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The Expert

Part 3


by Mr. Libido

Note: This is a true BDSM story though it is not suitable for vanillas. Some segments are modified because of literary reasons. Having Hitchcocks words in mind (“The Film is reality with all boring moments excluded”) I tried to skip all dull parts of her drill. Since I am a film director, I intend to write screenplay based on this event and make a movie when find appropriate producer - so this is copyrighted material. English is not my native language. Youll find some strange syntax here and there. If you are single female sub and find my way of dealing with slaves as something you need, feel free to contact. My mail is

Enjoy the story

Mr. Libido


Part Three Second week

       After she finished washing the dishes from the breakfast, I informed her about the new regime for this week. Roughly, Ive told her the following:

       “Slave, I am very satisfied with you. Your obedience level is excellent so I concluded that you are natural born slave. Therefore, I suspend further humility-training. Instead of this, you will be punished on palms with riding crop and with cane and/or rubber hose on soles. It would be the same routine as it was for humility lessons, I mean three times a day, but not longer than 15 minutes for a session. Handcuffs and legcuffs will be replaced with heavy wrought irons on hands and feet and youll also get matching collar around your neck.

Henceforth, the accent would be given on your pain-training. This week would be much harsher than previous. Each session would last for four hours and you wont be punished but tortured. In different manner and progressively harder each day, as it was for corporal punishments during the last week. The main difference between torture and punishment is that torture is much intense and lasts longer. In your future life, after completing this intensive course, youll be punished often, maybe everyday, but your Master would torture you only in special occasions. You claimed that some of your pain-training sessions were torture sessions, especially the sixth one. It was punishment - not torture. Youll learn the difference very soon.

       Another change of the schedule refers to the forced labor. You have successfully cultivated the field. Congratulations. For this week I want to take advantage of the abandoned quarry which is situated about a mile from here. You would shatter stones and bring some amounts here using an old wheelbarrow. You would go to your work at 8:30 and back at 12:30 with a full wheelbarrow. Today you would go one hour later because I have to shave your head.

After the lunch and washing of the dishes, at 14h, youll get your midday palms-soles punishment and youll have 45 minutes to rest. In stocks, kneeling on a wooden prism. At 15h youll go back to quarry and work there till 18:30. Today youll quit one hour earlier because I have to do your piercing.

You have to be here at 19h with a wheelbarrow full of stones. At quarter to 9 pm, youll get your evening palms-soles punishment. From 9 pm to 1 am, youll be tortured. Each day in a different manner. For this week, youll sleep in the dungeon instead of the stable. In some kind of strict bondage or confinement - not just simply shackled as it was until now. Everything else would be exactly the same as it was in previous week. Now, assume Position Six on this chair to receive your morning palms-soles punishment.”

       For the next quarter of hour, she endured  riding crop on her palms by her Master and cane on soles by me. She moaned but promised that she would improve her attitude in following sessions. Then, I cut her hair and shaved her head. Her long orange hair ended up on her bare soles, since she was in the same position as for palms-soles punishment (not on the chair but on the ground kneeling on a prism). Then, I replaced her cuffs with shackles and put a collar around her neck. She was very excited when I finished her shackling and asked for a permission to see herself in a full-figure mirror. The permission granted. When she saw herself, baldheaded and shackled as a common medieval prisoner, she was so aroused that she begged me for a permission to masturbate in front of the mirror and to be whipped on her back during this autoerotic act. I underlined that masturbation is strictly forbidden and that would be no exceptions till the end of her drill. But I permitted her to do me a blowjob in Position One while her Master stomped on her soles with boots and pulled/twisted her erected nipples.

After she swallowed my cum, I gave her a heavy mallet which she put in a wheelbarrow together with a shovel. Guided by her Master with a chain attached to her iron collar and followed by me with a whip, she set off for the quarry. The path to the old quarry is covered with a sharp macadam and it is rather steep. For nude, barefooted and heavy shackled person, this was some kind of Calvary. Especially because it had not been in use for more than a century so it is now surrounded by shrub which is, on some parts, very dense. I attached a whip to my belt because the shrub did the job very well.

When we arrived I show her a part of the quarry in which she would work and locked the chain of her leg shackles to appropriate pole on the ground. Her Master applied a sun-shield crème on her nude skin, I gave him a whip and set off for the farm. When they returned for the lunch I noticed some whip marks on her back and ass but not the single one on her breasts. I explained him that he has to deliver the strokes while she is holding a mallet high above her head, not when she hits the rock. Because of this omission, I gave her 10 strokes with the cane on her tits. This was her first breast caning in her entirely life and she moaned a lot. To my surprise, she managed to maintain Position One with some occasionally bending when cane landed on her erected nipples. For these not approved movements she received additional strokes on her slim loins all the while I was giving her some tips about tit-caning:

“This punishment is the favorite one among many Masters and Mistresses. Even if your Master would not subject you to caning of breasts personally - because, maybe, he is not a devotee -  you will certainly receive it very often on some  SM meetings. Strange thing, but seems that Mistresses are much more fascinated about this kind of punishing slaves of their own sex than heterosexual Masters. One of them, very strict lesbian body-builder in her mid 30s, had told me once that she truly feels power of domination over female slaves only when she is beating their bare breasts with a cane. Her personal slavegirl, one blond cute busty woman in her late 20s, who was her lover for over decade now, were punished with this specific punishment on daily basis for months during the last winter and uncountable times since she met her Mistress. Her tits were always black and blue, swollen and full of old and recent crisscrossed scars of caning. I underline SCARS, not only cane-marks, because her Mistress always hits so hard that her skin sometimes cracks where cane crisscrossed on the same spot repeatedly. She also bore many scars of cigarettes and cigars because her Mistress never extinguishes them in a real ashtray. Luckily for this heavily tit-tortured woman, her Mistress smokes very rarely because shes a sportswoman. In addition, I gave this cruel woman an advice to use her tender bare soles as ashtrays, not exclusively slavegirls naked breasts and chest. I was amazed when she willingly accepted but I was not astonished as her slavegirl. This busty blonde with ruined breasts were so grateful for this proposition, as well as for her Mistress act of mercy, that she asked her Mistress for a permission to eat my excrements and drink my piss wherever I feel need to relieve myself on this SM meetings - which I refused because Im not a fun of scatology. Instead of this I accepted Mistress proposal to punish her slavegirls soles with my special black rubber hose each time she uses them as ashtrays. Slevegirl was also happy about this proposal knowing from her previous experience that I am as strict bastinado Master as her lesbian lover is a tit-torture Mistress. This cute little woman is incredibly masochistic. I witnessed one very nasty session of those two lesbo-weirdoes in which slavegirls stomach and thighs were bloody from bleeding of her breast while her Mistress were sweaty as she was lifting weights in a gym. Slave kneeled in Position One, she was not restrained at all, and she managed to keep this position during one-hundred-strokes tit-caning with no visible movements. Furthermore, she moaned in a half voice just crushing her clasped fingers at back of her head. I had impression that her big breasts would explode under each blow but her reaction were amazingly calm and steady. Shes 20 years younger than you but she is 24/7 painslut for about 15 years now. At your age, she would have 35 years of slave-internship behind her… if she survives these kinds of treatments, of course…

If you face this Mistress, be aware! You must be ready, physically and mentally to her vicious cane and her twisted mind. Shes a strong flat-cheasted bitch and I think that she hate breasts or maybe envy the woman endowed with them. Anyhow, I must train you to be prepared on this opportunity. Tit-caning is not my cup of coffee. But… I had a slave, rather small breasted, a little bit older than me (she was 42-43 during our two-year relationship), who craved for this punishment all her life so I tit-caned her at least two times a week. I underline that this practice can be dangerous for health so I suggest mammography at least once a month, if not twice, which I did to her regularly when we were together. It was also very difficult to find a good physician who would not ask questions and would not predicate about cane-marks on her chest during each checkup. I replaced cane with a thin rubber hose in many occasions because this tool is almost as painful as the cane but not so dangerous for the glands. I suggest your Master to use the hose instead of the cane when he feels the need to beat you on breast for some serious infraction. My motto is Safe, Sane and a lot of Pain.

But, as I said, if you meet this Mistress, she would use only cane and nothing but the cane on your breasts. As if the cane grew to her right hand, her slavegirl is punished with the cane even when her inner lips, stretched outwards with her own fingers, must endure harsh vaginal beating up. This woman would hit hard and fast. Thats why I must prepare your breasts for this eventuality; I would cane them progressively harder each day during the rest of your training.”

It seemed that she turned pale when comprehended that she would be tit-caned daily, but she didnt say a word. Maybe she paled because of the possibility to meet this Mistress on some occasion? Maybe both? However, the breasts are her weak point. It is obvious. Each slave has at least one weak point no matter how many years or even decades she spent in harsh 24/7 slavery - no matter how many times their “weak points” were subjected to the most painful treatments by their Masters and Mistresses. Thats good for both subs and Doms. This way, some punishments are always effective, always fresh and new as the first day of their relationship…

I decided that her breast-canings would be carried out after evening bastinado but didnt announced it. This means that today she would be caned on breasts two times and I wanted to surprise her. She was surprised - in deed - she even dared to comply, but I calmed her down explaining that this would be her last tit-caning with not pierced nipples and that she had to be grateful to me because I decided to cane her tits before the piercing not after it, which is customary. She received 15 strokes. I informed her that each day she would receive 5 strokes more and reminded her that Ill progressively hit harder in following six days.

She moaned during the caning and she didnt quit whining during the preparation for her piercing. She quit whining and started to scream as soon the red hot spit penetrated her flesh. I started with her bruised nipples. After that, I put rings on her outer lips, followed by inner lips and finishing with the clit. She trashed and screamed a lot but she was properly restrained to the special steady gynecological chair. Her Master were kissing her to give her some support while I was working on her. They looked to me as those couples in maternity hospitals during deliverance. I told him that hes not some middle-class hubby but Master in training and that this kind of behavior is not suitable nor for him nor for his slave.

After the piercing ceremony, she was put on her first of seven torture sessions conducted by me. She said that she feels as she has already been tortured because she was beaten on palms, soles and breasts and pierced-burned on both nipples, inner and outer cunt-lips and clit. Nevertheless,  she was at the same time curious about what I have in store for her. I emphasized that she have to differentiate between corporal punishments, training of breasts in tit-caning, piercing of nipples and vagina and - the torture. This session would not be so harsh and it would last shorter than usual because we spent a lot of time on piercing ceremony so she have to wait till tomorrow evening to undoubtedly feel the difference.   

The first session was more like an extended corporal punishment than a proper torture. She endured following: weights attached on her fresh piercings, heating of weights (conducted to rings, of course) with candles, stubbing of pegs under all toenails and heating of pegs heads, as well as stubbing of red-hot needles in soles including balls of her big toes as preparation for tomorrows branding. Her behavior were very good, except for stubbing of pegs under both her big toenails during which she showed a lack of stoicism and screamed a lot begging me for mercy. Her Master made a record for future reference in his notebook estimating “pegs under toenails” as her weak point. He had to work on it frequently till she reach some point of stoicism under both of her big toenails.

Second day:

All was the same as previous day except shaving and piercing, which are already done, and branding, which took place after tit-caning. It was very painful to her because it was her first caning of breasts with rings in her nipples and merely 24 hours after the piercing and burning of them with  red-hot spit. After two or three strokes we had to restrain her to the pole for tit-whipping because she was not able to maintain Position Two. Her Master also bastinadoed her during tit-caning as additional punishment for this lack of self control. After this, tightly restrained to the same pole but with big toes tightly fixed to the special board, she endured branding of pubic mound with word SLAVE as well as branding of balls of both her big toes with initials of her Master. Because she hasnt fainted nor screamed as loud as we expected, she was granted 15 minutes rest before torture session started. She was also given to drink  two glasses of red champagne which we opened to celebrate the last phase of her slave-marking (shaving, piercing and branding).   

The second session consisted of: stretching on the rack, spiked metal tit-press, pins under fingernails and toenails and belting of belly and thighs avoiding her pubic mound for now. 


       Third day:

       In following days, including this one, the only difference were torture sessions which lasted for 4 full hours (except the last one) because we didnt have any other obligations after her evening palms-soles punishment. Also, each day she received 5 additional strokes of the cane on her tits during her tit-caning training, progressively harder, so she received 45 extremely hard strokes on 7th day. She fainted just after she received the last one stroke. She has not been restrained at all so I was amazed how she kept Position Two (with a lot of bending, to be honest) during the last 5 tit-caning sessions. She hasnt been punished for fainting because she endured all 45 strokes and fainted after the punishment - not during it. I established the rule that remaining of strokes will be doubled if she faint during the punishment (fainting during the torture is not sanctioned with additional torture but with sleeping in some strict restraining position after it).

It only happened twice. Both times during her 4th tit-caning training, partly because she was tit-tortured previous night, partly because she was very exhausted from forced labor in quarry that day. First time she fainted after one nasty stroke across both of her pierced nipples. She received only 14 strokes before it so she had to endure 32 more (16 remaining times 2). She fainted for the second time after 19th  stroke, so 13 remaining strokes become 26. I told her Master to “fondle” her bruised soles with a rubber hose. She had to count aloud strokes delivered to her feet; maybe this helped her to stay conscious till the end of the punishment. She received 14 + 19 + 26 strokes which makes a score of 59 strokes of cane on breasts and 72 strokes of rubber hose on soles (three strokes on feet before each stroke on breasts).

Now, I would just describe torture sessions skipping all other events which were of repetitive kind mostly, except some of her reactions on punishments. Example: on a third day, she complained that she cannot bear walking on sharp macadam on her way to the quarry because of the branding of soles and bigtoes from previous evening. I gave her permission to crawl and, generous as I am, I even permitted her Master to take wheelbarrow with the mallet on himself. My duty was whipping of her soles during the crawling. At about ¼ of the path she asked for a permission to try walking again. I gave her permission and she succeeded. This day I freed her from carrying neither the wheelbarrow with stones nor even the empty one. We left it on the quarry, together with the mallet, so the next morning she walked on the path as she was going to the promenade. Also, one thing regarding my own impressions: when I saw her this third day on the place of her forced labor stark naked… shaved of all body hair except of the eyebrows… bald, pierced and branded… restrained on neck, wrists and ankles with heavy wrought-iron shackles… full of recent whip-marks and cane-marks on breasts, belly, ass, calves, thighs and upper arms… while shattering the rock with a heavy mallet in an old quarry far from the civilization… - she really reminded me on some hardened slave in Antic Rome. Of course, I have never saw an Antic female slave, Greek or Roman, but I imagined them in exactly this state since the primary school (when our teacher described them like this on some lessons in History). I fulfilled her masochistic desire to be an Antic slave but, at the same time, I fulfilled my childhood historical-sexual fantasy too. I was very aroused that morning that I stayed with them at the quarry until the lunch. She did me blowjobs while I permitted her to rest from the labor and I whipped her hard -   together with her Master when she was working.


The third torture session: first she was put on The Horse (wooden pyramid on wooden beam with 4 iron legs) with no additional weights except two small ones on outer lips for better widening of them during the “ride”. Next, her anus was mortified on similar device called Judas Cradle while we inserted hot pins in her soles and under her toenails (she had heavy spreader bar on her ankles, her legs were stretched in front of her while bar was attached to the chain hanging from the rafter). After this, we hanged her by breasts on the same rafter. In this position, she endured attaching of 1 Libra weights on each nipple-ring, light scourging of chest with two candles and prolonged beating of bound breasts with two rubber hoses. 

The fourth torture session: she was put on the parrots bar, fondled, with bar run between elbows and knees, head down and soles up. First, she was bastinadoed with bullwhip, which was hard to endure because she already received so many strokes with rubber hose on the same body region. She has not lost her consciousness but she howled like a howler monkey. Then, I stubbed in her anus a huge metal dildo with short chain embedded to its base and placed a flame of a candle just under the last link. She received electroshocks on her nipples, soles and cunt while hot dildo tormented her rectum. When dildo was pulled out, she endured electroshocks in her widened asshole too. We put dildo back in place, hogtied her and hanged her again on parrots bar in this position. I placed the dildos chain between her inner lips and returned the flame of the candle under its last link. This time she enjoyed radiating heat on her both cuntlips and asshole. I estimated that this was not enough so I attached weights on her nipple-rings and placed one burning candle under each of them. As a final touch, I put her big toes in strict metal toe-screw and electro shocked her beaten soles again.

The fifth torture session: we bound her wrists behind her back and hanged her by them (the torture technique known as Strappado). We chained her ankles and cuffed her big toes. Many burning candles were put under her soles and we lifted her up and down under the flames. Then I attached one 4 Libra weight on her toe-cuffs and ½ Lb on her clit-ring. Her Master was heating this little dangling weight with burning candle while I was beating her ass and thighs with a rubber hose. Then, we sting her armpits, breasts, calves and dorsal side of her bare feet with nettles. We took her down from The Strappado, shackle her on an iron  “gynecological chair” and mortified her vagina with The Pear (medieval device for stretching and widening of the orifices) and sting her pubic mound, inner thighs and groins with fresh nettles.

The sixth torture session: we started from the point in which we finished previous night but we put The Pear in her anus. Then she get the second one in her vagina - not taking out the first one. She howled a lot when we widened both devices to some extent but she screamed even louder when we started to pour very hot liquid wax between the opened segments of both rectal and vaginal pear directly on inner walls of her rectum and uterus. 

Not taking these devices out from her vagina and anus, we put her on The Rack and had stretched her for almost one hour. We also beat her soles and belly with canes while she was stretched on The Rack. We released her from The Rack, took out both torturing devices from her mortified orifices and hanged her by ankles in spread eagle position for her strict pussy whipping. It was done by both of us simultaneously, with long leather whips at first and with rubber hoses after it. She fainted several times during it and screamed very loud, especially when we widened her inner cuntlips with chains attached to their rings and when tips of our whips landed on those stretched parts of her genitalia already sore from hot wax. As I recall, she was very wet there in spite of great pain. Or because of it?

She spent next 4 hours in The A-frame (also known as Scavengers Daughter) because of so numerous fainting during the torture. 

The seventh torture session: I wanted to prepare something special, something like candles on birthday cake, because it was the last

Evening of her drill. Since no one of us is a smoker, we hadnt any cigarettes on the farm. So I took the car early in the morning and went to the nearest village (which is very distant) to buy organic grown tobacco from farmers. In my presence, they made 50 filterless cigarettes from the best fresh tobacco leaves. Then, I went to the nearest town to buy two special cigarette holders, which reduce the tar for almost 95%  - for the sake of our lungs. I also bought a huge black rubber dildo with dense rubber spikes on its surface. When the time for her torture came, everything was ready.

       First, I hammered this dildo deep in her asshole then we fondled her as a ball and put her in a rather small cage. Her hands and feet protruded between the iron bars. We hang the cage and I announced her that she would spend the  entirely torture session cramped in this small cage. Her body would react on pain with a need for  uncontrolled shaking but even this tiny relief would be restricted by insufficient space of the cage. This way, she would feel not only intense pain from various types of torture but also some claustrophobic sensations. She would scream a lot, I am sure, but not as loud as if she was free from the cage because her ribs wouldnt have enough  space to put all the air into her lungs. She had to spare her breath.

       First of all we hammered 10 pieces of sharpened kindling woods under her fingernails and set fire to them. While kindling woods are consuming by the  fire, we tormented her thighs and buttocks with flames from two candles. Another 10 wooden splinters were hammered under her toenails and fire was set to them too. She suffered a lot during this second hammering since she have extremely sensitive tissue under her toenails. When fire is set to these 10 kindling woods, she was in a state of the utter agony. But it lasted rather briefly. It was the time for the real torture to begin…

We sat in two leather armchairs and started to smoke (well… not properly smoking; just making the tips of our cigarettes red-hot not inhaling the smoke). The point wasnt the smoking itself but extinguishing of the cigarettes. We started to burn her naked flesh her them. First we burnt the tips of her fingers and, at the same time, of her toes. Then, as follows: shoulders, calves, thighs, underarms, buttocks, loins, breasts. Her soles were burnt in a following order: balls, outer edges, heels, arches, spaces between the toes. When all surface of both soles was treated, we took rubber hoses and beat them very severe. She passed several times, each time revived with two buckets of icy water. Her genitals were left for the royal ending. We used some tools for stretching and fixing of female genitals for a better approach.

First, we just heated her piercings (all nine of them: 2 on each outer lip, 2 on each inner and one in the clit). Then we started to extinguish cigarettes on the upper side of her outer lips, then on another side. We did the same with her inner lips. Each side of each lip is burned at three places so she was “flinched” on 24 spots solely on her lips. The clit was burn at the end, 2 times, than we finally extinguished our nasty little tools deep into her uterus. She fainted 12 times during her vaginal torture. This session lasted almost 5 ½  hours. She was left to sleep in the cage after she fainted during the extinguishing of cigarettes on the mucosal walls of her uterus (which concluded her suffering).

       Epilogue: The next morning, she was awakened at 9:30. She slept for 7 hours. Together with 5 ½ of the torture session, she spend more that 12 hours crumpled in the cage. She peed on the floor. When we took her out from the cage she was ordered to drink and lick her urine from the floor. I underlined that she would do the same with her excrements if she sheeted. She said that she had a need for defecate several times but the good  spiked butt-plug prevented her from doing it. She thanked me for using this plug on her and asked me if I took it out from her asshole because she wanted to cack. She was granted a permission but not before I fucked her anally. she put a great effort not to shit herself While my cock was drilled back and forth in her widened asshole for about 20 minutes, she put a great effort not to shit herself.  She knew well that she would be punished with remarkable severity for that disgusting act.

During the breakfast she was permitted to sit with us at the table and to wear panties and bra, which she refused and stayed stark naked eating from the ground in Position Five near the table. After this, we washed her and she was fucked by both of us for several hours. During the lunch, her Master asked me how to improve her ability to withstand stubbing of pegs under her toenails. I advised him to subject her to this punishment/torture as often as he is in the mood and to leave pegs in place for hours while she does her homework or, even, practice aerobic (in later stage of pegs-training). One very successful technique is to put her in a semi-strappado position all night long standing on tiptoes with pegs under her toenails.

With this last advice I left them to continue their SM relationship without my supervision. Of course, well meet each other occasionally in the future. While I was watching them through the window of my van, their happy faces and radiant smiles while they are waving me, I felt like Harvey Keitel in Tarantinos “Pulp Fiction”. 




Review This Story || Author: Dex Noxter
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