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Are you sure?

Part 1

“Are you sure

“Are you sure?” He asked quietly.


She knew that all she had to do was say no and he would stop.  Her years of searching would have been for nothing.  But he knew and she knew that she would not, could not say no.


“Yes Sir” she whispered trembling.


He kissed her gently and squeezed her hand as he again searched her eyes for any doubt.  Then he stood and looked at what she had assembled.


Running his hands over the selection he picked up each instrument in order and showed it to her to add to her internal terror.  He watched her reactions and saw her shiver at the catheter and plastic bag and the scene that was to unfold finally filled his head.  He now knew how the end would come. 


He left the kneeling woman and went from the room returning a few minutes later with a pitcher of water and a glass.  He filled the glass and gave it to the confused woman. 


“Drink it; you will finish the entire pitcher as I whip you.” He stated.


She began to sip the water.  The fear in her made it almost impossible to imagine finishing the large pitcher. 




She jumped as the bullwhip struck her back and as he continued the strokes she drank faster.  She poured another glass as he moved to start whipping her ass and then the front of her naked thighs.  He pulled her to her feet and then whipped the back of her thighs and her lower legs as she gasped and choked on the water.  Half the pitcher was gone and he still did not relent.




Now on to her breasts and nipples, her world was one burning pain and the water was suddenly a welcome relief.  As the pitcher neared ¾ empty he started whipping her cunt.  She screamed and drank faster as her tender flesh was whipped without mercy.  Finally the pitcher was empty and the whipping stopped.   She stood trembling, waiting.  He grabbed her and took her to the table where he laid her down and secured her wrists above her head and her ankles painfully out to the side.  The cold metal of the table felt good on the hot whip marks and she sighed at the bit of comfort.  This comfort was short lived however, as he attached alligator clamps to her nipples and snapped them shut cruelly causing her to scream again as the spots of blood showed on her tortured nipples.  He attached the chain from the clamps to a rope from the ceiling and hoisted her tits up higher and higher until it felt that they would be torn off.  Left suspended by her tits, her arms and legs holding her to the table she wondered how much more she could take.  As if reading her mind he walked up and looked into her eyes. 


“This is just the beginning slut” he said quietly.


She moaned in fear and her cunt gushed juices at the thought of what was to come.  As she contemplated this he went to work on her.  Grabbing her clit in a small pair of vice grips he tightened them until she could do nothing but scream until her throat was raw then he left them dangling from her crushed nub.  He showed her the red hot soldering iron and allowed the full impact of what he was going to do to sink in. He moved between her upraised and spread thighs and twisted the vice grips again and again as she screamed.  He fingered her dripping fuckhole inserting first two then three fingers as she moaned and tried not to move.   Fingering her faster he slids in four fingers and was amazed at how wet she was,  he smiled as he was able to get all five fingers in as she moaned and begged to cum.  He granted permission with a nod of his head as his hand closed into a fist and he began to fist her cunt hard and fast.  She came again and he smiled knowing those would be the last before he began to burn her clit away.  He ripped his hand from her spasming cunt and looked at her.  She trembled and thanked him.

He raised the soldering iron to her tortured clit touching it softly to it at first.  She screamed like a wounded animal and came over and over as he worked slowly and methodically to remove her sensitive clit, the soldering iron destroying and cauterizing at the same time.  She heard the vice grips hit the metal table and she knew he was done. 


He was amazed at her strength and pain tolerance.  Smiling he moved to her head, forced back by her position, her mouth hanging open, and he inserted his cock and began to quickly throat fuck her.  He did not expect not receive any active participation on her part and the very fact that she was so traumatized that could not even suck him turned him on more.  He came quickly forcing himself deep into her throat and holding her nose so she was forced to swallow.  As she did, choking a little, he was again inspired.  Removing his cock he returned to her with another full pitcher and began to pour again holding her nose so she was forced to swallow.  He poured slowly so she could keep up, he wanted the water in her.  Emptying the pitcher he stepped away and then returned with a knife.  He showed it to her and she moaned and cried knowing its intention.  He then slid a piece of wood studded with exposed nails under her arched back. 


“Your choice slut, fast or slow?” he asked.


She knew that if she said fast, she would fall hard on the bed of nails.  If she said slow the pain would be prolonged but her whipped back would be spared.


“Slow please” she cried.


He took the blade of the knife and slowly began to remove her nipples one at a time.  The pain was unbearable and she finally lost consciousness.  He let her body sag as she passed out and the added weight ripped the first nipple off, the pain from that woke her again, then he started on the other nipple.  She was too hoarse to scream very loud and he was momentarily disappointed.  As he was almost finished with the second nipple, it too ripped free and the woman was mad with pain.  Her nipples now hung from the rope and her back was forced onto the bed of nails.  She cried uncontrollably at the horrendous pain.  He climbed on the table and lay on the woman forcing his cock into her soaked vagina and fucking her, the nails under her ripping the skin of her whipped back and ass.  Her thrashing and screaming bringing him again to orgasm quickly. 


She laid on the table almost in shock from the pain, her tits bleeding freely.  He decided it was time.  Working swiftly he inserted the catheter into her bladder making sure the tube was blocked to prevent the release of her urine then ran the tube to her head.  He wrapped her head in the plastic and secured the tube from the catheter inside it.  He released the block and the urine from her bladder started to fill the bag.  She realized she was to be drown in her own urine and she smiled at his inventiveness.


He showed her another knife, a bigger one this time and she cringed at what would be the final assault on her ravaged body.  As the urine filled more of the bag she felt him insert the knife blade into her cunt and start moving it in and out, slicing her vagina to ribbons as she thrashed and screamed.  The pain caused her body to produce another gush of urine and as her face was being covered the air in the bag ran out.  She knew she had only minutes left to live and she screamed and choked on a mouthful of her own urine as the knife cut through her vagina into her rectum.  Her last vision was of him smiling at her chokes and screams of agony as her world dimmed then faded forever.


As he cleaned up it occurred to him that he had not even asked her what her real name was.

Review This Story || Author: dhyanna
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