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A Colorado Country Girl\'s Self Bondage

Part 5




                                                                                                CH 15


                I attended my first bondage party as Denise’s slave. The party was held at the garage dungeon on a Sunday afternoon. I arrived at the house and Denise undressed me. Mary was there and had one of her regular male clients on a leash.  Mary’s little man was naked except for a slave collar. He was pudgy and had no body hair and his penis was small. Denise allowed him to follow us into a bedroom and watch while she undressed me. He squatted on the floor and panted like a dog. I didn’t mind being watched, but I’d have preferred a real man.

                Denise buckled me into a slave collar and leather wrist and ankle cuffs, then she put a partial slave hood over my head. The hood covered my head and face but left my mouth uncovered and I could see out of small eye holes. I had a pretty good idea why my mouth was exposed.

                Denise locked my wrists behind my back then played around with me. She squeezed and pinched my breasts and rubbed my pussy until my knees were weak.

                Mary’s slave, whom I shall call ‘doggy boy’, got very excited. His little cock was hard and he  played with it while he watched. Denise made him stop and handcuffed his hands behind his back. She pushed me onto the bed and spread my legs. She snapped her fingers at ‘doggie boy’ and motioned him closer. He rested his chin on the bed a few inches from my pussy while Denise finger fucked me. She was in character and brought me close to orgasm but cruelly wouldn’t let me come. I was whimpering in frustration. (The ‘doggy slave was whimpering too, the little creep). Denise stopped tormenting me when Mary called from the kitchen that she could use some help.

                Denise attached nipple clamps to my breasts, snapped a chain to my collar and led me to the kitchen. ‘Doggy boy’ followed on his hands and knees.

Mary was setting up refreshments. Denise unlocked my wrists and told me to help, she pitched in too. I carried trays of goodies to the garage.

                Setting up the buffet in the nude was exciting. I’d helped mom with parties before, but never as a slave. The only problem was that ‘doggie boy’ followed me everywhere. He didn’t have to help, he just stared at me and panted like a dog. Mary and Denise bustled around like ordinary hostesses before a party, except most hostesses don’t dress to the max in dominatrix outfits.

                Denise wore a scarlet micro skirt and matching vest. The vest did nothing to conceal her breasts and  her skirt was so short that her black silk panties were visible. She wore brilliant red knee boots complete with spurs.

Mary wore a silver bustier over a black leather skirt. The skirt was split up the front. It could be closed with snaps but she’d left them open so that her pussy was exposed, Her pubic hair was so red that I wondered if she’d touched it up.

They both looked fantastic.

                The dungeon was arranged with tables and chairs and a buffet along a wall. An X cross stood in the center of the room, just where the lights focused. My pussy tingled as I remembered my moments under those lights. I wondered what I was going to experience that afternoon.  When they were satisfied that everything was ready they locked me in one of the jail cells and put ‘doggie boy’ in another. I wasn’t terribly thrilled about just sitting loose in a cell.

“Do I have to just sit here?” I complained. “Can’t I be tied up or something?” 

 Denise pressed me against the bars so that my breasts protruded through. She spread my  arms and legs wide and locked them tightly to the bars. Much better. Then she toyed with my pussy until I was ready to cum.

In the next cell ‘doggy boy’s’ pecker was hard. He panted and whimpered until Denise tied him the same way. She even deigned to play with his cock for a few minutes.


The first guests arrived. A man walked in leading a woman . She was dressed like a Spanish lady in a red and black lace dress. Her skirt was made of layers of ruffles and trailed behind her. She even wore a high comb covered with a mantilla. Her hands were bound in front with a red rope and she followed her master demurely, with lowered eyes. The costume was very erotic because her skirt was completely open in the front exposing her very hairy pussy. The man was dressed like an Argentine gaucho, with a wide hat and flowing trousers tucked into boots and held up by a sash. He was bare chested and carried a whip.

He motioned the woman to a chair and walked to me. As he approached he opened the front of his trousers and pulled out a very hard cock. He thrust his cock between the bars and rubbed it against my belly. He couldn’t screw me in that position, but he sure got me hot in a hurry! He rubbed his cock against my skin for a few minutes the stepped back and toyed with my breasts.

 In his cage ‘doggie boy’ whimpered hopefully. The gaucho looked at him in disdain and smacked the handle of his whip onto ‘doggie’s’ cock. The pathetic little worm yelped in delight and began humping against the bars. The gaucho ignored him and walked away.

More guests arrived until about twenty people were present. Some wore costumes, other were in regular clothes. Most of the submissives were nude or partially so, and so were some of the dominants. Most doms were men, but several women showed with subs in tow.

One female dom had the look of a professional and her sub was a man. She led him in naked in chains. His cock was rock hard and she made him offer it to every one. Some people touched his cock but most of the male dominants ignored it or at best whacked it their whips. One master ordered his slave, a mousy little woman in chains to masturbate the male. She brought him close to coming, then stopped when ordered. The poor male groaned in frustration. Everyone laughed at him.

Another dominant woman was fascinating. She was a sweet looking lady about forty years old. She looked like a school teacher. She carried a wooden ruler, wore granny glasses low on her nose, her hair in a bun, and a severe gray business suit with some interesting modifications. She was naked under her jacket and showed a lot of impressive cleavage when she moved, and her skirt was so short that the tops of her stockings were visible. Later in the evening I got a look up her skirt and found that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Her sub was a woman in her fifties. She wore a school girl outfit with a tiny plaid skirt, ruffled panties, bobby socks, penny loafers and an enormous white bra that exposed an impressive cleavage, bigger than her mistress’s boobs. The get up would have looked ridiculous on most women her age, but somehow she carried it off. She looked very sexy.

 It turned out that the dom really was a school teacher, so was her sub. They worked in the same school and had been in the bondage scene for twenty years. Both were married but neither woman’s husband knew of their secret lives.

Their arrival caused a stir among the other guests. Everyone focused on the ‘school girl’s’ breasts and the men couldn’t keep their hands off them. She giggled and tried to stand still as several hands roamed over her boobs and under her skirt. Her dom permitted this for a few moments then shooed the men away. She promised they would all get their turn later. The school girl stuck out her lower lip and pouted. Her dom  ordered her to lift her skirt and bend forward. The schoolgirl grinned and wiggled her bottom while her dom gave her a dozen smacks with the ruler.

I guess I had expected the affair to be run more like a show, with every one putting on an act in turn, but it really was just a party. Slaves and masters mingled, chatted, ate and drank. Many of the submissives wore cuffs or chains but ‘doggy boy’ and I were the only ones who were restrained. From time to time someone would wander over to my cell and play with my breasts and pussy. Some slaves took liberties with my body. That was ok with me. I was so excited that I didn’t care who was touching me.

Mary came by with a plate of refreshments and fed me. She also fed ‘doggy boy’ and played with his cock. She knew just how to excite him until he was an inch from coming. Each time he got close she would stop. The poor little twerp would whimper and yelp and hump the bars frantically. He attracted so much attention that everyone grew quiet and watched. Mary glanced around and laughed.

“Would anyone like to see more?” she asked. They applauded.

She untied ‘doggy’ and led him to the center of the room. She strapped him to the X cross. He was so excited that he was trembling. Mary played with his cock, then whipped him. She whipped the little guy over every inch of his body, even his face (although she didn’t hit him very hard there).

He loved every stroke. His expression was ecstatic. He jerked and groaned and yelped at each blow, and his cock was as hard as a rock.

Mary stepped back and offered her whip to another woman. This was the other professional dominatrix. Her name was Georgia.

Georgia stood in from of ‘doggy’ and cracked the whip. She was very good and demonstrated mastery of the whip that would have put a  lion tamer to shame. She snapped that whip over her head, in circles, in figure eights and she cracked it so hard on the floor that it marked the wood. She cracked that whip so fast and loud that it sounding like a machine gun. Little ‘doggy boy’ watched entranced, his eyes never left the whip.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was so beautiful, so cruel and so skilled with her whip! It was wasted on ‘doggy. I should be on that cross, not him!

Never slowing the whip, Georgia moved closer to him. His face was pale but a look of pure lust was on his face. The whip got closer and closer. Then she slashed it across his chest. Two blows so fast that bright red welts appeared instantly, and ‘doggy boy’ came!

His cum spurted out and struck her leg. She ignored it and hit him again, this time slowly and deliberately. At each stroke his body jerked and more cum spurted out. He never made a sound and never took his eyes from her.   

When his cock was empty she tossed the whip to the floor and walked to her table. She walked like a queen. Her head was high, her carriage was regal and her eyes sparkled. She wasn’t even breathing hard. The room was silent and everyone stared in awe. At her table she placed her foot on a chair and motioned her personal slave to lick the cum off her leg. He lunged forward eager to obey.

Georgia sipped her drink and smiled at the crowd. “Who’s next?”

They burst into applause.


Mary released ‘doggy’ and made him lick his semen from the floor, then she clipped a leash to his collar and had him crawl after her as she moved around the room. He was completely contented and the other guests petted him like a puppy.

I was jealous. I wanted to be petted. I wanted to be whipped into an orgasm while they watched. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried.

Another guest decided to display his slave. He led a woman to the floor. She wore a dress that buttoned own the front. He unbuttoned the dress and tossed it aside. Under it she wore white lace panties, garter belt and bra. She was an ordinary looking woman, not pretty, not plain.  So was he, and it was obvious that they were husband and wife. They were the kind of people you wouldn’t look at twice if you passed them in a grocery store. He lowered a rope from the ceiling and strung her up by her wrists, then he whipped her half to death.

I thought Georgia had done a job on ‘doggy boy’, but that man whipped his wife so hard that she was covered with raised welts within minutes. Some of the welts even had thin lines of blood seeping from  them. And she didn’t take her whipping quietly. She screamed her lungs out.

That poor woman writhed and twisted in her bonds. She screamed and jerked and tried to avoid the whip. She tugged herself upward, then dropped back. Her feet were off the floor and she flopped at the end of the rope like a fish on a line. She struggled so frantically that puffs of dust wafted down from the rafters. I began to wonder if she was at the party voluntarily. I was incredibly excited, but as I watched her genuine agony I wondered what would happen to Mary and Denise if the woman went to the police. 

I caught Mary’s eye and she came over.

“I don’t think that she is enjoying this,” I whispered. “Shouldn’t you stop it?”

Mary looked at me incredulously.

“I could take her place,” I offered.

Mary just rolled her eyes and walked away.

The man whipped his woman until she hung limply in her bonds. Her chest was heaving and her breasts bounced as she gasped for breath. He lowered her to the floor but she didn’t try to stand. She just collapsed slowly until she lay at his feet. He released her bonds and she slowly stood up. She smiled at the applause and turned back and forth, proudly displaying her welts. She kissed her husband on the cheek and walked to their table.

Across the room Mary looked at me and winked.

A couple at the next table spoke to her. I couldn’t hear the conversation but both men seemed to reach some sort of agreement. The women changed seats, then the freshly whipped woman got on her knees and disappeared under table. The other woman did the same. Both men leaned back in their chairs. I was jealous again.


I watched a lot of people get tortured that night. It was a learning experience. I thought I was tough but I discovered that I was a virgin when it came to slavery. I watched people endure horrific torture that honestly frightened me.

Oh, I did get whipped that night. Several times in fact and they were all good whippings. I realized a fantasy when Denise took me out of my cell and paraded me in front of every one. Then she hung me by my wrists and asked for a volunteer from the audience. A gentleman stepped forward and selected a big flogger. Denise told him that I wanted it rough. He looked at me questioningly and I nodded.

He didn’t even warm me up, he just went at my body like a mule driver. I was squealing by the third blow and screaming by the tenth. It was lovely! My legs weren’t tied so I kicked and thrashed around and tried to keep them open. I wanted every one to see my pussy.

My tormentor (whose name I cannot recall after all these years) spun my body and whipped me as I rotated. After a few dozen from him, he handed the whip over to another man, and another. All in all I was whipped by every dominant male and female that evening. I came several times during the first whipping and discovered something about myself.

I like being dominated by men, and men are stronger and hit harder, but women are meaner and more insidious and they know just exactly where to place a whip. I had more orgasms under women than men.

After  my first whipping I was released and Denise took me to her table. Things were getting a bit wilder and instead of one person at a time being tortured, several things were going on. I saw that the school teacher had tied her sub to a post and was working her breasts over with a ruler.

The ‘school girl’ was visibly ecstatic and her smile grew with each blow. The ‘teacher’ progressed from a wooden ruler to a wooden yardstick, then to a metal one. Even with the noise in the room I could hear every smack as that yardstick hit her slave’s breasts. Several people watched intently.

The party was now an orgy. Slaves were being spanked or whipped, one man had bent his slave over a table and was fucking her from behind, and ‘doggy boy’ was on his knees sucking a man’s cock. Yuck!

In a corner of the dungeon several people were gathered around an OB/GYN table. A woman was strapped to the table and alternately screaming in pain and shrieking with laughter. I couldn’t see what they were doing to her but whatever it was, I wished they were doing it to me.

The gaucho joined us at the table and he and Denise got into a long conversation. I wondered where his Spanish Lady was until I saw her getting a spanking on the lap of another man. The lucky thing!

I got up and wandered around the room. I watched all sorts of erotic torments being inflicted on people and was about to offer myself to a man who’d just given a girl a terrific whipping when another  piercing scream came from the woman on the OB/GYN table. I went to the table and saw that the woman was being tormented with electricity.

Wires were clipped to her nipples and pussy lips. A wire was attached to a metal rod in her rectum and others were clipped to her toes and fingers. The wires ran to a control box that looked like a model train transformer. A man was turning dials on the box and that made the woman scream or giggle. From her reactions, the lower voltage was quite pleasant. She moaned and purred with pleasure, but when  the power went up her purring changed to yelps, then to shrieks, then to window rattling screams.  She also reacted differently when the electricity was applied to different parts of her body. Obviously the wires on her pussy brought  the strongest screams. At full power she screamed insanely and thrashed on the table like a mad woman.

Denise appeared beside me and told me the woman was a serious masochist and a danger freak. She even had a death fetish.  She took risks and had allowed people to torture her so severely that she had been hospitalized. Her favorite torture was electrical and she had an fantasy about being executed in an electric chair.

My jaw dropped when Denise told me that. I looked at her in astonishment. Denise shrugged and told me not to be too surprised or judgmental. I started to say something until I remembered I’d had fantasies of being sacrificed and burnt at the stake when I was in high school. I nodded.

“How well do you know her?” I asked.

“Quite well,” Denise answered. “She comes to me for sessions from time to time, but I won’t do all the things she asks for.”

“Like what?”

“Like that,” Denise said, pointed at the woman. “I have electric torture devices, but she wants them turned up so high that she really could be electrocuted. I won’t run that risk.”

“Does she have a master?” I asked.

“She has in the past, but they always break up. Luckily for her, she hasn’t met anyone who is crazy enough to do the things that she wants done to her. If she ever does hook up with someone like that she may end up dead.”

“I’ve had fantasies about being cooked at a stake,” I said. “And being a sacrificial victim, but I was more interested in the bondage, not really dying.”

“I understand that,” Denise said. “But Donna takes it to the extreme.”

“Her name is Donna?” I asked, nodding toward the woman.

“Yes,” Denise answered. “She wants to be put on trial naked for some crime, then condemned to the electric chair. She fantasizes that she’s led through a prison in the nude to the execution chamber, then strapped to the chair in front of a crowd of witnesses. The chair is especially designed for women, and it forces her legs wide apart. The prison guards secure her to the chair and insert a huge penis shaped electrode in her pussy. When they turn on the current she wants to thrash wildly, like she is now, in front of the witnesses. The executioner turns the electricity on and off, prolonging her death. As the current is increased she jerks in the chair until its rocking on the floor. When they give her the final jolt smoke comes off her breasts and tiny flames ignite on her nipples, then she has a huge orgasm and dies.”

“How do you know all this?” I gasped.

“Donna loves to talk about her fantasies,” Denise said. “I’ve listened to them for years.”

“Wow,” I asked. “She’s pretty weird!”

(Weird fantasies. . . but sexy.)

I didn’t want to be executed but I did want to strapped to that table. My pussy was throbbing so much I could have sworn it was buzzing.

                                                                CH 16


As I stood watching, a man’s hand clapped on my shoulder and turned me around. I found myself looking into the eyes of the gaucho. His hand pressed me to my knees where I was at eye level with his cock. I opened my mouth for him.

I enjoyed sucking that man’s cock because other people were watching. But I also wanted to see  what they were doing to the woman on the table. I sucked that cock the best I could so he could come quickly and I could get back to watching  the electrical torture. Unfortunately as soon as the gaucho came another cock was shoved in my face. I obediently took the second cock in my mouth, but was surprised to see a woman kneel beside the man’s leg. She was a strikingly beautiful woman who could have been an actress or a model. She looked at me without expression and I wondered why he was wasting time on me when he had her, until I realized that it was to humiliate her.

She was naked and her arms were tightly bound behind her back. She looked into my eyes and when he got close to coming she edged nearer to me. When he came he withdrew from my mouth and spurted in my face. I liked that but was surprised when his slave pressed herself against me and began licking my face. I held still as she cleaned all his cum off me with her tongue. She managed to slip her tongue between my lips once or twice and I finally saw a twinkle in her eyes when she finished and licked her own lips.

I started to get up but her master ordered me to lay back and spread my legs. I almost refused because I still wanted to see the electrical torture, but I was a slave and had to obey.

I lay back and opened my knees. The man took his slave by the hair and pushed her face into my crotch. She kissed my pussy, then set to work with her tongue. And she knew what she was doing.

A crowd formed around us which I found exciting. Even ‘doggy boy’ showed up, still crawling. He wormed his way past people’s legs and squatted  next me. His little cock was hard and pointing at my  face. He whimpered and edged closer but I shoved him away. That brought a burst of laughter from the crowd.

One of the masters told me to play with ‘doggie’s cock, but I refused. The master knelt and took both my hands in his. Someone handed him a set of handcuffs and he clipped them into the rings of my wrist cuffs. Then he forced my arms over my head and onto the floor. He placed his foot on the handcuffs and I couldn’t move.

Someone ordered ‘doggy’ to crouch over my chest and put his cock in my mouth. I hated the idea but I was a slave and had no choice. I sucked that pathetic little weenie.

And I got even more excited! Being on my back with my wrists imprisoned took my passion to a higher notch and being forced to do something so humiliating in front of people sent it higher still. Degradation was thrilling. (Of course, the fact that my pussy was being eaten by a beautiful woman may have helped). I sucked little ‘doggy’ as if I were in love with him. 

The crowd cheered when ‘doggy’ came all over my face, and I came a moment later from the actions of that wonderful tongue in my pussy.  Someone grabbed ‘doggy’ by the scruff of his neck and dragged him off me. The woman’s face disappeared from my crotch and I felt the weight of a man on my body. A cock thrust inside me and I came like a volcano.

I lay on the floor in pure delight as I was fucked in front of people. I was dimly aware of the beautiful slave lying beside me while someone fucked her too.

I lost count of the men who screwed me. Eventually I was alone on the floor. The beautiful woman was gone and the OB/GYN table was empty. I staggered to my feet and walked to a table. I drank a glass of water and another of wine. I slouched in the chair and felt utterly happy.

Denise plopped down beside me.

“Having a nice time?” she asked.

I managed to nod.

“Its a good thing these chairs are washable,” she commented.

I looked at her curiously until I saw that she was looking at my crotch. My pussy was pink and swollen and covered with cum. More was oozing out.

“I you sit here too long you’ll be stuck to the seat,” Denise said..

 I laughed helplessly. I noticed that my nipple clamps were missing, so was my hood.


The party was out of control. Someone tied two females side by side to kneeling posts and made them suck men’s cocks. Another slave was added, and a third, until a whole row of slaves knelt on the floor, including two male slaves, whose cocks were very hard. Dominant males wandered over and stuck their cocks into the kneeling slaves’ mouths.

“That’s interesting,” Denise commented.

“What is?” I asked.

“See the male sub at the end of the line, the one with the curly hair?”


“He just gave a blow job to a master.”


“He’s straight. I’ve never seen him submit to a man before.”

“No kidding? Who is his mistress?”

“The short woman in blue,” Denise said. “The one talking to those men at the table over there. She’s his wife.”

The woman in blue was looking toward her slave husband. She seemed mildly surprised to see cum on his face. She said something to one of the men at her table, who stood up and walked to her husband. The man opened his trousers and took out his cock. He moved close to the male slave, who obediently took it between his lips.

The slaves’ wife laughed in disbelief and applauded. She watched her husband suck the cock until it spurted in his mouth. When her husband looked toward her she raised her glass toward him mockingly, then  returned to her conversation. Her husband hung his head in embarrassment.

“My, my,” Denise said.


The plain woman who had been so brutally whipped was at it again. She was hanging by her wrists while a man whipped her. She was getting another brutal whipping, and like the first time, she was screeching and fighting her bonds. Denise followed my look.

“She is animated, isn’t she,” Denise commented. “She likes everyone to watch when she’s punished. She loves to thrash around.”

“I’m impressed,” I admitted.

“Wait until they get around to whipping her pussy,” Denise said. “She really puts on a show then.”

“That’s not her husband whipping her,” I commented.

“No, he took someone’s slave to a bedroom.”

A piercing scream came from across the dungeon. The crowd around the ‘schoolgirl’ laughed.

“They’re still working on Dorothy’s boobs,” Denise said.

“There’s a lot to work on,” I commented.

“Uh huh, they certainly are huge,” Denise agreed. “I like tormenting them.”

“You’ve had sessions with her?” I asked. “You’ve tortured those boobs?”

“Yep, and you want to know something?” Denise said. “She has orgasms from them.”

“No kidding?”

“Hurt her boobs enough and she’ll come like an atomic bomb,” Denise said.  “I wish I could come that way.”

I looked at the ‘schoolgirl’. Someone was twisting her breasts using pliers. The look on her face was pure ecstasy.

“Do you know everyone’s secrets?” I asked.

“Pretty much,” she said. “Submissives will tell you everything when they’re in character. They like to talk about their dreams.”

“I guess you’re right,” I said. “I did.”

Denise nodded toward the ‘schoolgirl’.  “Her greatest fantasy is to have somebody put giant fishhooks through her nipples, then hang her from the ceiling with them,”

I cringed at the thought, then felt a wave of heat flash through my pussy. A violent shudder rippled through my body.

Denise looked at me curiously.

“Just imagining what that would be like,” I explained. “It sounds horrid.”

“Sure it does,” she scoffed. “I can see that you’re terrified.”

I looked away embarrassed. Denise laughed.

“Don’t try to kid me Mary. I can tell by the look in your eyes that  you’d love to hang by your tits. Right?” 

“My God no!”

She leaned close. “Are you sure about that? Are you sure that you wouldn’t like to have hooks stabbed through your nipples?”

“I’d love it,” I whispered.

Denise laughed. She pinched my nipple and pulled me to my feet. She walked me to a spot near Dorothy and told me to kneel. I obeyed and watched eagerly as she took a set of wicked looking nipple clamps from s shelf. She tied cord to them and tossed the cords over the rafter above my head.

She put the clamps on my nipples and she wasn’t gentle about it. I bit my lip and managed to suppress a squeal when the first one bit into me, but  I wasn’t able to keep from shrieking when the second one got me. Heads turned and people watched as Denise tugged the cords and forced me to my feet. She kept pulling until I was on my toes and gasping in pain. Then she locked my wrists behind my back and walked away. What a pal!


                                                                                CH 17


The party started to wind down at midnight and the guests began to leave. Dorothy and her school teacher were the last to go. I was still a tip toe under the rafter. I watched as Dorothy was released and sat with her mistress, Mary and Denise at a table.

I couldn’t hear their conversation but they were looking at me. I saw Dorothy nod and get to her feet. Denise locked her wrists behind her and led her to me. She attached clamps to Dorothy’s nipples, pressed her against me and hauled her up onto her toes. She tied a rope around our waists and snubbed it tightly. Dorothy’s body felt warm and soft.

“Dorothy, this is Mary,” Denise said. “Mary is fascinated by your boobs and interested in your story.”

“Hi Mary,” Dorothy said kindly. “So you like boobs?”

I was embarrassed. “Not usually,” I said. “But yours are magnificent.”

“Thank you. I take it you’re gay?”

“No, not really,” I told her. “I’ve been having sex with ladies but that’s because I’m a slave. I normally like men.”

“Then we’re in the same boat,” she said. “I never had sex with a woman either until I discovered my submissive side.”

We were tied so closely that I had to lean away to see her face. She looked exhausted but happy. She smiled at me.

 Dorothy’s breasts were so big, soft and floppy that they lifted easily into the air.

 Denise, Mary, and the teacher (whose name was Vivian) sat at the table and visited for an hour while Dorothy and I danced on our toes.

“How big are your breasts?” I asked.

“Fifty four inches,” she said.  “One inch for each year of my life.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I’m fifty four years old,” she laughed.  “And my tits are still growing.”

“They are?”

“Between having a tit loving husband, and this kind of thing, they stretch a little more each year.”

“Does your husband torture them?” I asked.

“No, never. He just isn’t into bondage,” she said. “He has no idea that I do this.”

“How do you keep it from him?”

“He travels a lot so I can have fun while he’s away. If I have marks after a session I avoid letting him see me naked, and we make love in the dark. I’ve convinced him that I like getting screwed with the lights out.”

“And he never sees your marks?” I asked.

“Sometimes he does, but I’ve trained him over the years to believe that my bras leave marks on my skin. He doesn’t even question it anymore.” 

“How did you get into the scene?”

“There are several bad things about having huge tits,” she said. “Back aches, people stare at them, and they get in the way. They knock things over.”

“What are the good things about having huge tits?: I asked.”

“People stare at them and they make great targets for a whip.”


“Vivian and I teach at the same school. We were in the office one day, helping with the paperwork. Its hard for me to see under my boobs and I kept bumping into things. I knocked over the same stack of papers three times and Vivian warned me that if I did it again she was going to spank me. She was kidding, but the next time it happened she picked up a ruler and told me to hold out my hand. I did and she rapped my palm lightly, then jokingly smacked my boobs. When that ruler hit my nipples a bolt of pure excitement went through me like electricity. I jumped like I’d been shot.”


“Vivian saw the look in my eyes and knew instantly. Neither of us said a word. She raised the ruler, I stuck my boobs out, and she smacked them again. I almost had an orgasm.”

“Denise told me you can come from pain in your breasts,” I said.

“Yes, I can,” she said. “I just wish I’d found that out earlier. I’d have had people torturing them a lot sooner if I’d known. I wasted a lot of years.”

“Did you come that first day?”

“No, I came close but we were interrupted.”

“What happened?”

“Another teacher came in and we went back to work. We were both embarrassed and didn’t look at each other the rest of the day. As we were leaving that afternoon Vivian suggested we get a cup of coffee. We went to a cafe and talked about what had happened.

“Vivian  had a lesbian roommate in college who was submissive, and she talked Vivian into tying her up. Vivian discovered that she enjoyed dominating the girl. They had a relationship, but after college went their separate ways. Vivian became a teacher, got married, had kids and lived a normal life, but smacking my breasts with that ruler turned her on. It brought back the memories of her college days. She asked me to let her dominate me.”

“What did you say?”

“I said no. I’d never had any lesbian or masochistic fantasies. Besides, I love my husband and would never hurt him. Unfortunately the incident triggered something in me I didn’t know existed. I got hot every time I thought about it. I was confused and stewed over it for days. I had trouble getting to sleep, and when I did manage to sleep I dreamt about being tortured.”

“I know about dreams,” I told her. “You wouldn’t believe some of the raunchy ones I have.”

“You’re too young to be having such dreams,” she smiled. “How old are you?”

“I’m twenty one,” I said. “And I’ve been tying my self up since I was sixteen.”

“Ah, an early bloomer,” she said.

“Yes, an early bloomer with an over active imagination,” I said. “I have lots of wicked dreams.”

“Someday we’ll have to compare them,” she giggled.

“I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours,”.


Dorothy continued her story:

“The bondage dreams were driving me crazy so I worked up the nerve to ask my husband if he would like to tie me up. We had never done anything like that and he politely declined. He said he wasn’t the kind on man who would abuse a woman. He was surprised that I brought up the subject so I never mentioned it again.”

“Too bad,” I said.

“The dreams didn’t stop,” she continued. “So I went to Vivian and agreed to submit to her one time only.”

“Only once?” I asked.

“I thought perhaps if I did it once I might get it out of my system and be able to get back to normal,” she said.

“But it didn’t work that way, right?”

“No,” she said. “I told Vivian I’d let her do anything she wanted to me. She invited me to her house on a Saturday. Her husband was away fishing.

“I was a nervous wreck when I got there. Vivian took me to the cellar and ordered me to undress. I discovered that I liked taking orders from her, it excited me. I took off my clothes and she tied me to a post.

“A big turn on?” I asked.

“Incredible! I went weak in the knees as soon as I felt that rope tighten on my wrists. Vivian tied my wrists and ankles, and wrapped ropes around my breasts until they were as tight as balloons, then she told me to try to get loose. I struggled but it was impossible. All I could do was wiggle around and manage to get my boobs bouncing. Vivian liked that and ordered me to keep them moving. It was painful but I liked it too.”

“I’d love to see that,” I said.

She smiled and went on. “Finally Vivian got down to business and tortured me. She squeezed my boobs, pinched my nipples, dug her fingernails in as deep as she could. The pain was terrific but turned me on. She slapped my breasts with her hands, then used a ruler and a yardstick. That’s when I experienced my first bondage orgasm.”

“Did you have orgasms before that?” I asked.

“Oh yes. My husband is a terrific lover,” she said. “And we are wonderfully compatible, at least in normal sex.”

“Its too bad he won’t tie you up,” I said.

“You don’t know how many times my heart has ached to have him do the things that Vivian does to me.”

“Tell me more about your first time with her,” I suggested.

“When I came the first time she let me rest for a few minutes, then used a whip on me. I thought I was in heaven! I had more orgasms and she never even touched my pussy.”

“There was no sex between you?”

“Not the first time,” she said. “I didn’t become a lesbian until our third or fourth meeting.”

“What happened?”

“Vivian tied me to her bed and whipped me. She whipped my boobs of course, but also the insides of my thighs, my belly, even my pussy.”


“I’ll say! I had an orgasm,” Dorothy said. “Then Vivian climbed onto the bed and lowered her pussy onto my face.”

“Did you like it?”

“It was odd,” she said. “I’d never done that before, but I knew it was coming sooner or later. I didn’t dislike eating Vivian’s pussy, it was just a new experience. Later I grew to love at. I still do.”

“Do you love eating all pussies,” I giggled. “Or just your mistresses?”

“All pussies,” she laughed. “But especially hers.”

“Did your mistress eat your pussy?” I asked.

“Not that time, but she did a few weeks later. She got me very excited, then made me beg for it. In our entire relationship we’ve never just made love. I’ve always been in bondage and I refuse to eat her pussy until she whips me into submission, and she won’t eat mine until I beg. Its our little game.”

“Are you turned on my submission too?” I asked. “I sure am.”

“Yes,” Dorothy replied. “I love to have my tits abused, but I get excited about bondage and even just verbal dominance.”


“Sometimes Vivian calls me at home and orders me to take off my clothes and play with my pussy and do other sexy things,” Dorothy said. “I get really hot doing that.”

“Do you really do the things she says,” I asked. “Or just pretend?”

“I do them,” she said firmly. “To the last detail.”

“Getting back to eating pussies,” I said. “What about other women?”

“Sure,” Dorothy said. “She’s given me to other doms and I’ve had to eat other slave pussies.”

“Have you been given to men?” I asked.

“Never,” she said firmly. “I’ve been spanked and tortured by men, but I won’t let them fuck me. It may be a small point, but  no matter how many times I’ve betrayed my husband with Vivian, I’ve never done so with a man.”

“Forgive me, but you seemed to enjoy the attention that men were giving you earlier,” I observed.

“Its true, to my shame,” she said.

“Have you ever sucked a man’s cock?”


“Well, isn’t that the same as screwing?”

“I admit that I’m a hypocrite,” Dorothy said. “But maybe the only way I can retain a tiny bit of self respect is to keep my pussy for my husband only.”

We were quiet for a while. I felt bad that I had pressed her. She spoke.

“The first time I sucked a cock as a slave I honestly had to be forced to do it.”

“What happened?”

“It was many years ago. Vivian swapped me for another woman’s slave. The other dom tied me on my knees and was working my breasts over when her boyfriend showed up. He wasn’t supposed to be part of the arrangement but the dom ordered me to suck his cock. I refused so they whipped me hard. Two people whipped my tits at the same time. Vivian was in another room and thought my screams were just ordinary screams. Part of me was determined not to betray my husband and part of me enjoyed the pain, so I refused for a long time. It went on so long that I went beyond the point of erotic pain. I was afraid that they were going to injure me, perhaps scar me permanently, so I gave in.”

“You poor thing,” I said.

“Not really,” she said wryly. “Despite the pain and degradation, as soon as that man’s cock went into my mouth I was turned on. I gave him the blow job of his life. I swallowed his cum and begged for more. The dom and her boyfriend were so impressed that they offered to buy me from Vivian.”


“So I suck cocks now, but I resist as long as I can,” Dorothy said proudly. “If a man wants me to suck him off, he’s going to have to work at making me do it.”

(That sort of logic makes sense only to another sex slave. It made perfect sense to me.)


“How long have you and Vivian been together?”

“I was thirty five when we started, Vivian was twenty six. That was almost twenty years ago.”  She smiled and shook her head. “You wouldn’t believe the lengths we’ve gone to keep it secret. No one outside the scene has ever guessed that I’m Vivian’s slave. We never allowed a hint of it into our work or family lives. Vivian has had a child since we started. She whipped me when she was pregnant.”

“Do they make leather maternity outfits for doms?” I giggled.

 “You aren’t the first person to ask that,” she chuckled. “Actually the weirdest part of being dominated by a pregnant woman is the fact that its hard to breathe when she’s sitting on your face.”

“”Now that is kinky,” I said. “I could listen to your stories all night.”

“I have a lot of them,” she said. “Vivian and I have shared a lot of experiences over the years.”

“Have you ever gotten burnt out?”

“Oh sure. We’ve both reached the point where we needed a break. That usually lasts a few weeks, then we’re right back at it. After all these years, I’m still hooked.”

“Speaking of being hooked,” I said. “I heard that you have a fantasy involving hooks.”

“Ooooh yes!” she sighed. “I want to have my tits pierced with big fish hooks, like the ones they use in deep sea fishing. Then I want to be lifted into the air by the hooks.”

“That would probably tear your breasts off,” I said.

“I know, but since when does a fantasy have to be logical?”

“That’s true.” I said. I thought for a moment. “Would you mind if I intruded into your fantasy?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, it just came to me that instead of these clamps, they could put hooks through our nipples, run the cords over that beam so we would be connected by our tits.”

“And make them so tight that we’d have to stand on our toes?” she added.

“Just like we are now.”

“Or, they could pierce us with the same hooks,” she whispered. “A hook down through my right nipple then up through your left one, the same on the other side.”

“Yes, then they could hoist us into the air,” I gasped.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then let it out in a long shuddering sigh.

“Thank you,” she said softly. “That was nice.”

“Did you just have an orgasm” I asked amazed.

“A sweet little teensy tiny one,” she giggled. “Thanks to you.”

“I’m impressed!” I told her. “I’ve never seen anyone come just from listening to a fantasy.”

“Want to see me come again?” she asked mischievously. “Watch this.”

She raised higher on her toes, then dropped a few millimeters. The cords on her nipple clamps snapped taught, her breasts jerked upward and an expression of pure ecstasy came across her features. She let out another long shuddering sigh, then opened her eyes and smiled brightly. “See?”

“Ok. I have to try it,” I said. I lifted my self up, dropped down, and white hot lightening seared my nipples. It was wonderful!

Dorothy waited until my breathing was fairly normal. “I have another fantasy, “she said. “I saw pictures in a magazine of a woman who had earrings in her nipples.”

“Do you mean real pierced ear type rings? Not the screw on type?”

“Exactly. She pierced her nipples and inserted large rings through them. I’d give anything to be able to do that.”

 “”It would be an easy way to control a slave,” I mused. “Just attach chains to the rings and she’d have to follow you.” My pussy tingled.

“God, it would be wonderful!”

“Yes, but you couldn’t conceal them from your husband,” I pointed out.

“I know,” she said sadly.

“Unless you can take them out like real ear rings,” I said. “I wonder if the holes would grow shut.”

“They would have to be large holes,” she said. “Larger than regular ear ring holes. My husband would find them.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever get to wear nipple rings,” Dorothy sighed, “Or be hung by my nipples.”

“I like to be hung by my wrists,” I confided. “I’ve done it to myself lots of times in our barn back home. I never thought about hanging by my breasts.”

“You do it to yourself?” Dorothy asked. “How do you get loose?”

“Usually by myself,” I said. “I’m pretty good about tying and untying myself, but a few times I’ve overdone it and my mother had to release me.”

“Very interesting,” Dorothy said.

“I like to hang myself  from the crane on our barn,” I said. “I accidentally locked the crane open and couldn’t get loose. I spent the night hanging there. My mom found me the next morning.”

 “You were naked?” Dorothy asked.

“Stark naked.”

“Amazing! Your mother caught you?” she asked. “What did she do?”

“Nothing,” I replied. “She’s known about my bondage since I was in high school, and anyway she’s into it herself.”

Dorothy’s jaw dropped.

 I told her about my home made torture devices and how I caught Mom using them..

“You aren’t making this up, are you?” Dorothy asked skeptically. “I mean, you and your mother really tie yourselves up? You actually discuss bondage and torture with her?”

“Cross my heart,” I said. “We talk, but she doesn’t know about all this.” I indicated the dungeon. “I don’t think she’d be happy to hear that I’m a slave for hire.”

“You never know,” Dorothy said. “Your mother sounds like a liberated woman.”

“I don’t think she’s that liberated,” I said.

“We’ve never talked about it, but I’ve wondered if my daughter has ever been tied up,” Dorothy mused.

“How would you feel if you found out she has?”

“It would be ok with me if she likes it.”

“How would you feel if you saw her being whipped by a room full of men?” I asked, “Or tied on her knees sucking cocks?”

“I honestly don’t know.”

“Want to hear something terrible?” I asked.


“I fantasize about my mom and I being tortured together.”

“Sex with your mother?”

“No, no,” I said quickly. “Side by side, or like you and I are right now.”

“But submitting sexually to other people, right?”

“That’s right.”

“How about side by side on your knees?” she asked, “Like those people tonight. You want to watch your mother suck men’s cocks?”

“Absolutely. I want to see men come in her face,” I said. “And have her see them come in mine.”

“That’s pretty kinky.”

“Perhaps you and Vivian could come out to the farm for a visit,” I said. “You could meet my Mom, and we could hang you outside the barn.”

“By my boobs?”

“By your wrists,” I said. “But. . .hmm,” a picture appeared in my mind.

“What?” Dorothy asked.

I took a deep breath. “I just had a vision of  you, me, and my mother hanging by our breasts beside our barn. We were high in the air and our bodies were turning slowly in the breeze.”

Dorothy stared at me for a moment, then her eyes closed slowly. She rose on her toes, held there for a moment, then let out a long shuddering sigh.

“Would that hay crane support the weight of all three of us?”


“I’d love to visit your farm,” Dorothy said. “And I’d really like to meet your mother.”


They removed our nipple clamps and took us down. Dorothy gave me a big warm hug and a deep tongue kiss, then she and Vivian left.

 I took a long shower and crawled in bed in the house. Mary had to go home to her family but Denise didn’t feel like driving so she got in bed with me and we slept in each other’s arms.


I dreamt about a lawn party on our farm where Mom, Dorothy and I were strung up by hooks while guests strolled around and looked up at us.  Other female slaves were hung from tree limbs and telephone poles, but we were hanging from the crane. The breeze set our bodies turning gently in the sunlight.

The dream changed and we were taken down. Vivian led us into the barn where an electric chair sat in the center of the floor. The barn was full of spectators. Donna was led in and walked proudly to the chair. She sat down eagerly and impaled her pussy on the huge electrode. Men strapped her in and someone threw the switch. She convulsed and thrashed insanely until she orgasmed and died. The rest of us got in line to wait our turn.

I woke up with my hand in my pussy.


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