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Captive Twins

Part 1

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and includes adult situations and extreme acts of sexual depravity, including rape and torture

Disclaimer:  This story is a work of fiction and includes adult situations and extreme acts of sexual depravity, including rape and torture.  It is intended for adults only.  If you are under the age of eighteen or, in some jurisdictions, twenty-one, do not continue past this point.  If you desire to read on, it is by your own choice and responsibility as a free adult in a free society.  All characters in this story are fictitious.  Any resemblance to real persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.  The author does not condone any nonconsensual sexual activity in the real world.  This is fantasy, not reality, and it should stay that way.

 (Note: Chapter one of this story was previously published under another name and under my other pseudonym. This is an extended, updated version)


Joseph Kempton was tired. His eyelids were heavy, and they droop constantly. He had a few close calls driving this lonely and desolate road. Yet, he drove it daily. Joe had lived closer to the city before but has since moved further away. The business at his three man repair shop was slow, listless, and most likely unprofitable. He should pay more attention to it especially since he had spent thirty of his forty eight years slaving away to open it.


The headlights lit up a large granite boulder sitting on the side of the road. Joe made an abrupt turn, almost missing the hidden path that he had discovered several years ago. The dirt path slowly gave way to a cement driveway and a cabin styled house. His formerly droopy eyes now lit up. He was happy to be home. Work was harsh. For few measly dollars, he allowed the world to trod on him, his dignity, and self-esteem. Yet at home, he was safe, sheltered, and most of all king.


The first thing Joe does when he comes home was to strip down and hit the shower. Yet for the past two days, his routine had changed somewhat, just as his life had. Instead, he stripped down and headed straight into his storage room. It was ironically empty, and in the middle of the room laid a trap door that Joe lifted with ease, opening up to the stairs that led him down into an underground chamber that was almost as large as the building above.


The lighting was adjustable and every time he was here, he had it up. He wanted to see his prized babies and treasured toys. In the middle of the room were two asian girls. Under the bright glow of the lights, it was impossible not to say they were gorgeous. Both had large dark almond shaped eyes and long shouldered length black hair. And each, were small and petite. Even standing on tip toes, they were no more than five-five, five-six.


As of the last 12 hours, this was what they were doing. Both girls stood on one foot, and their small 105 lbs. frame rested solely on the tips of their toes. The small of their calves were taut, and Joe traced their legs up to their small rounded buttocks and wispy waist. Resting on their ample small-sized C-cup breasts were beads of sweat as were the rest of their bodies. However, it was this that Joe noticed as their nipples stood erect, red, and sore. The main cause of this was Joe’s ingenious handiwork. Each girl stood only on one foot as the big toe of other was lifted and bounded in the air to their nipple. Had the girl rested her foot, her nipple would have been torn from her breast.


Needless to say, their bodies were twisted over to slacken the pressure and soothe the sore muscles. Even in their fatigue state, they had heard Joe’s footsteps and slowly turned to stare tiredly at him. The girl on the left was like the classic Chinese beauty. Her skin was ivory white and smooth. The girl on the right had a tanned complexion. Both were toned and athletic as their endurance stood proof of it. It was only when they lifted their faces that the casual observer could see that the two young women were twins, exact replicas of one another save for the aforementioned difference – a trait that Joe especially enjoyed.


He walked over to the whiter sister and grabbed a hold of her tit flesh. She yelped and tried to twist away.


“Please Joe, don’t do this to her.” The girl’s voice was harsh and sounded as tired as she looked. As he pulled the girl by her tits to him, he gave her a wet messy lick that lapped up a small stream of tear. He turned to the other girl and flashed a contented, defiant grin as if saying, “See, I can do as I please.”


“Take me instead. I met you first. You want me.”


Joe ignored her and continued to nibble at her sister’s neck, then tit and nipples. All the while, he listened to her plea. It was true. He had met her first. Janice Liu was the girl who called Joe’s Repair. Joe had come personally and was immediately taken by her simple charm. She had seemed like a nice girl, the type he had wished he had met sooner. Then he would have been married and even have a kid or two. Instead, his life was plagued by bad luck. So instead, he spent the sexual energy of his youth on porn, strip joints, and cheap whores. Yet when he met Janice Liu, he felt something different.


The residence was old and small. Janice had asked for an estimate on a much needed repair of the air condition. The price quoted, though high, was fair, and so she paid him for the job. He wanted to prolong his stay, but soon gave up the idea. It was a simple job and if he took too long, it would make himself seem incompetent. Besides, she was too young, too pretty, and too intelligent. In short, Janice was too good for him.


He was surprised several weeks later to see their address show up on his company’s appointment list one day, and he made sure it was he and not one of his men who went. This time, it was for the vents. “You guys do a great job and are fair,” she had said, smiling at him. Over the course of the year, Joe began to offer Janice discounts. The girl had unabashedly took them, calling in for more repairs as soon as they had the money.


A slow transformation began at the Liu residence and in Joe’s heart. He was in love. He was sure the girl felt the same. It was not his fair practice or the discounts he gave that attracted her, but him. He was surprised to find Janice being distant and aloof one day only to be even more shock to find later that it was Jessica who admitted him. Despite their similarities, he was attracted only to Janice.


However, it was during his last repair visit when this all changed. Janice had wanted the water heater replaced, and as Joe was busy working, he had overheard Janice talking with Jessica.


“Are you really going to work abroad Jan?”


“Absolutely. This is a great internship, and plus, there’s Steve.”


“Steve is a great guy. You’re so lucky. I just can’t believe he proposed. So I assume you’re accepting?”


“I don’t know. I want to focus on my career first. You know, ever since mom and dad died, we’ve been struggling. So…I don’t know…but I love him so eventually,” Janice said with a sigh.


That bitch! Joe had wanted to slap her right then and there. She had played him. All the times she called and the little chats they had were just for his repair services. She had milked him for the discounts. The smiles and the thank you notes were all fraudulent. She was a whore. He was heartbroken. Yet Joe contained himself. Perhaps she was shy and didn’t know his intentions. So he told himself that the next time he would tell her his feelings. The result was even worse.


She pretended to be confused, shocked, and started with lies and excuses. When he tried to kiss her to show her how he felt and allowed her to feel his love, she had slapped him. Then afterwards, all was silent. No more calls for repairs. He was used, and he vowed to even the score. Joe glared at the bounded girl as he continued to assault her sister. His hands ran down her flat abdomen, across her mound, and along her girly slit. He continued to look at Janice. One of his fat fingers slowly parted her sex lips as the girl began to shook her head and would have whimpered “no” had he not stop her by kissing her. Suddenly, he stopped. Virgin. He gave Janice another chilly grin.


“Joe, please. You are right last night. I admit. I’m a slut. I played you. Let Jess go. Let me show you how much I love you.”


Finally, he let go of Jessica. Interpreting this as her success, Janice continued in as sexy of a voice as she knew, “Joe I love you. I just didn’t know better. I’ll be the perfect girl.”


Joe went to a rack and picked up a long punishment cane. The girl stopped her pleading and even the shell shocked Jessica stopped crying. “You’ve been such a slut. No a fucking SLUT WHORE!” Joe could no longer control his anger. Even bounded as she was, this bitch was trying to seduce him. He began to lash at her, aiming only at her upper thigh. Both girls screamed.


With her arms bound behind her and one big toe bounded to her nipple, Janice could do nothing but hold still and scream. Finally, Joe stopped. Tears and snot drip from her beautiful face. A strong hand lifted her chin and wiped away the mess. “You’re a filthy slut. Jessica there is a virgin. Why would I want a slut?”


He started to walk toward Jessica again. Janice quickly shook off her trance. “I’m a virgin too.” Joe stopped as if thinking, then he continued his pace. “Believe me. I can show you. I’ve saved myself for a man like you.”


He turned around. Janice’s eyes were wide with hope. She had gotten this psycho into their world, not her sister, and it should be her who should pay for the mistake. All the while, Jessica just shook and sobbed.


“A slut like you, a virgin? You must be giving tons of head or fucking with that bumhole of yours.”


“No. I-I—haven’t ever did any of those…” the girl blushed.


The man was up in her face now, smelling her. He took a handful of her tit and squeezed roughly. She yelped, but seeing his face, she quickly turned it into a soft moan. His hands roamed down into her sex, inspecting. A wide wicked smile came over Joe’s face as he discovered her precious hymen. “I’ll be damn. A fucking virgin whore. Your cunt’s too precious for a cock? You cock tease!”


“No PLEASE!” Janice screamed, squinting her eyes shut.


She heard the dreaded cane swish the empty air. “AaaaaHHHhhh!” she heard her sister scream. Three more swift blows follow and they were all aimed cruelly at singly taut tit that was cruelly stretched by the bondage.


NoooooooOOOO! Joe, please. Hit me. Punish me. I deserve it.”


Joe stopped. “Hmmm…where should I punish you?”


The girl thought for a moment before saying, “My bottom.”


He stepped behind her and tapped her bottom. Janice shuddered. “It’s no good,” Joe whispered into her ear. “Some place more painful,” he cooed as he walked back toward Jessica.


“No, not again,” Jessica whimpered as she tried to hop away, as much as the ropes allow.


His cane came again onto her stretched tit. “MY BREAST!” shouted Janice.


Joe stopped again. He stared at Janice who lowered her eyes and whispered, “Please Joe, hit my breast.”


He lifted her chin with the cane. “Watch and listen carefully,” he said calmly. SWIIIISSSH! The soft pliable stick cut through the air until it made loud contact with her tit flesh. YEOOOOOOWwWW!”


“A nice girl has breasts, but a bitch like you have tits!” he screamed as two more blows came down on her. He waited until she calmed down. Walking up to her, he again removed the strings of saliva and snot from her face. Gently wiping away the tears, he patted her head. “It’s okay. It hurts doesn’t it?” Still sobbing, Janice could only nod.


Jessica sobbed with her as she watched from some seven or eight feet away. All Janice could feel was the pain and didn’t know how her sister could manage so many more blows. “Please Joe,” she finally managed to say between sobs, “don’t hit us anymore. I’ll do anything you want. Just let my sister go.”


“I can’t promise anything. What happens if you lie to me again and run off with some other prick.


“I won’t Joe. I’ll be loyal this time. Just you,” she pleaded.


“Hmm…” Joe stepped back, looking at the sisters. Janice was looking at him with entreating eyes, begging him through the tears to take her and only her. Jessica was too scared to say anything and kept her gaze downward. To him, each sister elicited their own special charm. Jessica was an angel. Her skin was so white and ivory, like her person, unblemished. Yet when he looked at Janice, her tanned physique silently screamed of sex! However, she was a slut despite what the evidence. No she was worst then that. She tempted but never gave out. He needed to correct her, make her understand her place, if not for himself, then for other men. This was Joe’s duty.

He looked again at Jessica. Why shouldn’t he have both? Jessica would be his reward for doing the world a service. He would train Janice and win Jessica’s heart. He smiled at the thought.




“Yes, Joe?” Janice replied.


“She’s not a slut!” Jessica screamed back. Her eyes finally gleamed with hate and defiance. She could no longer hold back. She was afraid, but seeing her sister offering herself to this disgusting beast was too much. Tonight, she would either be beaten to death or vomit to death seeing her sister such.


Joe’s smile widened. “I don’t think so either, but your sister might disagree. Right?”


Janice’s eyes darted between her sister’s and the beast that stood between them, the very shape of an unholy trinity. Finally, she blushed and softly sighed, “I AM a slut.”


“See? But don’t worry, good old Joe’s here to make sure you won’t turn out like your sister,” he said while he ran his hands over her porcelain skin. She hopped back, but he didn’t pursue further. Instead he walked to Janice and began to untie her cruel bondage. Immediately, she dropped the leg that was held up. Joe spent the next minute slowly unknotting the rope around her nipple. As blood ran back into it, she gave a soft yelped.


“Please, undo Jess’ as well.”


Joe seemingly complied, but instead of untying the rope, he produced a long pair of scissors which he snapped menacingly.


“You’re crazy!” screamed Jessica as she tried to hop away to no avail. Joe had one arm wrapped around her shoulder as the other held the blades close to her elongated nipple.


“Don’t! What is it you want?”


“Security. You know, you broke my heart and now I’m a little insecure. I don’t know if I can trust you.”


“You can. I promise!”


“But you’ve been such a slut. I don’t know if you can change.”


“Yes. I will. I can.”


“Hmm…” Joe taunted, “maybe I should teach you. Do you want to learn?”


“Yes. YEsyesyes…” she nodded vehemently.


Joe let out a hearty laugh. “You want to learn before knowing what I have to teach? Do you know what I want to teach?” She shook her head. “Take a guess.” Joe tapped the cane against his free hand.


“To behave?” the girl asked.


“Behave? I guess that’s close. Behave how?”


She thought for awhile before adding, “How not to be a slut?”


“Don’t Janice. Don’t talk to the psycho.” Jessica pleaded. She knew this stupid game was to humiliate her sister, but Janice ignored her.


Tsk tsk…NO,” Joe said affirmatively. “You know what your fault is?” Again, the girl shook her head. How can she be at fault? She never liked the fucking loser. She never even flirted with him. She wanted to say, “For fucking calling you in the first place. For being nice to and smiling at you.”


“For thinking you’re too pure, too precious for men like me. I’m too old, too out of shape for you right? But you needed something from me, wanted me to fix your things for free, so you played with me.”


She wanted to deny those false accusations and tell him that he was insane. Yet she knew it was useless. He was going to interpret whichever way his demented mind wanted. So with much self-discipline, she whispered, “Yes, I’m sorry Joe.”


“Master. Call me master from now on. From now on, I will take on the laborious job as your master and train you to be something useful. Do you hear?”


“Yes, master.”


“Now- where was I? Yes. You acted like a slut but in fact you are not.” His cane poked painfully at her sex box. “Your unused cunt is a sin. You’ve tempted, used, and cheated men of their prize, just like you did to me. You’re a fraud. I can’t allow this bigotry. Either you are or are not a slut. Are you a slut? Or is SHE A SLUT?” He pointed at Jessica.


“Fuck YOU!” Jessica spat venomously. Tears welled in her eyes as well as Janice. It was more than the torment or the verbal garbage he was dumping on them. Both sister shed tears for the same reason – for what this man was changing them into. Janice accepted all the false charges while Jessica, who almost never cursed nor hated, had poison in her veins. She knew it and hated the man even more for making her hate and having her think of a million evil ways she would kill him given a chance. That broke her the most.


“Ah, so maybe you are the slut. You need want to fuck me already,” he said as he took a step in Jessica’s direction.


“NO. I’m THE SLUT!!!” shouted Janice.


“Oh? But you’re not a real one. Well don’t worry. That’s what I’m going to teach you. How to be a slut. You want that don’t you?” he said, as he gave Jessica’s lifted leg a slight downward tug. The girl led out a scream.


“Yes. Teach me master. I want to learn.”


He walked behind her and kissed her lips. Janice wanted to move away but wisely remained still. “If I untie you, would you obey.


“Yes master. I will obey.”


“Good,” he said as he began to untie her bindings. Almost immediately, Janice fell to the ground. Her limps were weak, sore, and disobedient. Joe was amused and gave the slut a slight kick. Janice fell over but otherwise ignored it and began to massage and move her tightened joints.


“Let’s go slut, time to begin learning,” Joe said impatiently as he began to walk toward the stairs.


“Master,” Janice asked, “please unbound Jessica.”


Joe looked over at the other girl. Another night like this, and her nipple would be torn. So he walked over and freed her big toe from her nipple, but leaving her still bound, with arms behind her back and feet barely touching the ground. Janice waited, as if expecting her sister to be free.


“What? That’s it for now unless you want me to tie her by her tits. Is that what you want?”


Nononono,” Janice stammered.


“Then let’s go,” Joe commanded.


Janice got up unsteadily onto her feet and walked after Joe, but the man suddenly turned around and took a swipe at her with his cane. Instinctively, Janice fell backwards to avoid the hit. “ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES!!!” he bellowed. Even Jessica jumped at his sudden outburst of anger. Janice quickly did as told. “Get up, on your knees, hands behind your head.”


The girl complied.


“Let me explain something. When I try to punish you, you take it. DON’T EVER TRY TO AVOID IT!” Joe screamed again as he swung full force at her tits. A piercing shriek filled the room as Janice’s hands quickly left their designated place to massage her sore mammary. “What did I say????”


The girl quickly resumed her position but fresh tears welled in her eyes. “Let’s try this again. I’ll keep doing it until you can keep still.”


After three more attempts, Janice was finally able to take the beating. She locked her fingers tightly around one another and held her hands close to her head, even wrapping her hair around them to prevent their instinctive movement. Joe was satisfied after seeing the long angry welt on her ample tit flesh.


“Now, lesson two. Unless I say it’s okay to walk, you crawl. You hear me bitch?”


“Yes master.” Janice answered.


Joe snapped his finger as he turned around as if gesturing to a dog. Janice understood the clue and began to crawl after her master. Joe again stopped and turned around. Janice jumped slightly, afraid he’ll hit her, but remained in position. Joe patted her on her head, and complimented, “Good bitch. Good slut bitch.” He couldn’t help breaking into a loud laughter as he continued to ascend.


Janice turned around and to look at her sister. Perhaps this might be the last time she would see her. The crazy bastard might rape and kill her. She wanted to run to her sister and unbind the cruel bondage. Yet she knew better. That would do neither of them any good.


“Come on doggie!” she heard Joe’s voice. Humiliatingly, she lowered her head and crawled as fast as she can, like a human bitch up the stairs to her cruel master.

Janice Liu closed her eyes as the warm running water hit her face. Her tan body was wet and slippery from the soap. She gently scrubbed it just as if she were at home. Yet all she had to do was turn her head to see that she was not. The man that had yanked her cruelly down to hell was there, sitting on the toilet seat like a king. He didn’t say anything except, “Carry on,” whenever she stopped. She ran her hands down to her private. It was now cleanly shaven. The blush on her face would be evident had it not been for the warm water. She felt even more naked.


What was her fault? For being kind, gentle, and nice? Was it such a sin that both her and her sister were condemned to suffer thus? She didn’t have time to contemplate more on the matter for she knew she could no longer prolong the inevitable. The sick man sitting on his throne of shit was going to get anxious, which would also mean that he would get mad and maybe violent. She didn’t want to suffer and didn’t want Jess to suffer either. So she turned off the shower.


“You are so beautiful, slut,” Joe said as he looked at the girl’s trembling naked body. She was standing high on her tip toes as he had instructed.


“Thank you, master,” replied Janice, not knowing what else to say. The man was taking his time admiring her body. It was humiliating standing bare and with nipples erect from the cool room air.


“Is it uncomfortable standing on your toes?”


“Yes, master.”


“Let me explain to you that shoes and clothes are earned. Since you have been so obedient, I will be generous. You may put them on.” He pointed to a box on the floor. Janice retrieved the item and put on the 6-inch strapped high heels. It was not comfortable but it did ease the pressure on her toes even if they did little for her calves. She again thanked the bastard.


He stepped forward and grabbed hold of her full firm tit. He squeezed, held, then reluctantly let go. “So, you said before that you were a virgin?”


“Yes, master.”


“Hmm…” he said as he ran his hands over the curve of her back, “never been fucked?”


“No, master,” she blushed. This time it was obvious.


“Not here?” he ran over her slit and patted her thighs, which she parted reluctantly.


“No, master.”


“Here?” he said as he slit a hand between her butt crack. Again, she replied in the negative. “And here?” he said running finger over her luscious lips, done over in a light pink gloss that was both natural and seductive. He inserted another finger into her mouth. Not knowing what to do, she did what she thought was best- yield.


She shook her head no as her mouth was filled by the intruders index and middle finger. He pulled back as if to remove the finger only to push forward again. “Make a vacuum and seal your lips. If I feel your teeth, I’ll pull out your sister’s.” She did as told as the man finger fucked her mouth.


“I’m shocked, truly,” he said as he tied the unresisting beauty’s slender wrists together behind her back. “A hot cunt like you?” he continued as he yanked her hair back and tying her long mane to her wrists with a small rough piece of hemp, immobilizing her head. The girl said nothing the entire time but the beet redness of her face was indication of the effects his words had on her. Indeed, he was making a shameful mockery of her chastity.


As he fingers pinched, twisted, and turned her nipples, she could do no more save stare face to face with this wicked man. She had once considered him a nice man, and maybe even a friend. Yet never did she think he would harbor such evil and lusty thoughts about her. A tear fell through her long lashes. When she opened her eyes, a new threat loomed over her. She saw the man holding several wooden clothespin threateningly close to her tits. She tried to shake her head but managed only a weak left to right motion given her bondage.


“Master, please.”


“These,” he said as he clamped one onto her nipple, “shall,” he continued clamping, “remain in place,” he added two more onto each tit, “until I finish.” Her cries dulled a bit by now and only a stifled sob remain. He led her over the back of a wooden chair and bent her over it. Her long legs were tied a modest distant apart to the legs of the chair as the back of the chair dug into her firm abdomen.


He examined her still sore cunt and the slightly raised marks that the early whipping had left. Joe’s bent over and lied on top of the girl, mimicking her position. Janice felt the additional weight suffocating her. She wanted to get it over with and at the same time dreaded what was to come. She felt his warm slimy body on hers and his foul breathe and reptilian tongue slither out, licking her neck, the back of her ear, and her face. A few more tears dropped onto the floor beneath.


“This is what you’ve been waiting for slut, and tonight your wait is over. This is what you wanted right? Ever since I met you, you’ve been hungry for my cock. You wanted to see if I were man enough to take you. Now I have.” He jerked her hair back, arching her neck painfully. “Tell me, ask me to fuck you, to ravish your cunt and make you a whore.”


Janice had anticipated this since her capture but when the moment arrived, she could not accept it. She dreamt of saving herself in order to honor the man whom she would spend the rest of her life with, and up until the present, Steve was the sole candidate. “Nooo, pleaseeee.” She began to thrash in her bonds, but the man again fell on top of her, easily squashing any attempts at freedom.


“If you’re not ready, that’s fine,” he said as he got up. “Jessica is a good girl, and she seems rather lonely down there.” He picked up a switch and two saw-toothed tit clamps and purposely walked in front of her so that even through her teary eyes, Janice could well see pass the veiled threat.


Though older by a minute and forty seconds, Janice took her role as the elder sister seriously and was determined to shield her younger sister from harm. She choked back her sorrows and said in a timid voice, “No, please.” There was defeat in every syllable.

“Master, take me. I am sorry. I was not thinking straight.”


Joe placed the instruments of torture on the seat of the chair to which the poor girl was bound. The sound of the metal scrapping the wooden seat as the chair swayed ever so slightly from the uneven heave of the sobbing girl was the only ghastly sound. He waited before saying in a soft, patient voice, “Ask me nicely and maybe I’ll change my mind.”


She sniffed up her pride along with her snob and tears. “Master, please fuck me. Janice is a slut. She needs a man cock. Please take my useless virginity. Make me a whore. Your whore!!!” she screamed as she broke into a sob.


She could feel him behind her. SLAP SLAPSLAP. He was spanking her. “Repeat after me, ‘I am a fucking slut.’” She did. With each humiliating slap on her ass, she cursed and damned herself. She felt his disgusting prick at her slit. Joe was moving his cock along her slit, feeling every bit of her femininity with his masculinity. It was smooth and soft. She felt his heated rod, rock hard. Her heat beat faster. What was she to expect? Would it hurt? She prayed that he would be fast. All twenty years of her waited for this moment, to have a man take away her precious gem. Yet this was not the way she had imagined it to be. It was supposed to be a prince charming not the devil.


She gasped, feeling its bulbous head at her entrance. It was hot and burning. Her heart rate hastened. Slowly it pushed its head into her. The warmth! It moved slowly and though only half of its head was in, she could already sense the man’s largeness. Joe moved slow, very slow. He had planned the moment ahead of time. He was to savor the moment and wanted her to too. This was going to be a fucking she would never forget!


He had hit the hymen. The girl was dry, but that was better. He would have her raw. She was already moaning. The fullness and the slight tearing and stretching sensation will be nothing compared to what will happen next. He readied himself for the onslaught. He paused and readied his spear. He grabbed hold of her round buttocks and squeezed. “Tell DADDY,” he said slowly, to punctuate every syllable, “to fuck you.”


“FUCK ME DADDY!” shouted the girl. She desperately wanted him to go away or for herself to disappear. A crooked smile appeared on his face as he launched. It was a brutal thrust and it reached deep into her cunt hitting her sensitive cervix. He had conquered territory previously unknown to man. He was the explorer, founder of the new territories. His paced quickened, but never did he withdraw from her warm, soft cunt. He sawed her. With each forward and backward motion, he was cutting into her soul, her pride, and her self-worth. He would take all that from her.


She wanted to just rock silently to his administering but even that was denied her as her mouth was forced to utter filth. “Uggh…fucc-cc-kkk mmm—eee…dddaaa-ddeee…” she stuttered as her breathing was punctuated by the pressure caused by the chair on her lung. It hurt. Stung. Ripped. Torn. Burnt. Yet none of those feelings were as painful as the fact and knowledge that in one thrust, her girlish dream, her fairy tales, were all shattered. More still, it was her angelic voice that begged for it and that begged still, spurring him on. She wished for the earth to swallow her up but even this was another broken hope for who would take her place. It was true. She met this monster first, and it was because of her that he entered their lives. She could not bear the idea of having her sister in her place and suffer what she was now suffering.


Finally, after the tears from her crying and the blood from her split virgin cunt had gathered into a small puddle beneath her did the man grunt his final exclamation of lust. But a new fear awoken within her. “Please don’t come in me!!!” she shouted. SMACK SMACK. The man continued his thursts.


“Then slut,” he said, yanking on her mane like a jockey would the rein of a horse, “where should I cum?” She was at a lost, but the man, with the self-discipline of a sadist, helped her out by adding, “Perhaps on your face?”


She felt his cock twitch. There wasn’t enough time. So she shouted impatiently, “YES…please Master, cum on my face!”


He ignored her. “I like Daddy more,” he chided.


“Daddy, cum on my face!!!”


He took one final thrust and extracted his cock from her sore, bare cunt with an audible plop. Her face was already arched up when he came. A torrent of sticky semen plastered her face and a few landed on her hair. It rolled down over part of her nostrils and some stuck to her eyes. She tried to blink it away but to no avail. He again tenderly helped her by spreading it to the side so she can see his monstrous cock- thick and long. The veins were still pulsating menacingly. He stuck it to her lips. “Just like before,” he reminded her of the finger fucking.


She opened her mouth and wondered whether it would really fit, and it didn’t. Her jaw arched wide open as she choked on it. She was gurgling and gasping. He was not as gentle with her mouth. He shoved it down her throat. Fresh tears spilled from her eyes as she continued to gag. He pushed her head toward his pubis and held it. Finally, he pulled back, watching her cough up spit and cum. He crouched down to her face level and patted her head. “What do you say after a good fucking?”


She looked at him and through teary eyes, mumbled, “Thank you Daddy for fucking me.”



Janice spent the next three days and nights being Joe’s human mattress. She was tied spread eagle to his bed. He fucked and slept on her. Aside from being allowed twice a day to relieve herself, she was his mattress. The cum on her body began to grow. She smell of sweat and cum and even she got sick of herself. Why hasn’t he? Was he really so sick that he still found her attractive even in this state?


Janice could not comprehend the man. And what of her sister? Joe rarely left save to eat, and even then, he would return to the bed with food and taunted her with it. Most of the time though, he just fucked her. Janice literally had her brains fucked out. She sucked cock and learnt for the first time how to please a man with not just her body. She was forced to moan, to talk dirty, and to act. She learned when to twist and arch her body, what and how loud or soft to grunt, and practiced controlling her cunt muscles. This was all perfected through threats, direct and indirect. When he was tired, they would watch films. All sorts of porn and all sorts of actresses taught Janice. She had to learn. She was nauseous from the viewing. Finally, when she felt like she couldn’t take anymore and vomit, she was freed.


She bathed and was allowed to put on clothes. She donned a v-neck blouse and mid-length skirt with a floral pattern. The whole attire was modest and not much different from what she would wear save the same pair of heels. “Today,” Joe explained, “we’re going to tie up loose ends.”


Janice had no idea what that meant at first but as the day progress, she felt the full weight of those words. She and Jess would be his! Acting for both her and her sister, Janice took an extended leave from college and work. She paid off her lease and practically gave everything away. She called her friends to say good-bye and the word would soon spread that she was going abroad. Steve was the last person she called. Abruptly, he hung her up. Only when Joe showed her the stills of their “love-making” session did she understood. Her boyfriend had received the email of her indiscretion. At that moment, she realized, she really did not have anything left. She fell forward on the dashboard and cried.



Jessica was kneeling on all fours and slept hunched forward like a she-bitch when she saw the lights go on. Joe was back, and she was happy. He came and freed her from the cage. Quickly, and rather eagerly, she crawled to him and kissed his feet. She was shier than her sister, but as she had proved days earlier, could be as strong as steel when needed. However, Joe had her kryptonite. It was Janice, and Janice hung on her toes, with a training hood covering her face, preventing her from hearing and seeing what transpired a few feet before her.


Two days earlier, Jessica was still vehemently violent toward this man. She hated him. He had betrayed their trust. Her sister had thought him a nice man when he was their repair guy. He was pudgy but friendly. Never did she thought he was capable of such horror. She was hurt. More than that, she was angry for the way he made her sister act. She didn’t see her sister until then, and needlessly, she knew what had happen. A girl knows, regardless of what she says to others, how attractive she is. Jessica knew that she, and thus Janice as well, were very pretty girls. A loser like Joe, in complete control of a girl like her sister for days, would have taken his liberties with her body.


At the sight of her sister, she teared up. What aggravated her further was the hood over her sister’s face and the manner with which she was strung up. It was cruel. “What do you want!!! Let us go, you sick demented bastard!” she shouted.


Joe ignored her and instead went to a tool box. He took out a clamp with screws which he proceeded to clamp her sister’s nips. Even through the hood, Jessica could see hear her sister’s muffled “ummmppphs.” He added small weights to them as well, tugging her precious orbs downward. He next fetched a cane. Methodically, he decorated the front and back of her thighs with red welts.


“STOP…PEELLEEAAAASE!” screamed Jessica seeing her sister jerk and sway about. “YOU MONSTER…stopppp…no I’m sorry. Stop. Haven’t you done enough? Stop…fine…do whatever to me…you want sex? IS that what you WANT???? JUST STOP!”


He did, but only momentarily. He began to whip Janice’s tits. The top, side, underside, none escaped the cane’s touch. “I’ll have sex with you. Y—you,” she choked on the words, but as she saw her sister’s trembling body, she found the courage to say it, “can fuck me too! Take me. Take my virginity. Just stop…please.”


He stopped, and said as a hurt child would, “Apologize.”


Jessica looked up at him and quickly stuttered, “Joe, I’m sorry.”


“For what?”


“For being so snobby. For---“ she didn’t know what for, but she quickly found what she thought was a suitable reply, “for not knowing how much you love us.”


Joe walked up to her and lifted her chin. Yes, she was innocent. More so than that whore of sister. She kissed him lightly on the lips. Jessica trembled in fear. The man really had power over them. She had lost. He saw it too, but he didn’t not untie her yet.


“To get the point across so you will NEVER,” he punctuated the word with a loud SMACK on Janice’s exposed cunt, and the girl thrashed about despite the searing pain the weights were sending through her nipples from her movements. “EVER,” he hit her again after she slowed down, “SAY,” he hit her again. “ANYTHING,” yet another hit. “NAUGHTY,” one more blow. “AGAIN!!!” the blow found Janice’s clit. She thrashed more wildly this time and shook in a grotesque display of pain and submission.


Jessica was crying “no” the entire time. The lesson was a hard one, but she quickly learned what was taught. She was chosen to be Joe’s “good girl,” just as he perceived it. Jessica saw her sister slump in her bonds, and she told herself, no matter what, BE OBEDIENT.



Jessica continued to kiss and lick at his bare feet. Joe planted a foot on her head, but she did not stop kissing. He walked away, and she crawled after him. “Please Daddy,” Joe had found the magic word he liked and the girl now uttered it, “take me as your slave.”


She was hoping she was worthy. Her sister hung like that for quite a while now. She was worried. Did the hood provide enough ventilation? The man hesitated. “Please,” she continued. “I’ll be a good girl-bitch.” He waited for her to plead several more times before he assented to take her in as his slave.


He pointed at the tool-cart that was converted into a torture chamber on wheels. She took one look and knew what her task was. Like a good bitch, Jessica crawled over to the cart and got up on her knees. She bent her head forward and gently held the dog collar between her teeth. Dragging the chain behind, she crawled back to her master or “Daddy” as he preferred to be called.


She waited on all fours with the collar in her mouth for her master to accept. He reached out and clasped the collar tightly around her small neck. Taking the leash, he felt a rush of power. He reached under the slave bitch and tickled her nipples. She blushed in shame, just like her sister. Joe felt his erection growing, but he checked himself. He wanted to save Jessica. She was pure, untouched. Perhaps it was because of her previous coyness when they first met that left such a deep impression so that what was sculpted in his mind was the very picture of purity. Whenever she spoke to him, it was short, soft, and polite. She never revealed much and that in itself made her more excusable. She didn’t flirt with him. She wasn’t a slut like her sister. She just needed a master, a father figure. He would be both and when the time came, he would take her as his.


Joe glanced at the perspiring body of the hooded slut toy. He needed a fuck, and it was time the sisters reunite. He freed the bonds that restricted Janice, and she fell listlessly to the floor. Next, he freed her hands and removed the hood. A loud inspiratory gasp could be heard as the girl greedily sucked in air. He allowed his new slave bitch to console his slut while he went to retrieve another collar which he customarily tightened around Janice. The tit clamps, however, remained.


Like two bitches, he walked them. They needed some exercise. Even the wind seemed to join in on the pair’s harassment as its molesting cool touch erected their nipples. And so, through the dirt paths the demented handy-man walked his slave bitches- one tan, one ivory colored- both smooth and creamy. He even commanded them to relieve themselves like a bitch. First raising one leg, then the other, they pissed, but not onto his property. Each was forced to catch and fill their mouths with the other’s piss. Finally, he had his fun and walked them back.


Undoubtedly the sisters had hoped against hope that such an excursion would draw some attention and maybe help, but the area was guarded off. It was their master’s domain. And uneventfully, they were back outside his cabin. He hosed them off and brought them indoors.


They now knelt in front of him, dreading whatever perversions the man might think of next. Joe’s mind was indeed working at a feverish pace. His heart was racing rapidly and at forty-eight, he feared this might indeed be too much. Their petite bodies – firm and tone – their soft voices, and their submissive, beaten glance all fed into his fantasy. Adding to that was his complete control over them, two young women, and the fact they were twins added to that thrill. He had wanted to, and did finally fuck the petite Asian whore. Fantasy one- fulfilled. Now he was living it to the utmost with the two of them. “Kiss! Kiss one another.” He commanded.


The girls looked, first at him, then at one another. Fearing the worst for the other, Janice and Jessica reluctantly embraced and pecked at one another. SMACKSMACK. Two quick blows of the riding crop onto the scapulas of the sisters brought them to attention. “More tongue. More saliva. More slurping noises. YOU!” he pointed at Janice, “as a slut, teach your sister!” he gave her one more slash.


Janice’s small tongue left her mouth and Jessica quickly lapped it up and sucked it. Drool started to fall onto their breasts. They slurped at one another while coloring their faces with a shameful redness at the depravity of their act. Soon Joe was naked and joined in. He left his angel alone and began to molest Janice, the victim of all his violence and perversion. Soon he was finger fucking her shaved cunt, making a loud squishy noise. He bent her over and inserted his tool into her cunt. “Don’t stop kissing. Continue,” he said.


Jessica continued and followed. “Play with the bitch’s tits,” he directed and Janice, as she rocked with the force of his thrusts, began to massage her sister’s breast. All the while, they moaned in forced lust and coerced lesbian heat. He was in the moment and grabbed a fistful of Janice’s hair. “RIIIIDE’EM COWBOOYYYYEEEEE!” he said as he continuously spank her bare bottom. His fat tummy slapped along with him. Jessica sucked at her sister’s neck and shoulder, planting kiss after kiss.


Janice feeling his orgasm coming, again pleaded. He made a mental note to put the whore on pills, but mercifully complied. He pulled out and the girls continued their lewd act. He came in between them. The girl’s continued to snowball the cum, mixing it with their own saliva. Jessica licked the strand of cum off her sister’s nose as Janice lapped at the cum dribbling off Jessica’s chin. They exchanged cum, then as Joe instructed, spitted it back out onto one another’s face, only to lap it up, like she-dogs once more.


Joe moved back behind Janice and parted her butt-cheeks. Jessica saw Janice clenched her hands, and she took the moment to hold them. As they continued their embrace, Joe penetrated Janice and a loud moan could be heard through the simulated moans of lust. This time, after sometime splitting it raw, he came in her tight shit-hole. Janice fell forward, exhausted, onto her sister. Both of their faces were cum, saliva, and tear stained. Joe moved to where Janice was and again grabbed her hair and wiped his shit and cum-stained cock onto it. He slapped her ass and said, “Lift that fuck ass up and spread them cheeks.”


Despite her fatigue, Janice planted her face on the floor and arched her little bottom up, exposing her small round anal passage. Tiny strands of cum leaked from it. Joe gave Jessica a quick slap to the face before saying, “You, stick your tongue in there and suck it up. All of it!”




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