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A Colorado Country Girl\'s Self Bondage

Part 25

                                       CH 54

Denise called that evening and told me that a session had been set up for the next day.

“What will it be?” I asked nervously. I was ashamed of myself, and embarrassed that Id had to ask my friends to pander for me.

“Twenty four hours of torture starting at five oclock,” she replied. “Serious, painful torture at the dungeon. Its going to be intense so you had better be prepared.”

“All right, thank you,” I whispered.

I drove my little girl out to the farm. She was four years old and adored her grand mother so I had no qualms about leaving her there. Mom had been delighted to watch her for the entire week. I didnt tell Mom what I was planning but she sensed that something was up. She asked what I was going to do with all that time alone. 

“Im going to clean the house from top to bottom,” I lied. “Then Im going to just decompress for the rest of the time.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” she said.

I spent the night at Moms then drove back to Denver the next morning. I cleaned up, shaved my pussy for the first time since Id gotten married and tried to relax. I was worried about what I was about to do, but I was excited as well, I was going to be tortured!

I arrived at the dungeon an hour early. The house was empty so I put on a pot of coffee and wandered into the dungeon. I was surprised to see a strange woman setting up cameras and lights. She had a lot of photography equipment and had an air of a professional about her.

“Hi,” she said when I walked in. “Are you one of the doms, or the model?”

“Uh, Im not sure what you are talking about,” replied. “Im not a model and Im definitely not a dominatrix.”


There was an awkward silence, then I offered her a cup of coffee. I went to the kitchen, poured two cups and returned. She and I were chatting when Denise walked in. I smiled at her but got a glare in return. She didnt say a word she just grabbed the back of my hair firmly and marched me into the house.

“Ouch!” I squealed. “What are you doing?”

She slapped me across my face. Hard.

“Be quiet you filthy little slut!” she hissed. “Dont say a damn thing.”

“Oh God!” I thought. “Denise hates me now.” I wanted to cry.

Denise took me into the bedroom and ordered me to undress. When I was naked she buckled a very large gag in my mouth. It was so large that it hurt my jaws and I whimpered in protest. That earned me another slap.

Denise threw me face down on the bed and strapped my arms tightly behind my back. I gasped in pain, but my pussy went damp instantly. She pressed her knee in the small of my back as she buckled cuffs on my wrists and ankles. She slipped her thigh between my legs and I pressed my very damp pussy against her skin while she put a very high and uncomfortable collar on my neck and pulled me to my feet. I was frightened at her anger, but very turned on.

She marched me out to the dungeon. The photographer was still setting up and her eyebrows rose when she saw me.

“I thought she wasnt the model.” she said.

“Oh, this little bitch is your model all right,” Denise said. “She just didnt know it until now.”

“I looked at Denise in astonishment. She was going to let me be photographed? I shook my head insistently.

“Dont worry,” Denise sneered at me. “Your face wont show.” She buckled a slave hood over my head then walked to the cell. She clipped my leash to a ceiling hook and tugged until I was standing on my toes. I whimpered in fear.

Denise left the dungeon. The photographer looked at me.

“Im not sure I should go through with this,” she said. “I have to be certain that you are posing voluntarily.”

I couldnt talk and I couldnt nod my head but being bound set my pussy on fire and I was very willing for what ever might happen to me. I tried to talk around my gag but she couldnt understand me. I wriggled as sexily as I could, trying to make her understand that I was willing. She started to undo my gag but paused and looked toward the door.

“I think Id better wait until she returns,” the photographer said nervously. “That lady is formidable and I dont want to make her angry.”

“Oh yes you do,” I thought, “That is, if youd like to be tied up and punished.”

Mary walked in and looked around. She smiled evilly at me, then talked quietly to the photographer. After a few moments she left. The photographer looked at me and smiled nervously. We looked at each other and I wondered if she was a porn photographer or some innocent that Mary and Denise and brought in.

Mary and Denise returned wearing their dominatrix outfits. Mary was lovely in a bright yellow latex corset with matching shoes. The corset supported black stockings and she wore opera length yellow gloves. Denise wore a shiny red skirt open in the front, a red bra, red stocking and shoes. Neither wore panties.

“Um, we have to settle something,” the photographer said. “I have to be absolutely sure that the model is willing to pose.” She glanced at me. “And from what Ive seen, Im not sure she is.”

“She is, trust me,” Denise said.

“I have to hear it from her,” the photographer insisted. “And she had to sign a models release before I can sell the photos. If I dont get the release form then I cant participate in this.”

“Ok,” Denise sighed tiredly. She opened the cell door and dragged me out. She removed my gag.

“Ask her your questions,” she said to the photographer.

The photographer looked at me. “My name is Annette Arnold. I am a professional photographer and I specialize in erotic photography.” She paused hesitantly. “Usually I try to make my pictures to be artistic and I never do pornography, and Ive never done bondage before.”

My brows rose when I heard this. She looked the type to take those rather sterile nude pictures.

“Ive been invited to photograph an extended bondage and torture session that will be very graphic, and that I will pay the model one thousand dollars.”

My eyes widened at the figure. I looked at Denise.

“I told you that we werent going to help you become a prostitute,” she said. “So we set up this photo shoot.”

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“Oh, dont thank me yet,” she said grimly. “Heres the deal. You will be tortured worse than youve ever been in your life. Two other doms are coming and the four of us are going to tag team you for twenty four hours. They are doing it free of charge, just for the fun of it. Mary and I are doing it to teach you a serious lesson for even considering selling yourself for money. We are very angry at you for even considering whoring yourself out. Youll be lucky to be alive when we are through with you.”

My pussy was throbbing and my nipples were hard as stones.

“Thank you mistress,” I said.

       They untied my wrists and I signed Annettes forms. They also took my hood of so that Annette could take a picture of my face to go into the file.

When they put the hood back, but before I was gagged I looked up at Denise.

“Mistress Denise?”


“You know your cousin, Dianne?”

“What about her?”

“You know angry she makes you? Well I just decided that anything she can do, I can do better.”

I lunged forward and bit Denise above the knee.

Mary gasped in astonishment. Denise looked at the bite mark on her leg. A cold look of fury came over her face. She knelt and gently buckled the gag in my mouth.

“Now, you are going to discover what real pain is,” she whispered to me.

I nodded slowly and winked at her.

They tied me to a post and Annette took several pictures. Denise decided that she would wait before putting whip marks on me. She can be very patient. I was posed in many erotic and obscene positions. I was hung by my wrists, hung upside down. stretched on a rack and placed in every other piece of bondage equipment. And it felt heavenly!

I was experiencing lesbian bondage for the first time in years. I was happy and content and thrilled, especially when I knew that Denise was just biding her time and that I was in for a hell of a lot of torment. My pussy tingled with anticipation.

The first series of pictures took several hours. Annette took pains to get the lighting perfect and to achieve some artistic shadowing. Mary and Denise were quite efficient at repositioning me and Annette commented on how quickly everything was going.

“This is one of the smoothest shoots Ive ever done,” she said, changing film in a camera. “Im not used to having a completely cooperative model like this. Many of my models are prima donnas.”

I was stretched tightly on a cross at the moment.

“Shes not a model,” Mary said. “Shes a real slave and her cooperation is genuine. Right slave?”

I nodded happily.

“She really is a slave?” Annette asked.

“She sure is,” Denise said. “This is the most submissive and masochistic little slut youll ever meet.”

“Wow,” Annette said. She looked at me questioningly. I nodded.

“Our little slave girl can have an orgasm from pain,” Denise said. “Watch this.” She pinched my nipple and twisted it savagely. I shrieked in pain and delight and sure enough, I had an orgasm!

“My God!” Annette gasped.

“Perhaps you ought to punish some of those prima donnas,” Mary suggested. “Like this.” She lashed a whip across my breasts several times, sending me into an extended orgasm.

“Youll probably get a lot more cooperation that way,” Denise said.

“They would never put up with that,” Annette gasped.

“Some would,” Mary chuckled. “They would be the first ones to come rushing back for another session.”

“And a few will offer to model for free,” Denise added. “Those who do will be the real masochists.”

“This little lady has been out of the scene for a few years,” Denise said. “Which is why shes enjoying this so much.” Her claws were still cutting into my nipple. I writhed in pain.

“Do you like this?” Denise leaned close to me. Her eyes were huge.

I nodded vigorously.

“Just wait till we start torturing her,” Mary added. “Then you are going to get some very interesting photographs.”

“Uh, thats not torture?” Annette asked, indicating Denises fingernails on my nipple.

I looked at her and shook my head.

“Thats not even a warm up,” Mary chuckled.

“Get the camera ready,” Denise told her. “Im going to whip her pussy to get her in the mood.”

She picked up a small flogger and I thrust my pelvis forward in delighted anticipation.

Annette shot several rolls of film while Denise whipped my crotch, then Mary took over and worked my breasts into a delighted stinging heaven.

After three hours they took a break. I was in a severe hog tie. My gag was removed and I was given a drink, but left in that position. The others went into the house and relaxed for a while. I lay on the cold dungeon floor in pure contentment.

Annette came back first. She knelt beside me, glanced anxiously at the door and asked me a question.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

“Of course,” I answered.

She looked at me in befuddlement. “You cant really be enjoying this,” she said. “I mean, she almost pinched your nipple off, and look at the welts on your breasts!”

“Oh, yes,” I sighed. “Im enjoying this, and lots more is going to happen to my body before we are done.”

She shook her head in amazement. “Ive photographed lots of sexy scenarios, but nothing like this.”

“Probably not,” I agreed. “Its going to get very intense.”

“Oh, my God.”

“Tell me,” I asked. “Do you have domineering fantasies? Do you like being in control of women?”

“I dont know,” she said, “Maybe a little.”

“Ever tortured anyone?”

“Heavens no!”

“Why dont you torture me then?”

Her mouth dropped open. “Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. And while were on the subject, do you like having sex with girls?”

“No, that is . . . Ive never done that.”

I looked up at her seductively. “Before the doms are through with me they are going to make me eat their pussies, probably several times each.”

“They are?”

“Oh yes,” I laughed. “Why dont you make me eat yours too?”

Her hand crept toward her pussy, I smiled and watched, and when she realized what she was doing, Annette jerked her hand away.

“Oooh, dont be embarrassed,” I whispered, “Why dont you let me put my tongue inside you.”

She blushed and fled.

Mary and Denise returned, hoisted me up by my wrists and informed me that it was time for me to start receiving punishment. They began at my breasts. Mary bit my right nipple and Denise took my left. Marys bite was painful but very erotic. Denise on the other hand, bit me so hard that I was shrieking in seconds. Annette was taking pictures but she lowered her camera and stared at me in dismay. I managed to wink at her before Denise bit again. Annette still looked uncertain so I decided to reassure her by faking an orgasm. (Actually I was close to cumming anyway, but putting on a show was fun.) Unfortunately, Denise decided that she didnt want me to enjoy my torture, not yet anyway, so she bit so hard I thought she would draw blood.

Annettes eyes were huge but she raised the camera and went back to shooting. I tried to keep my eyes on her as much as possible, but Denise inspired Mary so both of them bit my nipples until I almost fainted from pain.

Mary realized that I was close to passing out so she pulled Denise back. They gave me ten minutes to recover, then brought buckets of cold water.

I was hanging barely conscious when the first bucketful soaked my body. It was a shock, and confusing, but for some reason it sent me into another terrific orgasm.

Annette was staring open mouthed when Denise told her to get ready. She aimed the camera at me and the second blast of frigid water soused my skin and I shrieked in utter delight. Annette got a fantastic picture of my face as I experienced and another orgasm.

Then they brought out the whips. Real whips, horsewhips with long supple thongs ending in fringes. I got no warm up, just the instant feeling of red hot pain when Denises whip curled around my body and snapped on my breast.

They whipped every inch of my body.

CH 55

About an hour into my first whipping the other doms arrived. I knew one, whose name was Katrina, but the other was a stranger.

Katrina was a plump woman with big breasts, short legs, a gentle motherly expression, and an absolutely cruel nature. She wore a rather standard dominatrix outfit of black leather panties, bra and boots. Still, she filled out that bra nicely and I got excited looking at her.

Like most dominas her clientele was men and Id been at parties where she had whipped some male slaves into blubbering babies. She had one special client who was a professional athlete. He always wore a mask to bondage parties but everyone knew who he was. He was enormously big, strong as an elephant, and a simpering little wimp in bondage. He loved domination by women and often hired several dominas at once. He also liked public humiliation and invited lots of people to watch him be tortured. He has an enormous penis and it is covered by scars from Katrinas whips and branding irons. (It was an open joke around the NFL that he was shy and never showered or fully undressed in front of his team mates. The real reason was that he didnt want anyone to know that he was branded.) Later, when he retired from sports Katrina pierced his penis with a heavy gold ring and now leads him around with a chain attached to it. Better I got married Id attended parties where he suffered torture and humiliation. I usually was just one of the women in the crowd, and while it was nice to watch what Katrina did to him, I wanted to be tortured myself.

I had never been dominated by her, but I knew I was in for some serious pain when it came to be her turn.

The other domina was a severe looking woman in ordinary clothing. She looked like a school teacher (in fact, that was her dominant persona) and later she spanked me so hard with rulers and paddles that my skin was blistered. Her name was Miss Betty.

The newcomers made themselves comfortable and settled in to watch.

Denise and Mary whipped me until I was covered with welts. Annette shot dozens of rolls of film, and the only respite I got was when she had to change film.

Finally they lowered me to the floor and removed my gag and hood. I was sobbing from pain, (and my most recent orgasm) and was given a long drink of water. Denise, Mary, and the other dominas sat down together and chatted. I was relieved just to lay on the floor for a few minutes. Annette came to me and asked if I was all right. I couldnt speak so I smiled and whispered that Id never felt better. She looked doubtful, but went over to sit with the others.

After a nice break the new dominas came to me. Katrina picked up my gag but I spoke.

“Please mistress, dont put the gag or mask on me anymore.”

She looked at Mary. “I thought she was to have her face covered at all times.”

Mary looked at me. “Whats going on?”

“I want my face in the pictures,” I said.

“Are you crazy?” Mary asked. “These are going to a magazine. Youve already signed the release and I dont think Annette is willing to give up her commission taking pictures she cant sell.”

“I want them in a magazine,” I answered. “With my face fully exposed.”

“Listen to me Mary Elizabeth,” Denise said. “Your husband might see them.”

“I hope he does.”

“Stop and think about this,” Denise said.

“You said you wouldnt help me become a prostitute,” I said. “But you did say I could be a bondage model. Thats what I want.”

She looked at me for a long time. “All right.”

“Thank you mistress,” I said. “And dont forget, I bit your leg. I still think you ought to get your revenge for that.”

Mary laughed, the others looked puzzled and Denise smiled. “I will.”

Katrina got me next. She spread me on an X frame and tormented my poor body with clamps and pincers. Annette came in and shot close ups of my nipples between the jaws of alligator clamps, pliers and carpenters clamps. Katrina tied thin wires around my nipples and hung weights on them then pulled on the weights or made them swing until I thought my poor boobies might fall off.

The bondage and torture was wonderful but I was very excited about having the pictures taken. I think I reached a new plateau of exhibitionism that day. Even while I was being tormented the idea that thousands of men would see pictures of my body and face made me very turned on. I didnt realize it but I was actually grinning at the camera in some of the shots.

After shed tormented by breasts for about an hour Katrina shifted to my pussy and did the same things only worse. I kept my eyes on Annette who seemed fascinated by what was being done to me. She was breathing very hard by the time Katrina relinquished me to Miss Betty.

Miss Betty bent me over a table and paddled my bottom raw. She seemed to specialize in spanking and knew lots of different ways to punish my derriere. She didnt seem to like listening to my screams though. She put the gag back in my mouth. Annette was determined to get lots of close ups of my face and even crawled under the table to shoot up at me.

Miss Betty seemed to acting out a scenario that shed gone through many times. She removed her jacket, then changed my position so that I was kneeling atop the table with my butt in the air. It was already red and raw, but she used a ruler to make it much worse. After a few hundred spanks she changed my pose, and took off her blouse. Each time she moved me she removed an article of clothing. Eventually she ended up naked sitting on a chair and I was across her knees. I think she would have preferred to have me dressed as a schoolgirl and strip me too, but since my body was already covered with welts that wouldnt have worked. My final spanking for that hour was with a horribly painful wooden hairbrush. After the last blow from the brush she shoved the handle up my pussy and sent me into a fantastic orgasm!

Id been tortured for hours and was exhausted. Mary helped me to my feet and led me into the house. A plate of sandwiches and a salad waited on the kitchen table along with a steaming cup of tea. She released my bonds and left me alone. I collapsed into the chair. I didnt think I could eat, but the tea was delicious and suddenly I was ravenous. I ate two sandwiches, the salad and a couple of apples I found in the refrigerator. 

Mary came back and told me to follow her. She led me to the bath room where a steaming bubble bath had been prepared. I settled into the hot water with a sigh of pure ecstasy. Mary kissed me tenderly, handed me a glass of wine and left.

I soaked in the tub for an hour. I even dozed off for a while. Then Denise came in and ordered me to dry off and get ready for round two.

I was still tired, but felt a thousand percent better when Denise led me back into the dungeon.  Along the way I whispered a request to her.

I thought I was to be tortured some more, but when I came back into the dungeon, Miss Betty was lying on the bed naked. Denise led me to her and she opened her legs as I approached. Miss Betty had dark nipples and lots of body hair. She was one of those women who had to shave her legs almost every day. Her pussy was neatly trimmed but still hairy, and very pretty.

Denise forced me onto my stomach on the bed and tied me into a very rigid hog tie. She twined a roped into my hair, bent my head back and tied the rope to my ankles. Miss Betty scooted forward until her pussy was in my face. (I found out later that they drew straws to see who went first). I stuck out my tongue and ate her pussy with delight.

I ate all their pussies, one after another, while Annette took picture after picture. I turned my face toward the camera from time to time, to make sure that I was recognizable.

I was happily licking Marys delicious pussy when Denise whispered something to Annette and they left the dungeon. They returned later with Annette in a dominatrix costume.

Annette looked slightly embarrassed when she returned. She is a very slender, almost delicate woman. Her breasts are small but very pretty and her pussy is tiny. Denise wanted to loan her an outfit but everything they had was too big for her. They finally settled on a wrap around fringed skirt, garter belt and stockings, and a jeweled collar. She looked lovely but didnt quite come across as a dominatrix. She looked too uncertain for that.

“Our slave girl has asked to eat your pussy,” Denise told Annette. “But I think that you have to earn that pleasure.”

“I do?”

“Yep, you have to prove your worthiness by whipping little Mary Elizabeth until she cums.”

“Oh, but Ive never whipped anyone in my life.”

“No time like the present to get started,” Katrina said. The others nodded.

Annette looked at me in dismay. I rolled onto my side and struggled to open my legs. “Would someone please untie my legs,” I asked. “So she can whip me on my cunt.”

“Hmm. She must be very horny,” Mary observed. “She usually doesnt use that word.”

“Cunt, cunt, cunt,” I said. “My cunt is for whipping.” I looked at Annette. “And yours is for eating, so hurry up and whip me.”

All four dominas swarmed over me, undid my ropes and retied me in a wide, wide apart spread eagle.

Denise handed Annette a whip and sat down.

Annette looked at the whip uncertainly, then at me. I thrust upward with my hips. She swung the whip awkwardly and it flopped across my tummy. I rolled my eyes at her.

“Come on, you can do better than that.”

She hit me again but it was just as feeble. I looked at Denise.

Denise stood up. “Youve been watching us whip her all evening,” she said to Annette. “You know you must hit harder.”

“And you know our little slave slut likes it,” Miss Betty added. “So dont worry about hurting her.”

“Right,” Mary said. “Just dont hit her in the face.”

“All right,” Annette said. She hit me again, but it was still weak. Denise took the whip from her and showed her how to swing it properly. All the doms crowded around her and gave her a lesson on whip techniques. They showed Annette how to swing with her whole arm, how to rotate her upper body and follow through and how to snap her wrist. The lesson went on for half an hour and they forgot about me. I watched and tried not to laugh as they made her do practice swings against a post and discussed various techniques for wrap around, horse whips, floggers and bull whips. Miss Betty was a strong advocate for rulers, paddles and yardsticks.

I had a nice rest, but decided that it was time to remind them that I was supposed to be the center of attention. I took a deep breath.

“Will somebody please whip my cunt, before I fall asleep from boredom!” I shouted.

Dead silence.

They turned at looked at me, then Denise stepped back and made a sweeping motion toward my pussy. Annette stepped forward, wound up and smacked the whip right into my crotch. She was right on target and the blow was very, very hard, thank you very much!

I sighed and lay my head back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed as Annette laid on. She caught on quickly and soon whipped me into a very delightful orgasm.

Annette paused and watched as I writhed in ecstasy. Katrina stepped close, put her arm around Annettes waist and gave her a squeeze. “Now do you see the power you have?” she asked.

Annettes eyes were huge. She nodded absently as she watched me twisting in my ropes. When I could finally catch my breath I smiled at her.

“Thank you maam, may I please have another?”

I got another.

After my second or third orgasm under Annettes whip I got to eat her pussy. Annette didnt have to be told, she just tore off her skirt climbed on the table and straddled my face. As she lowered her pussy to my mouth I caught sight of the grins on the dominas faces. Annette looked around and blushed. “

Ive never had sex in front of anyone,” she said shyly.

“Well, its about time that you did,” Denise said as she picked up the camera.

I ate Annettes pussy eagerly and with all the skill I had. I liked her and wanted to make her happy. It only took about twenty minutes until she came wildly and collapsed across my face. She lay over me for a long time, then crawled off. The others applauded. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Then Denise climbed on top of me and plopped her pussy onto my mouth.

I ate all five pussies then they all seemed to run out of steam. They wandered off and went to bed in the house. I was left tied to the table but I fell asleep almost at once. It was five oclock in the morning.

At eleven Mary woke me, released my bonds and took me into the house. A hot breakfast was on the table and I was starved. I ran to the bathroom, came back to the kitchen still naked and dug in to the food. The others wandered in looking like death warmed over.

I had to giggle at the sight of four bleary eyed and bedraggled dominas sitting around the table picking at their food. Annette came in, took one look and ran to get her camera. They all protested when she began taking pictures but she told them to shut up and ignore the camera. She shot a whole roll of film then made us all sit together for a group portrait. She ordered me to lie on the floor under Katrinas chair and smile at the camera. She even put the camera shutter on a timer and posed with us. (Later, when I saw those pictures I thought they were terrific! With blurred makeup, dark circles under our eyes and my welts we looked exactly like a group of women whod just finished an all night orgy.)

Annettes picture was fantastic! She stood on wide spread legs, pulled her skirt open and glared at the camera with an expression of cruel disdain that would have put a real dominatrix to shame. (She later told me that shed never posed naked before in her life.).

After breakfast Denise asked me if I wanted to keep going.

“I know we promised you twenty fours hours,” she said. “But we are all exhausted. Do you want to knock off?”

I put my arms around her and kissed her deeply on the mouth. “Only if you forgive me for biting you,” I said.

“I havent,” she smiled. “But Ill reserve your punishment for a later date.”


Everyone took turns showering and cleaning up. Annette packed away her cameras and came in to say good bye. We hugged and I thanked her for everything. She gave me her business card and told me that she would hire me to model anytime I wanted. She also handed me a check for a thousand dollars.

I offered to share the money to Mary and Denise but they refused.

“We dont need the money,” Mary told me. “We did it for you.”

“What about Katrina and Betty?” I asked. “Surely they deserve something.”

“Nope, we did it for fun,” Miss Betty said as she walked into the room. She was cleaned up and dressed and looked like a professional woman in a simple business suit. “But I might like to have fun with you again,” she said.

“I am yours anytime you want me,” I told her.”

“What about me?” Katrina asked from the doorway.

“You too.”

“Where are you off to?” Mary asked Miss Betty.

“To a long massage from a handsome male therapist, then to my hairdresser, and after that I have a three hour session with a very wealthy and generous slave boy.”

“The one who owns that big car dealership on south Broadway?”

“The very one.”

Miss Betty kissed me firmly on the lips, Katrina even slipped her tongue in my mouth, then they drove away.

“I could really get to like those women,” I said.

“Yes, theyre pretty special,” Denise agreed. “I think they had fun. They like whipping genuine submissives. Its a nice change from play acting, and I think you did a satisfactory job of eating their pussies so they are pleased about that too.”

“What about your pussies?” I asked. “Did I do ok?”

“Well, youre a little out of practice, but well let you try again later.”

I am blessed with having the best friends in the world.

I went home completely contented. My body was covered with stripes and bruises and my bottom was so bruised that I couldnt sit down, but I felt wonderful.

Annette sold the pictures to a bondage magazine. They were very intense for that day and age, and most publishers werent ready for the raw sadism that I experienced, but one magazine ran them and they were an instant hit. The publisher told Annette that the unadulterated pleasure on my face helped a lot. She was asked to provide more of the same.

I called Katrina and Miss Betty and thanked them again and asked if there was any way I could repay their kindness.

Katrina used me as an extra in several humiliation sessions for her football player. I didnt get tied up or punished, in fact I was fully dressed playing the role of a nice young woman with several other ladies who watched his humiliations. Id done this before, but this time they were taping the session. We would pretend to be disgusted as he abased himself at Katrinas feet. We talked amongst ourselves about how contemptible he was. We subjected him to scathing verbal abuse and expressed our disgust when she ordered him to masturbate in front of us. The naughtiest that I got was to raise my skirt and show my panties as I stood over him. (I must say though, it was exciting watching him spurt an impressive amount of cum a very long distance from that huge cock). Id have preferred being whipped or something, but the change of pace was rather fun and I was so grateful to Katrina that Id do anything she asked.

I hoped to get a copy of the video tape but it was done only for the client and no extra copies were allowed out.  

Miss Betty was a professional model as well as a dominatrix and she and I posed for Annette with the theme of the stern schoolteacher and the innocent schoolgirl. Despite the fact that I was almost thirty years old I could still pass for a teenager. We posed in the same scenario several times with me as a young girl who gets stripped and spanked, then forced into lesbian sex. The scenarios were either a schoolroom, or an office with me submitting to the cruel lady boss, or a shop girl who has annoyed a customer. It was repetitious but the fetish magazines bought them every time. There was usually no bondage, but Miss Betty didnt pull her punches when she spanked me and I always came away with a blistered bottom and the magazine always included a close up of the damage.

I told Lady L about my sessions with Miss Betty and she was intrigued. She and Lord L invited Betty to their apartment and she had a great session spanking Lady L while her husband watched. Later she offered to let Lady L model professionally. Lord and Lady L thought it over and decided that she could pose but only if her face did not show, so we did a photo shoot of me getting spanked in a class room by Miss Betty while Lady L oversaw the action. She hovered in the background as if she was the school principle. As I was spanked and undressed Lady Ls skirt rose until her panties were visible, then they disappeared and her lovely legs and pussy crept closer to my face as I lay across Bettys lap. The shoot ended with Lady L and Betty sitting side by side with their legs open (and their faces hidden) while I ate them both. Those pictures sold instantly and the publisher begged for more. We gave him more.

Each photo session ended up with the four of us, Miss Betty, Lady L, Annette and me, in an orgy. Lady L and I usually managed to get them to tie us to a bed and let us pleasure them with our mouths.

Annette even did a session with me and Lady L tied together eating one another, and never did either of our faces show. Those pics appeared in print and Lord L was utterly delighted when he saw them. 

When I told Dianne that I was modeling she arranged some gigs with photographers in Los Angeles. These were the big name fetish photographers. I flew to Los Angeles for two days of test shots and the photographers liked my work. Since I still had my regular job traveling would be difficult, so one of the photographers agreed to come to Denver from time to time for photo sessions. He came out, rented a studio or used Marys dungeon and shot some pretty graphic stuff. He paid me handsomely and I rewarded him after each session with several hours of private no holds barred bondage sessions. (He was very good in bed.)

I began to make serious amounts of money modeling. Dianne and I worked together on a couple of photo shoots and we made a bondage movie together.

The still picture shoots were fun and very intense. Mary and Denise posed as doms and whipped the daylights out of us, and even though the publishers were getting a bit more daring, some of Diannes pictures were still too intense for publication. They didnt appear in print until the nineties. 

The movie was fun but silly; we played two roommates who are surprised by a beautiful female burglar who pointed a toy gun at us and forced us to strip. Then she tied us together in several positions and played with our breasts and pussies. It was all soft core (bondage was never shown with intercourse or oral sex in those days) but we talked the director into allowing us to eat the burglars pussy on camera. The actress was actually reluctant to let us do that, she considered herself a professional model and had never done any hard core work. And she had never had any real lesbian sex. We managed to talk her into it and I am proud to say that we subverted her entirely. She had an orgasm from my tongue and another from Diannes. Afterward they tied Dianne and me together and filmed us eating each others pussy.

I had barely raised my head when we were untied, yanked apart and one of the men in the film crew was on top of me. I looked over at Dianne who was receiving the same treatment.

“Its about time,” she yelled as the man slid his cock into her. The rest of the crew were taking off their clothes and getting in line.

When the filming was done, we invited the other model to our hotel room and ate her pussy well into the night. (Dianne eased her standard of not having sex until forced. She told me later that it was fun seducing that girl.)

Even though the hard core scenes had to be left out of the finished picture, they ended up in private collections, which led to us filming some private movies.

And those private movies were very lucrative and incredibly raunchy.

Later, when Id built up seniority at work I was able to travel to California for the modeling sessions. I convinced my husband that I was traveling on business when I actually just took vacation time. Brad was so uninterested in me by then that he didnt question anything I told him.

I posed for stills and shot quick bondage movies which usually took only a day or two.

And I made over a dozen private movies with a very famous lady who wanted to be bound and tortured on camera. She had the connections and the money to arrange everything from cameraman to crew to the processing of the film and editing, and she had the clout to make sure that no one saw the films. Oddly, she always wanted to be filmed with other girls, so Dianne and I were hired to be with her. Another famous actress played the role of the dom and she was very good at it. She knew how to use a whip.

The famous lady had made a few low key bondage movies before but when she watched me take a real whipping and watched Dianne go into her insane woman performance, she got very turned on and allowed the dominatrix to whip her for real. The dom tied Dianne and the famous lady together and whipped Dianne while they ate each others pussies. Diane went wild, left teeth marks on the womans crotch and they had fantastic orgasms together. (I had to watch while tied on my knees.) That movie was wild beyond expectations and led to many more.

(By the way, Dianne and I were quite impressed to be whipped by a woman who has been nominated for an academy award).

I kept my modeling career secret from my husband and my mother and I opened a private bank account for my earnings. MAC helped me invest some of it and I slipped the rest into our joint account. It kept us out of financial distress.

I hoped that someday Brad would grow up and start pulling his share of the load but it never happened. Without my secret earnings we would have gone broke, so I began saving some of the left over money for myself.

I discovered Brads porn magazines by accident. They were ordinary girlie magazines, with no hint of bondage. I thought the models looked plastic and insincere. I had copies of all the fetish magazines that my pictures appeared in (dozens by that time) and considered slipping one among his. Id loved to have seen the look on his face when he saw me tied up and naked for all the world to see.

I didnt show him pictures of me in bondage but I took note of the one magazine he seemed to buy more than the others. It specialized in legs and I contacted the publisher in San Francisco and offered to pose for him. My offer was accepted instantly and I went to Los Angeles for the shoot. I changed my makeup slightly, and wore a wig, but it didnt take a genius to recognize me. I posed in panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. I did get to remove my panties, but the poses were all simply legs open, or sprawled on a bed or in a chair. My pictures werent published for over a year and by that time Brad and I had separated, so I dont know if hes ever seen the pictures or not. 

Finally I decided to divorce him.

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