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My Stepson, My Slave

Part 1

My Stepson, My Slave-

My Stepson, My Slave-


Beth had thought about it for the almost six straight weeks since her husband told her that he was being sent overseas to help launch his companies operations in Mongolia.  He was an MBA-trained geologist who often had to travel abroad to survey the rocks and minerals that were his company's livelihood.  What was different this time was that he would be gone a year and that the place he was going to was so remote and barren that it really wasn't practical to bring Beth along.  She would have nothing to do and no comfort or privacy.  Staying in the States was really the right option. 


Beth had married her husband three years ago after he and his wife had divorced.  They had one son, David, who had been raised by his mother, but was now living with them as he went to college at the local university about a 45-minute drive away, 3000 miles from his mother. 


Beth's relationship with her husband had been usual from the beginning---it is probably what attracted them to each other.  He was 48, she 35, but their bedroom antics together often veered toward bondage and discipline.  While they would take turns, she often played the dominant role and he her submissive, one might even say slave.  But they were games played only in the bedroom and they were relatively mild as they did not want David catching on to them.  All of their toys, for example, were always kept locked in the bedroom's Armoire.


But now her husband was leaving her for a year, leaving her alone with David, and in light of their separation, no sex life for months at a time.  And Beth thought, that won't do.  She wasn't going to play nun and nursemaid to a her husband's 19-year old son.  He was going to contribute productively to the household, in more ways than one.


Over the course of the six weeks after which her husband announced he would be leaving for this overseas assignment, Beth decided to enslave her stepson.  She didn't mean to seduce him, but enslave him.  David would be drafted to fulfill her sexual needs while her husband was away, but unlike the more romantic versions of domination she played with him, with David the domination would be real, the enslavement complete, and 24 hours a day.  She had no doubt she could do it: she was both smarter, stronger, and little taller than  David.  And he was no athelete.  His interests were more to the sedentary activites than physical ones, although that didn't make him overweight, just a little out-of-shape and thus no match physically for his stepmother.



The First Friday Night


Beth returned to house after seeing her husband off at the airport.  She waited until his plane took off.  Beth loved him and would truly missed him, but she had no intentions of suffering while he was away---in any shape or form.  When she got back to the house, she found David playing computer games in the house's family room.  She locked the house up, including night-time deadbolts for which David did not have key.  I am going to start immediately she thought.  The question was should she seduce him or lay it out to him and physically enforce it.  She expected some resistance to the latter course.  But if she seduced him, he way may be confused into thinking she was doing this out of love, when it was in fact out of lust and convenience.  "The direct approach, I think," she thought. 


She went to her bedroom and put on a pair of tall black boots without heels, black leather shorts, and a black zippered corset.  She tied her hair back in a pony tail, grabbed two pairs of hand-cuffs, a gag, a large hunting knife, and a riding crop.  Surveying herself in the mirror, she looked like one tough bitch, not only because that is the way a dominatrix always looks but because the outfit showed off the muscles in her legs and arms.  They were not over-built but clearly there and more developed than her soon-to-be slave's.


As she went down the stairs back, she thought carefully about her first steps and her first words.  When she entered the family room, David's back was to her while he continued to play his game.  "David, turn that off now, we need to have a talk."


"Yeah, in a minute, I nearly have this level beaten," David answered. With that, Beth walked over to the machine and turned it off, turning to face David, who was still sitting on the floor, his mouth now dropped open.  She heard him whisper "holy mother of god" to himself.


"Now, David, things are going to be quite different around here for the next year.  This can go easy tonight or it can be ugly, but rest assured that when we are done, things will still be done my way.  I have no intention of picking up after you for the next year.  Quite the opposite.  You're going to spend the next year as my slave.  It will be your job to do ALL of the work in the house and I will use you for my pleasure in any way I see fit.  You have heard of this sort of thing haven't you?  Read it about in porn magazines?  Well, now it is your reality.  The question you must answer is whether you'll submit right now, so the fun and games can start right away; or, if you resist, I will have to enforce your submission, and that will be painful for you.  But, either way, you will submit to my will and be ruled by me."


David looked quite pale and said nothing at first.  Finally, he offered:  "Fuck you, bitch!  I will not!  You're my father's wife for Christ-sake, and more importantly, I don't serve as anyone's slave!"  The problem David was having, however, is that he wasn't sure deep down he meant that.  The sight of his stepmother, decked out in leather, boots, and whip-wielding was stirring his groin.  But he also thought how much he liked his life right now and certainly had no intention of trading it for household drudgery and sexual servitude.  Experimenting with a cute co-ed for night might be one thing (though he hadn't had such an opportunity) but becoming his stepmother's slave was something else.   At the same time, David was not confident that in the end she wouldn't be able to force him to submit, at least until he got out of the house.


"Very well, David.  It didn't make too much difference to me how we did this.  The gentle way would have been more pleasurable for you.  We could have connected sooner.  But this way, we'll at least have established right away  that this is no game and that I am very much in charge and you no longer have any will of your own, other than what I grant you.  And by the way, I very much love your father.  You are no substitute for him.  Don't think of this as my cheating.  In fact, training and supervising you over the next year will keep my mind very much off any thoughts of wandering." 


Beth put down the handcuffs, gag, hunting knife, and riding crop.  She took a step toward David.  "First, I will go over the rules.  Rule Number One, when you are in this, you will be naked at all times."  With that she advanced on David, who by now had stood up as was accurately aware that he did not look as tall or as strong as his stepmother.  Beth punched David in the solar plexis, causing him to double over in pain.  She then grabbed his t-shirt and kicked him to the ground with her leather-clad leg, ripping the t-shirt right off his back. 


Beth stood over a coughing David, now shirtless, with a look of amusement in her eye.  The only thing he still had on was a pair of shorts.  She noticed he wasn't even wearing any underwear, the slob.  As she watch him for a moment more, she side-stepped David's pitiful effort to grab her leg to trip her.  She gave him a swift kick in the stomach, not so hard as to damage the boy but hard enough that he wasn't moving right away.  She grabbed the hunting knife and handcuffs off the floor, pushed David out of the fetal position he was in and onto his back with her boot and sat down on his chest, pinning his arms at his sides.  Holding the knife up close to his face, she smiled a wicked grin and reached behind her.  Carefully she slid the knife into his shorts and sliced through them.  David tried to struggle and move, but she stopped that by squeezing him hard with her legs.  His shorts were now gone and he was in his birthday suit.  She noted he was more than semi-erect.


"Beth...please...stop.  You're really hurting me.  This isn't funny anymore," David pleaded. 


"This was never funny, David.  I am perfectly serious about all this.  Rule Number Two, you will be subject to my discipline whenever and where ever and for whatever reason I see fit.  Disobedience in particular will be punished severely."  With that, she slapped him hard on the face four times, alternating cheeks.  David wasn't crying yet, but she knew she was thoroughly humiliating him, having beaten him so easily and now inflicting punishment as if he were a small child in trouble with his mother.


"Rule Number Three, you will be in bondage at all times in this house, unless I have some reason for you not to be, which will be rare.  You will do all your chores with, at a mininum, handcuffs and a gag.  Yes, it will be harder, but not impossible."  Beth then took David's hands and cuffed them together.  She then got up and cuffed his legs.  She grabbed the gagged and shoved it into his mouth, locking it behind his head.  "Get up, David," she ordered.  With difficulty, David struggled to his feet. Beth grabbed her riding crop and sat down on the couch, surveying her newly trussed up slave. 


"Rule Number Four, you will do all housework, clean, some of the cooking, yardwork, as well as attending to me physically with baths, massages, toenail painting, and the like.  And Rule Number Five, you will only crawl on your hands and knees in my presence.  No walking.  Do you agree to these rules?" 


Not sure why, but David shook his head, no.  His cock was starting to betray him more, however.  The thought that he was bound and naked before his beautiful stepmother was strangely exciting.


Beth saw what was happening even as David tried to hide it and smiled.  "Get over here, David."  David walked to her.  "Lay on my lap."  Realizing what she had in mind because she was twirling the riding crop in her hand, David just shook his head again.  "If you don't, I'll drop you to that floor again and it will take much longer for you to get up the next time."  David contemplated his choices and chose to comply.  He laid down on his stepmother's muscular, sexy legs.  She made sure his hardening penis fell between them.  "Very well David, I intend to whip you until you agree.  I will ask you every ten strokes.  If you still do not agree, you will get ten more and then ten more and so on."


David may have thought she could just keep whipping him if he refused to agree to her rules.  But it took him a while to realize that he was mistaken.  Beth gave David ten strokes over his buttocks and back and legs.  David yelled into the gag with each blow.  He hadn't thought it would hurt this much.  "Do you agree to my rules?"  David shook his head.  Beth gave him ten more, taking a secret delight in each an every one.  After all, it was only yesterday that David was cavalierly leaving his stuff lying around the house without any regard to helping help the place clean.  That was all over.  By the twentieth stroke, David was crying  and his cock was no longer all that hard.  The punishment was real.  His back, buttocks and legs were turning scarlet with evident stripes from the crop.  "Do you agree?"  Again David shook his head.  Again Beth applied the crop.  Before the 28th stroke, David realized it wasn't going to stop and yelled into his gag, a muffled "I agree."  Beth stopped.  "Did you just say you agree to my rules?"  David now nodded yes.  "Very good, David, but we must finish.  You only get to answer the quest after 10 strokes."  With that, Beth gave David three more.  "Now I will ask:  Do you agree to my rules?"  David nodded and was clearly crying.  All of his masculine ego had now been crushed by his stepmother who was clearly superior to him in every way.



To Bed


"That is much better David,"  Beth stood up.  "And you will find that when you cooperate, our time together will not be totally unpleasant for you.  Oh, you will have to do what you are told, the chores, and you may as well know right now that from now on all of your discipline will be physical---however small the infraction of my rules and my authority.  You will obey completely and your submission will be total, or I will resume where I left off.  Do you understand me?"  She took off his gag, and he nodded.  "Say it, David." 


In a quiet voice, David replied:  "I understand."


"Wonderful!  I am so looking forward to our time together, David.  Now don't go away, forgot something."  With that, Beth left the room, leaving David uncomfortable in his hand and leg-cuffs as well as aching backside.  He didn't want to try to stand as hobbled as he was, not did he want to sit and put pressure on his sore ass, so he remained on his knees, to Beth's delight.


"You look lovely, David," Beth declared on reentering the room.  "It is good you are practicing staying in that position, as it is where you will be most of the time we spend together.  Crawl over to me now."  Beth now held up a black leather collar with a four-foot long metal dog leash attached to it.  Beth truly loved watching a man crawl in submission to a dominant woman, but it was especially enjoyable watching her sometimes insolent stepson do so in her presence, for her.  Beth put the collar on David and led him to her bedroom.


"Now let us have some fun!"


David was really sure what to expect at this point.  He figured Beth planned to rape him and he was really all that unhappy at the prospect, but once again he mind could not conjure in his imagination the things Beth was planning to do for real, right away.


"You have a long day of hard work ahead of you tomorrow, David, but it will be several hours before you will be permitted to sleep tonight."  She sat down on the edge of the bed and  pulled him by the leash in close.  Bending over she whispered in David's ear:  "Make no mistake, this is about me, and giving me pleasure."  Straightening up, holding the leash in one and hand, a riding crop in the other, and speaking normally, Beth ordered:  "Take off my boots, and worship my feet!"  With a little difficulty David unzipped Beth's boots and hesitantly began to kiss his new mistress's feet.  "Not like that.  Use your tongue, such on the toes!"  David had never put on mouth on someone's foot before, but a strop across his back with the riding crop convinced him to move faster and try harder. 


He began licking Beth's feet, slowly at first, uncertainly, but soon developed at rhythm.  He became quite adept at toe-sucking and Beth made him work on each foot for at least 10 minutes, moving back-and-forth between the feet, sometimes shoving the entire front half of foot into his mouth, enjoying it simply because she could do it and David, still hand-cuffed, had no choice but to take it.  Beth, meanwhile laid back on her pillows in the bliss of her training David into a full-pledged toe-sucker.  After 20 minutes or so of this, she wanted to move on. 


"Start working your way up my legs, messaging them and kissing every square inch of them, David, and when you get to my shorts, take them off."  It took David quite sometime to do that as Beth made him do both legs.  Once he was at her creamy white, muscular thighs, she lifted her legs on to David's shoulders as he proceeded, but periodically interrupted his activities to capture and squeeze David's head between her powerful legs.  It wasn't enough to hurt him, but it did make him uncomfortable and was a delicious reminder of her power over him and how utterly incapable he was of protecting himself from the designs of his Amazonian stepmother. 


Finally he reached the point where he was clearly expected to pull down his stepmother's shorts.  He did so, revealing she was red-head all the way through.  "Now, David, we are going to make an outstanding pussy-licker out of you before we are through."  David clearly didn't want to.  It was not something he had ever done before and he wasn't particularly excited about the prospect.  Still, his hands and legs were still bound, Beth held the leash attached his collar, her strong legs gripped his chest, and Beth had proven she could overpower him, rather easily.  David steeled himself for what would come next.


Beth gave explicit directions as she slowly pull the leash---and the head attached to it---to her groin.  As David worked, she spoke:  "Kiss around it, slowly....move closer as you do...that's right....begin to lick, slowly....more, more....use more of your tongue, make it flatter, that for while, oh yessss.....keep going, keep going....oh, David, that's press your mouth against me, stick your tongue inside, keep wiggling it...farther, yess, god yess...."  Beth had a firm grip on his head now with her hands, her strong legs were locked together behind his back, and she was controlling most of the movement.  She came twice before David could really catch a breather.


"Ah, David, you're coming along nicely already.  But let us proceed on to the main event."  Beth yanked David up onto the bed and proceeded to tie his arms and legs tightly to the four corners of her bed.  Beth had quite deliberately stretched David's limbs to their limit.  When she finished, she sat on David's chest and gave him a good hard slap.  "For fun!" she told him.


"Now, David, I am going to fuck you.  By hardness of your cock, it is clearly not an idea altogether repellent to you.  But understand this.  We do this my way, always my way, as far as I am concerned at this moment you become little more than a living dildo to me---although you'll have a good, I assure you."  Beth slipped a condom on him---"to slow you down."


"But first, I'll need to warm myself up a bit."  Beth first bent down and bit David hard and repeatedly around the neck and chest, eliciting several screams from David.  Beth loved it when David screamed.  Beth then pressed her red-haired pussy firmly against David's face and proceeded to masturbate herself on his face.  Once she was close to coming, Beth impaled herself on David's erect cock and began to ride him rather roughly.  She punctuated their coupling with numerous distractions for David:  slaps to the face, pinches to his nipples, and even tickling under his arms.  Combined with the condom, it had the desired effect and held him off until she had come twice more.  David had never screamed louder in his life when he did.


Beth collapsed and laid down beside him.  She was smiling at David.  "Tomorrow, my little slave boy, you will be put to work---under my close supervision.  It won't be all the fun and games today was."  With that, Beth loosened David's bonds a bit and they both fell asleep, but not before Beth indulged in a few more sadistic, well-aimed pinches.


(To be continued, if readers like it and I can decide where I want the characters to go.)



Review This Story || Author: oliverc
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