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Annas Ordeal

Part 1

Captain Romerro picked up his phone

Anna’s’ Ordeal

Captain Romero picked up his phone. An agent in a town some four hours away by road had some good news. Anna Lubec had been seen leaving the house of a known rebel. Carlos menez was part of a group suspected of killing an officer of the secret police.

Romerro ordered his agent not to lose sight of the girl, advising that a kidnap squad would be mobilized.

So his informant had been right, and that little slut was using her imagined immunity to pleasure the rebel. Anna was the teenage daughter of a foreign financier. She was secretly dating Carlos, and would doubtless be party to vital information on his movements. Romero thumbed a fresh photo of a slim dark girl in her mid teens. She stood about five feet five tall, had short boyish hair, and was dressed in expensive designer casuals. Carlos Mendez had been identified as standing beside her. 

At just seventeen years old, she would be a difficult subject for the brutal methods of questioning normally used on peasants, and more subtle, undetectable methods might be necessary in order to avoid “Bad publicity”.

If she was unmarked, then any allegations of torture could be denied and written off as hysterics.

Romero had more immediate concerns, and straight away detailed a squad to abduct the girl.

Anna was at a late bar, with university friends. She had decided fatefully to make her own way home at the end of the evening.

She had only a few blocks to go when she became aware of a car following slowly some fifty yards behind.

She became frightened; she panicked, and started to run, turning into an alley leading to a yard. The squad had the yard covered. Two officers lay in wait for the hapless girl.

Although she was fairly athletic, her tight jeans and heeled sandals restricted her movements, and she ran straight into the clutches of a policewoman.

All squad members were under strict orders not to rough treat or mark Anna, and to deliver her to a secret location some distance from their HQ.

Romero telephoned a senior officer who listened intently to the Captain. “I have the very person for this task. We have a very skilled interrogator, who incidentally is a lesbian. More importantly, she is a cynical, ruthless sadist who can extract information using electro torture in a very effective way, leaving the victim completely unmarked. What time do you want to start work on the Lubec girl?”

It was three in the morning when the military convoy arrived at the old colonial farm buildings. Anna had been cuffed and hooded for the journey and had tried desperately to sleep, trying to blot out the lurid imaginings of what was going to be done to her.

Doctor Havier paced up and down the guardroom impatiently. She decided to give Anna drugs that would make the teenager stay wide awake and prevent any lapse of consciousness. She had prepared a syringe with a cocktail of caffeine and adrenalin.

The door to the guard room opened, and Anna was thrust forward under the light.

“Just remove her jacket for now please” she ordered. Anna had on a close fitting muscle top, without a bra. Over this, she wore a small leather jacket that stopped an inch above her navel. The soldiers peeled off the coat taking time to savor the shape of her small firm body. “Put the cuffs back on” barked the interrogator. Anna still hooded winced as the syringe was stabbed into her left upper arm.  “Now take her down to the basement cell, and I will be there shortly”

Anna was manhandled down two flights, along a corridor and into a cold room. The door closed behind her. She was by now frantic with fear, sweat dripping off her clammy arms and hands.

All her possessions had been taken from her, the watch, silver pendant, wallet and worse than all else, a piece of paper bearing a scribbled number given to her by a friend of her lover.

The door opened and she heard two voices, first a male voice “Ah Anna how nice to meet at last” then a female “Shall we take the hood off and let her see what we have in store?”

The awful hot hood came off and Anna blinked in the bright lights of the junta’s torture chamber.

She looked in anguish around a windowless stone cell, bear except for a Dentists chair and a trolley carrying a number of sinister implements. There were wires, probes, clamps and a face mask rigged to a small cylinder. Below was a solid wooden box with a brass and bakelite crank.

Romero stood facing Anna. He relished undressing girls, especially ones as young and fit as this latest victim. He sank to his knees, his eyes savoring the petite form of his captive. This was the youngest girl he had ever arrested. His hands moved behind her calves, his fingers ran up the back of her legs over the tight denim, inside her thighs, tracing the seam of the crutch, the zip, the buckle of her belt. All the while Anna trembled in utter disbelief at what was happening to her. Now another pair of hands gripped Anna’s narrow waist from behind. The doctor’s fingers ran over the smooth washboard stomach, toying with her pierced navel. Now she cupped the teenager’s breasts, lifting the sleeveless top up over the wide shoulders.

Romero felt his cock harden as he looked up at the girl’s small, rock hard breasts. “Let’s get these jeans down to your knees, shall we” His hands released Anna’s buckle and tugged on the zip. “No no please not there” pleaded Anna, but Romero ignored her, and inched the tight garment down over her hips. Anna shook with abject fear, throwing her head back, teetering on the high heeled sandals.

“Look here doctor, this little whore has on tiny, see through pants, and I can see the stains of her juices” He sniffed the air “yes and she smells so sweetly” He smelt a mixture of her deodorant and vaginal fluid. His trousers now bulged as he eyed the outline of Anna’s’ hairless pussy through the gossamer nylon. The pronounced gap at the top of her tanned thighs.     

The Doctor gripped each of Anna’s nipples twisting, pulling, squeezing the swollen buds, now speaking softly into Anna’s ears “Are you going to tell us about your boyfriend, you know, the one that betrays his country?” Her hands found the front of Anna’s black pants. Her fingers slipped under the elastic, finding the entrance to her sex. Romero savored the highly erotic scene, the doctor slowly masterbating Anna’s cunt. The girl swooned and retched violently. Her vagina becoming wetter with the fingering.  “It’s such a pity to have to hurt someone as lovely as you. Very soon our hands will be at work on you up inside here, and our nasty electric probe will replace my finger”

Anna’s pulse soared at these terrible words. Her heart began to beat so fast, she became very light headed.

“Get her onto the the chair” barked Romero, “She will sing when we get to work”

Anna screamed “No no please no, not that please I can give you names, places.

Ignoring her pleas, they undressed Anna down to her pants. They strapped her to the chair with leather bonds buckled tightly around her waist, and chest above and below her breasts. Her knees were strapped to a spreader bar, opening her legs wide. Her wrists were strapped painfully tight to the arms of the chair. A choker was buckled around her neck, and attached with snap links to the top of the chair. The Doctor forced a dental gag into Anna’s mouth to prevent her biting her tongue. Anna felt herself dropping backwards as the chair was reclined into a flat position, causing her unsupported head to hang down. A bright lamp was positioned shinning directly into Anna’s eyes. Romero adjusted the chair and made the seat rise, thrusting Anna’s hips into the air.

So this was it. Anna’s fears and dread were not just a horrible nightmare. They were going to start torturing her. She was terrified, not knowing how they would hurt her. But knowing with awful certainty that her sexual organs were to be their main target. Tears streamed down the sides of her head. She let out useless sounds as she tried to plead with them not to do it.

Electric shock torture applied to the vagina can leave the victim with painful electrical burns that are slow to heal, and plainly visible during examination. However, Doctor Havier had perfected a simple electrode. The size of a split pea and fitted into the end of a silicon catheter. The probe could be inserted high into the victim’s urethra, Penis or Vagina. The opposite polarity electrode is inserted into the rectum. Even small voltages cause the victim excruciating pain, and few females are able to withstand the torture.

The scars are hard to detect and allegations of torture are impossible to substantiate from physical evidence alone.

The doctor snapped on latex gloves, and picked up the long flexible silicon catheter. She connected one end with a wire to the telephone generator. She took Anna’s head in her hands, and looking into the terrified girls eyes, she smiled and spoke “This little probe is going all the way up your pee hole, under your clitoris.” Then positioning her self between Anna’s outstretched legs, she cut away the gossamer thin pants revealing a shaved, well developed cunt.

Anna’s breathing was now frantic, and she let out a gurgling sound. Her chest heaving and her pulse now so fast, she was close to fainting.

“You are screwed regularly by that murdering dog I see!”

The doctor’s gloved fingers parted the labial lips, and explored the innermost cavities of Anna’s sex, “Ah, there we are, the tiny hole that is going to burn very soon”

Anna let out a low guttural sound as the electrode slid all the way up inside her, stopping at the entrance to her bladder.

Havier stood up and took a large black dildo like probe from a tray. Again she took hold of Anna’s head and brought the probe close so that Anna could see. The terrified teenager looked at the probe, and the electric wires trailing from its base. She shook in disbelief as Doctor smeared the metal tip with lubricant gel.

“You will see that this probe tapers at its base. It is going up your bum hole, and it is shaped to prevent you from forcing it out.”

Romero was busy strapping Anna’s feet into leather cuffs. Satisfied, he went to a ratchet pulley fixed to the wall. He slowly turned the handle. The rope now lifting Anna’s widely spread legs. He stopped when her back was lifted clear giving access to her bum. Doctor Havier took a large quantity of gel, and lubricated the puckered sphincter. She brought the tip of the dildo to Anna’s clenched hole, and then with a quick movement, she thrust the probe inside its full length. The pain of the insertion took Anna’s breath away. Pitifully, she cried into the awful gag, her tears streaming down into her hair.   


Review This Story || Author: Thorn1
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