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The Lesbian Gang-Rape of Lauren.

Part 1

The Lesbian Gang-Rape of Lauren.

The Lesbian Gang-Rape of Lauren.


Summary: Brandi is a low-class whore who transforms her antagonist Lauren from a powerful prosecutor to a filthy streetwalker. Lauren is raped and sodomized by strap-on dildos, gang-banged into a cum-farting whore, humiliated and blackmailed into joining Madam Victoria’s whorehouse.


By GabLez (


Story Codes: F/F, F+/F, M+/F, masturbation, cum-farting, urination, scat, strap-on dildos, panty-gags, BDSM, nc, reluctant, spanking, size, lingerie, costumes, humiliation, blackmail.




Madam Victoria kept a variety of girls in her whorehouse. She had a broad range of customers with very diverse tastes. Like most high-class Madams, discretion was the cornerstone of her business. Besides very carefully encrypting her “black book,” there were other measures to assure the confidentiality of her customers. The building was very antiquated and had several hidden passageways both above ground and below. There were also several entrances, all of which could be taken without being observed. Her clientele were as diverse as her girls: there were prominent public figures, the usual array of judges, a mayor or two, clergy, lawyers, but that wasn’t all. She expanded her customer base to include a quite a few women as well. Most of her girls didn’t mind the change from a drooling, hairy, evil-smelling man to a soft, luxurious, sweet smelling woman. Plus, they could have a real orgasm. Many of her girls had affairs with each other: their true sex lives as opposed to their business lives.


The younger, less experienced girls lived together on the third floor and a small attic room that was reached by a narrow, winding stairway. Charlene was a tall, slender blonde with an athletic body; she was the most frequently requested girl. Charlene’s favorite was Lori, a short, slightly plump girl with bobbed black hair and creamy white skin. Lori’s green eyes and 36D breasts were her best assets. Aisha was a Spanish beauty with enormous, slanting eyes that were an unusual shade of sea-green. Her figure was voluptuous, with a muscular, protuberant rump, sloping back and upturned breasts. Her belly was plump but shapely, describing a classic rectangular shape with a slight roll of flesh just above her Mons.


Karen was a well-proportioned Eurasian with the silkiest skin imaginable. Her hair was jet black and she wore it in a variety of styles. Polly was sort of a “plain Jane” in appearance but a barracuda in the bedroom. She had the thickest, reddest vaginal lips anyone had ever seen, and her flat-chest was complemented by two deep-red bee sting nipples. Her pubic hair was blonde tinged with red. Tammi played the Goth girl, with her black hair and makeup, enormous breasts, and plump body. She always wore a schoolgirl outfit consisting of white uniform blouse, plaid skirt and glossy black platform shoes with white ankle socks that had a fringe around the top. Some of these younger whores were attending college or worked as dancers. There were a few others who sometimes appeared at the house or occupied one of the rooms for a liaison. Some of the girls traveled and met clients in a hotel room, home, or even accompanied them on a vacation.


The older whores didn’t all live in the building. They often stayed for a couple of days when business was ripe, then returned to their own apartments in the city. Brandi and Nikki were the only experienced whores who lived here all the time, besides Victoria… who was herself a 48-year-old former streetwalker who rose up through the ranks to become a high-priced bitch. Victoria looked like a cross between a matriarch, librarian and a showgirl. She was mature, with streaks of white in her dark hair, always worn pulled back over her scalp and fastened in a knot at the base of her skull. Her hairstyle, coupled with crow’s feet and a few other signs of aging, gave her face a severe expression. Her eyes were large but always concealed behind her gold-rimmed glasses. She wore her blouses buttoned to the neck. Her jewelry was expensive and very tasteful for an old whore. As for her body, she was slender with the muscular legs of a gymnast or dancer, with a chest that gave her a top-heavy appearance. Like most women who have made carnality their livelihood, Victoria exuded sex from every pore. She was also a vicious sexual sadist.


Brandi had dirty blond hair, medium length, and a slightly chubby body. Her lips were thick and seemed to be forced open by her large and slightly irregular teeth. They were clean and white, but one of her front teeth had a small chip in the corner. She sustained this during a ferocious fight with another girl, who she left unconscious in a dark alley, facedown in a filthy trash pile. Her complexion was creamy, though she looked and acted like she had some rough experiences. Brandi was a tough streetwalker who had left more than one rival on their face. She had met her equal in the young Aisha, who had nearly thrown her chubby antagonist off a bridge… but was saved at the last moment by the other girls. Brandi was tough but feminine. She had voluptuous proportions and kept her nails long and carefully manicured- but unpainted. After Madam Victoria, Brandi held the highest authority in this whorehouse.




Most of the sex these girls performed was simple vaginal intercourse and oral sex. Many clients wanted them to use their skilled hands to masturbate them, “milk” their cocks. A frequent request was to watch them masturbate; occasionally, this was all the clients asked for. For those who could afford the fee, a threesome was another common request. During these sessions, the girls were frequently required to kiss each other, fondle each other’s breasts, or engage in mutual masturbation. A higher fee could buy a client a real Lesbian sex act, in which the girls might perform a 69, straight cunnilingus, or even strap-on dildo intercourse. Anal sex was more expensive because of the pain and the humiliation of being sodomized. Madam Victoria inspected the girls’ assholes with her finger to determine which of them could be sold as “anal cherries.” First time or not, their moans and groans were real enough.


Some of the various requests they had fulfilled included: …a man who was dressed in women’s clothing while two girls tied him up, called him names, and then sodomized him with a strap-on dildo; …another man who had an orgasm from being jabbed with needles in the buttocks and groin; …another enjoyed performing cunnilingus on a girl with cum from a previous client leaking from her vagina. Many of their clients had more unusual requests, such as a menstruating or a lactating girl. One regular visitor had a girl urinate on his penis while he masturbated. Another simply urinated on the breasts of one of the well-endowed whores, and left without any actual sexual activity. Other clients might include a masochist who wanted to be cursed at or insulted, slapped around, maybe kicked with high heels. Requests also included girls to be dressed in a certain manner. Madam Victoria had a well-stocked wardrobe for her girls, including nurse uniforms, schoolgirl outfits, athletic wear, girdles, corsets, even a vintage riding habit with crop… and a saddle. A few clients bought the whore’s dirty panties, usually with a specific request regarding their condition. All in all, there was practically no sexual act or fetish they had not experienced within the first year at Madam Victoria’s whorehouse.


Several of Madam Victoria’s more affluent clients were women. These were chiefly wealthy executives or the wives of wealthy executives or CEO’s. One of her favorites was a prominent county prosecutor who, like the other women, was married. She may have been aggressive and dominant in her public life, but with her Lesbian whores she was wracked with orgasms only while being abused, insulted, and ‘raped’ according to her own requests. Seeing her on the 5 o’clock news with a forest of microphones in front of her, dressed in a tailored power-suit and glowering at the camera, her alter-ego made Victoria and her whores scoff with pleasure at their secret knowledge. Like the men they serviced, the more powerful and dominant the women were in real life, the more abuse and domination they required in the boudoir in order to have their precious, expensive orgasms.


With the prevalence of bondage and sadomasochism, Madam Victoria’s establishment was equipped with a fully-furnished and accessorized dungeon. This dungeon was most popular among her female clients, who begged to be gagged, trussed-up, whipped, spanked, hung from the wall or rafters, often wrapped in cellophane like a salami in a butcher shop, and otherwise tortured like the victims of an inquisition. The prosecutor was particularly masochistic in her requests: she liked to be hogtied in her expensive power-suits as one or more women slapped her and spit in her mouth before ball-gagging her, urinating on her crisp blouse and on her gabardine-encased buttocks, ‘raping’ her with fingers, tongues and strap-on dildos, then stripping her. She would then be made-up and dressed like the nastiest street whore before an old inoperable BetaCam was rolled in for her latest ‘press conference.’ She was tied against a pole, while the ball-gag was plucked from her mouth.


They would ask her questions such as, “How do you prefer sex?” She would answer, “I like a fat greasy strap-on girl cock rammed up my ass, then I like to wrap my lips around it and suck on it when it’s all filthy… because I’m a nasty whore. Please untie me and rape my ass like the nasty slut that I am. Pleeeeaaasseee… I’m begging you!...” She would be released from her pole-tie and prance around in her slutty 6-inch stiletto heels and clothes two sizes too small for her. In one of her more masochistic modes, she was lashed to an iron spit with a ball-gag in her mouth and turned as if she were a spit-roasting pig. Besides the drool leaking from her ball-gagged mouth, her pussy was dribbling on the floor. Her face was smeared with the saliva rolling across it as she was turned, and her belly and thighs were glistening with the secretions of her masochistic excitement.




Lauren was the name of this masochist. She had thick red lips, slightly oversized perfectly regular teeth, with a silky smooth, creamy white complexion that was luminous under her black hair.  There was a hair stylists in the building next door, where a woman could enter either in the front or rear, where there were numerous parking spaces entered by the street behind or by driving through a narrow alley adjacent to the building. Madam Victoria owned the property, including the building where the hairdresser’s was located. Her clients were often told to enter through a rear door of the hairdresser’s which led to an underground corridor connecting the two buildings. The parking area was surrounded on three sides by brick buildings, all of them warehouses or shops with a few grimy, nearly opaque windows. These buildings were closed at night and on most weekends. Anyone could gain access to the whorehouse and not be seen. Lauren would typically drive in with a rented car, park for the evening and leave when she was finished, without the slightest apprehension of being recognized… even in her power suits straight from the office or following one of her notorious press conferences.


One thing Lauren had never anticipated was encountering one of her victims. She handled high-profile cases such as murders and kidnappings. The people she dealt with were locked away from society forever.  When she was starting out in her position, she worked briefly as a public defender. A certain client of hers was a hardcore, very tough street whore named Brandi. To Lauren, the job was beneath her dignity and she let the cocky little whore sail through the courts to a jail cell. She didn’t appreciate Brandi’s little come-ons and innuendo. How dare this filthy little slut lust after her and make such crude suggestive comments… “Ms Lauren, you have such a plump round ass… How do you keep your nipples so hard, poking through that crepe blouse like that?... Such thick lips, they could wrap around….” The slut even went so far as to put a price on her… “You could get $200 an hour, easy.” What really pissed her off were Brandi’s little air-kisses, puckering her lips at her and asking her if she wanted to go slumming for a night of hard Lesbian sex.


Lauren was relieved when the whore went upstate for 6 months for stabbing another streetwalker, though she realized it was self-defense. One less street whore polluting the streets, and more importantly, her office. One evening, she passed Brandi in a corridor leading to the “dungeon.” Lauren did not pay her any notice, but Brandi’s heart was pumping so hard she felt light-headed. Furthermore, Madam Victoria had informed her that she was to service one of high-class clients that night. She knew it was Lauren, and the time was ripe to exact revenge… after four or five years, she was seething.


Nikki was as experienced on the streets as Brandi, and was just as tough. There were rival streetwalkers with chipped teeth and scars from crossing Nikki’s path as an adversary. A few of them ruined their panties with fear when Nikki cornered them, and this only turned her on. Their wide eyes, runny noses, trembling lips, the smell of fear, all this turned her instantly into a rutting pig. Looking into their eyes as they whimpered, hearing the swish or dribble of liquid or the sputtering farts, followed by a certain smell, all this made Nikki’s pussy pulsate and gush with sadistic pleasure. With the whore completely at her mercy, Nikki would run her lips over hers, whisper in her ear, squeeze a breast, tweak a nipple. At Brandi’s prompting, Nikki’s sadistic viciousness was about to be unleashed on Lauren.




Brandi rushed into Nikki’s room without knocking. The lights were off and the room was illuminated only by a street lamp shining through the Venetian blinds. Brandi heard the bed squeak and the sheets rustle. A low moan came from a shadow. Brandi stood still and silent as she watched and listened. The sheets delineated the outline of Nikki’s delicious globular rump, which was rotating in slow circular humping motions. As Brandi’s eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness, her girlfriend’s masturbation came into focus. Brandi could discern the blue eye-shadow of Nikki’s closed eyelids, the red high heels poking out the bottom of her blanket, and her deep-red lips sucking on the fingers of her left hand while her right arm was tucked underneath her. Clearly, Nikki was humping her fingers along with a thick pillow or two she had stuffed beneath her.


She was moaning lightly… Brandi heard the low “mmmmm… ahhhhhh… mmmmm…” as Nikki slurped and sucked her own juices from her fingers. She could even hear the faint liquid sounds and slappings, both from the fingers in her mouth and those digging in her wet cunt. After a pause, her hips worked harder, pumping up and down with a slight rotation. The fat rump rose obscenely high as she arched her back, drawing in her knees and moving her other arm beneath her. Nikki was humping both her hands, and her body was making rocking motions side to side as she readjusted her position. Her humping motions gave way as she raised her ass to a perverse height, with her face in her pillow. She was biting the slipcase as it muffled her groans. Brandi could see the motions of her hands working on her cunt and ass, moving around under the blanket behind her upraised rump. The pumping of her fingers (or a dildo?) was making squishing and sucking noises. Her high heeled shoes were clacking together and the bed was squeaking. She brought her right hand out and the fingers were glistening wet in the faint light. One by one, Nikki sucked the juices from each finger with a lip-smacking gesture.


Brandi approached the bed from the rear, and bent over Nikki’s squirming, moaning body. The heat and smell were intense. Nikki’s eyes opened as she sensed Brandi’s presence… “Huh?” Brandi smacked her hard on her upraised ass. WHUMP! Nikki’s mouth opened wide though no sound came out, only a straining intake of breath. There was a crackling in her throat and her body shivered… After moaning plaintively, her ass still high in the air, she begged “Brandi, mmmmm, hurt me! HURT ME! Pleeeaasssee… do it….” Brandi answered, “Not now! Not now! Later… I have something better for you, listen…”


Brandi heard a wet pop followed by a buzzing sound… Nikki had plugged her ass with a vibrating butt plug. She pulled the pillows out from under her with an “uummmpphhh” and tossed them on the floor. When she threw the blanket aside, her glistening body was partially dressed, with her beige bra and pink shirt pushed up below her armpits and her denim skirt and pink panties around her ankles. Brandi’s lusts were inflamed by the sight of Nikki’s bronzed, oiled, red-tinted skin… and by the jutting nipples and wet bush matted against her skin with clumps of grayish-white girl cum on some of the hairs. Her lips were swollen into a nasty pout, with her upper lip in an irregular curve that made her look like she was sneering. Her eyes looked sleepy with the pupils half-concealed behind her drooping eyelids. If anything could reverse Nikki’s masochistic desires lost in a stupor during her interrupted masturbation, it was the opportunity of torturing some wealthy cunt who normally wouldn’t let a whore like her so much as wipe her ass. She decided it would be much more delicious to give this wealthy cunt her expensive orgasms, then ream her tits and ass and make her suffer excruciating humiliation at the hands of two filthy street whores.


Nikki wanted to torment her, strip her expensive clothes off, bite her nipples, slap and pinch her cunt till it was swollen twice its normal size, rape every orifice with fingers, tongue and dildos, spit on her face, chew on her tongue, hump her trussed up body, and then toss her facedown in a heap of filthy trash like a used up whore. Nikki wanted this snot-nosed bitch to know what it was like to wake up in a smelly trash bin, half-clothed, your belly squirming in a sticky, slimy mess with half-dried cum sticking to your lips and eyes, breasts purple and sore, nipples aching, your mouth and cunt swollen and sore from being reamed all night long, and a hot stream of sticky, smelly cum leaking from your farting asshole into sweaty panties stuck like glue to your bloated ass.




The two rutting whores took the old wooden stairs to the basement. This stairway was in an extension to the building, and during their descent they heard the pattering of heavy rain against the tin roof and dirty old windowpanes. Brandi carried a flashlight although there were lights on each of the landings. She pushed open a wooden door to the basement. It was pitch black inside. She flashed the light around the room, curious to see where this bitch might be. All Brandi or Nikki saw was the old stonework, the cobwebs veiling the dark wooden joists, the dirt floor and some of the apparatus of a sex dungeon. There were some iron shackles and manacles hanging from the walls and joists, an antique stock with head, hand and foot holes, two wooden sawhorses and three tables- one of these was equipped with a cylinder and turn crank- a stretch rack! The only color in the room was a soiled silk scarf lying on a table.


Besides the dank, musty smell was the odor of sex and body fluids. The wooden accessories must have soaked up gallons of it. A faint odor of kerosene also assailed their nostrils- the fuel of old lamps Madam Victoria sometimes used for “atmosphere.” Nikki flipped a switch that Brandi pointed to with her flashlight. A few small lights came on, though the room remained eerily dark. They entered another room through an iron door, but only after lifting a heavy crossbar. A very rusty coal furnace occupied one corner, next to a modern gas furnace. She turned her flashlight on the rusty coal chute, then on a stairway to the cellar door leading outside. “Where is this bitch? She couldn’t have gotten away. Victoria said she was down here.”  They turned back, shutting the door. Suddenly, Brandi said “I know where she is.” There was a small, low passageway in the basement that was entered through a tiny door behind the coal furnace. It may have been an old tool shed, but now its dusty wooden shelves were empty except for some filthy refuse crawling with insects and smelling like rot.


Some fresh footprints in the dirt indicated that Brandi was correct. They opened the door and descended down a corridor that led to another door. They heard muffled groans coming from inside the cellar along with the tinkling of rain leaking through the roof. As they approached the cellar, the groans changed into a series of high-pitched, muffled wails. Brandi pointed her flashlight on the bound and gagged woman. Her eyes were wide despite the bright light shining on her- she had been bound to a post in the far corner of the room. Just like the scarf in the basement, she was only splash of color in an otherwise dark, dirty, dank cellar.  A shiver and a “whoooowwhh” went through Nikki as she saw some creeping insects scurrying away from the light. The bound woman was squirming uncontrollably in her bonds, wailing through the ball-gag strapped into her mouth. Apparently, some creepy crawlies were attracted to her body and had crawled into her clothes. Her mascara and blue eye shadow were smeared and runny from her tears and sweat.


Madam Victoria had smeared a small quantity of honey directly on Lauren’s asshole, cunt and nipples. She applied some to her neck also, knowing the sensitivity there. Anything alive in that hole, Victoria realized, would be attracted not only to her sweat, which would be profuse because the room was heated by the sunlight during the day, but the sweet honey was intended to draw… ants, for one thing. If the spiders weren’t attracted by the honey, maybe they’d be drawn by her heat or sweat. The tiny ants crawled into her panties in droves, and the constant sensation of this mass of tiny creatures crawling around her most sensitive parts was causing Lauren to shiver and squirm convulsively.


The two whores kept Lauren’s hands bound behind her back, but untied her from the post. Lauren didn’t recognize Brandi: she was too preoccupied with the squirming, creeping mass in her panties and bra, and the sensation of creeping insects elsewhere on her hot, sweating skin. Brandi and Nikki were unaware of what Victoria had done, but were still letting out their “eikk!” and “eeeww!” exclamations at what they saw crawling out of Lauren’s clothes and over her skin. She was escorted out of the cellar and back into the dim light of the “dungeon,” where her hands were tied to a circular iron ring bolted to a joist. Her ankles were tied to prevent her from kicking. This was the first opportunity for the two whores to inspect their prey.


Lauren’s hair was sweaty and plastered to her scalp and face. Her eyes were still wide with the agonizing and creepy sensation of the ants feasting on her “honey pot” and sweet nipples. They were still crawling around in her panties and bra, and under her clothes. She was chewing on her ball-gag, twisting her torso and legs, and Nikki watched the expressions in her face- she savored the mixture of pain, fear, pleasure(?) and exhaustion in those eyes… watching the pupils roll back. Lauren’s clothes were expensive, hand-tailored and form-fitting. Her hands were meticulously manicured, her body thoroughly massaged, powdered, perfumed and pampered… her jewelry was very expensive and she was adorned with a fortune in necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and a Cartier watch. She was wearing a (formerly) crisp, white crepe silk blouse with a red pantsuit. The blouse was soaked with sweat and rendered transparent where it stuck to her skin or to her lingerie. A black bra was visible under a light blue slip. Her nipples were poking sharply through these three damp layers. Her blouse was molded to her torso, outlining her plump, slightly protuberant belly where it puckered out over the waist of her tight slacks.


Some tiny ants were crawling over her skin. The sweet-smelling drool from her ball-gagged mouth was also attracting them- Victoria had deviously served her candy and a glass of sweet liqueur before trussing her and serving her up to the “creepy crawlies,” as she called them. Nikki taunted her as Brandi left for some items upstairs… “Maybe she’s getting her pet tarantula or her pet viper to put down your panties, maybe sink its fangs into your delectable cunt. Brandi is a real bitch… her pussy is drooling at the thought of having a wealthy, arrogant snot-nosed bitch like you to do anything she wants to. Do you like it rough? She’ll bite your nipples, chew your pussy lips, shove fat dildos in three of your holes at once, she’ll whip your ass until its one bloated, red, scarred mass of shredded beef… and then sodomize you till you’re mooing like a cow.”


Instantaneously, something mysterious happened to Lauren. Her eyes bulged in a vacuous stare as her entire body stiffened in a frozen stance. Her hips jerked in sudden, spastic motions. Her gagged mouth emitted a sound something like “NNNNNGGGGGGGGG… NNNNNGGGGGGGGG… NNNNNGGGGGGGGG…” Her pupils rolled back, crossing, and her body went limp. What happened? Did something bite her in a particularly sensitive spot? Was it pain? Some orgasmic pleasure derived from her intense masochism? Whatever the cause, something like a jolt of electricity shot through her body. There was a milky substance leaking from the corners of her gagged mouth.


Brandi returned with her bag of tricks and a phallic bulge under her light blue stretch pants. It was large enough to cause her white blouse to project outwards. Lauren was barely sensible as they checked under her clothes to rid her of the “infestation” and prepare her for the next phase. Pulling her blouse out and peering into her bra, a battalion of tiny ants was nibbling on her swelling tits. She unbuttoned her pants and pulled open her panties. A similar sight was inside the filthy silk, mixed with a viscous, sticky cream. The two whores filled a pair of buckets with water and soaked Lauren repeatedly. Most of her tiny tormentors were washed away or drowned in her soaked clothes. The cold water brought her out of her stupor.


Lauren still hadn’t recognized Brandi, who was now standing behind her as Nikki poured the last bucketful over her breasts. Her blouse was practically hanging off her stiff nipples. While Nikki stood before her, staring into her eyes, breast to breast, running her fingertip across her gagged lips and touching the tip of her nose playfully with a fingertip, Brandi pressed herself hard into Lauren’s back. Lauren felt the confusing sensation of a pair of soft breasts pressing against her back while a phallic shaft was poking hard into her buttocks. She felt the hot breath on her ear first, followed by Brandi’s soft lips… “Remember me? Sure you do… I know what you really want is to be a whore… don’t you want to fuck one?” Brandi reached into Lauren’s panties and felt the hot, sticky cream that was pulsing into the wet silk and all over her fingers. “Do you remember Brandi, the filthy little whore you sent upstate? I’m going to give you a lesson on what it is like to have to offer yourself to every nasty bitch, just to keep from getting black and blue… to open your ass and cunt and mouth just to survive.” Brandi emphasized her words by a few hard thrusts of her strap-on cock into Lauren’s soft ass.  Each thrust was accompanied by a groan.


“You’re going to get some real cocks too, slut! We’re selling your body tonight, bitch. I have something for you just to let you know we mean business…” She held a small yellow striped snake in front of Lauren’s face. “My little viper wants some hot pussy.” Brandi shoved the wet, cold, squirming, slimy snake into Lauren’s panties. She kept her hand inside the hot silk long enough to feel the hot pee whoosh over her fingers… and form a puddle of bright golden urine at her feet, soaking into the dirty basement floor. Lauren’s fear was too much. She was wailing through the ball-gag. The two whores watched her squirm. Eventually she calmed herself. The snake was non-poisonous and had no fangs, but the sensation alone sent the wealthy cunt into paroxysms. Brandi pulled it out and told her, “Next time is for real. Do exactly what we instruct you to do.”




They untied her legs and released her arms from the hook in the joist, but more ominous warnings were given to her before her hands were untied. She was told not to remove her gag. “Strip! That means everything, including your jewelry.” The stiffness in her arms made the gestures of her fingers look ridiculously dainty as she struggled with her buttons. “Put your clothes on the table here. Hand me your jewelry. All of it!” Her jacket came off first, followed by her blouse. She stepped out of her high heels and kicked them to the side. Then she struggled to get out of her clingy wet pants. She pulled off her panties and pantyhose with the pants, turning them inside out. Finally, her slip and bra came off. “Your jewelry, now!” Lauren was reluctant, so Nikki slapped her and removed it herself. “Cheap baubles are good enough for a slut like you.” She tried some of the rings on her own fingers, till she found a good fit. Lauren’s necklaces and Cartier watch also ended up on Nikki.


Lauren was inspected like a side of prime cut beef… or a cow headed for the slaughterhouse. They sized her up. She was a street whore being prepared for sale. Nikki poked while Brandi prodded. They felt her breasts for smoothness, weighing them in their hands, slapping them for elasticity and bounce, tugging and pulling her nipples. Her belly was rubbed and kneaded and slapped, then her buttocks. They squeezed her fat Mons like a ripe fruit. Her clit was pulled out and sized up. They spread her cunt open and felt around inside her passage. Her asshole was poked and penetrated with fingers and a dildo. “She’s tight in the ass… maybe her cherry’s intact here! That’s good for an extra twenty!” Nikki asked her what she could take orally. Lauren was still gagged and could only nod. “Can you take it in the throat without puking? For a long time? What about your ass? Have you taken any fat cock there? A slut like you must have taken twenty gallons of cum in that ass by your age… why are you so tight back there?”


Nikki turned to Brandi and asked her if she wanted to try the slut out. “Not now. I think her cherry should be popped by some big greasy, hairy cock that’ll pump her fat ass full of hot, sticky cum… Don’t you? Then we can fuck what’s left. After all, I could use that extra twenty.” Lauren was pulled and pushed roughly up the stairs. They sat her down on a chair in Victoria’s wardrobe room. “Do you think we ought to wash her first? She smells like a street whore plucked out of her own waste after a night of getting reamed. We ought to make her up and perfume her like a pretty little whore. A filthy wino might take her like she is, but that’s all.” Brandi conceded with Nikki’s estimate. They had to doll her up to troll the streets. This slut was their investment and they wanted to exploit that tight little asshole for all it was worth.


The ball-gag was plucked from between her teeth. It was covered in a gooey mess. Brandi suppressed her thought of being gagged with the slimy ball as Nikki and Lauren reamed her ass…even if it tickled her to fantasize about it. Nikki brought Lauren into the shower and washed her off. She powdered her, oiled up certain parts with scented oils, and spritzed her with raunchy perfumes. Lauren’s nipples were pinched and pulled to make them swell up. Some lipstick was daubed on the nipples and areolae to make them darker. After rummaging through Brandi’s dirty laundry, she selected a pair of black silk panties with a crotch encrusted with the secretions and girl-cum of one of her masturbations. The rear of the crotch panel had cum stains from anal sex with at least one “client,” maybe more from the amount of it. The silk was stiff from the dried cum, but Lauren’s own heat and secretions would soften it up.


She selected a bra that was too small. After struggling to fasten the clips in back, Lauren’s breasts were constricted and plumped out as if they were corseted. Lauren was breaking out in a sweat. She was tossed on a bed. Her legs were spread apart so an ultra-tight pair of white Capri’s could be pulled up her thighs and over her ass with grunts and groans. A pair of pliers were used to pull up the zipper, and the buttons on the tab were a struggle to fasten. Lauren’s eyes were wide and she was huffing her breaths. A thin red designer belt was pulled through the loops, pulled sadistically tight and fastened. Lauren’s eyes bulged. She was told to sit up and then stand. She struggled initially. Standing on her feet, a blue satin blouse was pulled on her and tied below the breasts. Her navel and cleavage were on display.


Nikki clipped cheap gaudy earrings on her lobes, and placed showy rings on her fingers and flashy bracelets on her wrists. Lauren’s lips were painted with the brightest red lipstick and shiniest gloss in their make-up kit; they were already swollen from the ball-gag and her mouth looked like it was made to wrap around a cock or nipple, or to slurp a cunt. Her eyes were rimmed with black and her lids painted a dark blue. Her cheeks were rouged also. Extra-long, bright red artificial nails were glued to her fingers with ominous threats if she should break one. Her toe-nails were garishly painted next. Nikki placed 5-inch brass-tipped stiletto heels on her feet. They were glossy red. She looked like an old, plump whore. She struggled to stand on those heels, teetering and tottering as the sharp heels clopped on the floor like a horse’s hooves. The Capri’s ran right up her ass-crack, and every muscle in her thick ass was visible as she walked. Her chubby Mons looked almost like a phallic bulge. Her creamy belly puckered out above the ultra-tight pants. She was displayed to herself in a floor-length mirror and made to kiss her image- the reflection of a consummate whore. Her lipstick formed a pornographic kiss on the glass.


Brandi, Nikki and Victoria drove her to a seedy section of Broad Street, known for its hookers and pimps. Some of the whores were men in drag- either because they catered to men with those tastes, or they were planning to beat up and rob unsuspecting “johns.” There were motels along this strip with garish signs reading “Hourly Rates.” They had small rooms with filthy drapes, stained carpets and mirrors on the ceilings. They reeked of sex, cigarette smoke, and alcohol. Some of the more desperate whores fucked in the cars, or a van. “Get out, bitch! You know what to do. If you don’t, remember, you’re finished!” The whores had all they needed to ruin Lauren’s career, her personal life, everything. She had to play the part of a street whore or it was all over. She was frightened of the other hookers and their pimps- she thought they’d beat her up or dump her in the polluted canal running under the bridge one block over. The car had barely made it around the next corner when another pulled up alongside her. It was her first customer- or customers, because there were five of them. After a brief, awkward negotiation, they told her a room number at a filthy hotel and warned her to come alone.




The hotel was called the Galaxy and Lauren could see its 60’s-style neon sign in the distance… a rocket with the name inside it. She thought it was two or three blocks away. Lauren walked as fast as she could. A van pulled up beside her and followed her. The driver and passenger accosted her with offers… “Hey baby… nice legs… fifty for a half hour… right here…” He was waving the money in the window, leaning over the man in the passenger seat. Lauren ignored them and tried to wave them off. “Stuck up bitch! Fuck you!” They drove away with that parting shot and she was relieved. There was trouble ahead and she didn’t see it in time to avoid it. Two tough, experienced whores were strutting around the next corner. One of them approached her. She was tall in spike heels, twirling a pink plastic purse and wearing hot pants with a skintight tee-shirt. Her huge breasts were bobbing on her chest as she walked towards Lauren. Her nipples were poking the shirt like darts and her pussy was outlined by the hot pants… a deep cameltoe. She was nasty looking, and fortunately for Lauren, was screaming at her before she got close.


Lauren ran across the street just before several cars drove between them. One honked at her, then she heard the whore “That’s right bitch! Come back here again and I’ll cut you up.” Lauren knew she was in the whore’s territory and rushed on her way to the Galaxy. She feared them less because she knew they were from Victoria’s. Victoria had too much money at stake to lose one of her highest paying clients. Lauren knew there were limits to how far they would go… but how far was that? Her fear was real… she knew what could happen on the streets.


The Galaxy was one story, an L-shaped complex with heavy steel doors and tiny windows. Lauren saw inside the glass-enclosed lobby. There was a big mastiff chained behind the desk and a very large tattooed man chomping a cigar. His partner was a biker with a matriarch’s boobs and a man’s arms, which she showed off in a sleeveless denim jacket. It was a scene right out of Hollywood. A hooker was emerging from a room two doors down from Room 14, where she was told to meet them. Their car was parked in front of it.


Lauren knocked on the door and stood back. She saw a hand moving the curtain in the window, then drop it back before she could see a face. The door opened and she was greeted by a smoky room with five men and two women. Lauren thought she recognized one of the women. It was Tammi from Victoria’s; the other woman was Lori, whom Lauren had never seen before. They were passing around Tequila, whiskey and cigarettes. The old TV was bolted to a shelf at the end of the two beds, and a porno movie was on. The movie looked like mid-80’s and was the typical blend of anal sex, facial cumshots and tit-biting girls eating each other out. One of the men was watching the screen, his left hand holding a glass of Tequila, the other masturbating his erect penis. Two of the others were egging on Tammi and Lori to kiss each other and feel each other’s breasts. The last two cornered Lauren on the bed nearest the door. They debated who would take her mouth and who would take her pussy. “Get on your hands and knees, bitch, that’s it… open wide…” The other man was having trouble with her hot pants. They had to lay her down and tug them down, jerking her body nearly off the bed.


Lauren was being roughly handled. “Get up, stick that ass out and suck me off. Massage it with those big lips of yours, and take it in your throat… Can you do that?...” Lauren responded by taking his greasy cock in her hand and putting it in her mouth. At the same time, Ron, the other man, was poking his cock between her pussy lips and pressing it in. Her moans caused vibrations down the cock she was massaging with her lips and tongue. A sudden, short “Aieehh!” accompanied the cock entering her pussy. “Shut up bitch and keep those lips on my cock. Pump your head…” He had grabbed her hard by the hair and was bobbing her head on his cock. Lauren’s body was bouncing back and forth between the cock in her mouth and the cock in her pussy. She felt the fat belly pounding into her, and the balls were slapping her pussy. The sound of flesh slapping flesh was accompanied by slurping sounds, both from her pussy and her mouth.


Lauren was moaning constantly now. Hot drops of sweat were falling on her back and a meaty calloused hand was alternately slapping and grabbing her ass. The smooth head of a cock was touching the back of her throat. She felt and tasted the oily, slightly bitter pre-cum. She tasted the dirty, salty sweat on the hard, veiny shaft pumping her mouth. The heat and overwhelming smell of hard oily cock was burning her face and nostrils. Lauren’s eyes were tearing from the cocks thrusting into her at both ends. Her jaw ached from the fat, hot shaft stretching her mouth. She felt like her body was being filled to the bursting point.


Without warning the hand grabbed her hair even tighter and rammed her head into that cock and the knob stuck in her throat for several moments. He grabbed her nose and she couldn’t breath. A series of hard pulses sent streams of hot cum splashing into the back of her throat. The pulsing cock jumped in her mouth. She thought a clump of hair was being ripped out of her scalp. Her eyes flowed with tears and her body was wracked with coughing spasms. As she wretched and brought up a slimy mess, the cock was pulling out and still pulsed streams of milky cum on her lips and face. Lauren felt the hot cum shoot into her left nostril and saw a white blur enter her left eye. She spit up her slime all over her chin and left cheek. As that hard, meaty hand slapped her face, another hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled back her head. The cock in her pussy was thrust in to the root and held there… she felt the same jumping cock in her pussy as it exploded with jets of cum. It was still pulsing as it pulled out, splashing her pussy and asshole with the hot cream. She felt it running down the inside of her thigh.  A couple of wiry pubic hairs were stuck in the sticky cum on her lips. Her left eye was nearly shut, covered in globs of hot gooey cum.


Lauren sat up on the bed with her legs folded beneath her. She was forbidden to touch any of the cum on her face. As she sat up, the slime she had spat up ran over her breastbone in a glistening stream. Her face was smeared with globs and streams of yellowish-white cum, foamy spit, multi-colored cosmetics, and trails of tears. Her left eye was still partially closed and covered in cum. Lauren’s posture was that of a begging dog… her head was back, and her arms bent at the elbows, held up with drooping wrists, hands hanging limply. Tammi and Lori were being fucked now. Both were on the other bed.


Lori was flat on her belly with her knees on the floor. Her ass was being pumped as her face was impaled with another fat cock. Lori’s plump body was bouncing and rippling with the thrusts. She sounded like a tortured cow, but her lips, pressed against the sheets, were saying “Oh, fuck me, fuck me, it feels so good… deeper… harder…” Tammi was taking it in the mouth and pussy and the groans of “Ahhh I’m coming, I’m coming” came from the two men fucking her. Her face, tits and belly were splashed with globs and streams of cum. The other load filled her mouth. Both were warned not to swallow or spit. Lori’s cheeks were puffed out and she looked like a chipmunk with her two front teeth biting her lower lip. A thin stream of cum was leaking from the corner of her mouth. She was moaning, “MMMmmmmmmmmhhhhh.”


Before Lauren realized what was happening, both Lori and Tammi approached her. Lori was licking cum off Lauren’s eye. One of the men told her to pucker up. Lauren stared in shock as Tammi opened her cum-filled mouth to kiss her. She watched her mouth open wide with a foamy white cream bubbling between her lips. Tammi locked her mouth over Lauren’s and forced her lips open with her tongue. The cum was very slippery and their mouths slid off each other’s as they kissed. Lori’s mouth covered Lauren’s next. Lori spit a load of cum between Lauren’s teeth and into her mouth. Lori whispered in her ear to pass it back to Tammi. They exchanged kisses, tongues and globs of oily hot cum until they were told to spit it out on each others breasts and faces.


Lori and Tammi repeated, “Sodomize this whore! Take turns pumping her ass full of cum! We want to see this sleazy bitch fart the biggest anal creampie! Look at her eyes… she’s begging for it… her ass is so fat she could hold a gallon in there… do it… sodomize her… pump her ass full of hot sticky cum till it’s sloshing around in her rectum!” The men told Lauren to lean over the bed and spread her ass cheeks open. Each of them in turn pumped the last of their cum into her asshole, while she chewed and clawed the sheets to keep herself from screaming. The two women massaged her breasts and played with her nipples and clit as she was ass fucked. The room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, the muffled growling Lauren let out as she was sodomized, and occasional sticky plops as the cocks pulled out of her asshole.


By the time the last cock had unloaded in her bowels and pulled out, Lauren’s asshole was a swollen, dilated mess… pink and red on the inside, with the grayish wrinkled anus swollen and protruding. A thin trail of milky cum trickled out. Lori massaged her belly and then pushed into it, attempting to expel the gas and cum from deep in her belly. A long, trembling fart escaped, causing her anus to expand and retract. After a moment or two, another contraction was followed by a loud, prolonged fart. This was followed by a husky, guttural groan from Lauren. Her asshole contracted inwards and suddenly exploded with a wet splash… a puddle of cum was instantly expelled on the sheets below her, followed by a series of sputtering farts mingled with more cum. A trail of thick, sticky cum hung from her perineum and trembled in the air before breaking off. Her pulsating hole was rimmed with frothy, glistening cum that trailed over her pussy and down the insides of her thighs.


Lori and Tammi slapped her ass with loud, heavy whacks, calling Lauren “Cum slut! Ass whore! Sodomized cow!” and other nasty things. Then Lauren was told to “Roll in it! Dip your belly in that cum! Smear it around!” Tammi dipped Lauren’s fingers in the cum and forced her to lick it off each finger. “Tell everyone how yummy it is!”… Lauren moaned, “MMMmmmmhhhh,” and slapped her lips on her fingertips as she sucked them off. “I want more cum… I want to squirm my belly in it like a pig in shit! I want to wallow in the sticky hot cream with my fat ass wiggling in the air for more!” With her back deeply arched, Lauren’s chubby belly was rubbing in the cum while her ass was high in the air, wiggling around with the last of her farts. “I’m such a sleazy, nasty cunt! A sodomized cum slut!” There was a knock at the door. “Is it a raid?” one of the men asked. Tammi opened the door and three more men came in. They were staring at Lauren’s bobbing, rotund ass. “Just in time, “Tammi said, “this whore needs more fresh cum.”


Belts and flies came undone and Lauren was staring at three large, glistening, veiny hard cocks aiming at her face. One was rubbed along her lips, smearing pre-cum, while another was positioned to thrust into her dilated, swollen asshole. While she was preoccupied with planting dainty little pecking kisses on the two other cockheads, Lauren felt hands grab her by the waist followed by a hard thrust deep in her sore ass. She had a startled, painful look on her face… her lips curled in a snarl, showing her teeth, and her eyes bulged in a hard stare. Her body was stiff as she was pounded from behind. It bounced back and forth with the thrusts but remained rigid. She did not even react when the cock pumped its load into her ass simultaneous with streams of cum shooting into her mouth. The other two took turns filling her mouth with cum.


Lauren was as stiff and unresponsive as a plastic doll. Her eyes were still bulging, her pupils barely moved, and her mouth was open in a silent gasp. They turned her on her side. Cum streamed from the corner of her mouth. Another glistening trail of clear cum ran over her ass. Lauren’s asshole was ringed with globs of grayish milky cum. The pearly globs were mingled in the black pubic hair around her cunt, which was thoroughly soaked and matted to her skin. Lauren’s rigid arms were bent at the elbows and her hands were frozen with her stiff fingers clawing the air in front of her. Her posture was positively morose; it was comparable to either a drowning victim or a fuck doll. Tammi and Lori licked at the cum on her perineum. A splattering fart sent droplets of cum on Lori’s face.


Lauren was moaning at the sensation of their tongues working her cum-covered asshole and cunt. One of the men put the bottle to her mouth. The sweet liquor spilled over her cheeks but she began to lap at it like a puppy. She seemed to be coming out of her post-orgasmic, post gang-bang stupor… “OOOOhhhhhhh… I’m such a nasty slut… a sleazy little whore… Slap me, spank me…” While they smacked her tits, ass and face, squeezed and pinched her nipples, spitting on her, the door opened… two of the men had slipped out to meet Brandi, who brought in a chubby, fat-breasted, thick-lipped whore with a rotund, oversized ass. This fat whore’s name was Suzi. She was an experienced whore who reeked of sex and sweat. In a husky voice she asked, “What are you going to do to me?” She looked at Lauren and her face contorted with disgust, “Ewww… You’re going to have to pay me double if you expect me to fuck that filthy whore…”


Suzi was tossed on the bed, bouncing heavily, and her fishnet hose was pulled off after her heels. They wrestled her face first on top of Lauren, who was groaning and growling deep in her throat… with her eyes about to pop out of her head from the weight of this whore on top of her.  They started chanting, “fuck her, fuck her, fuck her…” Brandi told Lauren in the third person, “Suzi’s going to rape you hard…” Her feral eyes were staring with lust into Lauren’s as she started to hump her, slamming her chubby curves into Lauren’s prostrate body. Their bellies were rubbing and bouncing against each other’s, their tits mashed together and poking with hard, erect nipples. Suzi’s mouth covered Lauren’s and she gave her hard, biting and sucking kisses that drew Lauren’s tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it, drawing off the saliva and cum, before she chewed on it. Lauren’s head was bobbing from the force and weight of her humping. Brandi demanded that Suzi flip Lauren on her belly and hump her ass next.


Suzi straddled Lauren with her knees on either side of her and flipped her roughly on her belly. She sat upright on Lauren’s upper thighs and rode her like a horse. Suzi’s powerful hips slammed into Lauren’s ass, grinding her deep into the mattress with a series of deep “ughh..ughh..ughh” groans. She pulled Lauren’s head back by a fistful of hair. Suzi mimicked an orgasm, “I’m coming… I’m coming…” and gave Lauren’s ass one prolonged push that crushed her into the bed. She sat up and shifted her weight off Lauren and onto her knees. Suzi dropped forward on Lauren’s back with all her weight, crushing her with a wet smack. Lauren’s lungs exhaled with a deep guttural “ughh.” There was a hissing sound and the sudden ammoniac smell of pee… the pressure on Lauren’s belly caused her bladder to burst. A hot creamy log was expelled from her bowels and rested between her thighs, along with the last of her anal cum-load. She momentarily blacked out. Suzi flopped around and ground her hips into Lauren’s ass. Lauren felt the enormous weight and wet heat pounding her entire body.  Brandi and the others pulled her off of Lauren and allowed the both of them to recover their breaths. Suzi was covered in sweat. Lauren lay flat on her belly without moving.


As Lauren lay on the bed, oblivious to everyone around her, Brandi was strapping Suzi into a black leather harness. There were two straps that wrapped around the thighs and attached to a wide belt. A triangular piece was held in place over the crotch. In the center was a small yellow projection. Brandi rummaged through a bag of dildos and selected a large black flesh-colored dildo. It had a lighter shaded knob and very realistic veins protruding along the shaft. The kissed the tip of it and smiled before fastening this to Suzi’s harness. “You’ve used one of these before?” she asked Suzi. “Not often, but yes. I always wanted a big fat cock!” They spoke in hushed tones. Suzi was weighing it in her hand as she looked down at the enormous black cock… she slapped it against her belly a few times and let it flop into position.


Suzi was an absurd sight, a large creamy white BBW with huge purple-veined tits and a fat black cock protruding from her hips. Lauren had been cleaned up slightly in preparation for her strap-on sodomy… at least her ass was. The only indication Lauren had of what was coming was the cold, slippery lube squirted on her ass and the feminine hands greasing up her asshole with loud squishing sounds. Lauren thought she was receiving some kind of after-treatment since they had taken a few moments to clean up her filthy rump. When she felt the heavy weight of Suzi’s body climbing on the bed, a cold sweat broke out on her skin.


Brandi was positioned directly in front of Suzi’s face, which was near the foot of the bed. Everyone else was standing around the bed to watch Suzi sodomize the slut, but Brandi was going to take a peculiar satisfaction in watching the expressions on Lauren’s face as that hard black cock was shoved deep into her bowels. Lauren was on her belly and Suzi lowered herself into position. The dildo was bumping against Lauren’s ass and upper thighs as Suzi wiggled her heavy hips to the proper stance. She used her weight to slam it in. Suzi’s entire body pounded into Lauren’s ass. Lauren was ground into the bed with the force of this initial thrust.


Brandi was closely scrutinizing Lauren’s face. As Lauren’s body was forced forward her eyes bulged out and her mouth went wide with a heavy exhalation and deep groan. As Suzi grabbed her hair, Lauren’s eyes rolled back. Her mouth was open with her protruding tongue and only two front teeth showing. Then Suzi pushed her head into the mattress. Suzi’s muscles and puppy fat were rippling and rolling with her strenuous pumping. Her body was flat on top of Lauren’s, as it was before, but now she had the cock planted deep in Lauren’s rump and was driving it in to the root. Everyone was watching her beautiful voluptuous body straining and pumping to sodomize the slut trapped beneath her. The motions of her shapely torso and rotund ass held their eyes captive. Her belly and ass were undulating like a dancer’s as she vigorously sodomized Lauren.


Suzi was groaning with the effort. Small droplets of sweat fell from her head. By now her hair was a sweaty, stringy mess and she was covered by a glistening sheen of perspiration and other body fluids. She pumped into Lauren with a few last, hard thrusts, then lay motionless atop her with the dildo still deep in her ass. Suzi began kissing her neck and ears, while her hands reached under her to caress Lauren’s breasts.  Lauren was moaning into the mattress as Suzi continued her fondling. After several minutes of this, Suzi began to rotate her hips, moving the dildo around inside Lauren’s rectum. Her mouth was open but only the crackling of saliva and the sound of expelling breath could be heard.


Suzi resumed her pumping motions and gradually increased her pace. Her slick body was sliding back and forth on top of Lauren’s. Suzi began to tremble. Her groans increased. A rippling went through her entire body and she arched her spine, lifting her breasts off Lauren’s back. The hard vibrations shook Lauren also. Suzi was in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Her mouth was open wide in a silent scream. Her eyes rolled back behind fluttering eyelids. Her body suddenly went stiff and froze in position for several moments. She collapsed limp on top of Lauren and her arms flopped on either side of her.


As Suzi’s overheated, sweat-slick body was pried off Lauren, the wet strap-on dildo pulled out of the grip of Lauren’s ass with a sticky sound. They rolled Lauren over. Her eyes were mere slits, with only a tiny sliver of her pupils visible in the moist whiteness. Her mouth was drooping open with only her two shiny front teeth and swollen tongue showing. Her stiff hands were like two bejeweled claws with long, exquisitely manicured fingernails. Brandi and Lori managed to dress her, though her clothes kept adhering to her sticky, filthy skin. She was nearly as unresponsive as a dead drunk.


While they had Lauren facedown on the bed, adjusting her stockings, she blew a wet-sounding fart inside her panties. Brandi thought Lauren was messing herself again after such hard, prolonged sodomy, but the dark wet spot that soaked into the panties was leftover cum… Brandi lifted the panties and peeked inside. Brandi’s fingers were clamping her nostrils shut at the anticipated reeking filth, but instead she found strands of pearly white cum stretched between her ass and the wet silk. “Sodomized little slut’s going home with a cumload in her panties…” To everyone’s astonishment, Suzi straddled Lauren again. They watched in amazement as Suzi grabbed her crotch, groaned, and dropped a filthy load from her bowels on top of Lauren’s thighs… as her filth landed with a sticky plop, Suzi’s bladder shot a hot jet directly on the wet stain in those panties. Lauren was initially confused when she felt the hot, heavy unctuous load dropping on her thighs, but the hot stream soaking her ass made her squirm like a convulsive snake. Everyone watched this scene gape-jawed.


Suzi plucked a couple of jewelry items from Lauren and kissed her sarcastically on the neck, “Thank you for the gift, sweetie!” She then vanished out of the door to return to her whoring. When Lauren and the others were fully dressed, they packed into the car with the men and drove to a secluded parking lot behind an abandoned movie theater. Lauren was crushed between Brandi and Lori. After several minutes, a pair of headlights approached. Madam Victoria pulled up besides them and Lauren was quickly moved to the other car with Brandi, Lori and Tammi. Victoria commented incredulously… “What did you do to her? She really looks like a wasted slut! What’s that nasty smell? I couldn’t even recognize her… that’s really Lauren? Didn’t you save anything for us? We’ve got an entire program waiting for her back at my place.”




This unrecognizable, filthy whore was pressed between Brandi and Lori for the drive back to Victoria’s. Tammi was in the front passenger seat, turning around to talk to them. Lauren was sweating from the body heat of the two women on either side of her in the crowded car. She smelled like… a pile of used condoms, a filthy piss-stained mattress on a whorehouse bed, a teenaged nympho after a night of masturbation under hot blankets, a rutting barnyard mare, a hamper full of dirty panties after a sorority house orgy, a sweaty tennis dyke after playing on sunburnt asphalt, a gang-banged housewife wearing too much slutty perfume… such a combination of odors describes Lauren as she sat in Victoria’s car. She was a wet, sticky, cum-farting, used-up whore. Brandi and Lori wanted to treat her like one, so they each took an ear between their teeth and gnawed while their hands worked her nipples, ass and cunt. They forced her to lick and suck their sticky fingers after rubbing her creams and the leaking cum.


Tammi began talking to Lauren, asking her how she felt now that she was a street whore… “Do you enjoy wearing clothes so tight you feel like you might burst them? Five inches taller in spike heels? Tits spilling out of your bra and your ass cut in two by hot pants? Does your ass feel like a gaping hole? I hear you like getting cum pumped up your rear...” Lauren called her a filthy bitch. Victoria calmly stated, “Gag that slut! One more word out of that cum hole she calls a mouth, and I’ll dump her back at the Galaxy…”


Tammi said she had just the thing to plug her mouth… she pulled off her panties right in the front seat, throwing them to Lori. “I just finished three clients. These are sufficiently nasty to give her something to inhale and suck on for the trip home.” Lori sniffed them and said, “These are soaked with so much of your juices, sweat and leaking cum, they’re three times their normal weight! And hot on my fingertips! You must be burning up… is it this whore Lauren that’s got you so hot?” Tammi answered her as the two whores were struggling to gag Lauren. One had her by the hair, the other was stuffing her mouth with the gusset of the panties.


“If you knew what was waiting for this stuck-up cunt, you’d be creaming your panties too... we’ve got a tough-looking dyke who wants to ravish a nineteenth-century French whore. The whore, that’s Lauren, is going to be laced up in corsets, thigh-high boots, buttoned up in a tight jacket and elbow-length button gloves, strapped, clipped and fastened in layers of tight, vintage slut clothes… then stripped and reamed with a strap-on by a very aggressive BBW… a Big, Beautiful, busty, fat-assed Whore with a fat black cock. We did some shopping. She’ll have some anachronisms, but she’ll look and feel like a cheap, vintage whore! Here are some historic photos we’re using.”


The black-and-white prints were passed around. They depicted women in semi-nude poses, chubby by modern standards, with protuberant bellies and thick thighs. Their voluptuous flesh was squeezed, strapped, laced and buttoned into ultra-tight corsets, garters and a variety of exotic foundation wear. Their feet were squeezed into tiny, deep-arched high heeled boots. Some buttoned, others laced, ankle-boots to thigh-highs. Some disappeared into a froth of thick, crinoline petticoats. Lauren’s eyes wandered after the photos with a mixture of lust, curiosity and apprehension; she tried to examine the details, but she only got a cursory glance. She was moaning into her gag, because of the hot panty juices burning her nostrils and throat.


Victoria pulled her car into the alley and parked next to a rear door. Tammi opened an umbrella and walked to the rear door. It was raining heavily, and her heels splashed in the puddles. She shielded Lori, who pulled Lauren out, followed by Brandi, who scooted across the rear seat after her. Lauren’s hands were tied in front of her, and the bright pink panties were hanging out of her mouth, secured in place by a thin strap.


As for Lauren, she stood up and attempted to shield herself in the downpour by crowding under Tammi’s umbrella. Her hair was already wet, and her blue satin blouse was quickly drenched. Her wet cleavage was luminous in the semi-dark. As she huddled from the rain and sought the door, Brandi grabbed her by the rear of her collar and her belt.  Lauren let out a muffled, startled moan as she was propelled headlong into a muddy puddle next to the curb. She fell with a heavy “whup!” into the thick, deep mud, her body plowing into it with a sucking sound. “Filthy whore, maybe that’ll clean you up!” Lauren’s ass was raised up as she struggled in the deep muck, wiggling around to the delight of the women.


Victoria watched Lauren’s ass bucking in the mud, then told Brandi, “That’s quite enough… get her out of there and take her inside. Hose her down first.”

Brandi took hold of Lauren’s left ankle and pulled. Lauren belly-flopped in the mud. Brandi had no choice but to step in the puddle and pluck her out. Tammi took a garden hose and set the nozzle to a hard spray. By now, everyone was soaked by the rain. The umbrella lay next to the car. Lauren struggled to her feet with the rough assistance of Brandi. She was covered in dark mud and only her teeth, eyes and blouse buttons glistened in the light; otherwise, she looked like a mud-wrestler. The thought of tossing Lauren around in the mud appealed to Brandi, but Victoria had other plans.


Tammi hosed Lauren down as Brandi held her. Lauren’s blouse adhered to her skin, and her creamy left breast shone bright as the mud was washed away. A deep red nipple stuck in the air like a dart, erect either from the cold water or the masochistic excitement of her muddy excursion. She was taken into the cellar and stripped of her wet clothes. The blue satin blouse was thrown on the dirty floor… it was ruined, as were the Capri’s. Lauren had to lie on a table and the tight pants peeled off inside out. Her heels and designer belt were ruined also… everything ended up in a multi-colored heap on the floor, with Lauren standing nude between Brandi and Tammi.


Lauren’s appearance had actually been altered by her experiences as a whore. Most of the cosmetics that turned her face into a grotesque mess had washed away by now; only the bright red nail polish remained. Three of those nails had broken. Her pupils were dilated. Her eyes, though ‘sleepy’ were slightly bugged out under heavy lids, and crossed slightly, as if looking inward at a strap-on cock invading her bowels. Her nostrils were flaring. Her lips were swollen and pouting… her large teeth seemed to be trying to burst out from between them… those lips were perpetually sucking them.


When Lauren opened her mouth, her swollen tongue protruded slightly. Tammi resisted the urge to suck on Lauren’s mouth. Tammi’s mouth was literally watering, and she gulped several times while looking over the used-up whore. Lauren’s breasts were swollen as if distended with milk, with thick, pointy nipples that were at least three quarters of an inch long. Her areolae were naturally raised, but now they stood out on the tips of her breasts like two over-ripe plums. Purplish-blue veins radiated from them, and even bulged from her smooth skin. Red marks were scattered around the areolae, from biting and pinching. Her ass had been thoroughly slapped and thumped and was swollen, with red marks also scattered around the creamy globes. Looking her over from the front, Tammi commented how swollen and red Lauren’s pussy was. “She’s blown up like a balloon! Those fat grayish lips are cut right in half, with her pink pussy flesh bursting out! Over-ripe fruit, indeed!”


Brandi ran the tip of a martinet up the insides of Lauren’s thighs and told her to bend over. As Lauren bent forward, her bloated pussy popped out between her thighs like the balloon Tammi described. Brandi used the tip of her martinet to push Lauren’s left buttock aside. She wanted to inspect her thoroughly sodomized asshole. Instead of finding a wrinkled clenched hole with its grayish flesh, Brandi saw a dark, gaping, dilated hole in the midst of a swollen red and pink anus. The hole was puckering, as if it were breathing. When the tip of her martinet lightly touched the swollen flesh, Lauren flinched and let out a low moan. Brandi pulled the martinet away and Lauren’s globular buttocks closed up and bounced against each other.


Lauren was told to stand straight. The purpose of this exercise was to intensify to a painful level the sensitivity of her nipples and cunt, as well as increase the size of her breasts and buttocks by a carefully administered beating. Her nipples and cunt would be pinched and clipped, her breasts and ass slapped and cracked. Lauren was going to be a bundle of tingling nerves and swollen flesh, tightly laced, buttoned and snapped into an outfit that would squeeze her to the bursting point and leave her gasping for air. She would then be subjected to sodomy, with oral and vaginal penetration by three very lusty strap-on wielding bitches. Her ass was reserved for a certain busty, round-assed, strong-hipped, meat-slapping bitch. Her mouth was up for grabs.




Lauren’s arms were raised above her head and lashed to an iron loop which was itself bolted on a floor joist. Her feet just reached the dirty floor. A shot of liquor was offered to her just before her mouth was plugged with a ball-gag. As she gulped the foul-tasting concoction, her mouth was immediately filled. Her eyes stared at the implements of torment that were arrayed before her, accompanied by a faint but high-pitched moaning. The frightened look on her face only inflamed the sadistic lusts of Brandi and Tammi. They began by egging each other on… “Lay into that fat ass with the martinet, and don’t be rhythmical about you strokes. Keep her guessing when and where you’re going to strike next,” was answered by a suggestion, “Blindfold her with that scarf.”


Brandi said she enjoyed watching the bitch’s face as she was tormented, but in the end they agreed to blindfold her so she couldn’t see the martinet sweeping in to whack her tits, cunt and belly. “Don’t let that scaredy cat look fool you. Feel how wet her cunt is. She’s the most masochistic slut of all Miss Victoria’s clients. Even the pathetic, drooling men don’t beg so hard to get kicked around by a pair of sharp high-heeled feet, or to have last night’s dinner packed up their rear by a greased-up, dripping, veiny strap-on cock!” Tammi commented on Lauren’s state of arousal… “Look at those nipples growing!” (She flicked them with her sharp-nailed fingertip.) “Just your talking is making her rut! What a whore! She wants it bad!”


Brandi spit on Lauren’s nipples and watched the foam slide down the undersides of her breasts, leaving a shiny trail behind. She slapped the table with the flat end of a riding crop. The loud crack caused Lauren to twitch and whimper. Her nipples were the next target. Already abnormally swollen and sensitive, the first whack, which was relatively mild, send Lauren’s body into wild gyrations. With a whack on her breast, she would stand on her tippy toes and arch her back. With her ass shoved out into prominence behind her, Tammi would hurl the martinet into her fleshy ass, making them wobble and raising a red welt. Again, her back would arch inward and throw her breasts out making two round, bouncing targets for Brandi’s riding crop. After playing this perverse game of tennis with Lauren’s writhing body, they focused on her nipples and cunt. Hard clips were fastened directly on her nipples and vaginal lips. The two sadists amused themselves by whacking the clamps away by hard swipes of the crop or martinet. The clamps were then replaced, always in varying positions to maximize the amount of flesh that would be effected. The result of this prolonged treatment was the swelling and sensitization of Lauren’s most delicate erogenous zones. Now it was time to inflame those senses of Lauren’s into a lust-induced stupor.


Chantal stood six-feet tall without heels. Besides possessing a body of nearly unimaginable curves inherited from an exotic mixture of Irish, Tunisian and Spanish ancestry, Chantal had a pair of hypnotic, slanting, emerald-green eyes and lips that were forever pouting as if for a kiss. Her narrow hips had a natural pivot that made her globular buttocks bounce and roll as she walked, while her deep, sloping back kept her 36DD breasts on heaving display to those who approached her from the front. Despite a religious upbringing, her body exuded such a raw sexuality that she gave way to her natural lusts at the constant pursuit of men and women who wanted her for nothing but that body. The constant attention she received caused in her a certain arrogance. She could choose her lovers at will. She had slept with chaste or married women who had never known of their Lesbian instincts until meeting her. The great variety of her sexual partners left her with an insatiable appetite.


Chantal’s sexual experiences became increasingly sado-masochistic. Chantal indulged in every fetish imaginable and probably invented several all her own. Often, her fetishes were combined with others, or incorporated into some sexual acts. Her creamy, mocha skin was adorned with numerous unusual tattoos and some peculiar but subtle scars. She was now in her early forties and that seductive roll of her hips gave her a slightly lumbering gait. Her waist and buttocks had thickened, and her belly and hips plumped out over the waistband of her jeans like a teenager’s puppy fat. Her face was thicker also, but still retained the high Spanish cheekbones and sunken cheeks, with a slightly masculine jaw.


Chantal had a habit of looking down her nose at her sexual prey, the feline slant of her icy, staring eyes resembling a cat about to pounce. Her nails were often very long and painted bright red, adding to her feral characteristics, as did the purring effect of her rolling r’s. Add to this a thick leather harness supporting an enormous, erect phallus in the form of a strap-on dildo, Chantal was positively ferocious. Her “victims” were taken by both the sensual voluptuousness of her figure and the frightening notion of such a large, powerfully-hipped body pounding a veiny, long strap-on cock hard and deep into their bowels. When Lauren’s blindfold was removed, she found herself the object of Chantal’s glacial stare, her lips curling into a vicious smirk as her hand stroked the shaft of her enormous cock. Lauren released a loud fart as if to signify her fear, which was answered by a hard whack on her ass by Brandi’s martinet. Chantal didn’t move- she continued unnerving her latest prey.


As a result of this teasing session with Chantal, Lauren was trembling with high-pitched lust, her nipples painfully erect and tingling, her cunt engorged like an over-ripe, swollen fruit bursting with juices, her clit throbbing to the point of sharp pain. Every sexual nerve in her body was strung taut as a bow, waiting to be plucked. Her skin was rubbed down with aromatic oils tinged with clove and peppermint to make her skin tingle, with particular attention paid to her nipples. A sticky substance was massaged into her nipples and areolae which made them swell and pucker. Her breasts ached as much as a wet-nurse with milk-distended glands. Her clitoris was throbbing so hard she moaned and thought it would burst.


Lauren’s vintage whore accoutrements were brought in and arranged on a table. The complicated foundation wear, straps, buckles, boots and accessories seemed like a cross between ship’s rigging and a horse’s caparison. The metal parts clunked and tinkled on the wooden table, while the skirts rustled and whispered. In her heightened state of arousal, the sensation of this constricting, elaborate costume made her heart pound and she broke out in a sweat. She was being rigged out in tight layers that squeezed, molded and cut into her soft, tingling flesh. Her stomach was squeezed so deep she grew faint. The flesh was rolled into place to conform to 19th century concepts of feminine beauty- high, protruding breasts and ass, sunken, cascading back, narrow waist and heavy hips (her belly was pushed down by the tight corset), a nearly phallic, bulging Mons Veneris, and thick, rounded thighs and calves. Plump but firm curvature was the ideal and Lauren’s mature body suited this to perfection.


Lauren’s feet were squeezed into tiny, satin-lined high heeled boots that buttoned up the sides. The arches formed deep, high curves supported by high heels. Tiny, dainty feet were also part of this ideal and this aspect of her costume caused her the greatest agony. She barely felt her toes after the boots were buttoned up. All the blood seemed to have been squeezed out of her feet. Lauren’s sexual organs and erotogenous points were framed or otherwise emphasized by this vintage costume. A complex geometry centered about her cunt, ass, face, neck, and other features- some of which were a potent visual aphrodisiac in that priggish age. Even the insides of her wrists, the milky flesh exposed between the buttons of her elbow-length pink satin gloves, a delicious focus of mincing Victorian eroticism, was teasingly displayed. Tammi’s dainty fingertip had tickled Lauren when she daubed perfume on that sensitive pulse point. Lauren billed and cooed like a dove at the light touch of fingertips and the smell of sweet breath and fleshy odors as they tricked her out. The inner layers formed a sort of hard shell, over which light, feminine garments were worn.


Lauren didn’t have an opportunity to ponder the peculiarities of this costume and its symbolisms. She was focused on certain delicious sensations caused by the hugging of her body and the stimulation of her cunt, clitoris and nipples. This was a form of bondage and it was shaping her body into perverse contours, restricting her breathing and cutting into her flesh. As she stood, it was necessary to support her. With her sense of balance confused by the unnatural distribution of her body weight and its perch atop these painful high-heeled boots, Lauren tottered and swayed. She sucked her breath in between her teeth, making a hissing sound indicative of her pain. As Lauren walked with wobbling steps, Tammi smacked her hard on the ass, declaring “She’s a hot, tight little package, isn’t she?!” Turning towards Brandi with a smile, Tammi missed Lauren’s headlong fall onto the floor, ending in a bony, meaty thump and a deep “Ughhhhh” with her sudden exhalation.


Lauren was out cold. The fall forced the air from her lungs. The bodice and cache-corset was quickly unbuttoned and the clasps of her corset released. Tammi slapped Lauren’s cheeks lightly in an effort to revive her. Her eyes were completely rolled back into her head and her skin felt clammy, but her breasts heaved as she sucked in air. With slow, deliberate breaths, Lauren’s color returned to her skin and her eyes returned to normal, though they rolled back a little from time to time, like someone trying not to fall asleep when overcome. Brandi rubbed her breasts and was soon kissing her nipples and taking them between her lips. Despite this incident involving the constricting corset and too-high heels, Lauren was pleading to be fucked. Her breasts were heaving with the hard nipples jutting into the air. The stupor induced by her oxygen deprivation had inflamed her lusts. Her masochism rendered her ripe for abuse.


Lauren wanted to be slapped, pinched, kicked, and penetrated in every orifice. She wanted to squirm on the end of a strap-on cock that was impaling her bowels, to gag as it plugged her throat and to plead for more. The purpose of this scenario was precisely this: to whip Lauren into such a delirious stupor of lust that she would completely lose control of herself and not only submit but plead to the most outrageous treatment imaginable- and finish in convulsive, writhing, body-wracking orgasms. She was to step out of her own self and become someone else- a masochist pleading for abuse, a masturbating whore stewing in her slutty clothes, a mewling submissive… Tammi and Brandi covered her with teasing butterfly kisses, silky caresses, with taunting whispers in her ears. Her body was as taut as a bow, throbbing…


Without causing actual pain, Tammi and Brandi playfully slapped and pinched Lauren, catching her nipples between their teeth, teasing her and intensifying her rut. When Lauren wanted her nipple to be pinched hard and twisted, it was only squeezed gently… when she craved a hard slap on the ass their hands only patted her there. This teasing continued for what seemed like an hour to Lauren. Never in her life had she felt so close to orgasm without going over that edge. It was the ultimate tease, and their whispers accomplished the psychological aspect of this game, while their hands and teeth and dildos took care to keep her nerves tingling. “Are you ready to be fucked, Lauren?” She answered with an “MMMMMMMmmmm….” Brandi said, “Alright Suzi, she’s all yours. Your favorite piece of sleazy ass, Suzi.” Suddenly, the hefty sound of high-heels clicked across the floor, and Lauren was confronted with the sight of this fleshy body glistening with oil and brandishing a menacing black strap-on cock.


Suzi’s enormous tits were bobbing with each step. Her smooth belly bounced sensuously. She was stroking the cock with her left hand, aiming the head directly into Lauren’s line of sight. Lauren stared at the purplish chocolate-colored head and moaned. Even compared with Suzi’s large body the cock was enormous. Lauren’s eyes raised to look at Suzi’s face. Suzi’s lips curled into a lecherous sneer. Her lips were glistening wet and her eyes stared directly into hers like a cat about to pounce. Lauren nervously arched her back, sticking her ass out behind her.


Brandi couldn’t resist delivering a hard smack. Lauren jumped and fell forward on her knees before Suzi and found herself staring at the cock, now only inches from her face. “Kiss my cock, you sleazy old queer. Make those juicy lips of yours smack on it, a hard, wet kiss.” Lauren pursed her lips, bent forwards and planted a noisy kiss on the tip of Suzi’s cock. She looked up at Suzi’s face, only to have her left eye shut by a glob of hot, sticky spit. Lauren felt it roll down her cheek where it was deflected by her pouting lips. “Spit on my cock and get it nice and wet. Just like this.” Suzi let a glob of saliva fall on the shaft. “Put it in your mouth. Get my cock good and wet. I’m fresh out of lube. I don’t want to hurt that tight ass of yours.” Lauren stuck out her tongue and Suzi placed the head of her “cock” on it. In an instant, Lauren had sucked the shaft into her mouth and was making gurgling sounds. The head bounced off the back of her throat. She gagged. But she shoved her head into the shaft just as hard. Suzi ground her hips in slow, circular motions as Lauren’s head bobbed.


Suzi grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the strap-on cock. “Now rub it between your tits… massage it while you kiss my nipples. Don’t suck and don’t bite. Kiss them.” Dark streaks fell down Lauren’s cheeks and ringed her eyes. She had teared up from the cock filling her mouth and gagging her. Now she planted dainty pecking kisses on Suzi’s hard, oily nipples, tasting the silky, slightly bitter oil and the salty sweat. Her kisses were noisy, lip-smacking pecks at first, followed by elongated kisses as the nipples enlarged. “Kiss my belly. Lick it.”


Lauren lay on her face at the edge of the low bed, leaning over it. Her knees were on the floor. Suzi gave her cunt a workout, grinding and rotating her hips as she pumped. One of Lauren’s hands was clutching the sheets as the other was tucked beneath her, massaging her clit. Suzi’s chubby belly bounced against Lauren’s ass, throwing her forward with each thrust. Lauren pushed back. Once or twice the strap-on cock pulled out and rode up the crack of her ass before Suzi pushed it back in. Suzi knew Lauren was an anal slut and craved to be sodomized. If Lauren was going to be wracked with an orgasm, she needed to be penetrated there.


Suzi changed Lauren’s posture by standing her up, ass stretched high in the air with her face still in the sheets. Her ass cheeks puckered out and revealed her bloated brownish-red asshole, already dilated and swollen from prior ass-fucking. Suzi patted her there, right on the meaty sphincter. Lauren was already bleating and mewling. “Ohhhhhh, do it, shove your girl-cock deep in my ass, pump it hard. I’m such a sleazy anal whore! Rape my ass!” She twitched her ass in the air, causing the flesh to ripple and bounce seductively. Suzi gave her ass some playful smacks while grabbing handfuls of the pinkish-white flesh. “Do you want me to fuck you here?”… “Please! Push it in! Fuck my ass!”… “Dirty whore!”… “I’m a filthy slut, fuck me like one!”… “URRGGHH!!!”… “OWWW!!!”…


Suzi impaled the pleading little whore, who arched her back and opened her mouth wide in a startled gesture. A few short groans were all she sounded, while her body remained stiff in this arched condition. Suzi plunged her girl-cock deep, right to the hilt. She wanted to skewer her like a pig. Suzi made snorting noises, “oink, oink”… “this bitch is a piece of fuck meat now, a steaming rump roast!” Tammi and Brandi resisted the urge to bite Lauren’s flesh, to gnaw on her nipples; they were deep kissing each other, entwining their tongues and fingering each other’s assholes. Neither could resist as they watched Lauren clawing the sheets, contorted and mewling with a girl-cock ramming into her bowels. Suzi was pounding her entire fleshy body into Lauren with hard, strenuous thrusts. She would draw back, position herself, then ram into Lauren with a sudden thrust of her hips. Her thrusts were so hard it seemed she was trying to hurt her. The room was filled with a rhythmic “Urggh” SLAP!!! “Urggh” SLAP!!! “Urghh” SLAP!!! Lauren was being plowed headfirst into the mattress.


Suzi’s glistening body was dripping with sweat and oil. Her skin had a marbled, translucent appearance, bringing out the colors of her tattoos, nipples, cherry-red lips, and the black leather harness supporting her enormous Lez-cock, replete with its bulging veins and purplish head. “URRRRGGGHHHH!!!” She gave it one last hard thrust up to the hilt before drawing the long shaft slowly out. It made a wet, popping sound followed by the red meat of Lauren’s nearly prolapsed rectum bulging out.


Lauren’s body heaved with violent spasms.  Several short bursts of hot liquid pulsed from her cunt. She meowed like a rutting cat as she ejaculated, followed by more vigorous rubbing of her clitoris. Another heaving orgasm and she collapsed. Suzi rolled her over and plopped on top of her, smothering her with her hot, perspiring and oily body. Suzi sucked the juices out of Lauren’s mouth with noisy sucking kisses, chewing on her lips and tongue. Her silky belly rubbed into Lauren’s and their breasts mashed together, poking their hard nipples into each other’s milky flesh. Their hair was wet and matted to their skin- head and pubic hair alike, the latter sticky with musky steaming-hot secretions.


Lauren fell into a deep, post-orgasmic sleep. The heat of Suzi’s fleshy body, their limbs entwined, lying among satin sheets and a warm duvet, in a stuffy room impregnated with the odors of sex and sweat, induced an oblivious sleep in Lauren. After several hours of unconsciousness, Lauren awoke to the recorded sounds of grunts, moans and squeals. It was clearly a recording and she initially thought it was a porn movie. She soon recognized the voices and the sounds of her own sexual ecstasy. Suzi then whispered in her ear, with her husky, throaty voice, “Lauren, it’s time to wake up. We have important business to attend to, you sleazy whore.” She woke with a start, “Huh?... What?...”


The bed was surrounded by Victoria’s whores, all of them staring at her. Some were fully clothed, others in scanty lingerie. Their faces wore varying expressions: Lori and Tammi were smirking, Charlene yawned, Polly had an air of indifference, while Aisha looked ferocious. All were there, including some Lauren had never seen before. Brandi stood next to Victoria. Both had serious expressions, and Brandi stood aside to reveal the television screen displaying a video of Lauren being anally penetrated by first Suzi, then others. There followed a close up of her face, pleading to be fucked in her ass and for various other acts. Lauren gaped at the screen.


Victoria, who was arrayed in a severely tailored business suit, looking more like a high-ranking executive than a Madam, spoke next: “Lauren, your career as a prosecutor is finished. Here is your letter of resignation. You belong to us now. You always were a whore, even though you concealed it behind your public persona. Now, instead of dressing like a whore beneath your high-class designer suits, you’re a whore on the outside too. No more of your hypocrisy. You’re on my payroll now and you’ll be servicing several of our female clients, willingly, or we’ll put you on Broad Street with our low-class, cheap streetwalkers. You’ll be fucking horny, bi-sexual cunts on satin sheets or out there… in the back seats of cars or in a squalid, sleazy hotel room, maybe against a wall in some sticky public rest room. The choice is yours. Sign here. Either way, your cunt and ass belong to me now and I’ll sell you out to whomever I please.”


Lauren signed the paper and resigned herself to becoming a high-class whore. She consoled herself over her new status with the thought of uninhibited sex with all kinds of society women- executives, schoolteachers, housewives, secretaries, all of them desperate enough for Lesbian sex to resort to Victoria’s collection of whores. When she wasn’t servicing her clients, Lauren was often in bed with her co-workers, especially Brandi and Suzi. This was how she received her orgasms; when she was with clients, her job was to cause them to experience powerful orgasms and return to their “normal” lives satiated. Her roles varied, too. She sometimes dominated her clients, sodomizing them or performing other requested acts. Lauren was especially delighted when her clients wanted to dominate her, though this was very rare. Some were simply “bi-curious” and requested conventional sex. Lauren and Suzi eventually moved in together, becoming regular lovers in a luxurious room on the third floor of Madam Victoria’s.


Brandi eventually released the tapes to the public, causing a scandal. Lauren had assumed a new identity as "Cherry," having long since abandoned her former life. She was amused by the publicity, and the humiliation of her former colleagues for having been associated with such a sleazy whore.

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