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Review This Story || Author: Dee Vega

Donna\'s Lesson

Part 1

As Donna drove home she was getting more and more anxious

As Donna drove home she was getting more and more anxious. She had just failed the CPLP certification exam and knew she would have to tell Master. He had been telling her for weeks to study, but she kept putting it off. Now it would cost another $750.00 to retest. There was time to think of a solution. She would cook a really nice dinner and plead her case. Things had been stressful lately. Work kept her on the road a lot. Surly that counts for something. Ok she could do this.


Donna began to formulate her story as she cooked dinner. She grilled the steaks and had them resting in the oven with the baked potatoes while she steamed the veggies. While setting the table Donna practiced crying. She did not know how he would react, but it could not be good and tears might help. Everything was set. Donna began to think the plan would work when she looked out the window. Ooops


Master was on his was into the house, but he was not alone. Earl was with him. Earl was a childhood friend, but he did not know about their lifestyle. Well, this could not be too bad thought Donna. At least any discussion about the failed test would have to be put off. By then, he will full of dinner and relaxed and might be very forgiving. She began to think she could make this work as she set an extra place setting for Earl.


Dinner was quiet as they sat around eating. Master and Earl talked about work and sports. As the meal finished Master turned to Donna.


“So how was the test? Did you pass?” he asked

“Well……no Sir..I didn’t” She said and she keep her eyes on her plate.

hmmmm” he said looking at Earl

Earl grinned like he knew a deep secrete.

“Well D” as he sometimes called her when he wanted her to feel like a scolded little girl “I expected as much with all your procrastinating and I have decided your punishment”

Donna was in shock. First because he would mention punishment in front of Earl before and then the thought of a punishment was sending shivers up her back. Earl and Master had been friend every since school but Master had said he did not know anything about their lifestyle. So how should she respond? Her pleading would require her called him Master and groveling. Should she risk it.

Master seemed to enjoy her squirming trying to decide what do say or do. Finally he put her out of her misery.
”He knows.” Was all he said.


That was all Donna needed. She dropped to her knees and laid her head in his lap. “Please Sir, I am sorry. I just got caught up with everything at work and here and put off studying. Really it was not intentional. Please I am so sorry. Please forgive me.” Donna was crying real tears of fear and remorse now.


“Oh sweetie,” Master said as he stroked her hair. “of course I will forgive you, but only after you have accepted the punished I have decided you need.”

“ Yes, Sir. I will do whatever you say” she agreed without having a hint of what was to come.

“Good, because here is what I decided. This test cost $750.00 and I feel you need to pay for that in a physical way. So I have come up with the following punishment. You will receive 750 swats. Could be with a paddle, a belt, a whip, a flogger, or anything I decide. Don’t worry they will not all be given at one time. And here is the fun part…they will not all be given by me. I have decided to bring some trusted friends into the party. I will break them up into set of 15-50 and allow you to experience punishment at the hands of  some those who have supported you and you let down by wasting your time as well as some people I think will do a good job. In addition to that I have decided you will sleep with 8 people of my choosing to earn the $750.00 to take the next test. I have already selected them and they have agreed to give $100.00 for a day with you. Your next exam is in 9 weeks so you better find someway to fit them into your schedule along with your studying or we could be doing this again in a few weeks.


Donna could not believe her ears. They had never shared their lifestyle with anyone and did not include others in their sessions or any activity pertaining to the lifestyle.

“Now Donna. This is new for us. I married you and promised to love and cherish you. Now I did not long before we said I Do, but we never said if we would continue this lifestyle after we were married, so I am going to give you a choice. You can choose not to accept my punishment, BUT if you do then that will also mean that we are finished with this life. It would mean you wish to be a normal vanilla couple going through this boring life. The decision is yours.”


“I choose to obey you, Sir” Donna said without hesitation.

“Ok then. We are starting tonight. Earl here has agreed to not only administer the first 25 swats, but to also be one of the people to pay me $100.00 for the pleasure of your company. Because this is our first time doing this. I am going to stay in the guest room. You will also be allowed a safe word for tonight, but if you use it then this all stops. Not just tonight, but forever. Earl knows better then to do any real harm to you and has been told what he is and is not allowed to do. He will also observe the safe word. I will not intervene unless I feel something is wrong. Do you agree with this?”


Donna still setting on the floor, looked up at Master and agreed to what was about to come. He then stood and took her hands to help her stand up. He gave her a hug and a passionate kiss. He whispered, “I love you” as he slowly unzipped her dress and slipped it off her shoulders. He then began to take her bra off, but Earl stopped him.









”I would like to do that later, please” he said almost too calmly

“As you wish my friend” Master agreed

Master then led Donna down the hall with Earl following behind to the master bedroom.

To the vanilla eye it would look like a normal room, but it was anything but. The dresser sitting inside the closet was set on 2 skate board and slid to the side to reveal an assortment of whips, floggers, crops, canes, etc. In the drawers were ropes, cuffs, and other fun implements to be used. There was a heavy-duty quilt holder at the end of the bed, which served well a spanking bench. The four-poster bed with a renaissance theme made it easy mask the rings that where in each post. The rings are used for restraining if there was a need for it. 

” Ok Earl, now that you have had the tour I will leave you two alone. Donna, remember he will have as full access to your body as you give me.”

She just nodded her head the tears were flowing steadily now. Then the door was closed and they were left alone.


Donna had often wondered what it would be like for Master to give her over to another man, but nothing like this. She did not even like Earl and Master knew that.


Earl asked her to please lie on the bed face up. She sat on the edge of the bed and slowly lay back closing her eyes. She lay there in her matching black-laced bra and underwear for what seemed an eternity when she felt the mattress give way. Her breathing was getting rapid. Earl startled her chest and began to under the front clasp of her bra. She noticed he was undressed and his penis was already coming to life and seemed to be covered in oil. He unhooked the bra and began to slowly massage her DD breast. She wondered how long he waited for this moment. His massage became rougher and a moan escaped her lips. His face shined with pride at the sound. He then pushed his breast together and began to push his penis between then.


“Listen Donna when this comes out the other end your mouth had better be meeting it. You Master has said any disobedience would allow me to increase the punishment you are already getting tonight. If you fail to keep you mouth in position and I don’t cum in your mouth you are going to be so sorry.”


Donna’s mind was trying to think of how she could keep her head up that long with nothing to support it. How long would it take him? All these questions were going through her head.


Earl began to pick up his momentum and his penis was fully extended now and was coming through the other side of her breast. Her mouth was open and waiting. The oil left a horrible taste in her mouth as he pumped in and out….over and over again. After what seemed hours he began to pick up momentum and let out a groan. Donna’s neck was hurting and the thrusts were knocking her head back. She tried to pull her head further up, but lying on your back with your head facing your feed is not an easy position to be in.  Finally Earl let out a roar and came with such force that her head was forces back and cum spewed everywhere. After recovering a minute he leaned over Donna and said

“ Wow, that was nice, but you did not obey me did you?”

 His tone revealed his pleasure at the prospect of increasing her punishment.

“Well, I think another 15 should do nicely for that. Should we get started?” He said as he reached his hands out to help her sit up.

“Go clean yourself in the bathroom while I set up.” He said dismissing her.

When Donna returned to the room he had laid out a belt, a crop, and a cane. She wondered how he knew all her most hated implements of punishment. Would her Master really give away those secrets?


“Donna, please.” Earl said motioning for her to lie over the quilt holder. Luckily the quilt was left on for her comfort. At least she hoped it would help keep her comfortable.

As she lowered her body over the holder Earl asked if he would need to restrain her.

She told him no, but with 40 swats coming at her she was uncertain.

“I will be good, I promise.” She swore

“That is good, I will hold you to that.” He said as he picked up a paddle Donna had not seen. “Donna I know your master likes to tell you what is about to happen to you, so here it is. I have decided that I will give you 10 swats with each the paddle, crop, belt, and cane in that order. Now we have not talked about the safe word you want to use. Make sure it is something you will remember and I can understand.

Donna did not hesitate “Philadelphia” it was a word from one her favorite stories on BDSM Libraries.

“I would like to use Philadelphia, please, Sir” Donna said with respect.

“That will do fine.”

Donna began to wonder if she closed her eyes could she imagine this was Mark Davis or better yet her own master. With her face touching the edge of the bed she could still make out the smell of her master’s cologne even above the cum of this man about to beat her.

“Donna I need you to spread your legs” the voice broke her out of her daydream.

She spread her legs and he lace underwear stretch to their max. Before she was even ready she felt the first sting of the paddle. She realized he was not even going to warm her up. The wooden paddle was smooth and against her cold butt the impact left a red mark. Donna gasped as the second hit. By the time they were at 6 she was swaying. With her moving about the 7th one hit her on the upper thigh. She let out a yelp.

“You better stand still. You are only hurting yourself.”

“ I am trying, Sir. Honestly” She said through her tears.

“You make it through this and the crop and I promise to retrain you for the rest. That will help.”

“Thank You, Sir” she said thinking she would not make it to the end of the paddle much less the crop.

The paddle kept coming and two more landed on the thighs. As Earl traded the paddle for the crop, he asked her to turn around and lean back over the quilt holder. Donna was flexible but this was a chore to accomplish. As she laid back she could only guess that he was going to let the crops 10 land on her breast. She was only partly right.

Earl methodically brought the crop down on her breast twice each and then moved to her inner thighs and administered two each there. In the position Donna was in she could not rise up and could not lift her feet without losing her balance. She grunted but held her position. Her face was covered in fresh tears. The last two were administered to her clean-shaven cunt.


After the number 10 was administered Donna rolled over and crawled on the bed in the fetal position rubbing her thighs and butt.

“Please, give me a moment, Earl, please. I just need a few minutes.” She was sobbing now.

“You bottom can rest while I take care of this hard-on your squirming has given me. Why don’t you get down here on all fours?”

Donna climbed down from the bed and got onto her elbows and knees. He skin was still hot and throbbing. Earl stepped up behind her and felt between her legs and found that she was dripping wet.

“He was right. You really do get off on this stuff don’t you?” With that he thrust himself into her with no warning. It was all Donna could do to keep her balance. Earl kept pumping in and out of her. Donna began to push back and she felt an orgasm rising. She tried to suppress it. She would not let this man get that out of her. Concentrate on anything she kept telling herself.

“NO! NO! NO!” She screamed, as she could not hold it back. She was reduced to sobbing and Earl began to laugh and pick up his pace and began his grunting as he approached his own climax. He released inside her and collapsed over her panting.


Finally he stood up and told her it was time to continue. He helped her up and true to his work he tied her back over the quilt holder. He made sure she was secure. He played to make the next 20 swats well worth his time. He picked up belt. Her Master had told him about her feelings regarding the belt. As he doubled the belt up he gently draped it over her back so she could feel the cool leather. He then swung back and began to swing. Donna’s body was shaking. The reaction was as much mental as it was physical. He was counting as he went. Five….Six…..Seven…..Eight. Nine and Ten he stepped into them make sure they really hit home.


Donna was so tempted to use the safe word, but she did not want to disappoint her Master. She also knew that after this punishment was over..Ok the next 9 weeks were over then she would still want the life she had with him before. Surly that was worth all this.


She was sure her ass looked like raw meat and she had forgotten about the cane. Donna tried to pull her courage up.

“Ok, ten more. I can this.” She kept telling herself.


Earl began to administer the cane just below the ass cheeks and on the upper thigh. It her legs were not tied down, Donna would certainly have kicked him and earned herself additional trouble. Earl placed a pillow at her head so she could scream into it. This was to prevent having to gag her or waking the neighbors. Finally the ten were over.


While Donna lay crying, Earl went and ran a shower. He returned and untied her and carried her to the shower. He sat her on the floor of the shower and took the shower hose and sprayed the water over her. He then took some aloe shower gel and a washcloth and bathed her. He took the shampoo and washed her hair and rinsed her off and helped her stand up. He then took a bath-sheet and wrapped around her and carrying her back to the bedroom. He stood her in front of the bed and dried her off. Pulling down the covered he helped her into bed and kissed her cheek.

“Sleep for now. You are mine for only another few hours, so I will be waking you up later tonight. There is another hole I have not tried yet.”





Review This Story || Author: Dee Vega
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