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The Horwath RAAC

Part 1

The Horwath RAAC

The Horwath RAAC

(The Remedial Attitude Adjustment Center)




Arnold Meyer walked down the hall to collect his newest subjects. Having been a trainer for the last ten years, first at Bierdorf prison, and recently at Horwath, he had a tremendous amount of experience turning the vilest female vermin into quality products. He had been given the worst of the bunch, the ones that were labeled as incorrigible. His reputation for breaking intractable female flesh to his will was well known. As such he was often given the most difficult cases.

The Horwath Center had been in operation for nearly five years before Meyer had arrived. In that time they had processed many women, turning them into beasts of burden as well as pets. The process of collection changed when Meyer arrived though. His suggestions improved output so much that the Foreign Ministry actually began exporting stock to neighboring countries. Wetting the appetite of the wealthy aristocrats across the border caused a surge in demand. As the word spread, more and more of the wealthy aristocrats demanded Horwath’s services. As such, production had to be increased dramatically.

Meyer was an expert in his field. He knew what made a woman tick. His skills were so great that he was often filmed, his techniques being shown to prospective trainers. He was awarded a Masters Degree for his thesis on the female psyche, which gave a multi-path roadmap to the conversion process.

It was Meyer’s idea to create a separate section for the most difficult cases. Instead of a simple training facility, he actually enlisted surveillance teams. Their job was to comb the streets for female lowlife. Young females who resided in the slums were their primary targets. They would monitor their speech, their posture, and their activities. The more aggressive the individual, the more likely they would need special training.



The History of the World (circa 2034)



The United Nations was established in the mid-twentieth century to bring countries closer together. One crisis after another, from the Cuban Missile Crisis, to the many troubles in the mid-east had been dealt with in a judicious manner. Countries worked together to avoid the human tragedy of a world wide war. And most of the time, it worked!

In the year 2009 the balance of power changed, and not for the better. With continued endorsement from the United Nations and assistance from French and Russian governments, Iran, who had been arguing that her nuclear power plants were for peaceful use, began secretly purifying plutonium into weapons grade material. The manufacturing scale was quite small, perhaps only a few pounds a month. But within a year, with imports from Korea, they now had nearly a ton of weapons grade material. And this was not a good thing.

The plan was called Holy Vengeance. It was frighteningly simple. Simply put, small lead cased packages would be slipped into the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Teams would store the items in nondescript apartments and await the shipment of other materials. The shipments would be done slowly, patiently. Eventually, Ten U.S. Cities including Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago had at least one and perhaps as many as four ten kiloton bombs in place. Some bombs were made substantially larger because of the target they were meant for. Where possible the bombs were assembled in high rise buildings to increase the effect of the blast.

On November 25, 2011 the plan was ready for execution. The Iranian president, is the ultimate act of treachery and martyrdom, went to the United Nations to address the assembly personally. He even invited the President of the United States to attend as an offering of friendship between two nations who had found themselves at odds with each other for the last 40 years. However the president refused, saying that he could not meet with him for to do so was to offer his endorsement of the human injustice that Islamic Fundamentalism imposed on the Iranian people.

On the afternoon of that day, one day prior to the start of the busy Christmas shopping season, the Iranian president spoke.

“People of the world hear me!” he said in his native tongue as countless interpreters began converting not only his words but his mood into words that their dignitaries could understand.

“People of the world. For years the Iranian people have been placed under the thumbs of the western cultures of the world. We have been threatened by the existence of the Zionist regime and we have endured. That will not continue beyond this glorious day.

“As I speak your cities burn. As I speak your capitals crumble. Allah be praised for all of Islam for we shall never be your slaves again!”

Around the world men watched CNN and other satellite stations, waiting for the words that would tell them to start the explosive sequence. First New York, with four of the larger fifty kiloton bombs, followed by Washington, Dallas, and Chicago were nearly obliterated by these horrendous blasts. London, Paris, and Berlin ceased to exist. And as the Israelis watched Tel Aviv disappeared under a mushroom cloud.

The president and several high level members of Congress watched CNN in stunned silence as nearly half a billion people simply vanished, as ten million New Yorkers died instantly, as the world’s commerce and energy pipelines were ravaged and destroyed.

The response was swift. It was known as operation blanket approach. It took nearly two weeks to put all the pieces into place. There would be no silly announcements or speeches. It would simply be done. Simply put, it would be genocide. The president ordered a full scale nuclear strike against every population center in Syria, Iran, and North Korea. And while the Iranian bombs were crude and inefficient, there was nothing crude or inefficient about the weapons of the U.S. military.

Fighting continues for several years while the world suffered. As strange as it may sound the energy crisis that one would have expected to develop never did. After the purge of Iran, the remaining Arab countries wanted no part in anything that might upset the American or European governments. In fact, the president stated quite clearly that any attempt to reduce oil production would be considered an act of war and would be dealt with swiftly and decisively. And with the lack of large cities to use up resources, the demand was reduced. It stayed that way for a few years until the world recovered.

Yet terrorism did invade the United States and Europe. Retaliations on a much smaller scale continued. Small bombs were detonated inside wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Convention centers exploded in Tampa. College dorms were reduced to rubble. And the fight went on.

By the end of 2012 the world had recovered in one form or another enough to function. However the United States was not doing well. The European economy hadn’t suffered as much as the US because their ports were not subject to the attacks that the US’s ports were. The blow of losing New York as a port as well as Los Angeles, hit hard. There were shortages of clothing, food, and countless other necessities.

People began to immigrate to the Mideast. Before long Iran and Syria were defacto provinces of the United States simply because the majority of the population was now American. Europe was the recipient of nearly ten million immigrants. And that was when the anti-Euro-American movement started.

As more and more people moved from the ravaged US to Europe, cities and town grew at an alarming pace. By the end of 2013 towns and villages meant for ten thousand had grown to ten times that size. The simple shops and stores disappeared as the American shopping centers took over. Walmart had invaded Europe.

This and other changes were looked on with disfavor by the European communities. Americans were controlling the town councils. Americans were teaching in their schools. Americans were running their lives. There had to be a way to either send them home or at least get them out of their hair.

Nowhere was the resentment as great as in the Baltic States. With so many Americans living in the area it was impossible for these small towns to maintain their identity. Shop owners had to learn English. The fear existed that soon their own cherished dialects would be nothing more than forgotten memories.

Borders blurred as Americans removed border crossings, turning Eastern Europe into a single country with governors heading the provinces rather than traditional monarchs and presidents. There were only a few holdouts, but they were dwindling. Most ceded to the new European Conglomeration of States, or ECS. But some resisted.

One of note was Horwathia, a province approximately two hundred miles square. Its population, mostly of Hungarian and Yugoslavian ancestry, numbered fifteen million. When the Americans moved in that population doubled.

The government would have ceded to the ECS if it were not for the efforts of Adolfo Horwath, The Grand Duke of Horwathia. Having led the revolt that allowed his country to split from the masses he used his political connections to keep his country free of the yoke of the ECS.

As a generation passed there grew a movement within certain circles to kick out the invaders. They feared that Americans would corrupt their cherished bloodlines, their heritage. Adolfo’s successor, Sigmund Horwath was very much in favor of some sort of plan to purge the vermin from their land. However, a certain Horwathian gentleman who had spent much time in America and studied their culture suggested a somewhat different approach. Their country was now suffering from the worldwide energy crisis. Transportation was now either by bicycle, boat, or mass transit. Many clamored for some other means. Horses were considered but most of Europe was already using them to supplement their own mass transit systems. With their high demand the cost of these animals skyrocketed into the tens of thousands. And the narrow streets of the major cities simply wouldn’t work well with the stubborn beasts anyway.

Arnold Meyer offered a solution that was both ingenious and devious. The population would be sorted out into Europeans and Euro-Americans. The government would arrest American females and retrain them for domestic service or transportation. When he mentioned transportation to the Prime Minister and described his perceived ideas to save energy the minister seemed intrigued. The idea of harnessing beautiful women and making them pull carriages was interesting.

The Prime Minister noted a problem. “There are too many women for this to depopulate the Americans. What else can you think of?” he asked.

“I already have it worked out. Pets!” he replied.


“Yes. We turn the remainder into pets for our populace. We’ll train them for oral sex. It might even be possible to export them and make a handsome profit from them. We’ll have to discuss that with the bordering countries. Their population is just as anxious for a solution to the problem as we are.”

“Then you are my new architect. You will manage the development of the training facilities. You will bring in the appropriate people.”

“As you wish, sir.”



Chapter 1


Welcome to the RAAC


Meyer entered the main office at the RAAC at 5 a.m. His six foot, ten inch frame towered above the secretary’s desk. His white pants and black shirt made him look all that much more handsome. And, of course, like all trainers in the RAAC, he wore an expensive Stetson.

Kerry Meyer, his slightly plump sister, managed his schedule. She beamed when he walked into the room. “You’re early,” she said.

“I wanted to get an early start. We just shipped out the last two girls yesterday. Did you arrange for another group yet?” he asked.

“I have two blondes coming in this morning.”

“I’ll take them myself. What did the team find out?”

“Subject 1, Cleo Palmer, tall, stubborn as a mule. Psych profile says she’ll require max care.

“Subject 2, Dina Lohan, short girl, only five feet tall. Psych profile says she’s stubborn but will break easily with isolation treatment.”

“Put them in the black rooms. We’ll start the stewing process right away so they’ll be more amenable in a day or two. I’ll handle the training personally.”

“I’ll take care of the details,” Kerry said.


Cleo Palmer:


“Let me go, you assholes!” I screamed as they pulled me into the van in handcuffs and leg irons. “You can’t do this. I didn’t do anything to deserve this!” I cried.

But my efforts were futile. Two goons put me into a waiting seat in the back of the van and strapped me in. I got a little satisfaction though, kicking one of them in the balls and sending him to the ground. I expected retaliation but none came. They just finished their work and hauled me away.

A half hour later another girl, who looked even more frightened than me, was put into the opposite seat. The men said not one word. They just left us bound and hauled us away.

“What’s going on?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“I don’t know. They just told me I was under arrest for treason. Before I knew it I was handcuffed and hobbled.”

“They did the same thing with me. What’s going to happen to us?”

“I don’t know but I won’t go down without a fight. Nobody screws with Cleo Palmer!” I said boldly.

“Is that your name? Mine’s Dina, Dina Lohan.”

“Can you think of anything you’ve done to deserve this?”

“No, you?”

“Well, I protested the war last year. It was a three day rally so I decided to run down to the capitol and see what the fuss was about. I never really got involved though. Too many nuts complaining about the “Secret Police”. I should have listened to them!”

“You don’t think they saw you in the crowd and decided to target you, do you?”

“The rally was over eight months ago. If the state didn’t like what I was doing, why would they wait? No, this is something else.”

“I’m scared!”

“You have to be tough. Stand up to these bastards. Otherwise you’ll lose yourself to them. Don’t let them break you!”

“You’re right,” Dina said boldly. “But I’m still scared.


The drive lasted six hours. During that time we endured endless bumps and turns. Our butts bounced on the hard seats and we groaned and grunted more as the daylight faded. A small skylight was our only source of light. When day faded to night we were essentially in complete darkness. That’s when Dina got really scared.

“Are you still there?” she cried from across the container.

“Where would I go? You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?” I joked, knowing full well I was just as frightened as her.

“I don’t like this!”

“Me neither. I don’t think anything bad will happen to us. They’re probably just taking us to a remote location for questioning. Anyway, we can’t do anything about it while we’re bound in these cuffs.”

“Yea, I guess you’re right. I don’t think they’ll bother us until the truck stops,” Dina said, her fear obvious in her voice.

“Just relax. Just do what they say but don’t let them turn you into a lump of flesh.”

“OK,” she replied.


As we were talking, the truck stopped. I heard men and women conversing. We backed up and hit something, probably a dock. The light from the opening door blinded us. In the entrance stood a plump woman dressed in jeans and a white tee-shirt. She even wore a black cowboy hat! With her hands on her hips her silhouette looked like something out of a Western movie. For a second I almost believed the cavalry had arrived. But she wasn’t here to rescue us. Unfortunately she had something else in mind.

Two teams of three males attended each of us. The men were tall and muscular. They said not one word as they released us from the seats. As we exited the van I noticed that we were being taken down a cement walled corridor. On each side were heavy iron doors. We walked for nearly fifty yards before coming to our rooms where we were separated and put in rooms across from each other. Dina called out my name as she was pushed through the door. I turned my head and watched the door close behind her. Two goons prodded me through my own door and closed it behind me.

“Look you idiots,” I said. “This is all a mistake!”

“Don’t call my men idiots,” the woman said.

“The bitch speaks!” I mocked.

“Perhaps a little attitude adjustment might be in order,” she said.

“You could use it!”

“I’m going to enjoy this immensely,” she replied smiling.

“Do your worst!” I yelled at her.

“I surely will. I always do. Now, I’ll leave you to my faithful attendants. Try not to hurt them too much,” she said sardonically.

I had only met her a few minutes ago and already I was thinking of ways to kill her slowly. Slow roasting over hot coals seemed like a good idea. Then I thought, “If I can think of it, so can they. Maybe I’d better play along.”

The tallest one spoke. “I’m going to remove your bonds. If you fight us you’ll only get hurt. The door behind us is locked and the room is only six feet square. You can’t get away. Understand?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I’m getting tired of this jewelry. Have anything in gold or platinum?” I joked.

The bonds were removed and I was shoved into the next room. Its door was made of six inches of iron. Huge rivets lined the rim of the door and there was no handle on the inside. “You don’t expect me to go in there?” I asked.

“In,” he said sternly. His tone frightened me so much that I was completely cowed. I walked into the dark room and watched the thin sliver of light on the wall disappear. “Hey, someone forgot to turn on the light,” I yelled. But no one answered. “Come on, guys!” I yelled. “I can’t see where I’m going!”

I knew the size of the room was roughly twenty feet square. I had seen a glimpse of the room before the door closed. I also knew that there was a small pad of carpet somewhere in front of me. I slowly inched my way toward it. I misjudged the distance and tripped on the edge. “Well, I found it.” I said out loud.

“Is someone going to tell me why I’m here? Hey, you idiots! Say something!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. But there was nothing. Not a sound was heard. Not a photon of light was visible. I was completely in the dark.




I was so scared! They took off the bonds and shoved me into the room. When the door closed I just froze. I wrapped my arms around myself and shook like a leaf, crying. “Please,” I whimpered.




“Profile on this one was way off,” I said to my sister. “She’s not the tough type at all, is she?”

“Maybe they thought she’d resist if she were sent through the standard training. The psych team is pretty good about these things.”

“I suppose. They did warn me about that pony last year. What was her name?”

“The tall redhead?”

“Yea,” I replied.

Doris, or something like that. You sent her to the other side and she stepped out of bounds three times before they sent her back here. She spent three months total on her knees as a puppy. If I remember correctly that’s the third time you tried to second guess them. You’re too soft.”

“You’re a good sister,” I said. “I should listen to you more.”

Kerry patted me on the shoulder as she peered at the monitor. The low light camera showed the new girl crawling toward the carpet.

“Do you want me to handle her? You can take care of little Miss Bigmouth. I got emotional with her.”

“Sure,” I said. “I like challenges.”

“Don’t we all!”




“Honey, can you hear me?” I asked softly.

“Who’s there?” she said. “I can’t see anything.”

“Let me put on the light,” I said. I flipped a switch and a small red light came on in the middle of the carpet. “Stay on the carpet unless I tell you otherwise. OK?”

“OK,” she replied. I had done this many times before and she was responding very well. I usually had to let them stew for a couple hours before they’d be cooperative. This one would train quickly.

“Do you need to use the bathroom?” I asked.

“Yes, please.”

I flipped another switch and a light in the corner came on. “See the toilet? It’s in the cage. Climb in the cage and close the door. You can’t lift the lid of the toilet unless the door is closed. When you’re done, close the lid to unlock the cage. Understand?”

“Yes. Why did you put the toilet in a cage?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “The room was built before I started working here. You better hurry. We don’t have all day.”

The girl crawled over to the cage and climbed in. “Watch your head,” I warned. The roof of the wire cage was only 4 feet high. “You’ll have to slam the door shut with authority.”

The seat of the toilet was intentionally low to force her to spread her knees when she sat. Even though she was in the dark, the cameras showed her body as if it were daylight. She was quite small and very pretty. She’d make a very nice pet for someone.

She finished her business and closed the lid. “Sit on the lid to lock it,” I told her. When she did so the door sprung open. “Head back to the carpet.”




The light over the cage was out now and the only light in the room glowed through the small lens in the center of the carpet. “Feel better?” I asked.

“Go to Hell!”

“Yes ma’am, I’m on my way. Want to share the ride?”

“That’s all I need, a comedian torturer! So what do you want me to do now?”



“What I want isn’t important now. It’s what you want that is important.”

“Are you trying to play some sort of game?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.”

“Well, I’m not playing,” she said as she plopped herself on the carpet right in front of the red bulb. “I think I’ll just sit here and contemplate my navel.”

“Suit yourself. Just yell if you need anything.” And suddenly she found herself in complete darkness again.




It could have been ten minutes or ten hours. I had no way to tell in the inky blackness of the room. He was trying to break me. I knew it. I knew psychology. I had studied the subject in high school. I saw the ancient study at Stanford in the U.S. I even looked up the Stockholm syndrome on the internet. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t break. But somehow I knew I would.

Anyway, after several moments I became fidgety. I missed the dim glow of the red light. I could feel around the carpet. I could feel the center where the lens was. It was on fast. I felt small holes where the screws were. I didn’t think I could do anything with it anyway so I left it alone. I didn’t have any tools to get at the screws anyway.

After a while I started yelling at them. “Can I have some water?” I asked. My voice betrayed my fear. “Please?”

There was no answer for a number of minutes. Then I noticed a red glow in the room. The light was coming from the wall behind me. There was an open panel under the light. The back side of it was rounded and it rotated under my touch. I walked over to it pushed it around a few times. “It’s empty!”

“Then fill it,” the man’s voice came from the darkness.

“With what?”


“I don’t have anything! What do you expect me to put in it?”

But he didn’t answer. The light suddenly went out. I crawled back to the carpet. “Dammit!” I yelled.





She told me that I should call her when I needed anything. She put me in darkness again and I started crying. I just sat on the carpet and cried. “Why are you doing this to me?” I cried. But nobody ever answered that question. They didn’t want me to know.

I was suddenly hungry and thirsty. I hadn’t eaten in six hours by my best estimate. “Can I have something to eat?” I asked loudly.

A few minutes later a red light came on. “See the turntable, Honey?” the woman asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Put something in there and we’ll give you some food.”

“I don’t have anything. You took it all away from me.”

“Think of something. When you do, just call out. We’ll turn the light on again when you’re ready.”

“But I don’t have anything!” I cried.

I sat down on the carpet and kicked off my shoes. That’s when the brainstorm hit me. I’ll give you my shoes!” I yelled. “Will that work?”

The red light over the niche came on. “Well,” I said to myself.

I walked over and inserted my shoes into the turntable. “Turn the unit clockwise until it won’t turn any further,” the woman said. Once I had done so another light came on next to the first. A sliding door opened and revealed a paper plate with a cheese sandwich and a cup of water. I practically swallowed the sandwich whole. The water was not nearly enough to satisfy me though. “Can I have more water?” I asked.

At that point the red light came on over the turntable and I saw it had rotated back, revealing a now empty shelf. Now I knew the game. “So you want me to strip.”


A pair of earrings earned me another glass of water. I was satisfied for the moment and went back to the carpet to sit and wait. “What happens when I run out of clothes?” I wondered. Well, at least they left the little light on this time. It was little comfort but it was something. I just couldn’t figure out what they wanted from me.

Hours passed. I assumed hours passed but I had no way of telling. I crawled over to the area where the toilet was but the door wouldn’t lock. “It’s broke,” I yelled. “I need to use the can!”

“You need to ask first,” the woman said. “Next time ask before trying.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. May I please use the bathroom?”

“Certainly,” she replied.

The light came on over the cage and I repeated my little animal act.




We had her down to her underwear now. She kept asking for food. I kept sending foods that wouldn’t fill her up but would be tempting. I sent her low fiber, high fat, items such as cheese cake, éclairs, and doughnuts. She thought it was great. But the empty feeling in her belly returned quickly because the food wasn’t filling. The high sugar content made her thirsty. So she wanted water. No problem, one more piece of clothing ended up in the coffer. Now she only had her panties and her bra.

The sugar gave her a high and kept her active and awake. That played on her mind too. She wanted to do something but she couldn’t. She became anxious, especially when I put her in total darkness.

It had been only thirty minutes since her last request, a glass of water. “I can’t keep doing this,” she said.

“Then don’t. Just sit there. You’ve eaten quite a bit over the past hour.”

“OK. Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“I honestly don’t know! It’s an addiction I suppose.”

“Getting women to strip for you with these kinky games?”

“Do you think it’s kinky? Interesting. If I were in your shoes I wouldn’t have used that adjective. I’d call it sick or possibly depraved. I’d never use the work kinky. It almost sounds as if you enjoy this little game.”

“Go to Hell!”

“We’ve had that discussion before.”

The light went out as I flipped the switch. She needed to stew a while longer. The last two pieces were always the toughest to remove.




She was naked. “Finally,” I said to myself as I watched her lick her fingers. She had traded her bra for two éclairs. Her bra went in the bin for a large glass of water. I guess she figured she was going to eventually be naked anyway so she should enjoy the experience. “May I use the bathroom?” she asked.

I turned the light over the cage on and let her do her thing. When she came out she suddenly realized that she didn’t have anything more to trade. “OK, now I’m naked. How do I get food? Is the game over?”

“Hardly dear. Get some sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.”


I turned out the light and observed her sleeping on the carpet. She slept on her side, or at least tried to. Most girls had problems sleeping on a flat carpet. There wasn’t much padding under the rug either. It made for a very hard sleeping surface. I’m sure she hated it.

I left a technician to monitor her activities through the night while I walked over to my brother’s control station and compared notes. His girl had finally stripped as well and was lying in the dark trying to get some rest. I was surprised of his account of her session. She had some rough edges but he had handled them expertly. He had her under perfect control. He’d have her prepared for pony duty in no time at all.


Chapter 2

The Heeling Begins



The following morning I compared notes with Kerry. Both girls were at roughly the same stage of their training. My subject needed a little time to adjust her attitude. I had detected a lot of rage in her tone of voice. Two days in darkness usually quelled this behavior. I’d let one of my assistants keep her company and make sure her needs were met.

Kerry’s girl seemed to be quite docile. She was actually ready to move on to her dressed stage. I hadn’t done a puppy in three months so I convinced my sister to step aside and let me handle things for the day. She’d have fun later with her, I was sure.


“Dina? Are you awake yet?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “Who are you?”

“I’m just another trainer. Are you hungry? Do you need a drink?”

“I don’t have anything left to trade,” she said.

“That’s OK. This meal is on the house. Go to the cubicle. There are two egg sandwiches and a cup of orange juice. Take your time. There’s no need to rush,” I said in a calm and relaxed voice.

I allowed her to eat her meal. She ate quickly but I didn’t protest. She finished the meal quickly then returned to the carpet as if it were her security blanket. Her walk was awkward due to the darkness but she was no longer covering herself. She must be getting used to the nudity for she surely knew we were watching her.

I turned on the light over the cage and let her use the toilet. She obviously was used to the routine by now. When she was done she expertly plopped her butt on the lid and slammed it closed. Automatically the door opened. She again returned to the center of the room.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“I’m really scared,” she replied with a trembling voice. “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Dina, understand that there will be some things we’ll do to you that are going to hurt a little. But we’re not going to do anything to you that would cause you to scream or suffer for long periods of time. Most of your discomfort will be due to confinement.”

“What do you mean by that? What sort of confinement?”

“We’ll cross that bridge in a little while.”

“So what happens now?”

“Would you like to get out of that room?”

“Yes, Sir. I really don’t like the dark.”

“I can understand that. Being in a dark room for as long as you have must be horrible. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll send in some clothes. Once you’re fully dressed I’ll let you out. Sound like a deal?”


“There’s one catch though. You have to put on everything I send in to you.”

“What’s so horrible about that? Are you going to make me dress like a hooker or something like that?”

“No, but some of the items I’m going to make you wear will frighten you.”

“How?” she asked with anxiety plainly showing in her voice.

“I’m going to make you wear a collar and a leather mask. Do you think you could wear them?”

“You mean like a bandit’s mask? Like the Lone Ranger?”

“No. This is a full hood that will enclose your head.”

“Why do you want me to wear that?”

“We make all our girls wear them. It makes training go faster.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will in time, Dear. If you want to be taken out of the room you’ll have to wear it.”

She stared at the ceiling for a moment trying to decide if it were better to have her head enclosed in leather or stay naked in the darkness. “OK. I’ll do whatever you say.”

I pressed a button on the console and brought up the lights. I kept the illumination low because she had been in darkness for at least sixteen hours. I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. Another button allowed a bench to extend from the wall. “Look at the wall to the right of the bench,” I directed her. There’s a niche there with some items for you to wear. Take everything out and lay it on the floor near the bench. OK?”

“Yes sir,” she replied.

I watched as she took each item out of the recess in the wall. There was quite an assortment. The items included boots, a leather bodice, gloves, a collar, a leather hood, and a rubber ball. She looked strangely at the rubber ball, not knowing what it was for.

Once everything was out of the cubicle I told her to put on the bodice. It was essentially a front-buckle corset with shoulder straps. She didn’t have much problem wrapping it around her waist and settling it on her abdomen. She was obviously disturbed that her nipples would not slip under the cups. I was impressed how well her breasts sat up though. The item fit reasonably well. It wasn’t a custom corset though. We’d have to wait a few weeks for that to arrive.

“OK, very nice. Now put on the collar. The buckle goes in the back. Be careful with your hair. Don’t get it caught.”

She must have become a little more comfortable since she put on the corset because she didn’t have any problem with the collar. It fit tight against her throat, just like it was supposed to. The red leather against her pale skin was amazing to look at.

“Use the bench to put the boots on. The zippers go on the inseam. Watch your step when you put them on. They have pointed toes and eight inch heels. If you want to try and stand in them, please be careful.”

“How am I supposed to walk in these?” she said loudly.

“You aren’t. You’re expected to crawl.”

Her eyes opened wide for a moment. Then she shrugged her shoulders and put the kinky footwear on. She did stand up. “My God!” she said before nearly losing her balance. She decided it was better to get on her knees. “I’ve never worn heels like this.”

“Few women have. OK. The only things left are the hood and the gloves. The hood is next. Whenever you’re ready…”

She looked at the supple leather. It looked small for her head. I thought she was going to protest but instead she put it on her head and adjusted it so she could see out the eye holes. “Pull the zipper down all the way. The back edges are elastic so it will fit nice and tight to your skin.”

As I watched her face seemed to to emerge from the black leather. First her nose and then her cheeks formed. Finally her chin and jaw formed out of the black patent leather. “That wasn’t so bad. Was it?” I offered.

“I don’t’ like it,” she said. “Can I please take it off?”

“I’m afraid not. But you’re almost done. Let me help you with the gloves. I’ll be right in.”

I brought the lights up full and unlocked the iron door. I found her kneeling next to the remaining items. She silently faced me, the zipper across her lips shining in the florescent lights. “Are you OK?” I asked as I dropped to one knee.

She nodded silently. “I’m OK. What happens now?”

“I need to put these gloves on you.”

“I can put them on,” she said as she grabbed one and looked at the leather tube carefully. “These don’t have any fingers,” she said suddenly. “They’re mittens!”

“I know. Let’s get them on.”

“Whatever,” she said resignedly as she held out her right arm.

The glove went well past her elbow. The fingers slipped into padded slots inside the mitten. This allowed her some movement in her fingers but prevented them from being used otherwise. She just sat on her heels as I pulled the zipper up to her shoulder. She didn’t resist as I put the other glove on her. Now she was helpless.

“Put your hands on the floor in front of you,” I ordered.

When she did as I asked she looked like a sitting dog. “Good girl,” I said. “Now hold still. Let me check everything.”

I slid over to her right and grabbed the red ball. The hood’s zipper wasn’t all the way down. I gave it a little tug and the last bit of slack was pulled out of the hood. She grunted. The boots and the corset looked good. She had buckled the corset tight and the zippers on both boots were at their limits.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she cried.

“I’m not going to hurt you. OK? I just need to do one more thing,” I said as I grabbed the zipper running across her mouth. With the zipper open I brought the red ball to her lips.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“It goes in your mouth.”


“I can’t let you speak to the other girls. It’s not allowed. I have to put this in your mouth. Now open wide.”

“No, please!” she cried.

“You want to leave the room, right?”

“Yes. But you don’t need to do that. I’ll be quiet. I won’t say a word. I promise.”

“I know you won’t. But I don’t have any choice. You have to hold the ball in your mouth. I’m sorry. Now come on. You promised to do as you were told.”

“Oh,” she whimpered as she opened her mouth wide.

The ball slipped between her teeth with some difficulty. It was shiny but somewhat soft. It would fill her mouth cavity but compress with a fair amount of pressure. She wouldn’t have any problem closing her mouth. I ordered her to close her mouth firmly and bite down. When she did I closed the zipper. The hood held her jaw almost fully closed at that point. She was incapable of speech.

I next took out a leash. This wasn’t your ordinary leash. It had an electrical cable attached to it. Once I clipped it to the back of her collar I had an effective shocking device which I was certain she would need. The incentive of the shock collar was needed for the most difficult girls. I thought that while she was cooperative at this time that later she’d freeze due to gross fear. The collar would get her moving again.

I demonstrated the collar on her. “Mmmmpphhh!” she screamed through her gag.

“I want you to obey me now. If you don’t, that will be your reward. Now, get on all fours and follow me behind my left foot. When we stop, sit on your butt and keep your hands on the floor.” I jabbed the shock button again and heard her moan once more.

“Heel!” I commanded of our newest puppy. I think she suddenly realized her new role because I heard her whimpering as we started to walk out of the room. It was all part of the process so I let her cry. As long as she learned to obey it didn’t matter whether she cried, laughed, or barked like a dog. As long as she followed my orders she would progress as expected.

 I ran into Kerry in the hall. “She’s adorable. Are you taking her down to the kennel right away or did you get lucky with the prep room guys?”

“I couldn’t get an appointment till this afternoon. She’ll have to sit in her cage till then. Shouldn’t be a problem,” I said as I noticed her still on all fours. I punched the button to give her a quick jolt. “Sit!” I said sternly. She immediately dropped to her haunches.

“The crew’s been busy. I heard that the B-team brought in four bitches yesterday too. C, D, and E teams brought in six each. The staff is getting overwhelmed.”

“I know. We’re getting ten new trainers tomorrow. The export business is booming from what I heard. I’m glad they’re giving us the personnel. We’ve been asking for them for months. Anyway, I want to check on the pony. Would you get her checked in?”

“Sure,” Kerry said as she took the leash. “Heel!” she commanded. I watched them walk away. She would make an excellent puppy for someone.




What were they going to do with me? They were treating me like a dog! My God! Now that woman had my leash. I have a leash. I trusted that guy. He said he wasn’t going to hurt me. Instead he connected the leash to my collar and sent a horrible shock into my neck. It hurt! Please, why did this happen to me?

“Heel,” she said, jabbing me with a short shock. She really was going to treat me like a dog. I had no alternative except to obey. I got off my butt and got behind her left foot. She led me down the hall until we reached a glass partition. As I watched from below the woman showed an ID card and was allowed to pass, dragging me along.

“You have to learn to sit when we stop,” she said without looking at me. I had no ability to reply with my mouth stuffed with this rubber ball. I was grateful that the ball wasn’t firm. It squashed easily in my mouth. But it was big and filled the entire cavity. I had absolutely no ability to make legible sounds. All I could do was grunt.

We walked down another corridor and finally came to one last security station. When we stopped, I sat like a dog. I hated it. “Good girl,” she said as she presented her security pass to the guard. When the door opened we found ourselves outside in a grassy area. “This way,” she said.

The sight I beheld in front of me was something I could never imagine in my wildest nightmares. For as far as the eye could see there were women marching along concrete paths. Each girl had her arms bound behind her. They all wore high heeled boots and kinky outfit. They all looked like horses. They even had tails and bridles.

I watched the girls trot slowly around the paths. They lifted their knees high. What stunned me was the fact that there wasn’t anyone around them. It was as if they were doing it of their own volition. But I knew that wasn’t the case. Something just told me that they were not doing this voluntarily.

We eventually made it to the other side of the compound. We began running into other crawling girls. They too crawled behind their trainer. Some girls crawled without a leash attached, obediently following the person in obvious control of them. It made me wonder why they would do so willingly. I guessed they were so cowed from being tortured that they had given up hope. The outfits didn’t lend themselves to moving very quickly either.

It suddenly realized that the crawling girls were all wearing tails. It dawned on me that since they had me in a similar outfit that they’d make me wear one soon too. I figured they had some sort of ass plug with hair on it. But then I noticed something strange about their tails. Some were actually wagging them. No, it wasn’t from the motion of their asses. The movement was independent of the rest of their body. They actually had grown tails! And soon I’d have one just like it. I was going to become a dog!


Chapter 3

A Bit of Leather




Our newest pony had been stewing for two days now. We gave her simple cheese sandwiches, some bread pudding, and water. After two days in complete darkness and total nudity she was softening. I’m sure she was tiring of our game.

I supervised her training during the next two days. Arnie had some business at the Capitol so he left me in charge. He’d be back today.

I kept him up to date by phone while he was away. Our new pet was safely in her cage.  The original visit had to be cancelled due to the large influx of bitches. The backlog at the vet’s office was exceptionally long. It was very tough to get her an appointment but I did get her scheduled for early tomorrow. In the meantime she was going to be fed and put in a dog run to let her stretch her legs and get used to the idea of crawling around. She was pretty scared but I had seen many girls pass through the same process before. She wasn’t exhibiting any behavior that we’d consider unusual.

She was a very cute puppy. I had worked the kennel for two years before moving to the HAAC. I had a good friend there who happened to be a supervisor. Joan Alder gave me permission to take on some of her training personally. I was looking forward to it.

I took a more careful look at the puppy’s records, her pedigree as we called it. She had lived in the poorest section of town working various small shops and restaurants. She never had a job making very much money. She had no children. She had a boyfriend. The surveillance reports indicated that they argued a lot. According to the reports she often initiated the arguments. That could indicate trouble down the road once she became accustomed to her new role. That attitude problem might emerge then. Well, it’s not like I haven’t see that before.


Checking in on our pony she was sitting on the carpet this morning waiting for her next meal. We had the little carpet light on. She seemed to be getting comfortable with the darkness. Well, I didn’t want her to be comfortable. So I dropped the temperature to 68 degrees. In an hour or two she’d be complaining about the cold. It would give her incentive to put on our special outfit.

It didn’t take long before she started complaining. “Hey, it’s cold. Did someone turn off the heat?” she asked as she curled up into a fetal position. “Please! I’m naked. It’s cold!” she yelled.

I let her sit without an answer. “Let her shiver a while,” I thought. She would be better prepared when my brother took over. He’d be the one to get her into her outfit. I liked to watch him work. He had this wonderful voice that seemed to cajole the most resistant minds to do as he pleased.

I went out for lunch leaving a technician to watch her vital signs. I left specific orders not to respond to her needs. She was not allowed to do anything other than go to the bathroom. I also ordered him to taint the water with a fast acting but tasteless laxative. Once that was consumed he was to provide her with full access to the toilet. We didn’t want our carpet soiled!

An hour later I returned to find our pony sitting on the toilet shivering. She had made four trips to the toilet. In addition she had consumed four untainted glasses of water. The laxative was formulated in such a way to enhance her desire for water. This was needed to flush out the remaining material and keep her from becoming dehydrated. She was past the worst of it. In another hour she’d be ready for dressing.

But I wanted to give her a little something to think about. “Honey, how are you doing?” I asked as she emerged from the dimly lit toilet cage.

“About fucking time!” she yelled. “It’s cold!”

“I’m sorry. We had a problem with the heat. I’ll tell you what. I ordered some nice clothes for you. They should be here in a little while. Maybe we can get you out of that room. Would you like that?”

“You’re going to let me out? I’ll do anything. Please!”

“OK. Now there’s a catch,” I said.

“I’m listening,” she said as if expecting it.

“The clothes were going to have you wear are a little restrictive.”

“How restrictive?”

“If I told you now I’d spoil the surprise. I’ll see if I can do anything about the heat. I’ll see you in a little while,” I said before turning off the sound and dropping the temperature to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. I watched the monitor as she began screaming in the dark expletives I’d best not describe.


I called Arnold and told him that she’d be ready in half an hour. With the temperature so low I didn’t think we should wait much longer than that before we got her dressed. We wanted her just strong enough to comply. Balancing our objectives was a difficult operation. But I had years of practice in the area.

My brother appeared promptly a half hour later. “How’s she doing?” he asked.

“Soft and pliable,” I replied. “I think she’d wear a suit of barbed wire to get out of that room.”

Arnold ignored me and went immediately to the console. He checked the monitor and found her huddled in the fetal position shivering silently. Checking the thermal imaging camera he found her skin temperature was near the critical stage. “Warm her up. You better turn on the blowers too. She’s a little colder than I’m comfortable with.”

“Consider it done. I didn’t take into account that she was quite so susceptible.”

“Cleo? Can you hear me?” he asked.

“Yes,” the girl replied through chattering teeth.

“We’re going to pump some warm air into there. Just stay on the carpet. We just got the heater fixed.”

“Can’t you just let me out?”

“Not yet. We’ll do that after you’re dressed.”

“OK,” she replied. She was indeed softened.

As the warm air blew down on her body she became more responsive. She sat upright and tried to garner some heat out of the small red light at the center of the carpet. That was fruitless since the light was an LED.

“Cleo,” he then asked. “My sister says you agreed to dress in the clothes we have. Is that true?”

“Yes, Sir. Anything to get out of this room. I don’t care anymore. I’m tired and scared. Please, just tell me what you want.”

“It’s not going to be that bad, Honey. Shade your eyes. We’re going to turn the lights on.”

As she covered her eyes I increased the lighting to 75%. The room was fairly bright but she would adapt to the intensity quickly. “Is that OK?” he asked.

“It’s a little bright,” she said.

“Give yourself some time to get used to it. The lights will help warm the room.”

She blinked a little for a minute or two then pulled her hands away from her face. “OK?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she responded.

“I’m turning on the toilet light. Go over and empty yourself as best as you can. You won’t have an opportunity to go to the bathroom for the next four hours.”

She went to the toilet and locked herself in as she had done several times before over the past few days. She only needed to empty her bladder. Her other issues were taken care of by the laxative. When she emerged she stood and stared at the ceiling, noticing the darkened globes that held the low light cameras.

I pressed a button and a large door opened in the wall. Her complete outfit was in there. Arnold gave her instructions: “Go to the cubicle and pull everything out. Put it all on the floor. Don’t be afraid of the items. Nothing you’ll wear will hurt you.”

She immediately noticed that everything was made of red leather. All the gear looked kinky. It was obvious to her that she wouldn’t be wearing normal street clothes. This was going to be a very unusual dressing session.

She began by grabbing the long boots, looking at them curiously. She noted the six inch heels, staring at them with open mouth. “Lay them on the floor,” he reminded her.

She took out some leather gloves, a thick collar, a corset, a belt, several sealed black plastic bags of differing sizes, and a leather mask. She didn’t waste time staring at them. She just did as she was told. We knew from previous studies that she knew she was in for some frightening bondage but she felt that being in bondage was better than the isolation treatment she had been going through.

“Cleo, we’re going to start with the toughest part of the ordeal. After you get past that you’ll be able to handle the rest of the apparel much easier. OK?” he asked.


“Do you see the small plastic bag? Open it. You’ll find a thick black rubber band. Use it to form your hair into a ponytail. Make sure the ponytail goes high on your head.”

I watched as she complied. This part wasn’t difficult. It was the next part that was going to cause her problems.

“OK,” she said as she finished.

“Very good, Cleo. Now comes the difficult part. You have to put the mask on your head. Have you ever worn a leather mask before?”

“No.” she replied.

“It’s not that bad, really. Just make sure your hair goes through the hole in the top. Then just pull the zipper down. Go ahead. It’s not that bad.”

She took the mask in her hand, holding it like it was radioactive. “Why do I have to wear this?” she asked.

“It will make it easier to control you,” he explained.

“Control me?” she said, struggling to get the words out.

“Yes,” he replied. “You agreed to wear whatever we give you.”

Her face turned into a frown. She was obviously on the verge of tears. She turned the mask over and looked at the inside. She brought it up to her face and froze for a second. I could see tears run down her cheeks just before she pressed the mask to her face. I saw her pull her hair through the top hole. “Good girl,” he praised. “Now, just pull down the zipper.”

Her exercise in self bondage seemed to be an initial success. Her head was now encased in leather; I could see her sad eyes from a close-up from one of the cameras. Her mouth was free for the moment as there was no zipper in the mouth of hood. We kept the opening clear to accommodate the bit.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“I guess so. It’s tight.”

“It’s supposed to be. There’s an elastic strip along the back of the hood. If it were loose it would be uncomfortable. Is it lined up with your eyes OK?”


“Can you breathe through your nose?”

She sniffed a bit. “Yes,” she responded.

“It’s not really that bad, is it?” he asked.

“I guess not.”

“OK. Put the corset on next. It buckles in front.”

We watched her struggle with the outfit. It was a temporary rig. Once we had her subdued we’d dress her properly with a true leather corset with back lacing. This outfit was designed to be put on without assistance. It was adequate and looked pretty good. As she finished buckling the last of the six straps I was immediately impressed by the lay of her breasts. The corset’s cups lifted them proudly. I watched her try to tuck her nipples under the fabric. I knew that a few bounces would pop them right out so we didn’t bother with it.

“The bra is too small. I’ll pop out,” she said.

“We know,” he replied.

“Somehow I knew that you did. OK, what’s next?” Her confidence level was rising. She no longer seemed to fear the outfit. That was both good and bad. We wanted to keep a certain level of fear in her to maintain control. But cooperation was needed too. I thought things were going quite well.

“Put on the boots,” he said. I pressed a button that extended a small bench for her to sit on. “Use the bench. Be careful when you stand up. The heels take a little getting used to.”

As we watched she slipped the boots on. They extended to the top of her inseam. As with the leather hood the zipper was lined with elastic fabric to pull the leather tight. There were open eyelets along the front of each boot.

“Take the blue bag,” he said. “Tear it open and put on the laces.”

It was hard to kneel in the boots. The leather was new and stiff. But she manages to get to her knees and retrieve the blue bag. Inside was a pair of gold nylon laces. She toppled over as she tried to stand up and instead crawled over to the bench and used it to help herself back to her seat. The laces didn’t give her any trouble.

“You’re doing great,” he said. “Almost done. Put the belt on. Then take the collar and the gloves over to the carpet. Go ahead and put the collar on. Make sure it sits correctly and is comfortable. The edges are all coped so it shouldn’t bite.”

We watched as she put the belt on first. It buckled over the corset. We then watched her struggle somewhat as she wrapped the collar around her own neck. There were three buckles. With all the restrictive clothing, especially the collar, it was hard to reach the tangs on the buckles. The first one was the hardest. When the leather slipped into the hasp I knew she would not have much trouble finishing.

“The last step for you is the gloves. Go ahead and put them on. Be careful of the Velcro,” he warned her.

Unlike the other items the gloves were made of heavy nylon. On each palm was Velcro. Arnold ordered her to kneel, facing away from the door. “Put your hands behind your back and press your palms together.”

Once she had done that we had her. We opened the door and as we had done countless times before retrieved the last two bags. One bag was quite large. Arnold ripped it open to reveal a red leather armbinder. “You did very well,” he said to her as she knelt with her back to him. She didn’t even resist as he slipped it on her. Once it was slid all the way up her arms, he crossed the straps in front of her. Now she was truly helpless.

I held the last accoutrement. “Open your mouth,” I said as I easily slid the spoon bit in place. She didn’t put up even the slightest fuss when I began buckling the bridle about her head. She was ready for the stables.

“Don’t worry, Honey,” I said to her. “Just go along with it. It’s just a costume.”

She couldn’t talk but I heard her whimpering behind the bit.  A wide brass wedge protruded from her lips while their corners were pulled back sharply by the tension of the bridle. I knew it was rough for her. I also knew that her psychological profile told us that she adapted well to situations and she’d eventually be troublesome. I had already briefed the stable crew. Of course, she wore a red outfit to designate her as a HAAC resident. So that in itself was a clue to her attitude.

Arnold helped her to her feet and attached a leash to her collar. “Just follow us,” he said. “Kerry will help you get used to the heels. Try and keep your weight on the soles. The boots are designed that way. Stay off your heels or you’ll fall.” I watched her nod as I put my arm around her and helped Arnie lead her toward the door.

“Take her to Charlie,” I told him. “I got the prep guys to squeeze her in.”


“Yes. I called him and asked if there was anything available. Told me that one of his appointments caused some problems and couldn’t make it.”

“No need to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“You trying to be funny?” I said with a smile on my face. It was a dumb joke!


Chapter 4


Tails of Woe




Why were they doing this to me? I just couldn’t understand why they were trying to make me behave like a dog. What did I do to deserve this? I was so frustrated by all this that I started thinking of every last detail of my life for the last two years. Did I piss someone off? Did I make someone jealous? I couldn’t think of anyone that I had.

After they took me to the kennels they started addressing me as “puppy.” That was humiliating! Let me tell you. What really upset me though was the sight of all the other girls. There must have been over fifty being treated the same way. That’s when I realized that this really was a government operation. We were being mass produced. It was a clue. I just couldn’t figure out why we were all being treated this way.

The day had been pretty traumatic so they were gentle with me. They told me that they wouldn’t start the real training until the next morning. So they put me in a cage that was only three feet high. The cage had soft bedding on the bottom and a screened top with iron bars over them.

The trainer identified herself as Harmony. “Are you thirsty?” she asked before she put me in the cage. I nodded. No, you need to bark. I’ll let it pass this time but you have to act the part. Otherwise I’ll have to use the collar.

So, I barked. I really hated this. This wasn’t play acting. It was just a degrading, horrible experience. They didn’t expect me to act like an animal. They expected me to become an animal.

“Don’t talk when I pull the gag out. Otherwise I’ll put it right back in. Clear?” she asked.

Arf!” I barked.

My cage was a padded cubicle roughly eight feet long and four feet on each side. It was lit by inset lights along each side. The rear of the cage was too far back to see clearly. The front had iron bars on the gate and an easy to open latch. Of course, with my hands in these mittens I didn’t have any chance of opening the gate. I assumed that was part of the plan.

Harmony smiled and told me to crawl to the back of the cage. There was a rubber tube that I was going to have to suck on for water and food,” she explained. When I crawled into the cage she closed the door behind me. That’s when I saw the tube. It was in the form of a human cock! “They’re going to make me do oral sex?” I asked myself silently.

It was an act I had never performed. I considered it as degrading as anal sex. It was nothing more than a male’s way of debasing a woman, dominating her. Now it was obvious that they were going to make me learn to do the one sexual act that I hated more than anything. I just wouldn’t do it!

So I sat there in my bondage. My mouth was free but I feared yelling out. My last order was to remain silent. If I did speak in my cage I feared the consequences. I didn’t want that ball to be placed back into my mouth. So I lay down and sulked. But I was thirsty and a bit hungry. The cock beckoned. I looked over my shoulder and saw Harmony stooping to get a good view. “Go ahead. It won’t hurt you,” she said in a falsetto voice. I turned back towards the protrusion then back again at Harmony. “Go ahead,” she repeated.

“I hate this,” I thought as I slipped my lips over the tube.

“Grip the base with you lips. Don’t use your teeth or your collar will shock you,” she instructed.

I had to insert the phallus almost to the back of my throat before I could reach the collar with my lips. I twisted the device and was shocked. I pulled back from the device and laid there panting from the pain. “Don’t use your teeth! It can detect that. Use only your lips to grip it.”

I tried again. She had told me to twist the collar then pull back part way. Otherwise the jet of water would shoot down my throat. I did as she instructed. I must have done it correctly because I got my drink. I repeated the act three more times. I got the hang of it pretty quickly. So I tried my luck at the food. I twisted clockwise and was rewarded with a sweet oatmeal paste. It wasn’t bad.

“I’ll be back in an hour. Try and get comfortable with your new outfit. Eat and drink all you want.”

So this was how I was going to live from now on. I was going to crawl like a dog and satisfy men with my mouth. If I had the chance I’d slit my wrists! I just laid down and cried. I just couldn’t understand why this was happening to me.


An hour later Harmony returned. I had eaten my fill and was resting in my cubicle. The cubicle was too small to turn around but I could twist my head somewhat to see who was staring into the cage. As I watched Harmony opened the gate and let me back out.

“Open,” she said, holding the red ball in front of me. “Get used to it. We don’t let puppies walk around without something in their mouths. Come on,” she said. My eyes when immediately to the end of the leash. The red button on the control caught my eye so I opened my mouth as wide as possible. With the ball inserted I bit down on the ball as instructed while the zipper was closed.


I followed on her lead as I had done before. All I had to do was watch her left heel. That’s all that mattered. We passed through two security gates and arrived outside to find the same assortment of depravity. I didn’t’ have time to sightsee though. Harmony was leading me at a brisk pace toward another gated area, this one being outdoors. Behind the gates we came to a long series of four foot high gates. As I passed them I noticed that they were dog runs. The dogs were human females of course. Soon I knew I’d occupy one as well.

We arrived at a small building set in the center of the wide path that ran in front of the gates. A tall woman leaned out of the window and looked at me. “New puppy?” she asked.

“Yes,” Harmony explained.

“She’s not finished with her outfitting,” the administrator noted.

“There’s a backlog. She’ll have to endure for a day or two. Can we get her on a track?”

“Do you have her number? She’s not marked yet.”


“Thank you. Let me check.” The woman disappeared into the shack. A few moments later she came back. Put her in Track 23.”


“Brenda!” the woman yelled.

A short female in black latex arrived. She was hooded and gagged. Her heels were six inches high. When she approached I noticed that her hands were completely free but she didn’t try to escape or remove any of her bondage.

“Track 23,” the administrator said.

Brenda took my leash and led me down the long row of gates until we reached one with the number 23 on it. In I went.

Once I was inside I could see that the run was very long, perhaps one hundred feet in length. The top of the run was sealed off with a wire fencing. A long square rod ran the length of the corridor just under the ceiling. It reminded me of a garage door opener. My guess wasn’t far off. Brenda took a short hanging leash that happened to be hanging from the track and attached it to my collar. Then she disconnected the other leash and climbed out of the dog run, closing the gate behind her.

“Just follow the lead. I’ll be back in a little while,” Harmony said.

A moment later the track moved forward and stopped. I could see that the leash was now ahead of me. I moved forward a little and waited. Then it suddenly started moving. I had to follow.

As I moved down the path I noticed that some areas of the corridor had fenced in openings. I could see other girls being forced to crawl as well. Both girls adjacent to me were dressed in black though. I didn’t know why.

When the track reached the end it stopped for a moment. Then it moved back toward me. Fortunately the corridor was fairly wide. I correctly guessed that it was going to start heading back. I turned around and waited. A moment later I was crawling back toward the starting point. This was horrible!


I spent two sessions each day in the dog run. If I was taken out of the cage I was immediately gagged with the rubber ball. I really hated that. But I didn’t resist. The collar’s control was absolute.

In addition I had to bark often to answer Harmony’s questions. I wasn’t allowed the luxury of human speech. I had to understand orders but the only way to answer was with one or two barks.  I was learning the routine well.

On the third day I had an additional visitor. Harmony came to my cage with a man. It was the man whom I had seen on the first day.

“How’s she doing?” I heard him ask from behind me as I knelt on all fours in my cage.

“Pretty well, if you ask me. See for yourself,” Harmony replied.

I heard the door open. Harmony beckoned and I crawled out of the cage.

I immediately noticed the man holding the rubber ball in front of my lips. I was well trained now and opened my mouth wide to accept it. But instead of closing the zipper across my lips he left it open. “Let’s see if she holds it voluntarily.”

As I sat there on all fours they talked about the weather and the massive influx of females that had been brought to the complex. As I eavesdropped I heard them talk about these kidnappings as a sort of business. They kept talking about filling orders and meeting demand. It was then I realized that I had done nothing to deserve this fate. I was in this role because they needed a female to sell. I was being treated as property!

“You bastards!” I yelled as I spat the ball out of my mouth. “What gives you the right? I’m human! I’m not a dumb animal!”

At that point all I could do was scream. I wasn’t screaming because I was mad. I was screaming because Harmony was holding down the button. I was in absolute pain. The man grabbed the red ball and inserted it into my wide open mouth. I was in such horrid pain that I couldn’t resist. Only after the zipper was closed did she release the button.

“I’m sorry,” Harmony said apologetically.

“It’s only her third day. There’s no reason to apologize. I like my puppies better like this anyway.”

Harmony checked her watch. “We’d better get going or she’ll miss her appointment.”

“I’m coming with you.”

“After seeing what she’s capable of that’s probably a good idea.”

“Not a problem.



Cleo, the newest ponygirl:


I can’t even begin to describe this nightmare! I was forced to put all this bondage gear on and now I couldn’t resist them. What where they going to do with me? This gag was horrible. It was heavy. It had these two wedges connected at the center. One wedge was in my mouth and the other stuck out past my lips. There was also a metal bar running across my mouth like a horse’s bit. I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t spit the damn thing out. My head was encased in a leather hood too. The gag thing was held in place by a bunch of straps that wrapped around my head. It was as if they wanted to treat me like some sort of animal. Why were they doing this?

The woman had other business so the man (I think his name was Arnie) connected a leash to the collar and led me forward. I had to follow. The heels were ridiculous. I towered above him by almost a foot. But he seemed to know I could walk in them. He took his time but didn’t stop even when I started to stumble. He just put out a hand and steadied me.

We eventually arrived at a pair of steel doors. When we entered a man in a white smock was waiting for us.

“About time,” he said.

“She just got acclimated,” Arnie said. I guess that’s what they called this phase of the bondage game.

“Well, let’s get going. I have four puppies and three other horses to do.”

“Horse?” I asked myself as I was led to a low metal frame. The bit now made sense. They were going to make me into a horse. They were going to saddle me or make me pull their carts around. That’s when I realized that I didn’t want to have any part of this scene. I began to fight them.

“Whoa,” Arnie yelled. “Behave!”

But I didn’t. Suddenly my entire head lit up in pain as he pressed a button on a small remote. The collar sent shocks into my neck making me freeze in my tracks. “Don’t resist!” Arnie instructed. “You can’t avoid this. Just go with it.” With that he hit the button again as I was just getting the urge to fight them again. I screamed and almost went to my knees. Arnie caught me. “Relax,” he said as he gently led me to the rack.

The guy in the smock pushed me against the waist-high frame, urging me to bend over as well as spread my legs. My legs were spread about two feet apart and secured at several locations. Below my breast hung pendulously. My neck fit into a steel brace, which clamped around the wide collar. Just to further secure me they put three nylon straps over my pinioned arms. I couldn’t move a muscle.

“I’d like to start with the rings. Is that OK, Charlie?” Arnie asked.

“Fine by me,” he replied. “Better patch her.”

Arnie came toward my head and placed two black plastic patches on my eyes. They didn’t need any adhesive or Velcro. Instead they seemed to stick naturally to the leather, sort of like the static cling plastic they put on car windows. I was now effectively blind.




At this point we didn’t want her to panic any more than necessary. We used hand signals as we had practiced countless times before. I donned a pair of latex gloves as did Doctor Charlie.  He took a lighted dental mirror and looked up her nose. Then, taking a special gauge he measured the distance from the base of her nose to the ideal location of the grommet. He found this to be 9 mm from the end. The pop grommet calipers were set to 9 mm. He carefully inserted the pliers-like tool into her nostrils and closed the jaws. Cleo screamed as a loud pop and sizzle could be heard. The metal grommet was punched through her septum and welded shut. Now she had a permanent small hole between her nostrils.

“Great job Doc,” I complimented, breaking the forced silence.

A similar routine took place on the blind pony as we pierced first her left breast, then her right. The grommets used in her breasts were slightly different. The tubes of each grommet were slightly longer than usual. This allowed them to be inserted into the nipple without crushing it. Small metal disks squeezed the sides of each tender bud when Charlie was done. As a loud snap was heard with the installation of each grommet the girl screamed loudly. It was unavoidable.

We inserted one inch gold rings as temporary ornaments.

Finally we repeated the procedure on her little clit. We did this from the rear. Her bent over form allowed us to access the area quite easily. The procedure required us to massage the little bud to bring it to arousal and make it extend as far out as possible. She must have understood what was going to happen because she really started straining at the straps. She couldn’t move however so we simply ignored her. Her scream was as loud as I’ve ever heard a woman scream, gagged or not! She had quite a set of lungs on her.

“Let me get a DNA sample and we’ll get her tailed,” Charlie said.

He took a small razor and began running it along the base of her backbone. When he was satisfied he took the entire tool and inserted it into a holder inside a special machine. “Standard mare?” he asked?

“Yes,” I replied, referring to an upswept tail to match her natural hair.

It took nearly four minutes, which was exceptionally long for the process. “Took a while,” I noted.

As Charlie retrieved the plastic wrapped tail he told me that the DNA database was under heavy use with the exceptionally large number of orders. He said he thought that they’d be upgrading the systems before too long.

The tail looked like something from a rat! I had seen them before. They were hairless brown cores that were the sources of huge bushy ponygirl tails. Shorter tails were used for our dogs. No girl liked the installation of such an item. It was a penultimate indicator of their sub-human status!.

Charlie took a careful measurement and marked the area where the tail should preside. Then he used a coarse sterile sandpaper to abrade the area. The pony seemed to still be groaning and crying from the previous tortures. When the doctor placed the tail on her spine her head rose up and she screamed loudly. I heard it was painful for some and of no consequence for others. Obviously this one didn’t take her tail well.

“She’ll need to rest for some time. Let’s get her plugged. I’ll call some orderlies to take her to her stall. She’s too weak to march.”




“Two visits in one day,” the man in the white lab coat said. I was confused.

“What can I say? I like to watch you work,” Arnie stated. He must have been here earlier.

“So, how’s she doing?”

“I’d say she’s progressing fairly well. She sits without being told and will take a ball without argument.”

“Good. She’s pretty tiny. Put her up on the table. Let’s have a good look at her,” the doctor said.

Arnie bent down and picked me up by putting one hand across my belly and another between my legs. Effortlessly he set me on the examining table on all fours. “Better lock her down,” Arnie said. “She was a little feisty earlier.”

“You corrected that, right?” the doctor asked.

“Of course,” Harmony cut in.

“Well, we’d better do it anyway just to keep her from hurting herself,” the doctor replied.

“Hold still, Honey. This won’t hurt,” Arnie offered as he and the doctor began swinging metal manacles up from the sides of the table. I had resisted enough and been punished sufficiently to know better than resist. Still I was frightened. It took every ounce of self control to keep from fighting them. But I just cooperated. Twin manacles were attached to rods that swung on hinges from the sides of each table. They locked my arms in their grip forcing me to remain on all fours. Similar, but much larger, clamps swung up to grab my thighs. Small ones were placed on my calves.

The doctor opened the zipper and held his hand in front of my face. “Go ahead. Spit it out,” he said. With some difficulty I pushed the ball out of my mouth with my tongue. “Good girl,” she replied.

“Was she measured?” the doctor asked.

“No. We usually don’t have the opportunity when we’re working with RACC stock.”

“We ought to do that now. I don’t really have the time but it needs to be done. I thought she was partially prepped. This is going to take a lot longer than I thought.”

“I told you she was coming from RACC, Charlie. You should know we don’t do any of that there. Our stock is too raw,” Arnie stated.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I’ve been working sixteen hour days trying to keep up. I should have known better,” he said.

“Things should change in a week or so.”

“Yea, I hope. Let me call the gang and get her measured. I’ll have to push the next appointment till later tonight.”

“I’m sorry, Chuck,” Arnie said.

“It’s OK. Things are tight right now. Let’s do this right.”

I watched the doctor walk over to the wall phone and call someone. “I need two girls for a measurement and puppy prep in room six,” Charlie said. “Oh and push my next appointment back to tonight, would you?” he continued. After a short pause he added, “I know it’s late notice. Just do it and offer my apologies.”

“The girls should be here in a few minutes. Let me get a kit,” Charlie said.

“I’ll pull off her hood and collar,” Harmony said.

They all seemed to be preparing to do something complicated to me. I was really afraid. I looked around the room and saw all sorts of machines and instruments. It was like being in a mad doctor’s laboratory. “Please!” I said. “Don’t hurt me!”

“Put a brace on her head,” Charlie said, ignoring my pleas.

“No, please stop!” I pleaded.

Harmony walked over to me and took my head in her hands. “Don’t be upset. It’s all going to turn out OK.”

“Please don’t do this. I don’t want to be a dog!”

“But you’ll make a fantastic little dog,” Arnie said.

“No I wouldn’t. I’m not a dog. I’m human,” I argued with tears running down my cheeks. Arnie approached me and petted my hair. Then he put his fingers under my chin. “Of course you’re human. But soon you’ll be a puppy. That’s your destiny.”

“Why?” I cried.

“Because that’s the role that the State has decided for you. There are too many females in the country and our PM has decided that some of our girls will make good exports.”

“But why did they pick me?”

“You fit the profile. We had an order for a short female puppy. And there you were!”

“I’m not going to win this argument, am I?”

“No,” Arnie replied sternly. “So just go with the flow or suffer the consequences.”

I was bound to this table and didn’t have many options available to me. “OK,” I replied resignedly.

Harmony removed the collar and hood. My face felt like it was bathed in a cold breeze as the air hit my sweat soaked cheeks. My hair was all matted and Harmony noticed it immediately.

“Her hair’s a mess,” she noted.

“That happens with RACC puppies,” Charlie said as he continued to gather items from the drawers and place them on a metal tray.

“I know,” Harmony replied. “Trim and treat?” she asked.

“Let the crew do it. They’re trained,” Charlie replied. “Just put the head brace on.”

As I watched, Harmony went to a large white cabinet and pulled out a metal brace that resembled a halo ring for paralysis patients. It consisted of two long bars that were topped by a metal ring. All around the ring metal rods protruded like spines on a porcupine. Harmony slipped the device into two holes on the table. Then she lowered the metal ring until it surrounded my head just above my eyebrows. Once she had the clamps tightened my head was completely immobile.

“Won’t this thing get in the way of the wash?” Arnie asked.

“Yes, but the girls know how to work around it. They’ve been trained. We don’t want to cut her hair. She’s a puppy,” Charlie replied.

“Does anyone know who’s she going to?” Harmony asked.

“Yes,” Arnie replied.

“Who?” Charlie asked.

Arnie just smiled.

“Where’d you come up with enough money to afford a puppy?”

“I got a bonus from our illustrious leader. He likes my work. So does our new ally, the President of Grumm.”

“It’s nice to have friends in high places,” Harmony noted.

“Yes, well, I’m going to be spending time there to set up their HAAC. Once that’s done I’ll get a pick of the litter, pony or puppy.”

“You keeping this one then?” Harmony asked. “She’d go for a lot on the market. She’s a very nice size for a puppy.”

I felt humiliated again as they talked about me as a commodity to be sold or traded. “I was Arnie’s dog?” I thought. This keeps getting more and more bizarre!

“She’s too cute to trade. We’ll see how she works out.”

Just then two girls dressed in black latex arrived. I noticed their heads were covered in tight hoods. Protruding from their mouths were the front halves of red rubber balls. Well, nothing looked weird any more.

“Wash her hair and take a full set of measurements,” Charlie ordered. Both girls nodded and bowed.

They started by going to a cabinet and taking a spray can of soap. It looked like shaving cream. But they squirted it on my head. Two pairs of hands began working it into my hair. The scalp massage felt really good. Soon my head was all lathered and covered in white foam. One of the girls took a metal basin and laid it on the table under my head. Another wrapped a towel around my shoulders. I expected them to rinse my hair but instead the stuff started dripping off my hair all by itself. Using their gloves they began to squeegee the stuff out of my hair, depositing it in the basin. My hair was wet but clean. One of them took a hair dryer and a comb to pull the last bits of moisture out of my hair. Considering the halo it was hard to do. But eventually my hair was clean and dry.

The next thing they did was just so humiliating that I can hardly describe it. They inserted a large hose into my anus and injected me with water. After a few seconds the flow was reversed and I was sucked dry. The process was repeated twice more. It was a process that had been done to me several times over the past couple days. I hated it. Once my ass was cleaned they did my vagina. With my arms and legs bound as they were I had no ability to resist, although my body sure tried to get out of their grasp.

With my body cleaned, the measurements began. They measured my bite. One girl took a thin block of wood and put it between my teeth. The other had a digital camera ready. She took three shots from above and below my head. The board was discarded and the camera was given to the doctor.

The next step was to take the other measurements. They were wide, varied, and strange. They took measurements of my jaw, my nose, and my ears. My neck was measured as were my breasts, my crotch, and my legs. Finally the spread my anus and sex and checked their diameters.

Once all the measurements were finished the doctor gave them a couple more orders which I couldn’t hear. They left us at that point. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

Everyone quietly waited. I wasn’t sure what they were waiting for but Arnie kept checking his watch. “Shouldn’t take too long for the stuff to process,” he said.

I heard the doctor doing something to the console behind me. “Almost done,” he said.

I heard a series of beeps. “Here we go,” Charlie stated.




The processing unit had finished manufacturing the puppy gear for Dina. Now it was time to get her prepped. We’d start with the crotch ring. We would use that to help hold her steady while we pierced her nipples.

“What are you doing?” she yelled as Harmony started massaging her clit. Harmony ignored her. “Stop it!” she continued. “Don’t do that!”

But Harmony knew her business and continued to work the little nub until it was fully engorged. Once she was satisfied Charlie stepped up, slipped the tool over the nub and pressed the trigger. The scream was exceptionally loud. It hurt so much that the girl almost fainted. She coughed and struggled. A two inch ring was inserted into the hole and a strap was connected from it forward to an anchor point on the table. Her body suddenly became motionless.

Wha… What did you do to me?” she cried. “You promised not to hurt me!”

“I know,” Charlie responded. “But that was before I knew you weren’t prepped. We only have to do this once. It won’t take too long.”

“Please don’t hurt me anymore.”

“That can’t be helped, I’m afraid.”

Charlie took a tool and measured her nose for a center grommet. “Ten millimeters,” he said. Dina saw the pliers in his hand as he made some adjustments to it. Two grommet halves were inserted into the device.

“What are you going to do with that?” she asked.

“Hold still,” he said as he pushed the jaws up her nostrils.

“NO!” she cried as the loud pop was heard again.

“OW! No more, please!”

“Just your breasts and we’re done with the rings,” Charlie explained.

“My breasts?” Her eyes went suddenly wide. “No, you can’t! Please don’t pierce my breasts. I don’t’ want them pierced.”

“Harmony, would you do the honors,” Charlie asked, totally ignoring the plaintive girl.

“Sure,” she replied as she walked over to her. Very slowly she began massaging the girl’s left nipple.

“Oh No!” she cried. When Harmony stopped the girl knew what was coming. Charlie placed the pliers on her breast and inserted the little silver tubes. Even before she had stopped screaming Harmony had started massaging the other nipple.

“Well, we’re done with the rings. Let’s get her plugged. These are new devices,” Charlie said holding up the two silver phalluses. “They’re both flexible and have excellent internal contact. Their range was improved to almost a half mile. They have GPS for locating her if she runs off, Bluetooth for communicating with the other items, and wireless Ethernet for communicating with central command.”

“Wow!” Harmony said.

“There’s more! The anal probe has a pressure sensor. It gives off a beep and lights up when she needs to be cleaned out. That info can also be transmitted to central command.”

“So we don’t have to guess,” Harmony said.

“Correct. Let’s get them installed. We’re running late.”

“You forgot the tube,” I reminded the doc. “Gotta give her an outlet.

“Sorry, you’re right.”

The doctor took a plastic bag and ripped it open. Inside was a special catheter with a one way valve. He applied the sterile grease and inserted it. “Oh no!” she cried.

“Now we’ll insert the plugs,” he said.

Each device was inserted using a light lube that the doctor had available. He used so much of it he had it in a large pressurized tank. The girl yelped a bit when the plugs were inserted but otherwise didn’t complain. A wide red leather belt was buckled over her abdomen. A wide flap was positioned down her crack and pulled up to her crotch. A short matching flap came down from the front and met at her clit. The catheter was plugged into a fitting near the end of the dildo. Charlie took the wide ring and threaded it through both flaps, securing it with a globe shaped lock that featured a little bell inside. “One day we’ll have to come up with a way to hold those little buggers in without using a strap,” he mumbled to us.

“That’s new,” I mentioned.

“Yea,” he said. Notice how the end of the dildo pokes out just a tiny bit? That’s how she pees. Of course you have to open the valve to let her go.”

“What?” she asked. We just ignored her.

Now all that was left were the hood and the gag. The machine had created a nice tight hood for her. Unlike the previous one there was a hole for her hair in this one. We removed the halo from her head and put it back in the closet. She didn’t resist when we pulled the hood over her head. It fit tight but it did fit. Every facial feature was visible.

Her lips awaited the gag that the machine had custom built for her. I watched as Harmony applied a bright red lipstick to them. Since this hood didn’t have a zippered opening it was much easier to work around the mouth.

The gag was actually something we called the spoon. It was essentially a brass levered device that fit part way into the mouth, the other half sticking out in front of her lips. It incorporated a full mouthpiece to seal the oral cavity and a feeding tube for water and mashed nutrients. She didn’t like it one bit when I put it in her mouth!

“Your teeth fit into the grooves,” Harmony said as she pushed the contraption into Dina’s mouth. “Just bite down while I tighten the straps. You’re doing fine.”

I could see tears welling in the girl’s eyes again. It was pitiful. Harmony took a long time with the straps, tightening some while loosening others. She checked the tension of every bit of black leather. She also checked for movement in the jaw. It was important that she had as little movement as possible in her mouth. We didn’t want her teeth to become dislodged from the gag.

As Harmony finished her task I grabbed the remote. “This is different,” I said to Charlie.

“Yes,” he replied. The design team has integrated all the elements of the outfit into a single system. Let me show you.”

Charlie took the device which resembled a TV’s remote control and started going through the menu. “You start by acquiring the subject. You have to point the device at the barcode on her collar.” As he did this I heard an audible beep. The device can store up to fifty girls. Now, each element of her outfit can be programmed. The collar has a voice monitor as it always has had. But new to its features is a query sensor as well as a head shaking suppressor.”

“Come again?” I asked.

“The collar will detect if a question has been asked. If it detects that someone has asked a question it will sense if the girl has nodded or shaken her head. Of course we want them to bark so it shocks them in the ass if they don’t. We can set various tolerances for how long it’s willing to wait, how loud the bark should be, and whether there should be a warning before the shock.”

“Interesting. Before, we had to do that manually.”

“Correct. Now it’s automatic. Here, I’ll enable the device and set the shock to level 3. Now, ask her a question.”

“Did you understand all that?” I asked the bound girl. She must have been listening because she barked. Suddenly she screamed loudly. “What did she do wrong?” I asked the doctor.

“Nothing. I just happened to set her bark threshold at 20 decibels. She can’t make that level of sound when gagged by the device. The head shake sensor works in a similar manner. I’ll set the tolerance to something fairly comfortable for her. Let’s say we’ll set the tolerance to a mild four and set the punishment to level two. She’s still learning so let’s not be too cruel.”

At that point Charlie grabbed the girl’s ponytail and shook her head up and down three times. The girl screamed. Then he twisted her head side to side. Again she screamed.

“How does that detect the movement?” I asked.

“The coping has all sorts of sensors built in.”

“That’s great work, Doc!” I praised.

“There’s more,” he said. “The spoon now has a sensor in it.”

“For what?” I asked.

“Well, we thought that having a tongue wagging around inside the oral cavity was a bit too much freedom for our girls. So we came up with a little system to keep their tongues occupied. I’ll show you.”

He walked over to the girl and smiled at her. “OK Honey, just one or two more torments for you. Then we’ll be done. OK?”

She involuntarily nodded her head. Within a second of doing this she screamed. The sensors had detected it. “You have to bark,” he said. When she did nothing happened. “Good girl,” he said as he patted her head.

Looking at the girl he took the metal wedge sticking out of her mouth in his fingers. “See this?” he asked. This time she barked loudly. “This is a counterweight. You can feel the other piece inside your mouth. Between your teeth is a little hole. When the weight is horizontal or higher the hole opens. I want you to push on the hole with your tongue. Flipping your head backwards while you’re doing it will help.”

We watched as she flipped her head backwards. When she had done so, the weight was still at a downward angle. “Try again,” Charlie said. After the second time the weight was sticking straight out of her mouth. “Good girl,” he said as he punched a few buttons on the controller.

“If you pull your tongue out of the hole you’ll have five seconds to put it back. As a warning you’ll feel a thumping in your vagina. On the fifth thump you’ll get a level three shock. Understand?” he asked.

The girl barked but the sound was so feeble that it set off the sensor. She screamed. “When your tongue is pinioned you’ll have to put quite a bit of effort into barking,” he said. “Do you understand?” he asked again.

Arf!” she said loudly. But in doing so she had pulled her tongue out of the hole. The weight dropped and I saw her eyes widen.

“Get your tongue back in the hole,” Charlie said. As we watched she flipped her head back. When it came down she had missed again. She screamed. “Not fast enough. Get your tongue back in the hole or you’ll get another shock.” This time she did it. “You’ll have to get used to that. When you get back to your cage I suggest you practice.”

“Can I see that?” I asked.

“Sure,” Charlie said.

“How long ago did you get these?”

“Yesterday. We mentioned it at the last two board meetings.”

“Well, I was in the States at the time.”

“I know. I’ve been meaning to brief you on the new features. Also, supplies are pretty limited. I only have six units so far. We’re expecting more tomorrow.”

“Did you install all six yet?”

“I have one set left. Do you have a subject in mind?”

“I was thinking that our new girl Cleo could use some tighter discipline. I’m expecting her to be somewhat troublesome. Any objections?”

“No, but I don’t have the time to do it myself. You don’t need me to install this stuff. I had my secretary put the manual online. I’ll have her send you the link. You can install the spoon and the collar. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about that.”

“True. I’ll take a look at it. Hey, let’s get her tail installed so we can get out of here,” I said.

“You’re right. I have a lot of other girls to process. Let’s get this over with.”

As I had seen him do earlier he took a razor-like item and scraped her skin in the vicinity of her lower back. After he was satisfied he placed the DNA sample into the machine. After the sample was read he asked me for the breed.

“Cocker Spaniel,” I said. “Let’s try something bushy.”

The tail he retrieved didn’t look much different than the core of the horse tail that Cleo had been fitted with. This one was just as thin. It was a bit shorter, being only eight inches long. “Hard to believe that it will look completely different in a few hours,” Harmony said.

“The miracles of science, will they never cease?” I said profoundly.

Charlie ignored both of us. He took a sterile tray over to the table and donned a pair of latex gloves. As before, he abraded the area where the tail would be attached. “Let’s see how she responds to this?” he said as he pressed the fleshy pad at the base of the tail to her spine. Her reaction was immediate. She arched her back and screamed. Then she tried to wiggle her ass. Since we still had her clit ring attached to the table she couldn’t move very much. She screamed several times, first from the pain of the tail being attached, then from the fact that she had pulled her tongue out of the hole. It all lasted twenty seconds at most. But for her it was a horror that must have felt like it had lasted hours. When all the pain had passed she was back to her pose, staring straight ahead on all fours, the brass weight sticking straight out of her mouth. The only difference was that now she had a rat-like tail sticking up from her ass.

But she was done.


Chapter 5


Long Boring Walks


Cleo, the newest pony:


While some would call this place a stable, I had a simpler name for it, Hell! My life was now nothing more than that of a beast of burden. I had no control over anything. I couldn’t even pass gas without permission. I couldn’t talk, walk, eat, or even sit on the ground?

At the moment I was in a concrete walled room that happened to feature a carpeted floor and so many cabinets that I couldn’t even begin to describe them. The outer wall had a huge glass window. By the strange refraction of the light I had to assume it was exceptionally thick. The inner wall was completely made of glass.

My chances of escape, which I couldn’t help but think about, were nonexistent. My arms were kept in a leather sleeve and I was forced to wear these weird boots with six inch heels. They had complete control over me.

My punishment for disobedience was a simple shock in the ass. The devices in my ass and vagina were capable of causing me unbearable torture. Arnie, my trainer, told me that the batteries in the plugs were designed to recharge themselves from my own body heat! If they weren’t such evil torture devices I’d have complimented the designer on his ingenuity.

At the moment I was standing in the middle of the room, supported by a pair of nylon straps that were clipped to my collar. My legs were hobbled with an eighteen inch chain that was locked to rings mounted to the insides of my boots. With my mouth filled with this strange gag I couldn’t even complain about my situation. All I could do was stand there and wait.

I observed a number of people walking past. Several girls were walking in the nude, each chained in some manner. They occasionally looked my way but continued on with their own business. A couple men walked past as well. In the relatively thin procession of people walking past my room I also noticed a number of women bound in latex. I had seen these girls earlier on several occasions. In fact they rigged me to the harness hanging from the ceiling.

It was nearly half an hour before someone entered my room. The tall man looked me over silently and smiled. “I suppose you’d like to be taken out of this outfit,” he said.

I nodded.

“You’ll have to whinny if you want to communicate,” he said.

I already knew about the shock gadget so I did as he asked. I whinnied, “Nee-hee-hee-hee.” God I hated these people.

“Good. We’ll wait for the domestics to arrive before we get you out of that outfit. OK with you?” he asked sardonically.

We waited for several minutes. He checked his watch often and seemed impatient. “I’m Jules. I’ll be your trainer for the next six weeks. You’ll find me fairly strict. I don’t take no shit. If you want trouble, just act stupid. Get the picture?”

I whinnied as expected.

I tried to get a feel for his quirks. From his short statement I knew I was not going to get away with anything when under his care. I was going to have to be careful not to piss him off. He looked impatient. I knew he’d train me with a similar lack of tolerance for mistakes. This was not going to be fun.

Two latex clad girls arrived a short time later. Under Jules’ instructions they removed my gag, hood, and corset. The collar, boots and armbinder were left on me. The twin plugs between my legs and the belt holding them in place were left on too.

“The girls are going to free your hands in a moment. I need your word that you won’t resist. You can’t escape. You saw all the security gates.”

“I won’t try anything,” I promised. He was right. There wasn’t any use trying to get away. The place was too secure to even consider trying.

“They’re going to chain your hands and legs together. You’ll have plenty of slack to move though. I don’t want any crap from you, OK?”

“I said I would do whatever you wanted. I won’t resist,” I offered.

“Good. Go ahead,” he said to the two girls.

They started by replacing the belt with a new one. I was told to hold the dildos in my ass and crotch. The buckle for the new belt was in the back and a single large loop was in front. As before a strap ran through my legs and was locked onto my clit with a large round bell. A chain ran through the loop which ended in two pairs of handcuffs. Obviously one pair was intended for my ankles while the other set were to end up on my wrists.

The girls removed my boots first and hobbled me. The chain was only a foot wide between my legs. Once the armbinder was removed the gloves were taken off and my wrists were slipped into the waiting cuffs. The last thing they did was remove the collar and replace it with a thinner version. I appreciated the comfort.

“OK, this is the RAAC,” he said. “For your information, that means Remedial Attitude Adjustment Center. In the simplest terms, you’re here to have your attitude adjusted. More specifically we’re going to turn you into a beast of burden. The official reason is due to the high cost of fuel. The real reason is because our Prime Minister likes to put women in submissive roles.”

“That’s just wrong,” I said.

“This isn’t really a democracy. What the public thinks, what you think, doesn’t really matter.”

“So you’re just doing as you’re told?”

“Absolutely, just as you’re going to do as you’re told. The only difference is that I’m going to enjoy my role in this. I seriously doubt you’ll feel the same way about what’s going to happen to you.”

I looked at him speechless. It was futile to argue with him. “So what do I have to do now?” I asked holding up my bound hands.

“Well, it’s too late to get any training done so I’ve pulled you out of your gear. We’ll put you back in your outfit tomorrow morning and get you started on training. It’s not much more than exercise. It’s not too bad.

“But I wanted to go over a few rules. First and foremost: Do not try to escape. If you think being a pony is bad, consider what it would be like to be a dog for a month or two. That’s the punishment for escape. We set traps for girls who are looking for a way out. That way you never know if the opening is real or just a ruse. You don’t want any part of that sort of punishment. Clear?

I nodded. “I understand,” I said timidly.

“Why don’t you go sit on the bed? You look like you’re beat,” he offered.

I had been standing naked in front of him without even covering up my breasts. I was so distracted by all that was happening around me that my nudity didn’t even register. Now I tried to put my hands on my breasts and suddenly realized that my hands wouldn’t reach that far up. The bastards!

I accepted Jules offer and sat on the cot that was situated on the left wall. It had a four inch mattress so it would probably be somewhat comfortable. The mattress lay over a piece of canvas suspended between the long rails. It was something akin to a camping cot.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

His latest questions and his demeanor seemed to make me feel more at ease. Perhaps he wasn’t as mean as I had thought. I told him I was feeling well. My feet hurt.

“OK, let’s give you the rest of the rules. I already told you about escaping. Let’s go over some other stuff. First, don’t remove your bondage gear without permission. Don’t help anyone else get out of their bondage stuff either. Doing so will earn you real pain. We mark our girls with a riding crop if they do anything of the sort. It’s the only infraction that we physically mark our girls for. You don’t want that, trust me.

“Next, don’t resist being restrained or dressed. We have a team of trained attendants who specialize in subduing and securing our ponies. If you resist I can have someone here in minutes. If needed, we can use a stun rod on you to knock you senseless until you’re restrained.

“Clear so far?” he asked.

“Yes sir.”

“We’re not going to get into this silliness about casting eyes downward or calling us Master or Mistress, or Sir, or Ma’am. We’re making you into a pony. If you make it out of the stables your owners can determine what they want you to call them. For now, just call us by the name on our tags. You may call me Jules.

“OK,” I said. Things were going better than I had expected. I was almost curious as to what was going to happen next.

“The plugs in your ass and sex will be replaced each morning. You’ll sleep with them each night. They have enough power to last two weeks. They can partially recharge themselves from your own body heat. But we replace them daily for sanitary purposes.

“You will not be allowed clothes while out of harness. Under normal circumstances we’d allow you a robe if you were in the standard pony training center. But you are in the RAAC and by definition we assume you are going to be difficult to control. Thus the reason for the chains. With chains on there’s no feasible way to let you wear a robe. So you’ll remain naked.

Every girl here is kept this way and abides by these rules. There are twenty-four girls in this section. We bring them in every two weeks in groups of four. I encourage you to make friends. But be aware that your friendships will be short-lived. Once you leave here you’ll probably never see these girls again. Any questions?”

“Is there any way out of this?”

“I think you know the answer to that. The state doesn’t change its mind. The answer is a definitive no.”

“What happens if I sprain an ankle or break a leg?”

“Well, we don’t shoot horses, if that’s what you’re wonder. We have full medical facilities to treat any problem that arises. In addition the outfits we’ll be putting you in are specially designed to prevent injuries to your ankles, knees, and especially your back. The chance of injury is almost nil, even considering the heels and all the other stuff you’ll wear. In fact I don’t think we’ve had an injury of any consequence in almost two years. Our biggest medical problem is viruses. Due to the close quarters our girls live in colds spread pretty quickly through the teams.

“I see,” I said.

“Yes, I’m sure you do. I bet you’re thinking that you’re coming down with something right this very moment. Well, feel free to do so. The only problem with that is your treatment would be isolation. Our form of isolation isn’t exactly fun, if you catch my drift.

“You mean you’ll put me in a dark room like they did when I first got here?”

“No. We’ll put you in a tight little cage. Of course we’ll bring you all you need until you’re healthy. But it’s a lousy way to live. It’s the best way to keep you from spreading the infection to anyone else.”

“It keeps getting better,” I said.

“We’ve been doing this for twenty years. We have all the angles figured out. We’ve either thought of or experienced every situation you could possibly think of. We know exactly what you’re going to try and where you’re likely to screw up. You’re not our first pony and you won’t be our last. So just do as you’re told.

“I don’t think I’m going to like this life,” I mumbled to myself.

“Go get something to eat down the corridor. The other girls will help you. Don’t trip on your chains.”

“I can leave my room?” I said surprised.

“Yes, but don’t try to get past the guards at the end of the hall. They don’t have much of a sense of humor.”

“Well, I can’t think of anything else,” I said.

“Be careful of your tail,” he suddenly said as he was getting up. “It will take some getting used to.”

“I know.”

“Did anyone tell you to use the toilet backwards?” he asked.

“Backwards?” I asked. Then it hit me. “Oh, now I get it. If I sit on it the normal way my tail would go in the water.”

“Our toilets are designed with an up-sloping front and a slot for your tail. Just be careful when you get up. Hurting your tail would be as painful as breaking a leg.”

“How do I go if I have this belt locked on me?”

“Just come back to your room and ask for an assistant. Someone will remove the gear, let you relieve yourself, and then put it back on you. Parts one and two are usually no problem. It’s part three that can get you in trouble. You’re not going to resist having the plugs reinserted, right?”

“No sir! I’ll cooperate.”

After he left I decided to look out the window. It was late and I didn’t see much. Most of the areas were dark with a few spotlights scanning the distant grounds. I was correct about the glass. It was unbelievably thick, perhaps six inches. There was no way I was going to break it.

Walking with this short chain between my legs was a struggle. I nearly fell as I inched my way toward the door. When I stepped outside I wanted to find someone to talk to. I was new here and could have used some assistance. The first girl was named Melanie. She was fairly tall, perhaps six feet or so, blond, and fairly thin.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m Cleo”

“You’re new?” she asked without giving her name. She seemed upset.

“Yes. What’s your name?”


“Been here long?” I asked.

“Two weeks.”

“Are you OK? You seem upset,” I said with a concerned voice.

“You trying to be funny?” she asked angrily.

“No, of course…”

“We’re all doomed. They’re turning us into animals. Jesus Christ! Why did this happen to me?” She started crying. We were both chained so we couldn’t really hug.

“These damn chains!” I said.

“What was your name again?” she asked me.


We made our way to the cafeteria. The trip down to the glass enclosed area was no treat. We had to hobble all the way down with tiny steps due to the short ankle chains. The sides of the corridor featured railings that Melanie encouraged me to use.

When we arrived I was surprised at how ordinary the place looked. There were four tables arranged in two rows. Along the back wall was a counter filled with fruits, raw veggies, and some other assorted items. There were paper dishes but no utensils.

The tables themselves were somewhat unusual and designed specifically for us. The tables were round and could seat eight girls. There were no chairs. Instead they all featured a set of eight pipes, each six inches in diameter that happened to be well padded. Under the pipe was a foot stand. I noticed all the girls that were seated straddled the pipes and then put their feet on the padded bar underneath. The reason was obvious. It was the only way to get enough slack in the chain to eat.

“Have a seat,” one of the girls said. “I’m Jo.”

Jo was another tall blonde with large boobs. She seemed to be pretty calm considering the situation we were in. “Just get in?” she asked.

“Brand new,” I said.

“This is Elaine. This is Angie. And the one sitting next to you is Megan. She just came in today too.”

“Hi,” I said.

“You’ll have to excuse Megan. She’s a little upset. New girls usually get that way,” Elaine said. She was seated on the other side of Megan. Nobody could hug her because of our bonds. I felt the frustration too.

Megan was exceptionally thin and pretty. And she was very young. Her hair was ash blonde and dropped down to her shoulders. Here eyes were red. All she did was cry and look around like a scared rabbit. “Hi, I said. “Are you OK?”

“Fuck off!” she said suddenly.

“Oh Kay!” I said slowly.

“She’s having her anger streak early,” The dark haired Angie said. “Melanie waited almost a week and a half before she got pissed.”

“You seem to know a lot about this stuff,” I said to the three girls who had been seated at the table when we first arrived.

“Can’t help it. I’m a psychologist,” Angie said. “Elaine was a fashion model. I forget, what did you do, Melanie?”

“Horse trainer,” she said.

We all laughed. Even Megan looked up with her eyes wide. “You’re kidding?” she said, breaking out of her stupor.

“Would I lie?”

“How about you Cleo? What did you do before you got here?”  Angie asked. She seemed to be the most intelligent of the group.

“I ran a women’s clothing shop, Poliska’s of Horwath. Maybe you’ve heard of it?” I said.

“I used to go there all the time. Great store!” Melanie said.

“I worked in the back. I specialized in the high priced clientele. I have a feeling it put me on someone’s shopping list.”

“Well, the way I’ve heard you’re probably not far off for the truth. I’d bet we were all chosen because some asshole thought we’d make a good horse in their stable,” Elaine said.

The center of the table had water, fruit drink, and coffee dispensers. Paper cups and all the fixings for the coffee were readily available in the center of each table. Elaine poured me a cup of coffee.

“Thanks, but it’s late,” I said.

“It’s decaf,” she said. “There’s no caffeine in any of the food.”

“Oh, well then, thanks,” I said.

As I was accepting the cup a tall redhead walked into the room. She seemed a little frightened, clinging onto the rail to keep her from falling. “Over here, Honey,” Elaine said.

“You can always tell the new girls by the tail. It hasn’t filled out yet.”

Elaine introduced all of us. The new girl was named Bonnie. Bonnie seemed out of sorts. After seeing Megan and her reaction to all this, I understood Bonnie’s state of mind. She nervously sat and looked fearfully at each of us.

“Relax, Honey. We’re all in the same boat. Put your feet up on the rests so you can get some slack in the chain,” Elaine said.

“Just get here?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said whimpering.

“Me too. Are you OK?”

“Yea. I guess so. They put a tail on me! They want me to be a horse!” she cried.

Elaine took the new girl’s hands in hers. “We’re all being treated the same way. You’re not alone.”

“You’re all being turned into horses?” she asked.

“Notice the tails on each of us? What do you think?” Angie asked.

“My God!” she said.

“Grab some coffee,” Elaine said. “It will help. Megan, would you like anything?”

“I’ll take some bug juice,” she said.

“You feeling any better,” I asked after watching her sip at the grape juice.

“I suppose. Who are you again?” she asked.


She smiled. “I’m sorry I snapped at you.”

“I completely understand.”

“It was just so horrible, the way they treated me.”

“I know.”

“You’re taking it pretty well for a new girl,” Angie said.

“What’s the point of resisting? They have all the angles covered. Why make things more painful?” I asked.

“That’s what we all learned. It’s just that we never learned these facts quite so quickly.”

“I guess I’m a quick learner,” I joked.

From a distance we heard marching. We could hear multiple sets of heels coming down the hallway. After a moment or two they marched past the glass partition that separated the cafeteria from the hallway. What we saw was incredible!

“Carrie and Brenda,” Elaine said.

The first thing we saw were a pair of girls being led by a tall, older woman. She was dressed in black leather pants, knee high boots with six inch heels, and a white silk blouse.

“That’s Anne. Don’t mess with her!” Elaine warned.

Behind her, two girls crawled on hands and knees. Each was hooded and wore corsets. They wore leather gloves that went up to their armpits, pointed boots, and high leather collars. One girl was wearing red leather and the other was wearing black.

“I don’t envy them, the poor bitches,” Angie said.

“Huh?” I asked.

“They’re being trained as puppies. That’s a permanent role for them. They’re going to be on their knees for at least ten years. I can’t imagine what that’s going to be like for them.”

“My God!” Megan said.

“They use it as a threat. If we don’t make good ponies, they’ll turn us into puppies,” Elaine informed us. “You’ll see the video this weekend. They show it every other week just to pound it into our heads.”

I looked at each of the girls at the table with wide open eyes. Elaine pointed to the hallway and suddenly I got a good look at both the puppies and the girls behind them. The puppies were holding leather rods in their mouths. Reins ran up from the rods to the mouths of a pair of red clad ponygirls. They were being led by the girls in front, high stepping down the hallway.

“They’re in their last two weeks,” Elaine said. “They’ll be out of here at the end of next week.”

“And we’re going to follow the same path?” Megan asked.

“Yes,” Angie replied.

“Jesus,” she said.

The procession passed slowly past the glass partition. “You can’t let it get to you. It’s just a costume,” Elaine said.

“It’s a nightmare,” Bonnie said.

“It’s not that bad. We’ll have a much better life than those dogs. At least we don’t have to satisfy anyone with our mouths,” Elaine said. Angie nodded in agreement when she said that.

“That’s disgusting,” Bonnie said.

“Yea, I know,” Angie said. “I was a dog for two weeks. You don’t want any part of that!”

“You were a dog?” I asked.

“About six weeks ago I was sentenced to two weeks in the kennels. If you think this is a nightmare, you should try that! They teach you how to do tricks, fetch balls and sticks, and even roll over. They make you bark like a dog too.

“Then they treat you to sexual training. They make you practice cock sucking and pussy licking. They don’t care if you’re gay, straight, or bi. They want you to use your mouth to satisfy them. If you don’t they shock you until you do. If you keep refusing they jack open your mouth and rape you. I watched three girls get that sort of treatment while I was being trained. I didn’t like what I was doing but I cooperated. It’s the most depraved act I’ve ever done. I’ll never run off again!” she said.

“These people are monsters,” Megan said.

After a pregnant pause I opened my mouth. “Elaine, you’re a psychologist. Has there ever been anyone really depressed?”

She laughed. “What do you think we are? Nobody’s exactly jumping for joy at this table.”

“No, I meant really depressed, as in dangerously so.”

“To be truthful I’ve never seen any. Maybe they don’t take girls that might try to take their own lives.”

“Psychology isn’t an exact science,” I offered. “At some point they must have had a problem like that.”

“Maybe. I’d almost bet on their destination if that were to happen.”

“Any woman will make a good dog,” Angie said. “If they caused any problem, including being crippled by their emotional state, I’d almost bet they’d end up in the kennels,” she said with a sad look on her face.

“Yea,” I said, sorry that I had asked.

Two girls entered the cafeteria. Unlike us, they weren’t naked. It was the two ponygirls that had marched past earlier. They were wearing their outfits although their hands were now bound by the all too familiar chain that ran through their belts. They still wore their boots, corsets, and collars. They were no longer hooded or gagged. They took the last two seats.

“New girls?” the one on the left asked.

“Cleo,” I offered.


“Megan,” my blonde neighbor said.

“I’m Brenda. This is Carrie.”

Brenda’s hair cascaded down her back. She had multiple ribbons holding it together to keep it manageable. Carrie had done the same.

Carrie’s hair was blonde. Brenda’s was jet black.

“How was it?” Angie asked.

“Same old stuff,” Carrie said. “We’re pulling carts now.”

Gotta be better than walking those damn paths,” Melanie said.

“I can do either. I’m used to it by now,” Brenda replied.

“At least we don’t have to wear saddles. I need bug juice,” Carrie said as she filled a paper cup.

“Saddles? Megan asked. “They make you wear saddles?”

“We don’t. We’re not big enough. They just make us pull carts and buggies. You have to have broader shoulders to be a saddle pony.

“Like me?” Bonnie asked.

“It’s possible,” Brenda replied carefully.

“Oh God!”

“We’re all here to support you,” Angie said. “We’re all in this together.”

Bonnie just stared at everyone with tears in her eyes.

“There’s still a chance you’ll be put on a cart team,” Brenda said. I’ve heard that they don’t have much use for saddle ponies. They need us to pull coaches for transportation. Saddle ponies are used for shows and things like that.”

Bonnie seemed to relax a bit. “Do you two march together?” I asked.

“No, our hair doesn’t match. We march with other girls from one of the other pods.”

“How did you get such long hair?” I asked.

Rapunzel cream,” Carrie replied.


“They treat your scalp with a cream to increase hair growth. They think ponies look best with hair that trails to the ground.”

“That’s crazy,” Bonnie said, suddenly gripping her own long locks.

“Did you ever hear how many girls they have locked up here?” Megan asked, changing the subject.

“I heard there are over two hundred ponies being trained at any one time. Anne told me that they’re building a new facility east of here that’s twice as big.”

I had to know. “How many girls are turned into dogs?”

“I heard that they have a capacity for fifty girls in the kennels. I don’t know how many they actually have though. My trainer won’t talk about them. It upsets her too much.”

“So, how are you all taking it?” Carrie asked after taking a sip from her cup.

Bonnie and Megan stared at her like she was an alien life form. I just shrugged my shoulders.

“That bad, huh? Well, we were all first day recruits at some point. You’ll get over it.”

“I’m not so sure,” Bonnie said.

“Keep thinking like that and they’ll have you barking in no time,” Carrie said.

“That’s not funny,” Bonnie said.

“I didn’t intend to be funny. I spent two sessions as a dog in the kennels. It took a while but I learned to submit. They have their own three strikes rule, you know. The third time you visit the kennels, you never leave!”

We all looked at her with fear in our eyes. I wondered how they could be so cruel to put someone in that sort of bondage for years at a time. Their lives had to be hell. Why would they do such a thing?

We chatted for a half hour longer before turning in. “I need to use the bathroom,” I said after the door closed. A minute later a latex clad female came in and removed my belt and dildos. She pointed to an open door where I found a sink, a toilet, and a huge showerhead suspended over a tiled area. In one corner I saw the coiled hose they would use to clean me. I was fortunate that the girl didn’t use it on me.


The following morning I was awakened by a loud bell that rang from the PA system. I awoke groggily trying to get a hold of my senses. I felt something strange pulling me from behind. It was my tail. It was now covered with bushy blonde hair that was nearly three feet long!

Minutes later two of the domestics came in to clean me. They silently led me into the bathroom where they chained me under the shower with my hands above my head. First they locked my feet to chains on the floor. Then they connected padded leather manacles to my wrists. Only after doing so did they remove my belt, dildos, and chains. I watched as the chains connected to my wrists disappeared through a hole in the center of the shower head. Fortunately they didn’t suspend me. But my arms were kept painfully stretched.

“Jesus Christ!” I said as the water came on. It was freezing. But the water quickly warmed to a pleasant temperature. One of the girls next took a bottle of green liquid and poured it into a paper cup. She held it to my lips and showed me the bottle. It was mouthwash. It took it in my mouth and swished it around before spitting it out. She held the glass to my lips a second time and we repeated the process. I guess we were going to skip brushing the teeth.

They used a foaming wand to wash my body. They ignored my hair for the time being. The wands had wide circular brushes that seemed to be saturated with suds. They hit every spot on my body, including the very sensitive areas. The water never stopped falling during the process.

They handled my hair last. First they turned off the water. Then they applied something from a spray can that looked like shaving cream. For a moment I thought they were going to cut my hair off and shave me. I was glad that didn’t happen. Instead they worked the foam into my hair and just waited. Several minutes later they turned the water back on to rinse me down. As a final measure they took another can of foam and using a very small amount carefully worked it into my scalp. The girl showed me the label. It said “Rapunzel cream”. Now I knew how the girls got such long hair.

Once my hair was treated they turned on a large heated blower that seemed to blow from the shower head. The two girls stayed close so the water would be blown off their outfits as well. They used towels to assist the process, touching my crotch and breasts in the process.

From behind I suddenly heard a loud buzzing. One of the girls had an electric razor in her hands. She ran it across my underarms and between my legs. My bush suddenly disappeared. Then she ran it down my legs.

When she was done I heard the other girl start another buzzing device. This was a depilator. When she ran it across my skin it pulled on the tiny remaining hairs that were left by the shaver. The armpits were bad but when she ran it across my sensitive areas I found out just how sensitive I was down there. I bit my lip to avoid screaming. By the end of that ordeal I was spent. Depilating my legs was hardly worth mentioning after all the suffering I had endured.

I watched the girls grab the coiled hose and knew what was going to happen next. It was the most horrible experience of all of the massive number of torments I had to endure. As before they inserted the probe into my ass and injected me with water. After filling me it immediately sucked out the solution. The process was repeated again and again until they were satisfied. I saw the girl replace the tip. Then she inserted it into my vagina. It was humiliating.

The dildos weren’t replaced just at that point as I expected them to. They did put the manacles on my hands and feet before leading me out to the main room. Jules and Arnie were waiting.

“All clean?” Jules asked.

“Yes sir,” I replied.

“I’ll have them removed if you promise to be cooperative,” Jules informed me, referring to my manacles.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” I told him.

Jules nodded to the girls. A few seconds later my chains were removed. One of the girls brought over a red bodysuit. “Put it on,” Jules said. “It’s custom made just for you. The girls will help.”

I sat on the bed and began pulling it over my legs. Then I put my arms in. The crotch area was open and reinforced with a rounded coping. The zipper went from the small of my back to the top of the built in hood. There were holes for my breasts too. It took several minutes of struggling to get everything situated. When all was said and done I was wrapped in the red outfit quite snugly. My boobs were sticking out proudly and my crotch was fully exposed.

“Let me have a good look,” Arnie said. “Very nice,” he said approvingly.

“Let’s get her suited up. She has a lot of walking to do today.”

The next items were the shiny metal dildos. I knew their purpose but there was little I could do to prevent their insertion. If I caused problems they had all the resources they needed to subdue me. So I let the girls push them into me. A leather belt was wrapped around and locked to my clit ring.

The corset they used was different than the one they had allowed me to put on myself. This one was made from black patent leather and was heavily boned. There were no laces though. They used a ratchet system to pull the edges of the corset together. Then they ran a steel wire up through the edges just like they were inserting a hinge pin. And I can tell you, it was tight!

A red leather arm binder was produced from one of the closets. It only took a second to secure my arm behind me. Red boots were placed on my legs. They had six inch heels but had two inch high platforms. So I could actually walk on them. The soles were a bit wider than I was normally used to seeing and that helped me maintain my balance.

“The heels are short,” Jules told me. “Stay on your toes when you walk.”

Jules encouraged me to walk around the room in the new boots. They seemed to be much more comfortable than I had expected. Heels always seemed to cause me problems whenever I wore them in public. These boots seemed to be better designed.

“They’re really nice,” I said.

“Get used to them. You’ll be wearing them every day from now on,” Arnie said.

The leather mask was still going to be used. They made me kneel so the girls could reach my head easier. This one was exactly like the last. They pulled my hair through a hole in the top and closed the zipper.

The mask was followed by a collar and the mouthpiece. Jules inserted the mouthpiece himself. “Open,” he said as he held the device that featured a myriad of straps. Once it was in my mouth he told me to bite down. My teeth fit into the grooves on the top and bottom of the device. My teeth were an inch and a half apart when they were seated. It was a somewhat uncomfortable position for my mouth but it wasn’t terribly painful. Once the straps were fastened it actually became more comfortable. But I couldn’t move my jaw once the straps were fastened around my head. And that was annoying.

The mouthpiece had this brass weight on the end. It was hinged between my teeth. The inner part leaned against my palate and was annoying because it went fairly far back in my mouth. Under the pivot point there was a small box that extended past my teeth. It didn’t go far into my mouth though, only about a half inch.

Arnie approached with a small remote control device. He pointed it at the back of my neck. I heard a beep.

“Hold still while I program the unit,” he said. The two girls held me steady.

Arnie showed Jules how the device operated. It was obviously a new item on their list of greatest torture devices on the planet.

“I’m setting the nod sensor to five and the response to 4. That should keep her from nodding or shaking her head.”

“What about when she’s marching?” Jules asked.

“It’s automated. The unit can detect movement from the dildos. If it sees she’s moving the unit will ignore any head shaking.”

“Ingenious,” Jules said. “Now what’s this about a query sensor?”

“The device can detect questions. When we ask her a question she has to whinny within a set period. By default that’s five seconds.”

“That should be good enough. And finally, what about this tongue thing?”

“Well, I have it disabled at the moment because she’s not been told. Let’s get it working though.”

“OK, Cleo. In between your teeth you should feel a hole in the box that’s sticking into your mouth. It’s closed right now. I want you to stick your tongue into it while you flip your head backwards. Push your tongue in as far as it will go.”

They watched as I flipped my head back so I could stick my tongue in the hole. On the first try I got it. The weight was sticking out straight rather than leaning downward.

“Good girl,” Arnie praised me as he pushed a series of buttons on the control. “The mouthpiece is live. If you pull your tongue out the jaws will make contact and you’ll get a shock in your ass.”

“Great!” I thought.

“You’ll get five warning thumps in your vaginal probe before getting shocked. You have five seconds to put your tongue back if it slips out. Understand?”

I nodded. Then I screamed as the shock hit my ass. My tongue came out and I immediately began flipping my head back. I was getting the hang of this tongue thing pretty quickly because again I inserted my tongue in the hole.

“Don’t nod,” Jules told me. “Whinny!”

“Nee-hee-hee-hee,” I said loudly. I was in pain from the lingering effects of the shock. The pain drove me to speak loudly, even with my tongue pinioned.

“Good girl,” Jules said.

In the hallway a girl waited on hands and knees. In fact there was a “puppy” at every doorway. Jules attached a set of reins to my mouthpiece and placed the joining leather bar in the mouth of the waiting girl. She immediately got on all fours and held her head proudly.

“OK, pony. Keep your knees up when you walk and follow the puppy. We’ll follow closely behind to make sure you don’t do anything stupid,” Jules said.

“Corridor 39B,” Arnie told the girl.

She started crawling slowly toward the far end of the aisle. A pair of security guards checked Arnie’s and Jules’ ID then allowed us to pass. Twice more we passed through similar checkpoints before we were outside. The walk to the “Corridor” only took a few minutes.

The puppy pulled at a steady pace. I followed, lifting my knees at Jules’ and Arnie’s encouragement. I had to concentrate on keeping my balance, keeping my tongue in the little hole, and lifting my knees. It wasn’t easy to keep everything working at the same time. My tongue was now dry so it stuck somewhat to the jaws of the gag. In addition there were rough areas on the jaws to help me keep my tongue in place. But I had real problems with my knee lifts. A few times I didn’t lift my knees high enough. When I did fail to please them they zapped me with a very low level shock. It wasn’t enough to cause me to scream but it got my attention.

Eventually we reached the corridors. The buildings were long and narrow. There were many of them, perhaps forty or fifty. I couldn’t tell. The buildings were ten feet wide and at least a hundred yards long. We walked past quite a few of them before we ended up at our destination.

A latex clad woman was waiting for us. Jules removed the reins and released the puppy to the woman’s care. Without saying a word the puppy moved to the heel of the woman. Once she was in position the girl walked away. I didn’t know where they were headed.

From the inside the building looked just like I had expected it. There were a long series of floor to ceiling windows, wide brick pillars, and a long empty corridor. I supposed that this was where I’d be marching. I was correct.

“Stand here while I put your code into the computer,” Jules said. He walked over to a control station and inserted a few numbers. “One pass?” Arnie asked him.

“For starters,” Jules said. “I let the heart rate sensor schedule her rest periods. That’s the safest method. Do you want to do the honors?”

Without saying a word Arnie took me to a lit green square, being careful to not stand on it himself. “We’re going to teach you to march now. You’ll be here for a while today. You’ll have a second session this evening. Now pay attention. This is a little complicated. You’re going to march down the path. The light on the square in front of you will light up. When it does, lift your right knee slowly, then stomp it on the square in front of you. As you do slowly lift your left knee so your thigh is horizontal and then stomp it down on the next lit square. There are computerized cameras that will be watching your form. If you don’t lift your knees or you move out of pace with the lights you’ll get a warning in your crotch dildo. If you don’t correct yourself quickly you’ll get zapped. The zaps are pretty powerful and it will knock you to the ground. When that happens you have to roll onto your belly, get up on your knees, then get to the next lit square within three minutes. Otherwise you’ll get zapped again. Clear so far?” he asked.

I was just about to nod my head again when I remembered the last experience. I whinnied. “Good girl,” Arnie said.

“One other thing. Don’t let more than one foot touch the squares unless you’re on the end squares. OK, now lift your right toe off the square and balance on your left. Wait for the square in front of you to light up.”

The square lit. “March,” he said.

The pace was painfully slow. I wanted to walk faster but the lights didn’t come on quickly enough. I went six squares when I felt a thumping in my groin. Lift your knees higher or you’ll get shocked,” Arnie warned.

I did as he advised and the thumps went away. But in doing so my tongue came out of its hole. I had to flip my head back while continuing to march. I stepped on the square in front of me before it was lit. The pain in my ass was excruciating and I went to the ground screaming.

Arnie was standing next to me. “First, get your tongue in the hole,” he said. I flipped my head back and got it in place. “Next, get on your belly. Then pull your knees under you. You have two minutes left to get on the lit square.”

It was torturous but I got on my feet. The heels and the fact that I had no use of my hands was a horrible obstacle. Arnie didn’t touch me at all. He let me do it all on my own. I got to the square in time though.

“Lift your right toe and let’s move on.”

We were only a third of the way down the corridor. It took several minutes to walk all the way down. In the process I had been zapped twice more. The first time I fell and had to go through the same process of getting on my belly, pulling my knees under me, then getting to my feet. Fortunately the second time it must have caught me at the right moment. I screamed but didn’t fall. I was able to crouch and endure the pain. After a moment to recover I got on the square without being told and started the march again. Arnie praised me for that.

We eventually reached the end of the path. When I landed on it I heard a loud single bell chime. The square at the end was longer and lined with a yellow border. Now that I thought of it, the first square looked identical. Arnie told me to turn around, take two deep breaths and lift my toe. We were heading back.

“When you hear one chime you have to keep going. If you hear three you can rest.”

The march back was even more frustrating. I was knocked down five times, three for failing to pay attention to the warnings from not lifting my knees, and twice because I pulled my tongue out of its hole. My eyes were filling with tears. Arnie didn’t seem to care. All he wanted was for me to march as ordered. He just kept telling me to get up, get to the lit square and get going. I was really beginning to hate him.

Jules waited at the far end. “Not bad,” he said as I reached the last square. I heard the bell ring three times. That meant a rest. I needed it.

“At each end is one of these padded horses. You can sit on it for five minutes. Come over here and back up onto it,” Jules said.

While my feet didn’t hurt much they were a little sore. Getting off the heels felt pretty good. “We’ll just sit here until the bell rings again,” Jules said. “Then we’ll show you how you can get a bite to eat.”

Jules and Arnie gazed out the window. I stared down the corridor, looking at the length of the aisle and wondering how I had fallen so many times without hurting myself. I almost expected to find my body covered in bruises by the time I returned.

A triple bell sounded. Jules came over to me and took me to the pillar next to the horse. I noticed some sort of metal plate with a slot in it. “Stick the end of your gag in the hole,” he said. Once it’s in, pull your tongue out of the slot.”

The prospect of sticking the gag into something that it might get stuck in wasn’t something I relished. But being able to pull my tongue out without getting shocked was too much to ignore. So I did as I was told. And I did get stuck!

“Push in to get water. Turn clockwise to get food. Turn counterclockwise to release yourself.”

I was thirsty so I pushed forward. I had to push pretty far before the water flowed into my mouth. I only got a short squirt before it stopped. So I repeated the process a few times.

“Try the food,” Arnie said. “It’s cheesecake!”

“Cheesecake?” I thought. “He’s kidding!”

When I turned the gadget clockwise a nice paste of mashed cheesecake squirted into my mouth. And it was awesome! Jules and Arnie must have been laughing their heads off while I kept twisting my head to get more.

“I guess she likes it. Don’t eat too much. You’ll have plenty of chances to get another serving. Finish up with some water and then release yourself. Don’t forget to put your tongue back when you pull out,” Jules said.

I reluctantly took my last drink then inserted my tongue into the hole. Almost immediately after I had pulled out of the hole a single bell rang and my crotch started thumping. My eyes opened wide. “Get to the lit square. You have sixty seconds to get in position,” Jules said. “Take your time. You don’t have to rush.

Arnie caught me as I tripped. “Take your time,” he said as he pointed to the starting square.

I got into position as I had done earlier. “Feet together, lift right toe, and march,” I said to myself, repeating Arnie’s instructions in my head. Arnie didn’t walk beside me this time though. He stayed with Jules at the starting point. I made it almost half way down before the thumping in my crotch told me I was doing something wrong. I lifted my knees higher and the thumping went away.

I had a small piece of food in my mouth that was annoying. I needed to pull my tongue out of the hole. But I was marching and I was afraid that if I flipped my head I’d lose the pace. I didn’t know what to do. I let the food particle sit in the corner of my mouth under my tongue until I got to the end. I made it without falling!

A single bell rang and I turned around. The hall was empty! Well, I didn’t have time to worry about being alone. I knew the computer was waiting for me to start the march again. So I lifted my toe and started once more.

The march back was a bit rough. I had two shocks, both of which knocked me off my feet. My legs were tiring and I was finding it difficult to keep my knees up. I wasn’t having as much problem with my tongue however. I could keep that in its place pretty easily now.

But when I fell, my tongue always came out of the hole. I found that if I rolled on my back it made it easier to put it back in because gravity pulled the weight so that the hole opened. Still, I couldn’t linger on my back for long. I had to get on my feet quickly and get to the next square. I really was beginning to hate being a ponygirl!

When I reached the end I expected three rings of the bell. Instead I got one. “Damn,” I thought. “I have to make another pass down the hallway.”

When I reached the other end, after falling twice more, the bell thankfully rang three times. I was beat! I walked over to the horse and sat down heavily. My feet were killing me.

I decided to look out the window. It was still dark out. I figured it was 5 a.m. at the latest. That made the lit buildings easy to see into, even with the tinted glass. All I could see was the building beside mine. Looking through the windows I saw another girl marching. I couldn’t see far but I noticed that she fell after taking only two steps off of the starting square. I knew exactly what she was going through.

The bell rang three times, signaling me to get my drink and food. I walked over to the pillar and inserted the brass gadget into the hole. First the water, then the cheesecake. But when I turned my head to get the delicious stuff I didn’t get cheesecake. I got corn pudding. It tasted good but I wanted that cheesecake! “Damn!” I thought. “It must only be at the other pillar.” But I got my fill of food and water, took a couple deep breaths and released myself, forgetting to put my tongue back. My crotch started thumping so I flipped my head and put my tongue in its hole.


By the time I had finished marching it was almost noon. “Six hours!” I thought as I sat one more time on the padded horse. I must have walked the path a hundred times. My feet hurt and I couldn’t stop this mindless marching. I had to keep going or my ass was going to be cooked from the inside. I can’t tell you how many times I fell from the shocks. By the end of the session my body felt like it had been beaten with a hundred baseball bats.

I was so grateful to see Jules return that I would have hugged him if my arms were free. I gladly allowed him to hook me up to the puppy so I could be led back to my room. When we arrived he asked me some questions to test my ability and desire to whinny. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

I whinnied twice, to indicate that I did not. My response was barely loud enough for him to find acceptable. “Louder,” he said as he gave me a light shock. I whinnied louder to satisfy him.

“Much better. We’re going to pull the arm binder and the head gear off. The rest stays in place till you’ve had your second session.”

Jules pulled the mouthpiece out and set it aside. I started to say “Thank you” when I got a horrible shock. I let out an expletive and got shocked a second time before falling to my knees.

“No talking until I give permission,” Jules said. “You’re still in your pony outfit so whinny.”

“Nee-hee-hee-hee,” I said reluctantly.

“Better. I’ll turn the sensor off so you can chat with your friends. Consider it a reward for doing so well on your first day.”

Chapter 6


Dogs in the Morning


Dina, the puppy:


I was in a new cage. It was in a hallway with so many cages that I couldn’t begin to guess. Both sides of the aisle were lined with them. Nearly every one had the butt of a girl prominently displayed behind it with a wagging tail protruding from their spine.

I heeled behind my trainer as she walked down the long aisle. She wasn’t using a leash. She had the remote, which she threatened to use should I try and run off. The cubicles were stacked two high on both sides of the hallway. The upper cage was accessible by a square platform that rose three feet to the upper cage. I saw two girls being loaded into their cages. When they were in, the door was closed and the platform rose above the top cage to be flattened against the wall.

We arrived at an empty cage, number 37. “Sit,” Harmony commanded. I did so waiting for the next order like an obedient dog. “You’re in the lower cage. You’re doing very well so far. Just keep being a good girl and things will work out, OK?” she asked.

I barked as I had been trained. I even kept my tongue in the little hole.

“Good girl,” she praised.

I’ll disable the gag and let you get into your cell. Harmony punched a couple buttons on the remote and told me my gag was turned off. I pulled my tongue from its resting slot and was not shocked.

“There’s a hole in the back of the cage that you can get food and water from. Stick the brass wedge into it and turn clockwise for food, counterclockwise to release, and press straight in to get water. OK?”

I barked again. I even felt my tail start to wag. I felt so humiliated!

“I have to attach a cunt leash to you first. Get up on all fours and crawl halfway into your cage,” she said as she opened the door. I did as I was told and stuck my head into the cubicle. I felt her clip a leash to the ring between my legs. Then she slapped me in the ass and said go on in. The door clicked shut behind me. “Try and get some sleep,” she said.

They changed the color of the lights to red shortly afterwards. I tried to remember how to use the gadget in my mouth. I needed a drink. I carefully crawled forward to the back of the cubicle and inserted the brass wedge into the hole. It caught. I pressed inward and got a squirt of water. Then it stopped. So I pulled back and pressed inward again. That yielded more water. I wondered what sort of food they had so I turned my head clockwise and discovered that it was some sort of sweet paste. It tasted like sweetened farina. Well, I hated this stuff but I was hungry so I twisted my head a half dozen times and swallowed. Then I took another sip of water before trying to free myself. It only took a second to learn to twist my head counterclockwise but that moment frightened me. For a brief moment I feared that I was going to be stuck to the wall all night.

The cubicle was wider so I started to turn around so I could stare out of the cage. But I felt the tug on my clit and realized the purpose of the strap. The strap was actually anchored to the front third of the cage and it prevented me from turning around. I had to keep facing the back. I gave up on the idea of looking out. I’d get that opportunity later.

I heard something move above me.  With only a few inches of space above my head it was easy to hear the other girl shuffling around. I thought I heard weeping. I twisted my body to accommodate my rings, my tail and the thing sticking out of my mouth. In fact I had to lay in the fetal position because the cage was too short. My heels pressed into the wire gate which annoyed me to no end because they kept getting stuck in the wire mesh. I had to scoot up toward the back of the cage, which pulled the strap almost taut. When my breathing calmed I heard the girl above me. She really was crying. Unfortunately, so was I.

I slept fitfully. I had never slept in bondage before and even with the tiring workout and the horrible torture I had endured I still couldn’t sleep well. My nipples, nose, and clit hurt quite a bit. And my ass hurt too. The collar was very stiff and wouldn’t let me get comfortable. And I couldn’t move my fingers either. All this was annoying. To top it off my legs and abdomen were itchy. And I couldn’t do anything about them because I couldn’t remove the corset or the boots. I truly don’t know how I fell asleep.


The following morning I was awakened by a shock in my ass. “OW,” I wanted to say. Instead all that came out was “mmmmph.”

I looked behind me and saw Harmony staring at me through the gate. “Get your breakfast then put your tongue in your gag. Hurry up, we have a lot to do today,” she said impatiently.

The food was now something tasting like mashed banana. It was sickly sweet. I only ate a mouthful or two. I didn’t like it. I drank lots of water to flush the taste out of my mouth. Then I inserted my tongue into the hole and backed up against the gate.

While I was eating I heard Harmony repeat the commands to the girl in the top cage. I twisted my head around and waited for her to open the gate. When she did she shocked me. “Don’t let me catch you looking behind you. You just look straight ahead. Clear, puppy?” she asked.

Arf!” I barked loudly. I was getting better at holding my tongue in the gag because it didn’t come out.

I heard some lockers being opened. It hadn’t registered before but there were lockers built into the wall between each pair of cages. I assumed they were putting something in there for us. There was a lot of banging.

I next heard some sort of hydraulic machine being used. In fact I heard several of them being used. But I couldn’t figure out what it was that was making the sound. I dared not turn around either. But then I heard something large hit the floor behind me. The hydraulic sound started again, followed by a distant clank.

I heard the door open. Then I felt her doing something to the strap attached to my clit. Before long she was pulling me out backwards by it. The strap was now a leash!

When I turned around I saw the other girl. She was dressed in black. Harmony called her Blackie. Then she started calling me Red. I’d have to get used to that.

Blackie had blonde hair coming out of the top of her hood. I could see her lips lined in bright red lipstick and her mouth filled with the same gag that I wore. Her outfit was a little different than mine. Her corset didn’t have front buckles and she wore some sort of half body suit that covered her shoulders but left her breasts bulging.

Harmony had changed into a more provocative outfit. It looked like a kinky uniform. She wore black knee high boots with gold laces going up the front. They had wide three inch heels. She wore a black leather skirt and a dark green silk blouse. Over top of all of it she wore a black leather sport jacket with epaulettes. The epaulettes were decorated with bars as was her collar. I realized that all the other trainers present wore an identical outfit.

When I looked down the aisle I saw the other human dogs lining up in front of their cages. There must have been over a hundred of us. And there were at least fifty trainers and countless numbers of latex clad slaves.

Both of us had straps attached to our clit rings. Blackie moved to a designated black spot to Harmony’s left while I was forced to move to a similar red spot on her right. We had to face each other with two feet between us. Between our legs she took the straps and clipped them to small bars in the floor. “Sit,” she said.

“Blackie, show Red how to beg for inspection,” she ordered.

Blackie got up off her butt and lifted her front hands, or was it her paws, until she looked like a begging puppy. Her waist was kept straight and she looked straight ahead. And she maintained that pose until Harmony gave her the order to “Sit!”

Now it was my turn. “Beg,” Harmony ordered of me. So I mimicked Blackie’s actions.

“Good girl. Now sit,” she said.

As I watched, two entire lines of girls were being positioned in like manner. Pairs of hooded slaves were forced to sit on their asses with their hands in front of them, just like dogs, just like me. Blackie’s eyes welled with tears. Mine did too.

When we were all in position an order came through the PA. “Beg for inspection!” At that moment I saw every girl rise from her butt and go into the begging position. I followed suit as did Blackie. And we stayed like that for some time while four tall women dressed in leather skirts, red blouses, and high heeled boots walked up and down the aisles examining us.

They stopped at our location. “This is the new pup?” the one woman asked. I turned my head to look at her. She had dark hair and a riding crop in her hand.

“Yes ma’am,” Harmony replied respectfully.

“I can tell. Doesn’t know where to keep her eyes,” she replied. “You’ll correct that quickly.”

“Yes ma’am,” I heard her say as I felt a sudden shock in my ass. “Eyes Front!” Harmony yelled.

“Excellent,” the tall woman said. “When do you expect her to be ready for treats?”

“The normal procedure is to give them two weeks of physical training. It’s too early to tell if we can move her any faster. She’s been through a lot in the last day or two. RAAC was pretty hard on her, ma’am.”

“I’ll leave the decision up to you. You’ve demonstrated excellent judgment in that area. While it’s early I can definitely see promise in this one. Keep me posted.”

“Yes, Princess,” Harmony said.

After the procession passed I heard Harmony sigh. I knew that face. It was Princess Cassandra, the wife of our Prime Minister. So, she was in charge of the kennels. She must have been immensely powerful. If she could frighten Harmony, I sure wasn’t going to mess with her.

After the inspection the latex clad girls got to work. Several carts were pushed down the aisle each carrying cleaning supplies. Two girls stopped at our location but went across to the girls on the other side of the aisle. While I couldn’t watch them because I wasn’t allowed to turn my head, I did get a good look at what they were doing to a pair of girls several cages down.

The first thing they did was remove the belt and the dildos. Doing so required them to temporarily disconnect the clit strap. I noticed them fumbling around with both hands when doing so. I assumed, correctly, that there was some sort of lock involved.

The ever familiar cleaning hose was plugged into a socket between the girls and each orifice was flushed out. They had many disposable tips available in the cart. Once they were flushed out the gags and hoods came off.

The collars, the corsets and body suits were removed next. This was no small chore since the corset was held together by a metal rod that ran through many wire loops along their spines. They had to attach three special ratchet devices and pull the edges of the corset together in order to pull the wire free. The body suit came off afterwards. The only things left were the gloves. The girls fully cooperated by allowing them to pull the long mittens from their hands. They immediately returned their hands to the begging position and awaited the next step.

The only thing holding the girls in position was the clit straps. There were no devices installed that could provide discipline shocks. But neither girl resisted or spoke. They just knelt erect as the servants worked on them.

As I was watching the girls being soaped and rinsed the two girls across the aisle had apparently finished. Now it was our turn. The process was familiar. Our belts were removed and the clit strap was reconnected and locked in place. After our plugs were removed the disgusting flushing began. The solution was warm and very filling. I grunted as they inserted the tip first into my ass, then my sex. But I didn’t move an inch. Once I was finished, Blackie was cleaned. I’m sure she hated it as much as I did.

One girl removed my gag, hood and collar while the other removed Blackie’s. She was a pretty blonde girl. Her hair was pretty long too. Once they had removed the collar and the hood her hair fell below her shoulders. She was incredibly gorgeous.

My corset came off next, followed by the boots. The corset was nothing more than a buckled affair that I had put on several days ago. My body felt relief to have it removed. Blackie’s corset was the same as the other girls’. It had the loops down the back and the wire connector. I watched as the black clad female servant attached three devices to her back. Then I heard a ratchet sound. A twelve inch wire spine was pulled out of her back and the corset fell to the floor.

The only things left were our gloves. These were easily removed by pulling down the zippers. I flexed my fingers when the first glove was removed. The girl grabbed my hand and gently placed it back into the begging position. Then she took off the other one.

The cleaning solution was the same spray on material that had been used in the doctor’s office. Only it was delivered from a spray hose. “Close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you otherwise,” Harmony ordered. “Keep your mouth closed unless you like the taste of soap.”

I felt something being sprayed all over me. It foamed and fizzed. The girl massaged every inch of my body from head to toe. She then took a soft sponge and rubbed my skin down. She scrubbed the lipstick off my face with it. I kept my eyes and my mouth closed. Finally I felt warm water being sprayed all over my body. Then came the towels. First my hair was dried. She wrapped a fresh dry towel around my hair as Harmony said I could open my eyes. When I did I saw Blackie with a towel wrapped around her head. We stared at each other while the girls used more towels to dry the rest of our bodies.

The two servants strived to keep our cleaning process at the same stage as best as they could. Now that we were all cleaned they took these long sleeved Lycra suits and squeezed our bodies into them. Blackie was obviously used to the process. I didn’t find it particularly difficult but it was an interesting endeavor, nonetheless.

They did me first. The servants retrieved a number of items from the lockers. Some were obviously mine and others were Blackie’s.

The suit was a body suit but it had short thigh sections. It reminded me of a diver’s outfit. That meant it had to go over my thighs. But my crotch strap was in the way. The obvious solution was to disconnect it and have me stand up so I could pull it completely on. Well, that’s not how it worked. They refused to trust me to the point of releasing me for that long. Instead one girl held me steady while the other lifted my toes off the ground so she could slide the suit under my calves. Once she had gathered the leg material up near the knee she had me shift my weight to one knee then the other until the material was above the knee. Now, she disconnected the clit leash and threaded it through the large opening in the crotch. As one reconnected the strap through the hole the other pulled the stretchy, shiny red material over my ass.

“Help them out,” Harmony ordered. “Put your arms in the sleeves.”

Now I had to help them bind me. And that’s exactly what I did. I put my arms in the outfit and pulled it over my shoulders. And I suddenly realized that my boobs would remain exposed. There were reinforced holes for them.

The zipper in the back started just above my tail. I hadn’t even thought about my tail until now. It was bushy and blonde. I felt it. I could wag it. “Oh my God,” I mumbled.

As I watched, Blackie’s suit was installed just like mine. Her breasts bulged as they pulled the zipper up her back. The suits were obviously designed to make our breasts stand out.

“Very nice,” Harmony said as she reached down and felt my tits. She felt around the base of each and pronounced the fit to be perfect.

“Proceed, ladies,” she said to the servants.

They had a new corset for me. It was red and very tight. As one held it in place the other attached the ratchet devices to pull the edges together. I watched one of the girls disappear behind me with a steel wire. When she returned she was holding two of the three ratchet devices. The other girl removed the last one. My God! Was it tight?

The girls seemed to know their business because Blackie’s corset was installed very quickly. As before, she kept her hands in the begging position just as I had been doing. I figured that if she was doing it and if the entire group of girls was doing it, then I’d better do it too. I wasn’t going to resist. There wasn’t much I could do unless I wanted to tear my clit off. And I had no intention of doing that insane act!

One of the girls produced a glass of green liquid. She held it to my mouth. I smelled the mint aroma of mouthwash so I gladly accepted it. She held the glass up until I had a good mouthful. Then she put her hand gently over my mouth and watched me swish it around my mouth. Blackie had a similar treatment. When she was satisfied she had me spit the liquid back into the glass.

The thigh high boots went back on our legs. As before, we had to keep our toes pointed. These boots were not made for walking! The heels were an inch longer than the toes. But the knees were padded so it felt good to get something under them. The marble floor was beginning to get to me.

That was followed by fresh gloves. Once they were in place we again had to resume the begging position. Harmony smiled at me when I glanced at her. “Good job, Red,” she said.

Some of the puppies were being led out now, most of them from the opposite side of the aisle. Each trainer seemed to have two girls. One girl always had a red corset on her while the other always had a black one on. There were few girls with red hoods though.

I was watching the procession of girls crawl by when I felt the familiar invader in my anus. Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I was grateful that the probe was greased. It slid in with some difficulty but it went in. The front device slipped in even easier as I watched the semi-rigid phallus disappear into my hole.

I noticed that Blackie’s crotch was being covered by the belt and the strap was being removed. The other girl must have inserted hers while I was preoccupied with my own penetration. I felt my own belt being applied. The girl fished the clit ring through both leather straps and locked them in place with the bell equipped padlock. I still wasn’t used to that!

“Down,” Harmony said at that point. We both sat obediently as we watched more girls pad by.

The hoods came next. Our hair was bundled to the top of our heads and the zipper was closed behind us. Then the collars were put in place. Only then did the girls apply lipstick.

Harmony took one of the gags and checked the number against my collar. “Wrong one,” she said as she went back to the locker and grabbed another gag. “Open, Red,” she ordered. I fully opened my mouth and took the invader into it. Without being told I bit down firmly and let her buckle the straps. Once she had finished she patted my head. She lifted the weight in front of my lips and let me insert my tongue into the slot.

Blackie looked curious. I found out shortly that she hadn’t worn this new gag. When Harmony inserted it into her mouth she had to be told how to keep from being zapped. Harmony made her bark. “Speak,” she said.

As had happened to me several times the weight dropped and she got zapped. I heard her scream and felt for her. She quickly learned how to put her tongue back in the little hole by flipping the weight up. After only a few more tries she could bark loudly and still keep her tongue in place. But it was as painful a lesson for her as it had been for me.

Now that we were completely prepared it was time to move out. That was no simple matter either. Harmony pulled two leather leashes from her pocket. One was four feet long and the other six. She took the shorter one and clipped it to Blackie’s clit ring. The other end she held in front of me. It was made of something resembling an alligator clip but it had a small pin at the end. It went into my nose, the pin going into the grommet. I had a nose leash!

Blackie wasn’t any luckier. The longer leash was clipped to her nose. “Heel,” Harmony ordered. And we marched outside.


Chapter 7


A new dog learns old tricks





The girls were doing well. Annette was leading and Dina was trailing. Annette had been here just two days longer than Dina but she was so scared that she didn’t dare disobey. They were essentially at the same stage of their training.

Our destination was the dog runs. But I wanted to take a somewhat longer route so the puppies would get used to the idea of heeling to my orders. So we walked around the grounds a bit so I could admire the ponies as the marched on the paths. I knew I was an excellent dog trainer but I craved doing cowgirl stuff too. Maybe I’d be able to afford a pony one day.

I wanted the girls to get a good view of the other form of animals we trained. I considered ponies to be so much more graceful, their long legs and hoofed boots making them look so tall. I loved the way their tails flowed behind them as they marched.

Not that the puppies weren’t fun also. I had the feeling that the little red one was going to be a joy for Arnie. I was a bit of a perfectionist and I knew what it would take to move her in the right direction. She needed a proper balance of coddling and discipline. If I did it right she’d work out quite nicely.

I really liked Arnie and his wife. My husband and I went out quite often with them. We often used a large carriage to haul all of us. It saved on gas, which was now twenty euros a gallon.

Of course they had a stable and we didn’t. But Arnie didn’t mind lending us his ponies. He didn’t even charge us for them, like some of the other owners did. Human power was much cheaper to maintain than a gas powered vehicle so it helped tremendously when we needed to run an errand.

We eventually did arrive at the dog runs. I disconnected Red’s leash from Blackie’s cunt then swapped the two leather straps. China was manning the booth today. We had known each other for over ten years. “Hi, Hon,” she said. One or two? She asked.

“One for now. Me and Red are going to play a while. Do you have a toy kit?”

“Sure, let me get it for you.”

She handed me the standard kit with the various items I’d be using to play with Red. She was going to learn some tricks today. I was sure she was not going to like it.

“Thanks,” I said. “We’ll be back in an hour or so. Then you can have this one too.”

“Take your time. We have plenty of slots open.”




“Heel,” Harmony said as we walked past the entire series of dog runs. Blackie was now being led to a gate. With the leash attached to my nose I couldn’t turn my head to see what they were going to do with her but I had the feeling that she’d be running up and down the path for the next few hours. According to what I heard I’d be in one of the dog runs shortly.

There were a lot of gates. The path must have been over two hundred yards long! I had never seen so many gates. When they had brought me to this place the last time I didn’t have to walk nearly so far. I had no idea they had so much area dedicated to teaching girls to become dogs. It was unbelievable! It was a nightmare.

It took quite some time to walk past all the gates and arrive on the far side of the facility. We reached a large grassy lawn, perhaps a hundred yards square. Some girls were fetching balls. Others were fetching sticks. I was now led to a free area of the lawn.

Harmony bent down and pressed a button on the control. The gag is disabled. I’m going to remove it now,” she said. “But the collar is still on. If you do anything other than bark you’ll pay for it. Understand?”

I barked loudly.

I was happy to have the gag out of my mouth. I could move my lips and breathe easier.

Harmony reached into the bag and retrieved a red ball. “You know what this is?” she asked.

Arf!” I said. It was then I noticed my tail was wagging uncontrollably fast. I couldn’t make it stop!

“I see you know what we’re going to do,” she said with a smile. She threw the ball about fifty feet away. “Fetch!”

I just stood there staring at her. Then I screamed as she pressed the remote button and gave me the worst shock I’d ever received. “Fetch!” she repeated. I ran after the ball and grabbed it in my mouth. She yelled at me, “Get it all the way in your mouth.”

I pushed my face onto the ball and used the ground to press it behind my teeth. I felt like an animal!  I started trotting back and she shocked me again. “Run back here,” she ordered. And I ran.

She took the ball from my mouth and patted me. “Want to try again?” she asked. Again my tail started wagging. I got the picture. I barked once. I knew if I did anything else there was pain to be delivered. She threw the ball again and I ran off after it. And I got shocked again. “Stay!” she said angrily.

“Don’t go until I tell you.” I turned to look at her expectantly. My tail started flipping back and forth. “OK, fetch!”

This time I ran as fast as I could on all fours, pushed the ball into my mouth, then returned to her holding my gagged mouth up to her proudly.

“Good girl,” she said as my tail started moving at hypersonic speed. “Very good girl!”

She threw the ball four more times and each time I rushed to stuff it in my mouth. I ignored the grass clippings and other stuff that got into my mouth and just did as she asked. I just didn’t want to get stung again.

She put the ball back after that and took out a leather covered stick. It had metal rings on each end. She threw that too. “Fetch!” she said.

I was winded but I ran after the stick with reckless abandon. When I returned she took it and immediately threw it before I could turn around to see where it had gone. “Fetch,” she said. This time I had to rush after it and search for the stick. I searched franticly for it. Then she called me and showed the stick in her hand. She tossed it in front of me and I grabbed it. I rushed back to her panting as hard as I ever had.

“Let’s take a break. I have a lot more toys but they can wait. Lay down on the grass,” she gently ordered.

She wanted me well rested for the next segment of our play time. To be truthful I almost found the game of fetch to be enjoyable. At least she wasn’t trying to impose some sort of discipline on me. Well, that wasn’t true. She wanted me to stay and then only go when she ordered. And she did shock me when she didn’t like what I was doing. But I understood her reasons. My God! I was actually accepting my role.

My tail bothered me. It didn’t hurt or itch. The problem was that it started moving on its own when we started playing our game. It’s like it was its own entity. I could stop it from wagging if I wanted to and I could start wagging it too. But sometimes when I wasn’t thinking about it the thing just started going on its own. It made me really feel subhuman.

I was sucking air pretty heavily. The workout was very tiring. I was grateful for the respite. As I laid on my side I watched Harmony sit down on the grass. She sat next to me and petted me. God help me. I liked it!

We laid there for almost ten minutes. I could see other girls being trained to fetch and play games. They gave us plenty of room so I didn’t get a good look at what they were throwing. One girl was fetching some sort of strange object that looked like a giant jack. But I couldn’t see it up close.

“Do you like Frisbee?” Harmony asked as she continued to pet me.

Arf!” I barked.

“Get up. Let’s see how you handle this.”

I got up and my trainer told me to stay. She pulled a cloth Frisbee from her bag and walked about ten feet away. “Try and catch it in mid air.”

I was all ready when she threw it. She had a good technique. She spun it quickly with a flick of the wrist but threw it slowly toward me. It nearly hovered a foot above my head. I leapt for it and missed it with my teeth. I nearly cursed but instead just grabbed the toy with my teeth and ran back to Harmony. “You almost had it,” she said. “Let’s try again. Go back to where you were and wait,” she ordered.

I trotted about ten feet away and turned. “Ready?” she asked.

Arf!” I barked as my tail started wagging uncontrollably.

“Here it comes!” The disk flew right toward me and sailed over my head. I quickly turned around and saw it sail backwards just slightly. It was at eye level. I jumped up and grabbed it. I got it! “Good girl!” she said. “Bring it here!”

I was really proud! I caught it. She patted my head and gave me a cream mint. “Very good girl!,” she kept saying.               

We played like that for another twenty minutes. She’s throw the Frisbee and I’d try to catch it. I learned how to judge its speed and behavior more and more with each toss. In the beginning I only caught it once out of every five times. By the end I could catch nearly two out of three. I was pretty proud of that.

When we finished our fetch time she let me lay down again. “You have to get some time in the runs,” she said. “I’ll let you rest before I take you. You were awesome. Never had a puppy take to the tricks so quickly. I’m really proud of you,” she said as she now began massaging my shoulders.

I felt so strange. On one hand I felt humiliated to have to play the role of a dog. On the other hand I felt proud to be able to do all the tricks and follow commands as I had been given. But there was something more developing. I didn’t want to admit it but I was beginning to develop an admiration for my trainer. At the very least I felt we were connecting extremely well. I actually understood her.

The gag was back in and we were going back to the dog runs. I had to put my tongue back in its little home and march and bark like I had been taught. As a reward for being such a good puppy she didn’t use the nose leash. She just told me to heel. I did as she asked and followed obediently behind her. And I didn’t do it out of fear of punishment. I did it because I wanted to follow my trainer.

I spent the next two hours running up and down the dog run. It was boring. There were girls crawling on each side of me. When I reached the end the leash went slack and let me stick the brass wedge into a slot in the end. It was a water only slot and the hole was spring loaded. I had to press really hard to get the thing to give me water. After twenty seconds or so the leash tugged at my collar and I had to make a trip down and back. And I was given the chance to drink again.

Harmony watched me march for a short time then she disappeared. I heard her mention to her friend in the booth that she was going for breakfast. She would be grabbing Blackie and me in a little while. I didn’t know what was in store for us.

Chapter 8


A Lesson for the Powerful





You know, when almost everything is perfectly set for a nice thing to happen, that’s when someone throws a monkey wrench in the day’s plans! Case in point:

I had been watching our puppy being trained via the remote camera hookup in our facility. We had a few new girls “stewing” in the black rooms. They had been in there for two days and seemed to be ready to strip. While I waited for the right moment I watched our puppy and the pony named Cleo learn their trade. The puppy was awesome. I hadn’t seen a girl take to the act so quickly in years. Cleo wasn’t as good a pony as she was comfortable with the idea of submitting. She was also a calming voice in the herd. I liked her for that but she needed to come a long way to become prized stock.

As I was observing all this a call came from the director. I needed to pop up to her office ASAP. Something had come up. I knew it right then and there that something bad was about to happen. I hate walking into situations like that!

The secretary waved me right in. There I found the director, Janet James waiting. “Good afternoon. So, what’s up?” I asked brightly. I was in a good mood.

“We have a problem. You know that deal you worked out with the P.M.?”

“Yes,” I said expectantly, waiting for the shoe to drop.

“Well, the princess is about to throw a wrench in the works.”

“I was about to scream at the top of my lungs but instead kept my cool.”

“The deal comes from the P.M. She can’t rescind it.”

“True, but if you tell her that, you’ll blow our little gift. I really would prefer to keep our illustrious leader on our good side.”

“That means making an enemy of the princess. Hmmm. I think I need to take this to a higher authority.”

“Should I leave?”

“No. This shouldn’t take too long.”

I called a private number on my cell and punched in a security code to get past the automated systems. “Good afternoon my dear friend,” the Prime Minister said to me, recognizing the code that was reported to him. What can I do for you?”

I explained the situation to him. Cassandra was going to make a play for my puppy and I really wanted her for myself and my wife. My wife had seen the video feed of her playing this morning and called me. She was very excited. Losing it would be a huge disappointment.

The Prime Minister’s solution shocked me. “Have my wife arrested,” he said. I was nearly knocked on the floor by the order.

“Did I hear you correctly Excellency? I am to arrest her? On what charge?”

“There will be no charge. You will simply take her prisoner and hold her until the gifts are ready. On second thought it would be better if she learned a little humility. Put her in the kennel. But do not let anyone know who she is.”

“Sir, in order to carry out this order I’ll need you to inform a few people so I do not get charged with treason. Kidnapping the princess would be a capital offense.”

“Tell me what you need,” he said.

I handed the phone to Jane. She talked on the cell for a few minutes then called her secretary. The head of security and his captain were called to her office. When they had arrived a short time later their jaws dropped almost as fast as hers had when I let her in on the plan.

“I need to confirm this,” Colonel Peter Caldwell said.

“You have the Minister’s private number and security code. I insist you call him. I could see the colonel shaking as he dialed the number. It was a rare sight to see him in this mood. He had always been a rock in difficult situations.

“Yes, Your Excellency. I’ll do whatever he says. Thank you, Sir! Thank you very much, Sir!”

He folded the phone and stuffed it in his pocket staring at me with a look of bewilderment. “Well?” his female companion, Captain Anne Samuels, asked.

“Captain Samuels,” he ordered. “You’ll immediately go to the veterinarian’s office and find our dear doctor’s secretary. You will inform her to cancel all appointments after three p.m. She is not to let anyone know about this except those who are waiting for service. Clear?”

“Perfectly, Sir!”

“Next you will approach the good doctor and inform him to call our Prime Minister as you just saw me do. You will not discuss the matter with the doctor. He will be notified of the minister’s edict by the Prime Minister himself. I need not remind you that absolute secrecy must me maintained.”

“Understood, Sir!”


As the female soldier walked out of the office we discussed the plan. Pete was a strategist, having been a key figure in our military service for the last twenty years. His post as head of Horwath’s security team was a reward for his loyalty, especially when times were difficult.

His mind had formulated a plan even before he had completed the conversation with the Prime Minister. Both Jane and I knew it would be brilliant yet simple to pull off. We marveled in its simplicity.

“Arnie, you will be in charge of the training regimen. You must find a way to keep the princess isolated while she is washed. The minister does not wish the trainer to know her identity if at all possible. He said you know how to do a double blind training.”

“Double blind training?” Jane asked.

“That can be done. We take one trainer into our confidence and have her clean her. Once she’s hooded we hand her off for her training.”

“Any idea who to bring into this group?”

Jane spoke immediately. “Harmony.”

“She’s perfect,” I said.


Peter continued describing the plan, obviously taking full charge of the operation. “Arnie, you will call the princess and tell her that you’re presenting your puppy as a gift to her. Tell her that we’re making some modifications to her tongue that will make her serve her needs better. You’d like to invite her to watch the process. Can you do that?” he asked.

“We’re old friends. I’ll do it right now.”

I dialed a new number on my cell. “Hey Babe! Wanna get shit faced and fuck each other’s brains out?” I asked.

“Arnie!” she screamed as I smiled at the shocked faces around me. “You must have some of your coworkers listening in,” she said. “So what’s up?”

“Well Princess, I have this little present I’d like to give you. I heard you’re in the market for a miniature. I was thinking of looking in the catalog for something a little nicer, maybe one with a little more meat underneath. So I was wondering if you’d accept her as your personal pet?”

“Arnie, are you sure? I don’t want to impose,” she said excitedly.

“Absolutely. I insist. In fact, the good doctor is going to be working on her tongue this afternoon. He intends to decorate it with diamonds and rubies. He was wondering if you’d like to be here to test the new studs out personally. I’d imagine her look of fear would be priceless.”

“How could I say no? I’m free at 6,” she informed me.

“Your Highness, the only time that the doctor has free today is from 3 to 4. Can you rearrange your schedule?”

“I’m the Princess! I can do anything I want. I’ll be there!”

“We’ll need to go to full lockdown, I’m afraid,” the colonel said.

“For the princess?” Jane asked. “We just go to level two normally.”

“Considering the situation I’d like to go full bore on this.”

“It’s your show,” I said. “Go for it.”

“We’ll go red at 2:40,” he declared. “Will you inform your people?” he asked Jane.

“I’ll handle it.

“Speaking of handling, I’d better go talk to Charlie. I bet he’s already blown a gasket or two.”

It took a few minutes to shuffle through the hallways and arrive at the hospital. The secretary saw me and shook her head in a serious manner. “You don’t want to go in there! Wait till he’s done with the pony,” she said.

I waited ten minutes. The doors opened and a leather clad ponygirl was led by a leash out of the treatment room. The trainer was Coleen Lindholm, one of our most beautiful pony trainers. “Madame,” I said bowing to her.

“Arnie!” she said laughing. “You handsome devil. Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in almost two years.”

We hugged. She was an awesome beauty. “Been running all over the place. This your new charge?”

“Yea, just came in. Special order. Nice and tall. The CEO of Latex Euro took her. Her twin just graduated. I did her too. Awesome trotter!”

“Let’s get together sometime. Maybe you and Lenny can come over.”

“I’ll check my schedule. Hey, gotta get this one in the corridor before she gets bored. I’ll call you.”

“Later,” I said as she led her pony out the door.

I turned around to see a red faced, semi-bald head staring at me. “You have something to do with this?” he said, balling his hands into fists.

“Ears only,” I said.

With those words his eyes opened wide. He knew I didn’t invoke that level of security in the hospital unless it was absolutely imperative to keep things quiet. We had served in the border wars just two years ago when our northern friends invaded. I saved the doc’s life and got the Supreme Medal of Valor.

“In here,” the doc said pointing to his office.

He closed the door as I walked in. “OK, what’s this about?” he asked.

“Special job,” I said.

“So? We’ve done special orders before. There was never a need to go to this much trouble. What’s going on? You planning on turning the princess into a puppy?”

“Exactly,” he said.

“Right. OK, who is the subject really?”


“By who’s orders?”

“Who do you think?”

“I just talked to him. He didn’t mention anything about this. All he told me was that he’d be visiting the facility.”

He’s visiting? Shit! That son of a bitch!” I screamed.

“Seems as though we were both kept in the dark. You’d better get your affairs in order.”

“Do you have all the details worked out? Does he care if the other pets see who’s fetching Frisbees beside them?”

“He wants her treated like any other dog.”

“I can’t see that happening unless the trainer never sees her face.”

“Already got that figured out. Harmony will clean her up personally in the isolation quarters. Probably not a bad idea. I’d bet that once we get the gag and the collar off she’s curse like a blue streak.”

“I could feed her some mother-in-law juice,” Charlie offered.

“Nah, let her scream. Sooner or later she’ll bend.”

“How long will she be in? He’s not making her permanent, is he?”

“No. Just a couple weeks. But she’s not to know that.”

“What’s she done to deserve this?” he asked me.

“Not sure. But I’d guess she’s been a little rough on the livestock. I know the PM has warned her before.”

“Well any lesson worth learning…”



I returned to director’s office. Harmony had arrived. She had the puppy in tow with her. She was sitting obediently. “How’s she doing?” I asked.

“She’s amazing. If you don’t take her, I will!”

“I thought you said you’d never own one because you always can enjoy their company.”

“This one changed my mind.”

“She’s that good?”

Harmony smiled.

“Do you object having her along?” Peter asked me.

“Not at all. She’s the bait!”

We waited twenty minutes. The phone rang and Jane answered it. “They’re here,” she said.

A procession of gold clad domestics trailed the royal couple. Your Excellency, Your Highness!” Jane said. “We’re honored.”

“Jane,” Prime Minister Horwath said. “You know my wife.”

“Of course, Princess. We’ve had many pleasant encounters. That’s why we like our puppies.”

“Jane, it’s not polite to talk of such things in public,” she said smiling.

“Of course, Your Highness. The doctor’s schedule is quite full. You’re aware of the recent increase in demand. Shall we head to the good doctor’s office?”

“We must get his team some help!” the princess declared.

We proceeded out of the administrative building and over to the small hospital. The grounds were unusually empty, the result of the lockdown. The only training that was still proceeding was the corridors. The ponygirls were still trotting in the narrow buildings. Since they were locked into the buildings, there was no reason to deny them training. The puppies were all in their cages. It was almost three p.m. anyway. An extra rest wouldn’t hurt them before their afternoon dog walks in the runs.

We entered the main reception area and found the doctor waiting with his secretary. “Doctor, a pleasure,” the princess said, wrapping her arms around him. I saw the awkward smile on his face. He wasn’t hiding his mixed emotions as well as we were. Well it was showtime.

“Harmony,” he said as they separated. “Why don’t you take our little friend into the new prep room? She’ll need to be prepared and her mouth will need to be disinfected. You’ll find two domestics in there to assist.”

“Heel,” Harmony said. The puppy reluctantly walked behind her, her gait obviously hampered by her fear. Harmony took her through a pair of doors as if she were to be prepped. Instead she exited the hospital via a rear exit and returned her to the kennel. Her work was done.

“She’s taking quite some time,” the princess said after we had waited roughly five minutes.

“She’s not coming back, Princess,” I announced. “There’s been a change in plans.”


“Dear, would you take your clothes off for these people?” the minister asked.

“Would I what?”

“Remove your clothes. I’d like these people to see my wife’s naked body. Any objections?”

Cassandra seemed confused. “What’s going on, Siggy?” she asked; her tone obviously anxious.

“We’re going to teach you a little humility. I’ve tired of your bitching so I thought it would be fitting to actually make you into a bitch. I think you’ll enjoy the education.”

“Fuck you!”

“Promise?” the minister said sardonically.

“You can’t, Siggy,” she cried. “Please don’t do this! I’ll be good. I swear!”

“If you get into the outfit right now we’ll only make it a few days. If you make us fight you I’ll keep you in the kennels for a year. What’s it going to be?”

“You can’t do this to me. I’m the princess!”

“And I’m the Prime Minister. I believe that means I get anything I want?”

“You do,” she said submissively.


Cassandra began stripping. Her clothes slowly piled up on the table next to her as her bare skin was revealed to us. We watched as the haughty female slowly became a puppy. First we broke her down and subdued her by making her remove her clothes voluntarily. Then we’d get her mounted to the table. She’d be barking before she left.

The last piece of clothing was her panties. “You never looked more beautiful, my dear. She’s an exquisite creature, wouldn’t you all say?” the minister asked.

“Arnie, Jane, Charlie,” she pleaded. “Don’t do this. I thought you were all my friends.”

She covered up her breasts and cried. Her tears were genuine. It was pitiful. It was pathetic. “Arnie, she’s in your hands. I’ll expect her delivered in the usual timeframe. Remember my orders. She’s to be trained with the other puppies. She is not to receive any special treatment due to her status. Clear?”

“Absolutely, Your Excellency.”

Siggy, No, Please!” she cried. But his back was to her and he refused to watch.

“Don’t leave me!”

“Leave you? My dear, I’m not leaving. I’m just moving over here to get a better vantage point. I don’t want to miss a thing.”

“You bastard,” she screamed. She lunged for him but two of the gold sheathed females blocked her way, dragging her to the ground. “You’ll pay. I swear!”

“Now that’s the princess I remember!” the minister said.

“Arnie, I tire of her antics. Shall we get things moving?”

“Secure her to the table,” I ordered.

All four girls lifted Cassandra and took her to the table. As had been done with so many puppies her arms were secured above and below the elbows. Her thighs were clamped as were her calves. She fought every step of the way, cursing our existence and bringing into question whether I had carnal knowledge with my maternal relatives.

Once she was secure the doctor walked to the side door and had two domestics come in. He simply said, “Clean her.”

Cassie’s introduction to the business end of the flushing hose was fairly colorful. Her screams weren’t out of pain at this point. That would come later. The insults were simply her frustration coming out. She always got her way. Well, that would change now.

Siggy, if I ever get out of this so… Oh no!” she screamed as the cold water invaded her bowels. “Don’t do that!” But the black clad assistants held the hose in place as they had done many times before. A powerful jet of water was injected into her anus, and then extracted. The sound of the water and waste being suctioned was loud and disturbing. The process was repeated several times. By the end Cassie was quite subdued.

A similar procedure was performed on her vagina. Cassie whimpered while they performed the task. “Please!” she cried.

We kept the emotional atmosphere as calm as possible. We treated her like any other girl being transformed. As our minister requested, we allowed Cassie to experience the exact same indoctrination as all the other pets.

The attendants continued the routine. The next step was to apply soap to her hair as well as the rest of her body. A self foaming spray was applied to her hair, torso, and legs. In short order she was covered in suds. The girls began using sponges to work the lather. Of course they used their hands to work it into her hair. Before long the soap began to run off of her onto the table. A light rinse from a hose was used to help get the remaining soap off her body. Her hair was thoroughly rinsed. Finally the used a large number of towels to dry her body, using a blow dryer to assist getting the last of the water out of her hair.

“Your Excellency, we’re ready for piercing. Are you sure of this? Once her clit is pierced there’s no going back,” I asked.

“Absolutely. You will give her the full treatment. She will be a dog.”


“Measurements if you will ladies.”

“Measurements were taken up to the point where they wanted to measure her mouth. That’s when she refused to cooperate. “Open your fucking mouth,” Charlie said.

“Fuck you!” she yelled.

“If you don’t let us measure you for a proper gag we’ll use a generic one. It’s much more severe and extremely uncomfortable. Sir,” he said turning to the prime minister, “I need to move this along. I’m terribly backlogged. I could use much more severe methods but I implore you. Please talk to her.”

“Cassandra, we were going to do this for only a few days. Due to your antics I was about to increase that to two weeks. But your behavior has been so obnoxious I’ve decided to increase your time in bondage. I told you that I would if you refused to cooperate.”

“No, don’t!”

“Six weeks! If you protest one more time I’ll make it three months! Now stop fucking around and do exactly as they say.”

She stared at him knowing that he wasn’t kidding. She had seen him sentence insubordinate officers in his army to long prison sentences just for speaking out of turn. He was a tyrant and she had no way to escape his grasp. She nodded and remained silent.

“Doctor, please continue.”

The doctor donned rubber gloves in anticipation of the piercing. He ordered the attendants to install the head brace. Cassie didn’t like that at all. But she didn’t curse too much, especially when she noticed the minister wagging a finger at her.

The piercings were all installed without too much excitement. Cassie bit her tongue when her clit and breasts were ringed. Tears ran down her eyes when the nose grommet was pressed into place. She knew at that point she was doomed.

The process to create the gear for the puppy took far less time than we had anticipated. As the doctor was piercing her nose a bell sounded on the machine. “Running really quick today. Probably because we’re in lockdown. Nobody else is using the system,” Doc said.

In order to put the body suit on her we needed to free her legs. The clit ring was used to hold her in place while her legs were freed. We attached a chain from the table to the ring and threatened to apply an electric shock if she didn’t cooperate. This, in fact, was a lie. There was no means to apply current that way. But she didn’t know that so she remained still while the girls slipped the red spandex suit over her legs.

Once the outfit was over her thighs the clit chain was threaded through the slot in the suit and reattached. The girls also secured her thighs and calves again. We didn’t trust her enough to release both arms at the same time. So the girls released her right arm first, slid it into the suit, and then reattached it to the table. Then the left arm was inserted and secured again.

 “Do you want her to have a tail, minister?”

“Can it be amputated later?” he asked.

“Yes, but she may get ghost stimulation when we do,” Charlie said.


“After we amputate she will always feel the tail, even if it is no longer there.”

“It will help her remember the experience. You will install the tail,” the minister ordered.

“No! Please don’t!”

“What did I tell you about resisting?” the minister asked angily.

“Please Siggy, don’t go that far.”

The minister walked over to his helpless wife. “Cassie, dear. You need this. I’m only doing this to you because I love you so much.”

“You love me? This is a fine way to show it!” she said sardonically. She didn’t expect a response but Siggy had one for her.

“Yes, isn’t it? Do you think I’d do this to someone I didn’t give a rat’s ass about? Of course I love you. I want to possess you.”

“As your dog,” she spit at him.

“For now, yes. Don’t you want to serve me? Isn’t that what you promised at our wedding? ‘To love and to serve, till death.’ Weren’t those the words you used?”

“Yes, but I never expected to have to do this! Siggy, can’t we work something out?”

He took her head and put his shoulder under it, hugging her. “I can’t. You need this too much. Now be a good girl and let these people work. And one other thing. They are doing this on my orders. Don’t blame anyone but me for this. Clear?”

“They went along with it though.”

“At my insistence. I’m very proud of them actually. When I told them to do this they had a plan in place in only a few hours. I am very impressed, aren’t you?”

“You mean all this was thought out today? You didn’t put much thought into it?”

“Oh, I’ve thought about it for months. But when you threatened to take that puppy that I gave to Arnie…”

“You gave him a puppy that was worth a quarter million dollars?”



“He did something for me that I can’t discuss. The job is worth every penny.”

“Then it’s not finished yet.”

“Soon. Let’s get finished. Arnie, what’s next?”

“Doc, you want to get your DNA sample? Girls, let’s get a corset and collar on her.”

As Doc was getting the sample for her tail he asked for the style. We left it to the minister. He suggested any sort of fur tail. Most girls get the bushy fur tail, ala cocker spaniel. But when he looked at the tail he said it didn’t look right for her. He instead picked a thinner beagle tail. The thin root was produced almost instantly by the machine. The feeling of the penetrating nerve endings caused her to scream to high heaven.

With the tail in place the girls installed the corset, and collar. She remained impassive as these were installed. With these items now in place the doctor took the two plugs, greased them, and then inserted them into both lower openings. Her mouth fixed into a perfect oval shape as her anus was spread by the invader. Her reaction was equally priceless when her vaginal probe was inserted.

With all the gear in place from the neck down it was time for her head to be addressed. I decided to take over here. I examined the hood carefully and pressed it to her face. After pulling her hair through the top opening, I pulled the zipper down and tucked it under the collar. I let one of the girls apply some lipstick before taking the gag from Charlie.

“Your Excellency, this is the new gag. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I was briefed by Cassie,” he informed me.

“Good,” I said, turning to her. “I won’t have to explain anything to her.”

I approached her with the gag and held it to her lips. She grimaced as if to cry then opened her mouth. I pressed it in place and began fastening the straps. I went over every buckle until it fit perfectly. Her teeth seated perfectly in the groove and every strap was tight. As I held the weight up to open the hole I told her to insert her tongue. Harmony arrived just in time.

“Oh good, you’re back,” I said.

“Not a problem. I put Red back in her cage and came back as soon as I could. Oh, and I found a spot for the princess. Diane just had a girl graduate. She can take her.”

“Isn’t Diane a little inquisitive for this operation?” Jane asked.

“She’s the only one with an empty cage. The next opening won’t be till next week.”

“Well, you can’t give her to Diane! She’ll start asking questions as soon as she’s told that she can’t see the puppy without her mask.”

“Yea, I see your point. Well, then just let me train her. I can stay impartial.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I’d like to think so.”

“Minister?” Jane asked.

“It’s up to you. If you think this girl can train my wife properly then I won’t interfere.”

“The job’s yours,” Jane said.

“Is she ready?” Harmony asked.

“The boots just came out of the machine. Once the girls put them on her she’s all ready to go. Here’s the remote,” Charlie said as he handed it to her.”

Harmony allowed the girls to put the pointed toed boots on Cassie then enabled the remote. She pointed it at Cassie’s collar. We all heard the beep. Then she pressed a button or two and told Cassie that the device was live. And so the training began in earnest.

Chapter 9


The Bitch becomes a Bitch




How did I get into this mess? Siggy was always saying that he thought I’d be a good slave. He often threatened to put me in harness and have me drag him around town in his pony cart. I, of course, knew he’d never do that to the princess. I had too many friends in high places. If he wanted his projects to keep moving forward then he’d have to deal with me.

I guess he found some dirt on the little weasels that supplied his factories with workers and materials. He must have intimidated them in order to win them over. Then again, maybe their loyalty to me wasn’t nearly as secure as I had hoped. Now I was going to pay for my naiveté.

When I heard the beep of the remote I knew exactly what it meant. I was now a dog. The collar would prevent me from speaking. My ass was going to get cooked sooner or later. It would take time to learn the routine, even though I had taught countless girls how to bark and fetch. Now the shoe was on the other foot. Dammit!”

 What bothered me most at the moment was the fact that I knew Harmony was good. She’d make me a dog regardless of how I felt about the idea. I had three puppies trained by her and they had all been delivered full of life and excited to please me. Yes, they were excited to please me. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what she had put them through in order to eliminate the dread and depression that this role would have bred in them. I was really worried about that!

“Speak!” she ordered.

Of course I resisted. I suddenly realized how stupid I was when I felt the jolt of a high level shock in my ass. I was zapped hard just like I had done to countless puppies who displayed the same behavior. To top it off I pulled my tongue out of the gag and got shocked a second time. She must have had the punishment setting set high. It really hurt.

“Get your tongue back in its hole,” she urged. I knew that if I didn’t I’d get shocked in the ass again. I flipped my head back and stuck my tongue in the hole. “Good girl,” she said calmly.

“Now speak!” she said again.

Arf!” I said. Jesus I hated this.

The lessons on how to answer questions, bark and hold my head were old hat. I had reminded puppies and ponies how to behave more times than I could count. What I realized was that she never lost her cool. Her tone was calming, even when she was threatening. I really was amazed at how calm she remained.

They released me and clipped a leash to my collar. “Heel,” Harmony ordered.

And I crawled.




I found my fellow ponies all dressed in their spandex suits, corsets, boots, etc. having a nice late breakfast. I was told to be ready for another session around six in the evening. . So I had plenty of time to eat and relax. I needed the time to recover.

I wasn’t used to the chains yet. I suppose that would come with time. I was chained as before with cuffs on my wrists and ankles. It was difficult to walk the thirty feet to the cafeteria but I made it there somehow, hobbling along while using the walls for support as I inched my way down the corridor.

I found several girls there. Bonnie, Brenda, Angie, Megan, and Carrie were sitting at the table. The remaining girls were nowhere to be found. “Hi, Gang. I’m bushed!,” I said jovially.

Every girl, especially Bonnie and Carrie, were breathing heavily. The seemed reluctant to bother to look in my direction. All they could do was drink their grape juice and sulk. I, being the happy sort, didn’t like seeing people upset. I took it upon myself to try and cheer the girls up.

“Did everyone get a good morning workout? I don’t know about you but I’m really beat!” I said jovially.

Unfortunately the girls weren’t exactly in the mood for humor and I got several looks that would kill. “I think you missed your calling,” Bonnie said. “Maybe you should be a trainer rather than a horse. I’m sure you can get a riding crop real cheap somewhere, maybe even convince one of the trainers to get you some nice jodhpurs and boots.”

“Chill,” Brenda said. “She’s just trying to cheer us up. She didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m just so frustrated. I don’t even know how many times I got shocked. I can’t believe they made me march for five hours. Five hours, in heels, can you believe it! These monsters are sick.”

“We all are going through the same thing,” Brenda said.

Suddenly we noticed a light in the corridor. There was a low red railing that had been turned on.

“Who’s not here?” Brenda asked with a note of concern in her voice.

“Melanie, Angie, Jo, and Elaine,” I said. “Why?”

“Someone’s screwed up,” Carrie said. “Someone just got put in a puppy suit.”

“Who?” Megan asked.

“We’ll find out shortly,” Brenda said.

From down the hall we heard a single bark followed by the sound of scampering and scraping. A few seconds later we saw the source of the commotion. She was completely enclosed in a body suit. She was on all fours, wearing padded gloves and boots. The toes were pointed and sported no heels.

We watched through the Plexiglas partition as she scampered to a lit area of the wall. When she arrived she barked loudly. The light went out and she crawled to the next area that was lit. We all pitied her.

“Can you figure out who it is?” Bonnie asked.

“I think it’s Melanie. I told her to chill. She must have pissed someone off!” Brenda offered.

“How long does she have to do that? That must be horrible.”

“You have no idea,” Carrie returned. “The crawling is the easy part. Wait till they put her in the cage. That’s the real horror! Constant oral sex for hours on end.”

 “I don’t think I could do that!” Megan said.

“You wouldn’t have a choice. The system is designed to punish you if you resist in even the slightest way. You have to service male and female organs for two weeks straight!”

“No!” I said.

“That’s what happens to girls that try to escape. I learned my lesson the hard way. I’m not taking that route again, let me tell you.”

“Isn’t there anything we can do?” I asked.

“Are you nuts?” Brenda asked. “Maybe you want to spend some time crawling next to her.”

“Still, it’s so humiliating!” I said.

“I know,” Brenda said. “But she has only herself to blame. Some people just need a harsh lesson.”

Elaine and Jo had arrived some time later, each exhausted. They saw Melanie crawling around in the hallway and just shook their heads. “I told her!” Elaine said.

The barking and scampering continued for hours. Some of us were really upset by the spectacle. I know I was. Poor Melanie just kept crawling from panel to panel, barking at each light. The barks were occasionally punctuated by a loud scream. It was obvious that she had to reach each location before a certain time limit expired or she’d get shocked. I’m sure the experience was breaking her to tears.

At some point her Jules came and connected a leash to her collar. She was led into the cafeteria so we could all get a good look at what it was like to become a dog. She sat on command at his heel. It was so sad.

“Melanie has been a bad girl, haven’t you?” he said.

Melanie barked loudly, “ARF!”

“Melanie will bark when asked any question. She can’t talk and she can’t refuse to answer. The collar guarantees that,” he explained.

“What did she do?” I asked.

“She attacked my assistants while she was being dressed. We decided that if she didn’t like being a pony that a short stint as a puppy would show her the errors of her ways.”

“How long does she have to stay like that?” Megan asked.

“We’ll let her go a week like this and see how she behaves. We can keep her like this as long as it takes. Well, if there are no more questions, Melanie has to be taken outside for some basic body functions. Say goodbye, Melanie,”

“ARF!” she barked.

On command Melanie dropped behind Jules’ left heel and was led away. We were so upset for her. We wanted to help her so much but there was absolutely nothing to do. She was going to have to suffer the consequences of her own actions.

Chapter 10


Melanie’s plight



They held me down and handcuffed me. I just didn’t want to be put in that pony outfit again. They couldn’t do this to me! But no matter how hard I fought they had a way to stop me. It was like they were trained to subdue me.

The latex clad girls used cattle prods on me until they had me cornered. I eventually cowered into the corner of the room staring at their blank, ball-gagged faces. Jules walked in after them and just shook his head. “What’s your problem, Melanie?”

“I can’t take this anymore! Please! You have to let me go.”

“You know you broke the rules here. I told you not to resist them. Now you have to deal with the consequences.”

“Consequences? What sort of consequences?”

“Stand up,” he said.

As I did so he turned me around and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. “You’ll learn to be more obedient after a little attitude adjustment,” he said. “Get on your knees.”

“Linda, let’s have a gold body suit,” he ordered.

One of the girls went to the wall cabinet and retrieved a gold top. It was made of heavy latex and sported a zipper down the back. “We’ll need a control collar too,” he said.

Soon I was wearing a heavy leather collar. It was so wide that I had to keep my head tilted backwards. He explained to me that the collar had an electrical shock device built in. His remote could punish me to any degree he desired from a small jolt to a paralyzing, painful blast. “You’ll do as you’re told. Clear?”

I was so frightened that all I could say was, “Yes, sir.”

With the collar and the body suit in place, a body suit that allowed my breasts to bulge through tight rings in the chest area no less, they brought out the gloves and the boots. That’s when I realized what they were doing to me. “No,” I said. “Don’t do this to me. Please!”

“It’s for your own good. You broke the rules. You have to pay the price.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, tears streaming down my cheeks.

“I know,” Jules replied. “It’s only going to be a week or so. Don’t make it worse than it has to be. Now let’s get the rest of the gear on you.”

“I’m sorry,” I said again as they slipped the gloves on my arms and the boots on my legs. That left the hood and the dildos, which went in last. As one last bit of preparation they slipped a long tube over my tail and tightened it so it stuck straight up in the air like a flag. “That’s to prevent you from tripping over your own tail,” Jules explained.

Jules pressed a couple buttons on the remote and I heard the collar beep. “I’m… Ahhhhh!” I screamed.

“No more human talk,” he warned. “From now on you have to sound like a dog. Now, listen carefully. You may not produce any sounds that appear even remotely human. You may not even whimper or cry. If you do you’ll get shocked. In addition the collar has a query sensor. If anyone asks you a question you must bark within five seconds or you’ll get shocked. Understand?”

I immediately felt the vaginal dildo thumping and took the warning seriously. “Arf!” I barked. The thumping stopped and I was not shocked. I guess I did it correctly.

“Good girl. We’ll use one bark for yes and two barks for no. Understood?”

Again I felt the thumping and again I barked loudly, “Arf!”

“Excellent. Ok, now that you know how to bark, let’s see you crawl at my heel.” Jules pulled out a leash and attached one end to my collar and the other to the bottom of the remote control. “Heel,” he commanded. And I did.

We walked into the corridor. He spoke to the hallway mikes and asked that the “puppy lights’ be started up. Suddenly the bottom molding lit up solid along the entire corridor. Then the lights turned off. A second later, a section that was roughly ten feet in front of us lit up.

“Now listen closely, Melanie. I want you to crawl quickly to that lit section and bark loudly. The light will go out and another section ahead will light up. You have to get there in three seconds and bark or you’ll get a shock up your ass. OK, off you go,” he said.

He detached the collar and zapped my ass with a small shock that was annoying. I knew I had to comply though. I crawled as fast as I could to the lit section and barked. The panel went out and the section ahead of me lit. I started scampering again and barked once more. After three or four panels I slowed down involuntarily and was shocked with a huge jolt in my ass. After that I just ran as fast as I could to each panel, fearing the horrible pain should I fail to get there in time.

I don’t know how long I had to do this thing. It must have been at least two hours. I ran up and down the corridor at least a dozen times. By the end I was completely exhausted. Tears ran down my cheeks and across the mask. But I couldn’t stop. I had to keep running from one panel to the next, barking at each one. When Jules came to stop me I was so grateful I wrapped my arms around his legs and pressed my cheeks against his knees.

Suddenly I screamed as I tried to say something to him. I couldn’t even thank him for rescuing me! I couldn’t even whimper.

“You’re a dog, Melanie. You can’t talk, not even a little. The collar won’t allow it! You can whimper like a dog if you like but you can’t cry like a human. Understand?”

I nodded my head and barked. I got shocked. “Don’t nod. The collar will zap you.”

Arf!” I replied.

I hated this so much! I can’t begin to describe it. While I was panting on all fours he connected the leash to my collar and led me to the cafeteria. Now I had to perform my little dog act for the crowd. It wasn’t bad enough that I had to act like a dog. Now I had an audience.


With my little display of obedience out of the way Jules led me outside where I had to do my duty. This was more humiliation. I had to lift my leg and pee on a red concrete fire hydrant. The other part of the detail was taken care of with the flushing hose, which a latex clad domestic administered. With both dildos firmly replaced I was led to a large red building on the far side of the complex. It would be my worst nightmare!

When we entered we again had to go through a series of security gates. I crawled obediently behind Jules as he led me through a small anteroom. It was at that point that a man walked up to us and handed Jules a pair of black patches. He pressed them against my eyes and blinded me.

I could hear a lot of commotion as we passed through a second set of doors. I knew there were a lot of women gasping for breath and grunting but I just couldn’t figure out why. While I was trying to figure out what they were doing a tall woman voice asked, “Is this Melanie?” she asked.

“Speak, Honey,” Jules commanded.

I immediately replied with a bark, “Arf!” I was really beginning to hate this role.

“I’ll take her from here,” the woman said. “You can pick her up tomorrow morning for hall trots.”

“Sounds good. Looks like business is booming,” he noted before he left.

“Yea, it is. With recalcitrant ponies as well as the regular pups we had to expand to 250 cages.”

“I hear you’re getting more help.”

“Yea, and there’s really a Santa Clause too.”

“There is?”

“You didn’t get the memo?” she said jokingly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Elsie,” he said as he left me in her hands.

“Heel, Honey. We have some education to attend to. Don’t pay too much attention to the sounds of these girls. It will only upset you. We’ll go to a private room so I can instruct you without distraction.”

We walked for a short distance. Without the aid of sight I was essentially at this woman’s mercy. She dept her hand on the leash close to the collar. This made it relatively easy for her to guide me along. When we stopped she told me to sit. I did as instructed and was praised, “Good girl!”

Suddenly the patches were removed and I saw a low cage, a couple tables, and a few cabinets. Nothing seemed any more frightening than I had experienced before but I knew I was going to be punished. I was frightened because I didn’t know how!

“My name’s Elsie. You’ll remember that, OK?”

I barked. “Arf!”

“Good. OK, I know you’ve been a bad pony. I don’t know any details and I really don’t care. I’m here to teach you to be a good puppy. That’s all I do, train girls to be nice little puppies. And that’s what you’re going to become. Understand?” she asked.

I barked “Arf, Arf,” to indicate that I didn’t understand at all.

“You will in time. Now let’s get that vaginal probe out of you and get ours in. It’s much more effective for what we’re going to be doing. Up, Girl,” she commanded.

As I got up and allowed her to work I felt the dildo slip out of me, soon to be replaced with a similar one. The belt was snapped closed and all was calm again. On her order I sat once more. As I sat I felt a cable under me. It was attached to the dildo she had just installed. When I looked behind me I saw that there was a coil of cable behind me. I couldn’t be good for me.

“Now that that’s take care of let’s get these preliminary questions out of the way. I’m going to ask you some very personal questions. Simply bark as you’ve been doing and we’ll get this out of the way. OK?”


“Good. First question: Are you gay?”

Arf, Arf!”

“Good,” she said as she checked something on a notepad she had on the table.

Returning her attention to me she asked me, “Do you consider gay acts with other females disgusting?”

Arf!” I barked enthusiastically.

“Excellent,” she said.

“Let’s talk about men now. Have you ever performed oral sex with a man?”

Arf, Arf!” I replied, showing a reviling look on my face.

“Do you consider cock sucking just as distasteful?”


“Just as disgusting?”

Arf,” I replied.

“Fantastic. I’m so glad. We hardly ever get any girls who think otherwise. This is excellent.”

I was wondering why she was asking these questions as she attended to some paperwork on her clipboard. She kept looking at me while she wrote. She kept smiling.

“You know, I think we can lose that hood. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Arf!” I replied enthusiastically.

“Here, let me take care of that.” She easily unfastened the zipper and pulled the hood off my head. It was like my head was suddenly freed from a saran wrap covering. It felt really good. After she had adjusted the binding that was holding up my ponytail she stood up and grabbed a short leash from the table. “Come here,” she commanded politely.

I walked to her and was suddenly secured to the floor with a sixteen inch leash. It was connected to a clasp on the bottom of my collar. She stood up and returned with a second short leash. I don’t think it was more than a couple feet long. As she disappeared behind me I heard her order me to move a little to my right. When I did I felt the leash clip to the ring on my clit. The other end obviously was connected to the floor. I couldn’t move more than an inch or two. Now I was really scared.

“The reason I wanted to make sure you found cocksucking and pussy licking offensive is because that’s going to be your punishment. A puppy’s main role is exactly that, sucking and licking. And these are going to be your very best friends,” she said as she turned from the table holding flaccid replicas of a male and female sex organ. The cock was over a foot long with balls on the end. I could tell it was fairly stiff because when she held it by the root it hardly drooped. The replica of the pussy was no different in quality and authenticity. It looked as real as if it were cut from a woman just moments ago.

“No… Ahhhhh,” I screamed as my collar punished me for speaking. Elsie didn’t even tell me to bark. Instead she just set the disgusting items in front of me.

“It’s OK, Honey. I know it’s going to be rough on you. But this is punishment, after all. You have only yourself to blame. Now, here’s the deal. We’re going to put you in a cage with one of each hanging from the wall. A computer will monitor your activity and demand that you attend to your duties. If you don’t, you’ll get zapped in your vagina. Understand?”

Arf,” I barked in a crying, upset tone.

“Now, that unit in your vagina is not like the others. It’s designed to punish you for as long as it takes to satisfy us. And here’s the amazing thing! No matter how much it hurts it won’t cause any damage and won’t knock you unconscious. That’s to prevent you from just hunkering down and going fetal on us. We can achieve pain levels five times higher than the current shockers. The only problem is that the units draw too much juice. The hypersonic inserts haven’t been optimized for battery use yet. Anyway, let’s see how you do with the leather one here, OK?”

I looked at her silently with eyes wide as she picked up the leather cock. I had no intention of letting that thing enter my mouth. I sealed my mouth closed and was horribly shocked. “I asked a question,” Elsie demanded.

Arf, Arf!” I said. I didn’t want to play her games.

“I see. Let’s start with a little lesson then.” She disappeared behind me. As I turned my head to look at her I noticed that she was plugging the wire into some sort of port on the side of an electronic console. After she fiddled with a few knobs I suddenly felt a low grade pain between my legs. It started out feeling like a rash. “Do you feel it?” she asked.


“Wait, it will get worse as time goes on. Would you like it to stop now?”

Arf!” I replied.

“Well, that’s really easy to accomplish. Just open your mouth and grab this. A second later the cock was in my mouth but the pain was continuing to increase. “Hold it there and I’ll shut the dildo down.” And there I stayed obediently with a cock hanging from my lips. Because of its weight I actually had to clamp down on it with my lips. It was more disgusting than I could ever describe!

The next ten minutes were used to show me how to please a cock by massaging it with my lips. I had to learn to move in and out along its length in order to excite him and make the man ejaculate. “That will be simulated once we get you in a cage,” she informed me.

After she was satisfied that I was sufficiently familiar with this disgusting act, part two came into play. Now I had to learn how to please a woman with my tongue. Well that wasn’t nearly as hard on me but it was also annoying and degrading. It also took less time. She seemed satisfied in quite a short period of time compared to the other duties with the male organ.

“Now that you know your duties, let’s get you into a cage. Let me check.”

Elsie went to a computer terminal and pulled up a few pages on the monitor. “Looks like number 223 is open. Sounds good to me. Let’s get going.”

Once she had a leash attached to me she disconnected the front and rear leashes from the floor. The front leash was completely removed but the back one was left trailing on the floor between my legs as was the long cable, which she nearly forgot to disconnect! We were on our way.

We entered the auditorium and to my stunned eyes I suddenly saw the source of all the commotion. We were at the far end of a huge auditorium that happened to be filled with cages. There were five rows with cages on each side. There were hundreds of cages and nearly every one contained a girl on her knees. They were all attending to wall mounted cocks and vaginas and their efforts seemed excessive and hurried. “Oh my God!” I silently thought, fearing the collar as I dared not speak the words out loud.

The collar tugged and I heard the command, “Heel.” And I followed my trainer to my fate. Why did I have to fight those girls? I wish I would have listened to Elaine’s advice. Dammit!

When we arrived at my cage the door was open. The cage sat in front of a steel pillar that sported a control box on top. Behind the pillar were the numbers “223” printed large and bold. I had one girl on the left of me and nobody in the cage on the right.

“Get in,” Elsie said, zapping me with a small shock in my ass. When I was halfway in she pulled the leash up short. “Hold still,” she said. I thought she was going to disconnect the leash but instead she clipped the clit leash to a hook in the floor. She dropped the leash that was attached to my collar and walked to the console. If I could just get the clit leash off or even cause myself injury and tear it off in a fit of horrible rage… With the door still open I might have been able to scramble backwards and try to escape but what was the point. I was trapped in these gloves and these pointed boots. How fast could I run on my tip toes? Well, honestly I did think about it for a second or two. But common sense got the better of me and I just stayed still.

Elsie activated something and the hook in the floor moved forward, pulling me into the cage by my clit. It hurt until I realized that I had to follow it. Once I was completely inside the cage, facing the hanging cock and the wall mounted vagina that was just inches from my face I heard the door close with a loud clank. I closed my eyes for a second and bit my lip. I really didn’t want to do this!

Elsie came around to my left and took the leash off my collar. “You’re all hooked up and ready to go, Honey. Now look at the wall in front of you. See the light?” she asked.

Arf,” I replied. My heart was racing now and I was so scared that I didn’t know what else to do. She read my emotion and petted my head like I was her dog. It didn’t make things any better.

“There are three colors of lights above each device. You have to use each device until they get into the green. Below the green are the yellow lights. If you let the light drop into the yellow you’ll have five seconds to get more aggressive and get the indicator back into the green. Once you hit red you’ll immediately start feeling pain. Understand?”

Arf,” I barked again with a tone of despair in my voice.

“Now, a couple items before we start. Don’t use your teeth. Keep your teeth off of the cock at all costs. If your teeth bite down on it you’ll immediately get a very heavy shock. Use your lips. The system can tell the difference. The male organ will respond just like a real one. It’s going to get hard as you work it and it’s going to ejaculate too.” My eyes opened wide with that news and my mouth formed a perfect “O”.

“That’s right, Honey. You have to drink it down. The material is all the food you’re going to get. It tastes, looks, and feels like the real thing. It’s sticky and smelly. It’s synthetic of course. We don’t have enough males to service this many girls for the length of time we need to. What you need to remember is that there’s a set of sensors under the cock. If you dribble any out of your mouth you must lick it up within sixty seconds or you’ll start getting heavy shocks that won’t turn off until the floor is clean.”

As for the pussy, lick as deep as you can go and make sure you get your tongue into the apex. Playing with the clit provides more stimulation than licking the lips but you have to lick the entire thing or the rating will fall. Do you understand all that?”

I stared at her for just a second before responding, “Arf!” And so the nightmare truly began.

She stepped back to the console and tended to the controls. In the meantime I just stared at the cock and the vagina in front of me. I just couldn’t do it. No matter how much it hurt I knew I couldn’t put that thing in my mouth. I grimaced as I felt the dildo in my vagina start to ache. I looked up. The red lights above the flaccid cock were lit and I was expected to slip it into my mouth. I just couldn’t do it. “Go on,” Elsie urged. “Don’t let the pain get you.”

But I just couldn’t. I couldn’t put that thing in my mouth, especially knowing that it was going to squirt that goo into me. “Oh my God!” I thought. It hurt so bad that I just curled up.

“You don’t want to do that, Honey. It’s going to get a lot worse. The only way to stop it is to suck the cock,” she said as she now knelt beside me. But all I could do was grimace as my crotch began to burn with horrendous intensity.

At some point the pain seemed to leap in intensity and I began screaming. “Ahhhh! Ahhh!” “Stop…. Ahhhh” I screamed both from the pain in my crotch and the pain that now punished my words by shocking my ass as well.

“I can’t stop it. Only you can. You’re at 50%. It’s going to get a lot worse if you don’t start sucking the cock.”

Ahhhh…..” I screamed half hearing her as the next level of pain kicked in. Her words hardly registered in my brain as my loins felt like someone had set them onto a hot brazier. I couldn’t even scream any more. All I could do was hold my mouth open wide and breathe as fast as I possibly could.

“You’re now at level three. You have one more level to go and you’ve got about two minutes to get the cock in your mouth. Come on. I’ll help you to your paws,” she said. “You can do it.”

I had had enough. The pain was so great that I could hardly move, let alone get to my hands and knees. Elsie reached through the top of the cage and pushed me forward. She even grabbed the cock and put it against my lips, massaging it just a little. And suddenly the pain stopped.

“Start working it and pay attention to the lights,” she said as she watched my lips caress the leather tube.

“Start sucking on it and move your lips along the full length of the shaft. This isn’t a long one so it won’t go down your throat. Go on. Get the lights into the green.”

The thought of a cock going down my throat was disgusting but right now the only thing that mattered was the device between my legs. In and out, up and down, I was coached. Elsie stayed right there helping me learn the method. If I had a razor I’d have sit my wrists. What I really wanted was to avoid that horrific pain again. I didn’t want to go through that again. All I could do was work the cock between my lips and keep the lights in the green.

The lights stayed pegged at the top of the scale while the tube firmed up. I knew what was coming and Elsie warned me. “OK, it’s going to come in a second. You’re doing a great job. Remember, just keep sucking and swallowing until you’re absolutely sure the cock is dry. When you’re sure the cock is empty you can let it fall out of your mouth. But keep an eye on it. If you see anything dribbling out of the tip, catch it before it hits the floor. Until you get past this stage and start licking the pussy the default pain level will be the last one you experienced. So don’t let any dribble out of your mouth. You wouldn’t like that.

It wasn’t long before I actually did feel the member bulge at the base. I pulled my lips back to the tip and let it go into my mouth. Oh God! It was horrible! I couldn’t swallow it but it was too much to hold in my mouth. “Swallow as it comes out or you’ll spill it,” she yelled. And I gulped and swallowed all of it. None leaked out.

“Good girl. Now let it go slack and keep sucking until you’re sure it’s dry.”

I kept the cock in my mouth for a minute or two longer. The lights went out. And I let the tube fall from my lips. I was breathing heavily and looked at the cock and the vagina. I then glanced at the girl next to me. While that was happening a small drop came out of the rubber cock and fell to the floor. A bell started ringing and I felt a low level pain between my legs.

“Clean it up before the pain comes. Lick it up quick. You have sixty seconds to get it spotless.”

My eyes opened wide as I realized what had happened. I looked at the cock and saw a second drop ready to fall. I put my lips around it and sucked on it, swallowing a small quantity of the goo. Then I turned my attention to the spot on the floor. It was just a tiny spot so I took my tongue and licked it up. But the bell kept ringing.

“Keep going. Clean your tongue with your own saliva and try again. Saliva will dilute the stuff and won’t set the alarm off. Hurry up. You only have thirty seconds left.”

The pain increased to a slightly higher level. I ignored it. I turned my attention to that wet spot on the floor. I wet my tongue and licked again and again. The pain increased once more as the bell continued to ring. Then the bell went out.

“Good girl. Don’t trust the lights. Keep massaging the organ until you’re certain it won’t yield any more sperm. All things said, except for the stupidity at the beginning, that wasn’t bad for a first time cocksucker. You’ll get better as the days progress. OK catch your breath. The pussy lick is next.”

The session on the vagina was quite humiliating partly because it was fairly easy. That allowed me to think. Mostly I thought about the objectives of the training. While I had to concentrate on satisfying the computer with my tongue I didn’t have to worry about anything leaking out or hitting the floor. I also realized that this training was meant to teach me to provide this service to real women and men. They were going to make me suck real cocks and lick real vaginas. With the methods I was learning and the training I was enduring I would be conditioned to their standards in just a few days, I was certain. And that was really upsetting.

I used my tongue effectively with little coaching on the vagina. I considered it an insult but Elsie said I was a natural lesbian. “You missed your calling. You should have been a pussy licker years ago.” I wasn’t sure if she was really trying to torment me or if she was actually commenting on my skill.

When I finished I felt a painless thump between my legs. “That thump,” Elsie informed me, “was your punisher being reset to minimum level. You did very well. Soon the process is going to repeat. Don’t wait any longer than necessary to get your lips around the cock or it’s going to hurt just like before. Understand?”

Arf!” I said with a frustrated but cowed tone. I suppose I had learned my lesson.


And that’s how the day went. First I sucked cock, then I swallowed the sperm, then I waited and watched the cock until I was sure it wouldn’t leak, finally I’d lick pussy. And that’s all I did for hours on end. I must have swallowed a gallon of goo!

Every two hours someone came and took me out of my cage, thankfully giving me a break. I was taken to a fire hydrant and allowed to empty my bladder. Then they stuck a hose in my ass and flushed me out. The whole process took less than ten minutes. As soon as I was returned to the cage the process started again.

After the first break I noticed that the gap between the phases was shortening. I didn’t have much time to make sure the cock was clean before the lights came on above the vagina. I had to lick with my tongue while I had to split my attention between the lights above the current object of my attention and the cock that threatened to drip. I guess I was doing something right because it never did.

It must have been around ten in the evening when the whole cycle stopped. We had just completed a round of being relieved when I noticed that the system went out of cycle. I had just completed a vagina session and expected the cock session to start again. But instead the pussy lights started once more. I didn’t understand why but I wasn’t going to argue with the computer. I started licking it. Five minutes later a loudspeaker announced. “Rest Period! All dogs rest.”

I pulled my tongue from the pussy in front of me and looked to my left to find a small redhead staring at me. “Arf!” she said.

I guess she was saying “Hello” so I returned the same, “Arf!”

She smiled.

Something began to inflate under me. It was an air mattress. I had to keep my legs to the sides of the cage and straddle it until it fully inflated. Eventually the mattress, split in the center for the leash that was still attached to my loins, was fully inflated. I was so grateful. I plopped down on the bedding and lay on my side facing the other girl. Suddenly I saw an arm moving forward from the sign. It looked like a crane. Dangling from the arm was a very long dildo. As it slipped through the bars the girl put it in her mouth using her mittens. She opened her eyes and nodded upward toward my cage. As I turned my head I was hit on the nose by my own dildo. And that’s when I felt a low grade pain between my legs. I got the message and put it in my mouth. The pain stopped.

An attendant came around to check on us. “You’re new?” she asked.

Arf!” I barked holding the cock in my mouth.

“As long as you’re awake keep the cock in your mouth. It’s OK to let it fall out when you are asleep but if you wake up with your mouth empty, start looking for it ASAP. The system will start hurting you if you don’t get it in your mouth within two minutes. Try and get some sleep.”

After the attendant, a pretty blonde girl dressed in black latex, left I glanced across at the girl in the other cage. With the cock in her mouth she resembled a baby sucking on a bottle. She didn’t seem upset or frightened. She seemed content, almost like she was using the phallus as a pacifier.

I couldn’t imagine any girl wanting to do what I had just done. Only torture could break someone so completely. As I glanced across the aisle I realized that we had both been exposed to such torture. I pitied the girl across the aisle, wondering just how long it took to cow her into behaving obediently. Then I pitied myself.

I was being punished. I could see that the other girl’s tail was actually made like a dog’s tail. It was shorter. I had to assume that she was not being punished. She was being trained for this role on a permanent basis. This was all so sick. Why did the government do this?

Somehow, probably due to fatigue, I fell asleep. I actually slept well. I don’t remember the dream but it had something to do with lots of boyfriends and lots of fun. But anyway, I must have slept well.

When I awoke I looked across the aisle and saw the girl in the other cage. She was asleep and the cock had fallen out of her mouth. That’s when I realized that the cock was not in my mouth either and my groin was starting to hurt. It had fallen out overnight. I quickly got my lips around it.

As strange as it may sound I was curious about my surroundings. I was restless and wanted to look around. The leash between my legs would prevent me from moving very far but I crawled around the cage as best as I could manage to try and get a feel for my surroundings.

In one direction there were cages as far as the eye could see. Each was exactly the same as mine, perhaps four feet wide, three feet high, and six feet deep. Nearly every one was occupied and I could see every crane extended over the cages. The cables hung into the cages like fishing lines waiting for a bite. I glanced up at the arm above me instinctively.

I dragged my rubber cock around to the other side of the cage and noticed beyond my friend there were only a dozen cages left in our row. Most were empty but there were a couple that had girls in them. On the far side of the aisle there were only six beyond us that were empty.

As I looked past our row I noticed much activity. There apparently was some sort of assembly line setup over there but I couldn’t see much beyond our row. There were five or six women and men sweeping and hosing down the floors. I couldn’t see much because we were in the end row. All I could really tell was that there was a lot of machinery there.

An attendant walked up on me from my blind side and knelt down beside me. “Don’t bark too loudly,” she whispered. “Can’t sleep?” she asked.

Arf,” I barked softly, trying to hold the cock in my mouth.

“Would you like to get cleaned up early? I bet that suit’s pretty sweaty and itchy right now.”

That sounded like a good idea. “Arf!” I barked again.

“Let me see if the crew has a cleaning line ready yet. I’ll be right back.”

So that’s what the machinery at the end of the aisle was for. It was used for cleaning us. As much as my instinct told me it wasn’t going to be pleasant, I was very curious to find out how this was going to be done. I plopped down on the mattress and waited.

She returned a couple minutes later. “They’ll be ready in a minute or two. Get up on all fours and I’ll get you out of there.”

I rose on all fours and waited. After the door was opened I suddenly felt a tug on the leash between my legs. It hurt! I backed up quickly as the sliding clip moved backwards. The attendant connected a leash to my collar and pulled me the rest of the way back, disconnecting the crotch leash in the process.

“Let’s get your insides cleaned out first. That should give the crew time to clear a line,” she said.

I went through the humiliating act of peeing on the fire hydrant. Of course that was followed by the insertion of the hose into my ass. As before the nozzle was held in place as the water proceeded to my insides out.

I noticed that evil vaginal plug was left on the floor. She didn’t replace the anal plug either. For the first time in several days I had no dildos in me. It actually felt strange to move without them. Then again, I didn’t exactly miss them either.

The command came to follow, “Heel!” And I did.

“My name’s Anna Lee, by the way. I have the night watch. I don’t often get to clean puppies this early.” As we trotted toward the assembly lines I noticed a digital clock on the wall. It was 4:30 a.m.

There were two girls waiting for us. Both were dressed in black latex, the classic latex of the domestic servant. But they didn’t have any headgear on. That surprised me.

One of the girls seemed to be in charge and took my leash from Anna Lee. She explained a few things to me. “This is your first trip down the path so we’ll walk you through the process as we go. You’ll get this cleaning every morning. Normally you’d have to wait in line. With over three hundred girls we use this method to get our girls washed and dried in as little time as possible. Climb up onto the palette.”

I crawled onto a plastic palette that was roughly five feet by three feet in size. The sides were high, which made it look like a green plastic sled. It featured a hook in the center which had a chain attached. It also had a pair of handcuffs attached to the front corners. After pulling the zipper down on my suit the chain was clipped to the ring on my clit. They let the suit fall to the floor while they removed my boots and pulled the suit completely off me. Then the removed the gloves.

“Hand and knees,” the woman ordered. I dropped to all fours. She positioned me on the large tray then connected handcuffs to my wrists to hold them in place. She did not manacle my legs.

Anna Lee pointed out my tail. “Don’t forget to bag that!” she said. They slipped a plastic bag over the horsetail.

“When you go through the tunnel, keep your feet inside the dimensions of the tray,” she warned. If you crawl out of the tray while you’re in the tunnel you could be seriously hurt. Understand?” she asked.

Arf!” I replied.

“Good. This works just like a touchless car wash. You’ll go through various phases and when you emerge from the other end you’ll be clean. Ready?”

Arf!” I replied.

I felt the belt start and the tray moved down the line. As I entered the tunnel I was immediately hit with a warm mist that actually felt pretty good. As I progressed a few feet farther spray nozzles began hitting me with a light soapy solution. The belt stopped at that point for just a few seconds. Then it started again. When I had proceeded to the next phase I was soaped with sputtering warm suds. I was literally covered in lather and couldn’t wipe my eyes or mouth. It seemed to come more from the top but nozzles also extended under me and hit my belly with the stuff. My sex and ass got a lot of it too.

At that point I emerged from the tunnel looking like a soapy dog. The two girls now used gloved hands to massage my scalp and rub the soap into my sex thoroughly. They used stiff brushes on the majority of my skin, which didn’t feel very nice at all. While they worked the line stopped a second time. A few seconds later, they stopped and the line started once more. The second half of the tunnel waited.

The remaining tunnel was nothing more than a rinsing station. Warm water cascaded over me for the entire length of the tunnel while jets sprayed me from underneath and both sides. It was like being in a torrential downpour. Then it all stopped and I was hit by a warm air blast that blew the majority of the moisture off of my body.

When I emerged I was completely dry, with the exception of my hair. A girl took a towel and wiped the collar down and then started drying my hair with a brush and a blow dryer. When she was satisfied she pulled my hair into a ponytail and secured it with a plastic band.

A fresh red suit was ready for me. They pulled me out of the tray and led me aside. One girl kept a firm hold of my leash while the other two dressed me. I didn’t resist. There was no point. Eventually, not only did I allow them to put the suit on me, I also let them slip the dildos, the boots, and the gloves back on. It was pointless to resist so I just let them do as they pleased. I wanted out of this treatment as soon as possible. If I showed resistance they’d assume that I’d need more training. One week as a dog was more than enough for me.

I was returned to the cage for breakfast. Unfortunately it was a rushed affair of sorts. Yes, I had to put that tube of rubber in my mouth again and keep sucking until my trainer was satisfied. Anna Lee didn’t make me lick the pussy though. I just was forced to suck the male member until she was satisfied that I had enough food to keep me going.

The material that was ejected was not the same though. It was more like the consistency of farina. It had a gritty feel and it came out slower. I was actually able to enjoy it to some extent because it sort of oozed into my mouth. In fact I had to apply quite a bit of suction in order to get it to come out. While it was satisfying to eat something that wasn’t slimy it was still another hour of humiliation that I had to endure. But what choice did I have?

After twenty minutes of work Anna Lee checked on me then went to the console. “Looks like you’ve had enough. I guess we can stop pumping you full. Jules should be here in a half hour. But you can never have too much practice on the rubber stick. Just keep working it. There won’t be any output. Just keep working it until Jules comes.”

So I was stuck in the cage sucking again. At least I didn’t have to get my mouth filled with that stuff. I just had to humiliate myself by keeping my lips wrapped around this electronic manhood. I was a bit pissed. I thought I’d be able to rest a while until Jules came to pick me up. I didn’t exactly look forward to scrambling through the halls but it was better than being stuck in this cage. I should have pretended to be asleep. Instead I actually asked to be washed early. Now I was paying for it by having extra time to practice my technique. What a stupid idiot I am!

Thankfully Jules arrived early. He was accompanied by Elsie. They found me in the cage with my lips around the cock. “How’s she doing?” he asked as I continued to work the rubber tube.

“Let me check,” she replied as she stepped to the podium.

“Very good. She’s got a very high score for the first day.”

“Do you think she’ll be ready by Wednesday?”

“We usually go a week or two before testing them.”

“I don’t like to keep ponies out of training any longer than necessary. I figure I can combine the dog training with the marching.”

“We don’t normally do it that way but if you think you can keep her under control, well, that’s fine by me.”

“Great. Why don’t you shut her down and I’ll get her hood.”

Elsie turned off the machine and pulled me out of the cage. She took a towel and wiped my face before putting the red hood over my head. With the zipper closed I was just like any other bondage puppy that walked the grounds. “Heel,” Jules said as he led me outside.




Chapter 11


Melanie’s Deal




I was pretty happy with Melanie’s progress. For a girl who had never used her mouth for anything other than talking she was pretty good at the art. In a few days she’d be ready for testing. I was certain, from the reports at least, that she’d do quite well.

We normally let the girls go for a full week before testing them. Then we often came up with some sort of lame excuse to keep them on their knees for another week. We wanted to make the experience so horrible for them that they would never try to escape or fight again. Unfortunately some of the girls did take a second session to get the desire to fight out of their system.

Melanie at times showed a pleasant willingness to bend while at other times she seemed stubborn as a mule. So I thought a little compromise was in order. Perhaps she’d like to do both puppy and horse training at the same time. At least that would keep her out of the cage and let her sleep in her own bed. I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

I let her go through the routine for two days longer. During the day she crawled around barking at the hall lights. In the evening she was trained in the cage. By Thursday morning she was ready for my examination and the offer I was about to present to her.

We were in her room at the stables when I had her stripped of her gear. Whenever the routine changed the girls became anxious. “You’re not in trouble,” I said to her as she sat on her butt. I pressed a button on the remote and disabled the speech inhibitor. “You can speak freely,” I informed her.

“Thank you,” she said, speaking the first real words since Sunday.

“Did you enjoy your stay in the kennels?” I asked.

“No sir,” she replied. “Do I have to go back?”

“That all depends on what you do in the next several minutes,” I told her as the girls continued to remove her outfit and fit her with chains.

“You want me to use my mouth on you, don’t you?” she asked.

“I will ask shortly. I have a proposal for you if you’re interested. Suppose I were to tell you that I like the way you act when you’re a puppy.”

“I don’t like being a puppy,” she said. “Please don’t make me do that again. I swear! I’ll do anything.” She was begging me with tear stained eyes.

“Come over here and sit on my lap,” I ordered.

Now that her chains were connected she had to hobble over to me. Her naked form felt soft on my lap. And she was captivating. She was beautiful.

“Normally punishment for the type of offense you’re guilty of is two weeks. Did you know that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you know how many days you were in the kennels?”

“Four,” she said.

“And that leaves?”

“Ten days.”

“I can’t do that for another ten days. Please!” she cried.

I patted her on the head and put her head on my shoulder. “You don’t have to go back if you do some things for me.”

“Anything,” she said.

“I need you to learn the pony stuff but I can’t allow you to get away with only four days of punishment for attacking my servants. So here’s what we’re going to do. You’ll be doing double duty. Depending on my mood you’ll either crawl at my side or you’ll be spending several hours in the halls. Sometimes you’ll trot around with me for my morning rounds and sometimes you’ll be taken to a marching hall. But, you don’t have to go back to the kennels and you can sleep in your own bed.”

“Is there anything else?”

“What do you think?” I asked.

“You want me to use my mouth?” she asked.

“On command.”


“No time like the present,” I suggested.




We were worried for Melanie. We saw her crawling the halls every day. The barking got to us. Elaine seemed to become the default authority on her experiences. She really didn’t want to upset us but we just asked too many questions to ignore.

When Thursday rolled around we fully expected Melanie to be crawling the halls that afternoon. We were stunned to see her hobble into the cafeteria.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. I got up and nearly fell on my face in my attempt to nuzzle against her. “Are you OK?” I asked.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.”

“How did you get out so soon?” Elaine asked.

“I was a good girl,” she said with a half hearted chuckle.

I could tell immediately that she had gone through hell. “If you don’t want to talk about it, we understand,” Elaine said.

“No, it’s OK. I’m fine.”

“We’re glad you’re out. We really missed you,” I told her.

She was sitting next to me and patted my hands with hers even though her wrists were connected by a twelve inch chain. “Let me get something to eat,” she said.

We catered to her, not allowing her to stand up at all. We also treated her with kid gloves because Elaine had given us the word over the past few days. She had not left out any details. I almost wish she had.

“I’m glad you’re back too,” Carrie said. “I know exactly what you were going through. I did it twice.”

“Twice?” Melanie asked. “Oh, that’s right. You did say that. But how? How could you give them a reason to punish you after you had gone through it once?”

“I’ll be honest. I don’t know. They broke me the second time though. That’s no lie! I’m glad they only did you for a few days. Are you sure you’re OK?” Carrie asked.

“Yea, I’m fine. I had to make a deal with Jules in order to get out early.”

“What kind of deal?” Angie asked.

“Well, he won’t send me back to the cages if I do him here. And for half the day I have to crawl around for him.”

“That’s disgusting!” Megan said. “I thought we didn’t have to have sex with anyone if we’re ponies.”

“I guess they’re allowed to bend the rules,” Jo said.

Bonnie suddenly showed up wearing a harness over her red suit. She was in tears. “They put a saddle on me,” she cried! “They said they were going to ride me when I got stronger. Oh My God!”

Everyone looked up at Bonnie. She took a seat and put her head on the table. “Why are they doing this to us?” She cried.

“Don’t let it get to you,” Melanie said. “You don’t want to end up where I was.”

Suddenly Bonnie noticed that it was Melanie. “You’re back? I thought you were going to be gone for two weeks,” she said.

“Change of plans. Trust me. You don’t want to make them think you can’t do what they ask. Get yourself together. We’re all going through it,” Melanie stated firmly.

Bonnie saw the sheer panic in Melanie’s eyes when she made her statement. She knew exactly what motivated her to say it. “It must have been hell for you,” Bonnie said. “You looked like you had so much fight in you. Did they hurt you?”

Melanie nodded.


“I don’t want to go into details. You don’t want to know.”

“No,” Carrie said. “She should know. All of them should know, especially from someone who’s been there.”

“I want to hear it too,” I said. “Talking about it is good for your sanity. Angie, you’re the psychologist. You tell her.”

“She’s right. It’s a good idea to talk about it. But you don’t have to talk about it now. Let some time pass. You’ll talk when you’re ready.”

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready,” she mumbled.

“It’s OK. We’re all in this together.”

“You girls don’t have to suck off Jules or trot around on all fours for half a day.”

“Maybe we can spell you,” Megan offered.

“Excuse me?” Melanie asked. “What exactly do you mean?”

“We could take your place until you feel better. Maybe you could return the favor one day,” Megan explained.

Angie laughed. Now let me get this straight. Megan, the most timid girl here, is going to suck off Jules then crawl around like a puppy for a day. Is that what you’re offering?”

“I can do it,” she said in her innocent voice.

“Anyone can! But will you?”

“It’s better than marching around in heels with that damn spoon in my mouth. At least my mouth would be free and my feet wouldn’t hurt.”

“She may have a point,” Connie said. “But oral sex doesn’t exactly turn me on. And they demand sex on command. That could mean a lot of performances. Does anyone want to endure that just so our feet won’t hurt? Personally, I’d rather march,” she said.

Melanie looked at Megan with kind eyes. “That’s really sweet, but even if Jules would go for it I just can’t let you do that for me. That’s really nice of you though.”

“Well, it was a thought,” she said resignedly.

“I’d do it for you too,” I offered.

“We don’t even know each other. Why would you do that for me?” Melanie asked.

“It’s not for you. It’s for me. I agree with Megan. Marching around like this is annoying at best and painful at worst. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen on my butt. At least if I’m a puppy for a day or two I won’t be getting shocked every fifteen minutes. I can deal with a little humiliation.”

“They feed you through a rubber penis,” Melanie said suddenly. “Think you can deal with that?” she asked angrily.

My eyes opened wide. “That’s sick!”

“It’s not nearly as sick as some of the stuff I haven’t told you about.”

“Like what?”

“They train you to put your tongue between another woman’s legs. They make you suck a rubber cock that ejaculates. And you have to swallow every drop or they shock you between the legs like you’ve never imagined!”

“You went fetal on them, didn’t you?” Carrie asked.

Melanie nodded.

“You poor girl. What level did they hit you with?”

“Three,” she whispered. “I felt like my insides were on fire. I hurt so bad I couldn’t even scream. I couldn’t move. They had to prop me up so I could get the cock in my mouth. They wouldn’t turn it off until I was sucking on that damn thing! Oh my God!” she cried. “They won’t let you say no. They just kept hurting me until I did what they wanted.” Melanie’s voice was strained. She cried and cried. Carrie took her bound hands in hers.

“I did the same thing. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I should have done what they asked. It hurt so much!” she cried.

“I know. But that’s all over. Jules won’t send you back there.”

“Yes he will. If I don’t do what he asks he will. I can’t say no to him.”

“None of us can say no to him, Honey. We all have to say yes. So don’t feel guilty, OK?” Angie said.

Melanie nodded. Her attention suddenly was directed at the clock. “I have to be back in my room in twenty minutes,” she said. “I’m not looking forward to the puppy session. I hate that damn barking routine.”

“I never liked it either,” Carrie noted.

“I said I’ll take your place,” I offered.

“You’re nuts. Suppose they want to put you in the kennel for a few days to learn the trade. Don’t risk it. It’s not worth it. Besides, if some sick fart sees you as a pup they may want to keep you on your knees permanently.”

“That’s true,” Angie said. “Jules already told me that they do that on occasion. They like smaller girls to take on those roles. Megan, don’t let them put you in a kennel. Do not volunteer to take Melanie’s spot. If you do you may be crawling and fetching permanently. I’m sure you don’t want that!”

Megan’s gaze returned to that of the scared, innocent girl. “No. I wouldn’t mind covering for a day or so. But being kept as a dog permanently? No. I don’t think I’d like that at all!”

“Has anyone figured out why they are doing this?” I asked.

“We’ve been trying to figure that out ourselves,” Angie said.

“I just wish I were back in Texas,” Melanie said. “I just got back from visiting my aunt and uncle there. They have fantastic animals. I actually got a chance to ride a race horse. That was some creature. My uncle has been breeding thoroughbreds for twenty years…”

“That’s it!” I said.

“What?” Angie asked.

“Thoroughbreds! That’s the answer. This is an ethnic cleansing plan.”

“You know. You may have something there. Megan, where were your parents born?” Carrie asked.



Newark, New Jersey.”

As we talked we discovered that none of us had any recent ancestry in Europe. All our parents or grandparents came from the U.S. We felt quite proud to have figured this out. Not that it would help much. We were going to be beasts of burden no matter how smart we were. Unless someone had an army on the way we’d be pulling carts or carrying people on our backs before too long.

“I have to get back,” Melanie said. “I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

“We’ll pray for you,” Elaine offered.

Melanie smiled, and then hobbled out of the cafeteria.


“Did you enjoy your little chat?” Jules asked.

“Yes sir. They were all curious.”

“That’s not unusual.”

“I suppose. What do I have to do now?”

“First you’ll please me. On your knees please.”

“Yes sir.”

As Melanie practiced her oral skills on Jules, he mumbled to himself, holding her head between his legs. “I was going to drag you around on a leash but you’ve already lost several days in harness. I think we’ll put you in a corridor for a couple sessions before we go back to the puppy stuff. You need the exercise.

Of course Melanie, with her mouth full of Jules member, couldn’t say anything. All she could do was move in and out as she had practiced over the last few days. Jules was demanding and insisted she do things right. He even shocked her when she let her lips slip off his cock by accident. After she recovered he insisted she start again with gusto. Seeing the remote in his hand, she got the message quickly.

When he released her he compliment her on her performance. “Except for that little bobble, I can’t hardly complain. Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll be done with this little annoyance in a week or so.”

“Yes sir.”

“Call me Jules,” he insisted.

“Yes, Jules. Is there anything else?”

“No. I’ll send a set of domestics and a dog for you shortly. You can march through the evening.”

“Yes, Jules.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”




I heard what the two girls offered to do for Melanie. The collars were wired and I kept them monitored. It was a clear violation. They were interfering with Melanie’s punishment. Anyway, I thought it would be good for them to discover the consequences of their actions and see what a dog goes through. I also agreed that Megan might not be suitable for a pony. She just might have to become a puppy, simply due to her physical size.

I figured on taking care of Megan first. I entered her room to find her lying on her bed, dozing. As I called for two domestics she heard me.

“Hello, Jules. Is it time already?”


“Can’t you do something about this? Can’t I get out of being a horse?”

“As a matter of fact I have something else planned for you tonight. The domestics will be in shortly to dress you.”

“I know.”

“I heard what you offered to do for Melanie,” I informed her.

Her eyes lit up. “You heard me? You bugged the cafeteria.”

“Not exactly. Your collar is wired.”

She stared at me. “It was a dumb idea. Forget I mentioned it,” she said suddenly, fear evident in her voice.

“Actually it was a fantastic idea. I think we’ll try it out for a couple weeks.”

“A couple weeks? Why? We didn’t do anything wrong! No, please. Don’t do this.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have a choice. You screwed up. You can’t interfere with anyone’s punishment. You were monitored by our staff and it was logged and reported. You’re going to the kennels for punishment.”

She stared at me in horror. “I can’t be a dog! Please don’t do this! She was crying when the two latex clad women came in. When they looked at me I had only one word for them. “Kennels.”

They both nodded and retrieved the special gear that was locked in the end closet. Since Megan had been left in her red body suit it was simply a matter of swapping her collar, installing the pointed boots and finally putting the special gloves on her. At that point I turned on the remote and programmed her dildos to link to the collar. She was now a dog.

“Speak,” I said.

Wha…. Ahhhh,” she screamed.

“That’s not what a dog says. Speak!” I commanded.

Arf!” she said in a high pitched, but frightened voice.

“It’s late so we’ll take you directly to the kennels. Diane, get a leash and take her right over. I’ll get Cleo and be right behind you.”

Cleo was already on all fours, crying and pleading. She was being shocked often due to her histrionics. She was mad. She had no idea that offering to take punishment for someone else was an offense. Well, she knew now.

“You’re wondering why? You were told never to interfere with someone’s punishment. I told you that on day one. Then you go and offer to get into a puppy outfit to let Melanie off. Well, you’re going to get your wish. Megan’s going to keep you company.”

Cleo screamed as she tried to curse me. All that came out was a scream of extreme pain. “You need to curb that behavior or you’ll cook your insides. I think a spoon gag is in order,” I said to the domestics. Before long not only was she gagged, she was also hooded and leashed. She was going to the kennels.

Chapter 12


Puppy Love





“Eileen?” I asked as I finally got her on my cell.

“What’s up? How’s are little project doing?”

“She’s pretty much cowed. Got a couple more problems though. Two girls in need of some attention.”

“Send them over. We have plenty of room.”

“They’re already on their way. Their names are Megan and Cleo. Check out Megan. She’s a little small for a horse. Might be better on all fours permanently.”

“Small horses are in demand too, you know.”

“That’s true. With the powered carts I guess they don’t have to be tall. Still, we should think about moving her over. Maybe we should see how well she does before making a decision.”

“Are you going the short route with these two also?”

“No. They need to learn a lesson. I’m not planning on even evaluating them for at least ten days. Besides, I have so much work to do that I doubt I’ll be able to give them even a cursory glance until the middle of next week. You’ll have to get someone to check their progress.”

“I can do that. Excuse me for a second.” There was a pause and some talk in the background. “Jules, they’re here. I’ll…. Hang on a second.” More talk was heard in the background. “This Cleo, she’s Arnie’s pony. Should we tell him?”

“Sure,” I said. “In fact, why don’t you ask him to evaluate her?”

“Consider it done.”




“Can you bark for me?” the woman asked as soon as she saw me.

I looked at her with contempt right up until she took the control from the servant. “Arf!” I said.

“We’ll have to work on that enthusiasm,” she said sarcastically.

Behind me the door opened and another girl crawled beside me. I saw the long tail on her butt and realized it was Cleo. She was wearing a spoon gag and she was obviously pissed. She was shocked three times while I was sitting there.

“You’re an interesting little item,” the woman said. “But no matter. We’ll get you properly up to speed. Take them to cages 303 and 304. They should enjoy watching each other submit. I’m already aware of their profile so there’s no reason they shouldn’t get the standard training. Make sure they get the proper vaginal plugs inserted before they are caged.”

We were taken down the middle aisle quite a distance before coming to our cages. The cages were made of heavy iron. Short leashes were attached to our clits and the vaginal plugs were replaced with ones that sported heavy cables. When they were buttoned into us with the padlocks we were both frightened. The ends of the clit leashes were attached to the tracks and we were pulled inside the cages. It wasn’t until the doors were bolted shut that they removed Cleo’s gag. I felt so sorry for her. It was my entire fault.

“OK, puppies. We’re going to have a little lesson in oral sex. Notice the cocks in front of you. Get used to it. You’re going to learn to love them, literally. I’m going to turn on the system. When I do you’ll immediately start feeling pain in your vaginal canal. That’s your cue to get the cock in your mouth. The only thing that will stop the pain is for you got start sucking it. If you resist, the pain will continue to intensify. If you let it go for thirty seconds the pain will jump in intensity, doubling your agony. Every thirty seconds the pain will double again until you reach level four. At that point the pain will remain steady until you get the cock in your mouth. Got it?” the sadistic bitch asked.

We didn’t have a choice. We barked. It was humiliating.

“Megan, we’ll start you up first. When the pain starts, just put your lips around the cock and start working it. Just don’t touch it with your teeth.”

Eileen walked to the console in front of my cage and played with some controls. I felt the pain almost immediately. I looked at the rubber cock and instantly was revolted by it. The pain grew in intensity. I shook my head. It was a stupid maneuver. I got zapped in the ass for shaking my head. But I continued to resist. Then the pain jumped and I screamed.

“That’s level two,” Elaine said. “You have twenty seconds left before it jumps again. You don’t want that to happen. Unless you like pain I’d suggest you get your lips around your little friend.”

I had had enough. I crawled forward and did the unthinkable. I put my lips around the rubber cock. The pain stopped immediately.

“Good girl,” she praised as I continued to suck on the thing. “Now, you have to work the cock so the lights move into the green. Keep it out of the red and don’t let the scale fall into the yellow any more than a few seconds. And don’t let your teeth touch the cock. That will earn you a big jolt!”

I looked at the lights and kept working the cock. It got hard like a real one. While I was working it, Elaine started Cleo’s system. I glanced to my left and saw that she had taken my lesson to heart. Her lips were working her own cock vigorously.

“That’s great girls. Now, when the system ejaculates, don’t let any spill. There are sensors on the floor. If any spills you’ll hear beeping as a warning. You’ll also start feeling the pain between your legs. Just like the pain that Megan felt, it will double every thirty seconds.”

“I’ll stay with you girls until you switch to pussy licking. I want to make sure you’re doing it right. Oh, one other thing. These cocks tend to leak once you’re done sucking so keep an eye on them while you’re licking the pussy. Megan, get ready. The load will be coming any second.”

I had never done this before and I found it as disgusting an act as I had imagined. Yet the computer watched over me, preventing me from resisting. I couldn’t let the cock fall out of my mouth and I couldn’t let any of the stuff leak from my lips. I had to work the cock until it released its goo. And it did! Oh my God! It was horrible. I swallowed as fast as I could. I actually had to gulp it down. It tasted salty and it had the consistency of slime.

“Keep working it,” she said. “You’re almost done. When the light goes out, suck on it hard for about thirty seconds. Then switch over to the pussy. That won’t be nearly as difficult. Cleo, get ready. Your load is almost there.”

My light went out so I did as I was told. I sucked on the penis until I was sure I was dry. Elaine was paying close attention to Cleo so I was left alone for a moment. When the light went on over the pussy I started working on it. That’s when Cleo started groaning.

“You should work harder to get it all down. Get your tongue to work on the floor. If it’s not cleaned up in thirty seconds the pain will double.”

I heard animal-like grunting from Cleo’s cage. I couldn’t glance her way for fear of suffering a painful shock between my legs. All I could do was listen to her. Then she screamed and I knew she had not made the thirty second time limit. I guess she had to learn just as I had.

A few minutes later I heard our tormenter praise Cleo. “I think you have the hang of it now. The dildos between your leg will make sure you follow the rules. I’ll be back in a couple hours to see how you’re doing. Just keep doing your duty and you’ll be fine.”




I wanted to cry. This was horrible. I was licking a rubber pussy and I had just let a rubber cock squirt into my mouth. When the stuff dribbled from my lips they made me lick the slime off the floor. My God, how that dildo hurt. They had shocked me hard before but it never felt so bad as that device between my legs. And Eileen said that it could quadruple? Sweet Jesus!

I didn’t have time to sulk because if I lost concentration the damn thing would zap me again. All I could do was lick and suck. The cycle continued for hours without relieve or pause. We just kept attending to the genitalia in front of us. They were conditioning us well.




Eileen called me in the morning to tell me that they had my pony in the kennel. “What did she do?” I asked, expecting an escape attempt or some other serious infraction. When she explained the reason I began to stew. Instead though, I held my anger and simply asked for the trainer.

“Jules authorized it,” Eileen informed me. “I think he got the word from the surveillance office. But I can’t be sure.”

Obviously Eileen was just following orders herself. I’d have to check with Jules and find out what was going on. One thing was certain. The girls didn’t deserve the treatment they were getting. I’d have to fix this bungle.

I had Jules’ cell phone number and called him immediately. I held a civil tongue, informing him that the punishment was too severe for the incident in question.

“I was just following orders. Tara ordered them both to the kennels,” he informed me.

“You should have called me,” I told him.

“Do you want me to pull them out?” he asked.

“I’ll take care of it after I talk to Tara. If Tara wants any girl put in the kennels from now on call me. I’ll authorize or deny it.”

“Understood. I’ll pass everything by you first. I’m sorry for causing you so much grief,” he apologized.

“It’s not your fault. You were only following orders. Stop by my office around noon. We’ll do lunch. I want to discuss some things with you.”

“I can do that. I’ll see you at noon.”

Tara’s office was around the corner. I entered the large red building and made my way through the lobby. The operations room was as big as a warehouse. Each aisle had a bank of computer terminals on either side. Each was manned by operators who kept track of the women in training. The operators were each assigned an area. Any female entering the area would be watched and listened to. If an area was empty the computer reassigned them.

This was the room where ponies were watched for proper form. This was where punishment signals were sent out when the ponies didn’t lift their knees properly or hold their head high. It was also the place where the decision was made to punish those who violated the rules.

Tara was staring over the shoulder of a black haired gentleman who was pointing to an image of a pony girl that was marching along one of the paths. “She’s OK for now but watch her,” she said. “If her knees drop again, zap her.”

“Not a problem,” the young man said.

I caught her by surprise. “Hi, Babe. We need to talk,” I said to her.

When we entered the office she turned around and smiled at me. Then she wrapped her arms around me and our lips met in a mad blissful kiss. “God, I missed that!” she said.

I smiled back at her. Her long black hair was amazingly gorgeous. It hung down past her ass. Her nose was just a bit long but her bright eyes lit up the room. I loved her and remembered our wedding night. She was amazing in bed and I immediately thought about this evening.

But I had serious matters to discuss. “What do you know about those two ponies in Block 23B?” I asked.

“23B? Oh, those are the ones who tried to make that other pony’s punishment easier. What about them?”

“One of them is destined for our stables. After Jules described the incidents I thought that you might have been excessive.”

“Excessive? I don’t think so but if you want to listen to the audio I don’t have any objection.”

“Yea, go ahead. I just want to make sure that they deserved the treatment.”

“Hang on. I’ll punch it up.”

It only took a couple key pressed to bring up the file. I listened to the digital audio. It gave me time to calm down. I wanted to give her a fair shake and make sure the punishment was justified. I didn’t really want to argue with her anyway.

I listened to the entire conversation and scratched my chin. “There was no intent,” I pointed out.

“I was always under the impression that you liked us to nip this sort of thing in the bud. Yea, maybe it’s a little heavy but we always lean toward being safe rather than sorry. I don’t have a problem if you want to reverse me. I really didn’t feel too strongly about this one anyway. It’s not like they meant to break the rules.”

I scratched my chin and thought for a moment. “I’d rather have that Cleo marching. Being put in the kennels takes away from her pony training, and that’s the real point of this exercise.”

“So you’re taking them both out?”

“I think so. They’re not going to be puppies. We need them for transportation. Our stable’s getting a little thin.”

“I suppose you have a point. Do you want me to call Jules?”

“If you don’t mind… I’ll let Eileen know.”

We kissed. I knew she was a busy supervisor but she was very good. That’s why I married her. We hardly ever argued. Ten years of marriage and we still felt like newlyweds. I smiled as I walked back to the kennels.


I had one of those administrative meetings so I couldn’t pick up the girls until late in the afternoon. That would work out well. A day or two in the kennels wasn’t really going to harm them and might make them a little more enthusiastic about being good ponies. Jules was tied up too with all sorts of meetings and his obligatory management of his pod.

By the time I got to the kennels it was nearly five in the afternoon. Eileen told me over the phone that they were both at the runs. Her domestic, Jennifer, had them and was going to play fetch with them, which was standard conditioning.

As I talked on the phone with her I made my way to the dog runs. I told Eileen of our decision. She was not happy. This was the second time she had gone through the trouble of shoehorning ponies into the system only to have their stay cut short for one reason or another.

“I can’t really help it. They really didn’t deserve this. Besides, I need the one girl up to speed in six weeks. I can’t really afford to have her training set back.”

“I understand,” she said. “I just don’t like having my plans changed.”

“Well, I have a special puppy coming to you in a few days. I’m sure you’ll want to take personal charge of this one.”

“Really? What’s so special about her? Is she tiny and cute?” she asked intently.

“No, she’s old and stubborn. You’re getting the princess.”

“Princess? What princess?”

“THE PRINCESS,” I enunciated loudly.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. The PM said to put her in an outfit for six weeks and make her bark.”

“I can’t do it! She’ll have my head when she gets out of her outfit.”

“The PM promised that no one will suffer for her treatment. She’ll be over in a few days. Treat her just like any other puppy. Don’t spare her and don’t treat her any worse. Just let the automated systems do the job, just like you always do.

“I can’t get away from this, can I?”

“Nope.” I said.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to make her into a puppy. I’ll make the arrangements.”

Thanks,” I said.

The walk to the dog runs took some time. Although I had become used to the sight of pony and puppy girls it still amazed me that we could produce them on such a large scale. I was quite proud of the staff. The organized effort they provided produced some fine stock for the country’s benefit.

The ponies were the most obvious feature of the landscape. Hundreds of girls were marching on the concrete paths, each bound and dressed in the standard outfit. They all wore hoof boots, arm binders, and hoods. The spoon gag was used on each girl. Each would certainly make a fine personal or taxi pony, I was sure.

Some ponies were pretty tall. I saw one exceed six feet three. Her long blonde hair cascaded out of the top of her hood and reached her ass. Her tail rose from her ass and trailed behind her, flowing and swaying as she marched. In fact, the majority of our ponies had similar traits. Each was a marvelous example of submissive womanhood.

The puppies were a different matter altogether. These girls were destined for something much less pleasant. In the miniature communities of this country they were highly valued. But in our northern neighbor’s land they were quite commonplace. However since the supply was kept small the profit margin was still quite acceptable. For the state it was a win-win situation.

I found Jennifer on the training field with the girl named Megan. Jennifer was not wearing the hood or gag. Kennel domestics weren’t required to wear them because they had to give vocal commands. Jennifer was actually a very beautiful woman of around forty. Her long straight red hair went to her shoulder blades and her lips were painted with a deep red lipstick.

She was playing fetch with the girl, teaching her to stay until the order was given to fetch. I watched the puppy’s performance. For her first day it was not bad at all. I thought her enthusiasm was lacking but since it was the first day it was expected. Further training would have brought her around if I hadn’t made arrangements to put her back in the pod.

“Are you Jennifer?” I asked her, knowing that she was.

“Yes, sir,” she responded.

“This is one of the two ponies being punished, correct?”

“That’s right. The other is in track 55. I was going to swap them in a few minutes. Is there a problem?”

“I need you to take them back to the stables, Pod 23B. Give them to the domestics and have them put back into their cells. We’re suspending the puppy training and putting them back in harness.”

She didn’t question me or ask the reason. She simply said, “Yes, Sir.” She then told her charge to “Heel.” She walked away with Megan in tow.

I walked back to Pod 23 while Jennifer retrieved Cleo. I met up with Jules and explained the situation. He said he had a meeting in fifteen minutes and wouldn’t be able to check on the girls till later in the day. He really would have liked to greet them. I offered to help by being there in his place.

When the girls arrived I had them both put in Megan’s room for convenience. The pod’s domestics took over, allowing Jennifer to return to her own duties. I watched the tight latex pants stride away as she turned and left. She was amazing!

Both girls sat like trained puppies with their hands in front of their knees. The domestics held their leashes and kept them steady and under control. I’m sure Megan knew what was going to happen but unless Jennifer had given Cleo some hint she was unaware that the punishment was over. It was time to tell them.

“Hello, Girls,” I said. “Was the kennel tour as horrible as you imagined it?” I asked.

The both barked loudly.

“Would you like to be ponies rather than puppies?”

Arf!” I heard each respond.

“Good. Most girls agree that being a puppy is not nearly as pleasant as being a horse. So I assume you’ll both do your best in your new roles. Can I make that assumption?”

Arf!” they replied.

“I think we can drop the bark sensors. Ladies, let’s have each of the remotes.”

I took each remote and punched the master code to bring up the anti-speech settings. I turned off the bark and the query sensors. “Cleo, you can speak normally again,” I informed her. A moment later I had turned off Megan’s collar as well.

“Stay on your knees. I want to ask you some questions.” The girls sat and waited patiently. I towered over them. To make a better connection with them I sat on the bed and beckoned them to me.

“Do you girls understand why we did this to you?”

“No, Sir,” Cleo replied. “All we did was offer to take Melanie’s place.”

“That’s right, Sir,” Megan replied. “We didn’t mean any harm by it. We weren’t trying to escape or get out of being ponies.”

“I know. The monitors thought you were out of bounds though. They thought you were trying to make Melanie’s punishment easier.”

“I didn’t know it was such a big deal. Otherwise I would have never offered. I swear I’ll never do that again,” Megan said.

“Me neither. If someone’s getting punished it’s their own problem.”

“I’m not going to admit that there was really a mistake here but we’re not going to keep you in the kennels for two weeks. We’re letting you out now. I’m countermanding the order.”

Cleo looked up at me. “Thank you, Sir,” she said. Megan thanked me as well.

“I want each of you to promise me that you’ll do everything in your power to be good ponies. I don’t want any bullshit for either of you. Jules is a very dedicated trainer and a good friend of mine. He’s got six kids to feed and he has hardly any free time to himself. I don’t want any of you giving him any more to worry about than he already has. So from this point forward you’ll do as you’re told. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” they both replied.

“Good. Megan, one last detail.”

“Yes, Sir?”

“Offer to suck off Jules the next time you see him. In fact, from this point forward you’ll suck him off any time he asks.”

“I thought ponies didn’t have to….”

“You’re on parole. My rules,” I said.

She looked at me for a moment and quietly agreed. “I’ll do as you ask,” she said.

“Good. Cleo, Heel!”

We returned to her room.



Chapter 13


Weeks of Hardship




It was a difficult time for all of us. For the next several weeks we were dressed in our pony outfits and put through two sessions in the corridors. Twice a day we had to march down the corridors with our legs sheathed in leather boots and every orifice filled. Our mouths were stuffed with that damn spoon gag and both our lower openings carried electrified dildos. Because of their ever present capability to shock us we had to obey. We had to march like trained circus animals.

After a few days of marching I realized that I was beginning to get the hang of it. I no longer fell. My balance improved markedly and I hardly ever got warned through the signals in my dildo that I was losing my form. I got the feeling that the other girls were getting the hang of it too, although Megan and Melanie still showed signs of bruising from the falls they obviously had not avoided.

It was after the first two weeks that we lost two girls. Carrie and Brenda simply weren’t there one day. I asked Jules about it and he told me they were shipped out. He didn’t know where but he assured me that they’d be well taken care of. He also told me that there would be two new girls coming in on the following Monday. I pitied them and prepared mentally for the tears that were sure to come from them.

There was a lot to pity to go around. We pitied each other for our own hardships. We pitied ourselves because we knew our future was so depressing and degrading. But most of all we pitied the kennel girls. Their lives were so horrible that we were almost glad we were chosen as ponies. I still remembered that day in the kennel. I was so glad that I wasn’t selected for that role.

Jules took good care of us. He had a number of assistants but he ran the pod. Every day he’d make sure we were well groomed. When we didn’t want to talk he’d make us talk to him, just so we wouldn’t dwell on our current situation. He simply wouldn’t let us fall into the doldrums. Even with the sad state of affairs he expected us to enjoy some element of our lives.

Unfortunately he had to maintain discipline as well. When one day Bonnie decided to lash out and try to prevent the domestic girls from installing the harness Jules had no choice but to apply such discipline. Soon we heard the barking sounds coming from her as she rushed up and down the hallway. It was so upsetting to us that we began to avoid the break room so we wouldn’t have to hear her. Melanie seemed to take it the worst. The truly sad thing was that we knew the other element of her training first hand. We knew she’d learn tricks not normally taught to dogs. We could only imagine her torment.

After two weeks some things did change for us. First, they started lining the marching corridors with thick mattresses so that we wouldn’t be bruised when we did fall. We’d have to make sure to fall to one side or the other. The disadvantage was that the path was reduced in width to only two feet wide. That meant we had to march much straighter when we went down the corridors. Of course with my arms bound behind me I soon discovered just how susceptible I was to being toppled by even the slightest brush with the mattresses. I soon learned to keep my feet in the center of the path.

After three weeks I was taken outside and put on the concrete paths. After having been taught for so long how to lift my knees, I hardly ever walked while in my outfit without doing so. Jules insisted that I pump my knees whenever I wasn’t bound. In fact, he even changed my chains so that I didn’t have to wear ankle manacles. The deal was that I had to lift my knees all the time. He said his crew would watch me carefully.

I marched around the paths without the threat of any automated system punishing me. Instead there were human monitors that watched us through the myriad of cameras that dominated the facility. If I didn’t lift my knees high enough or if I stopped without permission someone would push a button and zap me. I’d never know their face or their name. But I’d surely feel their sting.

I soon learned to march for longer periods of time. Jules told me that the rest periods, spent on the horses that were positioned around the paths, would be governed by my exhaustion level. As I tired there would be more rest stops. By the end of week four I was marching a full twenty minutes without difficulty.

I should make mention of the new girls we got in week three. The new girls that came in during that week were quite young and very frightened. One was named Cassie and the other was named Tony. Tony had long black hair and Cassie had short blonde hair. They were both upset to no end. In time I knew they’d adjust. But before we even had them for two days they were sent to the kennels for fighting with the domestics. Soon there were three girls barking in the halls. And we’d have to endure listening to the sound of barking for a full two weeks more!

Then we heard that Melanie got caught trying to escape. “Dammit!” I said to the group sitting at the table. “Didn’t she learn anything?”

Jules gave us the scoop. She had tried to slip into a supply truck while she thought no one was looking. Hadn’t she learned that someone always was looking? Apparently not.

Jules told us that she’d have to complete her training as a pony in a timely manner. Since puppy training took away from the time that she’d march, it was decided that she’d perform double duty. She’d spend her afternoons in the kennels suffering all the indignation that went along with that role. But, she’d still spend her mornings and evening marching on the paths or in the corridors.

Melanie had learned her lesson after the first day but she had a full two weeks to go for her punishment to be fulfilled. She did have one hour to eat lunch but she had to eat it out of a doggie dish. We had to watch her humiliate herself in the process. She didn’t have any chance to speak to us during the two weeks of punishment. It was just one more little lesson taught to anyone who happened to be considering disobedience.

It was only after the fourth week that they put me on a cart. As before I had my arms pushed into a leather sleeves. Thankfully my hips were stabilized by the pull bars, which were connected to a harness that was attached a wide leather belt. But there was one thankful thing about the ordeal. I no longer had to wear the spoon gag. Instead I had to wear a bit and bridle. While I found this humiliating it was so much more comfortable that I actually was grateful! At least I didn’t need to keep my tongue extended while I marched.


Dina, puppy girl:


After two weeks of crawling on hands and knees, being taught tricks, and barking like a dog, I thought that things couldn’t get any worse. In that time I had slowly begun to resent my predicament due to the frustrating fact that there was nothing I could do to get out of this mess. I was a puppy and I had no chance of escaping.

After only a few days in my outfit I discovered that they had replaced my partner. What a surprise it was to find the princess kneeling across from me. And if you thought I was upset over my role as puppy, you should have seen her! She just didn’t want to have any part of this adventure. She suffered for her attitude. Harmony would have no part of it. The princess did scream! But it wasn’t a scream for freedom. It was simple and pure punishment. She took a lot of hits before she learned.

For two weeks we continued to be treated to the dog runs and the fetching. After a few days of playing Harmony introduced us to the cock jack. This was a toy that we had to pick up with our mouths. It resembled a spiked ball. But the spikes had been replaced with human cocks. We had to pull it into our mouths and present it to her. I didn’t like doing it one bit but I did as I was taught.

She also began teaching us to stay until commanded to fetch. It was one more way to control us. We’d sit patiently while she’d throw a toy into the field. Then she’d call us by name and tell us to “Fetch!” We had to bark then run off and get the item, presenting it to her by begging with our hands held at our side. It got old very quickly.

Anyway, I didn’t really want to discuss the next part because it is so upsetting. After the second week the princess was replaced by another girl. She had long black hair and she cried even more than the original Blackie.. But what they did to me was enough that I’d never forget the horror.

For the past two weeks all I had to do was physical stuff such as crawling and fetching. There was the obvious display of my breasts bulging from the uniform but there wasn’t any sexual activity. Even the dildo in my sex wasn’t intended as a sexual stimulant. It was a punishment device. I got no joy from having it placed inside me.

But on that day during the third week I was taken to the kennels. I always thought that the area where I was staying was considered the kennels but during those two weeks I began to put together enough information that I realized that the kennels were something entirely separate. But it wasn’t until that third week that I discovered the horror that the kennels represented!

I followed obediently on a leash. The use of the leash was somewhat unusual for me because I had been very cooperative. Harmony hadn’t used the leash in over a week. I knew I couldn’t run off with her holding that remote. But I didn’t think much of it until we entered the large warehouse. The sight of the cages and what the girls were doing inside them made me sick to my stomach. They couldn’t make me do that! I wanted to scream but the spoon gag kept me silent. All I could do was let the tears well in my eyes.

Harmony handed my leash to a woman who was dressed in a shiny black outfit. “Hello, Sweetheart. I’m Chelsea,” she introduced herself. “I’m going to be your trainer for the next few weeks.”

I looked up at her with fear. I knew the path this would lead down and I was so frightened and upset that I could hardly concentrate on her words. I knew that they were going to make me open my mouth and use it for sex. I started to whimper. I guess that wasn’t allowed either because I got a shock for my behavior. I’d have to cry silently.

After we had walked for a short distance we entered the prep room. In the room were a cage and some tables. “What’s that doing here?” Harmony asked.

“The repair crew hasn’t had a chance to install it. We had three break down last week. The cages tend to get a lot of use.”

“Yea, I suppose they do. This one is pretty docile. She’s taken her training fairly well so you can pretty much depend on her to obey your commands.”

“Good. I hate when I have to use extreme measures to bring them in line. Anyway, we have a busy day ahead of us so let’s get the formalities out of the way.” She redirected her attention to me and said, “Harmony’s going to insert the new plug into your sex. Don’t be afraid. As long as you cooperate you won’t have to worry about it.”

Harmony unfastened the belt and replaced the plug. Once the belt was replaced I had a long cable trailing behind me. She also attached a short leash to my clit ring while she was bent over me. “She’s all ready,” Harmony said. “Call me when she’s been acclimated.”

So I was left with Chelsea and the ordeal began. “You’re frightened, aren’t you?” she asked.

Arf,” I said as I looked up at her.

“Well, that’s just the way things have to be. Now, let’s get you in a cage and we’ll get started. Heel!”

She led me out into the auditorium and down the middle aisle. I immediately noticed the sounds of all the girls grunting as they struggled to please the artificial cocks that were in their mouths. I could barely stand it. The sounds alone made me sick to my stomach. I tried to keep my eyes looking straight ahead. I just didn’t want to look at them. As we continued down the aisle, passing cage after cage, Chelsea spoke of the girls. “This is all new to you, I’m sure. The true purpose of a puppy is to please men and women with her mouth. Each of these girls is going through the same training that you’re going to endure.  They usually stay in these cages for about four weeks. We take them out daily for exercise in the dog runs and we teach them fetching tricks. But the real training occurs here. Oh, here’s your cage. Come along.”

On command I crawled up to the open end of the cage and stopped at the foot of the enclosure. Chelsea reached under me and connected the clit leash. Once it was secured she disconnected the main leash from my collar.. When she pressed the button the leash moved forward, dragging me inside. I had to follow. Finally she plugged the cable into the waiting socket.

I was now staring at male and female genitals. I didn’t know how I was going to get that thing in my mouth. It looked so real. But I knew I had to do it. I had to put it in my mouth or I’d get punished. I knew that these women didn’t want to be here. They didn’t want to be trained to be whores. So there had to be some sort of threat involved. I didn’t want to be hurt anymore so I had to find a way to obey.

I heard the door lock. It was redundant anyway. I couldn’t disconnect the leash from my crotch with these gloves on. I certainly couldn’t work any latch with these fingerless mittens. And I couldn’t run away from this nightmare with these pointed boots on my feet.

“OK, Honey. Let’s get started. In front of you is a dick and a pussy. There are lights above each. When the lights come on you are to suck the cock or lick the pussy aggressively enough so that the green lights stay lit. If you don’t move fast enough the lights will drop into the yellow and then the red. You’re allowed five seconds in the yellow before you get punished. If the lights drop to the red you’ll feel pain between your legs immediately. Understand so far?”

Arf!” I barked.

“Good. The cock is only a six inch job so you won’t have to deep throat it in order to massage the entire length. You have to work the entire length of the cock and you must maintain suction. As you work it the cock will stiffen and behave like a real one. When you work it properly it will ejaculate into your mouth. There are sensors on the floor and you must keep the stuff off the floor. If you do spill any, even one drop, you’ll have to lick it up. As an incentive the pussy dildo will come on with a mild pain to prompt you into action. You have thirty seconds to clean it up before the pain jumps to the next level. Trust me. That really hurts. Oh, and that dildo between your legs can’t cause any physical damage. That means that no matter how much it hurts you won’t pass out and your pussy won’t be burned. It’s a hypersonic stimulator. So it can’t burn you like the electrical inserts can.”

Chelsea walked to the console in front of the cage and pressed a few buttons. “OK. Get ready,” she warned. Immediately I began feeling the pain between my legs. I saw the lights turn on above the cock and moved toward it. The pain seemed to be getting worse. “Get it in your mouth and the pain will stop,” she said.

I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around it. Oh, God! How I hated this. Suddenly I just froze. I looked at the lights on the panel and it glowed red suddenly. I felt the pain. It wasn’t starting small and ramping up. It hit me like a hot poker between my legs. “Ahhhhh!” I screamed, letting the dick pop out of my mouth. Chelsea yelled at me, telling me to get it back in my mouth. I was so stunned by the pain between my legs that I could hardly move. I began to shake and nearly collapsed to the floor. Instead I gathered my strength an pulled the cock back into my mouth. Thankfully, the pain went away.

“You have to work it,” Chelsea said. “Run your lips along the entire length. Keep suction on it too. If you don’t keep moving your lips you’ll get zapped again.”

Chelsea continued to coach me, telling me to put the phallus deeper into my mouth. “It’s going to touch the back of your throat,” she said. “When you get comfortable with this one we’ll move to a longer one so can learn to deep-throat. Don’t worry about that now. Just keep working. You’re doing just fine.”

Chelsea noticed the cock hardening. She warned me to move my lips to the tip and keep sucking. “Get ready. Make sure you don’t spill any,” she warned.

And sure enough the cock squirted into my mouth. There was a lot of slime and I tried to swallow it. I choked though and spilled some on the floor. I immediately heard the buzzer and felt the pain. It was pretty mild, feeling like sunburn between my legs. Chelsea yelled at me to suck the last of the stuff out of the cock. Then she told me to lick up the mess. “Hurry up. If you don’t get it all up in thirty seconds you’ll really feel it. Well, I somehow managed to clean up all the droplets in the time allotted. While the pain was fierce, it didn’t jump in intensity.

In the interim the cock went limp. With the buzzer turned off I knew I was safe. I thanked God for that. “You should learn to swallow quickly. There’s more stuff than can fit in your mouth so you have to swallow while you’re sucking it out. When the cock goes limp you should make sure you suck it dry it doesn’t drip while you’re licking pussy. Understand?”

I barked as taught. This was really going to be my worst nightmare!

Licking the rubber pussy was nothing compared to the cock. Chelsea coached me to get my tongue deep into it and linger at the top. I did as she instructed. There was a slight salty taste to it, I assumed to simulate the real thing. All I did was lick and watch the lights. I didn’t seem to have any problem keeping them in the green.

After a few minutes the lights on the cock came on again and the cycle repeated itself. This time I did everything correctly. I let the cock go deep into my mouth and kept my lips and tongue moving along its length. When the stuff came out I swallowed quickly and didn’t spill any.

Chelsea seemed satisfied and walked to the console. “I’m increasing the resistance a notch. You’ll have to work just a little harder to satisfy the system. Remember. When you’re sucking cock, the highest scoring area is next to the base. The deeper the cock goes in your mouth the better your score will be. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. I’ll be back in a few hours to see how you’re doing.”

When I started licking the pussy the green lights wouldn’t peg to the top. Instead they tended to linger in the middle of the range. I didn’t have to work too hard to get results but I did have to keep my tongue moving over the entire length in order to satisfy it.

It was when I had to suck the cock again that I realized just how much more demanding the system was going to be. Now I had to move quite quickly in order to satisfy it. I also had to make sure I got my lips to the base of the thing or the lights immediately dropped to the yellow mark. I got zapped a couple times to enforce this rule. Now I knew why all the girls were working so hard. If I didn’t want to be punished I had to learn the same technique.

I spent the next two hours going back and forth between male and female genitalia. By the end of those two hours I was completely broken. I was fully accustomed to sucking cock or licking pussy. I knew I’d be as docile as a newborn kitten.

A woman arrived, dressed from the neck down in black latex. As I licked the pussy I watched her approach the console. Suddenly the lights went out. I next heard the door behind me swing open. Next I felt a tug on my clit as the slide pulled on my leash, dragging me out of the cage. The woman clipped a leash to my collar and told me to heel. I did without resistance.

We walked over to a concrete fire hydrant and I was allowed to relieve myself against it. Several girls were waiting in a series of lines awaiting the opportunity to do the same. Thankfully the cabled dildo was removed from my crotch and the regular one was inserted in its place.

The woman never announced her name to me. All she did was take me to a field where we practiced fetching and doing other tricks. She made me catch Frisbees, rubber balls, and the infamous cock jack, which was a ball with eight phalluses sticking out of it. Compared to the earlier ordeal this was a piece of cake!


I spent the next four weeks doing essentially the same thing. Either I was forced to attend to my two rubber friends or I’d have to play fetch or walk in the dog runs. Four weeks of hell had turned me into their idea of a sex pet. Terms like sick and depraved no longer meant anything to me. All I thought about was opening my mouth and pleasing the person holding my leash. Four weeks had transformed me completely.

After four weeks I was now a trusted puppy. They now gave me the duty of leading ponygirls to their assigned areas. They gave me a bit and some reins and I pulled the girls along. At first they kept a domestic near me as a guide. She’d be gagged so she had to use hand signals. When the girl was put into the corridor or onto the concrete path I’d be released and told to return to the kennels or the cage corridor. Sometimes I was ordered to go to the dog runs. I always followed orders, knowing that they were watching me with cameras the entire time.

During the next two weeks if I had to show my oral talents it was done on the real thing. Harmony and Arnie seemed to test my enthusiasm for the task most often. However, there were several other men and women who tested my talents as well. I never knew their names. All I knew was that I had to open my mouth and lick the women and suck the men. Before long it was nothing more than a physical act to me. I no longer cared about hating or liking it. I just did it.

After six weeks I was completely broken to the point that I was ready for graduation. This consisted of a new outfit made out of dark blue latex. My entire body was encased in it. My head was even covered in the shiny material. My boots were changed to a gold colored set as were my arm coverings. The attendants brushed my ponytail and my dog tail until they shined. I also was treated to a new gold collar with beautiful green emeralds on it. Like its predecessor it featured all the electronics to keep me behaving like a dog. Well, that was to be expected.




One by one our numbers were replaced. Girls disappeared and were replaced by new recruits. Those that were experienced calmed the nerves of the new girls. We all took the job on reluctantly but acclimated ourselves to the task. We all learned how to be psychologists over those few weeks.

Some girls wouldn’t take the hint and ended up in the kennels. I had learned my lesson. These girls, there were two in particular that needed a heavy dose of discipline, needed the full treatment to bring them into line. Jules showed no mercy. They spent three weeks on their knees. The remaining girls got very upset as they had to listen to the incessant barking and scampering. I had seen it enough that I was pretty much immune to it.

After the fourth week they started putting me on the carts. In a way, this was good news because of the bit and bridle. Since I needed to wear these items, so they could control me, they had to take out the spoon gag. I didn’t mind holding the leather rod in my teeth. It was a lot more comfortable than having to stick my tongue into the hole in that awful gag!

My hair had grown to an unbelievable length in the short time I had been here. My hair had grown to my ass! I must have had hair that was over three feet long. My hair had lightened a shade too. I was grateful that the girls combed it for me. The problem was that it took a long time to wash, dry, and comb. I was kept chained in the shower during the washing process. Once my hair was dry enough to handle they took me out into the main room and clipped my collar to hanging chains so they could bend me at the waist and comb my hair from the bottom up. I hated this part because it often took fifteen to twenty minutes even with three girls combing my hair.

My tail had grown unbelievably bushy. It hung to the floor, curling upward before draping down across my ass. I had some control over it but it often seemed to swish on its own quite often. Often I didn’t even realize it was moving until I felt it hit my legs. It was a demeaning thing to have hanging from my ass. But it was now mine. I had to think of it as an appendage rather than something tacked onto my butt. I really didn’t like it but it was going to be there until someone surgically removed it, if they ever did!

Each day would now be started by a delivered breakfast followed by washing and grooming. Now that I didn’t have to wear the spoon gag I was delivered breakfast first. It consisted of a bowl of cereal and a piece of fruit. Afterwards I was washed, groomed, and dressed. My arms were pinned behind my back with a leather arm binder. Then they put a hood on my head along with a bridle. Various accessories were added such as bells, the control dildos, and the collar. Finally the inserted the bit into my mouth and activated the collar so that I had to make sounds like a horse. I hated that too!

Once I was in uniform I had to lift my knees whenever I walked. Wherever I walked I had to lift my knees. A dog girl led me to my destination, often without the aid of a supervising person. Sometimes we ended up at a training corridor, sometimes at a concrete path, and now, after my fourth week, the track.

There was always an attendant waiting for me at the track. Now that I had four weeks in training, my task was cart training. The carts were powered so pulling them was nothing more than an effort in guiding them. They were ingenious. The pace was controlled by the tension on the pull bars. All I had to do was walk and the cart would follow. There was hardly any weight that I had to carry. All I had to do was pull with a few pounds of force and the cart moved. If I stopped the cart would brake. It would push me for a step or two but I couldn’t possibly be run over by it.

By the end of week five my endurance was unbelievable. I could trot nearly two miles without rest. They tested my endurance by putting me on the cart and having me pull until I was tired. They didn’t tell me that they were testing me but I had to keep trotting until I just couldn’t walk any more. I did seven and a half laps! Afterwards they told me how far I had marched. Pulling a cart and walking in these goofy boots I had walked two miles. That was crazy!

On my last day they brought a new outfit, a deep blue one. I no longer wore red. My entire outfit, corset, boots, bridle, and bit, were made of navy blue colored leather. The collar was made of gold leather with green emeralds.

I was so grateful to leave this complex for the final time, even if it meant a lifetime of being a ponygirl. It was six weeks of hell. I had suffered the indignation of being forced to act like an animal. I had seen others being treated even worse. I had seen the girls being trained in the kennels. I pitied them so much. I pitied myself!




President Emil Rothschild XXIII:


We had been invited to Prime Minister Horwath’s dinner on short notice. Our two countries had been at war only three years ago. While Grumm and Horwathia were of similar cultures and backgrounds, we did have our suspicions of each other. Our differences had been resolved several months ago when he offered six beautiful girls to us as a peace offering. We realized that our petty squabbles were gaining us no ground and, in fact, were costing both our countries billions for unnecessary expenditures on our armies. It was insane. We could make much better use of our resources.

After hearing of the program that Minister Horwath had endorsed in his country I immediately began looking into the possibility of establishing a training facility in our own country. Grumm’s population was primarily pure, perhaps because the rugged terrain wasn’t nearly as hospitable for the soft Americans. Horwath had a large Euro-American base to enslave. Therefore we would have to use their population until we could attract unsuspecting tourists to come here.

Arnie was the architect of the Horwathia facilities and through political channels we requested that the Prime Minister endorse his employment with us. There were a number of meetings with the Horwathia leader but the end result was quite acceptable to all. The agreement only helped cement our relationship and put us on a path toward true friendship.

Sigmund was actually a very interesting individual. I soon discovered that he enjoyed the look of bound women as much as I did. We both enjoyed talking about the training methods that were employed in the camp. Arnie provided us with video, giving us reports on the progress of the girls. He even provided us with secure live feeds of prospective candidates. We could choose a girl from right off the street without her knowing about it till the last second!

Arnie was a genius. There was no way around that fact. His skill at determining the best method for breaking these women and transforming them into pets and ponies was quite remarkable. He knew what they were going through. He knew what it took to make them do as he wished. He even knew how long each phase would take based on just a few observations. And he was hardly ever wrong.


We arrived at the 19th century castle around six that evening. I wanted to arrive in our ponygirl drawn coach but the distance would have been far too long. The Airport was over thirty miles away. Besides, we were being pelted daily with freezing rain and high winds. We left our girls home and instead just took four latex clad servants.

My wife was gorgeous in her blue velvet gown. She also wore a pearl choker and earrings. I had never seen her look so incredible!

We were greeted by two men and two women. The women were dressed in gold latex outfits that left no part of their bodies exposed. The women’s mouths were hidden behind flat masks that offered only holes for their nostrils. Even their eyes were covered by plastic lenses.

As the men led us to the reception area we noticed that every female servant was dressed in gold latex. Most wore hoods and masks but quite a few did not. Those that did not looked to be in their mid-forties to early fifties. The most amazing feature present on every female though was the presence of a tail. Some tails were long and others were quite short. When I asked one of the servants about this he said that each had previously been a pony or pet. So that explained it!

As honored guests we were taken directly to the front of the receiving line. My wife was greeted by Princess Cassandra while the Prime Minister shook my hand heartily. “I’m so grateful that you could make it, my friend,” Prime Minister Horwath exclaimed. “This horrific weather has put a strain on all our resources.”

“It’s the same in our country, although we’re dealing with large drifts of snow. Personally I’d rather have snow than this type of weather. Princess, how are you doing?” I asked.

“I am well, Mr. President.”

“Did you really spend two weeks on your hands and knees acting like a dog?” the first lady of Grumm asked.

“Closer to four actually. I can’t say I recommend it though. The accommodations are not up to our standards,” she quipped.

We all laughed but I noticed that her smile was subdued. She must have gone through hell, I realized. As we talked I found that she avoided the subject often. My wife, not known for her sensibility, kept pressing her on the subject. It must have been increasingly annoying for Cassandra to have to dodge the subject. So I decided to help.

“Dorothy, if you’re so interested in her experiences perhaps you might enjoy a tour. I’m certain our hostess would enjoy showing the kennels. If that isn’t sufficient, perhaps you’d like to spend a couple weeks there to learn first hand what these girls go through.”

“No!” Cassandra warned. “You don’t want any part of that life.”

Dorothy looked at Cassandra and realized what her husband was suggesting. “I suppose I should quit while I’m ahead. I didn’t realize you suffered so much, Cassandra. I apologize. I won’t bring the subject up again.”

“It’s OK. The memories of those weeks are still pretty fresh in my mind.”

A steward behind the Prime Minister spoke up. “Your Excellency, the line grows quite long. Perhaps we could arrange a more formal meeting a short while later.”

“Yes, of course. If you’ll pardon me, feel free to mingle. Arnie is wandering around somewhere. If there is time I will have someone bring you to my personal study when we are finished with these proceedings.”

“Of course,” I replied.

My wife and I separated. She went looking for the bar and I went looking for Arnie. I found him sitting at a table talking to his wife. He spotted me as I approached. “Mr. President,” he greeted.

His wife was stunning. That long black hair cascaded down over her shoulders in ripples of loveliness. She had obviously used the Rapunzel cream that Arnie’s staff had invented. She was dressed in a dark red strapless gown. She wore white elbow length gloves and a diamond necklace. She was exquisite.

“Is your wife here?” Tara asked.

“Yes. She’s wandering around somewhere.”

“I think I’ll go find her. It was a pleasure, Mr. President.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” I replied.

“So,” Arnie asked as I sat down. “How’s life in Grumm?”

I felt pretty silly at the moment so I said, “Glum. Glum Grumm, that’s where we live,” I smiled at Arnie.

“Can I get you anything? A drink, a pet?” he asked.

“All of the above if you don’t mind.”

Arnie looked around the hall and spotted a waiter. He came immediately. “How may I serve you, Gentlemen?” he asked.

We ordered drinks. I orders Scotch and soda. Arnie ordered a martini. While we waited Arnie scanned the floor for a wandering pet. I saw one pass fairly close to our table. When Arnie beckoned she crawled to our table immediately.

Arf,” she barked, sitting on her heels and looking at us in an enthusiastic way.

Arnie scanned the name badge. “Jolene? I seem to remember that name. Aren’t you the one who swore you’d never pull a cart or march for us?”

Arf,” the girl barked.

“This one was real trouble. We had her all set to be a show pony and she just kept going fetal on us. No matter how much we tried to convince her that the pony life was better she kept balling up in her room and letting the punishment shocks hit her.”

“I suppose some girls simply can’t listen to reason.”

“Unfortunately true. Shall we get started? Jolene, please proceed. You can do me after you’ve satisfied the president.”

The puppy crawled under the table and proceeded to open her mouth for me. With the tablecloth obscuring her actions she expertly unzipped my fly with her mouth then extracted my cock with her tongue. Before long my face seemed to light up with joy as the woman provided me with carnal pleasure. As she began working on Arnie’s zipper the steward arrived with the drinks. The steward paid no attention to the woman crawling under the table. It was nothing he hadn’t seen before.

Shortly after we had dismissed the puppy our wives returned. They had spotted the puppy crawling away from our table and knew what was happening. Rather than object, they instead were curious. Arnie’s wife, Tara, wanted to know every detail. As Arnie described what I had experienced, as well as what he remembered of her history, the president’s wife seemed captivated.

“I understand you’re being awarded a puppy and a pony,” the First Lady, Gina, noted.

“I didn’t want all the fuss,” he said.

“You deserve quite a bit of glory for all you’ve done. The work on our new facility is almost complete. We should be up and running in just another month. We already have the key personnel trained and your Prime Minister has promised the loan of quite a few helpers, what you call domestics. When the construction is complete we should be ready to operate in just a month or two.”

“Thank you, Mr. President. I did put a lot of work into getting your facility ready. I’m sure there’s a lot more work to come. I’ve brought in several people to assist that I trust completely. In addition, as backup, I’ve briefed my sister on all the details. Should there be any reason I cannot complete the project I’m sure she can. In fact, several innovations were her idea. The overhead track system was her idea as was the tongue grabbing bit. She’s smarter than me.”

“You are an amazing fellow. I’m honored to call you friend,” I said, as I patted him on the back.

We continued to chat for some time, talking about all sorts of inconsequential matters. We talked about weather, furniture, travel, and vacations. We talked about current events, past events, and future events. When we had run out of things to talk about our wives took up the subject of shopping. Neither of us was foolish enough to interrupt that conversation! We had been married far too long to get into that mess.

A steward summoned us to the main dining hall where the crowd was assembling. Honored guests took their places at the head of the huge horseshoe shaped table, respectfully remaining standing until the Prime Minister and his wife were seated. There were nearly one hundred people in the room. Arnie and his wife were on the Prime Minister’s left and my wife and I were on his right.

The meal consisted of roast duck a la orange with a pecan-orange glaze. The side dishes were oriental in nature, consisting of an exquisite rice pilaf, Thai spring rolls, vegetable medleys, and various other appetizers that were all exquisitely laid out on platters along the entire length of the table.

The Prime Minister waited for everyone to be seated then offered a toast. As was traditional, the first toast went to the visiting head of state. Of course that was me. “A toast,” he said. “To our good friend President Emil Rothschild XXIII, may his term in office be kind to him.”

I politely whispered a “Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.”

After drinking the toast several other dedications were offered. First the minister offered a toast to his lovely wife, whom he credited with organizing the event, then to his staff for the actual work that was put into the banquet, and finally to Arnie, who was the recipient of praise from both of us as I seconded the Prime Minister’s commendation.

Arnie seemed befuddled by all the attention. He knew he was being given a pony and a puppy as gifts but he wasn’t prepared for all the attention. I had known Arnie for some time and knew he shunned praise and attention. He preferred his privacy and really didn’t care for the publicity. Still, I thought he handled it quite well.

His wife, Tara, beamed with admiration for her husband. She was so proud of him for all the work he had done. I had a high opinion of her but she did have an appetite for glory that was not necessarily in concert with her husband’s goals. She was intelligent and shrewd beyond comparison. She was an amazing adversary when it came to arguing a point. She never went over the line, instead allowing her opponent to box themselves in. I had lost many an argument to her during the countless debates we had in friendly discussions over the years. Yes, I did admire her greatly.

The dinner proceeded for the better part of an hour. There was music from a small band. They played various pieces from Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven. These were the Prime Minister’s favorites. I personally considered it “Elevator Music” and tended to tune it out. Instead I listened to the countless conversations, absorbing the intelligence information for later use. Alcohol tended to loosen tongues and I fully expected to pick out one or two tidbits that I might be able to use at a later time. Unfortunately I found no such items of interest.

I turned my attention to Arnie. He was pretty upset for some reason. The Prime Minister had just said something to him quietly. I couldn’t hear the conversation but Arnie stared at him with mouth agape. Arnie never seemed surprised at anything. The Prime Minister had something big up his sleeve. I was very curious.

When dessert was served Arnie just stared at the huge cake that was brought out. It was decorated with the national flag of Horwathia. The waitress, dressed and hooded in gold latex, placed the cake in front of my friend. Arnie was in shock. He just stared at the dessert. “Mr. Prime Minister, is Arnie OK?” I asked.

“Our friend was given some amazing news. I’d spoil the surprise if I let you in on the secret.”

So there was something going on. Now I was really curious. What could have stunned Arnie to such an extent that he literally had been turned into a basket case? I had never seen him like this. He was always so composed.

“Ladies and Gentlemen: please gather in the auditorium for something very special,” the head steward announced after the last pieces of cake were devoured.

The one hundred guests slowly proceeded from the dining room to the auditorium. The room was in fact a dance hall featuring a stage, an orchestra pit, and countless small tables and chairs. In the center of the dance floor was a covered mass. Two square crates of some sort were covered with black velvet cloths. One box was seven feet tall and three feet square. The other was roughly five feet high, three feet wide and four feet long. Other than the fact that there were rectangular containers under the coverings, no one had any idea what was hidden under them.

The Prime Minister and I chatted in the doorway, waiting for the crowd to settle into their seats. Once everyone was situated he beckoned Arnie and his wife to escort him into the room. As honored guests we were invited to join in the small entourage as well.

Several assistants took their places near the boxes as we walked to the center of the room. The surprise was about to be sprung. My curiosity was at a head. I had to know what was going on.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the head steward announced, “May I present our beloved Prime Minister.”

“Thank you Osmond,” the leader of Horwathia said as he took the microphone. “As you all know, I’ve been leading our great nation for the better part of sixteen years. With the help of my devoted servants, as well as the support of my loving family, I’ve lived an idyllic life. I’m sorry to say that this all must come to an end.”

I stood in shock with countless onlookers. We had all known the Prime Minister for so long we couldn’t possibly imagine another ruler in his place. The murmur from the crowd began to rise. They became silent when he raised his hand to continue.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the succession of rulers in this country has been based on the bloodline of my great, great grandfather. It would be fitting to pass on the reins to a son or daughter. Unfortunately I have no heir. Therefore in order for this country to continue its prosperity I have decided that one of you will succeed me. After careful consultation with my cabinet I put forth to them a single name. With heartfelt approval….”

“No!” Tara said out loud.

“We have decided to appoint Arnold Meyer as the next Prime Minister of Horwathia. Arnie, please come here,” the Prime Minister ordered.

Arnie staggered forward. “Our friend seems a little stunned.”

The crowd laughed for just a moment. “How about a hand for your next Prime Minister?”

The crowd began to applaud, standing in the process. The sight of Arnie’s face was almost comical. I knew he had been given some amazing news. But to go from the head of a state business to the leader of the entire country in just a few hours was something not often seen. In fact I don’t know of a single historical incident that compared.

“Mr. Prime Minister. I can’t possibly lead this country. I…”

“You are the most qualified person I know. I trust you implicitly. You’re organized and just. You don’t take unfair advantage of people. Who would you think would be a better choice? There are none in my cabinet qualified. They are all too young and inexperienced. You have character. You have intelligence. You will lead this nation.”

“Can I think about it?” he asked, smiling at the gentleman.

“Absolutely not!” he replied, laughing the huge belly laugh. The crowd and I began laughing out loud and applauding.

“I guess I’m your man then. Tara, where are you?” he asked.

“Drinks!” The prime minister demanded. We need drinks. We must toast our new leader! Long life and prosperity to our new Prime Minister and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Meyer.

The crowd raised their glasses and toasted the new minister. Applause broke out again.

“Uh, what’s in the box? I asked the old PM.

His eyes went wide. “Oh my God! I almost forgot!” Turning to the crowd he raised his hand to gather their attention. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I nearly forgot my present to the new minister. As some of you older gents are aware there is a tradition in Horwathia that was started with my great, great grandfather’s inauguration. When a new ruler takes the reins he must be presented with a dog and a horse. The dog represents unending loyalty and the horse represents tireless duty and devotion. My father altered this tradition somewhat as a statement against the great invasion. When I took office my present was a human dog and pony. My girls have just about run their lifespan in these roles and will be retired to domestic service soon. It is only fitting that I continue the tradition by offering my good friend a fresh pair of females. Osmond, if you would?”

Osmond ordered two stewards to pull the cloth from each structure. Inside two Plexiglas containers were Cleo and Dina, pony and puppy. The girls had been specially prepared for the presentation. Each had been meticulously groomed. Each girl was dressed in gold colored latex with red leather corsets. Their boots were gold as well. Any hair that was exposed, including their tails, was liberally sprinkled with gold dust. Both wore gold hoods, Cleo’s being open-faced, Dina’s being a full latex hood. From their heads hung huge plumes of hair that was pushed through eight inch tubes to make it stand out stiffly from their head and drape down their backs. Dina’s mouth was filled with a gold ball that stretched her mouth and protruded from the orifice of the latex hood. Cleo’s head was encompassed by a gold bridle with a matching gold bit. And each wore jeweled collars.

The girls were each mounted in frames that kept them on their knees. Cleo knelt upright on a four foot high pedestal while Dina was placed on all fours on a four foot high platform. Each was secured at arms, legs and neck by special manacles.

“Congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister,” the old prime minister said.

“They’re magnificent,” my wife said. “Absolutely amazing.”




The whole affair was such a shock to me that I didn’t have any sense of what I was doing for nearly two weeks. The old minister’s staff provided me with all I needed to acclimate to the new position. It still didn’t register. Was I really the ruler of this country? I still couldn’t accept that.

My sister hadn’t been present at the inauguration. She was invited but she thought it was just a state dinner. She had no clue that such a thing was going to happen. When she discovered the turn of events she cursed a blue streak! “Why did I ever turn the invitation down?” she kept saying to herself.

I gave her a big hug and asked her to stand at my side when my coronation took place in the coming days. I also asked a favor of her. I asked her to finish the facility in Grumm. She seemed honored and grateful to accept the task. “I know you’ll do a fantastic job,” I told her.

Perhaps that was the moment I realized that I was the leader of this land. I began to feel like a manager. I had unlimited resources. I could have virtually any pony or puppy I pleased. I looked forward to touring the countryside in a sleigh pulled by ponygirls. I especially wanted to play with the newest puppy, which at this time was learning the wants and desires of my wife.

The two gifts were just the start of an entire stable and kennel of females. I enjoyed their company and service frequently. As winter faded into spring I took Cleo out in a single seater to visit the country. With warmer afternoons I pushed her to her maximum endurance as she pulled my ornate cart through the streets of the local towns. I kept up a conversation with the local populace, most of whom had accepted the new mode of transportation. They truly appreciated the beauty as well as the practicality of a ponygirl. Their acceptance of the puppies was not so well received, however.

The willingness of the population to put girls into puppy roles diminished in our country. However, in Grumm the demand grew to unbelievable proportions. My sister had worked with the President of Grumm, lending the girls out for free during certain holiday weekends. This exposed the men and women to their charms, hooking them in the process. The acceptance in Grumm was nearly as slow as in Horwathia. But at some point, perhaps six months after I took office, the demand in Grumm skyrocketed. And so did the price.

We weren’t geared for such production. My sister had anticipated the situation far better than we had. She had built a kennel five times larger than our own and made a deal with us. We would each produce only one product. She would produce the puppies and we would specialize in ponies. It made sense. The costs would remain low and our population would be well supplied.


Some may say that the demands we placed on the American women were harsh and abusive. I admit that it appears that way. But we had a culture to preserve. We couldn’t let our history become diluted by an invasion of foreign culture. In addition we had energy problems, a dying economy, and an unhappy population. We needed something drastic. Putting these women into these positions of servitude kept our two countries thriving. In the end, doesn’t the need of the many outweigh the needs of a few?


The End.












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