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Review This Story || Author: Allene Blake


Part 1

                                 by Allene
                         (copywrite Allene Blake 2001)

I have been a showoff since I was about three and discovered adults would giggle
and applaud when I ran around or danced wearing just my panties. I found if I
crawled up into a man's lap and squirmed around it would always get me hugs.

Then one day I went too far. After my bath I ran out stark naked to showoff in
front of my aunt and uncle and boy cousins. Rather than giggle the adults looked
embarrassed althogh my boy cousins still applauded. My Mom scooped me up and
took me to my bedroom saying I was naughty for running around naked and so I
wouldn't forget she gave me a spanking and told me never to come out naked again
and also never let anyone touch me "down there".

It was still okay to run around in my panties until I was about six when I was
told it was not decent at my age to be so close to naked. I really missed it.
No-one paid any attention to me with my clothes on.

The next summer Dad and Mom decided to take a vacation. They dropped me off at
my Aunt and Uncle's place to babysit me while they were gone. After unpacking I
went out to the backyard and saw my cousins splashing around in an above ground
pool. It was hot and my Uncle saw me looking at it longingly and said, "Would
you like to go swimming Dee Dee?"

I said,"I would love it but Mom forgot to pack my swimsuit."

My aunt said,"I could run into town and get her one." My Uncle said,"That isn't
necessary. She can just swim in her panties."

My Aunt said, "I don't think her Mom would approve of that."

My Uncle said, "What she doesn't know won't hurt her. You won't tell her will
you Dee Dee."

There was no chance of that. I knew Mom would really spank me hard if she found
out. I really wanted to go swimming and show off again so I said, "I won't tell
her but you or the boys might."

My uncle said to my aunt, "You won't tell will you Linda?"

My aunt giggled and said, "No. I know how you and the boys miss her showing

He took me out to the pool and said, "Boys. Dee Dee would like to go swimming
but she doesn't have a swimsuit. She would go in her panties but she is afraid
her Mom may find out and spank her.You won't tell her will you?"

They said in chorus. "No we won't tell anybody."

My Uncle said, "Okay Dee you are all set. You can take off your clothes now."

That was different. I had always taken off my clothes in my room to come out in

I said, "Should I do it here?"

"Sure. Remember how we would clap when you came out in your panties? We will
clap everytime you take something off."

The approval was unreal. They even clapped when I kicked off my thongs. Even my
aunt giggled and applauded.

there was even more when I took off my t-shirt and I wondered if it was because
I was getting bumps where Mom's big breasts were. I took off my jeans slowly to
make the applause last then got on the platform to dance a little to more
applause before jumping in.  

After spashing around some more My cousin Jimmy said, "Why don't you dance some
more for us."

I climbed up on the platform to dance to even more applause plus whistles.

I heard my Aunt say,"I know her Mom would not approve of this."

I looked down and saw my white panties were nearly transparent and the wet cloth
hugged me "down there" to show the crack between the puffy lips. I realized I
was nearly naked which was a definite "No" so I blushed and jumped back in the
water to hide.

My aunt and uncle lost interest and went in to the house but the boys didn't.
They began to wrestle with me and their wet bodies sliding against mine felt

We decided to get out for awhile to sunbathe. I laid down between them on a
blanket and didn't object when they began carressing suntan oil on me because it
felt so nice especially when they pulled my legs open to rub it on my inner
thighs. Then I felt a hand "down there". I panicked and jumped up to yell."You
can't touch me there. Mom said that is a sin and I will go to Hell!"

I ran into the house and my aunt said,"What is wrong?" I was embarrassed to tell
her so lied and said that I was afraid I may get sunburned.

I stayed in my room until dinnertime then came down fully dressed. Everyone was
real nice and I began to think I had overreacted.After all I had not told the
boys not to touch me down there. The boys had put the TV on MTV and I heard a
song I liked and began twisting in my chair in time with the beat.

My uncle said, "You are a natural dancer. Someday we will see you on MTV."

I was flattered and said,"Do you really think so?"

"Sure. Why don't you dance for us? You need a lot of practise if you want to be
a star."

"In my panties?"

"Of course the girls on TV are wearing less."

I figured my aunt was a woman and Mom's sister so I should check with her."

I said,"Do you think it would be alright? Mom said I shouldn't dance in panties

"Sure Honey. Your Mom watches too many TV preachers."

That was for sure she had religeous channels on all day. I said, "Well it won't
be the same. I don't have a costume like the girls on MTV."

"No problem. I can make you one. Come into the bedroom."

I followed her in. She said, "Take off your clothes while I dig through this
christmas stuff."

I took off my clothes and stood there nervously holding my hands over "down

She found some white satin ribbon about two inches wide. She wrapped a piece
around my chest which seemed to accentuate my nipple bumps then tied a piece
around my waist. She tied another piece to the waistband below my belly button
then ran it between my legs to tighten it and tie it to the back of the
waistband. I gasped as I felt it pull down on the front of the waistband as it
tightened on my pussy then slid into my buttcrack.

She put me in front of the mirror and said,"See. It is a lot like the girls on

I turned and said,"Not really my buns are bare and it barely covers me down

"Girls are wearing swimsuits now that bare the buns and your little pussy is
hidden. Stars don't wear much. Look at Madonna."

I had to admit most of her buns were bare.

I went back to dance but soon they were giving me directions to open my legs and
pump my hips back and forth. That made the ribbon move in my crotch to make a
strange feeling but a good strange feeling. Then after being directed to lean
backwards and pump the strange feeling got stronger and I noticed the boys were
staring at my crotch. I looked down to see the ribbon had crawled into my slit
leaving me naked.

I immediately stopped and put my hands over my crotch. They yelled,"Don't stop.
You are doing great!"

I sobbed, "I can't. I am naked. I promised Mom I wouldn't dance naked. She gave
me a spanking for it. I feel so guilty!"

My Uncle said, "We can stop the guilty feeling."

I sobbed,"How?"

"Simple. You no longer feel guilty after a spanking. We'll just give you a
spanking and it will be all right."

I sobbed,"But spanking hurts!"

"It doesn't have to hurt much.We would just use our hands not that nasty
hairbrush your Mom uses.It will hurt us as much as you."

I needed to relieve my guilt and said,"Okay. Do I get over your knees."

"No we do it differently but first, Linda, cut off the ribbons."

I protested, "But that will make me totally naked."

"Yes. That is what you will be spanked for."

My aunt cut off the ribbons then My Uncle said, "Come over here and straddle my
knee then give me a big hug."

I did it feeling the cloth of his pants on my crotch. He began spanking me
hitting my left bun with his right hand and my right bun with his left. It
didn't hurt much but the impacts were making my crotch slide back and forth on
his leg to give me a strange but good feeling. I found myself pulling my legs
more open so more of my weight could slide on his pants. just when it began to
really feel good he told me to go to Jimmy. I hugged him and the feeling came
back.Jimmy hit harder but sliding on his pants made up for it. Then it was
Alex's turn and the feeling became so exciting I began to pant. Then I went to
Linda. She pulled up her skirt so my pussy was rubbing on her bare leg. That was
wonderful and I got marvelous tingling sensations deep into my crotch. When she
stopped I wriggled on her leg rubbing my little boobs on her big ones.

My uncle said,"Feel better now?"

"I feel strange. The spanking didn't hurt. I liked it, but I don't feel guilty

"Good. It was a good spanking. Go look at your buns."

I backed up to a mirror and could hardly believe they were so red and now felt
the throbbing feeling after one of Moms but it was not unpleasant.

My uncle said,"Now we will make you feel better. Lie down on the bearskin rug."

I laid down on my tummy and they began rubbing some oil on me. It felt
wonderful. If I was a cat I would have purred.

He told me to roll over then said, "Remember. We aren't touching you down there.
We are just putting lotion on you."

Then there were hands all over me rubbing my little boobies, my tummy, my crotch
and my thighs all at once. I stretched my hands over my head and absorbed the
wonderful feelings that were making my tummy pulsate.

I groaned when they stopped. My uncle said, "Are you going to dance for us naked
tomorrow night?'

"Yes even though I know I must be spanked for it."

"You said that spanking didn't hurt. The next will be done with this little
leather strap.Would you like a spank to see what it will feel like."

"Yes. I think it should hurt a little more."

I rolled over on my tummy and he hit me across both butt cheeks. It stung more
than the hands but still not nearly as bad as Mom's hairbrush.

I rolled over to grin at him and said, "That will be all right. Will I be rubbed

"Tonight was a special treat since it was your first spanking. Normally only
parts that have been hit are rubbed."

I absorbed that for a moment thinking about which parts felt best rubbed then I
said, "Okay. I want my buns, my thighs, my boobies, my tummy and my crotch

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. They are all parts you will see so they should be punished."

"Good girl. You can do anything you want in your dance because you will be
punished for it."

We went to bed. The boys wanted to come into my room but I wouldn't let them
because I wanted to touch myself to bring back the good feeling. I rubbed my
crotch smiling at the sensations until I went to sleep. That was to be my
pattern for many years. Only I could touch "down there".

The next day there was no pretense. I swam naked and so did the boys. They
wanted to touch me but I refused not wanting to go to Hell but at their begging
I rubbed their little penis's until snot like stuff shot out and they sighed in
relief.Again it set a pattern in that I would allow boys the pleasure of hand
jobs rather than have them touch me.

I came down to dinner fully clothed knowing it excited them to see me undress. I
could hardly wait for dinner to be over but finally Alex got up and put a CD in
the player and music with a heavy beat came on. My Uncle said, "Dee, you know
what the music means."

I knew. I got up wearing a blouse with many buttons and a skirt that unbuttoned
to the hem.I began dancing while unbuttoning the blouse grinning at the "Go
Go's" They clapped when I dropped the blouse off my shoulders to fall to the
floor then began unbuttoning the skirt from the hem grinning at the boys groans
and cries to go faster. When it fell I slowly pulled down the panties inch by
inch to make them yell. Then I was nked and I danced soon to follow instructions
to rub my boobs and nipples, then spank myself and then rubbing my tummy and
finally my crotch letting my middle finger slide up and down my slit as I had
done in bed.

I was disappointed when the music stopped after three songs since I was really
getting excited.

My uncle said,"Okay Dee. Get the strap."

It was so strange to get the strap that would sting me. Mom had never had me get
the hairbrush. They all smiled when I got it and came back to them rubbing it on
my tummy.

My uncle said,"Since the strap stings more you will only get three from each of
us in each place." I quickly did some math and knew I would get sixty lashes
which was less than the hand spanks just to my butt. It shouldn't be too bad.

First I was told to lean over to hold on to the edge of the table for butt
spanks. My uncle said,"If you think they should be harder tell us."

He began hitting me and stings began moving all over my butt. It was bearable
though and to my surprise about half way through I moaned,"Harder." Now the
stings were nearly at my limit but after all I deserved them.

Then I was told to open my legs for the thigh spanking. this surprised me since
I assumed it would just be to the back and front of my thighs. Actually thet
would hit the back to make the tip sting my inner thighs and the front to again
sting the tender inner thighs. That hurt so much I did not ask for harder
although I still felt I deserved it.

Then it was my tummy and I was told to stand with my hands on my head. I found
it was not so sensitive so could ask for "Harder."

Then it was my boobies and I was told to put my hands on my waist and try to
touch my elbows together at the back. That was bearable and I was about to say
"Harder" when the third hit across both nipples. That hurt so much I took my
hands off my waist to hold them with tears in my eyes. He said,"Get back into
position." He smiled when I reluctantly did but now I braced myself for the
dreaded third lash.

 When they finished I was crying and they let me caress my poor nipples for
awhile before telling me to put my butt on the armrest of their big couch so my
right leg could be pulled over the back of the couch and my left leg pulled to
the coffee table. It was a good thing I was held since I could never have held
that position on my own. I looked down to see my slit had opened from the splits
I was doing. Again it was the third that was the killer. The first covered the
left side of my slit. the second the right side then the third right into the
slit to make me howl but something weird happened. The more it hurt the more I
thought I deserved it and on the last one I looked at Jimmy defiantly and said 
"Harder!"  Oh God that hurt! The pain seemed to sink in to my guts.

But then it was over and my rubs started. My now sensitive skin made it more
wonderful and although I did not know what it was at the time I had several

It went on like that for the rest of my stay but on the last night I was to get
a special treat.Only Linda was going to hit my pussy only with a little whip
made from leather shoestrings. The whipping alone brought orgasms but when it
was done she put her mouth on my pussy and licked my now super sensitive pussy.
It almost made me crazy but later when I heard lesbians who did such things went
to hell I felt complete guilt.

I never went back. When Mom and Dad went somewhere I told them I would stay with
Grandma. They thought it was strange since there were no kids there to play with
but I just couldn't stand the guilt of enjoying another experience like that.

end part one

Review This Story || Author: Allene Blake
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