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Twisted Teen Tales

Part 6

                               Twisted Teen Tales                                                        

                                                                              Chapter 6

                                                                    Juiced-Up Teen  (part 2 of 2)

       The day following, Mandy didn't see her mistress and acted quite distressed, much more so when they wheeled her bound body down to another room and proceeded to give her electroshock therapy as per her physician's orders. Electrodes were glued to her temples and she took blast after blast of electrons that raced through her brain and made the fillings in her mouth heat up. She was too dazed to understand the purpose of the metal tube that was inserted deep into her cunt. However once it was discharged she nearly swallowed her tongue. By now her clitoris had returned to its normal size. That did not prevent the technicians from clamping it and threading a second lead into her bladder. When the power was applied Mandy's eyes popped and her jaws clenched in agony as her bladder gave up its contents.

       It was then that the blonde goddess made an appearance and checked her vital signs before ordering another round of shocks, with an increased voltage. By the time they finished zapping the naked teen there were blisters all over her body from where the electrodes had been glued. They had even taken the risk of passing current from one pancake-shaped tit to the other using wires attached to her nipples. A technician with paddles waited to shock her heart back to its normal rhythm if she went into fibrillation. It was a much paler and shaking teenager that was returned to her bed and buckled into a strait jacket before her ankles were chained to the posts at the foot of her bed. She slept the sleep of one exhausted, which was her situation. The next morning she was confronted by her mistress and told a story that made her despair.

       The client, her father, unhappy with the seeming lack of progress had issued an ultimatum. He wanted to see definite and significant improvement in his daughter's condition, or the hospital would have to discharge her into his care. That explained the sudden change in the way she was being treated. Mandy was devastated. There was absolutely nothing mistress K could do to prevent her father from carrying out his threat. From now on the girl would be spared nothing until she displayed some observable improvement in her personality and attitude towards her family responsibilities.

       Failing that, she was scheduled for discharge in five days. Five days to reverse something that may have taken ten years to fully develop.It would take a miracle, but no other option was open to her. Today they intended to restimulate her clitoris to its previous expanded size, and go from there. The only small consolation was that she would not be seeing the rape gang ever again. What Dr. Wesley did not tell her patient was that the alternative was going to be much worse.

       When Mandy regained consciousness after the procedure that this time enlarged her clitoris to the size of a pigeon's egg, she discovered to her horror that she was once more back in the electroshock facility. Her mouth was propped open and a tech was placing rubber shims into the back of her mouth on both sides.

       "Little girl, today we are going to fry your brains but good and we can't have you biting off that tongue of yours, at least not yet. What you're scheduled to get will make yesterday's little session seem like a walk in the park. Wait until we put some serious juice through that fat clit you have there. You'll pray to every god you ever heard to make the pain go away, and instead we'll just keep ramping it up until either you or that bloated fuck button blows a gasket."

       Mandy cringed as the paste was applied to the sides of her skull, extra thick this time according to the tech who applied it. The thick leather straps holding her down to the table were checked and double checked before the switch was thrown, sending the first surge of electricity through her brain. Brain cells by the thousands were fried to a crisp as the electrons burned their way through her cranium. The shims were stressed but did the job. The voltage was increased in steps and Mandy's body jerked and flopped against the straps as the stench of charred skin filled the room. She felt as if the fluid in her eyes was about to boil, so great was the pain. Her teeth chattered and her tongue almost slipped down her throat during one particularly violent blast of power that rocketed from one side of her skull to the other. The teen started foaming at the mouth, but the techs ignored her and went about their business.

       An hour later they gave Mandy a brief period to rest before moving to another section of her sweat soaked, naked body. Her eyes were vacant and her breathing was irregular from all the shocks she had already absorbed. The last shock had been at maximum power and the lights in the room actually dimmed as a bolt of lightning burned away another small portion of her tortured brain. They checked her heart and blood pressure before resuming her "therapy". She took electricity through her jaw and the shims were tested to the limit as she mindlessly chewed while the power lanced through her jaw and heated the metal fillings in her teeth to the point that one cracked from the stress that was generated. Mandy passed out from the pain and had to be revived.

       They shot her up with a drug to keep her conscious for longer periods. She gibbered in terror when they clipped the electrodes to her nipples and prepared to juice her flat tits. Twice the paddles had to be applied to kick start her heart back into its proper ryhthm. By the time they moved on, her nipples were two lumps of broiled flesh, almost unrecognizeable. Something new was used on her now. First a rubber bung with an opening at its center was pressed into her rectum. It was inflated to lock it into place. Even after hours of relentless pain and shocks that seemed at times to destroy all memories, she reacted violently to the sight of the metal rod that was pushed through the opening in the inflated bung and wedged deep within her rectum. She began screaming and begging even before the first jolt of electricity was delivered to her bowels. Many more were to follow as the tortured teen prayed for death, but her pleas went unanswered.

       Leaving the rod in place for more treatments later, if she was in any condition to take more juice, they produced the rod used on her cunt yesterday. They reintroduced Mandy to her old friend and for the better part of thirty minutes they fried her cunt from her cervix to her clit, but reserved that throbbing lump of nerves for the grand finale. By the end the relentless surges of electricity had caused her cunt to dry up completely, every drop of pussy juice having been evaporated away by the burning electron flow that raced freely up and down her fuck tunnel.

       The skinny flat-chested teen was dehydrated from all the electrical shocks and her body's frantic response to them. Even with the drugs, she was totally exhausted, and yet they had not gotten to the seat of her sexuality, that pigeon's egg seated at the top of the entrance to her twat. She was given as much water as she could swallow, and by the time she was satiated, her flat belly had grown round from the quart or so of liquid she had consumed.

       Mandy's clitoris was so large that they could and did easily attach a pair of spike-like electrodes to the knob of flesh once it had been coated with a conducting paste to enhance the power that would be passed through it. At the first surge of current Mandy's clit actually swelled to even greater size, but only for a brief period. The techs upped the power and gave the massive lump of sex flesh a series of gradually lengthening pulses of electrical force. It turned into a battle between Mandy's crippled sex organs and the demands of her clit for more sexual stimulation. The struggle for supremecy ended only when so much power was forced into the fat clit that it began to boil in its own juices, creating a smell that was sickening to even the hardened techs running the machines that were torturing the now fragile teenager. At this point the patient was beyond their ability to further torment. She was disconnected from the various torture tools and wheeled back to recover in one of the small, bitter cold rooms called ice boxes by the orderlies.

       The orderlies had  hung the girl on pegs protruding from the wall of her icy cell. Her wrists were cuffed and anchored to a peg above her head. A thick leather strap encircled her midriff and was attached to pegs to support most of her weight. The bondage was completed by manacles on her ankles, connected to pegs that forced her legs wide. Even before they closed the door to the cell Mandy began to groan and shiver from the pain and cold. The badly frightened girl had an entire night in which to let her mind conjure up all sorts of horrible things that were yet to happen to her. How could her mistress be so cruel to her? In spite of her awesome talent for sex, Mandy was still a young lady with not too much sophistication who had lived a relatively seltered life when it came to judging the reasons for other people's behavior.

       They came for her very early the next morning. By then Mandy was exhausted by her sleepless night and all the fears that bombarded her. This time she was wheeled to a different facility, which was a small blessing, so she thought. She was greeted by a group of grinning techs directed by a stern-faced woman in a white smock who was in charge of the machines that would be used on the teen for the rest of the day until either her pussy and asshole wore out or the machines frooze up from being run beyond their limits. This was a new experience for the teen. She was not aware of the existence of machines specifically designed to mimic the male behavior during sexual intercourse. Like many males, the machines had no idea of the concept of foreplay and no concern for their partners.

       Mandy was buckled tightly into an articulated fixture that could be arranged to present either or both of her lower orifices for her mechanical lovers, as well as restraining the girl from almost any movement. The woman in charge had the techs run the first machine for a few moments to make sure everything was in good working order. It consisted of a reciprocating wheel attached to a long metal pole that ended in a fairly accurate replica of a male penis, except this one was much longer and considerably thicker. The woman smiled and kept referring to it as "junior". The patient shuddered at the prospect of meeting "senior". Just before the machine was centered on her tight pussy, one of the techs smeared the head with something. Mandy foolishly thought it was a lubricant, but as she quickly discovered it was anything but!

       The machine began to pound away at her twat, driving further into her with every quick powerful stroke. It took a minute or so for the material on the head of the machine to warm to her body's temperature. That was when it began to combust, slowly eating away at the mucous membrane guarding the walls of her cunt from harm. Her screaming grew to such volume that she was stifled with a vacuum pumped inflatible rubber gag that filled her mouth to its limit making her cheeks bulge out. Mandy could not believe her ears when the woman instructed the tech to turn the machine up to full power for a few seconds to give the patient a taste of what to expect soon, and then gradually ramp it back up to its limit and keep it there for the next two hours. The skinny teen was sure that she would die in this devil's grip as the tool broke into her uterus and she died from internal bleeding.

       Two hours and a few minutes later she was still conscious, but convinced she was in hell. It was then that she was introduced to "big boy" and the world as she knew it disappeared into a nightmare of pain and utter degradation at the hands of these fiends. She was in such pain that she didn't notice the amazed looks on the faces of the techs when junior's head cleared her bloated cunt lips without showing even a hint of blood. This was unheard of and caused a low hum of voices to begin commenting on what they had just witnessed. Big brother, as some called the next machine, was a different story. The head was fifteen inches long and guaranteed to reach the patient's cervix in better than ninety-nine point nine percent of cases. It was four inches in diameter across the head, tapering down to a mere three inches at its base. It was this monster that Mandy's cunt was about to swallow.

       It took that huge hunk of moly steel the better part of five minutes before it punched into her super-stretched cunt, first thinning her outer lips until they were a faint red line, then actually pressing them backwards into the teen's twat as the huge head made its slow progress deeper into her gash. A rare few patients, always until now large of stature and possessing pelvic structures made for birthing, had managed to take most of big boy for short periods ranging up to five minutes in one extraordinary case. How this pale, skinny, slip of a girl could survive even the entry of big boy was a mystery, but seeing is believing.

       The techs could actually see the outline of the machine's head as it made a very slow march up the girl's birth canal, which probably wouldn't be doing any birthing after this brutal workout. The moment it made contact with Mandy's uterus, the throw of the machine was set to this exact distance. Now all that remained was to plow open this latest furrow in her distended fuck box by letting the machine do its thing. The group of women spent most of their time watching in dumbfounded astonishment as this skinny, pale, wraith of a girl absorbed the monster to her limit and gradually became loose enough to allow the speed of this brutal mechanical raping to be increased. For the rest of the afternoon the machine worked tirelessly, its speed increasing slowly as it burrowed its way back and forth to the girl's uterus, that was occasionally slammed hard as she made a movement at the wrong time.

       Twice during the long agonizing afternoon they gave the patient water to rehydrate her, but she was unable to urinate as a result of the terrible pressure that her body had been under for nearly two days now. This made the techs fret some and they called in Dr. Wesley. Mandy was so far gone that she was totally oblivious to the presence of her mistress/physician. All that changed once the doctor gave her an injection that altered her metabolism to the point that she roused herself from the coma-like state she had adopted to save her sanity. Her eyes widened as she took in the face of mistress K. The lovely blonde woman made no sign that she felt anything for this patient of hers who had fought the system to a standstill, creating a situation where the Institute faced the loss of an extremely important client and potential patron. This was not to be tolerated as long as there was breath in the patient's body. Those were the orders from on-high.

       Just before the techs were to be replaced by another group who would make sure that the girl took whatever was to be dished out to her during their shift, they were ordered by the patient's doctor to begin using junior to sodomize her. There was some consternation at this order, but they obeyed, moving junior back over to the fixture to which Mandy was held. They made certain that the inflatible gag was properly seated within Mandy's mouth, and the machine's head was located dead center on that puckered starfish that was the entrance to her bowels. They wasted little time getting the machine up to speed. It was apparent by the frantic look in the patient's eyes and the stiffening of her bare body, that she was in great pain as junior began boring its way deeper and deeper into her rectum.

       Mandy went into a catatonic state after about an hour of steady, merciless reaming that this time did draw blood, and a goodly amount considering the size and age of the girl. The team stopped the machine and pushed a wad of sterile cotton into her rectum to impede or hopefully staunch the flow. It wasn't more than half an hour before Mandy Kramer went into shock and all hell broke loose. Soon there were a number of doctors including Kate Wesley, who was napping in her office, plus a pair of nurses from the night shift trying to stem the flow of blood that continued to stream from her distended anus, and to revive her from the state of shock she had entered. They were only following orders, but right now the fate of the entire Institute was hanging in the balance.

       To say that Kate Wesley had her tit in a wringer would be a monumental understatement. Napping in your office while your star patient is pushed to well beyond her limits is above and beyond stupid. Later when the dust settled, the good doctor would pay dearly for this blunder. They did manage to stabilize Mandy and get her to to the proper hospital personnel for treatment. Her former doctor was suspended without pay for starters, while management decided her fate.

       To the amazement of all, the girl opened her eyes the next day and said that she was hungry. That afternoon the nurse attending her reported that she had observed the patient masturbating furiously. A few hours later Mandy Kramer was demanding some male companionship, such as a few of those hot orderlies that had serviced her previously. Her new doctor, an old hand at the Institute, shrugged his shoulders after examining her cunt and asshole and declared her ready and able to accommodate as much cock as she wanted. He had no explanation for the miraculous recovery that had occurred in less than twenty-four hours.

       Her father was absolutely delighted to hear that his wayward daughter had finally seen the light. He sent one of his trusted aides to see Mandy and make a determination on what should be the next step in her rehabilitation. The Institute came loaded for bear and included in their presentation Kate Wesley. It was she that made the bold suggestion that the Institute had the capability of rebuilding Mandy Kramer into a walking teen wet dream in less than six weeks. She used herself as the proof that such a transformation could be safely accomplished.

       Afterward she made a very private presentation to demonstrate that her working parts were indeed top grade. He was amused to observe that the good doctor had recently been caned,  and by her welts, rather professionally. Like many who served the Kramer family in positions of trust, he had very strong sadistic tendencies, and insisted that Dr. Wesley return with him to provide a first hand account of just how this miracle of rehabilitation had been accomplished. The Institute was most happy to comply with his request. The blonde beauty was given a farewell flogging as per his instructions and packed into a specially constructed crate, securely bound and gagged, for air shipment cross country at the Institute's expense. It was the least they could do for such an important client.        

       Two weeks later Mandy recovered from the first round of surgeries using the miracle fiber developed by the professor who did Dr. Wesley's body when she was a student under him, in more ways than one. Her family was amazed to see her realistic 37D tits that responded to gravity as well as  squeezing, and the beginnings of a perfect ass. By the time she returned home there was a waiting list for her services that would take her months to clear.

       To this day there are heated arguments among the staff concerning what mechanism was triggered in the girl that allowed her body to repair itself so rapidly. Hormonal imbalances, synaptic transformations, repression retardation, and the like are some of the theories bandied about by these distinguished practitioners of the healing arts. Most agree that whatever was responsible also played a major part in reprogramming her attitude towards the tremendous talent she possessed in the arena of sexual relationships. All indications are that the family is delighted with her attitude and devotion to her duties. In passing it should be observed that the former doctor, Kate Wesley, is now her personal sex slave and used as a slave should be, due no mercy or reason for whatever is done to her.

                                                                    (Finis-rolf palsy)  

Review This Story || Author: rolf palsy
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