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Good Manners

Part 1

Good manners

Synopsis: The Danish public last told patience with the youth drinking, having sex and destroying property. So new and tuff laws are passed in the government and this is the story about a young man being put through the system. (13-09-2006: This is part one only. Work is in progress.)


Good manners


1. In court


As the final of the three youngsters stood before the judge in the courtroom they all joked loudly. The whole trail had been influenced by their disturbing conducts.


The judge announced the conviction: “Ahmed Hussein: It is the decision of this court that you have broken several laws regarding normal conduct.”


“First you have evaded the draft laws of 2010. You were supposed to undergo the first two parts of the draft program last summer in order achieve status as adult. This has not happened.”


“Secondly several reports of you shouting foul words at girls down at the bus station.”


“And then you forced a girl to give you blowjobs because she was wearing a mini-skirt, which made her a prostitute in your eyes.”


“You have shown every sign of not becoming respectable citizens in your grownup life. The court would change that. You are going to turn 18 in a couple of month and in order to save you from ending up in prison sooner or later for years, we are going to send you to one of the new behaviour modification centre for a crack course in understanding the burden of being female, ordinary good manners and doing the parts of the draft, you were suppose to do according to the law. Take them way.”


2. Ahmed


Some months ago the Danish parliament became tired of the impudent behaviour of the young people when they spoke to each other. Words like “Bitch”, “hooker” etc. have become almost common in every sentence and had polluted the beautiful Danish language. In the old days young ladies have been treated with respect. Those days had gone and the parliament wanted to do something about it.


Almost every citizen in Denmark knew what was wrong. Sometime back in the 60’s the intellectual elite in Denmark had it out with the strict morale and norms that were present in Denmark at that time. Everyone became afraid from making demands and slowly it became clear that both youth and newcomers to the Danish society had lost respect for the values and laws in the country.


The new law issued a zero-tolerance against rude behaviour and cruel language between people under 18. In schools the pupils would be put before the new students courts established in all schools. Often the punishment would be removal of litter, weeding out in the beds around the school or even cleaning toilets.


However, while it worked for most parts some people would not learn. Take Ahmed for instance. He had been hanging out with mates since he was 14. His family had stayed in Denmark for 30 years and neither his mother nor his father did speak Danish very good. Needless to say, Ahmed was soon regarding himself as the man in the house. His parents tried all they could to make him stay home after one of the elderly had told his parents about him lying toward them about the fact that it was OK and normal for kids of his age to stay out all night. But as soon they were at sleep he sneaked out.


Domestic corporal punishment is forbidden in Denmark and because his parents had failed the use of alternative disciplining on him in time, he lived a life with other kids establishing themselves an alternative community with values of their own. After a while he skipped school and even though the society’s response was to cancel the child maintenance all parents in Denmark got, his parents was not able to control him.


But then there was the incident of him and some of his mates forcing a girl to give them blowjobs. The police arrested him and because he was the only one that had not completed the draft program, he could not get off by a short period in isolation while writing an apology to the girl and a written acceptance of guilt, wearing a chastity belt and doing community service for a period.


So now he was his way on to one of the new behaviour modification centres. He was a kind of nervous because exactly what was going on there was a kind of secret.


3. Arrival in the centre


“Step in line.”


Ahmed stood in a line of youngsters - a mix of boys and girls – all waiting for it becoming their turn. One by one they were called into some examination rooms. Sometime screams were heard from inside but for the most they just called the next in. Ahmed became more nervous. Finally it was his turn.


“Ahmed Hussein. Go to room number two!”


When he went inside two guards and a doctor greeted him.


“Take all your clothes of and lie on the table on your stomach! Hurry!”


As he lied down the guards fastened some cuffs at his wrist and his feet. “We want to check you for hiding drugs. Relax.”


“Where am I supposed to hide anything? I am naked”, he thought. The he felt a pain in his behind. “Ow! It hurts. Stop!”


“Sorry. But we have to stick this tube containing a mini-camera up in your rectum. We have seen people hiding small packages containing drugs up there. Just relax and it would be over in just a few minutes.”


Some seconds the pain lessened and it only took a short while before they were satisfied. So they redrew the tube and released him from the cuffs. Soon he was back on his feet again.


“Stand still. I am going to measuring your waist for the chastity belt.”


“Wait a minute. Why am I going to wear a belt? I am locked up here. I can not be with any girl.”


“In fact a large part of this program is making your understand the relationship between male and female, so we would avoid pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases. Step over here. This plastic belt with straps is for measuring only. The real belt is made of steel covered with neoprene. If you make trouble we would cuff you.”


They measured him and found a belt. “See, you penis goes into this tube. Once put inside it would be painful if it become erected so that would not happen.”


“It is too tight. I can hardly breathe!”


“No. One this program, you will be put on a tight exercise program combined with healthy food. You will loose weight and the waist belt would not be tight after a week. Properly it would be necessary to change the size to a smaller during the program.”


“What about relief? It is well known that long periods of denial would result in an increased cancer-risk. It is not fair that you will condemn me to an illness that could be fatal.”


“You do not have to worry. We have taken precautions in order to prevent that from happen. You are finished here. Go trough that door so you can begin phase 1.”


4. Phase 1: Living as a girl


a) Dressing up


A guard accompanied him as we went down a long corridor. “Dressing room number 8: In here!”


“Hey. This is not right. This is a dressing room for girls.”


The entire room was covered from wall to wall like a woman clothing shop. Two matrons greeted him: “Welcome. You are Ahmed Hussein and you have come to the right place. You are going to be dressed as a girl for the next week. Please, cooperate or we would restrain you.”


He began to sob. “It can not be right. This is humiliating.”


“Just as humiliating as the girls felt you teased in the street? Just as humiliating as the girl felt you forced into giving you a blowjob? Please to over to that bar.” As he stood under the bar, they once again cuffed him at his wrist and feet. “Try to hold on to the bar. Although it is suspension cuffs, it would be easier if you hold on.” They began to raise the bar so he was pull up and eventually he was stretched out.


“First the corset. I can see that they have measured you to 28 inches, so 24 would be fine.” They began to lace it on his behind.


“Stop. It is too tight. You are going to cut me in half.”


But without world they ignored his protests and after a while he could only produce a silent grunt when they pulled.


“You have to hang on for 5 minutes so the fabric can adjust before we take it the final step.” They stepped over and drank a cup of coffee while they waited for the time to pass. Ahmed hanged quietly with tears running down his face.


“Let’s be done.” They continued to pull. A couple of time he passed out but the guards revived him with smelling salt every time. Finally they were satisfied with the result and lowered him to the floor.


“Now for the rest of the underwear. Here is a pair of pants.”


Ahmed dressed and lets his hands feel the surface of the corset. It felt strange and he could not bend over with pain in his lower stomach.


“Here is a dress. I will give you a helping hand with the zip in the back.” It was an all pink dress reaching down to her knees.


“Then there are the pink knee-high stockings and matching shoes. When you are done it is over to our hairdresser and the photo shoot.”


Ahmed followed the guard out of the office. He had his head down. Never in his life had he felt so low. Him dressed up as a girl, was almost too much. When they came to the hairdresser he was ordered into a chair and once again they put on some restraints. “We are going to give you some hair extensions. We cannot give you rats' tails without adding a little length. When we are done with your hair, it is time for your makeup. During this week you will be able to do it yourself, so pay attention.”


“You must be kidding. I would never put makeup on by myself. You must be dreaming. It would never happen.”


“We will see. It will happen. You will do it by your own will. Just wait and see.”


After a while the hairdresser announced. “We are done. Look in the mirror.”


Ahmed looked and almost lost his jaw. They have turned him into a girl. He began to cry.


“Don’t cry. It would ruin your makeup. Now I would release you and show how we would except you to follow orders.”


As he stood up a guard came with a belt with a black box on. “What is that?”


“Wait and see. You have properly noticed that the fabric in the back of the corset feels a little stiffer and different than the rest of the corset. That is because small and tiny threads of conductive metal had been weaved into the corset just outside the kidney area. Also in your dress there are holes in the back to we can connect wires to the conductive area. These wires we connect to the box. The name of the device is called Graduated Electronic Decelerator also called GED.”


“Back in the 1990s the now famous Judge Rotenberg Educational centre in Massachusetts started to threat wrong behaviour of children with mild symptoms of autism, ADHD and emotional problems with electrical shock. This treatment had shown to be successful in adjusting almost every kind of bad behaviour and we in Denmark have also copied it. This unit delivers 45-milliamp shocks for 2 seconds. It would send you to the floor and I would recommend that you behave. Do not test us. We would not hesitate to use it. All rooms are monitored and the device has an alarm that would inform us if you try to remove it. Now it is in place and activated. We would need a photo of you to put on the control, so we by mistake don’t activate the wrong control. Stand still.”


The guard took a photo and then it was time for Ahmed to leave for his room.

b) Tugging in


“Here are you room. You have your own toilet. Please notice that the door does not have a lock. It is not necessary because it is monitored and the hallway has a detector that tells us if someone is moving around.”


“Over here is your bed. Bedtime is 9 p.m. and we expect you to stand with your face against the wall at that time when the guard enters the room in order to help you with the dress. Here is a typical program of the day of the first week.”


6 a.m.: The alarms sounds. Leave your bed and face the wall. A guard would be around and release your from the sleeping belt and the gloves. Then we expect you to wash and use the toilet.

7 a.m.: Breakfast in your room. A tray would be placed in front of the door.

8 a.m.: Teaching in manners and ordinary housekeeping.

11 a.m.: Makeup course

12 a.m.: Lunch in your room

1 p.m.: Teaching elementary school syllabus adjusted to those needs you have according to the information we have received from your former school.

6 p.m.: Dinner in your room.

7 p.m.: Free time until 9 p.m., which you should spend in your room working on an apology to your parents for your behaviour.


“I do not owe anything to my parents.”


“You don’t know exactly how well-treated you have been. Those nice parents don’t deserve a son like you. But you would wish that you would have listen to them. Sit down and eat your dinner. I would be back at 9.p.m. I would except you to stand facing the wall as instructed or….” He pointed at the control-box in his belt.


Ahmed ate his dinner quietly. This place was horrible. They had dressed him up as a girl. He had to sit down if he wanted to urinate. It was so shameful.


He turned on the computer. A welcome message said that the only program installed was a word processor with an email function and there was no Internet access. However emails had to been sent to the office, which would send them to their destination.


He wrote a small letter to his parents. It was simple:


“Get my lawyer! They mistreat me here. They are abusive and it is inhuman. Please help me.”


After he had written his letter he sat and look at the wall until a sound signalled that it was time to face the wall.


A guard came in and helped him undress and put a leather belt around his waist. Then he was told to take on two leather gloves on, which were attached to the belt. Now he would be unable to fiddle with the corset. It was time to sleep.


c) Disobedience


After a day of the humiliating program, a guard called for him. “Ahmed. We have a special task for you. As a part of the punishment you are going to experience a part of the ordeal you have put your victim through. Come with me.”

He was led into a room. “What is that?”


“That is an computerized artificial penis and scrotum. It is made out of latex with a sensors placed all over it. Your task is to give it a blowjob like you forced that poor girl too. Because we are nice you are allowed to pull a condom over it. What flavour would you prefer? Chocolate or strawberries?”


“I wont do it!”


“I did not hear you”


“I wont …” A shock send him to the floor. “You zapped me!” It felt like being kicked in the kidneys. It seemed like going on forever. Lying on the floor he cried out. “It hurts.”


“I did not hear you”


“I wont …” A second shock made him lying convulsing on the floor.


“I did not hear you”


“Strawberry flavour!” he sobbed.


“Here. Tease it so the erection would make the condom be pulled over it and start your blowjob. You seem out of practice. By the end of this week you have to make it come in two minutes or next week would be the same as this week.”


He began to suck after having fitted the condom and it tasted awful. Strawberry flavour – where?


“Try to touch the area just behind the scrotum. Did the poor girl not teach you anything? What a sissy you are.”


Tears began to roll down his check. It was noticed.


“Why are you sorry? You seems to think that it must be wonderful for the women to do it to you.”


Finally the computer decided that his job was fulfilled and a warm liquid appeared inside the condom.


“Good job. Perhaps you can develop into a good cocksucker after all. Don’t you feel lucky that is was only a blowjob you forced the poor girl into doing.”?


d) Milking


The first week was almost over. If he passed the test tomorrow then he would move onto phase 2. The doctor approached him and called for him.


“Ahmed. It has been about 6 days since you arrived here. Because you have the big exam tomorrow we have decided that you get relief today. We would not expose you to the risk of getting prostate cancer. Come with me.”


As they went into an examination room he was told to undress and stand in his corset and chastity belt only.


“Sit down on this chair.” It was a strange chair. There was a kind of hole in the chair. As he sat they strapped him with leather straps at his wrist, his feet and over his chest.


“When am I going to get the belt off?”


“You are not”


“But how can I get relief then. My penis is locked up. I need to get release. I can’t stand it anymore. Please!”


“Just wait and see. But we can not have you shouting during the process.”


Quickly he produced a ball-gag and shoved it into Ahmed’s mouth. Ahmed tried to protest but the gag only let out mumbled sounds. The doctor moved behind the chair and suddenly Ahmed had a reason to protest even more. Something was pushed against his sphincter.


“Relax, it is a special device called aneros or generally known as a prostate massager. I am going to insert it in your rectum and provoke your prostate into releasing the semen. I would not be unpleasant once it happens. However, it can hurt a little while it is inserted.”


The doctor began to work with the massager and due to the long time of denial, it only took a minute before Ahmed came. It was a huge disappointment. It only felt like peeing slowly. Ahmed cried. Before he got arrested he used to yank it off several times a week and he had missed it so much. Even as he was released he continued to sob.


“Cheer up. Lets get over and choose the clothes for the exam tomorrow. Your task is to walk through a neighbourhood somewhere in Denmark dressed as a girl so you first hand can experience how they feel when youngster like you bully and insult them.”



e) Exam part 1 – walking in domestic surroundings


When he woke he was a kind of worried. The clothes they had chosen for him would make him look like a hooker. First there were the High-heels, which he had to walk around in the cell for hours in order to avoid tripping in them. Then there was the miniskirt. In fact, so short that it was difficult to hide the chastity belt. Artificial breasts and the corset laced all it could, made him look like a cheap tart. His hair have been coloured so it now was blond.


With difficulties he made it into his clothes and staggered a little around in order to adjust the use of the shoes.


“Come on. You are going to walk two routes in your hometown. The first route is from the local bus station to your parent’s block. However, you are not going to visit them but you will continue down past the public school and through the football field to the sports centre, where we will pick you up and drive you to the starting point of route number two.”


“No. You cannot make me do that. I would get laughed at and I could be recognized. I won’t!”


“I did not hear you.” The guard opened the box for the remote control.


Ahmed sunk his head. “I will comply.”


“You should not be nervous about being recognized. We have redone your hair and with exaggerate use of makeup you should hardly be recognized if you don’t speak. Come now. If you fail it would be another week just like the last one before you have a second chance to pass the test.”


After having given Ahmed the final touch with makeup and hairstyle, they drove of to his hometown. He stood out at the bus station and began to walk to his previous home. He thought about his former friends “Please. Do be at work.” But in his heart he knew that they like him self had not done a single day of hard work in their life. He began to sweat as he continued his staggered walk on high heels. Damn foundation! It used to consist of paving stones but they have often used some of the stone to through them at the police and fire brigade whenever they had errands in this part of the town. Now the footpath was more dirt than paving stones and that made it difficult for him to walk.


“Hey. Look at that tart!” It was Epu – a little guy about 12 years old. Some of his friend soon joined him. “May we squeeze those melons?”


Oh – why had they chosen a D-cup? He tried to feminize his voice the best he could. “Fuck off!”


But they did not let him go. They grabbed his arm and suddenly there were five of them. They dragged him into the bushes and forced him down on his back. One of them pulled his trousers of. “What is that?” They looked in disbelief as they saw the chastity belt. One of then noticed a bit of his scrotum at sticking out. “He is a male. Who are you? No one shall make fun of us. We would kick your ass 14 days into next week.”


“Stop. I am Ahmed. I am forced to walk around like this. Don’t hurt me. Leave quickly they are monitoring me from a distance.”


Ahmed !!!? It cannot be true. You are no sissy. Why have you let them do this to you? Why did you not resist.”


“I have some kind of electric shock device attached to my body. The same would happen to you if you don’t get going. Leave now!!”


Just as they stood like frozen, looking at the bizarre sight, but then they got the meaning of his word and began to run. But it was too late.


“Stop or we would tase you!” It was two police officers.


In recent year it had become clear that the police force could not rely on the use of guns only. Lack of training and an old fashion way of stopping criminals had resulted in the shooting of people that properly could have been arrested without a fatal result. Back in 2006 a murderer had been driven by one of his mates and the police got them selves placed so the officers felt as they were in danger and had to shoot. More than 20 shots fired from two guns ended the driver’s life. The criticisms lead to the introductions of tasers as an alternative to the use of guns.


The boys stopped at once. The first officer came forward. “We did not mean that you should stop all of you. Now we cannot have fun. I have almost been to long since I used it last time. Even tough, it was fun to through tear gas into a kindergarten at Christiania a taser fired over a wall into the same kindergarten also can result in fun. I have been looking forward to shock you for a long time regardless the cause.”


The boys remained still. Some of them wet their pants. They knew that they still were at risk of being shocked after they have been handcuffed. On Youtube the police forces all over the world had their own competition with home videos of how funny people being tasered could look.


The guard from the centre came and helped Ahmed on his feet. “You have to dissociate from this unfortunate event. The exam is still on and in fact this episode was expected as a part of your therapy. If you would like a minute to adjust your makeup it is OK, but then it is on the move again.”


Ahmed continued his walk. Soon he was at his parent’s doorstep. Just as he passed the front door, his mother and sister came out. They hardly noticed him first.


The contrast of tartly looking women and Muslim women totally covered was very normal in this neighbourhood. His sister should not even have been at home. His parents had arranged her marriage for long time, but it could never be. News laws had increased the claim for funds needed for settling in Denmark. Only Bill Gates would be a new citizen after the last adjustment. So his parents were stuck with his sister and both parties seemed to be happy with that arrangement.


But after some 20 meters you could almost see a lightning striking the women. They both turned and look after Ahmed as he continued almost running to his destination. Then they turned their faces against each other for a minute, but they shuck their heads and continued.


When he was passing the bushes at the football field, his little brother bike passed him. He did not dare to turn his head but looked straight ahead. He heard a voice after a minute. “Ahmed. Is that you?”


“Yes. But you don’t say it to anyone. I would ring your neck if you do. I am forced to do this or I would be electrocuted. What are you doing anyway? You should be in school.”


“I am playing truant like you used to. I want to tough like you.”


“Do I look tough? Get you little sissy ass right over in school now or you will end up like me. Go now! And not a single word, do you understand?”


His brother biked away very obvious very disturbed about this meeting.


Finally he came to the sports centre. When he entered the van, he asked “Where now?”


f) Exam part II – finer neighbourhood and rehabilitation


“You next assignment is to walk from this street and down along the wood to a large white house with the number 187 on it. You will go in there and receive the rest of your assignment. Go on.”

As he left the van, he could see that he close to the beach. It was a totally other part of the town. Large houses with well-kept gardens dominated the sight. It was easier to walk here in those damn high-heels but he could feel that he had got blisters so his feet hurt.


Finally he arrived at the house. “Miss. Jensen Convalescence Centre” the nameplate said.


A nurse greeted him.  “Come in. We were expecting you. Miss. Hussein. Take a seat in that office.”


They pronounced him as Miss. not Mister. They were making jokes of him. He sat and waited for 5 minutes - then the nurse returned.


“Stand up and face the wall! They have sent over the control to your GED and if you make problems it would be activated. Hands on your back!”


He felt some leather being pull over his arms. “What is that?”


“It is an arm binder. Stand still. I would fastens those straps going over your shoulder and lace it tight.”


“It is tight. My arms are beginning to sleep.”


“Yes. But the task you are going to do requires that your arms be tied down. Look how it makes your breast stand out. Come with me.”


They got up the stairs and went into a room. A girl sat in a bed with her back towards the door.


“Sarah. Look! See who is coming to see you.”


As she turned, he recognized her. It was the girl they had forced into doing blowjobs. As their eyes met, he saw the fear in her eyes. Even though, he was dressed up as a girl in the most bizarre way, she still saw the molester that had humiliated her that day.


“Sarah! Calm down. He cannot do anything to you. He is here for two reasons:”


“First as part of the punishment of violent people, it is the law that a confrontation between victim and assailant has to be arranged. He is restraint in order to even out the psychological balance between you. He is going to apologize for his actions and you would also gain from it.”


“That brings us to the second part. Him being here and doing a favour for you would contribute to your therapy. Men scare you and in order to restore your ability to involve yourself in a relationship some day in the future, Ahmed is going to help. Ahmed. Down on your knees.”


“Can I get some help? It is difficult in those high heels with my arms bound.”


“Sure. Here you are. Sarah! Open that bag that came yesterday and take the equipment on.”


Sarah did as told. It was a strap-on dildo.


“Sarah! Move in front of Ahmed. Command Ahmed to lick the dildo just as he commanded you.”


“Ahmed. Lick it.” Sarah sounded hesitant but she trusted the nurse.


With tears building up in his eyes, he licked it like he had done in training. First Sarah also was at the edge of crying, but then she saw how Ahmed felt and soon she began to feel in control. She pushed the dildo down his throat making him gag.


“Ease up a little. The purpose is not to strangle him.”


Sarah slowly began to smile. The nurse was a little surprise. Sarah had not smiled since she was admitted. The therapy program was good for her.


“Sarah. How do you feel by making him serve you?”


“I feel like a human again. They had made me feel like a fuck toy instead of a human being. Now I understand a little of their power trip. This turns me on. I hadn’t a relationship since the mugging. I was a little active regarding the sexual thing and I need to cum.”


“That can easily be arranged. By a fact I can remove the steel plate for the anus hole in his chastity belt so you can access it.”


“Is he wearing a chastity belt?”


“Yes it is a part of his punishment. All male violent offenders are wearing a chastity belt until they have completed an anger management course and if the crime also involved a sexual act until the court decides that they no longer are a treat to society. In the last case it could take years. I will remove the steel plate. All his sucking must have lubricated the dildo sufficient. Ahmed! Stand up and bend over that table.”


“I wont do it. We only forced her into giving us a blowjob. We did not get the chance to fuck her.”


“You leave me no choice.” She gave a signal up to a video camera at the wall; he didn’t noticed when he went into the room. He immediately felt it like sticking his finger into an electrical socket for two seconds. The tingling continued after the current was turned off.


“You zapped me!!”


“It was the opinion of the centre that the only reason you did not rape Sarah was because the police turned up in the last minute. You WILL bend over. You WILL allowed her access to your sissy cunt or you WILL suffer a shock more.”


Sobbing he bend over the table. The nurse took out a leather strap and fastened his body to the table. His bed was also fastened.


“Sarah! Come over here. Let him lick your strap-on dildo once more. Ahmed! Your licking is all the lubrication the dildo would get, so do your job fine or it would hurt like hell.”


Ahmed licked the dildo so good that his drool ran down on the table.


“Sarah: Move behind him and press slow against his sphincter. We would not hurt him for life. Ahmed: Relax – if you taut, it will hurt a lot. Sarah: Harder!”


Ahmed began to whine. “It hurts. You are going to split me info two!”


“Sarah: Ignore him. Press harder! Ahmed: If I had known that you were a squeezer, I would have used your own high-heels to force your sissy cunt open.”


Sarah continued to work on Ahmed sphincter but as a virgin it was tight and Ahmed was tense in every muscle, so the nurse took a tube of lubricant and smeared the content on the dildo. Sarah tried once more. Ahmed was now crying like a little baby. Suddenly it went in and Ahmed went quiet from the shock.


“Sarah! Move forward and back in slow strokes. Let it work the whole way in slowly.”


Sarah followed the instruction and she worked as hard as she could. The table began to move and the nurse had to sit on it. Suddenly a slow flow of semen began to drip down from Ahmed’s belt. He was milked once more. He was so humiliated. All that pain - All that stuff of being a girl – The stress of the constant risk of being shocked – Him having a dildo up his ass – It became too much – He passed out.


“Oh. This is good” Sarah was close to climax. “Yes. Ohhhhh”. She came shivering for the first time since the mugging with her body covered from sweat. Exhausted she fell in over Ahmed lifeless body until she caught her breath again. She noticed his semen.


“Is he a gay or something?” Sarah withdrew the dildo uncovering a dildo with some blood on it.


“No. It is quite common that a male can be stimulated in way that would result in prostate milking. By your action today, I would prophesy that you have a chance for a relationship at some point. Remember to control your man in the future so the traumatic experience you have been put through don’t come back to you reinforced.”




Ahmed woke by the guard calling his name. “Congratulation. You have passed the test. Lets go back to the centre to discuss the next step in your rehabilitation plan.


5. Phase 2: Performing normal draft program part one


a) First week: Basal aid courses


Ahmed stood in the office of the behaviour camp manager. “Congratulation. You have passed phase one as ordered by the court. You have helped our victim in her recovering process. I hope you have learned some of the effect your previous behaviour had on your victims. So you should be glad about the message I have for you now: Your days as a girl are over. Go with the guard and he would provide proper clothes for you.”


Ahmed got his hair shaved. All male students, which were not during phase one, must be ball. Is also got a yellow boiler suit with “YOUTH CORRECTION INSTITUTE” labelled on it. Then he was led to a classroom, where he should wait with other some students.


A Teacher came in and started to welcome them. “You are here because you have eluded part one of the Danish draft program. Some of the choices given in the program, you are excluded from because you tried to avoid doing it. However this first three weeks would be similar to the program, you would have gone through it you had done it voluntary. We would start with three courses during the first week. 1) A normal first aid course, 2) A special first aid course and last a fire control course.”


Ahmed participated without resistance. First he still wore the GED4. Second this was not so bad comparing with all the harshness he had being going through in the first phase. Some parts was even fun. He could not figure out why he had not done it voluntary but he thought that the person he was before just did not care of anything besides hanging out with his mates.


During the week he recognized a girl he had met time-to-time back in his own neighbourhood. As he during one of the breaks talked to her, he got her story. Ann as her name was had been hanging out with a girl gang and the group had done some shoplifting as a method of spending time. Sometime they also had jumped some gays in the local park, taking their money.


One of they gays had turned out to be an under-cover officer and she was tasered while she tried to run away and was brought to the modification centre. She also wore the GED4 and had been shocked for quite some times until she started to work with the system instead of against it. Now she stood there in a pink pinafore dress with rat's tail looking like a nine-year-old schoolgirl. It had taken him some time to recognize her because her hair colour was not her normal dark brown instead of pink. She seemed not very happy and he felt like trying to comfort her. It was in a way somehow strange because normally he did not care for anyone but himself.


“How are you feeling?”


“This place is so horrible. They forced me to remove my piercings and dyed my hair. I got to wear a chastity belt and it had been hard because I used to satisfy myself almost every evening. I tried to resist, but at a point I could not stand being shocked anymore and now I am just going along like a robot. What about you?”


“The previous phase was so horrible, that I would not speak about it. This phase feels like relaxation.”


He hugged her and they both were on the edge of breaking into tears, when the teacher told them to resume with their work.

By the end of the week they were together whenever they had the possibility. Their ability to bond was not unnoticed by the staff and reports went back to their hometown, where the authorities had discovered a serious offence.


b) Solving a felony


Saturday they would normally have been confined to their cells most of the days. All the students in the centre had been skipping schools for a long time so a part of the program was to catch up with their schoolwork, so they would leave the facility at the same level, as they would have been if they had attended school like almost all other children.


But Ahmed was called to a meeting in the manager’s office. In the hallway he met Ann and together they went into the office.


Inside the office some guards but also his parents and as it turned out Ann’s parents was waiting. They were all sitting quietly look down in the floor.


The manager took the word. “As a part of the investigations of your crime, we did a house search and confiscated your computers. On the computer we discovered that your parents long time ago had made arrangements for you to marriage local people from your family’s old countries. As you properly know, arrangement of marriage for children under 18 is illegal and would result in prison time for your parents. They would face at least 5 years in prison both if they do not cancel this arrangement.”


“So we took the liberty of offering them a deal. If they agreed to cancel the arrangement and let you two marriage instead just as an extra precautions against them watching for an opportunity to get you out of Denmark and letting the marriage be done there, they would not end up in prison. They agreed and now we are here. I am licensed to perform the marriage ceremony and there is no need to delay it any further. If you do not want your parents to go to prison it is time now. What do you say?”


Ahmed dropped his jaw. “I am not ready to marry anyone.”


Ann also shook her head. “I do not know Ahmed that well.”


The manager cut in. “Either of you did properly know who your future husband or wife would be. As I see it you would not end worse up if you decide to go ahead and your parents would stay free. Why not give it a try? After some years you could always get a divorce. And you will be freed from your chastity belts for one night.”


“Give me some minutes with Ann in the hallway.”


“That is OK.”


They went out in the hallway.


“I feel betrayed by my parents. Of course I knew that I would end up with a girl someday but I have always pointed out towards them that the choice should be mine and mine only. What about you?”


“I knew that they had a guy for me. When I came to think of it, it was the reason why I began to hand out after school. We had a huge fight when I was forth teen and they spanked me so well that my school discovered it and fined them. They even had a visit every week from the social department just to ensure that I did not kept being beaten up and the authorities confiscated my passport. I lost respect for them and without them having possibility to spank me, I did as I did think fit. They had talked about me having a holiday next year in our old country and now I understand that it was a trick to force my into a marriage with my half retarded cousin.”


“Why don’t we marry then - just to show the old folks who is in charge?”


“It is OK with me. But no sex tonight other than oral - Can I trust you?”




They returned to office and in a manner of minutes they said yes to each other. Their parents were quite during the entire ceremony. Just occasionally tears was seen on their mothers. When the ceremony was over they parted with their parents. It was clear that it had not been an easy decision for the parents to make. Now the parents would not be able to visit their old country because breaking up an arranged marriage is regarded deeply shameful.


That evening when they were in Ahmed bed they hugged and they both felt like discovering their own body now free from the belt for the first time in many days.


Ahmed kept his promise of oral sex only. Fortunately Ann showed her self to be an expert of handling his cock. Her gentle tongue brought him pleasure and when she touched the skin slightly just behind his scrotum, he came at once.




“It have been a week ago, since I got relief last time. If I work on you now perhaps we can to it once more afterwards.”


“OK. Lie down on your back. I want to be in control.” She positioned herself so he got her cunt just in his head.


“Start to lick. NOW!”


What a temper. But he wanted to have one more shoot later even by the fact that he had not done this before. Sex for him had always been about him.


“Can you not stretch your tongue more? I want you to taste my juices.”


Ahmed did the best he could inexperienced as he was. Ann instructed him and after a while she came with a shout. “Dig in your tongue! Drink!  Oh. This is good.” Ahmed felt her juices running down his cheeks.


Ahmed had to wash his face in the sink before Ann took care of his need once more. She took his cock in his mouth and in a short while it hardened. Soon he was brought to a climax and he was rewarded for the second time.


When he was about to sleep he had once last comment to Ann. “The only problem of sleeping in this place is that you know that you eventually have to wake up in the morning.”


Ann nodded.


c) The baby


“Welcome to the second week of the draft program. Denmark largest resource is the people living inside our country and their ability to bear children and bringing them up. Your task this week is to simulate pregnancy and taking care of an infant child during it first months. We are lucky to have an equal number of male and female so you can team up two and two. By the way: Congratulate Ann and Ahmed. They got married this weekend.”


They students applauded them and the teams were formed. Ann and Ahmed were of course teamed up. Then the male and female were separated. Ahmed found himself in a gym together with the other boy in front of an instructor. “Your task here is to undergo physical exercises like pregnant women do. In order to make you understand just how hard it is we have these pregnancy simulator vests. The half of you would perform the exercise and the other half would support as husbands do. Then you switch.”


It was hard to do cable lying leg-hip raise and crunches with the huge vest strapped on. They all were exhausted when they were done. “Now join your female partner. They had been learning about smoking, alcohol and pregnancy in the meantime, while you have exercised. They would have a hard time for the next 24 hours. They would have to carry the vest all the time and you job is to support them. However before you go to your cell they also must complete the exercise program. Support them as best as you can. You know the drill.”


After the exercise Ahmed followed Ann back to the cell. She complained about back pain and nor sooner was they back in the cell before he had to massage her feet. “What a relief! I don’t get why we have to be trained in becoming a parent. I certainly would not become pregnant. I was on the pill before I got caught.”


“I don’t get it either. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact a lot of girls end up as single moms, but I feel it like an undeserved punishment. Try to sleep.”


“I would, but it is difficult with 30 pounds on your stomach.”


The next day it was time exchanging the vests into computerized dolls. Everybody got a doll. It had a computer inside and each doll was connected with a sender so a student could take care of his own doll only. For the next three days they had to continue their normal schoolwork in their cell while they random, individually had to feet, comfort, and change diapers on the doll. Each day they would go to the classroom where a data would be distracted from the doll and computer printout with data of how well the dolls “need” were met.


Needless to say the some of the dolls did show shaken-baby syndrome. Such syndrome and coarse neglect were rewarded by an electrical shock. Ann and Ahmed tried their best and they were only met with minor reprimands. However, by the end of the week Ahmed could not tell the difference between night and day, because he by chance and got a doll programmed with colic. Now he truly could feel exactly how hard a single mom must have it.


After they had passed the program, Ann went to see Ahmed. As they rested in each other arms they both promised each other that children were not on the program for many years.

d) Ending phase 2


The last leg of the first part of the Danish draft program sounded easy. First they had a course in conflict resolution, which lasted a day. This course was introduced because the police had been busy with street fights every time one of the Danish cities had a civic festival. Also the increased traffic had resulted in a lot of incidents involving road rage.


The last course was passing a bicycle designed for children with an age of 12. However most of the students had not owned a bicycle or they had lost respect for the laws. Ahmed crashed two times and left the course scrapes on the elbow and knee.


However, his spirit had change. When he came to the centre, we saw society as an enemy as a whole. He was reluctant from doing any thing. Now he took on an assignment with enthusiasm. A part of him felt pride with the tasks completed.


6. Free weekend with the family.


On Friday the manager came to his cell. Ann was there too. He had a message for Ahmed: “You do show so good result that we have decided that you can go home for the weekend. I have sent the local police and the court an email, so they would not arrest you, if they stop you. However the chastity belt must stay on. The court feels that it is still too risky to let your cock loose in society. If you come back here on Sunday afternoon, we would grant you a night of in your cell with Ann. She is free to travel with you in your company. But you have to travel together. You would both have a transmitter cuffed to your legs and a loud alarm would go off if you go more than 10 meters from each other. What do you say?”


“Of course we will.”


Ann and Ahmed took the bus back to his city. It was however not a warm welcome they had when they went to see his family. His father was angry.


“I have been told that you should have been here last week dressed up as a sissy. Some children told their father about you after they had been released onto community service. Your mother did see a tart looking like you but of course they did not put two-and-two together. Last and not least our plan with you and marriage was destroyed because the authorities interfered. I have most respect and my position in our society. You can stay for coffee, but when your punishment one day is over, I would have to ask you to leave this house.”


Ahmed became upset. “First of all that dressing up was a part of my punishment. Don’t even think for a minute that I liked it. Secondary I feel betrayed. At no point can I remember that it was OK for you to choose who that is going to be my wife. As for leaving the house, you can regard my departure as starting now. Contact the behaviour centre and make arrangement for my stuff to be stored somewhere in the city. As for respect in this society, you did not have one at any point. Back in your homeland, you could say that you had some kind of position. Here in Denmark you are a loser that no one can respect. Why did you think my path of the rail got started? I have only one thing to say to you and that is goodbye.”


Then they left.


“Where to now?” Ahmed stood outside his parent’s front door.


“We could go to my family. Perhaps they are not so angry.”


Ann’s parents were a kind of relieved. In a fact they had felt obligated to arrange the marriage to a local man under pressure from their family. The interference of the authorities had taken them of the hook. However, still there were problems. Even if they accepted that the matter of a husband for their daughter was out of their hands, they could not have Ann and Ahmed staying there forever. It was OK for this weekend, but in the long term they had to find another place to stay.


7. Phase 3. Pony cart service


a) A new beginning


When they returned to the centre they had a long talk with the manager. Youth homes were not exactly growing on the threes. The manager phoned round and found a solution. It was not an easy one.


Back when the population got tired of the anarchy regarding the population upholding the laws, traffic offender could be ordered to do pony cart service. People caught speeding or people, which had cause bodily harm to others in traffic could be ordered to serve inside the city centres. The pony cart service actually solved two problems.


In year 2015 the traffic system broke down due to heavy traffic. The Old Danish cities were not built to handle the intense traffic of the twenty-first century. So the solution was simple. No traffic by car during the day or evening. Only deliveries could be made during the night. An army of bicycle taxis and pony cart serviced the city centres during the day.


Both Ann and Ahmed lacked to do the second part of the Draft program. Normally they could have chosen between being a voluntary teacher in public school, but they would have needed higher grades. They could also have worked in a home for elderly or a kitchen in a shelter. But their need for a roof over their heads meant that they only had the choice of the pony cart service.


“I don’t like it at all. I have heard that the ponies start every day by having an enema and a butt-plug rammed up in their behind. I have even heard rumours of teeth removal.”


“That is correct, but a butt plug is on mandatory for offenders and teeth removal does only apply for those who have killed people in the traffic. Because they would usually serve for 1-3 years every day depending of how sincere they took responsibility for their crimes, they got two of their teeth in the upper mouth removed to make better space for the bit. You would as a part of the draft program only serve 4 months and you will have two days off every week. Instead of the daily enema and insertion of a butt-plug, you would have the choice of a diaper.”


“But both Ann and I have been convicted in a court of law. We are a offenders.”


“That is also correct. But I have spoken to the judge and your family’s reluctance to help you being rehabilitated had meant that he had changed his verdict so you now in fact are on probation. That meant that we could get you an small public own apartment where the tenancy agreement is attached to your future job.”


“So now we have a roof over our head.”


“Yes. Only one problem remains. The judge still feels that we need more assurance regarding your sexual behaviour before you can go without the chastity belt and Ann are also still going to wear her belt until she had undergone anger management therapy.”


“How can we get rid of those?”


“The judge have ruled that you can see a therapist next week and if he decide that your behaviour pattern have changed so much that he can make a statement of you being safe for the society, the belt would be gone. As for Ann - Her therapy starts Monday and if she works with the therapist, her belt would have been gone in one or two days. Now go – instead of a Sunday relaxation without the belt, you have a Sunday of hard work moving in your new apartment. You can remove your GED4 and go. Here are the address and the keys.”


Ann and Ahmed went to the address. It was a small apartment consisting of two rooms. A firm of furniture removers came with their stuff from their previous homes. By the end of the day they were ready to start in their new service the next day.


As they went to bed they both were marked by a little fear of living outside the behaviour centre. They have been shielded from the temptations and it was scary to face them. It would be so easy to go off rail again.


b) Pony cart training


Monday morning they stood ready at the pony cart central. Mr. Harris, the manager greeted them. “Please follow me. We would measure you for your harness.”


After some hours of measuring and trying on they stood ready. Their outfit was almost like the same:


Starting from the head they had a red latex hood on with a ponytail of latex straps going out from the top. They had a rubber bit in their mouth and in order to preserve their identity they also had a blindfold over their eye with a small opening, so they could see.


On their body they still wore their chastity belt. Then they had a red leather bodysuit covering all their body (This part was for use in the colder part of a year only). On the outside of the suit their were wearing their pony harness. Basically it consist of a wide leather waist clincher with straps going over the shoulders and front shield of leather covering their genitals, which would be good to wear during the summer where it was common for the ponies not to wear the leather bodysuit. Ann harness was slimmer and consist of more leather straps. The got an artificial horsetail connected to their waist clincher.


Last their hands ended up on their back in an arm binder.


When they were finished an instructor leaded them out in the yard. They would be pulling a cart as a team. It meant that they had to corporate and understand each other body signals because they ability to speech were very limited with the bits in their mouth.


As they were connected to the cart by D-rings in the harness, Ann turned towards Ahmed and said

“My arff are beginning to sleef (My arms are beginning to sleep).”  Ann had an alarmed look in her eye and the instructor came forward and calmed her.


“Relax. It is normal to experience difficultness regarding the ability to talk. You don’t need to worry. It is not necessary to talk in order to do your job. Horses don’t talk.”


An instructor took place in the cart and guided round on the field. Although they had trained in the behaviour centre they were puffed after 15 minutes.


The instructor took their bit out and Ahmed commented. “It is hot and I am sweating a lot. What about water and how about moving once bowels?”


“First of all. We have staff checking you out at the cart ranks all over the town. Each cart is issued with a GPS-tracking device and every time the staff give you something to drink they report in on a palmtop, so no one dies of thirst.”


“Second, people can not order a cart outside the city centre. An alarm would sound if the GPS shows that a cart is leaving the area. And every time a trip is done, you are to return to the nearest cart rank. No one can hire you directly on the street. That is a safety measure.


“And for the moving of bowels. Most of the ponies have a butt plug with a tail, so they only have needs to pee during the day. The alternative is a diaper. I would recommend the last alternative because you for now only are on contract for 4 months.”


“But our break is over. 15 minutes of more training with the cart and then it is over to the walker for the rest of the day in order to strengthen your endurance.”


“The walker?”


“Yes. The walker is a device where you is connected to and would have to walk in circles lead my a leach to your harness.”


Their bits went in their mouth and they continued the training until late in the afternoon. When they were in bed that evening, they fell asleep almost at the same.


c) In service


It was a Wednesday in June. They had been in service for 1 month and although it was hard physically, they felt it rewarding and meaningful.


Everyday was exactly the same. About 6 a.m. they reported in for the fitting of their costume and they were on the street an hour later just in time for the rush hour. Then they serviced the citizens until 10 a.m. where the parked their cart at a cart rank. A staff member freed them and they had a break of 30-60 minutes depending of the temperature. Then they worked until 2 p.m. where other pony carts took the late shift.


The hardest part of pulling the cart was starting up and in fact the cart was not driven by human force. Magnets at the axle stored power during the trip and whenever the cart started from a full stop a small electric motor gave the cart a small computer controlled boost.


As they stood ready and connected with the cart after their break, they heard familiar voices. It was Ahmed’s mother and sister.


“Let’s take a cart to the department store. There is no reason to overtax your legs.” His sister hurried his mother. As Ahmed turned towards the voices he almost got a shock. His sister wore no veil. She had makeup on and look liked almost any woman in her early twenties.


His two family members entered their cart and they rode to the department store. When they dismounted the cart Ahmed turned and whistled after them shaking his head in order to make them come closer. As they stood face to face they first asked what was the matter and then unbuckled the bit, as they understood that his was unable to talk with them as long as he had the bit in his mouth.


“It is I, Ahmed”


“You. What are you doing in that outfit? Is it a part of your punishment?”


“No - All that I am over and done with. I am doing it as a part of the draft programme. It was our only choice because you threw me out of your home. Say hello to Ann.” He nodded in her direction.


“It was not my idea. Your father became so angry. Not only did the authorities meddle in your marriage arrangement. They also took a closer look at the situation of your siblings. In the end he just left for his old village in his native land. I got a life and your brother took more interest in his schoolwork by the aid of a remedial teacher. Somehow your sentence turned out good for the whole family. What about you after the draft programme? Would you like to return home when the draft programme is over?”


“No. I am married to Ann and we live together as a couple. I am not moving back home. We do not know what to do after the draft programme is over. However, we have a final meeting with the judge and the manager of the behaviour modification centre in 3 months in order to both evaluate the entire process and determine some goals in our future. But for now we just concentrate about doing our jobs.”


“Well, now you know that you are welcome for a visit. We would really like to talk about all the things that had happened since we saw each other the last time.”


“We will phone you. Please, buckle the bit again. I can see a customer waiting for us at the empty cart rank.”


They continued working and in the evening they called his mother and arranged a visit in the weekend. The next Saturday they laughed and cried as Ahmed told them of his time in the behaviour modification centre (He left the cock-sucking part and his meeting Sarah out.) Also the draft programme commentated on. Ahmed’s sister had taken an education as a health visitor. Now they could see the purpose of it, because she told them of all the problems parents to newborns faced.


“You told me that you were forced to wear some electrical punishment devices. Do you not regard it as a kind of torture?”


“I a way it is. It hurt. It made you aware off your behaviour in a fearful way. However, the alternative would have been countless confrontations and even fights with the staff. I could have ended up in an isolation cell or having been restraint. Seen in the light of the alternatives an electrical shock must be lenient.”


His brother was curious. “What about the bizarre outfit you are wearing at work? I had heard that a part of the tail is suppose to enter your butt!”


“Yes, that is correct for some ponies. But because we only do the pony service for 4 month we use a diaper. It is not something we a proud of. But it is difficult to go to a toilet, when you are hooked up to a cart.”


“Can I come over and see you dress? I am 16 next year and have to decide in what way I would do my draft service.”


“You may. However, there is to many ways you can serve your country. The draft programme has so many options. Our choices were limited by our own action. By entering the programme voluntary you can choose the kind of service which suits you best.”


“I would still like to see you dress.”


Your little kinky… But it OK. Be there punctual!”


d) About not moving on in life


One afternoon Ann was just finished doing two hours in the walker. Every week they worked out and underwent examinations so possible injuries could be prevented. Ahmed was seeing the doctor about a foot problem. Ann sat down at a table as John came in.


John was one of the ponies convicted to stay in the service for at least a year. A year earlier he had made the headlines all over Denmark when he killed a family on a bicycle holiday when his car skidded out during a private and illegal drag race.


The Danish law had been tightened and he received a judgement of 2-4 years in the penal system depending of his progress during the sentence.


As John sat down, she noticed that he had a steel bite instead of a rubber bite. It also looked like he was missing some teeth. When he was seated, a staff member unbuckled the bite, so he could have some water. His cuffs with was fastened at his harness were released and connect to a system of chains connected to a hook in the floor instead.


When he had finished his drink, Ann spoke to him.


“How are you doing? I can see that you are on a more permanent assignment here. I heard they came down hard on you.”


“I am doing fine now. First I was a kind of shocked by the judgement. It was an accident. I was young and could not relate to the death of the family. But I was in for a lesson. It had become mandatory for people like me to stay restraint in a chair for a whole hour, while the family, co-workers and friend do a here-are-you-life-kind-of-show for me. Everybody, who had met the victim during his or her lives and at their death, can contribute to the show. I broke down when the doctor showed pictures of the remains of the little boy or what should I say the leftovers of him. I hardly heard the rest of it. They even had to un-gag me during the show, because I had to throw up”


“Un-gag you?”


“Yes. During the show you have a head harness on so you can not look away and because lecturers must not be disturbed they put a muzzle on.”




“Yes. But I realised that my torment could not by any means be compared with the suffering the remaining relatives must endure. It took a month for me to realize the full extend of my crime and the preparation for the pony service was also hard.”


“Why did they pull out two of your teeth?”


“Because horses have a space among their teeth we human don’t have. So I lost two of my teeth in the upper mouth in order to use a bit of steel. When I one day are going to be release I would get some implants instead.”


“What other kind of preparation did you have to endure?”


“First of all my tail is in fact a butt plug with a tail on. They had me wear bigger and bigger plugs for days until they decided on the final size. Every morning I get an enema before the plug goes in. If I during the day built up stools, I just have to hold out the stomach pain. Also my harness is rather different than your. First of all it is very simple. It consists of a combined chastity belt and a waist clincher, wide leather straps going from the clincher to my collar. My hands are always collared and locked to the clincher in the side unless I am eating like now. Then I am chained to something.”


“I have been there regarding the chastity belt. I was also convicted to wear one because of a crime of violence in my past. I can remember how hard it was to wait for my day of relief.”


“Yes, I have milked every week for almost three month. My box in the stable has a bidet so it is easy to keep it clean. The staffs wash me down two times every day. However, I am only allowed to be satisfied on special occasions like Christmas and my birthday and it is always with a machine. No human contact.”


“That is a harsh punishment!”


“Yes. Sometimes I just wish that we were back some twenty years where a punishment was about doing time in a prison and enjoy the drugs that were smuggled inside but then I realise that I during my entire upbringing had done drugs and in fact had a life without any meaning. Name a drug and I have been on it. I started at a age of 12.”


“Yes, back then they did not force people to confront themselves with responsibility about their actions. It was just a long wait.”


“However, as I see it I have come to peace with my actions and I live a good life without drugs given the circumstances. In fact, I am somehow grateful being locked up in my box every evening. No temptations can reach me here on the inside. Although I miss being around people, it had saved my life. I would have ended up in the gutter.”


“When are you going to be release?”


“In fact I am trying to postpone it. I am afraid of the outside world.”


“I also know that feeling. I have been there. It is al about gaining structure in your daily schedule and getting a job. Work is everything.”


“They have told me about it, but I am still afraid. Thanks however for your advice. Oh. I can see that my break is over. I have to go. Thank you for taking time to talk to me.”


The staff member came back and John had to leave for his shift.



8. A new life.


a) A job opening


Hr. Harris looked down in his papers. Both Ann and Ahmed had done well doing their draft service. How could he keep them? By doing the draft service they also were out of probation. They could go wherever they liked.


As they sat in his office, he had a proposal. “If you sign up for two years, we could educate you to be instructors. You have your apartment for the next month and if you sign up, you can keep the apartment until the end of your contract. We have very satisfied with your work. What do you say?”


“We would like to accept the offer. We working here have eased the transition from an institutionalised life to a normal life outside. Would we still work as ponies during the education?”


“Yes. I would recommend a holiday before you start up. The education consists of parts working as a pony, academic studies and training in motivating other. The only part of you will avoid it having teeth being pulled out. All other aspect of the service you have to try on your own body. Am I scaring you?”


“No. We have been through a lot.”



b) Testing new equipment


A month later John lied tied up as Ann was testing tails on him. “How was the enema?”


“Terrible? The mixture of soap, coffee grounds really made my stomach work. I have not felt that empty for months.”


“That is good. You have been complaining about stomach pains since we ordered pizza last week. Something was wrong with it. It is nice that treatment can be a part of the job. Would you like to be gagged before I proceed?”


“Yes. Please. My dear.”


Ann gagged him and took one of the tails. It was huge and normally it was only used on people who had killed other people. It would certainly hurt and it was her turn later. She lubricated it as much as she could and even put something at his hole. Then she slowly started to press it inside Ahmed. First he clenched his sphincter, but she told him to relax and teased him a little by using her finger at the area just behind his scrotum. It turned some of his attention away so he relaxed and the plug went in a little further.


Eventually she could not remove his attention from the intrusion of the plug. He began to sweat and made repressed sounds and drool began to run down from his mouth. Ann was really worried but suddenly it went all in and settled. Ahmed made as loud a sigh as the gag permitted.


When he was released, she asked him about the feeling of the plug. “It is terrible. It brought memories back from my time in the behaviour modification centre. I have told you about Sarah and the strap-on event. However, this plug is much worse. I don’t know how I would be able to run with it in me. But lets try the rest of the new outfit on.”


Ahmed was hoisted by is arms. It was the old wooden bar connected to a pulley. Because he was cuffed both by his hands and feet, he soon was stretched out. Ann produced the leather corset, which was a part of the new outfit. “Are you comfy?”


Ahmed nodded. He knew what was next. He had been there before. Ann wrapped the cloth around his waist and began to tug the laces. Again he felt the familiar feeling of being cut in half. He made silent grunts as she continued to tug him. Eventually she finished the first leg. “We have to wait for the fabric to rest before I can continue. Would you have something to drink? I can get you a bottle of cola with a straw.”


Ahmed nodded, as he was virtually speechless. Five minutes later he was finished and Ann began to tug the final part. Ahmed had never felt to compressed. As he was lowered to the ground he tried to sit, but it hurt too much in his stomach. “This is very strict outfit. What kind of horrible crime must enable one to wear it? I have to maintain my body entirely rigid. ”


“It is a test outfit, we have to try out. The government are trying to find new groups of people they can enrolee in the pony cart service. Prison time is waist of time for the convicts and waste of money for the state. Let’s gets the bridle and hook you up to the walker. I would interview you and fill out those forms after the training.”


“Tomorrow it is your turn to try the outfit. Don’t look forward to it.”


Three hours later Ahmed walked back to the changing room supported by Ann. It had been the most difficult training, he had done since he entered the service. Back in the changing room Ann removed the plug with the greatest caution. When it was gone Ahmed felt how every heartbeat made his splinter convulse and fighting to retract. Ann had left his bridle on and his teeth clenched around it.


Ann opened her back and took out her strap-on dildo. Actually it had two dildos so Ann also would get something from it. The entire behaviour modification course had left one side effect on Ahmed. From time to another he needed to feel a woman to take his sissy pussy. “Stand still. I would go on hard now that your sissy cunt have been prepared. If you can endure 5 minutes without getting a release, the plug would stay out. Else I would put it right back in. Understand!”


She rammed the dildo right in. Ahmed grunted. Ann worked with her abdomen and she soon began to moan. “Oh. Baby. Come for mamma. Yes. Yes!”


Unfortunately, Ahmed could not hold it back. Suddenly he came and there was still 30 seconds left of the 5 minutes. “Oh. Baby. I am so sorry. Now the plug must go in again.”


Ahmed tried to plead, but he knew that in this marriage she wore the trousers. She reinserted the plug. “Out to the walker again. Move!”


As he was connected he though that there would be a day tomorrow.


However, there was a long night ahead of him. When they were finished they were in the dresser and after the bridle had been removed, he expected to be freed, but instead Ann changed the huge butt plug with a more endurable size. “We are going to play tonight. I am a bit angry, because you did forget what day it is today”


“Oh. Christ. We were married two years ago”


“Exactly. I had hoped that you had remembered it. But you did forget and now you are going to pay the price. Tonight you are my slave.”


He loved Ann and he wanted to pay. His cuffs were connected to the side of the corset and she got a long coat and put it over his body in order to disguise him. Then they left for their apartment. They greeted a pair of their unsuspicious colleagues and just looked like a normal couple on the way home.


Back in the apartment she put a posture collar on him and cuffed him on his back instead. “Lick me!” she said as she lied down on the bed.


He climbed into the bed slowly and began to lick. It was hard because of the rigid corset. He could only catch small breaths. Her nibbles soon began to be erect. They kissed and he licked her behind her ear, which made her giggle. Then he went to work on her pussy.


She moaned and was almost on the edge of coming when she sat up and ordered him to lie on his back. She cuffed his feet to the bed. “You are going to drink – my boy!” She sat on the top of him and stuck her cunt in his face. He tried to lick the best he could but the combined pressure of the corset and Ann made it difficult for Ahmed to breathe. She pushed her cunt down over his face making him gag. He tried to kick with his legs but he could only move the slightly.


He began to panic when he ran out of air. Ann was in rage. “I don’t like to be forgotten. Lick or it will be the last thing you experience!”


“Man”, he thought - He must have pissed her off.


He licked and drank when the juices began to run out of her. But it became too much. He went black. As Ann felt his body convulse under her, she immediately stood up. She gave him CPR and switched to kissing when he regained consciousness. “Lets have another go!”


“No. Please.” But Ann didn’t hear. She positioned herself once more. Tears ran down his cheek as he began to lick her once more. Ann pressed her cunt down on his face causing him to black out almost as once. Ann came with a cry as his body began to shiver.


c) Making up


When he came to himself, she stood with a leather hood in her hands. She put in over his head. There was  an opening for the eyes and mouth - But not for long. She buckled a blindfold on and a put a gag ball in his mouth. “Now I am going to return the favour!”.


His member having a hard-on, but Ann was not satisfied. It was time for some CBT. She tied a cord around the base of this scrotum and tightened it. Ahmed was coming from hell to heaven.


As he lied on his back in total darkness, he felt her hands moving around his body. Oh. He was so tense. She slowly pinched his nipple. Then she licked it, making it standing out. It felt so nice.


Suddenly he felt the pain. She had used a nipple clamp on him. The pain was so intense. He struggled and pulled his restraints but they were too tight. He made suppressed screams until the pain decreased and it became bearable.


Then she started on the other nipple. He tried to enjoy it but he also began to sweat by the pure thought of her use of a nipple clamp. He was not disappointed. And the pain was so big. He cried inside the hood.


Now Ann began to work with the butt plug. The old one went out and she inserted another. Gratefully it was not bigger. But it changed when he discovered that she could pump it and she did. Soon the pressure from the inflated plug was extremely perceptible.


She took his penis in her mouth and began to suck it.


He had forgotten al about his nipples. This was heaven. There was only one problem. She continued to tighten the cord around his scrotum as he came closer to climax. The she activated the last part of her plan. The plug was a vibrator. He was so on the edge. He wanted relief. He tried to plead, but the gag did not let any understandable message out.


This was too much!!


Ann was really enjoying this. She could see the pre-cum running down from his penis. She could see his body covered from sweat. She could see the same body shivering from arousal. But she could also see his scrotum turning almost purple. Sadly good moments come to an end.


Quickly she placed herself on his penis and let it all in. She began to move around and when she herself was on the edge of a climax, she released the cord. Ahmed came, as he never had done before. She continued to ride him until the last drop was gone and then she did a last thing just so he would not forget their wedding day. She removed the clamps and continued her ride dragging the last drops of semen out of Ahmed.


She left him stay tied up in bed until the morning, although she changed the gag ball with a bit just in case. She wouldn’t let be suffocated.


When he finally was freed and naked, he went to take a shower with pain almost every part of his body. He knew that it was his turn to try this new corset out on Ann and it would be fun.


(to be continued….)







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