”

Krystal was listening as she watched her friends begin torturing the slave girls.  She had been getting so worked up that she had reached her hand down to her cunt and began rubbing her clit.  She had been listening to Darrell at the same time and when he invited her to start on the male slave she turned and looked up into his eyes and said, “Thank you so much.  I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate tonight.  And after having our own little slaves for the last couple of days, I can tell you that you have four hooked little mistresses that will do just about anything for you.”  She reached up with her arms and pulled Darrell’s head down and gave him a long passionate kiss.  When she finally broke the kiss she looked him in the eyes again and grabbed his hand and pulled saying, “Now let’s get started before we run out of time.”  The five minute buzzer sounded as they turned their attention to Sissy.

Darrell said, “The key thing to understand about a male is that their most vulnerable and painful area is their balls and cock.  You control them, you control their owner. Isn’t that right sissy?”  Darrell had grabbed sissy’s balls and squeezed as he asked him the question.

Sissy responded with squeak of pain, “Y…y…y…essss sir.”

Darrell turned to Krystal and said, “Why don’t you grab his balls and just get a feel for them.  Start out lightly and then harder.  Try to find what pleases him and what hurts him.  You should also find out what his limits are for pain.  Once you’ve done that, there is a cabinet there that has items in it to use on him.”

Krystal reached up and grasped sissy’s balls in her hands.  She kneaded them lightly for a minute and then she grabbed a ball in each hand and began to squeeze.  She gradually tightened her grip on his balls until she was squeezing hard enough to get him to scream in pain.  She let go of his balls momentarily and then squeezed again as hard as she could and let go.  Sissy was just able to get his breath when he felt as if his balls had been slammed in a vice.  He screamed again from the pain.  Krystal then felt his cock and noticed the cock ring.  She turned to Darrell and asked him what it was.

Darrell explained, “That is a cock ring.  It keeps a guy hard and keeps them from ejaculating.  That way they can have sex much longer.  They can still go soft, but it takes a lot longer.  I think he has probably had that on long enough, since you are going to be more interested in learning about torturing him than having sex with him.  Go ahead and remove it.”

Krystal grabbed the cock ring and started pulling on it.  She spit on the ring to provide lubrication to ease its passage. As she began working the cock ring off of sissy’s cock, it started to swell again.  She got it to the head of his cock but wasn’t able to pull it over the prepuce.  She looked at Darrell with a questioning look and said, “Any ideas?”

Darrell answered, “Why don’t you look in the cabinet and see what’s in there to get his mind off of the stimulation.”

Krystal looked in the cabinets and found a series of thin cables with loops in one end and a hook for weights on the other.  She picked one up and started playing with it as she looked through the cabinet.  As she thought about what she wanted to do she realized that by putting the weight end in through the loop, it would make a slip knot that would get tighter and tighter as she added weights.  She got a wicked idea and grabbed another cable and a handful of weights.  She turned and went back and without explaining to Darrell, she knelt down and placed a loop of one of the cables around sissy’s left ball and started adding weights.  As she had hoped, with each weight she added the loop pulled tighter and tighter and pulled down harder and harder on his balls.  When she heard him groan in pain she repeated the process on his right ball.  When she had an equal amount of weight on it she stepped back and was pleased to note that his cock had gone soft enough that the cock ring had fallen off.  She looked up at Darrell and said, “I don’t think he likes that” and giggled. 

Darrell chuckled and shook his head as Krystal got up and skipped back to the cabinet like the thirteen year old she was and grabbed another of the small cables and another handful of weights and skipped back to sissy and Darrell.  She put the cable and weights on the floor in front of her and kneeled in front of sissy.  She leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking.  It took a lot longer than normal for her to get his cock hard and when she did she looped the cable around the head of his cock and started hanging the same amount of weight on it as she had the others.  In all there was over three pounds of weight, over a pound on each cable, pulling down on his balls and cock.  He was in obvious pain.  When she was done with the weights, she went over to the dildo cabinet and got the largest dildo she could find. It was a three inch wide, fourteen inch long monster.  She grabbed a dildo gag as well.  As she was turning she saw the open jar of habanero relish over where Kim and Matt were playing with meenie and went over and dipped the end of both dildos into the jar. 

She turned and went back to sissy without Kim and Matt even noticing she was there.  As she was about half way across the room she heard a crack and an ear piercing scream.  She looked back and saw doggyslut swinging and squirming back and forth, hanging from the rafters.  Tanya was standing there in amazement with a bull whip in her hand.  She turned and continued back to sissy.  She tried to reach up and put the dildo gag on him but she couldn’t reach high enough.  She handed it to Darrell and said, “Put this on him will you.  I’m going to fuck his nice tight ass with this monster.”  When Darrell took the dildo gag, she went to the back of the cross that sissy was shackled to and spread his ass cheeks and pushed the dildo in as hard as she could.  It went in about an inch with the first thrust and when she pushed the second time it went in a couple of more inches.  It was about this time that he started feeling the effects of the habanero relish that had been smeared on the end of the dildo.  Krystal heard a muffled scream of pain from sissy as the burning in his ass started taking effect.  It felt to him like his ass was on fire.  Krystal kept pumping and pumping the dildo in his ass until she had about ten inches going in and out on each thrust.  After a couple of minutes, she looked under his crotch to see if there had been any effect from her efforts.  She saw that his cock was even harder than when she had finished sucking on him. She smiled and went back to forcing the dildo in and out of his now red and inflamed ass.  She reached under him and grabbed his cock and started jacking him off.  The additional stimulation was an exquisite torture to sissy because the more his cock expanded from excitement, the more pain it caused him as the cables pinched in to his cock.  Finally sissy let out a muffled scream around the dildo gag from the pleasure/pain as he orgasmed from the many sensations he was feeling.  The problem was that with the cable looped behind the head of his dick, the cum couldn’t get out easily.  Each glorious spasm from cumming also caused intense pain in his cock.  Only a small dribble of cum actually made it out of the end of his cock.  Krystal ran around to sissy’s front and licked the drop of cum off of his cock.  She stood up and looked at Darrell and asked, “How was that?”

Darrell just started laughing at Krystal’s antics.  When he finally got control of himself he looked at her and said, “I wouldn’t want to be at your mercy.  I think you are one kinky little bitch.  Why don’t we see if there is anything else you would like to do to our sissy toy here?”  As he was saying that, the buzzer went off indicating that time was up.  When he heard the buzzer, he held out his hand toward Krystal and asked, “It looks as if we get to play with a new toy now so shall we?”

Krystal reached out and grabbed his hand and they went over to where Pam and Rob had been playing with eenie.  They saw them look their way as Pam placed a dildo on top of eenie’s ass and left to go over to doggyslut.  As they got closer they saw that eenie had cum dripping from her face and as they reached her ass they saw that she had cum as well.  Her legs were covered with her cum and she was continuing to moan in pleasure from the constant stimulation from the dildo in her ass. Darrell told her to go look in the cabinet as he reset the timers.  Krystal did as he suggested and soon he was back.

To make a long story short, for the next hour and a half the four girls learned the art of different types of torture on each of the slaves from their partners.  They all chose different ways to abuse each of their victims and bring them both pain and pleasure.  When Krystal had her turn with the whips though, she noticed that her cousin was in bad shape.  She was just hanging there half in and half out of consciousness after being whipped two times already with a varying assortment of whips, straps, paddles and canes.  Krystal turned to Darrell in concern and asked, “She looks as if she’s had enough.  Why don’t we let her have a break?”

Darrell just got a grin on his face and turned to look at doggyslut and said, “Do you hear that doggyslut?  She doesn’t think you can take anymore.  She doesn’t think you like doing this.”  He turned back toward Krystal and said, “Why don’t you ask her if she wants to continue?”

Krystal went over directly in front of doggyslut and reached up with her hand and lifted her chin and said, “Karen…………… Karen…………”  When she didn’t get a response she finally said, “Doggyslut………”  Doggyslut looked at her and smiled weakly as she recognized it was Krystal.  Karen asked, “Do you want to continue or do you want me to give you a pass. 

Doggyslut lifted her head and looked over at Master Darrell.  He didn’t give any sign of what he wanted one way or other and turned back and said softly to Krystal, “It would be this slut’s greatest pleasure to have you punish her please mistress.”

Krystal looked at Darrell and shrugged her shoulders as she walked toward Darrell.  She said to him, “I don’t understand why she enjoys it so much.  I can’t for the life of me see what pleasure she could derive from being whipped like this.”

Darrell said, “That is because she lives every second of the day to please her master.  She knows that when her master or mistress is happy with her, she receives the greatest pleasure.  She will go through hell and high water a thousand times in order to experience a single experience of heaven.  That is why she willingly submits to all of this.  She wants that bit of heaven as often as possible and she knows that she will be greatly rewarded for all of the misery she is experiencing now.”

Krystal shook her head in understanding and said, “Shall we begin.”  They turned and began going through the different whips and other punishing implements.

When the group was about half way through their fourth and last round in the dungeon, Mistress Marta returned.  She came down the steps with a bag in her hands and a big smile on her face.  p; When the buzzer went off at the end of the session she clapped and congratulated everyone on a good show.  Darrell quickly went to the center of the room to Marta and gave her a hug and a quick kiss and welcomed her back.  He asked in a whisper, “Were you able to get what you went for?”

Marta looked at him and said, “When have I not come through for you or your parents.  Of course I got what Krystal wanted.  But before we get started, I do believe that meenie still has a round of punishment coming for her infractions upstairs.  Why don’t you have the girls go get her and put her on the chair.  That way when her punishment is over, we can get on with the final event for the evening.”

Darrell answered, “I will, but doggyslut made a suggestion that I think has merit.  She thinks we should make eenie and meenie punish each other and I agree with her and think we should also have them take care of our little surprise at the end as well.  What do you think?”

Marta said, “It sounds like a plan.  Let’s get started.”

Darrell turned and announced loudly, “Can I have everyone’s attention.  Before we go any further, please clean the items that have been used at your station.  Please do so quickly so we can get on to our final two events for the evening.  When you are done, please bring meenie over and strap her to the chair here.”  He looked at Marta and asked, “Would you care to help me take doggyslut down and take her to the whirlpool upstairs.  She has had a rough night and I think that she needs a little TLC.”

Darrell and Marta went over and took doggyslut down from where she was hanging.  Darrell took her in his arms and she grabbed him around his neck and laid her head on his shoulders with her eyes closed and a grimace on her face from the pain.  He took her up to the master bathroom and filled the whirlpool with hot water.  He poured in some both oil to help sooth her wounds.  He examined her carefully and noted that only a few of the marks would still be remaining in the morning.  The marks on her back from the bullwhip were the worst.  When the water had covered the whirlpool jets, he put doggyslut into the water.  He stayed there for a couple of minutes to make sure she didn’t go to sleep or pass out.  He asked, “Are you going to be able to stay awake.  I need to go back downstairs, but I don’t want you to fall asleep and slide into the water and drown.”

Doggyslut looked at him and said, “I’m fine master.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.  I hurt too much to be able to sleep.  Did I do alright master?  Did I make you happy?”

Darrell stroked her hair and bent down and gave doggyslut a deep passionate kiss.  When He was done he looked at her and said, “That should answer both of your questions.”  He stood up and left while doggyslut closed her eyes with a little bit of a smile beginning on her lips.  She was hurting, but she was happy.  She had made her master happy.

Darrell went back down to the dungeon just in time to see that everything had been cleaned and they were just finishing strapping meenie to the gyno chair.  When she was strapped in, Marta spread the leg supports wide so that meenie was virtually doing the splits.  This had the effect of spreading her now abused cunt wide open for everyone to see. 

Marta went over to the dildo cabinet and took out a harness with two metal dildos attached to it.  There were three wires that came from the dildos that had clamps at the end.  One was short and the other two were long.  She turned and fit the dildo harness on to eenie putting a dildo in her ass and one in her cunt.  She buckled the harness on and then attached the short wire to her clit with the clamp and the two long wires to her nipples with the clamps.  She took the control box out of the cabinet and turned it on.  She set the level at 10 and gave the button a push.  There was a sudden scream and eenie collapsed and hung down from the stocks and shook in spasms from the electric shock she had just received.  As she was recovering, Marta went to the wall of whips and picked up the cat and went back to eenie.  She looked at Krystal and her friends and said, “Let her loose and bring her over to her sister. 

All four girls went to eenie and began letting her loose from the stocks.  Pam and Kim helped her to stand up and ordered her to go to Marta who was standing by her sister.  She took a few unsteady steps initially but was finally able to walk over to Marta.  Marta looked at her and said, “You now know what will happen to you if you don’t do as I say.  You are going to whip meenie until I tell you to stop.  If you refuse to hit her with the whip, I’ll shock you.  If I don’t think you are doing it hard enough, I’ll shock you.  If you don’t whip her all over her body, including her tits and cunt, I’ll shock you.  If I even think you aren’t putting everything you have into it I’ll shock you.  Do you understand?”

Eenie shook her head and she received a shock that was set at five.  She almost collapsed from the pain.  When she stood up Marta asked again, “Do you understand?”

Eenie said “Yes mistress” more vigorously this time. 

Marta said, “Well what are you waiting for.  Get on with it.”  With that she gave her another shock at five then said, “The next one goes at ten as it did the first time.”

Eenie quickly recovered from the shock and turned and started whipping meenie over and over again.  She wasn’t putting everything into it at first and Marta gave her a ten second shock at the highest setting.

Eenie collapsed to the floor as she screamed from the pain.  They woke her up with the smelling salts.  When she stood back up Marta just said, “Not hard enough”.

Eenie went back to whipping her sister in areas that she hadn’t already hit but she made the mistake of avoiding hitting her sister’s tits and cunt.  Marta set the shock to last 20 seconds at a ten setting this time and hit the button. 

Eenie started screaming in pain and it was quickly silenced as her whole body spasmed from the shock as she collapsed.  When her body quit quivering from the spasms caused by the shock, they woke her again with the smelling salts.  As she stood up this time, eenie had tears streaming down her cheeks both from the pain and the anguish of having to whip her twin. 

As eenie got up Marta got her attention and said, “Being as you’ve been avoiding meenie’s tits and cunt, the rest of the time you will whip them and nothing else.  If I see any strike not landing squarely on one of her tits or cunt then you’ll receive thirty seconds next time.  And make sure you rotate after each strike.  Now get busy.”

This time eenie swung as hard as she could and hit meenie’s left tit, then her right tit.  She started to go to the end of the chair at her feet but Marta said, “Go to her head and swing the whip from there.  That is a good position from which to hit all three locations and the best for maximizing the punishment on her cunt.”

Eenie did as she was told and from straight above meenie’s head swung the cat as hard as she could down across her cunt.  Meenie screamed in agony from each strike of the whip but when it hit her cunt and the surrounding sensitive area of the thighs, her scream went up to a whole new level.  Eenie stood there and rotated from left tit, cunt and then right tit and then did it again over and over.  She swung as hard as she could in order to avoid being shocked again.  Her sister was screaming continually at the agony caused by the whipping.  When Marta was finally satisfied with meenie’s punishment she called a halt to the whipping.  Eenie just stood there sobbing uncontrollably at what they had made her do to her sister.  She wondered what kind of hell they had found themselves in.  Her soul was damaged more from having to hurt her sister than anything else they could have done.  Only a twin knows the close connection that twins have.  There is an empathy there that allows one twin to tell when the other is hurting.  And the more she whipped her sister, the worse the impact on her psyche because she too felt an echo of what her sister was going through. 

Meenie lay on the table begging for them to stop.  She told them she would do anything they wanted, if they would just stop.  Marta went up to the bag she had set down by the chair and took out a rectangular little box and a small kit.  She laid the box and kit on meenie’s stomach and opened the box.  In it were three gold rings and a gold ball stud.  She then unzipped the kit that had a set of needles, a set of what looked like a weird set of pliers and a small bottle of antiseptic.  She called eenie over to her and then said, “Now listen carefully slut.”  She saw that eenie wasn’t paying attention and slapped her to get her attention. She said, “Now that I have your attention listen up.  You are going to have the pleasure of placing these rings in your sister’s tits and cunt and the stud in her tongue.  If you don’t do it right, you will maim and scar her for life now is that something you want to do?” 

Eenie shook her head no and said “No mistress”. 

Marta asked then, “So are you going to listen and do it exactly as I tell you?”   

Eenie then said “Yes mistress” figuring that at least she could try and minimize the pain to her sister.

Marta then said, “Good then, take those forceps and clamp it on her tongue and pull it out.  Once you have it out as far as you can I will show you where to push the needled through so you avoid any major blood vessels.  You will then take this big needle and dip it in the anesthetic and push the needle through.  Once that is done then pick up the stud and unscrew the one end and dip it into the antiseptic and push the needle back out from top to bottom.  Do you have any questions?”

Eenie said “No mistress”.

Marta said, “Okay then get to it”.

Eenie grabbed the forceps and clamped them on the end of meenie’s tongue and pulled it out as far as she could.  She noticed that Master Rob had stepped up and had hold of her sister’s head so she couldn’t move it.  When she had meenie’s tongue pulled out, Marta pointed with another needle to the point where the stud would go.  Eenie dipped the needle in the antiseptic and then concentrated on pushing the needle straight through meenie’s tongue.  Meenie screamed from the pain.  Eenie reached over and grabbed the stud with one hand, picked up the stud and unscrewed the end with her thumb and forefinger.  She let the ball end of the stud drop onto her stomach and reached up and pushed the end of the stud against the needle and pushed it through.  She grabbed the ball and before she could screw it on, Marta grabbed her wrist and put a drop of glue in the open end of the ball.  When Marta let go, eenie went ahead and screwed the ball cap on the stud as tight as she could.  She let the forceps go and then grabbed the ball at the top of the stud and the one at the bottom and turned each one in the opposite direction of the other until there was a click.  She looked at Marta and saw her nod of approval.

When eenie looked at her after the installation of the tongue stud, Marta nodded and said, “Now to install the nipple and clit rings, you first need to suck and nibble on the nipple or clit for a minute to make sure that they are distended enough.  Then take a new needle and dip it in the antiseptic and push it through the very base of the nipple.  I’ll again point to the exact area to make sure it is properly placed.  You will then push the needle through the nipple so that if she were standing, the needle would be parallel to the ground.  Once the needle is in half way, stop and grab one of the rings.  Dip it in the antiseptic and then just before you put it on by putting one end of the opening against the end of the needle and pushing through, let me put a drop if the liquid weld in the other end.  That way once you push the ring through, you can push the ends together.  Once the opening is snapped closed and glued, wipe the excess with a wipe and put the glued opening so it is in the nipple.  We’ll use the same procedure for both nipples and then her clit.  Any questions?”

Eenie shook her head no.  She didn’t hesitate to bend over and start nibbling on her sister’s right nipple.  When she was sure it was as big as it would get she swabbed it with the antiseptic and then did as Marta had instructed.  Once she was done with that nipple, she repeated the process on her other nipple and then her clit.  When she was done she started to stand up but Marta wouldn’t let her. 

Marta placed her hand on the back of her head and slowly pushed her head forward into meenie’s cunt as she said, “Now that you have put your sister through so much pain, why don’t you give her cunt a little kiss and bring her to orgasm to show that you still love her.

Eenie did as she was told.  She felt it was the least she could do for causing her sister so much pain. She nibbled and chewed on her cunt lips trying to bring her to a quick orgasm.  Marta took eenie’s head and guided her so that her mouth was over meenie’s clit and told her to suck there.  Eenie did as she was told and it was no time at all before meenie was screaming in pleasure.  After her sister orgasmed, eenie stood up and faced Mistress Marta.  Marta smiled and said, “You did very well eenie.  I don’t think anyone else here would have done that in such a caring way.  Your sister should be glad you did it for her.  Now why don’t you go over to Master Darrell and he will help you out of your dildo harness.” 

As eenie went over to Darrell, Krystal and her friends were letting meenie loose from the chair.  Meenie groaned in pain from the whipping and her new piercings as she got up.  Marta went up to her and handed her the cat and just said, “Your turn is next.  Krystal and her friends had gone over to eenie after letting meenie up and pulled her to the chair.  They made her get in the chair and strapped her in.  Darrell placed the electrified dildo harness onto meenie and placed meenie at eenie’s head.  Marta gave her a quick shock at ten to show her what would happen if she didn’t do as she was told.  She was then made to whip eenie just as she had been whipped.  The only difference is that she was so upset at her sister for whipping her and piercing her that Marta didn’t have to shock her again.  She went around and around her sister and whipped every exposed surface with a vengeance.

When meenie finished whipping eenie, Marta explained how to do the piercings and ensured that she placed the piercings in the right place.  The big difference was that the rings and stud that eenie received were silver.  This was so that they could always be told apart by their masters.  Meenie was also forced to lick and suck her sister’s cunt and clit until she orgasmed.  After eenie orgasmed she was removed from the chair.  Meenie had her dildo harness removed and was forced to clean the dildo’s with her mouth.  Krystal went over and finished cleaning the dildo set and then as she finished Darrell announced, “It’s time to go back up stairs.  It is now four in the morning and I’m sure that some of our guests want to get home.  Let’s adjourn to the family room where we were earlier.  Marta has an announcement to make and then I’ll show you to your rooms. 

They all left and went up to the family room and took their seats.  Actually, Krystal and her friends were sitting in the lap of their partner and being cuddled.  Krystal, sitting on Darrell’s lap ordered, “Eenie and meenie, kneel in the proper position in front of us so Mistress Marta can make her announcement.  The twins did as she ordered and kneeled down sitting back on their heels with the palms of their hands facing up and their heads bowed. 

Marta stood up behind each of them.  She had brought the bag up from down stairs and took out a collar with gold studs in it and placed it around meenie’s neck.  She then placed a collar with silver studs on it around eenie’s neck.  She locked each collar on with a small gold or silver lock on the appropriate collar.  She finally connected a leash to each collar.  When she was done she announced, “I know you girls would like to spend some more time bonding with your two new slaves.  Krystal and I talked before your little dungeon party and she asked if she could come out and visit to see how I trained eenie and meenie as well as asking for the piercings tonight.  Being that next week is your last week of freedom before school starts, I called each of your parents and told them that Darrell and Karen had invited you out for a week of horse back riding and camping out at my farm before school starts.  They have all agreed to let you, so you four will spend next Monday through Saturday at my farm as my guests.  I will take eenie and meenie with me tonight so that I can start their training and you will join me Monday morning.  I’ll pick you all up here at Darrell’s house.  I’ll also let each of you pick a canine partner to take home with you if you bring me a permission slip from your parents saying you can have a pet dog.  They will be very well trained and you can be assured they will only act at your and only your orders.  We wouldn’t want them trying to fuck your mothers now would we?  Krystal will also get to choose eenie and meenie’s canine masters as well.  So what do you girls think?”

Krystal, Pam, Kim and Tanya all rushed to Marta and gave her a big hug and said thank you over and over.  Finally Marta shooed them away.  She grabbed the end of the leashes to eenie and meenie and left saying, “We’ll see you girls Monday morning at nine.”  She opened the door and left with the two twins following behind her. 

Darrell stood up and asked, “Is everyone going to spend the day here or are any of you going to be leaving?”

Everyone said that they had planned on staying so Darrell said, “Follow me and I’ll show you to your rooms.  Tanya and Sonny, you two get the hide a bed.  Just take the cushions off of the couch you’re sitting on and pull the bed out.  The rest of you follow me.”

They went up the stairs to the bedrooms and Darrell put Pam and Rob in the first one on the left, Kim and Matt in the one on the right.  He took Krystal into the master bedroom and said, “Go get on the bed while I go help doggyslut out of the tub.  She’s probably fallen asleep in there.” 

Darrell went in to the bathroom and found it not only empty but cleaned up.  He was confused for a minute and then it dawned on him where she was most likely at.  As he left the bathroom heading to the door he told Krystal, “I’ll be right back”.

Darrell went out to the Kennel and found doggyslut curled up with Prince lying beside her with his head on her shoulder.  She was sound asleep, but Prince was alert and obviously watching over her.  Darrell just shook his head and chuckled.  He turned and went back to the master bedroom.  When he entered, Krystal asked, “Is doggyslut alright?” 

Darrell said, “Take a look out of the window.  You should be able to see her from there.”  He went over and pulled the curtains aside so Krystal could see.  In the early morning light she could see her cousin lying on the ground at the back of the kennel with Prince.  She turned to Darrell and asked, “Why is she down there?” 

Darrell answered, “I don’t know for sure.  I had planned on her sleeping in the bed with us.  I guess that it has been so long since she last spent time with Prince that she wanted to sleep with him.  She even cleaned up the entire bathroom before she went down.  I find it hard to believe myself.”

Krystal looked at Darrell and said, “I had a hard time believing her when she said she loved doing everything with Prince and I just thought she was telling me stories.  I guess she really does love that dog.”

Darrell answered, “If you look at the way Prince is guarding her, the only conclusion you can make is that the feeling is mutual.”

Krystal shook her head saying, “I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.  That was the one thing I had my doubts about but it is obvious she was telling me the truth.  If she loves that dog that much, he must be something else.”  She turned to Darrell and said, “Are you up for one more tumble in the sac before we collapse from exhaustion?”

Darrell chuckled saying, “You’re insatiable you know.  I think I’ve got one more in me.”  Darrell picked up Krystal and fell back on the bed with her in his arms.  Krystal started giggling uncontrollably.  She put her arms around Darrell’s head and began kissing him as if he was the last man on earth.  They had mad passionate sex and after Darrell brought her to three mind blowing orgasms he finally came.  He rolled off of her and they cuddled against each other and went to sleep.

This is end of Chapter 27.


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