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Boss Hogg Has His Way With Daisy Duke

Part 1

                        BOSS HOGG HAS HIS WAY…WITH DAISY DUKE!!!









            Daisy Duke walked out the store, carrying a bag of groceries. The young country girl was wearing her favorite outfit skintight cutoff jeans and tight blouse tie between her well-endowed chest. Her long shapely legs clicked along on the spiked heels. The high heel made her firm round butt wiggle in the most wonderful way. Long dark brown hair fell over her shoulders surrounding a beautiful face unmarred by any make up. She strolled by the Hewitt boys, two of Boss Hogg’s goons, sitting on a bench, sipping sodas. The tall beauty could feel their eyes leering over her body but kept her eyes forward and her full lips tight.

            “You can look boys, Daisy thought, “But you can’t touch.”

“Looking real fine there, Daisy, “Carl Hewitt said as he looked over shorts hugging her the firm round ass.

“Stick your tongue backing your mouth, boys.” Daisy snapped.

“Come on Daisy, you walked around in those shorts and tight tops. Showing off your hot little body, shaking your fine ass. How can man with any blood in him not stand up and take notice.”

 “How I dress is none of your concern and I don’t shake my ass!”

Boss Hogg drove up and parked his white Cadillac. He jumped over and looked at the beautiful brunette. Daisy Duke was a sight to behold. He smacked his lips, walked up and smiled.

“My, my, Daisy, you surely do know how to catch a man’s eye.”

“You too, Hogg. Drooling like a dog in heat.” Daisy snarled, “Let me cool you down!”

Daisy grabbed one of the sodas, grabbed Hogg’s pants and pulled them open. The young girl poured the soda into his pants and stomped off.

“See you in the funny papers!” Daisy laughed.

Hogg glared at her as she walked off. He turned to his goons. A bunch of kids came out the store and laughed at the sight of Boss Hogg’s wet crotch.


Boss Hogg’s face burned with humiliation and anger.

“Boys, the gloves are off. I swear I am going to git even with the Dukes. Yeah, they will rule the day they crossed my path! Rule the day!”




“GUILTY!” the judge snapped, “That them away!’

            Boss Hogg gleefully watched Luke, Bo and Uncle Jesse get handcuffed and led out. He rubbed his pudgy hands together and looked over at Daisy Duke giving her cousins a hug. The tall beauty was wearing a dress that fell to her knees but couldn’t hide the young rich body. Her silky brown hair was pinned up and showed off her beautiful face. Boss watched her stumble out the courtroom, licking his lips as he watched her perfect ass wiggle. He felt his cock stiffen and smiled.

            “Oh Daisy, your hot body will soon be mine.” Boss smiled to himself.

            Everything was going to perfectly. The two morons who had made his life miserable for years were finally locked up along with their Uncle.  All those drugs in the trunk of their famous car.

What a shock! Who would have thought? The Duke boys behind the local drug trade! Shocking! 

            “Boss Hogg.” The sheriff said, “We got the boys in the car. We're taking over to the state prison. They should be behind bars before lunch.”

            “Good, Good!” Boss said, “Now you call me when they are locked in their cells. Those boys have pulled a fast one more than once. I won’t feel safe until they are locked behind those high walls and steel bars.”

            “I call. Will you be serving the papers to Daisy Duke?”

            “Yes, yes, I have been waiting for months for this.”

            “Finally got the Duke place.”

            “Yes, yes, the farm.” Hogg smiled, and everything that goes with it.”

The Duke’s land, yes he had wanted that but since that day on the streets, that had all changed. What he really wanted was something he never spoke out loud about. Since that day on the sidewalk, Boss Hogg had been obsessed with Daisy Duke. Bo and Luke had been a pain in the ass but their cute cousin had embarrassed him in a way he could never forgive.

            “And Daisy out there all by herself.” He thought to himself, “No one to protect those big tits and nice round ass.”

            “Well I better get going. I’ll call.”

            Boss Hogg watched the fool walk out and laughed.


            Daisy Duke drove home and parked her jeep in front of the house. The stunning beauty climbed out and looked over her home.

            “I will be darned if Boss Hogg thinks he will get my home. I know he set up my kin. Time to prove it.”

            Daisy went into the house and straight to her room. She took off her dress and bra. The young beauty tugged the tight cutoffs up her long shapely legs and yanked them over her firm round ass. Daisy snatched up a blouse and put it on. She rolled it up and knotted between her breasts. The country girl pulled the pins in her hair and shook out her thick wavy hair. The silky mane tumbled out, reaching to the middle of her back.


            Boss Hogg licked his lips as he watched Daisy through the window. He looked down at his pants with the huge bulge in his crotch.

            “Sweet heavens!” Boss smiled, “I have never been this big and hard! Sweet Daisy is in for a big time!”

            Boss Hogg’s phone vibrated and the small fat man crept away from the window. He clicked on his phone.

            “Hogg here.”

            “Boss, this is the sheriff. You gonna to love this. I managed to get the boys and their uncle locked in solitary for their own protection! Ha, ha, ain’t that great!”

            “They locked up? Really locked up? Not chance of escaping?”

            “The Duke boys are history.”

            “Good job, I’ll see you get a nice bonus. Now I got to go. Oh, make sure none of your deputies go near the Duke place. I got business there and I just want to enjoy myself for an hour or two.”

            “All ready taken care of. ” the sheriff said, knowing what Hogg had planned. He wanted to make sure his boss wasn’t bother while he put the high and mighty Daisy Duke in her place.


            Daisy was walking to the front door when it flew open. She stopped in her tracks. The tall beautiful country girl looked at the fat man dressed in a white suit and cowboy hat. The little creep was standing there with a big smile and his hands behind his back. The young beauty bit her lip as he brought out one hand and held out some papers.

            “Boss Hogg, git out my house and off my land.” Daisy snapped.

            “It ain’t your house anymore, Daisy!” Boss Hogg laughed as he stepped in and shut the door. He put his hands behind his back and spun the dead bolt.

            “Get out!” She growled.

            “Here are the papers giving me your land and this house. I am evicting you! You can pack your things and git out!”

            “Let me see those!” Daisy snapped as she grabbed the papers. She looked them over trying to understate the legal documents.

            “I have waited a long time for this. Yes, sir. Today is my day. Kind of makes up for the times you humiliated me.”

            “Like the time we pour honey over you with all those bears around.”

            “Yes, and the time you left me naked in the middle of town.”

            “Yup, that was a good one. Then there was the time we locked you in your basement and you were trapped in there for week.”

            “Yes, I wasn’t able to get the Smith place because of that. Funny, real funny. But not as funny as the day you poured that coke down my pants.”

“You still on about that? Hogg, you were being a pig.”

“But those fun and games are behind us.”

            “You got that right! You and that crooked sheriff framed my kin! This time you've gone to far!”

            “No my dear Daisy, you have no idea how far I can go.”

            Boss Hogg watched the young beauty read over the papers while he uncoiled the rope he had been hiding behind his back. He slowly moved behind her, let out the loop of the lasso and smiled when she glanced back. Then as quick as he could Hogg threw the loop over her and pulled it tight.

            “What in tarnation!” Daisy screamed as her arms were locked to her side.

            “Just hold still, Daisy!” Boss panted as he looped the rope a few more times around her waist and the pulled her hands back. He quickly tied her wrists to her elbows.

            “Let me go! Let me go!” She screamed, “I gonna kick the tar out of you!”

            Daisy fought the fat slob but with the rope binding her body made it impossible to put up much of a battle. She grunted, as the rope was pulled tight.

            “Gosh darn it!” Daisy yelled, “You untie me! Hogg I am warning you!”

            “Now we got those claws clipped.” Boss Hogg sneered as he tie off the rope and checked his knots, “No use in struggling Daisy, I know how to tie a lady!”

            “Turn me loose! Turn me loose!” Daisy screamed, “Hogg I gonna make you regret this! You gonna wish you were never born! Hey!”

            Daisy gasped as her chubby attacker reached around and grabbed onto her breasts. She really began to struggle as the hands squeezed her tender mounds around. The young girl was shocked. No man had ever touched her breasts let alone played with them.

            “Oh sweet Daisy! Hogg panted, “You don’t know how long I wanted to do this! Hell, almost every man in the county would love to be doing this! You big tease! Walking around half naked in your tight shorts and blouses! Giving every guy a good look but never a taste. Well you cock tease!  I am gonna get a taste today! You gonna get what you being asking for!”

            “Unhand me!” Daisy cried, realizing what the disgusting man had planned for her. She tugged at the ropes but they held tight. Daisy gasped as she felt her breast begin to ache and swell. It got worst when the creep began to kiss and lick her neck.

            “Oh my, you are sweet!” Hogg panted as he ran his tongue over her throat and neck while his hands mashed her huge tits. He could feel them getting hard and laughed.

            Hogg and Daisy danced around the hallway. The young bucking and twisting while the horny man played with her rich young body. The bodies struggling around knocked over the vase on the table but it didn’t slow Hogg down. 

            “Hogg!” She screamed, “You untie me! I mean it! Dang it, listen to me!”

            Hogg wasn’t listening. He spun her around and pushed her against the wall. He grabbed her tits and held her in place. The horny man mashed her tits while he kissed her face and neck.

            “NOOO!” Daisy yelled as she kicked and struggled but couldn’t escape the hands mauling her tits into hard balls of flesh and the wet mouth kissing and licking her. The young country girl really screamed when he began to suck on her neck with loud slurps. The whole time his fingers pulled and twisted her tits.

            “Good Lord!” Daisy panted, “Hogg! Hogg! Gosh dang it! This ain’t funny! Hey what the!”

            Daisy realized that Boss Hogg’s talented fingers had gotten her blouse open and set tits free. She couldn’t stop him from pulling her blouse off her shoulders. Poor Daisy was now naked from the waist up.

            Hogg pulled back and stared at the two huge tits. They were everything he had imagined. Big, round boobs with big red nipples pointing right out. The two perfect tits didn’t sag an inch.

            “Lordy,” Hogg panted,”Those are the purttiest tits I have ever seen.”

            “You pig!” Daisy cried, “Stop this! Before you go to far! Stop before you do something you will regret!”

            “You stupid slut, you really think I am going to regret fucking the hell out you. Oh goodness, talk about some tits that need some sucking!”

            Hogg pushed his face into her amble bosom and began to suck and lick the huge mounds of sweet flesh while his hands ran over her soft body, pinching and rubbing it.

            “OH LORDY!” Daisy screamed as her body was touched in a way like a she could never have imagined. The hot wet mouth slurping on her tits was making them tingle and ache in a way that felt good in a nasty way. The hands rubbing her body was making her body so hot but the worst thing was the heat between her legs. Daisy was only twenty and knew about sex but not sex like this. This was hot and passionate. The young girl tried to squirm away but her short attacker was stronger than he looked.

            Boss sucked on her nipple, chewing and tugging on it with his teeth, enjoying her squeals of shock. Her grabbed both tits and mashed them around, loving the feel of her hot flesh. He could feel her body getting hotter by the second. Boss chuckled as he moved to the other tit. He might have this slut begging for it.

            “OH! OH!” Daisy moaned, HOGG! I BEGGING YA! I CAN’T MMMMMPH!”

            Daisy’s eye opened wide as Hogg clamped his mouth over hers and pushed his tongue into her mouth. The struggling girl in a state of shock sucked the tongue without thinking. She had been kissed before but not like this. This must be that French kissing she heard about. Daisy was too stunned to stop from Hogg giving her a long hard full tongue kiss that seemed to last forever.

            “OH! What the tarnation!” Daisy gasped after Boss stop kissing her.

            “Let’s git you into bed, darling!” Hogg laughed as he pulled the young captive away from the wall.

            “NO! NO!” Daisy screamed, “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RAPE ME IN MY OWN BED! HOGG LISTEN!”

            Daisy screamed and kicked the whole way down the hall. She couldn’t stop him from pulling into her room and shoving her across the bed. Daisy really screamed and kicked as the creep began to tear at the snap on her cutoffs.

            “LORDY NO!” Daisy screamed as he got them unsnapped.

            Hogg laughed in victory as he yanked the tight shorts off her kicking legs. He reached down and ripped her simple white panties right off. Hogg stopped and stared at the dark curls covering her young womanhood.

            Daisy sobbed and screamed when he slammed the door shut, trapping the naked beauty in her own bedroom. She scooted back from the panting man as he pulled off his coat, vest and tie.          

            Hogg licked his lips and panted as he took off his hat and shirt. He winked at the struggling girl as he dropped his pants and kicked them away. Boss slowly peeled off his boxers and let his long hard cock pop out.

            “GOOD GRAIOUS!” Daisy squealed, “You can’t put that thing in me! Please don’t! Boss I am begging you!”

            “Oh Daisy, you will be begging I promise you that.”

            Boss Hogg moved toward the bed with one purpose in mind. To fuck the living hell out the bitch who had made his life hell.

            “Get away! Get away!” Daisy screamed as the fat man climbed onto the bed and lay across her soft body. She struggled but there was no escaping mouth kissing her face while his hands played with her boobs. The naive country girl could feel his ten inches of cock rubbing against her thigh and shuttered.  

            Hogg laughed when she grunted from his full weight lying on top of her body. He kissed and licked her face and neck, while his hands continued to play with her boobs. He licked down and sucked in a nipple and chewed on it.

            “OH LORDY!” Daisy squeal was her nipple was bitten and sucked. She tried to squirm out from under her rapist but his weight kept her pinned down. The struggling girl panted and moaned as her body became incredibly hot. It felt like it was on fire but the worst fire was between her legs. Granted, Daisy was a virgin but she knew enough to know that her body was getting horny. She tried to think of a way to calm herself down but Hogg’s mouth and hands were driving her crazy. Daisy gasped as the creep kissed licked down her flat stomach and spread her legs.

            “Damn you Hogg!” She cried, “I am virgin! Please stop! I wouldn’t tell what you did! Heck I will have to leave town. Hogg I am begging you. AWWWWWWWWW!”

            Daisy arched and screamed in shock as Hogg began to lick her crotch. She gasped as her womanhood exploded with a pleasure she had never known.

            Hogg lapped his tongue over the pussy, licking up her sweet juices like it was the sweetest honey. He spread her lips and pushed his tongue in.

            “AIIIIII!” Daisy screamed as she bucked and twisted around, “OH! OH! OH! OH! GOODNESS! STOP! THIS IS SOOOOOO WRONG! OH! OH MY!”

            Boss Hogg held onto her thighs as he sucked and licked like a man possessed. He drank up her juices with loud slurps.  The fat man chuckled when he felt her body begin to tremble. Boss Hogg was going to give Daisy Duke her first orgasm.

            “AH! AH!” Daisy began to pant, trying to control a body that felt like was about to pop like a balloon. She arched up and unintentionally pushed her crotch into her rapist face. Poor Daisy closed her eyes and then screamed as her body exploded with a passion that shook her body.

            “AWWWWWWWWW!” Daisy wailed as she had her first climax. She thrashed around, loving and hating the feeling flooding her young body. The panting girl gasped and sobbed when her attacker dropped her legs.

            “Okay Daisy, “ Boss Hogg smiled, “You got yours, now I gonna get mine.”

            “W-hat?’ Daisy sobbed, “Wait, please. Listen. I am a virgin. Don’t do this! I am sorry for all those jokes and stuff we pulled on you. But it’s not like you didn’t have it coming.”

            “Well Miss shake her ass and tits all over the country.” Hogg sneered, “You got this coming! This is for all the boys who watched you strut around in your tight shorts and went home with a hard on.”

            Hogg grabbed her thighs and pushed his cock into the pussy. He had to struggle to get it in. This really was a cherry pussy. No cock had ever been here before.

            “AWWWWWWWWW!” Daisy screamed as the huge cock pushed deep into her tight twat, “OH LORD! OH! OH! MMMMM! S-STOPPP! P-PLLLLLLEASE!”

            Daisy screamed and cried as the huge shaft spread the tight walls of her maidenhood. She panted and moaned, thinking she would never walk again. It felt like she had a log shoved between her legs. Daisy looked up at Hogg, hoping for a sign of some pity but only saw lust.

            Hogg grunted as he worked the cock into her pussy. It felt like his pole was being crushed by a soft vice. It was hugging his cock in the most wonderful way. His cock felt like it was going to explode and he hadn’t fuck the bitch yet. Then he smiled when his cock pressed up against her cherry.

            Daisy felt it too and sobbed, “Oh Hogg, stop now! I beg you! AHHHH!”

            Daisy screamed as her cherry was broke and the cock slipped deep into her young hot body. The young beauty slumped back and panted, knowing the worst was yet to come. 

            “OH SWEET HEAVENS!” Hogg cried, “I am fucking Daisy Duke!”

            “OH GOD! OH GOD!” Daisy screamed, “OH! OH! OH! NO PLEASE NO!”

            Hogg grabbed onto the tits and mashed them between his fingers as he slowly pulled his cock back. He sighed in delight as the tight twat squeezed his cock like velvet vise. He slammed it back in and pulled out again.

            “AW! AW!” Daisy sobbed as her virgin pussy was raped. It hurt like hell but slowly the pain faded and was replaced with a wonderful sensation. The cock stoked her pussy, giving her unbelievable pleasure.

            Hogg pounded his cock into her young body. He panted in delight as her pussy loosen up and making it easier to fuck the bitch. He fondled her tits between his fingers as he lower his mouth and chewed on it.

            “OH! OH! OH! OH MY!” Daisy panted and sobbed, as the huge shaft violated her but the pain was long gone and now only breathtaking pleasure filled her body. Her breasts were swelling and tingling, making her even hotter than she could have ever imagined.

            Hogg worked his cock deep in and pulled out, enjoying the sounds of her sobs and cries. He wanted to blast his cum into her pussy but this first time couldn’t be a quickie.

            Daisy twisted and wriggled under the fat man fucking like a crazy man, who was laughing and panting in joy. Each thrust of his cock lifted her ass off the bed. Her boobs felt like they swelled twice their normal size and ached in the most wonderful way. His hands and mouth were only increasing her pleasure.

            OH! OH! OH! OH! MMMMMMMMMM!” Daisy moaned as the rape went on and on. “OH GOD! NO! PLEASE HOGGGGGGGGGGG!”

            Daisy had her second orgasm that shook her body making her scream again. She glared at her rapist but another orgasm made her close her eyes and screamed.

            “OH LOOOOOOOOORDYYYYYYYY!” Daisy screamed, enjoying the climax and hating herself for it.

            “YEEHA!” Hogg laughed, “I got you now Daisy! Your sweet ass is mine!”

            “NO! NO! NO! AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

            Daisy thrust against the cock and quickly stopped herself. She rolled her head around and panted. Her pussy was so hot and wet making her whole body burn with pleasure.

            “HERE I COME!” Hogg screamed as he shot his load into her pussy. He laughed as she arched up and wailed her lungs out.

            “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Daisy screamed as his cum filled her, making her body explode. She thrust around, loving hot lust feeling filling her body.  The ravished girl was almost disappointed as the cock pulled out.

            Hogg knelt back and patted her well-fucked pussy. He wiped the sweat off his face and tried to catch his breath.

            Daisy just lay there in a stunned silence, looking up at the fat bastard who had robbed her of her virginity and worst made her enjoy it. She lazily licked her lips and thankful it was over.

            Poor Daisy didn’t realize Boss Hogg was far from finished with her. As a matter of fact the new King of the country had big plans for her young hot body. 

            Hogg looked down and grinned at his still hard cock. He rolled the panting girl onto her belly and rubbed her ass.

            “Hogg, what you doing?” Daisy muttered, “You’ve had your way with me. I got no choice but to leave town. Just leave. HEY!”

            Daisy tried to roll away when she felt Hogg playing with her ass. She squealed when his fingers pushed into her tight butt hole.

            “HEY! HEY! STOP THAT! PERVERT!” Daisy cried, “That’s disgusting! OHHHHHHHHH!”

            Hogg giggled as he worked his two fingers into her butt and pumped them around.

            “Damn girl, your ass is tighter than my wallet!” Boss laughed.

            Daisy struggled around on the bed, as she was finger fucked. She fought to escape her ropes, hoping to get loose and pound the heck out Hogg. She arched up and grunted. Her tears flooded her eyes and she sniffed them back.  The bound girl slumped and sighed in relief when the fingers pulled out. But her relief was short lived.

            “SWEEEEEEET JESUSSSSSS NOOOOOOOOO!” Daisy wailed as the huge cock pushed into her firm ass. “OH NO! STOPPP! YOU PIG!”

            Hogg laughed and panted as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into the tight butt hole. He grunted and panted as it wrapped around his cock like a steel trap. Hogg dug his fingers into her soft ass and thrust it forward.


            Hogg sighed as he buried his whole shaft in her ass. He fondled the soft ass and enjoyed the taste of victory. He watched the bound beauty squirm and twist, trying to escape his cock. Hogg patted her ass and began to slowly fuck the ass.

            “AWWWWWWWWW! OH SWEEEEEET JESUS!” Daisy sobbed as her ass was fucked for the first time.  She buried her face in the pillows and screamed into them.

            The young beauty pushed up her butt, thinking she could escape the cock but didn’t realize she was only giving him a better angle to fuck her.

            Hogg held onto the wiggling ass as he pounded his cock in. He smiled as the ass loosen up, allowing he to fuck her with smoother strokes.

            “YOU DISGUSTING PIG! YOU! YOU! AWWWWWWW!” Daisy wailed as she came again. The bound beauty slumped in shock. She couldn’t believe he had made her climax again from raping her butt.

            “YEEHA DAISY!” Hogg laughed, “You are loving this!”

            “NO! NO! YOU PIG!” Daisy sobbed, “I hate it! I hate you. MY GOD!”

            Daisy came again and sobbed as Hogg grabbed onto her breasts. The country girl couldn’t stop him from pulling her up onto his lap, pushing her further down on his cock.

            Hogg fondled her tits while thrusting his cock into her ass. He began to suck and kiss her neck with the same lust he was bucking her up and down on his shaft.

            “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Daisy moaned, “YOU PIG! YOU, YOU PERVERT! AWWWW! UGH! NOOOOOO!”

            The two bodies bounce around on the bed while their panting and gasping filled the room.

            “OH BITCH!” Hogg yelled as he filled her ass with his cum.

            “AWWW YOUUUUUUUUU PIGGGGGGGGG!” Daisy screamed her lungs out as she came again.

            Hogg pumped his cock in and out a few times. He let the ravished beauty fall forward, freeing his cock from her ass. The sweaty man sighed in delight, watching the sobbing girl try to calm her hot body. Hogg ran his hand ran his fingers over the sweaty ass.

            “Oh sweet Daisy, “ He smiled, “I think I have fucked some of the starch of you. Yes, sir, Boss Hogg may have tamed Daisy Duke.”

            Hogg climbed off the bed and looked around. He spotted two belts and snatched them up. Hogg walked around the bed and looped one of the belts around her neck.

            “W-what?” Daisy whimpered, “What. Gak!”

            Daisy gagged as Hogg climbed onto the bed and used the belt to pull her over between his spread legs. The bound beauty gasped and sobbed as he pulled up her face.

            “Okay Daisy, “ Hogg growled, “You been fucked in the pussy and ass. And you loved it! That makes you a whore!”

            “No, I am not a whore.” Daisy sobbed, “I am not.”

            “Listen up slut, “ He snapped, “Here’s what to you going to do. You are going to wrap those sexy lips around my cock and suck.”

            “NO WAY! I will not do that! OW! OW!”

            Hogg used the other belt to swat her ass. He lashed it across the firm round cheeks, laughing as he did.

            “You better learn to obey real quick, slut. You hear me!”

            “OW! OW! OW! S-STOP! OOOOOOH NO! OUCH! OUCH! OW! OW!”

            Daisy sobbed and screamed as her butt was whipped. She had never been spanked in her entire life and didn’t like it. She tried to twist away from the belt but Hogg used the belt to hold her in place.

            Hogg kept lashing her ass with the belt. He tugged on the belt around her neck, making her gasp, loving the control he hand over the struggling girl.

            “OKAY! OW! OUCH! YOU WIN! YOU WIN!” Daisy sobbed, “I’ll suck your cock!”

            Hogg stopped whipping her ass and stroked her hair. He cupped her chin and lifted her face up.

            “You know how to suck cock?” Hogg asked.

            “No,” She whimpered.

            “Okay whore, stick out your tongue and lick it. Think of it as a big lollipop.”

            Daisy stared at the cock, thinking it looked nothing like a lollipop but she stuck out his tongue and licked. The bound girl was surprised at the taste. Daisy ran her tongue up and down.

            “There you go, girl.” Hogg chuckled, “You getting it. Yes, sir, you got natural talent as an a one cock sucker.”

            Daisy’s face burned red with shame but kept lapping her tongue over the cock. She even worked down to his balls and gave them a good tonguing.


            Hogg watched her tongue all over his shaft.

            “Okay, sweet cakes, “ He smiled, “Time to open that big mouth and suck it in.”

            Daisy licked up to the head and spread her lips. She pushed her mouth over it and began to swallow it. The country girl gulped and gulped until her nose was pressed into his crotch. Daisy tighten her lips around the shaft and began to pump it in and out.

            “OOOOOOOOOOH” Hogg groaned as the hot wet mouth caressed his cock in the most wonderful way.

            “MMMMMMM!” Daisy moaned as she sucked on the cock, hating herself for enjoying it.

            Hogg watched Daisy’s head bob and up and down on his cock. He placed his hands on the sides of her head and increased her pace.

            “MMMMMMMPH!” Daisy sobbed in despair.

            “Oh you whore, “ Hogg grunted, “You’re going to suck my cock right off. Oh you slut!”

            The country beauty sucked and sucked, unsure what she was doing but loving it. She worked back up to the tip and wagged her tongue over it. Then planted several kisses on it.

            “OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSS!” Hogg gasped as her bond captive pushed his cock deep into her throat.

God, he was in heaven.

Daisy blinked her eyes as the cock swelled and filled her throat. She pulled back until it rested on her lips.


The cock shot cum into her face and mouth.

Hogg laughed as his cock sprayed her face.

The horny girl lapped up the sweet stuff, loving it. She pushed the cock deep into her mouth and sucked it dry. Then she let it slip out and slurped up the cum on her lips.

Hogg sat back and laughed at the sight of Daisy Duke licking cum off her face. It made her defeat so much sweeter. He chuckled to himself as he rolled her onto her back and spread her legs.

            “AHHHHH!” Daisy gasped as she was impaled on his cock.


It was just past noon when Daisy let the courthouse. It was now just past six and most people were sitting down for the supper. Enjoying the evening meal.

But while pretty much everyone in town was eating and discussing the events of the day Daisy Duke was on her knees. Hogg stood over her with his hands on his hips and looked down at his defeated foe.

The once proud beauty glumly sucked on the cock filling her mouth, almost six hours of fucking and sucking had broken the once proud Duke pride. For the last hour she just sucked and fucked like a mindless machine.

“MMMMMMM!” She cooed as her mouth filled with cum.



“Sheriff! I need you to get over here!” Boss growled, “That damn Daisy Duke took a shot at me!”

Boss Hogg looked at the broken window.

“What! She still there?”

“No, No, I have no idea where she ran off to.” Hogg said as he looked down into his trunk.

Daisy Duke hogtied and gagged sobbed as she struggled around in the trunk.

“MMMMMPH!” She moaned as the lid slammed close.

“That closes the case on MISS DAISY DUKE!”






“Parole denied.”

The three Dukes were led out the room, stopping to glare at the short fat man dressed in white, sitting in the back. Bo had to held back by the guards when he gave them a small wave.

            Boss Hogg trotted out the parole hearing, happy in the knowledge that the Dukes would be behind bars for another two years. He smiled and greeted everyone, stopping to look at the wanted poster.




                                                              DASIY DUKE



Drug smuggling, trafficking of illegal substances and attempted murder.





The Sheriff walked up and patted his back.

“Well, boss, you’re not worried about her? We still looking but we figure she left town. But you may want to be careful with the parole hearing.”

“I can’t hide in a hole. I know the bitch took a shot at me. But I think you’re right. Daisy left town. Crazy. Don’t know what got into that gal.”

“Mostly your cock.” The Sheriff thought to himself, wondering how times the old fart had raped Daisy in her own bed. He still thought about the day he showed up at the Duke place. He saw the bullet holes but thought he heard a muffled scream in Hogg’s trunk. He ignored it and put out the alert for Daisy Duke.

 “Well she will turn up.” He said, “We’ll get her.’

“I am sure you will sheriff.”

Boss Hogg was soon in his Cadillac driving home. He slowed to look at the old Duke place. The cornfields were full and high, effectively hiding his marijuana crop. The old barn looked like an old barn. No one would suspect this was where he processed his drugs and made his moonshine. The short man pulled up in front of his huge house and stopped to look at the General Lee sitting in his driveway. He might take it out for a spin later, maybe jump something.

Boss came into his home and greeted his servants.

“I’ll be in the library. No one and I mean no one is to disturb me.”

“Yes, sir.” His maid said, wondering what he did in there for hours on end.

Hogg came into library and went to the bookcase. He touched a small button and it slide back, revealing a stairwell. He trotted down to the secret basement.

His great granddaddy had made this room. He had never asked why but now was glad he had.

It was a huge basement with stonewalls and chains lying around. It was empty except for a cage made of heavy steel with thick bars. It took up most of the room. The inside of the cage looked like a small apartment with a bath and toilet hidden by curtains. There was a king size bed and three big old clothes dressers. One dresser was filled with colorful negligees and camisoles. The other had costumes of all kinds. The other held more kinky outfits.

Kneeling in the center of the cage was a young beauty with a full rich body and long silky hair that fell past her ass. Black leather hip boots with spike heels and long leathers gloves were all the clothes she worn except for the studded dog collar and leash.

Boss Hogg unlocked the cage and walked up to the kneeling girl. He smiled at she looked up. Her lips painted bright red and heavy make up covering her beautiful face giving her that I am a slut look. Boss Hogg sighed as she licked her lips.

“Master Hogg.” She said without emotion as she stood up and walked to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss, long and sweet. Then she began to kiss and nibble his ears.

“Oh, please fuck me. I need it. Really master Hogg please.”

Boss Hogg knew she wasn’t tamed or broken. He was well aware that she hated everything he had made her do over the last two years. The fucking, sucking, the dressing up and the calling him master.

But two years of rape and bondage changed her. Poor Daisy had accepted her life as a sex slave.

Daisy Duke had no choice but to serve him. She knew that. Boss Hogg had shown her the real Daisy Duke. The sex starved bimbo deep inside of her who wanted to fuck and suck. Hell why else would she parade around in those sexy outfits? Yes by the end of that first night Daisy had been begging Hogg for his cock. It was so humiliating. To make it worst, Hogg had pictures. Daisy Duke riding his cock and loving it. Daisy sucking cock or taking it up the ass and looking like she was having the time of her life. Now rather then let the world know see the whore she really was. Daisy would stay locked in the cage and serve Boss Hogg in every way. She would rather do this than let Bo, Luke and Uncle Jesse find out she was nothing but a whore. The Duke pride would keep her in the prison. The Duke Pride would make her suck and fuck Boss Hogg. Better to fuck the devil and than see the see the look of disgust in her cousins’ faces

“Well, whore.” Boss Hogg smiled.

Daisy sighed and began to unzip his pants. By the time she got the cock out, her pussy was already wet and she was smacking her lips.

“To thy own self be true.” Daisy thought, “Even if your true self is a whore.”

Daisy began to suck and loving it. She reached down and fingered her pussy.

“Yes,” Daisy thought as she early sucked the cock, “Once a whore, always a whore.”

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