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House Of Horror

Part 1






It was Halloween night, and while all the young kids were getting started with their trick-or-treating, HE was up in his old house just waiting.


He is Mad Mike, a demented man who lived in his big old house, way down at the end of the lane. Mad Mike served 5 years in prison for numerous violent sex crimes, he would likely have served more, but most of the ‘victims’ refused to testify. This was his first Halloween of freedom since his release. Mike had relocated to this suburban town and bought a large abandoned house nestled down the end of a desolate dead-end street. Outside of his weekly counselling sessions, Mike rarely left the house, he had his groceries delivered, and had a large stockpile of goods within his home.


Elsewhere in town, the kids and teens were flocking to the streets in search of candy and fun. Kids of all sizes and ages in costumes ranging from the scary to the funny roamed the town and accumulated sweets.


Mike saw several groups of kids down his street as he watched from his upstairs window. Time after time, the parents led the children back down the road with nary a passing look at the spooky old house down the road. As he saw some of the skimpier costumes worn by the teen girls, Mad Mike felt the stirring again…




Delving back into Mike’s history, he was a depressed shut-in who bothered nobody for many years. Something snapped inside of his brain one day and Mike began plotting and scheming to rape girls and women.


Mad Mike terrorized many girls from the local college and also several late night waitresses. As his assaults continued, his preferences harrowingly skewered younger and younger. The parents of a high school girl he had abducted and raped finally caught Mike. The young girl was the only witness to come forward, even though she named many others who had been abused during the same period. His 20-year sentence was reduced on appeal, after the girl (and her parents) mysteriously disappeared.


In prison, he kept plotting in he back of his mind and awaited his release. Knowing he could never return to his old hometown (or even that region), he moved cross-country to a nice quiet suburban town. It was here he chose to make his home, and purchasing the old house was no accident, either. Mad Mike always had designs to continue his acts of perverted lust. On this Halloween night, that time had come…




As Mike looked on lustfully out his window, he was seeing the older girls coming by, to his delight many were without parents! He literally drooled over the prospects of what he would do later tonight.

Mad Mike had seen many young teens visiting one another at the houses one street over, the group of teen girls were always together, and he hoped and expected that they would dare to visit his home while trick-or-treating.


Mike had seen Cindy for several weeks, and was enthralled with her from the beginning. She has black hair, long legs and tits that scream to be touched. He was not sure of the entire roster of girls he would be raping this night, but it was sure to include Beth. Beth is Cindy’s best friend, and the sexy blonde is shorter than Cindy, but her long straight blond hair and skimpy outfits make her a prime choice to be the first fuck. Beth is 2 months younger than Cindy, but you wouldn’t think so by looking at her. As for who else may be with them, the only other girl he was pretty sure would attend was Sara, she was a redhead who always hung with the other two. Sara had smallish tits, but she had amazing, tanned legs and was still pretty hot.


Mike was also keeping his watchful eyes out for any other potential victims. He stared at a young girl in a cheerleader costume, but an adult appeared behind her. Finally, Mad Mike saw a few teens heading towards his house! He excitedly went downstairs, ready to spring his trap. The doorbell rang…


And two pretty teen girls and their father greeted Mike. Mad Mike managed a faint smile as he handed out candy to the pretty girls. He watched their bodies walk away and shook his head in disappointment over the false alarm.


His patience would soon be rewarded, however…about a half an hour later, Mad Mike saw, to his delight, the girls he had watched for weeks! And…they were all alone!!


He grinned from the upstairs window and watched the girls come to the front door. He took in the sights of his soon to be victims:

*Sara-the hot redhead was dressed, it appeared, as a 50s era stewardess, with the short skirt, hose, and even the little hat.

*Beth-the young vixen was dressed as a very HOT version of Snow White, it appeared, she had a VERY SHORT white skirt that only fell a few inches below the waist, she also wore white thigh high stockings over her long luscious legs-it was clearly a costume designed more for adults than young teen girls.

*Cindy-the dark haired beauty chose to dress as Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz. She wore a blue flowing dress; she wore white nylons, had her hair in pigtails, and even painted on some fake freckles.


Mad Mike licked his lips as they made their way up his long driveway. He had everything all set up for his own Halloween ‘party’. Taking out his knife and his stun gun, Mike made his way down in preparation for the arrival of the sexy trio.


Momentarily, the doorbell rang…. and after pausing a moment to glance outside and make sure there was noone around to spoil his fun, Mike slowly opened the creaking door…


Before him stood the aforementioned very sexy teen girls, with bright, innocent smiles and they happily held their bags out as they chimed “trick-or-treat” in unison.

That was when Mike’s smile faded into a serious scowl. He whipped out his knife and held it menacingly at the young girls.


“Trick! Now get inside…NOW!” Mike ordered. Beth froze, but Cindy and Sara turned to try and flee. Beth’s eyes grew wide as Mike zapped the other girls with his stun gun.




Both teens fell to the ground and Mike looked evilly at Beth and told her to drag Sara inside as he pulled the unconscious body of Cindy in as well. Mike dropped Cindy on the couch and pulled Sara’s limp body beside her. Beth is in stunned silence all this time, but that comes to an end as she begins crying and screaming.


“What are you doing? Are they okay? What do you want?” She rambled in a scared panic.


Mad Mike smiled and stroked his goatee. “Wow. So many questions. What am I doing? I am starting my own Halloween party, and you three are invited. Are they okay? Yes, they are out for a while, but they will be up to join the fun later. And what do I want? Well, Beth, I want to fuck all of you, and I will have you girls as my sex slaves all night!”


Beth shuddered as he spoke her name, and then wailed as he told of his plans.



“But, YES! Let’s go Beth, you are going to be the opening act…” Mad Mike grabs the frightened girl by the hand and dragged her along with him into one of the bedrooms. Beth was weeping loudly as she was taken along by this sex maniac into one of his rooms of sexual torture.


Beth starts dragging her feet, not wanting to go with her captor, but he just tugged harder on her arm. The two enter a large bedroom, the only thing in the room is a large canopy bed, and Beth notices two strands of fabric attached to the headboard and stops in her tracks as Mike is trying to get her closer to the bed.


“Beth, come over here, you are the first, get on the bed, now!” Mike says, menacing her with his knife.


She started to sob and shook her head no.

He went over and smacked her.

“You bitch! Did you NOT hear what I said? You WILL cooperate, you hear me?”

Sobbing, Beth nodded yes.

“Good, now let’s get your sexy ass into the bed!”


When Mad Mike gets Beth to the bed, she starts to cry again.

“Please, don’t do this, I’m a virgin!”

“I don’t care! You won’t be for long, now GET down on the bed!” He shoves the girl and she falls onto the bed, bouncing a bit as she does.

She rolls onto her side and turns away, but Mike pulls her onto her back and climbs in bed with her. “Now, you sexy slut, you are gonna fucked, put your hand over your head!” she does as he says, and he promptly ties her wrists to the headboard with torn stockings.


“Now, we can have our fun!” Mike growls as he molests her young body all over.

He starts to slide his hands on her body, starting with her stocking-covered legs. He loves the silky feel of the teen’s firm, yet soft legs under his touch.

After fondling her legs awhile he lifts her skirt and massages her pussy through her panties, she is shaking her head from side to side as she cries.


Mike reaches up and roughly tears at her top, eventually ripping it open exposing her braless chest!

Beth screams “No!”

He smiles and says YES, and continues to maul her body.


He pulls his pants off then reaches under the skirt and tears off her panties. Mike mounts the sexy brunette and starts to play with her exposed tits, and then begins to kiss and suck on them. Fully erect and ready, he gets set to enter her virgin pussy!

“Trick or teat, Beth!” He growls through his sleazy smile as he thrusts his dick into her pussy, he can feel it pressing against her hymen wall and grew excited over deflowering this girl. He pushes harder, loving the silky feel of her stocking covered legs beside him.


“Agghhhhhhhhhh!” Beth yells as his cock enters her virgin hole.

He pumps into her, a little deeper each time.


“Ughhhhh….Owwwwww!!…Ohhhh…. OWWWWWWWWW!” Beth screams loudly as he breaks her cherry. Enthralled, Mike continues to fuck the teen “Snow White”, her tits jiggling as he does.


Meanwhile, back in the living room, as Cindy and Sara awaken to find themselves gagged and bound to each other as well as the couch, the sounds of Beth’s rape resonate to the other two girls. Sara is awake, suddenly taking inventory of her situation, gagged and bound to the opposite side of the couch from Cindy. Her eyes are wide with fright as she looks around the room and remembers that they are in the big old house. The screams from the bedroom are obviously that of Beth, the only girl she doesn’t see in the room.


Cindy is trying to remain calm, as she sits gagged and bound to the love seat. She is uncomfortable and her tears of horror drip across her fake freckles, causing them to run down her pretty face.


Sara is frantically thinking of any possible escape, but there does not seem to be one. They were stuck at this house, at the mercy of this madman. Noone would even look for them until late the next day, as each of the girls claimed they were staying at a different girls house. That ploy seemed very foolish given their current predicament.


Back in the bedroom the scene on the bed continues. Cute brunette Beth laying on the bed, her arms tied to the headboard and her naked chest exposed. Her very short “Snow White” costume skirt lifted over her waist, and Mad Mike on top of her, pounding his cock into her formerly virgin pussy. Beth’s white stocking-covered legs flailed on either side of Mike. The only sounds in the house are the sounds of his grunts and the sounds of Beth screaming and crying.



Beth begs as Mike is bucking wildly atop the sexy brunette.


“Oh yeah, fuck yeah!! You’re a good fuck, Beth!” Mike says pumping her ferociously.

Finally, Mike reaches his peak, spurting his load deep into the teen’s womb.

“Ohhhh, yess! Ughhh”


And with a final thrust, he has finished with the first rape of the weekend!


Beth is crying and panting as he unties her arms and drags her from the bed.

“Whyyy?? Why did you do this???”


“Don’t feel so bad, baby.” Mike says to the sobbing teen. “All of your friends are going to get the same treatment, it’s going to be a fun weekend!”


He smiles and smacks her ass as he leads her back into the living room. He realizes during the walk that he is hard again; time to pick someone else for round 2!



Part 2 coming soon…

Review This Story || Author: ynyn
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