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The Torture Club

Part 1

          The Torture Club(incest,bdsm,piercings, body mod,extreme,dog/f, ws)

    The story was made with the help of Brian(Which I used his outline), and Kris(Adding his commits, adding more character to the story) Even those the basic outline wasn't as extreme, the added parts takes it alittle to the extreme. THe story is pretty rough especially with all the body modifications- you have been WARNED!

    I was enjoying my sister's warm mouth around my cock, as I watch the TV.

    I yank on my bitch's leash "Deeper bitch." as I open another warm stout beer.

    I enjoy my sis, her long red hair and beautiful blue eyes and of course her shaven cunt and 38" tits, which she never refuses me a squeeze. I allow her to bump my dirty work boot as she continues with her "brotherly love blow-job". Her freshly shaved cunt grinding against my rough leather boot pastered with cement,dirty and grim from my construction work.

   I grab her fire red hair as I'm close to cumming "Quit grinding your dirty wet cunt, concentrate on your brother's needs. Put in more effort randy twat."

   I grab my handy riding crop that she has to carry at all times, to punish the cute bottom of hers. "WHACK WHACK!!" on that bottom.

   Sometimes a twat needs pain to keep her focus on what's important-my needs.

   "Yes yes" My cock explodes deep in her face fuck hole.

    I pull out, tapping my cum leak rod over her fuck face. String of cum overs her face like a good cunt should look like. She licks the tip of my "cunt piston", licking the last drop of cum like a cum hunger whore. Litely teasing my pee hole with her tongue, the cunt is still so randy and wet.

   "Take off my boots and socks  and get me another beer randy twat and hurry." enjoying the soccer game.

    She quickly takes off my boots and my sweaty smelly socks then crawls into the kitchen to get me another beer.

    Like a good pet she hurrys back kissing my sweaty feet and handling me my beer. I pet her head "Does stupid twat what to get off."

     "Yes please it's been over a month My master my lord brother." kissing my feet.

     "You have a good twat this week. You have cleaned the house, worked hard, getting good tips at the club(The local titty bar), I think you deserve a little treat. Get in the corner face the corner, place both of my socks in your slimy cunt hole and rub  yourself with my boot until I say."

     Like a bad girl she stuffed her twat with both my sweaty socks and then she started riding my work boot. Working her delicate bald baby cunt against,up and down, my rough work boot. Grinding, wanting to cum in one of the shameful ways I could think of.

  We have always had a sexual relationship, from when I started liking girls. She was actually my first. Eight yrs older than me, she taught her little brother about sex. She taught me to be this way, "normal" sex- we both tried. She had been married once, but she gown tired of the same oh missionary style sex on saturday nights only. She was too much of a masochist to be happy. I was marry too and unhappy with the proper straight sex, when she asked(sorry pleaded and begged) to take her as my whore. She was my mistress on the side, till my wife caught us french kissing in the living room when I thought she was in the kitchen.


   I look outside and see the mail man come."Oh good, twat get the mail" as stupid cunt cums on my boot. I should make her lick it off later.


   Twat quickly get my t-shirt only and walks to get the mail then in the house, crawls with the mail in her mouth like a good bitch.

   "Oh good it's the tickets to the states, Claire would love to meet us for the holiday." I had e-mailed Claire to tell her that I would be on holiday with my sister Rose in the USA, and I asked her if she could care to meet us one evening in New York for a few drinks.


    She belonged to the same bondage incest group, "Brotherly love" and chatted with her for months, always a good clit chat, cumming over her e-mails. Her and her gimp/sister jennifer were quite hot to look at. Both slim with normal "C" breast, stood about 5 1/2 feet  bleach blondes.

    The Airport

    What a hassle at the airport they gave my sis should a hard time. I did insist that she wear all her pretty attachments, just looks more like a bitch with her attachments. I waited at the gate for the security guards to let her pass, but they had to do a personal inspection on her-poor poor little stupid twat.

   The first time she went thru they caught her wearing her dog collar, with a tag "Bitch" on it. She complained, knowing she would get in trouble if her brother saw her without her collar, but she took it off. She beeked again, she whispered in the guards ear "I have a few piercings please Sir."

   "Sorry lady, wait here I have to have someone inspect you" showing her to this small changing room.

    She waited for about 30 mins in the small cold room, with just her thin silk blouse and her short(very short) vinyl skirt, till a butch female guard showed up.

    "Strip, remove all clothing including shoes and jewelry." she looked at her batting her baton around in her hands.

    Rose was so nervous biting her nails, she turned her back to the guard, unbottoning her blouse and unzipping her vinyl skirt. She showed the guard her tattoo on her spanked right buttock(that I redden this morning) of a cock exploding his cum with words "cum whore".

    "Bent down spread your cheeks" as the guard snapped her latex gloves on.

     Rose quickly and embarrassed removed her ass and vagina dildoes.

     "place them on the table." The guard said smiling at her.

     The guard lubed two of her fingers and inserted into Rose's well used ass. Rose thought "she's thinking that I'm a loose whore being so loose so open"

     "turn open your mouth." as the guard got a tongue depressor.

     She smiled seeing Rose's tongue piercing and looking down seeing Rose's pierced nipples with chain.  Her breast had small 1" needles pierced thru her breast meat about 20 on each breast making a horizon line up and down her breast.She squeezed her breast, ran her hand over the nipple rings. Rose tried to hind her moan, her breast are always sensative especially under the situation. The guards hand ran down Rose's belly to her belly botton ring, touching it twice looking at another tattoo of another cock exploding his cum but this time a picture of a dog's cock with word "Max's bitch" and then to her bald cunt. Max was our family dog for years, when we were younger, I would make her suck the dog's cock off right before mum and father came home.

     "Spread your lips Ma'am." The guard ordered she was surprised of what she saw.

     Both her sex lips were pins back, by 3bars on ea lip, so you could see inside. Her clit hood removed and her clit in a permenent metal housing around her clit making it stand straight out. This kept Rose from playing with her dirty clit, I controlled her orgasms. I denial her any pleasure with that mulilated metal clit, it was for pissing only. Their are two fish hooks in her innner sex lips and attached to the hooks are small metal chains with bells at the end. Each time she walked the bells would ring, at work it was embarrassing, her co-work swore that she hear bells ring all the time. Her inner lips were out and stretched alittle with the weight of the bells. She also had 2" rings between her cunt and her asre, 4 in a row.

    The guard lubed two more fingers and insert them in her well used cunt. She laughed at Rose, "You should be embarrassed looking like this. Wasting the guards time, go we're ok." as she squeezed her fingers inside Rose.

    What a conversation we had in the plane flying to America. It never fails about a hour in the flight I had to go.

    I whispered in cunts ear "Toilet now."as I grab her hand leading her to the lavatory.

    I push her on her knees, as I unzip my pants.

    "Open your piss hole mouth twat." I put my cock in her greedy toilet mouth.

    I piss in her mouth "Don't swallow yet, Savour my piss in your toilet mouth-stupid."

    "Were is cunt's suck sock?" its one of my old dirty socks that I don't wear anymore. I usually cum, piss or even wipe my ass on it, and make her suck on it all day.

    She handed me the old holy sock and wiped my ass with it and shoved it in her urine filled mouth. She was jumping around alittle,giving me a signal that she needed to go potty too.

    "Wait." I love teasing the stupid twat.

    I lead her by the hand back into the seats. I had her wait till I was ready for sleep.


    Meeting Claire and her gimp


    Rose booked a local hotel in New york for us. We registed and were shown to our room that we had booked as Mr and Mrs Johnson. Rose unpacked our suitcases and layed out the things we were going to wear to meet Claire, my e-mail pal. She was going to wear a vinyl tight bondage courset dress that she looks dead sexy in, and her tall thigh-high vinyl 5" heel fetish boots and Me, just my biker boots black t-shirt and black leather pants which I wear well. Rose was the first to grab the bathroom as usual and I was left to sit upon the bed, nude to await my turn.

   "It's all yours Lord Brother, whenever you want it."Rose beaming as she skipped out of the bathroom, totally nude smelling like a perfume counter. I couldn't resist, I grabbed for her tits as she went past me.

   "Dirty fucker" She giggled.

    She stopped in her tracks and allowed me to squeeze each of her breast and nipple rings. Before I knew it she took hold of my left hand and shoved it between her wet freshly shaven legs. She trembled as I cupped her cunt,wet from the shower.

    "FUck me." She moaned, I saw in her randy eyes she wanted to.

    As I wanted to, I felt it was more important to get myself washed and dressed because we were running late, Claire was going to pick us up shortly. And its nice to deny that randy wet cunt of hers, tease her alittle more, to save my cum for later. I couldn't wait to see Claire's apartment.

    Claire was by herself she was beautiful dressed in a red domamtrix outfit. She said she kept "gimp" in her cage because she had been bad. She missing her litre box, and pissed on the floor. She showed us her apartment it was small studio with no walls, it liked like a studio with cameras, lights, design back-drops. She had her own bondage web site and she was a mistress to wealthy clients. She enjoyed her work if that is what you want to call it.

    She enjoyed Rose kissing her cheek "Much a pretty pretty." Grabbing Rose's leash leading her around the apartment.

    She showed us a the medium sized dog cage, Poor Jennifer was locked in,covered in rubber, at less I think its Jennifer. All thick red rubber only holes around her mouth, nose, nipples, and ass, not even her pussy (Which I would find out later why). She looked so helpless, on her knees with her ass in the air with a huge metal dildo in her asre. Her arms bound behind her high between her shoulder blades under the rubber suit. Her face was in her litre box with her tongue ring tied to a string attached to the bottom of the litre box. Her tongue and nose just afew inches away from a pile of shit that she didn't cover with the litre. She breast had heavy weights attached to her nipple rings making her breast touch the floor of the cage. She didn't look that comfortable I wondered how long she had been in that position.

   "Master Tom (My name) I think you would enjoy this, would you help my gimp change in the outfit that I laid out for her." Claire walked Rose to the kitchen to talk and wait.

   "And of course if you like fuck her it's punishment is over." Claire yanking on Rose's leash making her crawl to the kitchen.

   I grabbed the leash attached to it's collar and made it crawl to the bed, where the clothes were laid out. It took a few minutes undoing the rubber suit, it was so tight, her body was all wet and sweaty from the suit. I had her take a shower after I undid the arm bindings. I thought I was rough on my whore but Claire was quite cruelier to her pain toy. I Almost felt sorry for the stupid bitch, when Claire spoke up seeing me take out her huge ball gag. "It can't speak, I tore her vocals cords out and her teeth are in the jar on the nightstand."

   All her teeth had been taken out! All she worn is cheat plastic vampire teeth. Her body smelt like the rubber and urine, she had peed in the suit. Her breast both bruised but her nipples were missing. Claire had cut them out when jennifer came without permission, when one of her clients played with her nipples. CLaire replaced them with metal pins with "smiling faces" on them, pierced down in her breast. Her belly botton had cigarette burns, her throat rope burns, but the most multiated was her clit and pussy.

   She had a clit implant much like a penile implant, it stood straight vertical about 3ins with metal split help hold the long hard clit straight. Her vagina was cemented closed  and sewn shut with metal staples, and had been that way for 2 yrs. After she signed all her belongings and her soul over to Claire, in a small ceremony in Altantic City. At the ceremony Jennifer would cum for the last time, getting fingered by a bum off the street, that Claire paid $20 and a pack of beer.

   After the shower I helped her get dressed, in this tight small vinyl bondage dress, barely long enough to cover her metal nipples and cunt. I tighten the laces in the back very tight,and then put her arms in these arm binders behind her back. ON the bed was this long stick with a dildo attached to the end, I really didn't know what it was for the stick was two and a half feet tall. She had this pony boot it had no hill, Jennifer was forced to walk on her toes.     


   CLaire came over "Ok Gimp bent over, I told you, you have to wear the stick."

   Claire grabbed Jennifer behind the neck and inserted the dildo in her ass , when she stood straight she had to lift her butt alittle higher, for the stick not to hit the floor. She clicked a lever and smiled."Try to get this out of your dirty ass."

   The lever made these spike in the head of the dildo come out digging deep in her rectral wall, it wasn't coming out without major internal damage. Then she took out Jennifer's teeth rammed a ball-gag in her mouth and tied it to the back of her head. Claire combed Jennifer's hair and put her hair in two pony-tail, making her look like a school girl, With the collar and leash attached. Both of our pain-sluts were ready to go as Claire packed up her toys(Clamps,rope,dildoes,whips,etc) and headed out the door.


   The club:

   Rose was red as a rose, stepped out in public to get the taxi to the club, she was quite embarrassed dressed the way she was. But it felt great to me being around such nasty girls. We had a hard time getting into a taxi,jennifer had to wait for all of us to get in the taxi, and lay over us cause she couldn't sit down with that long dildo in her ass.

   Claire told me more about the club "the TOrture Club". They specialize in putting on shows depicting BDSM and other such things. Apart from the shows, at the end of the evening, members of the audience are invited to join in.

   The club was this hole in the wall, not much bigger then Claire's apartment. We found seats in the front(except Jennifer who had to stand near, in the corner) just a few feet away from a small stage. There were about 30 to 40 people crammed into the tiny seating area.

   We didn't have to wait long before the curtains parted to reveal two naked women on each side of the stage. One who looked in her forties and the other young no more than eighteen. Both on their hands and knees thrusting their ample arse in the air.

   A midget, from the back, shouted "welcome to tonight's entertainment if animal lust is your thing then be perpared to cum hard tonight." as he lead a huge German shepard to the stage.

   The young girl crawled to the German shepard, like she was his bitch, petted him under his mouth. Then the girl french kiss the dog putting her tongue in his carne drooling mouth. I was afraid that the dog might bit her tongue. After a few minutes of tongue hockey, the young girl proceeded to pet his body then give him a hand blow. The midget put on a dog collar around her small neck, and attached a leash. The girl proceeded to the dogs hind legs like a good doggy bitch, She crawled to the other side so the audience could see the dog's red veiny cock raise from his fur shealth.

   The midget yanked on the leash, humiliating her,with his words"Come on horny bitch get that dirty little mouth around his cock."

   The older whore still with her ass in the air, waiting for her dog cock. Her head on the stage floor her hands spreaded her buttocks showing her well used asre to the audience.

   The midget got a paddle and started spanking the young girl "Come on filfty cunt get the dog hard, get that mouth sucking. You know that's what the filfty mouth is made for getting cocks hard."

   After 5 mins of the girls blow-job on the german shepard, the midget grabbed both the dog and the bitch's leash and leads them to the older bitch, waiting for her dog cock. The Midget lead the dog on her back as the young positioned the dog's cock in the older whore's ass. The older whore screamed as the dog entered her ass. The dog did what was naturally and started fucked the older bitch's ass. The dog was scatching the whore's back with his paws trying to get in a better fucking position, so he could pound the bitch. The midget dropped his pants and made the older whore, that was getting fuck, give him a blow-job.

   "That right stupid whore scream and moan. Get off with a dog cock up your ass." The midget face fucked the older whore.


    I was getting off on the show, my cock was raising,especially when sis put her hand between my legs to feel my hard-on. Dirty little cunt always gets off seeing other cunts getting abused. I put my hand between her legs under her vinyl dress to feel the wet gasping cunt. I looked around Claire had her gimp, on her knees with that long dildo still up her ass, giving her head right there. SHe was moaning, grabbing Jennifer hair rubbing her face up and down her cunt. When I saw all the audience doing the same: a drag queen sucking off her master, a male gimp sucking on his masters tits, A guy sucking on his wifes cunt, girl on girl, male on male,etc. I dropped my leather pants and grabbed Rose's hair "Suck!" I ordered her.


   I was so randy, I let her finger herself as she sucked on my cock, which I never let her do. I forced her face over my cock feeding her my cock as I continued to watch the show.


   The dog barks as he cums into his bitch, making it knewn that it was his bitch now.


   The midget laughed "It look like we are struck. But the whore loves a good dog cock up her ass."

   The midget grabs the young girls leash and makes her join in, with the other bitch, pleasing his cock. The young girl licked the midgets balls as the bitch sucked in and out of his staff. He grabbed both by the hair made them face his cock, as he cum over their pretty faces.


   I spanked Rose's behind, being that she was on her knees now, as I came deep down her throat. I looked at Jennifer, with her teethless smile and girl snot all over her face told he that she had pleased her Mistress well.

   The midget browed leading the young bitch and the dog by the leash off stage,with the older bitch still attached by the doggy knot getting dragged.

   After another act, it was the audience's time to get on stage. Claire held my hand and giving me a deep french kiss, The dirty little mistress wanted my cock, like all bitches do.


   And claire was one,"please play with me." she whispered in my ear.


   She had Jennifer tied up to a wall getting her bottom spanked by strangers, she kept the cruel dildo in, to make sure no stranger would fuck her ass. I grabbed Claire's toy bag and opened it, grabbed a double-sided dildo and some clamps and a piece of string. I made both of them strip, Claire had smaller breast but her had a body that made most men and women randy. Her nipples were pierced with ring and a chain attached, that I lead her around by. Her labia lips pierced too with a long chain atttached to her inner right lip. I grabbed her long chain forcing her close to me. I lubed up the double sided dildo and rammed up her ass. Then I ordered Rose to bend over and put the other part of the dildo up her sweet ass. I put a rubberband around Claire's small clit, it took a few times to get the rubberband around that dirty little clit. So I had Claire and rose butt to butt humping the same dildo. I asked the midget if he wanted Rose's mouth around his cock.


   "of course I like a warm mouth around my cock." he grabbed Rose's red hair, as he plunged his cock in her mouth.


   I grabbed the small string and tied Rose's metal ringed clit to claire's clit, making them stretch and pull on their clits. I grabbed claire's hair and made her swollow my hard-on making her move back and forward to pull and torture on their tied clits more. The midget and I made the girls go back and forward between our cocks. The midget whipped Rose's back as he came in her mouth, he came so much cum dripped out of her nose. I pulled on Claire's whore rings as I came in her mouth.


   We relaxed and took a smoke break watching the others get off, and seeing Jennifer getting whipped by strangers. I was so pleased with Rose I let her keep the midget's cum on her fuck face. IT was five in the morning before we had back to the hotel, tired and cummed out. One of the best sleeps I even had,especially with Rose's mouth around my cock all late.

   I couldn't wait till the next visit to the state, and visit the "torture club".





Review This Story || Author: stHell66
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