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Review This Story || Author: Elecutrix

The Intake Center

Part 1

STATE OF Pacifica


Pacifica Womens Correctional Institute - Sing Sing

Inmate Intake Report

Prisoner ID No.        00-9375079

Name:                        Gina {last name deleted}

Date of Birth:                September 9, 2068

Crime(s):                        Adultery (third offense)

Sentence:                        Death by Electrocution

Height:                        55

Measurements:                30A-23-25

Hair:                        Brunette

Eyes:                        Blue

An enactment by the Florida Legislature in 2104 entitled the Correctional Reform Act of 2104 revolutionized and automated the intake, incarceration, care, employment, maintenance and in appropriate cases, execution of prisoners. As Warden of the Facility, I was instrumental in the drafting of this legislation as it applies to our women prisoners. I am both honored and thrilled to participate in its implementation and execution (pardon the pun). This Registry will reflect the implementation of the new law as applied to selected prisoners.

       Gina is the first prisoner to be processed under a new intake system which took effect at midnight on December 31, 2014. She was convicted and sentenced as stated above and immediately transported to our Facility for incarceration on January 2, 2105. Execution of sentence will occur at a future date to be determined. (see Ginas Execution)

       Gina was the first of 10 prisoners intaked today. By far she was the most attractive. She wore a red silk dress, red patent belt with matching stiletto heels. Still looked sultry, but not as she had in the hey-days of her modeling career. It will indeed be a shame when someone (hopefully me) will have to tell her that her time has come.

       Gina appeared melancholy and more than a little apprehensive when she was directed up the 6 steps of a scaffold to one of our new automations, the Vortex 3000. (We call it the Skirt Devil.) The device is a clear plastic tube 12 feet in height, 6 feet in diameter. It has a floor consisting of a steeling grating and a ceiling with 2 fiberglass bars forming a cross. A large hose is attached to the bottom of the device underneath the scaffold. This blows a mini-tornado of air through the grating in the floor. Another large hose, equipped with a vacuum head, is attached to the top of the tube. This vacuums away any articles of clothing out through the top. The cross in the ceiling keeps the prisoner in the tube from being whisked away. A red laser sensor scans the prisoner inside the tube. This determines the size and shape of the prisoner as well as what she is wearing. The information is then fed into a computer which runs the device. All one has to do is press the ON button and the device is activated, just as you would a household vacuum cleaner.

       I was on the scaffold for this first live demonstration. I had to see it. I selected Gina particularly because she would looking so stunning when the device was activated. When she reached the top of the scaffold and the tubes threshold, she looked at me since I the only familiar face present. She wore bewildered expression. Gina and I have known each other from her previous two incarcerations. I stepped forward and said, Gina please dont be worried. Actually I think youll like this. She reluctantly smiled and turned away. I gently turned her head to me and said, Please? Ill give you anything you want while you are here. She smiled and finally agreed. I directed her into the tube. Her dress felt so nice and soft. One of my guards then sealed the door behind her. She turned around and looked at me in apprehension and anticipation. I asked her if she was ready and she said she was. My heart was pounding in anticipation of what was about to happen.

       I depressed the ON button on the control console a few feet away, and the mini-jet under the scaffold slowly began to whine up the rpms while the laser scanned her. Gina looked at me with an excited expression on her face which unfortunately was not picked up on videotape. Wisps from the small tornado began to spin at her feet, slowly filling her dress with air and causing it to billow. Her mouth was open, her eyes lit up and we were treated to a beautiful site. As the tornado got grew and rose, Gina tried to hold down the front of her dress and was initially successful. However, the back of her dress also flew up, and this movement was picked up by a sensor on the cross overhead, which in turn activated the vacuum head above her. Ginas then raised her thin little arms upward followed by her dress and belt as the tornado consumed her. Her eyes were ablaze!

       As the tornado descended, I noticed Gina was not wearing a bra. She confirmed this to me later. She did make a feeble attempt to cover up which made it easier for the device to finish stripping her in the next stage.

       For a few seconds the tornado disappeared down through the grating and Gina appeared relieved that while undressed, her ordeal was over, or so she thought. It was not. We still had to remove the those cute little silky red undies. Mmmmm! Oo la la! I love this job! She had her hands pressed against the tube when the second phase began. The vacuum head activated again, first causing her shoulder length hair to stand up. She looked surprised. She was then lifted off the floor and the tornado again ascended through the grating to her waist and back down again removing her undies and heels. She was completely stripped. She was done. She looked perfect.

       Gina waited in a holding area (we dont call them cells anymore), while the others were similarly processed. I supervised these but not with the same interest I had shown in Gina. After the intake processing was complete, I escorted the group to the preliminary incarceration area for a shower. Even here Gina could not stay out of trouble courtesy of her soon-to-be fellow Death Row inmate, Laura. (see Lauras Execution). The group was then led to the Reduction Chamber, with Gina in the lead.


Review This Story || Author: Elecutrix
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