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The Family Slave

Chapter 3 Servicing Mom, Dad and Brother

Chapter 3

Servicing Mom, Dad, and Brother

Lisa was semi-conscious as her brother and dad grabbed her.  She felt her brother hold her by her tits while her dad undid the chains that held her legs apart.  Once that was done, he roughly removed the dildo that was embedded in her used pussy.  Her dad then went to the wall where the rope was tied off that was keeping the rubber noose around her neck so tight.  Her dad then lowered the rope, and with the help of Lisas brothers hands, she was quickly on her knees.  Her dad then tightened the rope again and re secured it to the hook in the wall.  Lisa was struggling to breathe again.  She wanted to stand up but knew if she did, there would be hell to pay.

“Open your legs whore,” she heard Tim say as he kicked her knees apart.  Lisa was now further down and the noose was cutting off her air even more.

Tim and her dad each took rope and tied it around each of her legs, right above the knee, and pulled hard.  Lisa moaned and gasped as her legs moved apart even further.  They then proceeded to tie each rope to hooks in the floor.  Lisa was now immobile again.  She was on her knees, her hands and arms still chained behind her back, the noose pulling her neck upward cutting her air flow, and her legs spread further than she could imagine.  She could feel her pussy lips open as she felt the somewhat cooler air seep in her hole.  The insides of Lisas legs started to burn, aching to be released from this predicament.

“Why dont my boys go upstairs and change into something more comfortable.” Lisas mom said as she grabbed a few things from the shelf behind her.  “Ill handle this whore until both of you return.”

“That sounds great honey,” Bob said, “Come on son, lets get out of these clothes and into our robes.”

“Ok dad,” Tim responded as he bent over and looked at his naked sister.  “I hope you like cock whore,” Tim whispered in Lisas ear, “cause Im going to shove my 10 inch dick down your throat until you beg me to cum in your mouth.”

Lisa stared at her brother through sweat stinging eyes.  She did not know what to say, so she said nothing.  She watched him laugh as he made his way up the stairs to the normal world above.

Lisas mom had a bag in her hand; Lisa stared at it, wondering what was in it and how it was going to hurt her.  Lisas mom approached her and knelt down in front of her.  Her face came within inches of Lisas before she spoke.

“Ive been waiting for this for a long time.”  She said as she stared at Lisa with hate and disgust.  “Ive wanted to hurt you since the day you were born.”

Lisas heart crushed.  She could not help herself, she started crying furiously.  She gasped for air as tears flowed from her bloodshot eyes.  Lisa did want to become a slave, but it was just fantasy.  She did not want to be hated by her family.  Her home used to be her refuge, now it was her prison. 

Her mom smiled an evil grin and continued to speak.  “I hope you enjoy being naked, humiliated, fucked and beaten in front of people because I have a wonderful 15 months planned for us.  Every one of your relatives, from your grandmother and grandfather, to your little cousins, are going to come over and see their stuck up granddaughter and cousin get her ass beat in front of them all.  As a matter of fact, they are all anxious to participate in humiliating you.  Theyve all sworn to secrecy; it seems youre hated by more than just me.”

Lisa could not believe her ears.  All of her family was going to participate in debasing her and turning her into nothing but a true sex slave. 

Lisas mom took her right hand and started fingering her daughter.

“My you are so wet you filthy slut.  Youre going to love these next 15 months arent you?”

Lisa looked at her mom, ashamed, yet rocking her hips in rhythm with her moms fingers.  Lisas face turned red again, in shame and embarrassment.  This was her final turning point; Lisa had finally submitted one hundred percent.  She had accepted her fate as the family sex slave.  Lisa got off on knowing her mom hated her, and was fingering her babys pussy.  She got off on knowing that her whole family never really liked her, and they all want to see her suffer humiliatingly in front of them all naked and bound.  Lisa loved pain and pleasure and was now going to do whatever it took to make sure it was dealt to her with hatred and passion from all of her family, especially her mom.

Lisa looked at her mom and with a raspy voice broke the silence.  “Do what you want with me you fat bitch.  The only reason Im in this position right now is because you cant satisfy daddy like I can.  He wants me more than you and you know it.  Hes finally fulfilling his fantasy by fucking his daughter, not his worn out wife.”

Lisa was staring at her mom with defiance.  She knew that would get her the response she was looking for.  Barbara stared at her bound daughter in disbelief, which was then replaced by blind anger.  She stopped fingering her daughter and stood up.  She stepped back and with everything she had she Kicked Lisa right in her hairy pussy.  Lisa screamed and shook as the shockwaves of pain shot thru her body.  Sweat and pussy juice flew everywhere as Lisa convulsed in pain.  Barbara kicked Lisa five times.  Lisa shook, trying to break free from her bondage but it was no use.  Her pussy was open game for her moms wrath.  Her big tits swayed and her curly red hair flew as each wave of pain engulfed her body.  Even though the pain was so intense, Lisa screamed as an orgasm hit her.  It was so intense she peed on the floor below her.

The barrage on her open pussy stopped as her mom walked over to the wall.

“So bitch, you dare talk back to me!  Ill make you wish you were never born long before these 15 months are up!”

Barbara undid the rope holding the noose around Lisas neck.  She reached up as far as she could and pulled down on the rope with all her might and weight.  The rubber noose stretched, along with Lisas neck.  It was pulled so tight, the only thing holding Lisa to the ground was the ropes tied around her knees that were attached to the floor.  Lisa gasped, gurgled and squirmed as practically all air ceased from flowing into and out of her lungs.   Her face turned red, almost purple, as her mom tightened the rope back to the wall, not remotely thinking about giving her some slack.

Barbara walked up to Lisa, grabbed her by her red hair and pulled back.  This forced Lisas head upward to where she was looking at her moms face above her. 

“Open your mouth bitch.” Barbara said.

Lisa was about to pass out but obeyed her mom as quick as she could.

Barbara spit on her bound daughter.  Saliva landed in Lisas mouth and on her chin.  Barbara kept spitting, making Lisas face wet with not only her sweat but her moms spit.  Lisa gagged as spit got in her eyes and slid down her throat.  It was so much, she felt it slide down her huge breasts and felt it trickle thru her pussy hair.

Once her moms mouth was dry, she started slapping Lisas face as hard as she could.  She backhanded Lisa with all of her might.  Lisas face and hair violently flew to the left.  Then she slapped her again, bringing Lisas red face to the right.  Lisa grunted as the slaps got harder.  She had her curly hair in her eyes and could not see what was going to happen next.  She was slapped in the face, kicked in her pussy, and punched in her stomach, all repeatedly for a few minutes.  Once the attack was over, Lisa was gasping to stay alive.  Not knowing where her mom was at shot fear in her stomach.

She felt the noose loosen just a little, at least putting her where she was before her mom started her beating.  She then felt her mom behind her.  She was kneeling like Lisa, Taking all of her once beautiful red hair out of her eyes and wrapping it in her left hand.  As her mom grabbed her hair, sweat dripped from it and rolled down her back.  Lisa could now see again and could feel her moms breathing caressing her stretched neck.  Barbara pulled Lisas hair back and whispered in her ear.

“That was just a sample of what is in store for you.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Now, in just a minute, your brother and dad are coming in to give you the fucking of a lifetime.  Youre going to ride your dad while your brother is going to shove his cock down your throat. I want you to know, once they cum in your worthless pussy and mouth; Im going to whip you for 15 minutes.  I promise I will not spare any part of your body.  And once Im done, were gonna put you in a position just suitable for you to be fucked by Brutus.  That mastiff has been waiting along time to fuck his new pet.”  Barbara smiled at her daughter.  “What do you think of your new life so far?  Is it what you thought, or are you in over your head?”

Lisa looked up at her mom, moved her hips back, started rubbing her moms stomach with her round ass and said, “I love my new life, and I will fuck anything you want, in front of anyone you choose.”

Lisa licked her lips and continued, “Mommy, you raised a whore, and I must be punished and used any way you see fit.”

Barbara looked at her daughter, and for a moment, felt pity. 

“Stick out your tongue whore.” Barbara said as she ran her right hand thru Lisas pubes to her waiting pussy.  Lisa immediately obeyed by opening her mouth and sticking her red tongue out as far as she could.  Lisa grinded as her mom started fingering her again.  Barbara lowered her lips to Lisas and they started kissing passionately.   Lisas groans were muffled as mother and daughter locked in a moist, long kiss.  As Barbaras affection faded, and Lisa became closer to cumming, Lisas tongue was caught between her moms teeth; Barbara bit down, not penetrating Lisas tongue, but holding it firmly in her mouth.  As pain shot thru Lisa, she violently came on her moms hand.  Just as Lisa finished cumming, the door opened and her dad and brother came walking down the stairs.  Both were in robes that were open for all to see.  They both had stiff cocks and were eager to fuck their new bondage toy.

Lisas mom let go of her daughter and walked around to greet her husband and son.  As they disrobed, Barbara revealed what was in the bag in front of Lisa.  It was a huge strap-on dildo that Lisa knew was going in her tight ass.  Barbara stripped naked in front of her husband and son and began to strap the dildo in place.  She smiled at Lisa as she was preparing the dildo.

“Oh yea, I forgot to tell you slave, Im going to fuck youre little asshole while my husband and son fuck youre other pitiful holes.”

Lisas dad went up to Lisa.  His cock was at least 9 inches and his nut sack was huge.  He was a dark haired man that had plenty of hair all over his body.  His pubic hair around his cock and on his balls was just as thick as the hair on his head.  His cock was so close to Lisas face she could smell it.

“Look up at me whore,” she heard her dad say.  She looked up at her dad, for the first time in her life she saw him naked.  She did not have to stare long, her dad grabbed her by the back of her head and he forced his thick cock in Lisas mouth.

“Suck it good slave, make me hard so I can fuck you properly.” 

Her dad shoved his dick all the way down her throat.  All Lisa could see was black cock hair and all she could smell was her daddys dick.  She felt his balls bounce off of her chin as he started thrusting his cock in and out of Lisas mouth.  It did not take her daddy long to have a full hard on.

He pulled his slobber covered penis out of Lisas mouth and began to get in position to fuck his daughter.  He laid on the ground perpendicular to his little girl.  He then inched his way between her legs until his cock was touching Lisas stomach.  Then without notice, Tim grabbed Lisa by the pubic hair and pulled upward.  Lisa screamed as her body raised just enough for her dad to maneuver his cock in her wet pussy. 

Lisa moaned with unexpected ecstasy as she was lowered unto her daddys cock.  With her dad underneath her and his cock embedded in her pussy, Lisa did not have to be told what to do.  She started grinding her pussy on her dads cock.  She could not move much due to her bondage, but what she could move, she was moving as best she could.

Her dad squeezed her huge tits and pulled her pubic hair while her mom got set up behind her.  She could feel her moms breasts touch her back which meant she was about to be invaded shortly.

“Hold her still Bob,” Barbara said, “Im about to penetrate this bitch.”

Bob grabbed Lisas tits and clamped down, stopping Lisas motion.  Lisa squeaked as she waited for her mom.  Barbara grabbed the back of Lisas hair, pulled hard, and positioned the flesh colored cock at Lisas anus.  She spit on the dildo and shoved it in her daughters ass.  Lisa screamed from the invasion.  Her mom did not stop pushing until the whole cock was deep in her daughters bowels.  As Lisa breathed heavy, she felt her mom grab her long red hair once again.

“Im going to help you suck your brother off.  Im going to make sure you take all of his cock in, and Im going to make sure you choke on it!” her mom yelled as she motioned for Tim to step forward.

Tim was a little embarrassed having to straddle his dad to get to Lisa and having his mom right there looking at his hard dick.  He could not believe that his sister was naked, tied and right now being fucked by his mom and dad.  He could not believe that after all these years of wanting to fuck his sister, his dream was about to come true.  She was there below him, gasping for air, filled with cock and dildo, her head held in position by her once loving mom, waiting for him to shove his cock in her throat. 

“Come on fuck slut,” Tim heard his mom say, “tell your brother you want him to shove his cock down your throat.  Tell your brother you want to choke on his cum!  Tell him!”

Lisa looked up at her brother.  He was a big young man for his age, and his cock was big like him.  It had to be 10 inches and was covered with red pubic hair, just like her mom and herself.  Lisa looked at her brother and managed to speak.

“Please master, shove your cock in my mouth, and make me choke until you cum down my throat.”  Lisa opened her mouth, waiting for her brothers cock.

Tim did not hesitate; he put the tip of his enormous cock in Lisas mouth and shoved deep.  Within a second Lisas nose was buried in her brothers pubic hair.  Her eyes watered as little air was getting in her lungs.

Now that everyone was having a piece of Lisa, she was told to perform.

“Alright whore,” her mom said, “start grinding and sucking like your life depends on it!”

Lisa obeyed her mom and started fucking her dad, her moms dildo, and started sucking her brothers cock.  As she grinded she could feel her dads cock get hard again.  She could feel her mom thrust her strap-on in her ass and could feel the force at which she propelled her face unto Tims cock.  Lisa finally worked out a rhythm that made fucking and sucking all three a little bit easier.

Lisa could not help herself.  She had orgasm after orgasm.  She could not control her urges anymore.  She could feel her dads cock, feel his hands all over her body, sometimes caressing, sometimes pinching.  Her moms body was touching hers; their breathing almost simultaneous.  Her mom had one hand shoving Lisas face into Tim while the other was pulling Lisas hair like she was a mule being told where to go by its master.  She was looking up at Tim, submitting to anything he wanted to do to her.  Tim was responding by spitting on her face and forcing his cock as far as he could down her sore throat.  This went on and on until finally Bob and Tim started cumming.  

Bob grabbed Lisas pubic hair and made her grind faster and Tim grabbed Lisas wet head and shoved his cock down Lisas throat and kept it there.  Both grunted at the same time and Lisa could feel cum shoot up her pussy and down her throat.  Lisa, not being able to control herself, came with the rest of the family.  She shook violently as her mom never let up pounding her stretched asshole.

When it was all said and done, everyone was exhausted.  Tim let go of his sisters head and pulled his limp cock out of her mouth.  Lisas dad sat up and slid out from underneath his daughter and managed to make it to a chair that was against the wall to rest.  Lisa could feel her mom pull the still erect dildo out from her anus.  Lisa knew she had to stink.  She had been sweating all morning, and she just got cummed on by her dad and brother; not to mention that her ass was just fucked without her being given an enema beforehand.

Lisas body was aching so bad she was about to start crying.  Her arms had been in the same position, tied behind her back, and her legs were still stretched wide.  Lisa was about to beg for her to be momentarily released from her binds when her mom came to the front of her with three whips.

“I told you bitch, you were going to be whipped for 15 minutes as soon as your dad and brother came in your worthless holes.”  Barbara gave Tim and Bob each a whip.  They stood up wearily but each took their place around the helpless victim.  Lisa begged for them not to beat her.

“Please mom, dad, Tim, please let me rest.  Please, let me rest and then yall can do what you want with me, please!!!”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears.  Her mom stepped behind her and started whipping her backside.  Lisa screamed as the leather strap marked her body.  Tim was standing to her left and started whipping her huge tits and stomach.  Lisa screamed again.

“Tim please, stop!  Ill do anything, just please let me rest!” 

Tim smiled as he continued to whip his sisters front side.  Then her dad, who was standing right in front of her, started whipping the inside of her legs, her pussy and asshole.  Lisa again screamed and tried to wiggle and move, trying her best to get away from the leather hitting her body.

Tim saw how Lisa was moving and he started getting hard again.  Seeing his sister tied and wiggling, having her huge breasts whipped while she could do nothing was turning him on. 

Lisa was feeling pain everywhere, her face, back, butt, tits, pussy, legs, all were getting beaten.  The pain was enormous.  Lisa could not believe her body was betraying her.  Her nipples started getting hard and her pussy started flowing again. For 15 minutes the striking went on till finally the beating stopped.  Lisa was crying, exhausted and embarrassed.  She was humiliated because she had came 10 times during her beating.

Bob loosened the noose around Lisas neck, Tim undid the ropes around her legs and Barbara unhooked Lisas wrists from behind her back.  Lisa collapsed on the floor below, lying in sweat and cum, not caring at all.

As her family looked over her, the door bell rang.

“Ah, that must be the rest of the family.  They finally made it.” Lisas dad said as they all started getting dressed again.

“Well thats good,” Barbara said, “They can now all witness our lovely daughter being tied and fucked by Brutus.  That should really give this whore an idea where she stands in this family.”  They all laughed as they made there way upstairs. 

Lisa rested her weary body.  She had marks all over, no place was spared.  She laid there half conscious, wondering exactly who was fixing to come down and see her in this state.  Then she started thinking about being tied up again and being fucked by her once pet Brutus, who was every bit of 150 lbs.  As she started imagining how it would feel, her pussy started getting wet again. Even though she needed the rest, she was anxiously waiting for that door from the normal world, to open up once again.

Review This Story || Author: Thunder
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