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Wonder Woman: Hell in Paradise (Part 2)

Part 11

‘This is your hell, Amazon Princess, and you can nothing do to stop me

Part 3




‘This is your hell, Amazon Princess, and you can nothing do to stop me."


Diana let her eyes flick down to him. Sweat was beading on her forehead below her tiara, and her fists clenched tight.  The Justice Leaguer was bouncing gently in her chains as a constant, low hiss of pain came from her mouth. ‘You…filth, is that all you…nnnngggghhg…have?’


 Diana’s exquisite physique was trembling constantly now, her legs rigid as she vibrated gently on the pitiless wood. She tried to hold Savage in the harsh light of her glaring blue eyes, but then her head fell back, her bravado slipping a little as the electric wasps of the current tore at her flesh. She struggled to ignore the pain in her arms, her long legs, across her body. Inside her breasts was a seething nest of suffering that was trying to tear outward through the perfect smoothness of the quivering orbs.


‘Unnn….uuuuuhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrr…..uhn uhn uhn…’


The men watching could see her naked form beginning to shine under the lights as she perspired like a track runner.  Wave after wave of stinging anguish ran over her awesome body. Soon she was literally bathed in sweat. Her being glistened in the illumination of the evil chamber.


Strapped down and tormented by the power searing her flesh, Diana wondered how long they would keep it up - how long could they keep the current scorching through her. She grit her teeth, fighting the thought - it didn’t matter - ignore the pain.


‘HUNNNNHH,’  she grunted. With her eyes closed tight  she let red lips part slightly to exhale, then sucked in air to her tortured chest. To deny the pain she tried to remember her better days as she fought against this evil. Pictures of her mother and her friends rose into her mind while the wasps were stinging over and over, every breath tormented as the electrodes went on jabbing her with needles of pain. Light and hope were pushed out of her thoughts as the feel of the wood digging into her shoulders as her back arched further. Her powerful body stiffened as it endured the never-ending torture.


Abruptly the pain stopped. Just like that. Without thinking Diana gasped with relief, having almost forgotten what it felt like not to hurting. Her body spasmed a little bit as the nerves twitched.


‘Hmm, if we go on you might become dehydrated.’ Savage said with a smile. ‘Should we give you some water?’ he asked her.


Suddenly she was aware of a desert in her mouth, parched and barren. She could have quaffed a river, but she kept herself silent. Her eyes were a little bleary as a soldier stepped up, and then suddenly she was drowning in a freezing waterfall, sucking in air as knives of cold sliced at her flesh. She tried to hold back an outcry but couldn´t.




Diana felt the cold water over every inch of her, stinging her as much as the electricity. It went running down over her curves in arctic rivers. Her flesh goose-pimpled and her eyes went wide as she shook the freezing drops from her face. The Princess clenched her fist as her nerves betrayed her and delivered her into fresh agony between heat and ice.  She licked her lips, tasting the liquid and blowing her hair from her face as Savage stood looking up at her. He was noting the prominence of those splendid breasts.


‘Its clear that water WAS cold,’ he joked at his prisoner’s expense.  ‘Lets’ see how cold it was, eh?’


Stretching out his arm he reached up to fondle her tits, the cold making it feel like he was using iron pincers on her. Diana’s round nipples grew hard as steel and Savage noticed it with satisfaction.  She ground her teeth as he tugged at the fastening of her old style armour, just enough to completely remove the chest piece.  The men in the room strained to see as two perfect orbs of flesh as they were fully revealed under the harsh white lights.


‘What have you in store now?" she sniffed at him, trying to ignore the Germans ogling her, reducing her to their unwilling sex object. The men, even the chamber itself were an elaborate illusion. Only Savage was real – only Savage and the pain.


‘I think these need to be moved,’ he said, tugging at the clips fastened to her electrically burned flesh. It felt like he was tearing meat from her breasts.




Diana could feel her nipples throbbing lightly from his handling of them. She forced herself not to look at the angry red blisters on her breasts where the clips had delivered their vicious high voltage bite. Before her, the villain let his eyes take in the swell of female flesh, rising like a mountains between him and the woman.   Putting his hand into the bucket he fetched out an ice cube left over.


‘Would you like that drink?’ he said to her, while the cube touched the hardened nub.   making it painfully stiff. Despite her best efforts the proud super-heroine moaned. He let the cube circle her nip, fresh shivers running through her wonderous chest.


‘Ask nicely,” he said, smiling like a ghoul.  Diana caught the look in his eyes - hunger - hunger to see her beg.  ‘No!’ she snarled at him.     


He nodded as if in approval. ‘Then perhaps some more exercise,’ he said, deftly pulling the clip from her tit with a sharp SNAP.


‘NNN,’ she winced softly, the sound like a aroused whimper to the hard cocked German soldiers. She wet her lips with her tongue. ‘You can do a thousand times more than this and you’ll never hear me begging.’ she spat as her head fell back to the table.


Savage said nothing. He took her rock hard tit-nub in his fingers and stretched it towards him, squeezing to hurt her. Then let the teeth of the clips enclose the pink flesh around Diana’s left nipple - tighter and tighter.


She could feel the pressure of the teeth sinking into her skin, her tit button. A drop of blood went running down the steep curve of breast. ‘You’re tickling me ,’ Diana said softly. The gorgeous Amazon was breathing fast and deep as he went to work on her other hill of flesh. She looked away up at the ceiling as she felt the second vice upon her, ready to close and crush her female nub in its clasp. The pain became constant. The heroine’s hands pressed flat against the table as she pitted her will against it, knowing much worse would come all too soon. There was no way to escape the suffering – all she could do was endure it stoically.


‘That’s it Diana,’ Savage coached. He sounded like an encouraging parent. ‘Feel the pain, experience it. Don’t run from it; embrace it my bold warrior - show us your steel. Make me proud!’


He moved the second clip against her right nipple...toying with the delicate bud, rolling it between his fingers and twisting it cruelly. Making it hard for the pain to come. Diana looked down without shame, mouth set but with her lips turned down in preparation for the next jolt of pain in her chest, knowing it must happen and that nothing she could do would prevent it.


Savage moved the clip in and let its jaws hover under and over her erect flesh-button.  Then he began releasing it slowly, slowly, letting it close around her aureole, crunching it millimetre by millimetre until the goddess-like Amazon’s nipple was completely squeezed and crushed by the relentless power of the sharp steel jaws.


The immortal villain beamed as she held herself rigid while the little trickles of blood ran down over her boobs. Then he stepped back and nodded for the man to flip the switch.




Wonder Woman jerked back as the pain hit her on a new level, like someone had stabbed her in the chest with red hot blades. Her mouth flew open as she felt her breath knocked out of her, suffocating her. Gasping she tried to inhale, but there was no room in her lungs for air - only for pain.


‘NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!’ She could nothing to do to escape the torment which roared through her shaking breast mounds again and again. She felt as she were being suffocated. With no air for her lungs she began to choke, the suffering running down through her tits and ran across her flesh to every part of her, making her dance on the wood. Her head moving side to side, long black hair tumbling over her face. ‘GODS,’ she gasped, face pinched.


The feeling as if giant clawed hands were tearing into her breasts and pressing all air out of her was horrible. Her face was pale and covered in sweat while her incredible lower body undulating fitfully. The gorgeous heroine tried to breath but there was only the pain which ran over her and reduced to send her to a laboured, wheezing groan.


Near the platform Savage’s eyes were glued unashamedly to his victims sweaty tits, hypnotized by the sight of the wired clamped to her bleeding nipples, bouncing as she fought for strength to suck in a ragged breath, and then another. With her hands by the side Diana had arched her back in response to the way he was torturing her, flattening her belly and making her pelvis quiver with tension. The villain had known this would be the case, but still the awesome spectacle of the Earth’s most perfect boobs jerking with electric anguish. Still covered by her spat the woman’s flawless thighs and pussy humped the air was beyond all expectations.


Twitching on the torture platform Diana heard herself let out her suffering as a low animal cry. Don’t scream don’t scream don’t scream…She kept the though racing through her mind. Hera help your daughter, she prayed silently as she felt tears wetting her cheeks and heard another noise.


Click, click.


The current surged again, getting stronger and stronger. Without the superhuman endurance of the Gods and only the gift of her Amazon birthright to rely upon, Diana spasmed on the reclining platform. Her head pushed back as her body arced then slammed back down. The men watched the captive woman’s  body bouncing like a rubber band.




Within her chest her lungs felt like they were imploding as the muscles about them clenched like fists.  The knives of current skewered her nipples with serrated blades.  Lifting her head Diana let her watering blue eyes fall to where the clips were biting her round pink boob tips as she felt her breasts burning from within.




From a million miles away she heard a cultured voice through the waves of pain. ‘Scream, Diana,’ she heard it say.


Click, click!


More pain – worse - claws were ripping her breasts to pieces of red flesh. Her heart pounded and siezed like it would explode in her chest.


In the illusionary torture chamber Savage and the Germans stood watching a goddess of suffering heaving naked before them, perfect body shaking hard and tits with rivers of sweat running down them jumping wildly. She was magnificent in her struggling, a picture to make the cocks of men seeing it hard as long as they lived. Bathed in her own sweet juice she was no more than a electric sex doll which thrashed and gurgled for breath. A harsh cracking sound running rough the chamber as her fingers gouged splinters from the wood.


Tears leaked from the eyes of the most powerful woman on Earth. She couldn’t help it; all that mattered was drinking in air, forcing it into her convulsing lungs. Savage watched her breasts heave with every greedy breathe she alternated between pushing her boobs to the ceiling and heaving up with her upper body, legs tight as her abdominal muscles seized up. The pain was so great now that the proud female in front of him was unable to control her convulsing body. Diana bounced so wildly that drops of sweat flew across the chamber to give some men a taste of her. The sound of her clenched wet ass pounding the wood echoed around the room as the cords of her neck bulged with tension, full lips pulled back in a twisted grimace of torment.




Then – gone! Without warning the tortured warrior collapsed like a raggedy doll, her body crashing back to the wood with a moist thud. She lay there twitching feebly until the current was cut off at Savage’s curt order.


This time it was the soldier who had had the privilege of operating the switch came forward with the bucket of water. He emptied over the prisoner, bringing her back to consciousness in a fresh fit of coughing and sputtering.


Once more Diana shook the wet hair from her face and blinked her eyes clear. Savage stood waiting patiently for her to revive fully.


‘Well, fraulein,’ he said at last, ‘now we shall see how much pain is necessary to make you tell us all about the allied forces. We have many more buckets if you feel the need to pass out again’


‘This is not real,’ she snarled at him, ignoring the jibe about her showing him weakness. Eyes that had been taught to look for the good in all people burned with cold hatred. ‘And I will not play your sick game!’


‘Not real? I don´t think that makes a difference to either of us,’ he smirked and nodded at the blonde, who had moved around and was now standing ready for her turn at the generator.


The device hummed and again a terrific jolt of pain exploded inside Diana’s tits. As the awful current flowed she jumped and bucked, teeth grinding together. Savage watched in sadistic at seeing those spectacular tits taking such punishment, almost dancing on top of her chest while they were being electrocuted.


The blonde obeyed his signal to stop and Diana slumped forward, head rolling to the side. Her eyelids fluttered, the long lashes moist with tears. Savage knew that in peak condition she could withstand this punishment for days without showing such fatigue, but she had already endured their tortures, both physical and psychological, for the better part of a week. Like a man laying siege to a fortress impregnable to a single direct assault, he slowly depleted her resources in a prolonged campaign, a sadistic war of attrition.


‘For something that is not real, you seem somewhat distressed by it!’ the villain chuckled, giving the knife in her feminine psyche another twist.


Diana’s eyes fixed on her adversary as she mustered her strength. She felt as if she had run a marathon, but she put the weariness behind her and squared her broad shoulders. ‘I know what your truly want, Vandal Savage. You may…hurt me,’ she said, pausing for less than a heartbeat at the words, ‘but you will…never...own me.’


Savage looked at her and raised an eyebrow as he smiled.  ‘All good things,’ he said offhandedly. ‘For the moment I am more than happy to settle for hurting you.’ He raised his hand to the German orderly who stood rigid with anticipation in her tight brown shirt. Diana breathed deep, breasts rising as the clips trembled on her nipples.


‘One more time, shall we fraulein?’ Savage said to the blonde, and she smiled wider as she flicked the switch again.


Review This Story || Author: DarthSaad
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