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Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story

Chapter 59 Sarah's Homecoming

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 2 Michelle’s Story Chapter 59

By Redlegtiger

Edited by GuiltyKarma

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do

these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity.  If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

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NOTE:  This chapter is more of a transition chapter.  There is lots of f/f and F/F sex but minimal BDSM activity.  I promise more to come in the future.

Chapter 59, Sarah’s Homecoming

It was late on Wednesday afternoon at the LA hospital when Nurse Tina came in to the room.  Aminda and Michelle had just finished up with Sarah’s physical therapy and were just getting ready to tell more of their story to Sarah and record it for the FBI.  When they noticed Tina at the door they gave her a questioning look.

Looking at Aminda and Michelle Tina said, “I need you two young ladies to step out for a few minutes so the doctor can examine Sarah.  I’ll let you back in when he is done.”

The two girls left the room while the doctor came in with Tina to examine her.  While they waited in the waiting room, Tom and Nancy arrived.  When they saw them patiently sitting there they came up to them and asked how things were going.  When Aminda explained that the doctor and nurse were in the room examining Sarah, they sat down and quietly waited along with both Aminda and Michelle.

It was almost thirty minutes later that the doctor and nurse came out of the room.  When the doctor saw that Tom and Nancy were in the waiting room he came up to them and said, “It’s good to see you two here so I can tell you the good news.  Sarah is progressing nicely.  I’m still a little concerned with the fact that she hasn’t gained any use of her legs yet but she did feel a little when I pricked her feet with a pin.  That is a good sign but time will tell.  As for the use of her arms, she has fully recovered full use of her arms.  She will need to do exercises to strengthen them but she should be fine.  Her head wound is healing nicely as well.  I took the stitches out and everything looks to be doing quite well.  Once her hair grows back, no one will be able to see the scar.  All in all she is a lucky girl to have come through this so well.  If things continue to improve the way they are, I will send her home in the afternoon day after tomorrow or Saturday morning.  My guess is that it will be Saturday.”

Once the doctor left, all four of them went into Sarah’s room to tell her the good news.  Sarah sat up in the bed and saw the smiles on all of their faces and asked, “What?”

Nancy was the first to speak up exclaiming, “The doctor says that you are doing very well.  You are going to get to come home in the afternoon of day after tomorrow or the next morning.  Isn’t that wonderful?”

Sarah smiled and said, “Cool.  I can’t wait to get out of this room.  I’ll need a bit of help though until I get the use of my legs.”

Tom quickly spoke up and said, “I have already arranged for Tina and the night nurse to work out at the house for as long as it takes for you to recover.  Plus you’ll still have Aminda and Michelle to help you whenever you need it.  Now isn’t that good news?”

Sarah smiled a half smile in obvious disappointment and said, “I guess.  I was just hoping I would be able to walk when I went home.”

Aminda saw how her mistress was feeling and couldn’t stand to see her sad.  She went up to Sarah and whispered in her ear so only she could hear, “Mistress Sarah, please don’t be sad.  If you will let Shelle and me go back to the house, we have a little surprise for you.  It will take us all of the time between now and when you go home for us to get it ready.  Will you please be happy about coming home?  We’ve wanted to show you this since Aunt Karen sent our stuff down from Washington.  I promise that you will really love it.  Okay?”

Aminda pulled back watching Sarah.  Sarah stared at her as she pulled away with a bit of a quizzical look on her face.  She had always loved surprises.  She smiled at Aminda with a look of love and then turned to the others and said with a bigger smile, “Friday or Saturday it is then.  I can’t wait to get home.”  She really meant it this time.

Aminda and Michelle went home with Tom and Nancy that night.  They quickly got settled back in and had a good nights sleep so they would be fresh for all of the hard work the next day.  They woke up early and after a quick breakfast of milk and cereal, they went down to Karen’s cabin.

They spent the entire day moving all of the stuff that Karen had sent down from Washington.  They had to get the help of their security team to move some of the larger items but they worked the entire day and part of the next until they had everything set to their satisfaction.  Friday afternoon they took their pony gear to the barn and cleaned out an empty stall to store it in.  While they were working in the stable, Karen’s mom came up to them and nuzzled them like any dog would to get attention.  Michelle was the first to stop what she was doing to pet her and giving her a “Hi Grandma”.  When she looked into her eyes she could see the inquisitive look there so she gave her a quick explanation about what it was all about.

Once they had the stall cleaned up, they took the time to clean all of the equipment and get it ready for use.  They both hoped that Sarah would like their little surprise.  They were just finishing up when they heard the dogs in the kennel barking.  Karen’s mom took off to go see what the ruckus was all about.  She quickly came back in the barn after a few seconds and began barking at the two girls and waving at them to follow her.  The girls put everything up quickly and went running after her.  She led them to the back door of the house and went through the large doggy door that had been installed there for her and her mate.

Aminda and Michelle opened the back door and quickly heard noises in the front of the house.  They ran as fast as they could to the front entryway and arrived just in time to see Sarah being wheeled into the living room in a wheel chair by Geri, the night nurse from the hospital.  Tina followed them in carrying a bag of equipment and they were followed by several of the security team who were also carrying physical therapy equipment.  The security team had already been told where to take the stuff and they went up the stairs to the wing where Sarah and the girl’s rooms were.  Tina and Geri went up with the team so they could ensure the therapy equipment was set up properly.

Aminda and Michelle ran up to Sarah and hugged her, welcoming her back home.

Sarah immediately asked, “So where is my surprise you promised me?”

Michelle looked at Sarah in confusion.  Aminda hadn’t said anything about a surprise for Mistress Sarah.  Aminda quickly answered, “You have to wait until tomorrow morning.  We just finished getting everything ready so let’s get you settled in tonight and see what they’re doing with all of that stuff they brought in for you.  Shelle, you get her wheel chair and bring it up.  Sarah, I’m going to kneel down in front of your chair so I want you to lean forward and lock your arms around my neck and put all of your weight on my back so I can carry you up stairs.”

Aminda got down like she said and Sarah leaned as far forward as she could.

Aminda had to scoot closer so that Sarah didn’t have to strain to reach around her neck.  Once Sarah’s arms were locked together around Aminda’s neck with most of her weight on her back, Aminda stood up.  She reached back and pulled Sarah’s legs forward so that Sarah was riding piggy back.  Sarah had lost about twenty pounds while she was in the hospital.  That made it easier for Aminda to carry her up the stairs to the room across from theirs where the equipment was being put up.  They also saw that the room across from Sarah’s was currently occupied by the two nurses who were investigating.  They saw that the two nurses were unpacking a suitcase each and putting clothes in drawers and the closet.  They correctly assumed that the nurses were going to be staying there so they could be close to Sarah if they were needed.

Aminda cleared her throat until the nurses looked her way.  Then she said, “I just wanted you both to know that Sarah’s room is straight across the hall and Michelle and my room is the one at the end of the hall across from where all of that equipment is being installed.  We’ll be in her room if you need us.  We have something to take care of.”

Aminda turned around and the three girls went into Sarah’s room.  Michelle quickly put the wheel chair down beside the bed against the wall next to the headboard so it would be easily accessible.  Then she folded down the quilt and the sheets so Sarah could be put in the bed.  As soon as she was in the bed, Aminda began to do the therapy with Sarah that was required in the evening.  Michelle went downstairs and to the kitchen where Nancy was just finishing up putting Sarah’s favorite Chinese food on a plate and onto a tray along with a dish of her favorite ice cream.  Michelle went to the refrigerator and got out a bottle of soda and put it on the tray.  When everything was ready, she picked up the tray and took it up to Sarah. Aminda had just finished the therapy when Michelle walked into the room with Sarah’s dinner.  Michelle turned to go back down and get her and Aminda’s dinner and almost ran into Nancy who was just entering the room with two trays for her and Aminda.

Michelle thanked Nancy and took the two trays of food to the bed.  The three girls quickly devoured their meals without saying a word.  When they were done eating, Michelle picked up the trays and took them down to the kitchen while Aminda went into the bathroom and started running the whirlpool full with hot water that was just to the point of barely being able to stand the heat without being burned.  She added some bath oil beads to help sooth Sarah’s dry skin from the long hospital stay.  She then put out some shaving cream, a razor and a pair of scissors.  When things were ready, she got undressed and then went back into Sarah’s room.

Michelle had just returned from the kitchen and was in the process of helping Sarah undress.  Sarah was looking at them a little confused but cooperated.  She knew that they had her best interests at heart but she was curious about the surprise that Aminda had promised.  When Aminda came up to her and began to help undress her as well, she finally broke her silence and said, “Come on guys.  I’m dying here.  Will you please tell me what my surprise is?”

Aminda smiled and said, “Well the surprise is two fold.  The first part is going to be happening in a few minutes as soon as we get you into the bathroom.  The biggest part of the surprise has to wait until tomorrow morning.  That is the real special part of the surprise and there is nothing you can do to get us to hurry up about it.  So just enjoy the evening.  I have a nice bubble bath ready for us in that nice big whirlpool tub and we have a surprise for you once we get in there.”

When Sarah was naked except for a scarf around her head, both Aminda and Michelle picked her up so that she was sitting on their interlocked hands and she had an arm around each of their shoulders.  They carried her to the bathroom and then gently lowered her into the bath tub.  Aminda immediately got into the tub while Michelle stripped naked and then joined them.  Aminda was sitting at one end of the tub with Sarah sitting in front of her so that her back was up against Aminda’s tits.  Michelle was sitting on the opposite end of the bathtub facing her two friends and lovers.

Aminda reached up and untied the knot on the scarf.  Sarah started to protest but Aminda shushed her and told her everything would be all right.  When the scarf was off, Sarah was silently crying because of how she looked.   Aminda and Michelle both hadn’t seen her since she had the bandages taken off of her head and she was completely bald with a long scar along the side of her head.  They had only shaved around the scar during the surgery and had kept the area around it shaved as the wound healed.  There was stubble there now from a couple of day’s growth.  Aminda and Michelle both knew the emotional turmoil that being bald like that would cause their mistress so they had both agreed on exactly what to do.

Michelle picked up the scissors that Aminda had laid out and handed them to Sarah.  She turned around and scooted back toward Sarah and then leaned her long hair back so that it hung down to the water.  Michelle said, “Your humble servants understand that you aren’t comfortable with the way you look because of the wound you received because of us.  We decided that the only fair thing was for us to join our mistress and have our hair cut off like yours.  That is the only way it should be.  We have sworn ourselves to serve you in all ways and this is the least we could do for taking a bullet that was meant for us.  We both want to be bald like you are and allow our hair to grow back at the same time.  This is the surprise we have for you tonight.  Please accept this gift with the love it is given.  We ask that you please cut the hair as close to the scalp as possible and then put it aside neatly.  We plan on using it for something tomorrow, so we don’t want to lose it.”

Sarah had tears in her eyes.  These were tears of love at what her two friends were doing for her.  She hadn’t expected anything like this at all.  She figured she would just have to wear scarves and hats for a while until her hair grew back.  She couldn’t say anything but she nodded her head yes and lifted one hand up to grab a hand full of Michelle’s hair.  She moved it up as close to Michelle’s scalp as she could.  She brought the scissors between her hand and Michelle’s scalp and tentatively cut the first handful of hair.  Once she cut the first handful of hair, the rest went easily. 

With each handful of Michelle’s beautiful shoulder length hair, she neatly draped it over the edge of the tub onto a towel that Aminda had placed there.

When the last little bit of hair was finally laid down on the towel, Aminda folded the towel up around the hair and set it on a shelf up on the wall just above where she sat.  She then handed Sarah a can of shaving cream.  Sarah held the shaving cream above Michelle’s head and pushed the button until there was a huge mound of the cream on her.  She then handed the can back to Aminda and began to spread the shaving cream so that it covered all of Michelle’s head.  When she was done, Aminda handed her the razor.  Sarah immediately began to gently shave the stubble off of Michelle’s head.

When Sarah was done, Michelle sat up onto the edge of the tub next to her mistress and spread her legs out so that they were flat against the wall of the tub and her cunt was right on the edge, as open and exposed as it could be.  Aminda handed the can of shaving cream back to Sarah and said, “We haven’t had the opportunity to shave ourselves since you went to the hospital.  We wanted you to have that privilege as our new owner.  Please shave us both clean and make us yours.”

Sarah was crying again at the love they were showing her.  She had never really had any friends and here she now had two friends that were more than willing to join her in being humiliatingly bald.  Friends who had sworn that they would do anything for her no matter what and that they would follow her every order.  She covered Michelle’s entire pubic area with the shaving cream through her tears.  She paused for a few moments to allow the tears to dry up and then she gently shaved Michelle’s cunt bare.  When she was done, Michelle leaned down and grabbed Sarah on either side of her head and stared into her eyes.  She slowly started to move toward her as she said, “Mistress Sarah.  Thank you for accepting this unworthy soul as your slave and lover.  I promise that I will love you and serve you for the rest of my life, just as I have sworn to love and serve my Minda.”  Michelle moved in and kissed Sarah as passionately as she could.

When Michelle broke the kiss, she told Sarah, “Now it’s time to take care of your first slave.  Sit forward a little so Minda and I can trade places.  Then you can do her.”

Sarah leaned as far forward as she could and Aminda climbed out from behind her.  Michelle quickly stepped into the tub and sat down in the water where Aminda had just vacated.  Then she helped Sarah to lean back against her as Aminda sat in the other end of the tub and leaned back as Michelle had done.   Sarah went through the exact same process with Aminda that she had done with Michelle.  When she was done, she finally broke down crying and said, “I don’t know how I’m going to ever thank you guys.  In spite of everything that has happened, you two are the best things that have ever happened to me.  I’m lucky to have you as my friends.  I accept your love and friendship.  But if there ever comes a time that you want to end our agreement for me to be your mistress and you my subs, then I will let you out of our agreement.  I love you guys more than you’ll ever know.”

Aminda said, “Just as Michelle has pledged her life to me forever, I pledge mine to you and therefore hers.  We will always be there for you my mistress.  You have suffered when it should have been us.  We will always be eternally grateful for the love you have shown us since we were freed.  We will always be there for you and will serve you in any way you desire us to.  Now let us finish you up so that we are all the same.”

Sarah sat up in front of Michelle and sat there as they shaved her head.

When Michelle finished her head, Aminda shaved her cunt.  When they were done, they stood up and lifted Sarah out of the bath tub.  Aminda held her while Michelle dried her off with a towel.  They both carried her back to the bed like they had to the bathroom.  When they were there, they gently put her down and helped her scoot to the center of the bed.

Aminda got on one side and Michelle on the other.  They began to kiss Sarah on the top of her bald head and slowly work their way down.  They stopped at her ears and spent time licking and nibbling her ears, getting her more and more excited.  Then as if they had choreographed the whole thing they moved down at the same time to Sarah’s perky, still developing tits.  They each sucked a nipple into their mouths and began to lick and suck.  Their ability to know what the other was doing was making their tandem loving of Sarah to be one of intense pleasure for the young girl.  Aminda moved down to Sarah’s leaking cunt and began to suck her cunt lips and clit.  Michelle focused on both of her breasts.  Every few minutes, they would switch places and Michelle would suck on Sarah’s sweet little pussy and Aminda would suck on her tits.  They brought Sarah to four huge cums, each one more powerful than the other.  Sarah screamed her head off in glorious ecstasy from the pleasure she was being given by her lovers.

After the fourth cum, Sarah passed out in the center of the bed.  Aminda and Michelle lay on either side of her with their arms joined across her chest.

They stared at each other with a love that few people ever know in their life.  They knew without a shadow of a doubt that they belonged together and that no one could ever break them apart.  They finally fell asleep.

While Sarah and her subs were enjoying each other, Tina and Geri finished up putting their clothes away.  Tina was the first to finish and she sat on the

bed while Geri finished.  Tina was a bit unsure of how to say what she wanted to and she was trying to find the right words.  Her nervousness hindered her though.  It was one thing to broach the subject like she had at the hospital right after Geri found them that one time.  It was quite another to bring it up in the privacy of a bed room out of the blue.  Finally she took a deep breath and asked, “Geri?  Have you thought about what we talked about the other day when you panicked after finding the girls having sex at work?”

Geri paused in what she was doing.  She too had been thinking about that conversation and didn’t know how to breach the subject.  She stopped at the drawer where she had been getting ready to put away some panties and her bras.  She put them neatly into the drawer and turned around to look at her friend and coworker.  She quietly whispered in answer, “I can hardly keep from thinking about that day.  Why?”

Tina took a deep breath and hesitated momentarily before asking, “Do you want to try and see if we might be good for each other.  I would really like it if we did…, if you don’t mind that is.  I don’t want it to destroy our friendship though.”

Geri looked at Tina and said, “I could never let it hurt our friendship.  I have feelings for you too.  And yes, I would love to try and pursue a relationship with you.  I love you and I adore your daughters.  They are both such good kids and are everything a good mother could hope for.  Do you think they would accept us having a relationship?”

Tina answered, “I really don’t know.  I’ve never discussed anything like this with them.  I think we would have to gradually expose them to our relationship if it works out.  I don’t want to bring them in on it until we’ve had a bit of time to see if it will work though.  What do you think?”

Geri had a huge smile on her face.  Tina’s answer was more than she could have hoped for.  She answered as she walked up to Tina and said as she began to unbutton her blouse saying, “I think that is best.  Now why don’t we take this opportunity to consummate our relationship and see if we are compatible with each other?”

Tina smiled nervously as she looked down at Geri’s trembling fingers which were in the process of undressing her.  She then looked up into her friends eyes and then reached up to begin unbuttoning Geri’s blouse at the same time.  They jointly undressed each other until they were in their bras and panties.  They stood looking at each other for a moment as if they were afraid to take the next step, just as if they were a couple of school girls undressing in front of each other for the first time.  They were both very nervous about what they were doing but knew that they desperately wanted to take that next step.

Geri was the first to move.  She turned around so her back was to Tina and asked, “Would you do the honors Tina.  It’s so much easier to have someone else to help.”

Tina finally broke through her nervousness and took the step forward necessary for her to reach the back of Geri’s bra.  She lifted her shaking hands up and struggled for a couple of moments before she finally got the clasp to come apart.  She was as nervous as any schoolboy undoing a bra for the first time in the back seat of a car.  When she got the bra unhooked she reached up and pulled the straps off of Gina’s shoulders and let the bra drop to the floor.  Tina then put her hands on Gina’s hips at the top of her panties.  Taking a deep breath she put her thumbs inside the waist band and slowly pulled them down to the floor.  When the panties hit the floor she stood back up.

Geri turned around and with lust in her eyes she lifted her right hand up and extended her first finger out and turned it in a circle to signal Tina to turn around.  Geri made quick work of Tina’s bra and when it fell to the floor she reached both hands around and grasped Tina’s 36 C tits that were just beginning to sag a bit due to the years of wear and tear from gravity.

Tina closed her eyes as she felt Geri’s hands grasp her tits and begin to knead them, pinching and pulling on her nipples.  Geri mashed her tits into Tina’s back and leaned in to nibble on her ears.  Tina groaned in pleasure, enjoying the sensations that Geri was giving her.  Finally Tina turned around and faced Geri.  Geri put a wicked smile on her face and gave Tina a passionate French kiss.  When she broke the kiss she kissed her way down Tina’s chest, right between her tits, down to her belly button.  She grabbed the waist band of Tina’s panties and pulled them down as she kissed down through her pubic hair.

When Tina felt her panties hit the floor, she stepped out of them and spread her legs apart.  Geri moved down and began to kiss and lick Tina’s mature cunt lips.  Tina was taking deep breaths as she felt her excitement grow.  Before she had an orgasm however, she reached down and pulled Geri up and kissed her.  She could taste her juices on Geri’s mouth as she kissed and she realized that it wasn’t bad at all.  When they broke the kiss, Tina pulled back and suggested, “Why don’t we get on the bed and see what we can do about pleasuring each other.  I’ve wanted to do this with you for a long time, but was afraid you would reject me if I said anything.  Let’s please make love.”

Geri grabbed Tina’s hand and without saying a word, pulled her to the bed.

She crawled up on the bed and then lay down and reached her arms out to Tina.  Tina slowly climbed in after her and moved into her embrace.  They spent the next few minutes kissing each other.  Tina brought her hand up and began gently kneading Geri’s tits.  It was her turn to give her new love pleasure.  She began working her way down to Geri’s tits, where she spent about five minutes gently nibbling and sucking them.  Finally she worked her way down to Geri’s cunt.  As she did she turned herself around so that her feet were at the head of the bed and she put her mouth down on her cunt.  She began to lick and suck Geri off, using all of her knowledge of a female’s anatomy to make it extremely enjoyable.

Geri tugged on Tina’s leg and pulled it up and over hers so that Tina’s cunt was right over her mouth.  She leaned up and began to copy everything that she felt Tina doing to her.  They proceeded to pleasure each other for the next couple of hours, bringing each other to glorious climax after glorious climax.

Finally the two women were totally sated and they lay side by side in the bed cuddling each other.  Tina finally said, “That was absolutely wonderful.   I hope we get the chance to do that over and over again.  I can hardly wait until we get another chance.  I hate to eat and run (giggle), but I do have two daughters at home to take care of.  It’s going to be bedtime before I get home as it is.  I’ll see you Monday morning.  Take good care of our patient tonight.”

Geri groaned and said, “I wish you didn’t have to go.  I love what we did and want to do it with you over and over again.  I can never get enough of you.  But I understand that you have to be there for you girls.  Let’s just see how things progress for a while.  This is new territory for both of us and if we just take things a step at a time, it will all work out for the best.  We’ll have more opportunities to explore our possible future together.  If things work out, we can figure out how to tell your girls.”

Tina hugged Geri and said, “Thanks for that hun.  I am scared and not sure if what we’re doing is really the right thing for my daughters, especially when Rhonda seems to be going through some tough times right now.  She has become quiet and introspective instead of the outgoing girl she was just a couple of months ago.  I’ve tried to get her to talk to me but she just says ‘Mom’ and runs off to her room.  Because of that more than anything I think you’re absolutely right about just taking things slow and seeing if we can make it work before bringing them into it.  Now I better get going so that my girls don’t think they’ve lost a mother.  Have a good evening.”

Tina finally broke the hug and picked up her empty suitcase and left.   The reason they brought in changes of clothes was because of the fact that they had decided that on weekends that one of them would be there 24 hours a day for the whole weekend and then the other would be their the next.  During the week, they would take shifts like they had at the hospital.  Tina left the estate and was taken home by the security team.  Now that she knew how to get to the estate, she would be driving out every day herself.

The next morning, Aminda and Michelle woke up early as planned.  They quickly and quietly slipped into their room and threw on a pair of shorts and T-shirt.  Aminda then quietly went into Sarah’s closet and pulled out two sets of clothes.  One set was a pair of her riding jodhpurs and accompanying blouse and vest with the riding boots.  The other was a khaki skirt with a nice white halter top that tied behind her neck and back.  She left out a pair of sandals with that set.  She took the note she had written and put it on the bed so that Sarah would see it as soon as she opened her eyes.  Aminda then took Michelle by the hand and went down to the kitchen to get breakfast.

After a quick breakfast of milk and cereal, a bald Aminda and Michelle went out to the barn to get ready.  The two girls ran hand in hand, the towel containing their cut hair in the other, giggling at the surprise they were going to give Sarah.  They both knew that they were about to open up a whole new dimension of their relationship.  But in all their lives, there was only one thing that they had been trained to do that they came to really love and excel at.  They excelled at it so well that they had actually won a competition one time and they wanted to give what they loved to their mistress.

They quickly entered the stall and grabbed the leather headpiece for their outfit.  It was made of leather and had little attachments on the top to make it look like they had a horse’s ears.  There was a hole on top where the wearer’s hair could be pulled through and below that were a set of flaps that were laced together.  The two girls quickly unlaced the flaps and when they were opened they found the little ringlets that were put there for hair to be tied to.  They opened up their towels and began to take small bundles of hair and tying them to the rings.  When they were done they folded the flaps back over and laced them together.

When they were done they held the headpieces up and looked at them.  Michelle smiled and said, “It really looks like a horse’s mane with the hair on it.  It looks a lot better than with the pony tail pulled through the hole.  She’s going to love this.”

The two girls pulled their headpiece on and buckled it under their chin.  They both picked up a leather bra that had no cups on them.  Where the cups would be was a leather ring so that the girl’s breasts could be pulled through.  They then each pulled on a pair of leather crotchless panties.  They each sat down and pulled on a pair of knee high leather boots.  The boots laced up tight and were designed to make them stand on the balls of their feet.  The bottom of the boot was braced so that there was no heel even though to the girls it was as if they were wearing five inch heels.  The bottom of each boot actually had a horse shoe on it so that it would leave a horse shoe print, just like a real horse, though quite a bit smaller.

Aminda went to a little box marked bitchpup and opened it up.  She pulled out three screw clamps and then went up to Michelle and sucked and chewed on her left nipple until they were as hard as she could get it.  She put the first clamp over the nipple and began to twist the little screw to force the clamp down hard onto her nipple.  They had been trained to screw the clamps tight enough so that they could be yanked on hard and not be pulled off.  To get them on that hard, they had to be very tight and very painful.  That’s why they each did it for each other, so that they could get them just a bit tighter than they could do themselves.  This was the one part that they hated about the whole thing.  Aminda put the other two clamps on her right nipple and then on her clit.  At the bottom of each clamp was a half inch brass ring that hung down.

Aminda went back to the box and took out a butt plug that had a tail attached.  The plug flared up to three inches in diameter and to an inch and a half at its narrowest neck and then flared back out and curved up about three inches.  The part that curved up was two inches in diameter and it was the base of a tail that was made of their hair.  The hair on the tail had been taken from them at the beginning and end of their pony training.  The hair came straight up and then flared out and down like a real horses tail.  Aminda then reached into the box again and took out a vibrator dildo that was ten inches long by two and a halve inches wide.  She put it in her mouth and sucked it down her throat a couple of times to lube it up and when she felt it was moist enough she pushed it into Michelle’s cunt.  Finally she took out the last of the dildos and before she put it on she said, “I know that normally we both would have these in, but one of us has to be able to tell Mistress Sarah about our surprise for her.  After today, whenever she wants to take us out for a ride, I will wear the dildo

gag like we would normally.  Are you okay with doing it this way or do you want to go without?”

Michelle looked at Aminda and said, “It wouldn’t seem right if I didn’t wear the whole thing.  It is part of our pony gear and I do love doing it so much that I don’t want to change how we do it any more than we have to.  I am your humble servant and you are Mistress Sarah’s.  It is only right that you be the one to be able to speak.  Now give me my dildo so I can finish getting you ready.”

Aminda took the six inch long and one and a half inch wide dildo and put it in her mouth.  She attached the two chains on either side of the headpiece and connected them to a small ring at the base of the dildo.  When she was finished, Michelle began to put the nipple and clit clamps on Aminda.  She put everything else on her that Aminda had done for her.  The only difference was that where Michelle had a dildo gag, Aminda took a leather mouthpiece that she could easily get in and out of her mouth.  It had a ring on it that the chains to the headpiece were attached to so that it was secured tightly.

The two girls now looked like the pony girls they were.  They both moved over to the little two person buggy that they had been trained to pull.  They both glanced over at the other single person buggy and couldn’t help but wonder why Karen had sent that one and the box that held bitchtrainer’s pony girl uniform.  They talked about Mistress Marta’s dog and slave trainer and what was going to happen to her now that Mistress Marta was gone.  They would have to ask Karen about that.  She was getting to be in her sixties and wouldn’t be able to do much any more.  They both liked her and thought of her as more of a grandmother than a fellow slave.  They didn’t want her to suffer because Mistress Marta was now gone.  Maybe Gregg’s security team could employ her as a trainer for their dogs.  They knew that she would love that.

The girls moved into their places on the cart.  There was a single pole that was attached to the cart and it had a cross bar that the girls would be able to hold on to.  Hanging over the front edge of the cart was a series of reins.  There was a rein for their left nipple ring that came around their left side, one that came around their right side and attached to the right nipple ring.  One rein went under them through a ring on the vibrator dildo in their cunts and then clipped onto their clit ring.  This rein split in two about a foot in front of a ring centered on the driver’s side of the cart and joined the left and right tit reins.  And finally there was a pair of reins that were hooked onto the ring of the dildo gag or mouth piece from either side and joined the tit reins at the ring that was centered on the driver’s side of the cart. The reins of both girls were braided into two reins that the driver controlled.

The driver of the cart never had to worry about more than two reins.  If the driver pulled the left rein, it would pull the head and the tit of the pony girl to the left.  It would also pull the clit back.  This would tell them to turn left.  The right rein did the same to the right tit and turned their head to the right and pulled on the clit indicating to turn right.  To stop the driver pulled back on both reins at once which pulled both tits, pulled the head back and pulled on their clit.  There was a brake that the driver usually stepped on to slow the cart down if it got going to fast.  Aminda had rigged it so that Sarah could push a lever down with her hand to do the same thing.  The lever was a temporary addition so that it could be removed when Sarah regained use of her legs.

When the girls had all of the reins attached, they bent down and grabbed the cross bar and brought it under their breasts.  Normally at this point they would have a driver but they wouldn’t gain their driver until Sarah came out of the back door after she ate breakfast.  They both hoped that she was close to being done.  They were very excited and wanted everything to go perfectly.  They began to high step in perfect step with each other as they left the barn and on towards the house.

It was about half way through Aminda’s and Michelle’s preparations that Sarah woke up and saw the note that Aminda had left for her.  She quickly grabbed the note and read it.  It said”

Mistress Sarah,

Michelle and I are preparing your surprise.  Please have Nurse Geri help you get ready.  We have set out two sets of clothes for you.  Pick the one that you want.  Either one is appropriate for what we have planned.  When you have finished cleaning up and getting dressed, have a couple of the security team help you down the stairs to the kitchen.  When you have finished breakfast have Nurse Geri take you to the back door.  We will be waiting for you there or we will get there shortly afterwards.  We hope you enjoy your surprise today.  We have a full day ahead and want to get an early start.  We will make sure you do all of your physical therapy as well as many other wonderful things.  See you soon our Mistress, our love.


Your Minda and Your Shelle

Sarah was excited when she read the note and called out for the nurse.  Geri came in and Sarah said, “Aminda and Michelle had to take care of some things this morning.  Could you help me get cleaned up and dressed so I can go down to breakfast?  I would greatly appreciate it.”

Geri smiled, “That’s what I am here for.  Now let’s get you ready.”

Geri had been warned that she would need to help Sarah a little more than normal so she wasn’t surprised at Sarah’s request.  She helped Sarah wash up and dress for breakfast.  Sarah chose the riding outfit because she loved to ride so much.  That was exactly what Aminda had hoped for.  She wanted her in the right frame of mind and being dressed for riding would do that.  Sarah was helped down the stairs by the security team.  Geri had preceded them and gotten the wheel chair they were keeping on the first floor and was waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs.  She wheeled Sarah into the kitchen where Nancy was fixing her favorite breakfast of French toast with Sausage and Grape Juice.  Tom was sitting at the head of the table and was reading up on some material from work, trying to catch up on things he had fallen behind on at the office due to visiting Sarah at the hospital.  He stopped what he was doing as Sarah was wheeled into the kitchen.  He was happy to see his daughter smiling again and hoped that they were doing the right thing by allowing the girls the freedom that Karen had asked him to give them.  He talked with her about a little of everything while Sarah ate her breakfast.  When she was done he said, “I think your friends have a little surprise for you out back.  Why don’t we wheel you out there and see what they have for you.”

Tom pushed the wheelchair to the back door.  Nancy and Geri followed him.

When they opened the back door and pushed her out onto the patio he saw Aminda and Michelle there in their pony girl outfits and with the cart behind them.

Tom’s reaction was to exclaim, “My god in heaven!”

Nancy’s reaction was to scream and cover her mouth in surprise without saying anything.

Geri’s reaction was to say over and over again, “Oh my god I don’t believe it… I don’t believe it… Oh my god.”

Sarah saw the way they were dressed up and squealed in delight, clapping her hands like the spoiled little rich girl she used to be and said, “Take me over to them daddy.  Take me to them.  Aren’t they wonderful?  This is wonderful, I love them so much.  Take me to them.”

Tom bent down and picked Sarah up and walked over to Aminda and Michelle and set her on the cart.  While he was doing that, Aminda had removed her mouthpiece and said, “Nurse Geri, if you would fold up the wheelchair and hang it on the braces we put on the back of the cart we would appreciate it. We’re going to be going quite a few places and want it available to wheel Sarah to the places she wants to go.”

About that time, Karen’s mom came running out of the kennels on all fours, followed by her mate to see what all of the commotion was about.  She was barking in excitement at seeing the two girls dressed up in their pony girl get up.  She had seen them a few times at Mistress Marta’s when she was there before she was sent to live with her brother in law.  She came running up to the girls and barked in excitement.

Geri saw the woman dog and fainted on the spot.  It was something she had never dreamed of seeing in her life.  She had been told abstractly about the organization and what they did, but to see the results of their evil was something else.  It overwhelmed her resulting in her passing out.

One of the security team saw what happened and picked up the wheelchair and hung it on the cart like Aminda had requested.  He could hardly keep his eyes off of Aminda and Michelle and their exposed tits and pussies.  He had never seen anything like it and his cock was about as hard as it could be.  He thought about what he would be doing with his wife that evening.  He couldn’t wait to get home.

Nancy saw Laura, Karen’s mom, come running out of the kennel and then she saw out of the corner of her eye, Geri crumpling to the ground.  That was when she realized they hadn’t warned her and Tina about Laura being a human dog. She knelt down and began patting her face gently trying to wake her up. When Geri finally opened her eyes she asked, “Tell me I wasn’t imagining that I saw a human dog.  Tell me I’m not in some kind of nightmare.”

Nancy said sadly, “Yes Geri, you saw a human that was modified to be a dog.  She is Karen’s mother and Michelle’s Grandmother.  The organization did that to her and her sister and they have lived that way for so long that they have become happy with who they are.  And yes the dog that ran out with her is her mate.  We forgot to tell you about her.  We are very sorry about that.  I know that it is something that most people would frown on but she had no choice in becoming this way.  Please don’t leave Sarah because of it.  Sarah has come to like you and Tina and we would be hard pressed to find someone as understanding as you guys are.  Please say you’ll stay on in spite of this.”

Geri stared at Nancy as if she was the man on the moon.  She then said, “How can you allow your daughter to get involved with Michelle and Aminda like that.  I know what you said about them having been sex slaves and all but what they are doing is just perverted.”

Nancy sighed and answered, “Karen was like they were once.  When she escaped, she had four years of college where she organized a sister organization for a fraternity that focused on academics and sex.  The sex part of it allowed her to get her sex fix that she needed on a regular basis.  She said that without it she would have most likely turned into a hooker or something.  She only became who she is now because she got the loving support she needed.  She still is active with that sister organization for that fraternity as an advisor and they turn out some of the most well rounded and exceptionally bright men and women out of the college. All because they have taken something that has been kept hidden and dirty by society, even between husband and wife and turned it into something beautiful.  These girls need to be able to show Sarah how much they love her for what she has been put through.  This is something they have chosen because that is what their entire life experience has taught them and they don’t know any other way.  We and they are very familiar about the risks of STDs and these girls will do everything they know how to protect themselves.  We have taken precautions with the security guards and have each of them screened regularly for STDs just in case the girls decide to take things in that direction some day.  I hope they don't, but at least we know they will be safe if it happens.  I can honestly tell you that Sarah has changed a lot since this whole thing started and it has all been for the better.  Those two girls will do anything for Sarah and we’re not about to interfere. We are just going to stand back and allow them to chose their path with a little bit of guidance here and there to keep them on track.  Again I hope you and Tina can accept the way things are here now.  You are likely to see a lot of things here that you won’t see anywhere else. Please, for Sarah’s sake, don’t quit on us.”

Geri was lost in thought.  She looked at Nancy and said, “That’s a tall order.  I will have to think about it.  I’ll explain everything to Tina when she gets here and we’ll decide together.  I know this is going to surprise her.  I won’t be seeing her until Monday morning as I’m staying here for the whole time.  I promise I won’t make a decision until we have talked at length.  Now if you’ll help me up, I’ll go make sure that the therapy room has been set up right.  I trust the girls to do the things Sarah needs done.   They are very conscientious about that.  They really do love Sarah.  That much I know.”

When Geri finally was helped up by Nancy, everyone let out a sigh of relief.  Laura was totally unaware of the drama with Nancy and Geri and was focused on Sarah, Aminda and Michelle.  Tom had finished handing the two reins to Sarah and backed a step away.  He pulled a hand held radio out of his pocket and handed it to Sarah and said to Aminda and Michelle, “Take good care of her girls.  We’ll see you when you get back.  Sarah, if you need anything at all, just call us on that radio.  Nancy and I both have one, as will Nurse Geri.  The frequency is monitored by all of the security team.  If you call for help, they will have an immediate fix on you because it has a GPS locater in it.  We’ll see you when you get back.”  He turned away and walked up to Nancy who was now standing by herself.  They both watched as Aminda began explaining about things to Sarah before they took off.

Aminda waited until Tom had walked away and when she saw that he was standing with Nancy far enough away she said quietly so only Sarah and Michelle would hear, “Mistress Sarah.  We have a lot of things planned for today.  But before we begin you need to know how to steer us in the sulky.  You have two reins.  Pull the right one and we’ll turn right.  Pull the left one and we’ll turn left.  Pull them both gently at the same time and we’ll slow down but if you pull on them hard then we’ll stop.  If you pull them to stop us, normally you would put your foot on the brake to slow the cart down.  Because you can’t use your feet we have rigged it so that you can push the brake down with your hand.  To get us to go you have some choices.  In the holder in front of you is a control to dildos in our cunts that can vibrate or shock.  You can cause them to vibrate or shock to get us to go as one way.  You can just shake the reins and say giddy up and we’ll go.  The final way is the buggy whip that is in the whip holder in the center of the buggy.  You can use the whip to crack between us to get us to go or you could actually whip us to get us to go.  Just tell us how you want to do it and we’ll follow your lead.  The first place we’ll be going is your mom’s cabin, by the way.”

Sarah said, “I think giddy up should be something you like so let’s go with the vibrator going off.  The stronger the vibration, the faster you go.  If it is at its maximum you go as fast as you can.  So let’s see how that works.”  She picked up the control to the vibrators and placed the radio in the empty holder.  She punched the vibrate button on the left side and turned the knob up to its middle setting.

Aminda and Michelle felt the middle setting go off and they began to step off in a high step.  They went down the trail to the cabins and picked up speed as they went until they were going at a moderate pace.  They couldn’t see it but Sarah was smiling like she had just been given a brand new car for her birthday.  She used the vibrator control and turned it down.  When the vibrations slowed down in her pony girls’ cunts they slowed down as well.  Then she turned it up to its maximum just to see what it would be like.  Aminda and Michelle took off at an extremely fast past, never breaking form.  This was something they were extremely good at and it showed.  Sarah decided that she would have to ask them about how they were trained when she got the chance.  She turned the knob down to the middle setting again and her pony girls slowed down.

Finally the three girls arrived at the cabin and Sarah pulled back on the reins hard like she had been told to do.  Aminda and Michelle both groaned in pain as the reins pulled hard on their clamped nipples and clit.  The added stimulation from the pain also sent the two girls into an orgasm.  Sarah watched in amazement as they both stood there and shook.

Aminda was the first of the two to get over her orgasm.  She took her leather mouthpiece out and gasped, “If you’ll give us a minute, we’ll unhook ourselves and we’ll show you our second surprise of the day.”

Aminda and Michelle began to unhook the reins from their rings.  They had decided earlier that for convenience, Michelle would leave the dildo gag in.  When they were free of the reins, Michelle went to the back of the cart and got the wheelchair while Aminda went up to Sarah and had her climb on her back like she had the night before.  When Michelle got there with the chair, Aminda squatted down until Sarah was seated in the chair.  They then wheeled her into the cabin.

Once they opened the door to the one room cabin and entered, Sarah gasped out, “Oh My.”

She saw that the cabin had been converted into a dungeon.  There were four distinct areas to the dungeon.  Immediately to the right of the door, which

was on the very far left side of the wall, was a St. Andrews Cross.  Beside

it was a cabinet with all manner of clamps, weights and other torture devices.  In the far corner to the right was a table with shackles at the four corners.  That was also the corner of the cabin where there had been a small bathroom put in.  There was a cabinet against the wall that had enema and douche equipment in it.  The right corner on the opposite wall had a large support beam that had two hooks.  There was a manila rope hanging from each one of the hooks.  On the wall was hanging a large variety of whips, canes, paddles and other assorted devices for punishing a slave.  In the far corner directly opposite the door was a gynecologist style table that had attachments that allowed the arm and legs to be extended out.  There was a cabinet that had an assortment of electrical torture devices in it.

After Aminda had led them through the cabin and explained everything she stopped back at the door and turned around to look at Sarah.  She said, “Mistress Sarah, You have a great need to do physical therapy with your arms and upper body.  We will continue to do the normal exercises that are prescribed by the doctor but each day we will spend at least an hour in here so that you can exercise your arms.  You may choose to whip, cane or do some other type of punishment to one or both of us as you wish to exercise.  We ask that you refrain from using the other equipment until such time as you are able to walk again.  That will give you some motivation to get better.  When you get feeling fully back in your feet we will open up the water sports area.  When you are able to move your legs you will get to play with the clamps and weights.  Finally when you are able to walk again, you will be able to use the electrical torture station.  That is the only thing that we ask of you.  What do you think of surprise number two?”

Sarah exclaimed, “I never even imagined having access to something like this.  I heard Karen’s story and some of your story but never imagined what a real dungeon must be like.  Are you sure that you want me to whip you and punish you here every day?”

Aminda answered, “That is what a mistress does with their slaves.  When you have been trained like we have, you get to the point where the pain is just another form of foreplay.  We hate the pain as we go through it but it gets us to a point where the pain mixes with the pleasure and we get better and longer cums because of it.  We have been trained to the point where that is almost the only way we can really enjoy sex.  The other stuff we do is fun and feels good but it just isn’t enough anymore.  Karen also feels that way.  We only asked for a fraction of what is here.  She sent back almost the entirety of Mistress Brittany’s dungeon knowing full well what we were planning for you.  She wanted you to have access to everything here or she wouldn’t have sent it here for you to use.  Now we want to do one more thing to make your homecoming complete.  Are you ready for surprise number three?”

Sarah shook her head yes so Aminda turned and left the cabin.  Michelle pushed Sarah to the driver’s side of the cart.  Aminda again squatted down so Sarah could get on her back and when she had her arms around her neck she stood up and turned around.  She backed up until Sarah could sit on the cart seat and let go. Aminda helped Sarah get situated while Michelle put the wheelchair back on the back of the cart.  When they were done they both went back to the front of the cart and hooked up the reins.

Before they started out, Aminda said, “We aren’t going to tell you where we are going next but you will figure it out before we get there.  When you do, please let us continue.  We have a very special surprise there for you.  We know it will be difficult for you but we feel it is important for us to go there.  Now let’s get going.”

Sarah turned the vibrators on at a moderate setting and the two pony girls took off.  It took them the better part of an hour to get to the path that led to the waterfall.  Sarah had figured out a long time ago that, that was their destination.  She had mixed feelings about going there.  That was where her current nightmare had begun.  She just hoped that she could do it without breaking down.  The memory of what happened scared her tremendously.

Sarah noticed that the path through the woods had been improved tremendously since the shooting.  She began to get more excited and more fearful as they got closer to the waterfall.  When they finally broke through the woods and entered the clearing Sarah was in tears.  She exclaimed through her tears, “It’s beautiful.”

As they entered what had been a large open grassy area, the entire area had been landscaped.  There was a covered gazebo with picnic bench in the center.  Sarah noticed that there was a picnic lunch set out on the table.  And her mom and dad were there as well as Geri.  There were all manner of flowers planted at the edge of the woods.  At the waters edge they had dumped enough sand to create a beach for them to sun on.  There was even a spot where someone that was in a wheel chair could be led out to the water and get in where the water wasn’t too deep.

Aminda and Michelle took the cart right up to the gazebo and stopped.  They unhooked themselves completely from the cart and this time Michelle took the dildo gag out.  Aminda then helped Sarah off of the cart while Michelle got the chair.  They then wheeled her to the picnic table where they all sat down for lunch.  Aminda and Michelle noticed that there was a blouse set in the places where they were to sit.  They looked at Nancy who said, “Please put the blouses on while we have lunch.  Geri is still a little uncomfortable with all of this.  She has had a lot sprung on her today so we thought it would be better if you covered up for lunch.  You can go back to the way you were dressed once we leave.  Okay?”

Aminda picked up the blouse without saying a word and put it on.  That was all that Michelle needed to know and immediately followed suit.  They sat down for a nice family picnic lunch.  Tom said, “Sarah, for as long as you can remember this place has been a special sanctuary for the family.  This is where we always came to get away from everything.  When you were shot here, we were afraid that you would never want to come back and enjoy this place with us again.  Your mother and I decided that we would fix it up for you and make it into something you could really enjoy.  We hope you find that you can come here and enjoy yourself.  We have put a combination of audio and video monitors throughout the woods for a half mile around this location.  There is now no way anyone can sneak up on this site without us knowing about it in plenty of time to get you out.  That is one of the reasons for the radio you carry.  No matter where you are on the estate, you are only a couple of minutes away from all the help you would ever need.   Each of you will always have a security guard that are nearby and that can get to you in seconds but I’m talking a full response team within a couple of minutes.  I want you to be able to come out here and enjoy yourself like you always have.  This is our way of trying to help you through this rough patch in your life.  What do you think?”

Sarah was sobbing in happiness.  She couldn’t believe the lengths that her mom and dad had gone to in order for her to make this, her favorite place feel safe for her again.  She looked at her mom and dad and said, “I love it.  If I could get up I would hug you both.  I was so afraid to come back here but now that I’m here and see how much you’ve changed it for me, so that we can enjoy it so much more…… it’s just so beautiful.  It’s like it’s a completely different place but is still the same.  Thank you both.  Aminda and Michelle, thank you for your gifts as well.  I never imagined how much you guys loved me to do all you have done for me.  Thank you.’  She started sobbing so hard at that point she couldn’t speak any more.  Aminda and Michelle were on either side of her and leaned over to hug her.  Both of them whispered in her ear, “I love you too Mistress.”

This is the end of Chapter 59

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